Helping Others and Punching Sharks with Susan Shaw


I always look out for opportunity to be able to help people, and ultimately if I'm not coming to the business table or to any table for that matter without being able to listen I find out what's going on in their lives, what their pain points are and then implement or help find a solution that might work for them. If I'm not able to do those things, then why should I even be at the table bats second to none in my book? It's no longer about the dime it's about being able to provide for others. Everybody welcome to the show today we have Susan shot and she's with Imax strategic and she's GonNa talk to us about key factors in building a business building relationship strategy and then automation. 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I had never met Johnny, our producer prep studios at the container yard kind of set this meeting up until I I did a little background and I'm really interested. You always say till your story, I see that telling your story and I moved here about five years ago. My Dad is originally from Mobile Alabama my mom is a small town sumter South Carolina girl they met while working together at Shell oil in Louisiana and the rest. Is History we moved all over the country I was actually born in Omaha Nebraska I have a sister that was born in Minnesota and the other two are born here they've moved all over and so I got this awesome experience at a very young age of unfortunately not growing up around immediate family but getting exposed to different cultures getting exposed to different walks of life very quickly and so having four girls co-boys I don't know if our parents knew what to do with. That or if they you know they knew what to do all along. But we all ended up in sports at some way down the road and and love it, and so we're always either playing or coaching or working in them, and that's been a really big shaper in my life. Something that I enjoy have taken a lot of life lessons from when I decided to move here five years ago I found myself three years into being a single parent my daughter is Eight years old now and I knew that, yeah. I could do it on my own. But as they wanted to retire I wanted to be able to raise her near them, and so I made a very personal move. It probably had something to do with taking that one run on the fair hope here and saying Okay God here's my arm. You can twist it I'm here it's beautiful over there and I absolutely love it. But from a business perspective I had worked in. Major marketing firms and and departments, and for vast different industries whether it be hospitality or construction, and just about everything in between, and so we had set up continuous improvement programs and innovation departments, and that was something that I always loved because it came down to helping people. So I have actually just recently pivoted but then again, who hasn't in the year twenty twenty, right but I've pivoted out on my own and for the first time ever I'm able to help multiple clients at once rather than just one company at a time to grow and succeed. So it's pretty exciting stuff going on. Yeah. That excites make growing businesses you know multiple ones. It's just exciting at the that was the biggest part of my career which helping people grow and watching the success. It's just it's more rewarding than a dollar any day. Yeah. It's the love of the game and and it's fine and would you know the rules of engagement for business and you can do it well, man that's exciting in its life. Changing it's transformational for people and to see them be able to grow and provide for their families and for the families of others of their employees of their teammates. That's second to none in my book it's no longer about the I'm it's about being able to provide for others. Now, you should really interesting right there actually whether down and listeners bags. Like thinking about going to business or recently going to have gone into business, our coverage just shook their life upside down and they saw opportunity hadn't you define rules of engagement in business good question and so I have a little bit different perspective I, always look out for opportunity to be able to help people, and ultimately if I'm not coming to the business table or to any table for that matter without being able to listen I, find out what's. Going on in their lives, what their pain points are, and then implement or help find a solution that might work for them. If I'm not able to do those things then why should I even be at the table? You know the financial part comes later on but to me, you know just launched this company EMEC strategic and we own a technology platform that's pretty darn powerful and it as a multi channel platform, you can set up amazing marketing campaigns. And there we are helping agencies and different types of businesses and it's really exciting. But at the end of the day, we set up image strategic than just INEX- expe- being the product because we wanted to be able to help people through that we didn't want to sell you a subscription model and say, here you go. Here's some training videos get on your way right figure it out. That's not fair. We want to get into the room you know. Obviously. We may or may not be able to at this point with the pandemic or at least will mask up for you. But we wanted to ultimately be able to build strategy and first and foremost build a relationship. So for me the rules of engagement of business start with building the relationship because you're not just dealing with business your building people, and if you're not paying attention to that core value that you're dealing with people across the table that. Lives to and have families, and your goal is not to better than them and their situation than just makes a little bit more challenging. You think it's more roles of engagement or rules of engagement who maybe a little bit both definitely a little bit of both. I think it's you said earlier not totally great is playing the game it is. It's a fun game. It can be painful sometimes, but it's it's stemming on but there's certain roles you follow off ethics of doing the right thing and trading people right. But we also take on different roles depending on the personalities talking to. Be Able to remember that not being so like a board up basically. That, you can't adapt to the people around me think huge. Exactly. And finding a solution that will help them not just help you that's key for me. You know we always say relationship I then build the strategy then automate where all about marketing automation and create helping you create those processes. But again, if we don't know yet the heart behind your business or the why right why you started then or or why you are where you are now than we can't back out of that to help you build a strategy to automate your systems to automate your marketing to automate your lead generation and ultimately you know that sounds silly. Will. Why do we want to evaluate? Why do we WANNA dive in the details and a lot of people say, why? Why are you asking me the personal questions? Those are the hard questions but I, promise you if you take time and you answer them honestly then we're GONNA make it a lot further in the long run and the automation becomes so simple and so much fun. You see this wild transformation within your business and you start to see it which I think is really neat. You start to see it within your teams that are around you so. I mean covid right now and everybody whether you're in a business that is scrapping to stay relevant and constantly pivoting or you are in a business that is downsizing or you are in a business that is having the best year ever which I know some of those you know scarce few and far between but they're out there there are businesses that are that are thriving through this pandemic. So whatever end of the spectrum that you are on everyone right now with this level of uncertainty where operating from fear and so if you can understand that whether you're in. A thriving business hey, what is tomorrow look like everything's changed for everyone around me you know what does the future look like for our business? What happens when this growth stops or if you are me and how am I going to feed my family tonight? How am I going to pivot to stay relevant? How are we going to the families of the people on our team? You know whatever end of the spectrum you can identify with the fact that there's an operation of fear right now in covert and if we can help eliminate that if we can help. Give the tools of communication or tools for communication during this crisis. Then I think we're all going to be a little better off. At least will decrease the negativity. I've always said since this thing started that I stopped crying get out of the corner and look around round properties because if you have if you see an opportunity in new price at fairly and it's a win, win win, it's to me it's always three wins win for me. When you a win for people around us, absolute end name, those three things again, you've said three things a couple of times Sharon. Yeah it ends in automation, but it starts with a relationship. So if you put the relationship I then build the strategy then automate automate becomes really simple and now you've got a thriving business. So relationship first strategy second and automate. So simple. That's what I love symbol in overthinking done over complicated. But I think that's what this is. Our conversation today is about is building a relationship strategy in automation a love it half Y embiid. Don't reinvent the wheel people you're not going to do it any different. You can take what somebody else's done and make it better but don't try to start from scratch. Somebody's done it. Yep. I used to work with one side somebody that always used to say that the best business ideas or stolen or the best ideas are stolen and I I was like, Oh, I, don't I don't. Even know if I, like that phrase because nobody likes the thief for the same time I resonate with it in that you know what if my idea gives you motivation to get up right? Like you said, get out of the corner get off your butt go start the business. If it gives you motivation to go find the funding to go pivot into space you know whatever it may. Be then run with it, absolutely run with it. If I show you my platform and you can build something better and cooler or we can partner and and you know you can take it in a different way. Do it but go play get your head back in the game and and go play. Have a little fun with it. Visit ultimately is a game for me and I don't. Say That, lightly right. They're going to be times that it will knock you down. It will knock you flat on your ass in it's not fun But if I've learned anything from sports, you you get right back up, you get in the game and your time to recover is nearby. So you're that time for rest is nearby, but you've got to build that into it says simply brilliant. I was checking you out. And in Cyber Stalker Promise I, found some old news clubs and you were with the mobile exports at. Correct. Yes and you rock the first triathlon in Mobile County it was held down a dolphin that is so cool is still going on it is it is called try the Gulf and Don Davis Judge Don Davis was really the brains behind that me and what a fun project I love to bring people together. That's actually what Amex means what it stands for and ultimately why again why I wanted to start EMEC strategic it's right down to the core and all those lessons that I learned from sports. Means to bring together and so we bring great brands together with the people that need them, but ultimately same thing for the triathlon right or for any other a sporting venue or sporting event even now in Cova days but but that event was so tricky. We had man sponsors to please and in what sporting event world or what event world do not have sponsors to please. But we just had a lot of things that we had to work through. We were putting ultimately swimmers triathletes out in the in this cove in the Gulf of Mexico right there in the mouth. Oh Dolphin Island and beautiful but the race director right before the race starts said something I will never forget and she says, Hey, we're GONNA get ready. We're starting this thing or. Right, and and she says, but if you see a shark, if you see a bull shark, just punch it and move on. And I'll tell you the gasps that came from the people that by the way had. Most of them had never been to dolphin island before and had never been in this water before who were already a little nervous and it was what you call a sprint triathlon. So this is a perfect traff on for beginners. So already having that anxiety of being a first timer for a lot of these athletes. They have trained. They probably trained in pools may not have stepped foot in open water to train yet but they're getting told, hey, don't worry about your newness nerves ucs star shark punching you swim for your life. and. Exactly. See a shark you just move on. sponging move on. Burgh. So we had a lot of fun with that one. It was a it was a good time and. I gotTa tell you some of the the people I made lifelong friends out off often island because some of those people out there just you know bent over backwards to make this event happened for their community Ultimately, it brought in tourists from all over the country the. Thirty some states that we brought people from the first year. So it's really neat to see those results come out of that effort what a legacy to be able to part or something like that. That continues on absolutely. Disease, it tell me about your new venture. Strategic Shirt. EMEC strategic is really all about just that has people grow their businesses. So we take a very holistic approach from it but who we are we essentially are a marketing technology partner name, a business that you know that has one of those not many right, and so they either have a marketing agency partner or they have a tech partner. We are now bringing for the first time Kinda CMO's CFO's to the same table or the agency to the table. As well, we're a rate, a resource agencies for also resource to small to large businesses even start ups in that space as well. So we have a wide array of clients what we have in houses really unique it's called digital experience platform digital experience platform is essentially marketing automation. We developed triggered communications and digital advertising placement also in one spot. So now for the first time ever you are actually in the same interface in the same platform able to. Spell out and map out your customer experience with your brand and build relevant campaigns having it in one interface or having one platform means this. You're putting five pennies in and getting seven out. I can tell you the exact Roi in it, and if you're a marketer I think that resonates with you the most being able to or having been addressed of, Hey, what's the Roi on this? Well, hang on I gotta go art eight automated or manually automate six different reports and try to get you a number try to see how many impressions we had or how many clicks we add in this area and Qualify that into you know real revenue that we generated for the company and very, very few people out there can answer those questions well for their businesses and so we're bringing a technology that's not only powerful but it's game changing in the way that you market because you're getting down to what's working and what's not allowing you to stop spending the money on what's not working. Funds on what is working. So so that's kind of what we do we. We help navigate that customer experience process and We love doing it who doesn't need a good experience right now right especially with everything going on in our world. You more proactive marketer for the marketer. Sure absolutely. So we actually deal with the marketers inside businesses we deal with you know small businesses that don't have a marketing department we deal with large businesses that do have a full marketing department. We also work with the agencies as they are tech provider as well. We have some some larger clients that have wanted to that have an in house marketing team that want to utilize our platform and used Xp Our digital experience platform to have a better experience and better constant engagement with their clients or customers especially now that so important to make sure this feels like our world's change. In every day and we want to be able to provide some normalcy in some real time communication because back to the relationship building right at the end of the day, it's not about if you communicate when you want communicate, it's about if you can communicate when your customers or your clients need you to communicate. So if my client is Kevin to me at nine o'clock at night or eight o'clock at night and I, don't I'm not able to get them a good answer and we have an eight second attention span these days I'm onto somebody else right and so are there on December the US? They need to be able to find that information quickly and unfortunately SEO game it's it's just not doing it for people anymore. So it's kind of a race to the bottom SEM. And so we WANNA make sure that we're we're giving some opportunities to level the playing field for businesses across the US. It makes common sense to me that the way even Seo's were new but now it's so flooded. The Seo's what are they gonNa get you is to See you seventy seven thousand Google searches per second. That's insane. How do you stand out in that? How do you stand out in your Seo Game? You'RE SEM Games not working for you. Anymore I promised that you go out issue people dim of this tale where you're failing or where you're where you're hits are said that. You keep doing the things that work. Yes. Absolutely. We have five different digital advertising placement capabilities in their meaning. You can buy different types of digital ads there and lead them bleed people right back into your campaign. So that's that relevant targeted communications we a lot of variable data so that you are no longer just sending the same yelling type of message out to your entire contact list. You are now getting really hyper focused on what's relevant to them whether it be geographically where they live whether they're male or female whether they have certain shopping habits whether they are worried about back to school options whatever. The product or service may be. We're now able to give it to them in a way that's just relevant and timely and something that they may be looking for. So would images come from I M M I X so is actually derived from the Latin word mixed us and a mixed is ultimately means to mix to combing wool or to bring together and for me that's a faith piece bringing together people and helping them thrive, and so I love the art of that. It helps people I would be nowhere where I am today would have not had a single damn experience that I've had today without. The people that have helped me along the way or have mentored me or have a come alongside. You're giving me a leg up when I needed it, and so we're really all about bringing great brands together with the people that need them. Their target markets are new target markets, new audiences but ultimately, that's where AMAC comes from. It's a verb and we WANNA make sure that we well, and so in order to do that, we start with a relationship. That's kind of how it all ties in for us. Susan we've covered a lot of ground I'm love your talking about building relationships strategy and then automation. When people WANNA get a look at what you got to help them develop new ways in a crowded market. How do they get in touch with you? You can reach us on any of your favorite social media platforms imax strategic. You can also check us out at www dot AMEX. STRATEGIC DOT COM image spelled I m I x you can also drop us a line at hey at imax strategic dot com. And ask US Your Business Questions. We love that man if there's something that you feel like you're going to you need help with there's anything that we can do to cyst dravis align. We want to try to find a solution for you whether you become a client of ours or not. We're GONNA try to help you move to the next dot. So to speak a fantastic, you know I think my cheers. For today his here's the people like you think outside the box and develop something that is ever changing ever changing everything day in growing. So obscures to you today. Thank you. Well, you said it best. It's ever changing it best but also, all cheers you're right back in that you know thanks for just developing a great podcast in helping businesses not only locally but nationally to it's really impressive what you're doing. And bring in some really interesting people to the table I'm to be on that list now and can't wait to hear what else do you do next will thank you I'm honored to have you on today. Is that what we really cool conversation so it's amazing. Great People admit on the ship I. Love It. Well, I'm looking forward to the next time. Let's chatter at least grab a drink we can. Cheers. And were. One deal. Well, hey have a fabulous day. Thanks for your time. This is fun. Pay If you like the show today please read down on I tunes, Air Youtube or any where you get your podcast and rate us tell friend Fan, now gas. Please, be sure to subscribe to cheers business podcast on itunes or anywhere else that you get your podcast, visit our facebook and be sure to give us a like and if you have any questions or topics, you'd like us to discuss shoot us an email from the website. CHEERS TO BUSINESS DOT COM.

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