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I'm bree and I'm Nicole and this is the bell is podcast and we are so happy. The holidays are over because the holidays this kick that is right and that means it's time for opening up so let's pop that bottle all right right you guys do today. We're opening up with some Vegan buzzes. Nagorny are so obsessed with them. It's from this little place here in Phoenix called delight and we can't get enough of him no. We can't because you know what I can't do alcohol not with this flu and okay you guys. We're going to get to my engagement but I have to. I talk about how sick I've been with the flu. Today's my first day out of bed in eight days eight days I have never been so sick in my entire life. I got diagnosed with influenza B.. And one thing I just WanNa tell everyone when you fill flu like symptoms James. I'm someone who powers through because I just think my body's run down with flu like symptoms because I feel like flu like symptoms can be like a head cold right and that's very similar alert. I should have known that when I got a really deep like silent cough. I should've went into the doctor but it took me two days of just trying to power through. ooh I'll be fine. Go to bed early and then day three into it. I couldn't even move and I knew something was wrong it. It felt like a head cold but even worse my body was aching. I was burning up. My cough was really deep and then I go get checked by the doctor. I'm positive housing for influence a B.. Which of course is better than having a bite it? My doctor was like you're three days late. He's like this is so bad already. And then yesterday Eh. Backup the doctor. Because my body started to reject the antibiotic you start throwing always vomiting all day and so now. I'm onto antibiotics one to help. Keep the antibiotic down. I'm just a mess. I have never in my life have been this sick but can I say how much pain your skin looks. Great well so sickness wears you. Well well thank you but I have one who your nurse was. I mean you had to nurses actioner will three technically clinically side bream Birdie for the I was a five day is days sir. Birdie would leave water at the door because we had to put up a gate and I got Brienne Bertie mask because I was so contagious. that the doctor like anyone who has near me how to be where mask or I had to wear a mask and I couldn't leave the bed I mean I couldn't You have no energy when you have the flu right. You're so fatigued but this thing is I know what you're all thinking like doesn't Nikki have a house next door to. Yes but my sister didn't want to be alone so she was my guest room. I know you know what's going to happen. So we kinda made her fortin there. Yes and then artem came in town down and then he took over and I finally went home and he's been taking care of me ever since it's hard 'cause we can't sleep in the same room you know. Yeah well and I started to get a head cold so I was freaking out a little bit but only two days and then knocked right out. Birdie never got sick but you know I mean this fluids going around the country. I started to to do a lot of research. This is a really bad flu. That's going around so I suggest to everyone wash your hands. Be careful who you're in contact contact with if you see someone coughing sneezing avoid them to say to mask. The Mask were already and I wore the mask all the time. You never got sick. I get why the people now do it in airports. I used to look at them like. Is this a little exaggerated. I'm GONNA probably from now on be that person in airports that whereas mask. Yeah because has it. There's a reason for it and after getting when I got and I just keep thinking was that when I was at the supermarket the night before Christmas Eve member who was filling. Meanwhile the artem and I had a call Christmas dinner I remember specifically a man that was coughing in the produce section. Like why are you coffee. And sneezy seen you all over the produce and when I started to read and do research on how contagious the flu is. It's like you have to be careful. All I want to say is as if anyone feels symptoms. I mean who cares if it's very minor you WanNa go get tested it. The test literally takes fifteen minutes to know if you're positive for influenza air be so good do it right because when you wait long it's dangerous. It's been a very dangerous. We I mean it can take painful week. It's already taken two thousand people's lives so far in the US pretty scary. It's scary so go get checked you guys but you know. It's funny because my sister and I during Christmas we I had a full house of all the Danielsson's where over and Cole had a bunch of people and we just. We hosted big Christmas dinner and we had so much fun in the Nicole on like okay. Okay the twenty. Six to New Year's we'RE GONNA get a lot of work done but also relaxed body days hike. Do all this fun stuff. And then we were so exhausted rested and then she got super sick and then I started feel sick. I mean she just finally got out of bed this morning but I cannot believe how like you try to think to yourself like Oh yeah. After after the holidays I'm just going to transition easy to being healthy and just kick ass but the holidays kick your ass and then I got super sick and here artem Adam and I were supposed to go to sedona to have a magical new year's Eve I really wanted to ring in two thousand twenty and a very spiritual way and we had all these Kamei's energy clearing setup and Shaman visit set up and I really wanted to go to the vortex artem and I we're GONNA and have the most magical days going into twenty twenty. We're having this dinner that the native Americans were performing for everyone for four hours with gorgeous music and I didn't get to do any of it journal and you because you couldn't cancel because it was so late so you lost all that money. I know which if anyone does get a chance. Go to SEDONA. They in Chapman resort. Yeah Oh my Gosh it looks match or go to a bears. It's where I got married and it's pretty awesome but you have to tell orange you in art and we're going to do from SEDONA. The biggest news of twenty twenty is so if you haven't seen my instagram and armony got engaged November when we were all in France yes I Willem it. It was very shocking. Because we've been together year but it was very beautiful and like our families were there and here. We're in France and this castle it's my birthday and artem proposed and you guys. Of course. Toto Bellas was filming. I think that's why I didn't see it coming because I was like. There's no way he he will do it. Why we're filming well? He did but his his engagement speech. Is that what you would call it I don't think it's a speech. The dirt away. He proposed the way he proposed. He was so nervous which made me so nervous all of a sudden when I could tell how nervous he was. I got really nervous and I in my head. I'm like Oh this isn't a birthday surprise anymore. This guy is about to propose to me and I just I don't WanNa give have like everything he said away but one thing he said how you opened it he goes. You know you've come into my life and you've turned it upside down and I remember going. Is that a good or a bad thing but like he was so nervous he just you know when your words just lose you. Oh totally but you know what I have to say artists. Tux White he set up. I can't wait for you is to see it and I have to say I'm super excited even though everything was really fast. I'm really excited. I'm definitely going to take my time. I'm getting married. That was the one they told artem is I was like I do not want to plan a wedding anytime soon. I really WANNA take our time being engaged and just soak it in. But I'm I'm I'm extremely extremely happy. You know the one thing that I love is like you just love happens. And there's no rules feel like everyone tries to have rules of like well. You have to be together this long to get engaged. Sounds like parents say that at all. No I think it's changed over the years but artem has taught me that love has no rules it really doesn't and it's so beautiful when it's like that when you just love yeah I couldn't every relationship you've you've been in this kind of been no rules. I think that's just kind of my life. Yeah I feel like there's just been a lot of it's I think for you because because your relationships are on television and through social media like there's a big presence and everyone's in your business because of media that you're always getting judged so I think that's why you fill those things but I really think people don't actually sit there and think like Oh this to faster that I mean I definitely clean. Daughter was too fast but hang spree. No I did. I did think it was too fast but also I. I'm not in your guys relationship so you know for me me. It's just someone who's outside of it like whoa because already engaged this crazy but I'm not in your relationship so right and I know it's taken us a while to post and I'm I'm sure people are like well you know because Nanna kind of setting you were saying earlier like when you get engaged. Why don't you exactly post you know? It's it's hard when you're in our situation because there's also other people that could have a say into your life when you're a reality star so we've kind of had to wait and and I have to say even when we posted the other day we didn't get permission. I finally was like I just want to say it say it. You know sick of hiding it and we're supposed to do a really cute cuting in sedona. We had this big plan we wanted to do but of course that got ruins. I'm like well I'm just GONNA poster post photos from France right. Well my thing is I find it funny because of social social media nowadays that everyone feels like they have to have a game plan of like saying it or dies social why we had a game plan though. No I know 'cause as a filming and everything but but it's weird because when I got engaged and it was for TV. I announced it right away. Yeah I wonder if people were upset I duNno. I know people were upset by it. Well and I got the one where you're trying to figure our lives out. I mean my first engagement it was live on TV. So yeah it's it happens but it's so weird in our world because I remember sitting and talking to Nanna about it. She was having such a hard time understanding why you have to wait for an announcement announcement. I'm like this is I guess just the life we chose when you live in the public. I want you to wait for a moment or make sure like I. I don't know it's It's difficult well. Let's get to what everyone wants to hear. What the ring are you so happy? You wear your ring now I am. I'm really happy to wear my neighboring It's been getting sized and also getting the setting fix I you know me. I'm a lover diamonds and artem picked out this gorgeous diamond. INSA Severi rare diamond and I really loved the shape. It's very classic is looking at it. I was like I think this could be set a little different and so oh the guy was like. Wow your girl has a really good ice. She's actually right about the setting just because I felt like it wasn't showcasing. This gorgeous diamond that he picked out and and I don't know does that. Sound high maintenance or weird. Oh you're going to be wearing it every day. You want exactly so it's getting right now. It's getting sized instead a little differently. Certainly you're nice. I get to actually pick it up. I think tomorrow Artemis But it's so beautiful you and I just love diamonds that are very timeless. Classic If you could imagine it on Grace Kelly's hand. I think that's just so beautiful and I can. I can imagine that so I'm so excited to wear it and I'll be definitely excited the day we start planning a wedding but I just can't do that right now. I know you hear you hear it with kids. Did you hear it with everything will. There's never a good time because even Nanna was like we'll do something very simple but I still want to have the wedding my dreams and I just I WANNA wait to I. Don't I want to be in a rush. So when do you think I don't know you know tell you the truth. I don't really sees getting married in two thousand twenty. Wow Yeah I you know maybe a courthouse house thing and then do something. I don't know losing a point. I mean this is the thing it's like. I wish. Carrie Bradshaw did have the big wedding like then and when she did the cute little courthouse in the diner. I was Kinda like bummed out. I still want to have that big wedding so I don't know and I'd be courteous to know what our listeners think is. Do I showcase that on TV again. I mean I never actually got married but sometimes I go oh back and forth. Are there things that I should keep private in my life and not fully share. I mean I love privacy but at the same time I think what's hard being a reality star and taking people. Aw on the last seven years of your life is this journey. Yeah and it's kind of like you don't give them the ending. I think everyone would hate that. I mean could you imagine watching a movie movie. And then there's no ending I mean and I felt that when the first time around people were very upset at me. Not just because of the the situation of my break-up but because I didn't give them their fairytale ending yeah they're on this journey of something. I wanted for five years. No six years first and then they didn't get that so well I do. Get your point Martin posed on TV. Then it can't be that private. Do you know what I mean like. He he did. What is there are there things in my life? I need to keep private. Do I need to make those decisions on my own. Yeah as I mean protect to myself and you know now my future family so because artem and I mean now we're going to be a family but I think a weddings different. Because you the thing you you have the videography you end up filming it anyways. You just got to film it to your liking. I have to say they were super respectful. When they filmed my wedding kept their distance they weren't invasive at all not with our guest now with me they didn't come down the Iowa me to have cameras really high up I couldn't even see Yeah so I felt like they weren't even there right. You know and I mean of course the dream would be to get married in Paris but one dream that I've always had to is that I want my now at my wedding so and there's no way you could travel to Europe so I think I definitely will keep it here. You don't travel to Europe. I I know it's difficult for and it's really important to me that she's there you know. Yeah I agree. There are so many decisions you go. Maybe that's what twenty twenty will be will be the year deciding reading what I WANNA do for my wedding. Yes even though I've always thought of fall wedding would be so my Gosh and those fall wedding dresses go. I kind of wanted to get married in the fall but Brian. I you know we picked after Russell Maniac has oh dr only but I always I was looking at these wedding dresses and I'd try to own the swamp but they're like this is for faller winner. Her and I felt like princess. Like I mean the lace coming down my arms the hi gorgeous neck with the beating the the way the backwards and I'm like I thought the fall fall in Napa Valley like Tahoe with me gorgeous or just an amazing fire. Leo's wine refers I. Yeah I do like an engagement party in Paris or something we'd use engagement party or Bachelorette engagement party. Oh you're the BACHELORETTE. We're not GONNA do that. I always thought New York City that energy and that would be really well. Should I tell everyone my big news. What's your big news? I got a puppy. Oh Yes oh my Gosh Brie with big old bug is like engaged again. I'm uh-huh Hasso Sana said I was good this year. I was on the Nice list so he brought me a little puppy. Her name is penelope. She's so cute. She's on my instagram instagram now. So you'll see her And I have to say I really felt it was time for Winston have a companion and And for all of us to and happened to be my cousin. One of her good friends FRENCHIES had babies. And so I was like you know what I think. This is a sign and Mike was there a little girl in the litter gavitt habit the runt actually a little girl and I'm like Josie was a runt and so there was win and so as when so penelope's joined her family and she's so so adorable isn't Unicorn the she she's sleeping on Nicole Richie. Actually she Her built reminds me so much a Wednesday so much but what she does is she has a lot of jozies personality guys. It's Rick Lisi pleased however one what Birdie keeps doing so you guys Birdie keeps trying to pack her suitcase because every day pretty wants to go to the moon to go get Josie. Because I told Birdie about doggy heaven and how high it is and she wasn't understanding the concept upped and she's very much like Brian you have to be literal with Birdie Saigo jozies up by the moon. That's where heaven is at and so every night and birdies the best spotting the moon. I mean it's not even sunset unbridgeable show tat and show always be like we're Joe Joe debs so every day. My daughter is trying to pack her bags to Goget Josie to bring her back home. I mean every day I feel like Bryce Jarrett each other with watery eyes. I know when I I I would just be insecure at Your House the few times I heard her say it I was like oh I know so. Be You know what that just shows. You like. Look at the love. It gives your little okay. And they don't forget she's two and a half and how much she talks about Josie. Because she's Josie. Since Day one her and Joseph were very close. I'm very happy for Penelope. Yeah he's a very very amazing edition so cute birdies trying to wrestle penelope but I think she'll start to lover here soon yes I love it and you know what I'm saying next week. Let's bring Armand and and hear from him about the engaged. Oh that's okay. Yeah okay well. Before we wrap up artem and I cooked all of Christmas dinner and I have never ever in my life cooked nine hours straight and I feel bad artem did two days straight. I did nine hours straight with him. Oh my gosh and who looked boozy at your Christmas dinner. We looked thanks. Everyone dressed up which made me feel very special. Can we just say real quick. How Amazing was my green bean casserole? You guys did it for the first time in. Everyone aided knocked it out of the park. I felt like it was the most talked about thing. It was the most talked about dish. Ray You guys. Here's had so much food I was like I wanted everything but I couldn't do it. I can ask. Do you run over consuming too so holidays yet. Kicked our ASS. Ask but that's okay because it's January and we're GonNa get our asses back in gear up so that's it for opening up up next on be kicking someone fast because now it's time for match above the week but first a quick break when you think of whiskey what comes to your mind. I'm sure could be at least a hundred different things. But I bet peanut butters and one of them but screwball. Whiskey is working to change that. screwball peanut butter. Whiskey is your average flavored liquor. It's savory and creamy with just a hint of sweetness without that lingering heavy finished you might expect. screwball group was designed to be a bar tenders best friend. You don't need a Chile you can drink it straight or in a shot and look. I know peanut butter. Whiskey sounds weird. 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Is there such a thing as too soon to get engaged so you would wanna debate this alright hater and for all the other haters out there which I know there are none. These are the rules of the debate. If you forgotten remember we we each have thirty seconds to make an opening statement for our side of the issue and then we have two minutes for final arguments. Freefrall all right. Who's going? I I feel like I should give you the honors all right Nicole. Are you ready. I'm ready go okay. First of all no. I don't think there's there's such such thing as too soon to get engaged because I feel like love is love and when you feel you should go with it. I feel like sometimes actually what can hurt relationships is when we have these rules of like. No I WANNA be with this person but I need to wait a few years or no. I said I never get married again so I'm not going to do it but then now I want to. Maybe it's too late if you feel it go with what's the most beauty about love is yes it can hurt can feel good. What time's up? I have so much more to say I feel hand. The flu is making me took slow. Okay you tell me when to go go okay. I do actually think you can get engaged too soon. I think sometimes that puppy love in the beginning that we can relationships kinda blinds us from like what you really need to know when it comes to marriage. You need to know people's most financial stuff how they're gonNA live with you. Know those little things that kind of bugging me like. Oh but maybe it's cute now turns into a big snowball effect and it will really bug you even marriage but sometimes thing about marriage is the partnership you gotTa Look at just the love because let me tell you something the minute you're Damn Cusco. Quick Ready Go. Okay so this is my thing is I feel like I feel like sometimes people get engaged so soon because they love that that fresh Levin eleven the beginning the stuff that makes you like getting and gives you the butterfly but sometimes you gotta get past that to really look at so and be like is this. This is my thing is someone can find that out about about someone within a month we know. What do you mean you when you are dating someone? It sounds like this person. Starting their life all of a sudden this person could be in there for fifteen fifteen years and already know how their life is. Yeah you could definitely feel or someone could be a friend and you already know who they are whether it's different for me. I honestly Philip. It's different the minute you move in Masan. I'm one of those people who do believe you should move in with before marriage because you can tell so much about a person. Hey move them with them. I also so phil like the way they live. And I've heard so many times people be like Gosh. They weren't like that in the beginning. It's like yeah exactly being engages ages signing a marriage license. It's already like walking down the aisle no that engaged time which is still something very special cities that shirty hermit no but proposing to someone means that you want it to perm and when someone proposes it's because they want to spend the rest of their life with someone and they should have that that moment when they feel it because they're guys I was with were so funding getting the beginning. If they would have proposed I probably would have said yes but the thing is it wasn't wasn't right like I just feel like like with Brian. Brian proposed. I've very much new at that time. Like he was the one I knew like his flaws. I would accept my flaws hit. Wouldn't it. It's too soon for you. That's that's my question. Like for art of life for instance. We were together for year. Plus I knew him for two years before that so for me. That's not too soon situation of your aiming towards me. I love artem. I'm happy you guys are engaged but I do think there's a thing too soon. Thank you sister for engine and on that note I could We could go on and on Shannon three minute. Actually I should to be a thirty minute. All right you guys. We're going to post a pull on our issues for you to vote. And we'll reveal the winner and next week's episode and now it's time for deer Belli's elyse welcome back tar segment dear Bellas. We Bella style advice to our listeners. Because who needs Abbey Abby when you have to Balas that's right and here's Today's question. Good Morning Bellas. My name is Diana and I'm from Elk Grove near Sacramento. I know in California and like free. I'm a mom. And they have three girls My husband and I we try really hard to raise them to be each other's best friends but ah seven ten and thirteen. It's not always easy so A question is how in the world did you guys get to this place where you guys are so close. ooh And so supportive. I just love your relationship and it's just he too many sisters that don't treat each other kindly and I don't want my girls to grow. Or what have I want them to have what you to share and I notice that you guys are just as close with jj so is there something that your mom did When you were younger or even now that creates that closeness thanks for the advice and looking forward to more Wednesdays in twenty twenty I all thank you Diana for all the compliments and what a great question? That is a great question by the way I give you a lot of Kudos for three girls seven ten thirteen. I mean wow that is amazing and also Diana later when you have your wine for happy hour drink. That's right. You said a mom because I'm a mom but you you know after tell you Nicole and I were big fighters grind up. We started wrestling at a very young age against each that we loved hanging out. Well we did. We were best friends ends but we did fight. I mean there was that time my mom was like how do I even get in the middle of this but I will say this I feel like Jj Nicole. And I have have all become super close. I think as we've been through a lot together but at the same time my grandfather kind of always reminded us how important family is and he constantly embedded that into like. We literally are so close to our cousin's Raleigh brothers and sisters but I felt like my grandfather just constantly was like you guys have no oh idea. Family will always be there in the end no matter what and grew up truly believing that Brian came into my family and he was mind blown when he saw JJ Nicole. When when I argue he was like you guys could really teach each other down mean and then two minutes later? You're okay and I feel like it's because we know at the end of the day we could take out injure and certain stuff on each other but we still love each other and have each other's back right. Well I think as well as we were raised with a lot of labs so if my brother and sister ever did anything kind to me especially my grandparents and my parents would be like okay. Now go give your sister brother Hug and a kiss or what I would see them more any of my cousins or my aunts and uncles. Go give them a hug and kiss when they would leave. Give them a hug and kiss and and I feel like when you do that at a young age. There's something thinking about that love. That's there and you're not afraid to show that affection and it was crazy to me as I started to get older more college when you meet people from different backgrounds. How many people people didn't do that with their brothers or sisters their cousin rape and I feel like you have to show the love from everywhere so you have to teach them in about you? Know Blood is thicker than water and families that and then you also need to have them embrace each other and feel that connection. Big huggers were big huggers. I mean you come to our house every time you leave it is as if you are going off to war. My sister got a Boob job at weirded me out a little bit hugging rafter. Because they're all being we smash into my chest I would. I'd like I don't know if you're hugs her that enjoyable anymore. Run over but you also have to give a compliment. What I thought my mom did so well on raising all of us? She let all of his kids be who we wanted to be as individuals and we all had to rejoice is that we did and sometimes I'll see families and I feel like 'cause they have three girls or three boys they want them all to dress like or be alike or go be involved in the same thing wing and sometimes I feel like that can bring on competition or little anger between the children and I think when you embrace who they all are individually it actually brings them together more. My mom definitely made it like Nicole's the stronger more athletic one shows maybe like more artsy earlier one she made. Jj The boar wild but funny one. She really embraced. Everyone's string and was very vocal. Go about it which made us all feel like we brought something to the family. You know and there's one thing I do at Birdie every night Brian I both and we always say who loves Zeo. We've taught her since she's been little. She goes through the whole family Hanako. Oh I mean Shogo Dodo. A uncle. J. J. Lo la baby a VG. I G G pop up like you guys. She goes through the whole family because Brian I tell her we want you to know every day who lets you and I really feel like it helps her. Don't you feel like Nicole. Makes her more and more loving realizes everyone is family and they love her so she wants to love them and I think that's what we have to do for kids heads. We just have to teach them and show them the love. I agree. Let them embrace it on their own. But we can't forget about the connection of human beings and that's giving hugs and kisses and really feeling that so encouraged that everyone has their children do that with each other and it's just the littlest thing saying thank you to sibling and giving them a big hug and kiss the goes so far when you start. That is such a young age. I agree so thank you Diana for your call. And we're looking forward to more Wednesdays two in twenty twenty that's right and if you want a a chance to hear from US anything from relationships to business life to mom life or whatever else you want advice on give us a call at eight three three q bellas and now. Now it's time for Bella brains but first a quick break this year make your mental health a priority because a healthy mind lead happier. You think about it this way you you wouldn't hesitate to go to the doctor for professional care if you had a broken arm or the dentists if you had a chip to your mental health deserves the same attention better help help. The world's largest counseling service will assess your needs and match you with your own counselor from their network of license. Accredited and board certified therapist with better help. You're not limited to the typical nine to five of traditional therapy. You can send your counselor message anytime you want. And you'll never have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room waiting for your turn instead. Get there from the comfort of your own living room better. Help is on a mission to provide everyone with easy affordable and private access to professional counseling. Anytime anywhere so get started today. Bells listeners get ten percent off your first month at better better help dot com slash bells. podcast that's better help. H. E. L. P. dot com slash. Bellas podcast this week Bella brains hosted by our brother the vacation vacation. Jj thank you. Bree glad to be back for another edition Abella brains the alertus weekly game game show where one twin leaves the room other ones some questions and we keep score. Who has the stronger bell brain that is right if we are keeping track of who wins each tweak and the first one to five wins gets a donation by the loser to their favorite charity? The current score is zero to one Brie in the lead. That's right whatever. Breathe so who's going to win this round. Let's find out it's time for bell. Brains means Bella Bella brains okay. Who's leaving the room? I I guess this has been sick all week. I'll get up and go okay. Good thank you. You're ready. I'm ready all right for this week's Bella brains. I will be asking questions about soccer. Oh Gosh we all grew up playing this sport. Yeah Kohl's the Rock in the back. That's that's right dynamic midfielder so they should know little bit about soccer question. One what does U. S. W. N. T. Stand for oh my gosh. U. S. W. and T.. United Soccer Women's what is it U. S. W. N. T. National Team U S W The united the US United States us right U. S. W. United States Women's national team. That is correct. Yes took a minute but correct blaming the flu. You go the United States right all right. Congratulations on that. Yes thank you question to. Who is the all time time leader in scoring for the United States Women's national team? Mia Hamm no shoot. It's what's her name with the short hair dammit. I can't think of her name. I'm just going to say this one because we get three guests is right. Okay so Alex Morgan no okay. It's one more guess. I can't think of her name J. I will tell you that she is retired. Because there's a couple of girls are short hair. Yeah UH shoot. What's her name? She's married that author. Now she's the hot one. Whatever I'm just going to go with brandy chastain? I know it is Abby Wambach happy. That's always a long happy. She's married the author author. She yeah she actually passed me a him. Yeah all that for a very long time. And no one's close to them. Yeah I knew was abby. I just can't think of Abbey's his name one hundred and eighty three goals or something fifty-seven think. Wow Yeah Sarah Abbey but I love you. Think you're hot all right question. Russian three who scored conic penalty kick to win the World Cup and celebrated by taking her shirt off. Brandy chastain is correct. I remember shirt off. Course Love Brady chastain will know her husband for while was the head coach of Arizona State University and I was going to go play soccer for William. Oh that's awesome. Yes so two hundred. That's three three okay. Let's get Brenna ready. I'm ready okay so this week. The category is soccer soccer. I I feel like I should know all this you better. I mean as I explained you both grow playing it so the knowledge question one one. What does you as W. N. T. stand for U. S. W. N. T.? United States states women anti national. And Its tryout no you get three yeses said was try that again. Okay get a lot of them right. A lot of the words rate from low. Tell you know that doesn't count let's go. US Anti us. W Anti Brian Yorkey this one. Right United United States women national training for more and more. I know United States women national team have. You didn't get that one train training tryout well you made it sound more more complicated than I think in your head you minute. We're coming okay. Question Two who is the all time leader in scoring for the. US Women's national team. Mia Hamm No Alex. Morgan you know Brandy chastain had the same as birth to be fair. I knew this person I I couldn't figure out their name so I started to say names. But you literally didn't even think person Abby Back Oh Duh. uh-huh why like shoes on Time magazine and stuff. I mean hold. Soccer team was but always on her. I think you're thinking of the the ones play now. Now the one with the pink care about the same haircut doesn't play right now oh. SP's when we're there now ashes. Yeah award okay. I know one girl that probably GonNa play for like the. US moonstone honestly shoes a beast question. Three Yeah who scored iconic penalty kick to win the World Cup and celebrated by taking her shirt off brandy chastain. I hi now so now. Of course another time. This is how got settled last time so not I. Love tiebreakers agreement Green Tiebreaker K.. who was the youngest female player to represent the United States national team? Oh shoot my gosh I know this are you as an aggressor Mike Dank. WHO's the youngest female soccer player to represent the United States of America? Carla Overbeck Kidding she's the oldest sitting. Gosh this Alex Morgan. No risk can be saying names. We know I know it. Isn't that left defender. What's her name you know? Can I get a hint. Yeah maybe what's the first letter of the name Meeham. I all ring in cheat. How's IT Brig? Musil fifteen teen mayhem. I it was going to say no. Don't you lie I was and then I thought. Oh no because it's just WANNA go with like one of the greatest players of all time. I I know I didn't think this is the best those Nicole goes. Can we get a little hint. You know like the start of the first one and then just like this is rigged. I just find ways to cheat on you rigged capitalized off that she notes official Briana has more knowledge soccer and was the saucer plant night and and was not. Well that brings the current score to two zero brianna rigged. Well thank you. Jj for hosting another edition addition Abella brains and you guys. We will be back next week for another edition of ballot. Brains Bella Bella brains thank you. Jj for hosting Bella brains. Yes and now it's time for Bella Army Cuny As always tweet at Bella twins with the Hashtag Balas podcast and we might pick your question to answer on the show that is right in this week. We're answering a tweet from from at my kind of youth the question is if you could switch lives with someone else for one day who would it be. ooh ooh that's really good. I really liked that now. My next question for you would be pastor present but I guess we'll just pick whoever we want. Okay okay you go first. This is really hard because there's like so many people that I could go for Hugo I well goodness wait. I was just about to say so on but there's so many people that I could choose. I know see you know who I'm torn between two. I'm torn between like Oprah because I feel like it'd be really neat to be in her life one day like just the way. She inspires people the way she enjoys wine. She lives in Maui. You know she does really incredible things. But then I also feel like it'd be really cool to be a rock star for a day and be on stage and seeing and have that feeling that's a good deal so I'm torn right now. See I was torn between Marilyn Monroe or Queen Elizabeth the second Maryland. Imagine Agean just being a Dana life of Merriman row. I would be like that would be so interesting and then Queen Elizabeth just to have that feeling feeling of being royalty and knowing the whole country is like God save the Queen like to experience that and all that responsibility and have Winston I in Churchill come to my door and like talk to me about England type of stuff that would be insane. Talk be talking to Winston Churchill about World War Two stuff breath I couldn't even imagine I agree but then I'm kind of thinking maybe be Janice Joplin for day Woodstock and see. Yeah the hippies really did it see you like all the past stuff yeah. That kind of sounds really cool to me. Yeah I might go with that. Even though I'd be so drunk that I wouldn't remember. Wow okay. Well I'M GONNA go with Queen Elizabeth the second just to have talks with Winston Churchill and get to know information and also wear crown and have all this diamonds. That'd be really nice so you know me. Well what can we say. Oh well everyone tweet at Addis I wanNA know who would you want to switch. Lives away dates. Let's wait what you could do pastor present all right Bella. Army will that is it for this week's expel army. QNA thanks for tuning in. Today's podcast yes. Thank you Bella. Army and I'm engaged. Yeah Hey that's right and both for the winner of this week's match the week on instagram. Tweet US your questions for Bella. Army Cuna with the HASHTAG bells podcast and call eight three three q ballast. Ask US for on air advice in our segment dear Bellas and please show us some love by rating the show leaving a review and hitting subscribed special thanks vacation. Jj for being a great bell brains host and until next week remember to stay fearless and you always go remote if you drink along with this. See you next Wednesday and his birdie likes to say UH.

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