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welcome to the Monitor daily podcast. It's Tuesday September tenth. Thanks for joining us. I'm Dave Scott and I'm Molly Dawson last week. Fourth Grade Teacher Laura Snyder found one of her boys in tears at lunch. Some girls scoffed at his homemade university of Tennessee t shirt she could have just told him it would be okay belise happen but not Miss Snyder she was going to buy him a real. Tennessee volunteers t shirt art and posted a story on facebook within days a box full of orange t shirts hats and other. Ut Swag arrived at the ultimate elementary school in Ultima Springs Florida. All courtesy of ut that fourth grader went from zero zero two class hero then the university took to the next level. The Boys hand-drawn design was made eight into a new official. U T shirt. A portion of the earnings will be donated to stomp out bullying a nonprofit. The flood of online orders crashed the university site Friday Mitch Snider Rode. On facebook that the new University of Tennessee shirt design put a big big smile on his face. He walked taller and I could tell his confidence grew today. Skeptics might say it's just just a tribe the bulls protectively embracing their youngest member. Maybe I've never been evolves fan but I would buy that shirt because it's a statement about character it says derision or hate don't get the last word especially when exposed bless you Miss Snyder for caring enough to go the extra mile and now to our five selected stories including breaking taboos and Israel a new symbol of hope and Afghanistan hello and mythbusters and Uganda and New England our first story among the Democratic candidates Joe Biden leads in the polls but our reporters found little enthusiasm for him in New Hampshire suggesting the shift is underway former vice president. Joe Biden is on a mission to restore the soul of America and hopes to recapture Obama trump voters drawing on his working class background Democrats nostalgia for the Obama years and a wellspring defection many have for Uncle Joe but in New Hampshire which holds the nation's first primary in February his surprisingly durable lead is showing cracks particularly among the states more Progressive Russell activists at this weekend's Democratic convention though he has a stronger support among centrists and African Americans the lack of enthusiasm speaks to a broader order tension in the Party as ten Democratic candidates headed into Thursday's debate. They face a party divided over the best way to defeat President Donald Trump. Do they appeal to a broad swath voters by nominating a moderate with a message of unity or aim for record turnout among millennials and minorities with a liberal. Oh pushing for Systemic Change Democrats want to pick who can win says Andrew Smith a political science professor and director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Survey Center is that someone mainstream like Biden. Many others are sane. Look Republicans picked trump and they mobilized in one. This story was reported by critic case Brian and story Hinckley in New Hampshire for the Monitor. There's long been a tension in Israel between Jewish and a democratic state. We look at why voters are closer to inviting the era parties to join Israel's ruling coalition. Well Arab citizens have had the right to vote since Israel's founding even the leaders of liberal Jewish parties have ruled out forming a coalition that relies on Arab support to secure a parliamentary majority but then so have the Arab parties themselves for Jews. It's been a matter of doubt about Arab allegiance to the Jewish state for Arabs in unwillingness to support harsh government policies towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza but there is a change in a poll sixty three percent of Israeli. Arabs said they wanted to you see Arab politicians join a coalition government and Ayman O'Day now says his joint list would be open to join a centre-left government. Israeli Israeli Jews aren't yet ready. The problem is not simply that the parties are Arab are used political scientists Keaton Rut if they take part in a government that has has to deal with things like national security. This might be problematic for both sides he says but tell you Shenlin a pollster and consultant for leftist parties hardy's says I'd like to think that one day Israelis could change their minds. One reason they haven't is that they had not been asked. This story. Okay was reported by Dina Kraft in tel-aviv for the Monitor in the two decades. Our reporter has covered Afghanistan shell-pocked palace and Kabul has not really lived up to its name abode of peace today. It's restoration is seen seen as a symbol of hope for the nation. Few buildings are as iconic to innovation or have been in such need of repair as the war war ravaged. A ruling on palace is here. I conceived in the nineteen twenties as an architectural example of Aniston's entry into the modern world the imposing team building which sits atop a hill in western Kabul has instead belied its name abode of peace for the last forty years it has been ravaged by fires and war is fine lines and features slowly eroded by bullets and shells as the country faced turmoil during the Soviet occupation of the nineteen eighties battles between warlords Taliban rule and neglect and finally the US occupation and subsequent civil war starting in two thousand and one throughout those decades the Palestine came a symbol of a nation at war. It's elegant. Domes became merely rounded crumbling metal frames. Its it's toll windows became broken apertures into the dark shadows of Afghanistan's once hopeful past but today Afghan workers have rebuilt the palace us as a symbol they hope will reflect a revitalised country that may again soon taste piece. This story was reported by Scott Peterson Persson for the Monitor. See Video Fail Sosa in today's issue in the first two stories today about myth busting our report looks at exaggerated claims and expectations about Chinese investment in Africa. The reality on the ground is much different. Chinese agricultural investments in Africa have sparked fierce controversy excoriated as colonial plunder or hailed as productive active and beneficial to local farmers but the picture here and Louro Uganda fifty miles north of the capital is rather one of inaction and incompetence at the first commercial Chinese agricultural operation in Uganda. The land lies idle and overgrown. I came mushrooms than Fish Asia pigs and grains alt-right on soil that the owners found ill-suited to their attempts at a different six hundred Acre farm a promised twenty twenty five thousand jobs have yielded about one hundred and the handling of the wetlands has made it nearly impossible for locals to graze their livestock. There is a false impression that Chinese companies control huge tracks of African land to grow crops to feed Chinese consumers but researchers have found no the Chinese companies exporting rice or other cereals back home yet. There is also no way of telling how many businesses Chinese farmers have here because the government does not not keep accurate records says Josh Myo an expert in Chinese Ugandan relations so called Chinese investors bandy around these huge figures and African leaders are very happy to hear them says Dr Mayo Africa is seen as the wild west in China this the story was reported by Peter Ford and Uganda for the Monitor Valerie Cunningham Cunningham tells hidden stories of African Americans in New Hampshire helping to dispel the myth that slavery didn't exist in the north. She's she's filling in history gaps and changing perspectives at a diversity committee meeting in the nineteen nineties. Valerie Cunningham showed slides is a famous places in Portsmouth New Hampshire. The meeting attendees knew the White Story of what I was showing them. She recalls and I said okay. Here's what I know about it. Miss Cunningham knows about the people left out by previous generations of historians who didn't see their value over a decades. She has scoured records to find out about these people in New Hampshire digging alone in Church basements archives and courthouses her her work laid the foundation for the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail which turns twenty five next year making black history visible is a means to a bigger end and from his Cunningham what motivates her research is a yearning to help people become critical thinkers to learn the history is and try to understand how it connects next to what's happening now. She says the trail creates a sense of belonging says Dennis Britain an African American professor of English who serves on the board of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire a nonprofit that Miss Cunningham helped establish there would be no trail without Valerie Cunningham. This story was reported by Stacey Tushar Hetero in Portsmouth New Hampshire for the Monitor now commentary on e cigarettes from a monitor's editorial board when world leaders gathered this month in New York for the United it nations General Assembly high on the agenda will be a celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the rights of the child. The pact has helped focus global attention on ways to safeguard children and their innocence when of the latest efforts is the protection one of youth from e cigarette use or vaping which has become an epidemic in the United States on Monday the US Food and Drug Administration ordered vaping giant jewel to stop making unproven claims for its products in twenty eighteen e cigarette use among American Merican Highschool students stood at twenty one percent an increase of seventy eight percent over the prior year. This rapid increase crease is the fastest rate ever recorded for an addictive substance if the rise and youth vaping continues. US Health officials say they we'll take more aggressive action the nineteen eighty-nine Treaty on the rights of the child marked a big step for humanity this global awakening being helped compel countries to act quicker when threats to children arise the outcry over teen vaping in the US and the government's crackdown show the near universal presumption of innocence for all children. That's our news you can find the fulling versatility stories and today's issue or at CS monitor dot com slash daily really thanks for joining US come back tomorrow we're working on a story about the likely shift in US foreign policy after the abrupt exit with the National Security Adviser John Bolton today's Christian Science Spiritual Perspective column shares how learning about how God's odds goodness acts as a law in our lives one woman but Keeling find the column today's issue or at CS monitor dot com slash. Dave Dave finally a grace note of gratitude to our staff including today's audio production team Samantha Lane Preface Story Silver and Jeff in this podcast is produced by the Christian in Science Monitor Copyright Twenty nineteen.

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