Dennis Rodman, Kevin Nealon, and the Dating Report Card


It's another episode of caves, you radio brought to you by Roman Romans Romans got down right Romans used elements. Yeah. The Romans didn't they like invent like groups accent stuff? I don't know Greece. Get along the Gree-greek degrees, but the Romans and the Greeks alike. It's yeah. I mean, it's like the Yankees and Red Sox against each other. But they're at the top of the game. Vessels. Dick's man. And then we all love Dick's out there. I love my dick. I wanted to work. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes it doesn't. And I wanted to and fifty two percent of people apparently fifty percent two percent a guys experienced erectile dysfunction. That's it. It's a higher number that guy's life. Fifty two percent of people reported fifty percent of people were willing to admit it because look at that. Yeah. Was very impressive. And sometimes you just think like, oh, that's just like the way we're built and like no this is two thousand nineteen where we can fix everything sciences magic, man. 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Visit and a licensed physician we'll review you. The lead the prescribe you or a couple more questions, and they will help solve your problem. Go to get Roman dot com slash KFC. What speaking of media stuff, you know, our day. It's such being women. It's. Well, yeah, it was really. But what what are the article say it was about when when VR girl was, you know, tests, initially as the heart medication, and then it was discovered to be gets hard, dick. How about that first guy, by the way like hearts broken like, they got medicine for me? I'll take it. I'm gonna be better. Whoa, buddy. What's going on here? It was a surprise. Boehner is not always welcome new in a medical test. That would be severely unwelcome. Yes. Look not right now, we're doing a hard thing. Not that kind of hard thing different thing. We went for as he gets a call about someone you want to talk about we are not doing bonus today. We're doing hard stop today. We're not doing bona calls right now. But so it's sildenafil citrate. I guess is what Viagra is. And when it was tested if found out that it does, you know, the dick stuff also found out to really relieve mental cramps and help a lot women on their period. Right. And the doctor's like, we test this more and all the big guys executives were dot guys who cares about that. Following girls could be taken by Agar right now for mentioned crabs, and they just don't. The testing hasn't been done. No, Holly, Louis said big pharma in research seats, as after the the the known properties that were doubt your deck, however in subsequent tests. The same drug was found to offer total relief for series period. Pain over four hours. Just didn't impress them. Hell review panel who refused. Further funding remarking that cramps were not a public health priority. It's like the the biggest problem in the female community. It's like this is the thing that has plagued us since the beginning of humanity. And this just that's. More than being an asshole that just seems like smart business. Yeah. Let's serve the other half a double irony. Right. Wow. Off the people here. Whereby for longtime. Let's get the other half involved. Two girls. We big farmers care. So little they don't even want your money. Well, not here we care about the girls because we're the number one minute podcast. Right. I and girls I'll get you some Roman. Yeah. You know, what bought that for period cramps? Not is. There was a test done in twenty. We are not equipped to give medical advice this. Well. Well, let's clear I'm not going to give any yet here. I sit he had here. We are seven years later. Thousands of always mills later still doing the damn thing today. I have one message for you. And that's you have hate in your heart. Let it out that move, and you haven't been handled it can even have to keep with his great. He was great me. And John we went we had to he Barbara was bad kept doing this fake accent. It was a Hello broke. Kili only said he only did the play takes place in north knows Chester Northampton anything like that a little bit in London. And the only time you've ever even attempted. An accent was what he said blow. It'd be like we gotta make these boots broke. With the puck is going on. I fucking fifth time. It was it was it could not sometimes, you know. I I always say this. I think I'm on the Truman show or sometimes just the serendipity of it all last night was children's night at the theater, and it was an opportunity for new people to get involved in the theater. So they were like so to all the children out there who came tonight is after the show and to all the newcomers. Maybe this is your first show ever like welcome in John's. Mother fucker. They gave me a sticker that said my first show. Like, this is a gift from the content. God's man. So yeah, he was great and walk into Times Square afterwards. Mother Keiko Ken John billboard, and John. It was giant Asian face. Just taking. Because he's Asian because he's Asian always playing out to these Asian. He knows he's taking up coach from like forty second street to forty fifth street at big old, muggy, haze. It was like, you gotta be fucking kidding. I can't go anywhere. Without this guy. Haunting me it was all good. It was great. It was like cookie. He was great. And then Ken giancana ruin my night. And then me and John we want to have a nightcap. And I am not kidding you. I'm not exaggerating. I'm really truly January not I'm speaking dead ass serious and honest from the heart. We had the worst fan interaction. I've ever had a parcel sports. That are always asking us that never had an answer. I don't have an answer. I this was worse than the guy who came up to me at saloon in eight my lettuce off my plate. Remember that one? He ate the garnish the plate, garnish you that guy. He looks like a fucking I want to hang out with that guy compared to this. This cat comes over. And he literally mean Jonah just sitting there and so quiet bar Park Avenue Taryn quite bar. And he he starts off by going and what's up God? God love the content. Why don't you just shut the fuck up for a second? Let me pitch you. I was like I am. Okay. We immediately Daedalus. Okay. I'm done with this me. John are sitting on the fuck what kind of salesman starts with launch you shut the fuck up for a second. We weren't hawking all the way, by the way, it wasn't. So he leans in between me, and John we're both sitting next to each other at a bar or stool distance apart leans in with his phone edges. It wedges in his shoulder is touching my shoulder as other shoulder touch. Johnny weds like his hands. Yes. Click move the fuck over and shut the fuck. Up. I'm gonna pitch you. And I'm like, and this is where I mean, we're so fucking the amount that we don't want confrontation to the fact that like no neither of us were like, bro. Get the fuck away from me. But what he's supposed to do. You know, then you're an asshole and you cause a scene. So my let's let's get this over with. He proceeds to pitch us. He's like you've probably seen this before. In fact, stands everybody sins before you know, what the airport when you get the feedback like tablets, like, I know. I don't know what that is any pulls up picture. And like he's like they're in Newark during LaGuardia JFK, it's like a little fucking stand on the table that has like good bad satisfactory excellent or some shit like that. And you push a button to rate what I don't know where rating waiter service or TSA service. I've seen when leaving a bathroom. So I guess you would rate the cleanliness of that. Okay. How good your show was find graded? Great. What the fuck does. This have to do with anything. He's like the I'm sure Davis season airport. I'm like, I I'm sure he has I don't know. What that is. But even if we all did know what this is what are we supposed to do with this? And then he's like, okay. Yeah. Whatever man. Fucking cares. I'm sitting I got I got this horror over here that I'm with, you know, I got this horse Scott like a size hundred s I mean, hey, I wish you didn't have a big ass. But beggars can't be choosers. I found her on seeking you know seeking right seeking arrangements. It's like Craigslist. It's like back page by a Hooker. Fuck a whore. You buy for keeping you know. Fuck these fatty acids, I was like you are a horrible person, sir. Like, first of all she can hear you. She's like to see was away Tuesday through. It was like she she she knows. It was I felt so awful like you you hired this. This this lady of the night, treat her with a little bit of respect you fucking asshole. They ordered shots. I I honestly the bartender might have thought that I was kidnapped. I was trying to give her is like like how help me and then gingy kinda she came over afterwards as used to talking to us because we're nice gentleman and Tony. Don't even brush pass don't even brush pass because we get the shots, and he's like, all right tears. You guys fucker right in the pussy to just say that on ironically, you gotta be fucking kidding me. Can I just backtrack? The entire pitch was just these things that are showing us pick and point. He goes like this is a pretty inopportune time to talk about my like feedback devices at the airport. Like, yes, yes. It is Z most falling eleven o'clock on a Monday night Tuesday night at the bar like two guys who definitely don't wanna talk to you. And even if we did we don't know what the fuck we would do like, you would have thought that Casey radio is an airport rating device podcasts was like, oh, this is a perfect match. Wow. This is really useful for us. You fucking day to saw something in an airport. And he wanted to like tell you basically, though, he sells. I mean, he was he was trying to pitch us on it. But it was just like, whoa. Where did we can? I do you want me to buy one like for the podcasters? What are you talking about? And then he. Mahalla? How how how how was like every cliche about it was like someone hired him to come over and again Truman show. I was like this is a prank like are. We are you doing this on purpose and that poor Hooker. She seemed fine. The came came back came back and leave as another shot gives them a shot. It was like a shot to kill to end the night. Which is always Bill last thing you need to just like, well, the fun is over this. This the alcohol the buzz provided from the shot is not necessary. It's just gonna contribute to the over tomorrow. And the girl the bartender comes over later this inbetween. No, I was all right. I I was like one of those Moore's there was like I woke up. Yeah. Right. Right. Which is pretty much every morning. Yeah. But she came over in between when the guy I left, which is crazy. He came back because you know, he was like all going to go back and hang out with my boy. She was like, oh, I thought that was your friend. And I was like. I do I put off the vibe the that would be someone I associate with that is the rudest thing anybody has ever ever said to me my whole life. It was very pretty bartender. Yeah. She'll look like Angelilli. I don't know pretty use the way I would describe Angela whites. She's very pretty she's she's she's sure I've ENA. Sure, I've anal, but she's very. So we we have a new so that that's that took up like all of the hate in my heart. I have I've minds disperse. I've I've had a rough twelve hours. Oh, no. I wait, John. Your hate is brought to you by Tommy John. Because now why Hades John is my while. I was gonna say the only thing that can like counteract some of this hate is how much you love your your dick and balls all up inside some Tommy John. Tommy, John underwear finish that sends because I think he's gonna leave it how much I love my dick and balls don't want that. I don't hate my and balls sometimes I do. But there we have a love we're still early our relationship. We're not even halfway through. I don't think I mean, I used to be like when you're a teenager. You have your in the honeymoon phase with your dick and balls, you know. You know? This they. Yeah. And then you get sick of it. And like you twenties and now in your thirties. I'm just like it's there, I'm thirty. I'm like, I'm back in all your coming back around your second acts with the exactly I'm still waiting on that. But wherever you're at this stage with your didactic Dombi, John is the most comfortable way to hold them and support them. They are I don't even know what material. It's like I think like NASA uses them for the space suits, just like some some scientifically engineered. It's probably just cotton and spandex. But I don't know. It's so comfortable, and they got the quick draw. Fly you ever see? I mean, there's nothing worse than you're at the urinal, and you got the other fly like the normal fly. And you gotta like snake your dick out. You know what I mean? But I always do this thing. I always like I like put my ass out as I'm bigoted in ever do that. I'm just like lean forward and grab it. And let the snake it out. Like, why why do I have why am I doing like the fucking hip thing you ever do that? When you know, how you know, how Tommy John has the quick draw flies. But the other one how you have to go like if the snake around when I sneak around I do I like for somebody like put my like ads out like the digging around for it. I gotta find it. It's a whole production. I'd rather just try to grab him. No. I think I'd do that. But but it's the quicker is still the way to go. I know wedgies the underway dozen roll up doesn't roll down stays in place. Comfortable affordable girls, you can get involved. I would imagine that a Tommy John is just the most comfortable thing. Jenner put on your butt. Can you use do favor and go buy one get like an extra extra extra large women song at Tommy John come on just doing credit card? Go to Tommy John dot com slash KFC. Now, get twenty percent off your first order. How are we to say spiders credit card? What a world where like he's got access to all the money. What a world I love spider, but this spider. Can I have some money, please? What are you mad about? Tell me about a few things. First of all a mad about just last night. We got home. I was watching Bruins highlights and started tweet about the Bruins. And I'm just in a bad mood because like. Oh, people people with the Bruins at the deadline. All Boston fans. All Bruins fans. We're just like like doesn't get you past Tampa. But how the fuck do, you know? Yeah. I mean, nobody can predict. That's so annoying way. Doesn't get you pass Tampa. How that's your Brunell who good players, wait a minute. No. If I'm like through the jets have Sam darnold. They're fucking ready. You'd be like, well, you're not going to be the pats. But but no if the Tampa fans were saying that that's fine. If Tam fans were telling me, you're gonna give him. But that's okay. That's fine. Okay. I mean, Bruins fans are being. So you're. Oh, so bad that they're down on the of Boston sports fans in general because it was an playoffs Red Sox playoffs. It was this bullpen can't get you pass the Astros. Right. We're fuck where we where we do that bullpen bullpen probably one you the World Series like serious like the. But specifically that bullpen. I mean, they they stepped up like the more than I've ever seen a unit of a baseball team step up and then all season with the patriots. It was look you need home field because this team can't be Kansas City at Arrowhead what we do. That was really silly anybody who said that like like Arrowhead stadium is some like when people think so. Okay. So to say that like this did you? Yes. The Bruins made me so mad, and then someone was like dude, your take on sports are always just like this team's good. Yeah. I thought you know, they're all good. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Literally two teams are the current champions and two of them are legitimate championship contenders. They're fucking good. Those are my takes. I can't relate to pretend otherwise would be disingenuous and stupid. I can't even contribute in any way to this conversation. They're fucking really good teams. Bruins. I think of the third best record in the NHL. Yeah. That's a good team. I'm confident with that team. I will take that team to fuck in Tampa lunch, making sure that says the Bruins are good to go Rask. That dude's like fucking like. Fourteen a win three and his last seventeen games. Good. That motherfucker is good good. I'll go to war with that guy may make a new shirt that says to correct that mother fucker is good fuckers really down on that shit. But yeah. So I was very annoyed by that last night people being like do they only won one game against Tampa last year? Okay. The fuck is. Sure, I hate you so much they won one game against Tampa last year. I mean, I I would be in the other camp on being I'd be down on my team this but bought like you have reason to be town here team you Boston so offends. Certainly. I think it'd be down there team are just fucking fake idiots. There's no reason to have nothing but faith in all of our current teams. What's the point of even being good? If you're not going to like act like it is, oh, we get Mark stone. Look I wanted marks. Don't do. I don't want to give him fucking nine million for eight years. But I've wanted him at the trade deadline didn't get him. I'm very fucking comfortable with this team. That's one. Well one, but they've got points in fourteen straight games. I believe you're sexy. Didn't talk sports, John. I'll I'll go. I'll take this team. I'm fine going in the plus with this fucking. Oh, by the way, we're adding David posture knock to I don't know just all started one of the best goal scores and Joe him to where it's cooled hat coolant. Great hats. Fucking A. Anyway, grew Bruins fans. Always really get me. Going of the worse. You guys suck was hockey fans. Trash rooms fans are always just like so down on our luck. We'll volley ball die doing. It didn't come through get to very solid hockey players that are great playoff hockey players that like they're like the build and the physical physical style of play that you need the piles. They're great team built for the playoffs. Fucking. Let's see. What happens? I'm very confident. I I know from players on the lightning that they're scared of the Bruins. So you should be scared to to don't fucking view lightning. Bruins fans co off king. God damn anyway tells me museums. Really fucked me man Taylor. She's dropping all sorts of hints. I have a feeling that Taylor swift is pulling a lost like a loss just made all these fucking references and allusions and dropped hints. And everyone was like, well, this means that and so this is going to happen. And then nothing happened. I think that's happening now. But she I mean, she does it every every every time straps and every album. I mean this shit that you were showing me last night. The like, he's so sure. Months ago is a team like three years ago. She was dropping hints on his palm tree shit. Well, I was thinking last night, you know, some of this. This is silly. Like, she really thinking this far ahead. And I'm thinking on our podcast, or where we do a video whatever we give it like a couple of hours of thought, how should we drop this? We like should I put this promo clip in or should we just drop it at midnight job, you know. So imagine if we were like a multi billion dollar machine of Taylor swift with a whole team of people. It'd probably be like, yeah. No three years in the making. You were wearing this shirt with this necklace. And they're six palm trees and their seven fuck in holes in the painting. And then that man, I mean what I mean what really they'll offer what like also disconcerts through starts in his promotion. Right. But like tell us what it needs any promotion, any more your is he buys, you just drop it Allen Bill years the album like she could do the beyond say being like what? Early on. I love saying I was in full pep as a little bit move. Yeah. I'm aware. It's fucking. It's fun. It's cool. As entertaining. Entertaining entertaining. But lost was like my favorite thing ever. And then it was the ultimate disappointment with nothing happens. So how upset you're going to be? But I mean this one so clear that something's happening. It's so what it can clear on. What if I'll go chain, myself, fucking champions, Basel statue, Chicago? Yeah. Fuck the because this is happening. I'm so confident it's happening zapping. There's are you on the record Okudu? Yeah. You will go to Chicago and chain yourself to like a White Sox statue or something? If Taylor swift doesn't put out a new album one by one by Saturday, Saturday, midnight like Saturday, and I've said it as a joke if you're gonna hold me to fuck it, though your show. Listen, if we don't we don't we don't do that right here. You say you're gonna change though a statute we do these. Well, it's one thing. It's one thing to say as you know. To be the first to say it and then as the reference it, but whatever I'm gonna fuck. The I hope she doesn't drop. I really hope that I had that. Imagine John chained up with a sign or somebody that and the cameras and him be like your let me down Taylor. This is the kind of this is like it would be like someone being like, she's dropping hints that she wants to marry you. And be like, yeah. It's nice brain. It's nice house verse and you buy the ring propose, and she says, no like, you you made a million hints. We talk about. No Taylor's made a million lead you on Jesus leading you need some serious serious leading on. I'm ready for new Taylor swift music. But some people apparently aren't which is totally okay. But it was I'm in that camp. It was. Particular tweet that triggered me yesterday. Whereas I tweeted out the the blog to the, you know, the conspiracy theory and all that dot connecting. And and someone replied, no, one cares about Taylor swift. Yeah. And. Is it doesn't it the universe to differ? It bothered me particularly about Taylor swift. But also just that like people say that on the internet to every tweet every single tweet like Adam Schefter, people identify straight. No, one cares. Anything that that person doesn't care about? They say no one cared because people are fucking soft and fucking marshmallow, and they need to feel like they're part of the majority and like dude, everyone cares hotels. If everyone cares about NFL transactions. Everyone cares. If you say, no, one cares on the internet have some balls have some personal responsibility and say, I don't care that's fine to not care. It's totally fine. But tip of pretend year, the majority to feel safe about it is fucking cowardly say say, I don't care don't say. No, one cares. People care about literally everything everything everything people care about to sit there. Like, no, one cares. You're just wrong in your fucking idiot. Johnny is coming in hot, Johnny accountability. Here. He is not fucking around. I'll say I'll say, I don't care about almost everything. It's almost like I don't care. I it's the same thing. As troll your being a troll. It's like I'm saying something that you disagree with. And so you need to you need to tell yourself that. I'm just doing this to get to around to fuck rile you up. No. That's what I think. This. This is my. Yeah. You opinions and not make me this role. Right. And you and you not caring about something doesn't mean that the world doesn't care. You wanted to pop stars on the plane full? I would have said biggest I think Arianna ground is taken that crown. She's the second longest pops fucking billboard not a billboard. But like a big ass when they just like. Which is like a wall on the sidewalk that was all Ariana GRANDE, and she had around like her latex fucking bunny ears thing and someone gave her a Hitler moustache. It was. Big the big Hitler moustache. But it was funny. Yeah. Man. Listen people are cowards. I bet you that fat guy at the bar with the Hooker would be guy tweeting known gares. Yeah. Exactly right in the pussy, but I smash you right in your face. Yo, let's talk to Dennis Rodman my white whale. My giant black. It's rare that you get to. I mean, like I did that Dennis Robbins story board, and by my by my standards, I like immersed myself in the world of Dennis Rodman. Meaning like I worked on the story like two weeks. You know, most documentary people are like I chronic I traveled around the world tracking you down for like ten years like, well, I like wrote extra long for two weeks. But I mean, I knew Dennis Rodman inside and out from fucking where he grew up to a surrogate family to the kid who died playing with the shotgun and the growth spurt and how he was a janitor. And now Craig Sager saved us. I mean, I know everything about this, dude. And then what a couple of months later, we get them to come through these doors, and he is ice. I said, he's the most underrated or underappreciated human. Maybe of all time, certainly athlete like we. We know he's crazy. But you don't appreciate how crazy he is. Until you really dig into it because you're so numb to him. It's like oh. Dennis Rodman did another crazy thing. No big deal. But when you really start to break down. It's a big deal. Let's Simmons though, Senate said the Tyson zone right where you'll just believe any story about them. And that kind of even started writing earlier, it'd be it'd be the Robin Wright, and that kind of and you kind of become numb to it. Whereas like era is like squeaky clean, but also has like a bombshell scandal. Everybody talks about it with Iran was like, Robin and kept fucking up along the way. Then his big transgression wouldn't be a big deal Robin was so crazy that people were numb to it. Whereas it's like, but if you look at everything from, you know, his suicide attempts to his celebrity marriages to his breaking his dick in his rehab in the North Korea ease fascinating. So he comes through and he sits down here. First of all just to paint a little color when he walked in his publicist or whatever he asked everyone Tobel said like Dennis Rodman is here. Please bow. Now, I love the worm clearly literally I just gushed about the guy actually had I been in the room. I mind about. I might have been the only one to do it. Nobody else bowed. And the guy went over to Devlin afterwards. It was like, oh, man. I'm like what was that? Like, nobody bowed. And was like, yeah. Sorry, man. I just like we don't we don't. We don't do that. How people around here. Sorry. But that's a kite that type of cat and cyber operation that Robbins running so Dennis sat down with us. And as much as I want to talk about Michael, Jordan and Ken, Ken, John Kim Jong and all that shit. We talked about all that has Raimondo about sex we. Yeah, we talked. He didn't believe in sex addiction. Like, you said, right. He's a sex act, and listen and not only sex about Twitter about fucking someone wife. Not only sex with human dollars sex with humans and other people's wives talking sex with other species as well, which is crazy. Even by my standards are like I'm a little uncomfortable right now. I also told them right to his face that I would never let him fuck. My girl like WALDO respect Dennis west personnel want you to fuck anybody who on the padding sex with. So my whales year we talked to him. This interviews brought to you by Ray con. I am the last member I'm one of the last members. Oh, really, I'm one of the last members of the resistance. I wear my cord full headphones. I like the cord. I don't like the air pods. The apple air pods. They fall out of my ears. I don't like the carry little thing around. They don't fit. I don't like the way. It sounds was out on the air pods and everybody who's been hounding me. Oh, your poor because you have wires and records. I don't care about all that. I just want. If you gave me some wireless headphones that fit right and sounded good. And we're affordable the airport like two zillion dollars. I would rock out. So Ray comes along recon says, we got you covered wireless. Ear buds from rake on. They blow air pas out of the goddamn there. I mean, I I lost my headphones, and I came in one day by like we go and these on my desk because it'd be restarting Davin is with us, and I've also having gone back there. I have a pair of beats that. 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We got a very special guest worm Dennis Robin live in studio. We we were trying to track down. I'm happy to finally get you in the building. What's going on here in New York? Yeah. I was just saying that I'm fucking sick of it. I can't I can't do anymore. We live now. Yeah. It's like perfect every single day when I was going to chilly out there right now fifty degrees. Fuck you. Fifty fifty Osas London. A couple of days ago was like fifty five in London in London companies go are you going over there? Doing some show called big nasty. Some of new show in London right now. Big nasty, honest. Call your two plug guys. Can't trust those guys. London. We can get into a ton of shit about you. I think you one of the most interesting people ball time. But I just heard that the podcast you do on the rebound that you're starting up you interviewed a couple that had a threesome. And then after the fact found out what? Now that's not yet. Not yet. That's today's episode so Rita when the other day right from Florida. What happened there satanism? We're geez. See bleeding satanism. She was giving me all these these worst of all these days like Dennis, you should get into satanism because you know, I don't believe in God, Jesus sucks. So that she shit. I said, okay. Great. She settled shit to me. Just like she was sexiest hill. Does. She was hot. I mean, how it goes? Right back crazy largely scale. So I feel like that's nothing. You haven't seen before that you've seen at all shipments. Pretty so you guys a lot of stuff too. Right. Yeah. Route a one percent of what you see Ministro close. Right. Yeah. Closing what's would is shit? You sit in a strip club ever as you guys questions. As you guys. What is the weirdest thing? You will see the girl doing the strip club. Besides the obvious. I haven't I haven't seen. I don't think I've seen that weird. I see like the ping pong shows. Yeah. I mean, that's pretty standard though. That's I don't think I've ever seen any. I mean, I know of shit that goes on here in New York people shitting on the stage and stuff like that. And we're seeing it though what I like to keep it, you know, normal normal. Yeah. See I prefer weird. I think I think I'm more you. I'm too scared to be like you. So you see a lot man. Yeah. I've seen a lot. Do you had to pick the weirdest thing? I've you know, I used to. This shit. I see, let's know. Talk to say this. This shows you to sometimes you see girls sit there actually literally is a horse his dick and a Horsa coming mile for. It's just starts throwing up. Where did you see that? Oh, it's all across the country in America. In America where in America, so good. We get an address you could address. He's. Okay. So where where are you? Where is the horse is it like in a stable? And who else is there? Besides you. Everybody's a show like there's this audience like people sitting down to a strip club. And they suck a horse's day. I've heard this. I just think I always think of it as happening in Mexico surly America in America, do the Shiite you to know where to look so you're going to go to LA man, go to place, a LA Portland. These. Washington. Got these Dundee's, right? And for gay guys to prepare to do sex scene of put him into swings. And then they'll swing like that. And I have guys with rubber gloves onto of up to the elbows. And then they'll swing all the way out, and they'll put their fucking fits inside the guys as like practically how to get the open so late like a train saw. Chase over the book. You should either. Either. Overall, guys out there, you got to check it out man who show so the freak of the freaks. So. Oh, so casually, basically. I rest. Shit. It tastes just blatantly going to ask you about it. Because I mean, I know all the stories. I mean, you broke your deck three times with just talked about that like you break your dick once fine you break your dick twice. You're starting able to reckless you break your dick a third time you deserve to have a three-time broken deck. Right. I just wanna make sure we're in agreement this agreement. I mean, a lot of guys that was kind of a lot of gross. No. It's not really is. The fact that when you exit really trying to punish rate and try to penetrate penetrate in a bid say, okay, great. You know, as all you got great. So go bitch. The next thing. You know, all of a sudden, I always said you give that one thrust. And the next thing, you know, you would have pop. Is a. Pop. Right. There is oh my God. And they saying no blood stuff squeak now. Just blood everywhere blood everywhere is seriously. It goes a freaking you got to go to hospital going to go to hospital. I'm a veteran. Door. But it'll stop his wrap it up. What about the one store you told her the girl ran across the room and like dove onto your she did. Well, that's very dangerous. Dennis bring your dick is gonna break like a hundred times out of one hundred though she was going to open. Outta she's over, you know, she's pretty good, right? Lubricated real. Well. And a swing this website. Fucking. This is true though. Right. It's crazy. It's like fucking, athletes wise, right on I'll be bad, right? Yeah. Right. Okay. Great a-rod. Let me go Jennifer Lopez. You could fuck right? Oh, I should do that. You put out a call. I've done it before. But it all like this. No, nobody knew about it. Who was it? I didn't know what she was married to this person. What's the person note? What do you play well league don't worry about it? Professional. Goes back back to the horse fucking. Then right. How much are your life? I mean, you you you you just got so much interesting shit. That's happened. But where's basketball rank? I almost feel like you had this hall of fame career. But it's kind of like, oh, I also play basketball. I put my life in this situation when I didn't want people to see me as a basketball player anymore. Right. I think vision accomplished received me as other entities about what I was playing. Let's say ninety five is still ninety five. I saw to build a reputation. Besides just a great athlete. Great rebound champion stuff. Like that. I start to build a reputation outside of basketball movies books. This that author of all kind of stuff right there, dating girls. But it's like an am crib. As became that. Now, this one of what I'm doing off the court now instead of on the court right us too. So that's what I wanna do. You think if you came up at a different time, you would be who you are like, I think if you if you. Eighteen ninety five was now that you just had you were bright and books making movies, you had celebrity girlfriends, you had crazy hair. I feel like you've used to be one of the other people in the bunch like every rapper every every ball player. Everybody's kind of doing that. But you were just the first to do it while I was what more flamboyant wanna do it? Yeah. To get your time almost with that shit. What I've done a lot of things to people not required for which. I don't really give a shit because in a time changed, right? Yeah. I've time changing old you have to change with the time. And I think today's won't like it's more common for anything a lot of athletes right now trying to shine each other not on the court off the court. I do I can rap. I can do this. I could go this girl this girl. That's just been done before. So show we some real cool shit. Right. So right, really cool shit father the fucking moon. Gold diesel other ships stuff like that. Okay. Great. Do it gives us a real Kusak. And talk about. Yeah. I mean because well, you died your hair and people freaked out. Cares. Call your hair. Nobody gives a fuck. Right. I I gets a lot of credit for kind of like breaking the NBA in a sense. So like guys compete nowadays could be themselves more. Do you think you deserve a lot of the credit to why I came the same same the same error? I came in fourth like, he was you know. Sh short. God that was rebellious and then coming from Philly. No played in Philly. But yeah, until he didn't give a fuck out of that, you know. Practice practice practice. Okay. Great. But I'm saying he created some of Amazon because he was we'll show a guy. Don't anything. You wanna do? Good ballplayer. Good ball player. But I think I just thought I'd want it to the forefront more to the forefront on it. You know? I didn't give a fuck when I guess what? I wanted to one. Yeah. I wanna I wanna bust my ass, every you have to pack it up on the back. Just an asshole. So I think that you know, today is more like, you know, is is sports is different. I mean, if you look at sports, very different if what would you agree? Hell, yeah. I mean, even today we would have met immature. She that three hundred million dollars guys you want to get there. See why you can't that's going to change. No, right us. Just go to j on the more tenure deals. Right, right. I'm surprised even got us. A lot of time for for anybody who signed for a reason because nobody was offering that was off shit. So do you what do you think would happen to you? If you didn't have your growth spurt? That's easy. I'll be in jail. Probably dead. You really think? So 'cause record I was more of a follower, really more followers were you met jail for what he think, I don't know. I kid enough of killing somebody. I knew that. The other shit drugs or some shit like stealing this stupid shit like that. So so when when that happened like you you blow up like twelve inches in a year. And all the sudden you go from janitor to fucking NBA prospect is the janitor jail homeless. Jill. Project homeless. Then college sucks damn all that shit right there on the nutshell. Yeah. In the fucking sort of say, maybe a so God, damn here's how about this would you? If you could have lived just a very normal life, no poverty, no jail. No drugs. None of that. But you just lived economic job average American or you went through all that shit. But then you got to play in the NBA you made millions of dollars. You got to go on and live this life where you get to do what you want when she picking. Listen it again. So you. Either have an average life, but you know, it was normal job. So or the life you lived where you went through a lot of shit, but you also got to get to the top of a professional sports and do all the things you did. Well, you know, I've told people this story the fact that when you living projects, and when your mother and siblings and cocaine stuff like that, and you and every day you walk through to to to the living room and try to go to the front door. Just depends on was where you wanna go. You wanna live on a right? That's how looked at it because I could have one left and could have been the drug game. But I kept going forward. I'm in the NBA game. Simple that I could have went that way. I didn't like going forward. Crazy. So. But it wasn't that simple. But Rollei, oh, wait me decide to keep going forward. And of course, every day every year, the most like improbable hall of Famer ever between growth spurt, and that the the way it was stacked against you w said lot of people like that a lot of guys NBA right now that life that that get a life to project and stuff like that. But it's like it's very difficult to analyze stuff like that, you know, Michael Jordan same thing. If you think of people like Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant, LeBron j you think these people never with this stuff like that. Let me like that that that deep stuff, but they did. But they sold. So well Mila so like atmosphere known in retake, they just came from this real civil spoon shit. Right. Right. He lived in his car went through some shit. Yeah. You've out around for a minute. But I mean, I feel like maybe it's just more. You've been more open about it. Or maybe some of the sales are a little more dramatic. But it is. Subotic magazine. It's like, you know, living their projects you'll have too many girls. You can fuck me because this fucking affect go for the first time kind of weird, right? Got a weird. Right. Dale sit. As if we suppose you get it's kinda sucks. I'm not even an NBA fucking fat girls. What fuck. Dale to the real forgot all these superstar novels that Ginsu get my kids take it away from me. God there what's been a life than that. Shit. I came out, right? Fucking projects three. Career. Fuck. What's what's the latest? You still involved in any of that shit. Or you just kind of what do you think Elliot when we come on? We're going to Vietnam where we don't what are we going to be here. Viet nam next. We go to win peace tour. We're trying to do that. But if it doesn't work, we'll probably stay here in New York this mom promos through some stuff here one of the other. So we try to say. Stay here in New York. Right. Tend to or some shit like that. I said do that. Right foot with people intend to right? Hell. Yeah. Robin on Tinder will be fucking right. They would you believe that ship. You know, what you should do is fish people? You know, what that is? You have like a fake profile. So you can have just put like a normal white guy on there and just match with these girls, and then show up and be like how it's actually made rabbit hole but six ten black man. There you go. There you go into. Right now. Ten percent of that one. So we got some ideas cooking, don't worry meant, right? You grow in a porn star name name Kendra. You wanna put up? You want me? We're well-versed reverse. Yeah. What about are? You figure that's going to be the show Friday. She'll be right beside me the whole time, you know. Aby. No. She's hot. Have are. We used to have a third co host awesome Akira who's you know, her, you know, she's like the most famous Japanese porn star of all time. Really? Oh, yeah. She she's got inducted into the hall of fame. The other day. The porn hall of fame since like, you brush, the hall of Famer. How old is she? Late probably early thirties. As she doing. Now these days on I mean, this amazed the kind of fucking nuts. What what the fuck? She doing it. Bob. Was you doing Bob? What did you do? You gotta keep that. Keep in touch with any of the like, the high profile people you did it. Good terms of that, Donna and Lynch and all that. I see you call. You could call them up today and hang out or is like, yeah. Now when we go like that close of restaurants stuff like that. We'll talk to you got you gotta wild. What do you think? Like if social media was around. Bena for you. I'll be a bainer suicide would give you what I'll be a baby. Now a billion. I'll be a bit. I swear to God really seriously. Display. This those districts three years, Chicago alone. From what like, what do you think? Would why what what happened those three years? I would that crazy that social media would been like we need more the Dillard's that shit was a script. It was just like that every day seven days a week and say, okay, great. So I'll give you. This is say go said we plug aimed like Tuesday night, just regular Tuesday night, go out to route Chris. Morton steakhouse done in Chicago down down, and we'll go up because some cigars go to club. Go to shook love it in at night. Then we get a tour bus to the two of us. We go to hotel next thing. You know, we're going hotel. We're to restaurants has joined the these couples come up. Okay. You know, these guys. Hey, dude, it we love you so much, man. What you fucked my wife, and I said sure so as a sewer. Sure, right. Okay. Great. So I got security guards and stuff like that. So I'm taking the girls up to up to my room taking his wife to my room. She's like all about it. She's all about. So the guy's like. Oh, yeah. Like why they'll be great. I stay steady. Got you. Awesome. And said, this is true story. Oh, you go, man. You can't go. He's. Okay. Okay. So we get a room downstairs on. I guess they in the morning, and I'll take it up to hurl starts fuck. Fuck out of it. Right. And then with Dan, we're down in the morning. We get up. I go price guys. Oh, my God to graze great. Why does is true story? And maybe say how can have autograph? I said, yes, sure man, who you go his autograph. I go to practice. Man, don't you think social media would have worked against you in a sense? Really? If people saw you at the hotel, they'd be like, tweeting, pictures and stuff like that. And like it's kind of like Johnny Manziel or like any. Although, no. No, no, no athletes people like those guys can't handle those countries because why would Chicago when I would just got when I signed the contract to play for Chicago Bulls. The first thing this reported it to me to reporters caterers identical. We're going to be with you every day for three years as a great. We said I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm gonna be the bad cop. Good cop. Oh, you're loan here. Right. Bashing about me this right? Good shit about me that was all year long. I at least you know, what you stood. The best way to the handle it just like that those Kudo delta why he used to boasts. All right. Good shit. Blows me all the time. So we had at a bless were they writing about you, fucking people's wives though. I mean, you worrying about your books. I guess right. So nobody it wasn't a secret not roadway stuff. Like, you know, he'll just make up shit. Just just keep shit going stuff. I did. But they really credible writers. But, but if it was so funny, how people if I in today's world, it's very easy. It's too easy today round joins to get a lot of people in the not too with the with the media is to is to eat it too of Fanego with the media. I guess say any fucking thing. Do anything you'd think? So. Oh, yeah. See I think people would think would argue it's harder because it's not you're not even really dealing with the media. You're not dealing with a person you see in the locker room, you're dealing with strangers on the internet kind of like shit, talking you and stuff. But I know, but it's this kind of sublime when you got when you sit they wanna be privacy have private privacy and people can find out what a fuck you at you know, that do you know, what I was at the AT and T store today, and my daughter had a phone and the guy. I said do you allies dick and find you just by taking a pitcher? Did you know that they're watching? Yeah. They need to get a picture, man. I think just having the phone out there just to say took a picture right there. Locate you who you took the picture from scary show. This is a number on the bottom of the screen. Right. That it could show what you at big brother's watching, man. I know right kinda fucked up on. I'm not trying to that. Like, you said just off this planet low to moon, brother. Right. I what are you going from original? I'm New York. He's Boston Boston Boston. Even to daisies. Oh, that's a slow down. No big deal is a love go to days. When I go to Boston. I I will take the room go straight days. Right right there. Boom, right downstairs, right? The daisies daisies was like, I mean that was it was it was all the athletes went there. Everybody went to. It was great was crazy. Did you go to rendezvous when you were in New York? No, you're not a real one. Then that's gone out there. You wanna fuck it fat girl? Really? C section scars the whole nine. She was what was the creepiest thing ever. Did. They. Oh, three girls home. Yup. But if it was more like in, oh, you got say, I think we stay at the Marriott at the war. The walk. And. And these girls comeback. I see the same girls when I go to because they always say, you wouldn't get back. So they had this scheme where they locate. I'll fuck wine than the other. And the the other two is to know, you know, flavored each other with dildos land stuff like that they entertain instead as they roll up with these in their or you you have those provided that have. Yeah. So the next day we all three get together done at of and hit a trip out was each other triviality wanted to these positions, and she'll do this and she'll raise the leg here should raise the arm there should raise a twister pretty much like that. It was a trip though. But back, then they never took pictures. Yeah. Newsday. Did we take a variety? Right. The social media should the next morning. You would have been on the fucking internet with three naked chicks? And it would have been like why'd you take us. We forgot awesome. You should be fucking awesome with flex doing that shit. He's broken. Factory girls. The funny thing advice like, okay, great dinners, Roberson and doing all this year with the fucking internet stuff like that back in the fucking ninety five to nineteen ninety nine. Well, guess what that motherfucker a single, but don't bitches fucking Mary. I gotta sit the lose the butter. Loose if they do cO on. Hey, too, smart selection. They do it. So I I mean, I mean this with the utmost respect, you are the last person I would want to fuck. My wife. That's a coordination with anybody worth sport game you ever ever date, someone's wife or girlfriend? I don't give a they divorced. Not divorced. I'm never done that never done it. If I know the guy, I won't do it. If I don't know the guy do that's honorable straight up. But if I want not only got on. I don't I don't cross fucking plenty plenty more coming at you. Like, there's time. Ashley, right. It'll come up you no matter what right, especially LA, New York where she Phoenix Miami. Miami create city with the fut-, right? My girl Vegas it what? So it's feels like a lot of professional teams are gonna come to Vegas. Imagine. It was a Vegas basketball team coming what if Dennis Rodman in his prime played for Vegas. NBA franchise. The game. I played in Vegas. Nineteen ninety seven. They had to have like in kicked out the game. I five minutes to go Zine. I expect it should do solo Vegas Dennis Rodman but did one last five minutes. So. So look it up to the preseason game two and a half minutes. Two. It has look it up. Do the research. I was gone the building where do. No claws are say some stupid shit off. Queued user shell Yata hill. Great feels out see you tomorrow. We're back to casino as great, man. But it is the best team coming to biggest. I mean, it's going to be visiting team. There is going to be looking little raiders. Yeah. I mean, raiders hockey. Pretty big that may come out of retirement. Maybe you should coach you coach the Negus franchise consulta. Navigate through your. Bitches? Fellas we're going to watch the horse sex. Warning. This was like their right? I mean, we come through January one interesting people have to be honest this podcast on the rebound. We do once a week is every fight. You say the refried this Friday that we great we Kendra on talk about sex. How many or she lives? I mean, dick she's had while husband. What do threesomes shit like that you lot of remind spoil it? But I heard from your team is this this couple they had three so and they found after the fact that third person they really should not have been having. Those. They should know this. Guy that should do. And find that when you want to an alcohol, and and looked at his own my God, I fucked you. Shit. Really would really bad. Bound check it out stands Rodman, all brother. All right. That's the worm talking about girls blow in horses a lot. That was crazy and also on his own podcast that couple who had three seven and found out. They were related to the person. That's tough. That's tough. I rule of threesomes. What would you say to rules? You rank them. What I what second like I rule threesome like make sure your girl is actually comfortable with the situation. Second rule. Don't fuck relative. Yes. But I think they're all priority. Right. Yeah. Which is crazy. It's like incest. Come second to like your girl. Not actually hating you yet sexual another girl 'cause you will pay for that for the rest of your life. The incest thing you just suppress and put away you'll get over it your girl being like, do you? Remember the time you pay more attention to her humor met timely. You wanted to have sex with my friends like we had a deal wanted to do this. You're lying. So the worm at selling we got the competition, by the way, he's gonna be doing podcast grades you fucking shit worm. You're stepping on our turf at least bully he he has you know, he's doing that. Ours just comes about we don't naturally when we podcast duty. Oh, my notes for things to talk about where boards, Taylor swift and kinky boots. I wanna talk about talk about fucking. Incoming somewhere. I'll talk about it. But that wasn't on my notes. We'll talk about. That's you guys pockets fucked up. It's not you listeners if you're not ours. Speaking of let's talk to them into voicemails brought to you by m t two million watches worldwide. I think we've sold one point nine million. I think I think if you we should put little barstool like stamp on there should be a barstool movement watch and track. How many of them we actually they're all of our? They just dropped their first ever automatic watch. It's called the ark automatic. So they're changing the game. They got all sorts of different styles. They all sorts of different materials and colors. They got swatches. They got sunglasses. They got other accessories. That are perfect gifts the family summer, Donald J summer's coming up the warm weather coming out. 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He comes to me, and my friend with and shows us an Email that she had sent and we're open up and look at it. And it is a full alone. Excel she she has put together. I mean, it is down. She has dates on their their of things that he's doing good and bad. So I just have to get your thoughts on this. Obviously, we know that she's nuts. But here's fallen head over hills for I mean, good for him. You know, I'm not here to get name bodies way. But I really sounds like you definitely are here to get in somebody's way and talk shit about this. This sounds very bad. Dating a girl was like she's giving you like grades on. An excel spreadsheet, I could tell you some like this keep you on the straight and narrow, you know, when they say like the like a girl gonna make an honest man out of you this. What's gotta. Girlfriend basically be teacher. Just keep score quarterly reports. That's like the only give me a line. I maybe that might not work either say college tried that that doesn't work. This reminds me horrifying, but I can see imagine you mean attractive how bad would your spreadsheet beak like if one tab is like good, one tab is bad actually, pretty good boyfriend. Well, yeah, I've never I've never really had to do for that long. Yeah. I was I'm a good boyfriend of a terrible husband. I good boyfriend. Good dad battles. Right. Right. Great boyfriend, though, things are great in the beginning. I'll do all the cutesy shit. I'll I'm very tall. Very. That's what I will be. Yeah. I wore that. I will. Well, here's the thing you, I I'm all down for the thoughtful romantic QC, you know. You know? Happy shit when it's you know, reciprocated and appreciated and all that shit when that all stopped. Well, do all that. Yeah. Everyone does something for recognition. I'm not. It's not even like, I'm like, I'm going to do this. I'm gonna give you this gift 'cause I wanna give back. It's like, I'm only doing this. If we're happy shit, all those way, you're not, you know, you're not gonna have the same motivation or whatever. But the other thing about the more. I like this. I like this tell me what you don't like what I do. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. I I mean things about my my personality. That's what it's going to happen. But like if I did something that makes you mad. We're not talking like, you forgot to run the dishwasher night, black Mark. Well, I think it's going to be like. I'd be entire existence on the internet. That's that's different. Well, that's what I imagined. This is like things I imagine if you're doing it'll be it'll become different. I think probably starts out as like, you know, you forgot Valentine's Day forgot her anniversary. And then it turns into like, you know, you're asking Kim Jong. Fuck his mom, and that's barreling. You know, like things like that where it's like well within the parameters of this relationship. You can kinda judge me. But like, you can't just trash on everything. I do which is what it's going to. If you're if you're the type of girls making a spreadsheet like this. You're probably gonna be pretty critical of almost everything. But if I could if I could choose how she makes a spreadsheet I would like that I much prefer honesty. I'm very good with that. It's like tell me how tell me how to get you to come. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want bed. Tell me what you want me to do. Just what you want to eat your sub tell me tell me what to do. That's all I want. Don't like privately, Stu. Dow me tell me. What was good that? I did ten right light. And like, but what about when their life again in life and in Iraq? What about when you open at the spreadsheet, and it's like like. A Mark against you. You sat on the couch and watch TV all night long. Like well. I mean, that's I know you watch him me Bruins games. You're always on your phone. It's like all these things. I love. Yeah. Then then I'd probably this isn't gonna work, right? But hey, at least we got him as a at my core. This reminds me by won't work. Do you? Remember, the black Mark system? Of course, my mom had my mom. Did this to us o? See? Yes. Perfect. Your mom, though. First of all it didn't work. Second of all. It's your mom. You know, like not a romantic relationship where you're supposed to technically be like an equal. This is like your mom who's. The authority like a teacher. But you said you wanna teacher, but you don't you don't want? You don't want your? It'd be like a teacher. I want her to tell me things. That's fine. That's a different story. If you're if you're grow becomes a teacher becomes the boss you fucked long run because you eventually will just grow to resent that. But maybe this could work just like the black. Mark system worked because we ran out of black marks like she was black marks. And there was gold stars. And if you got like, however gold stars in a week. You got a toy at the end of the week from toys R us. And if you got black marks, I don't know what. Well, I do know what happened. So we so. Yeah, my mom was she hit us with the staff. She beat us. I wasn't gonna tell that story. Now, she abused us is actually a very funny story. You know, like only hit me once duct it. This is the thing. My mom wack this on the top of your hand with a paint Stor which is like Finn balsa wood. It's like it's like getting. So it's getting hit with a chopstick with the story in our where we tell it. We're like remember when it used to beat us with a stint because we got many black marks. And you wonder why? Oh, my hateful person. She's like, I ain't Pete you balsa wood stick. But guess what didn't work? So. But I'm saying like, maybe that's how this girlfriend can come to terms with like this is how I'm going to be beaten with a stick. No. Like, he's just going to keep doing the things. She's gonna keep tracking it, and then he can be like, yeah. These are the things I do give me a million black marks. This is who I am. Oh, yeah. I mean that doesn't sound like it's going to work for her. I I would eventually be like that break up with me. Yeah. Right. Where it's like. Yeah. This. Yeah. Neutral good is black marks. Now the other side, see I what I think works. Probably better is a little positive reinforcement some sort of like, here's what you did. Well it stars. Like, I'm gonna blow you because of it. That'll make me happy. A black Mark maybe also gave me a little gold star. I can't see me. See gotta hypothetical for you. Would you rather fight a guerrilla or have topical stakes guerrilla glued on top of your fingernails for the rest of your life. Plot with though if you break one of the popsicle sticks you have to attach an additional popsicle stick to the end of that popsicle, sticks work. So we're talking gorilla. It's it's quite easy. Do you wanna die that? You can't fight a guerrilla. That you wanna be choice ripped in half in front of a third grade school feels like and you're not you're not just dying your like your massacre like faces ripped apart. Maybe you might even survive survive the chimpanzees fight and she had to get face transplant. I'd rather die people survived chimpanzee fights guerrilla girl, you go to war with a gorilla. You'll lose unless you're that little little kid the Harambee. I mean, he won. He didn't fight the gorilla. He want. He was in one that showed he was in the vicinity of real creatures entered one left. It was not around on. Do we have backup with our fight? Yeah. If I. Back a little bunch of fucking guns. I'll take that. Now, you can't pick fighting a guerrilla, but the the gorilla glue popsicle sticks every time you break one yet to attach an additional one. I mean, you'll end up being like one of those Guinness Book of world records people with the nails that curl around the seventy pound nails. You'll have popsicle sticks fucking days. I I'm going to interrupt us real quick because we're just talking girlfriends and. I just texted. Shit. I said I. Breaking news. I said I texted his what my girlfriend his girlfriend his fucking monogamous says girlfriend holy shit. I might get arrested this weekend. She said can you elaborate a bit? I said if Taylor swift doesn't really. She goes. Okay. So we're kidding. You never know with you. I'm not kidding. Okay. So you know, what that's going to be? I fight. If you think when I bring up Taylor swift that I'm kidding you. You're completely wrong. That's when I'm dead fucking arrested. Shaimaa I'm gonna cause a controversy. I'll J myself stature. Do you hear that? That is the sound of tons of single case, you radio girls crying, right? Here those tears fall into the fourth. Let it slip here. It's not letting it slip. It's just I always pretty private about that. Yeah. So it's a girlfriend. It's it's just weird for us announced. I never really shouldn't have to. But the reality is you do almost this world. Like, you do I'm gonna put out a t shirt on Sylla's John over girlfriend. The weird part of our life. I'm like who the fuck cares. But then I guess some people don't want cares doing promise, you people care Jonah's girlfriend. He does. And you also your that. That's the sound of everybody like who place their bet the John's actually gay being like fuck. Interesting. Anyway, the gorilla stuff. Yeah. The. The obviously, I grow. So you have to go with the thing. But I would be so cautious gets. What was it was? Here's the thing. I don't think you would break the stick in half. Oh, yeah. Definitely been Grossberg their nails all the time. These are much more dainty than nails. But he would break the whole thing off. I don't think you would break the obstacles. I mean. Guerrilla grew glue strong. Yeah. I think you definitely want to. Just like like, I feel obstacles excited wacked on the end of the table. If the whole thing would break off. I don't I don't think that's how you that. Would you're right there. But I think like you just like you're going to have a door handle and push it in just fractures off. And you just keep tacking them on. That would be one thing. I don't think is that bad I painted. I look so pretty and. But then girlfriend would be so proud. But then I think if I want the two six I mean, how would you take your pants off? You gotta pee. You gotta like get your dick the quicker on Tommy, John. But otherwise like you can't you can't do anything with finesse poor girlfriends that those fingers aren't gonna work. You can't you can't go to wipe your ass. Shower have have these type on your iphone. The the boss. What you're right. Well, I guess you have to know tax texting. So. Yeah. Eighty s idiot over here. He's liking the thumbs up text. It's like God damn it. So you so now when you text John you have to only ask him. Yes. Or no question and you have to say like thumbs up or thumbs down for. Yes. Or no what an asshole this guy is what an asshole. It's. And it's like I want to just be like, well, no, I'm not going to cater to you. But it's like I need to find communicate with them caught damage in. It doesn't make it makes us be more efficient. Just like very simple questions. You must pose as much as thing. Fucking. I made a work we need to we need to like, maybe not even. Yes, or no. It's like thumbs up for like. Geez. Burger thumbs down for fogging pasta. What you want for dinner? Like, we're gonna have to pose everything to do. They give you the exclamation points like the excited. So can there's like a little nuanced either way. I I mean, I really eight those yearly. Those actually used it comes. What is Jonathan say in the night on my opened up? There's nothing there. Oh, it's an exclamation point. By the way, I've been I did just say, I just I say there are some people I have to text. Outed yourself, you just uncanceled cancel pussy. Oh, I'm so I'm going to cancel it's up when it's my girlfriend because I might get in trouble. Casey fights survey. See some washing Oscars right now. All my mom loves me wrap St. and Rami, whatever. And I was born probably more than favors does and sending her his tweets. And then she responded, she said seems like your spradley grouper a little too much. I thought he was street was high wrong. So just on you this because even my almost six year old mother thinks that you're gay doesn't even know you don't know she thinks her gave case John God, his beard all said. Yeah. Everything's sounds game. It's part of being part of metro. This one is I metro it. Also, I think I live Braddock grouper just enough. I'm fascinated by Bradley. I think it was a great celebrity. Because I was I was discouraged. It I thought maybe with our relationship we can Jong. Maybe hey, you are in the hangover. Maybe you could put in with his publicist. Maybe we probably kuprin here. And then John was like Bradley Guber does not do podcasts. Dude. He only does. He does like Fallon, right? Here's Oprah about it. And he he he he's he's a very interesting celebrity because he's got enough talent to not have to open himself up. Right. Like some celebrities. It's like, you know, like. Chrissy tease. The example where I think in the early talented, but she also shoes a model. So you're gonna have to show your other side, Bradley Cooper has talent out the ass in every single ability get act, he's fucking funny. He's consumed, Charlie. He's incredibly town. So he doesn't have to play the game. And there was before a star is born. There was an article like a celebrity profile in the New York Times. And it was headlined. In this all came up because like having said he had asked him doing Kim Jong might be able to rally because Bradley Cooper, have really fucking awesome guy. Remember, I said on air, but he was talking about how Bradley Cooper drove him back from Vegas to LA during filming the hangover, so we can could attend his wife's chemotherapy stuff, and like probably would drive and atop Phillips would fly a lot. And then probably would would drive him sometimes. And but the article these somebody op-ed was about not op-ed, but celebrity profile is about Bradley Cooper stars born. And it was titled Bradley Cooper has no interest in this profile. And it was interesting. It was very interesting where it was just like he's not being rude to me what he's saying make sense. He's like, I don't understand why talking about my relationship makes you makes you wanna see my movie. I don't understand why telling you my child makes you wanna see his movie. I'm I'm rather private, and I'll answer all your questions about the movie you want. But there's I'm not gonna talk about me. I think it's interesting. I think that's cool. That's that's kind of like old school celebrity where you have that mystery where nowadays. No, I respect it. I just as podcast interviewer. Let's not let that be a thing. Right. Let's let's keep that Christine tweet. She said she was like one of the most asked question that John gets an interviews is how do I deal with deal with your wife? I don't like that. And I started laughing those very funny. And then she went on tweet thread was like dead ass serious. Yeah. I was like thought this was going to be like a funny moment. Now, it's a little a little bit a little. I think it's a funny question if it's every single time your husband interview, it's like so how do you deal with your wife? I could be like fucking loves be shut the fuck up. Yeah. But I mean like you get the fucking point. There's that's a funny question. One time. I think anything repeated begins very frustrating and annoying. It's also like elephants every single time. The questions asked. It's probably because you're ridiculous on the internet. I'm just saying I I know that that question was asked about me. And I was always kinda like well. Yeah, I get it. Question is ballot last voice mail. What are we got? Thank you the site super easy. I need some male input on this. I'm unsure how to proceed so I went on a third date with this guy seems pretty normal into each other. We went to dinner and got a million and a half during so keep that in mind. So we go home or like hooking up. He like cannot get it out for the of. Cancelled obviously. So I wake up and the middle of the night. And so it's happening again, and we proceed accordingly and we're about time, and again, he cannot get it up. But it's like five AM. And so I'm super l'armee once again this normal like why what's happening is this a knee problem is it's a him problem. And then so he finally does and it lasts maybe twenty. So I mean, I just need know your input like exhorted another day with him. Do I cancel him? Also. Another fact about this is that I'm concerned if he finished inside of Neil. Or or not like because there's no evidence otherwise. But I mean, like the end known is poor thing. Like how to proceed in follow that last part of it? If you thought so it came into you should probably point like immediately. That needs to be dressed like. I go to CVS let's air on the side of caution. Let's assume he did and proceed accordingly. Were or ask ask. Yeah. We'll be like just like. Come in there. I don't know half drinks. He doesn't note. Just just just do it. Yeah. Listen, don't cancel this guy. Cancel this guy. I agree. This is a problem for for people's time. I've had this happen to me. I've has happened to me. This exact thing happened to me where it's like all right happens once and you're like shit. I don't know I was drunk or whatever. But then it's in your head that happened last time. And so you go in being like, all right? I have to make sure I get it up. This time I have to make sure I throw down this time. And then that's in your head. And it happens a second time. And then it's thing then it's then it's like well now now my dick is totally broken. Now this girl thinks and then of course, the natural reaction girls are like what you don't attracted to me. Is it me? It's. It's. It was a true blue. It's not you. It's me thing. It's like we're doing the Roman advertise at forty guys liars. Because I think I think it's happened to everybody. And I it's it's it's happened to be more extended periods of time right where because it becomes a mental thing that it's happened. A couple of times. It literally happens to everybody. Yeah. And it's always about sex. Everyone gets the about something I've gotten the about blogging, we're like like years ago the blog, and it's just like you got to do it. And then two tell your balance because you do need a little bit of help to get through it. But if if they're helping and it's still not happening. Then you feel like really bad. You know, it's like she's doing physical things or talking through it, and it's still not happening. So then it feels like it's really a problem. It's like we just gotta ride this out. We talked about sex is much for for guys. Actually, when you when you started off like, it sucks to be a woman. I was thinking like, but you never have to worry about your your genitals work. It is always work. There's always working thinking about it women. It's your entire life. You're told and taught this is the most important thing for you like being a man in this race is this. Is the physical? It becomes a joke, and it becomes a thing. And like, there's you're the punch line in a movie or or you got the girl giggling in the background. It's like Dow shot, but once once you're in your head. It's it's it's the most stressful thing, you do absolutely especially sex the first time, and I don't think I hate third date. Six set go second or fourth. Don't don't be shy. No. I think it should be cliche. No, I well. We said I think the third time you have sex is when you break out all your moves. So I'm down with her date not third sex. All right. Okay. The second fourth they got kinda cut it. But the. The. The most stressful by I've ever done in my life. Right. You try so hard to get that person. Like you got their number two tax set up date to impress her like and the goal. The goal is like find a person you like and have a good relationship. But the physical version of that, and we're gonna go to bed together you build up. It's so hard you're fighting against like, basically, everything everything to get it to happen. And then when it's supposed to happen. You fall short, and it feels like go fucking utter failure. And because it kind of is when it should really just be like. Next time or something like that. Yeah. It's not gonna happen right now. I'll take care you. We'll do it has nothing to do zero. Nothing. That makes it even worse because then then the next time it's not it's still happening. I'm sitting there going God. She's pulling herself she's upset right now is awkward she gonna wanna see me anymore. So then again, even worse the worse. Everybody just needs to agree when that happens that is just like you fucking body. I don't know the the blood is not flowing till the right body. I don't know how to fuck it do that. You gotta have two drinks. Movies like girls. Maybe one is actually the guy should have right, right? The the first time is incredibly stressful that will loosen the girl a couple of drinks, mentally. It'd be like I'm gonna let this ugly. Doodo says. Guys, have drinks to ease the mental physical stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You're like, wow. I can't we was going to happen. Can you tell personal? This was not a hypothetical response. It happened. It happened to me like two years ago. It was like almost like a month stretch. We're just like couldn't do anything. It was I I mean, I. Brought it up to him. I was like I got I got to talk to you about something. Like, my dick is betrayed me. And he was like, oh it happened for a long period of time. I was like. Happy with like like, we're not alone. It felt good. It happened to me like where it was if I was to two times three times. And then I was just like everybody trying right because that yeah. But you gotta like gotta yourself a little bit of a break which got to get back on the horse. Then you gotta you gotta find a girl was also understanding about it. There's some girl like make fun at you. It's like I won't. It's not gonna work that was like work through that. Maybe when I went to was also is still a host, and I went to therapist, and we talked about it. Yeah. That was I went to therapy. What the fuck is wrong. With me. I have one scheduled for tomorrow. That was the first time I ever die. Maybe only. What did he says get a couple of drinks? He's pushing it was it was it was a woman first of all and she didn't really just as I never went back. Yeah. This is the media. I was gonna say that you got to talk to a guy guy would throw all the other ships table. We got address this. I where we can even get into that. So everybody understand the governor of the stigma. It's not it's not a you're not not a man, you're not not attracted to the girl girl. You're not ugly. Right. You're very I mean, that's the other thing too. Is like come on. You know, like, you the way I've been texting you and talking to you and calling you intriguing you and everything leading up to this. You know, into you know, what I see I understand there. Of course, it's much like we said like we're paying about other things she's probably panic other self conscious about their body and their image. Anyway, this is like the physical manifestation of that. But it's like, no come on you have sex with you. This is this is not supposed to be happening. Like figuring out. Let's just we gotta work together. It's important segment. Right. There is Tevin Neilan now joins the program SNL superstar legend, happy Gilmore, Adam sandlers guy. A lot of talk about with him interviews brought to you. By light stream, you sick of paying high interest rates on your credit cards. You wanna consolidate multiple credit card payments down to one payment at a lower rate and light stream is a no brainer. You can refinance your credit card balances with credit card consolidation loan from light Schrimm, you can get rate as low as six point one four APR. That's like fifteen percent lower than other credit cards. The rate is fixed. So it will never go up zero fees and you can apply online in minutes. So you don't even have to leave your house. You have to talk to anybody go to the Bank or anything like that all mine and get your money as soon as the day, you apply lights rewards people with good credit with a low rate an easy process to find out how to save even more on top of the already low interest rates. Go to light stream dot com slash KFC. L? I H. T S T R E A M dot com slash KFC. Subject to credit approval rate include zero point five percents auto pay discount terms, conditions, apply and offers a subject to change without notice dot com slash Casey. For more information. The God Kevin Neal doctoral. Alright JC radio with a comedy and entertainment legend, Kevin deal. I have become a legend heaven, I one is that happen. It's a great question sixty sixty birthday. No, I wouldn't even I wouldn't even put it as an age thing. I put it as like an accomplishment thing, you gotta be a certain age legend. Okay. I think it's a combo. Krueger. Sure. See your sooner to being a competent was the kid at home alone. We'll call it. Call to see legend, though, I see I would say, let's. Oh, that's a good. That's a shame. Yeah. Maybe it's experience because McAuley started when he was like, you know, seven so he's been in the game for probably thirty years. Now the same way that some people go from thirty to six has been in the game for thirty years. He was like all takes one iconic role. Between legend and legendary. When is legendary is at aspect. You have a legendary performance, you are you are legend. I don't think one legendary performance makes you can have legendary moment, but to be a legend, you have to have the full body of work, and you don't have to die to be a legend. Nobody helps. You wanna really be legend? All right. He hit next level for sure. But I mean, the body of work is the most important, and you certainly have the resume, sir. I have done a lot of stuff, you know. Sometimes when I feel like I'm not working that much. I go on IMDB, and I scroll through the. The whatever the credits all the work. I don't even remember doing your heard of what's the number. Do you know ballpark? I don't know. I've looked at how many think you remember how many shows like how how what percentage of your IMDB? Do you remember doing or I guess I would say forgot I remember all of it? If I look at it. But there's some like in the early years like there's supposedly I was in a movie called the rat or something I don't think I was over in a movie called rat. Boy. Sindbad phenomenon to go off off track from it. I know the internet. Is just convinced that Sinbad was in a movie called Zam where he played a genie. And it just never happened is called the there's like a they gave it a name. It's like the Sindbad effect or something like that. He had to come out on Twitter. I was never in a movie called Chisholm ever genie. But I guess before being when you do when you're when you're out there that much you've done that many roles. It just feels like you're everywhere from TV to movies and everything in between. You know, you definitely have establish yourself, as what would you say, you, you know, if you're like, let's say you're going to the hall of fame, you know, in baseball you pick your cap what team you're going in. As would you be going in as a film actor SNL cast member or or is it all kind of one thing? Well to get into this for stand up. You know, only gonna say comic Carolina. I loved March third second second. Yeah. But that's that's all I, you know, I would watch all the comics on TV. I, you know, I would look at see when they're going to be on highlight their name and make sure they're watch it, you know, and I knew them all and I just love stand up that somebody would go out on stage with nothing entertain for five minutes. Six minutes. Get a lot of laughs and leave at the same clothes yet on you know. Yeah. Man, that'd be cool. So I always wanted to stand up, but I never stopped doing. I've been almost forty years, but I used to tell people I've only been doing it for years and all of a sudden has been it's forty years. So even at the peak of shooting, whatever film, or whatever may be still found time at the club when I was doing now, I would go out to the clubs at night, or you know, in on Sunday night, or whatever the highest the weeds the same thing, you know, now, I I always think it's different or on. I guess in a sense to see a stand up comic. Go kind of network like you're on like a man with a plan and even back then that was your network TV where you kind of to be a little more put together. Whereas rather the the comedy clubs are anything over for all so difficult to make that transition. Not really, no. I mean, you know, it's SNL was exciting because it was live and the standard is always cool because you you calling the shots. You know, you're planning when you're going to be there, and what you're going to do and all that. So that's kind of exciting that way. But when you doing a scripted shows. Oh, like, I'm on that's show called man with a plan. Now CBS Monday nights, eight thirty eight thirty seven thirty central. The mental block. That's so scripted. And it's and it's fun. But it's a different kind of fun. Yeah. When what point do you get comfortable as a stand up comedian because I we've done it a couple times, not we did a live podcast, very different than a routine, and you know, I've groomed this, and I'm we I was nervous as fuck every time. And I just can't imagine getting to a point where you're like. Yeah. Let me just grab the mic and do a set what you said comfortable, do you mean dead inside. At some point. You got. Book is taking a while. I remember the same ways you it in the beginning to the path room runs. I was nervous, you know, and go over material trying to memorize it all, but now I mean like I said I've been doing a long time. And now, I'm just so comfortable on stage. Sometimes I have to really kind of kick myself come out. Yeah. Yeah. Is that because of you got so good at it? Or is it because like the done it so much more? You do something more. It's like flying in a plane. You know, I'm I'm good with flying with turbulence stuff. My wife is when do we hit any kind of a bomb? She grabs my arm and squeezes. Like, we're gonna crash. And I'm saying what was our bump. I didn't even you know. You know? Yeah. But and then somebody asked me if I've got stage fright. I don't think I I didn't think I got stage fright. But then I remember that sometimes it was a really big show. I'll get really tired before the show, you know, I realize start yawning and almost fall asleep. And I think it's my think it's a form of stage fright where my body's kinda shutting down preparing for battle. That's interesting. I, you know, to me, it's I think it is the most impressive thing like in the world. Like, I the people who can just get up there and do that and captivate an audience and make them laugh as that's what I was saying. You know, when I was come, you know, before I got into it. I thought this is such a cool job. And these people like words craftsman the way you craft the word the choice in the way, you hit the inflection of this so much psychology. Right. You know, it's almost like verbal misdirection like what magician. Yeah. But yeah, you know, 'cause you people are not sure where you're going, and then you surprise them with this line of bam. That's put it. It's interesting. And I feel like there's such a like a brotherhood kind of a amongst people who do it where I'm watching crashing on HBO and the way like everybody's hanging out backstage or at the clubs, and it just seems like such a unique community of people like, yeah, we're the guys who take our balls in our hand and go out there and put it on the line. It really is. It's kinda like, you know, when if you're living in Los Angeles or even. Here. If you go to the comedy cellar here in New York or Carolines or any of these clubs where where you're you're just hanging out regularly every night, you kind of form family with these other comics, some well, some of them going out somewhere coming in from out of town. You know? Yeah. Yeah. LA? There is a there is a kind of a dynamic comedy community out there when I when I started it was kind of the same. But it was a more of a novelty, if you were a stand up now everybody does stand, you know, when I started there's just mostly, you know. You know? Jewish guys doing Irish guys, you know, you know, New Yorkers. Black guys, you know. And now, it's like era ABS and Iranians, and everybody's and they, you know, instead of a different perspective, though, it is always bad. No. Yeah. Definitely not saying that. But it is interesting to see I always kind of think of the same kind of the same way where I like Jewish and Irish comedians because they resonate with me. I am Irish. But the I choose are just funny. But the final Burke, but not Jewish your mama's Jewish. No, no, no one's Jewish vital Burg's at Germany, it's German. So I was a bad one. That's what I tell people Jewish people. Tell me I'm German filed Bergen. Also, you say they'll bag. The used to live in a city in Germany called Heidelberg, speak German, right? A little bit but Heidelberg and final. Berg Hans on the fronts. You're not for forty my father worked for helicopter company secorski aircraft. And so we moved out there that a contract with the German helicopter company. But the cool thing was I was six until I was ten the cool thing was most Americans live their military, and they lived on the military base. Right. And I went to school in the military base. But we lived in the German abor. It's all my friends were German. Wow. So I just you know, I would trade my really cool American twice for these awesome. Like, led German toys, you know. Automous stuff. And my mother would see what happened to your LEGO. Or gave it to helmet down the street. She's no, no. You gotta get this is this how much of that that upbringing. Do you credit to your ability to really connect with you know, anyway, comedian, well, I was really shy growing up. I was really this five of us in my family kids, and I was right in the middle. But I was really shy for the amount of traveling. We did we change schools a lot. And I was always like, you know, the outcast one. I would sit at the table at the lunch break was the worst, you know, 'cause everybody had their seats when you come into the school. And you didn't know anybody the nerds. Nobody talked at the lunch table. Just quiet. We don't want to be here. I how do you how how can you be shy person? And then end up doing what you do. Like, did you flip a switch at a certain age where you longer shy? I don't know. I don't know what happened. But I would just I loved comedy music lives comedy TV. When you call yourself, a shy person, seems borderline impossible. We'll be on stage. Yeah. Well, I guess I just didn't wanna be shy anymore, but think you're still shy because I think of myself as a very shy person, and I'm not in this room. And I'm not when I'm at work, but in public, I myself was very person. And it's almost easier to be personable when you're considering the job. I'm just I'm just working right now. I'm not I the I find it easy to break out of the shell. Like, I'm gonna bar. I'm very very very shy in here. It's easy to talk to me shy or dead inside again again as the debt side is for sure. For me, I'm cool with an audience of thousand people, but if there's like a theater club. But if I'm like in a place like twelve people, and it's not a club or anything. And I'm not the comic, I'm a little shy. Yeah. That. Yeah. Donald say that once she got up on stage, and she's some fundraisers playing the ukulele for maybe three hundred people and she said, I feel really nervous because I'm not used to play in intimate group. Like this. You see every phase here everybody. And. Yeah, I do you think that that you need to? I mean, you've been doing how long you said you stayed for about forty years. Forty years was ever a time where you're like, I'm running outta stories or anecdotes or do you house because you go through Kia having a life right doing things, you know? So you never really. Things just happen to you. Like, I did a film Sandler once says done I met Jack. Jack Nicholson was in the movie, and I talk about how I cropped us at him once party. Yeah. I think a lot of feeling a lot of stand up comedians have gone through like some shit in a way. Do you have been really lucky? I've had a great upbringing travel all over Europe. When I was a kid. Learn how to ski in Austria, learn how to swim in Greece. You know, I I've healthy parents my father just died months ago is ninety to ninety thanks. And. None of my brothers or sisters have been sick. We never nobody's like screwed up. Right to good schools. I've been. Comedy kind of does produce people who are not necessarily screwed up. There's a lot of people that will have a lot of baggage a lot of darkness the comedy. Because maybe they haven't been heard in life, and maybe they use it as therapy. Or, you know, I don't know. I mean, we just you a lot of your cast mates SNL went through it Brody Stevens, unfortunately, tragically just passed. It seems like it's I guess beaming away. But, you know, even if they could have been accountants and on that too, right? It doesn't that's more kind of McColl thing may be you know, or some kind of DNA thing as you know, I think he just hear about more when a comic is more the celebrity of it. Yeah. Than some guy in marketing. You know, they're not going to really put that in the paper. Right kumail nangiani. He was tweeting recently that he's been lucky to being comedy for seventeen years something like that. And he said he's I've lost so many people on the way, and it's interesting with in in the comedy world where you are. Theoretically, sharing joy, whereas you're actually kind of usually sharing pain and just presenting it in a funny sense. But the that I understand how that happens where it's you're so keen, and you understand the world. So well, I think that it's you see it for what it is. And it's shitty. Every maybe maybe, but I think people that come from a dark place do stand up because it brings attention to their darkness. And then they're able to share that with the people in the audience to show them what they're going through. And putting twist on it. So they get a laugh, but still they're getting kind of reinforcement support, you know, well ego from one extreme to the other in the sense of darkness and drama. And then I see what happy Madison has done for so long in the way, Adam sandlers don't things which just seems like you guys have been having a blast for couple decades. Now, doing silly shit doing heartfelt shit doing stuff, that's all very very positive. Movies have been fun to do. You know? It's always kinda like it's like this up here when I walked any art that was like, a San film. Everybody's just hanging out and have fun and. I must have done about over a dozen of his films. And they've been fun. You know, we just go we filmed everywhere from South Africa to Canada to everywhere. Yeah. And I feel like you are. Your character and happy Gilmore like doing the bowling. Positive just. Deal with you also got this this voice here, you could do like books on eight-man ready. Has been upping does work. That's okay. So it's over. Books on tape or Starbucks does the three. Sandler? I feel you guys early. He the happy Madison crew is kind of his friends if just kinda runs it back with the same people. So you guys were friends off camera before on camera or did you meet through move on to SNL only live Santer? We'd come. We hung out SNL for several years, and that's kind of. And then he he wrote Billy Madison when we were both still on SNL American classic. And he wanted me to be in that, and I couldn't do that one. But then the next one was Gilmore happy, go more. And then, you know. There was one that he sent me that he wasn't in. It was just producing it. And I read I thought this is kinda cross this is just to juvenile. You not wanna do this one. This is just I'm sorry. And then he calls me goes Neil. And I really hope to do the film because if you don't do it. It's a big kid. I'll be sad that you weren't in it. But if it's not a big, no one's gonna see it. Anyway. It's right. And it was grandma's. Boy. Classic classic. It wasn't didn't do well in the movies. But it became like a call. Sure. Did you get the Donald zone on that? What was it with Donald Sutherland in house? It was what was it fifteen thousand dollars percentage of the movie took the cat the cat. He did. Yeah. Brutal. Big mistake. Yup. Always take good always taking. Yeah. Yeah. You never know what it's going to be. Yeah. But those films are always been fun to do. And I see him around we live in the same year with our kids. Go the same school. What's what's what's his dress all about I asked him that say he likes to be comfortable if you don't have to answer to anybody can wear whatever you want. If you're married, I'm rich. I'm happy get that doesn't matter. What I wear. I want to be comfortable. Yeah. I guess I've never been comfortable. I don't think Evan. Really? Yeah. I just like we all the time where I I wear jeans when I get home like when you get home. Do you put in sweatpants pants pants? Yeah. Right into helical looseness. I. It's interesting. How some comics can go onstage wearing shorts. That is weird. Like, I can't do that. You know, you get guys like spayed or rob Schneider. I seem going on stage with a lot of these comics at the the store and the approve in the summer, especially the just coming shorts on you can't do it because of professionalism just feel like, you know, it's distracting in your on stage. I don't do anything. That's distracting takes away from the material. Like, I'm not going to typically have a shirt that says, you know. Agent h bagels on it. Or whatever people looking at that. And they say, oh, we have bagels. Remember, hon? Joanie say what what was that show? What do you think about the other extreme we got like Seinfeld is always on stage three piece suit takes it? So seriously, he's always decked out. Well, I mean look at Steve Martin had the white suit. And yeah. Some people just want a certain look Eddie Murphy full leather for Burke, rusher no-shirt at all. That's right. That's right. Is there is there any? You know, there's our waitress by the way. Is there any new a new wave of comics or new crew comics come up is there any sort of territorial type of competitiveness or isn't very much? Like, you know, I've been doing this for forty years you're new to the game. And there's tension there or is it. Everybody's kinda. Yeah. I mean, there's so many for comedy. Now. It's not like there's one club. Right. Don't compete for the same. Yeah. I mean for me at least it's not maybe for somebody. That's a little more. You know, new in the game there. Maybe they're more competitive. Like, why didn't they get a spot over there? Oh, I can't get a spot here. You know? But. For me. It's just like God, you could just create your own YouTube channel in you know, like which you have. Yeah. I with Kevin Neal. And how do you get people to do that I kings the worst? I can't believe you. Getting is it's not really a good word to say hiking because that's cares people. Yeah. You think you're going to be working hard? But it's more like a walk to walk inclined. It should be called walking up hills with Neilan. But I can't even do that. I talked to my mom on the other day. I called her. I was in the studio. I was sitting in the chair and her question was are you at the gym? Resting on the elliptical breath. I'm sitting in a studio. I am hikes. I do this hiking show called hiking with Kevin what's on YouTube. And and people I guess are always saying, you're right. You wanna slow down? Good. Yeah. But you know, there's some some some of my guests aren't good hikers spayed, David Spade. I could see acre he needed flat line inclined at all we went up a little bit. I one sexually are we going up pill? One percent come on. I called over. I'd be like all right, Kev. Let's get the car. You could tell those those are the ones that are cups of coffee through the walking with me. Yeah. You're kind of you're kind of like, I guess I would say you are connected with the world do the hiking in your vegetarian you work with Kapito during your Pasadena once in a while. Okay. Now how I feel like that. Always I guess that's kind of a Connecticut thing I don't ever think of that as being a northeast thing. But I guess I guess that makes sense like not eating meat. Yeah. California. Did you become that? I think maybe or maybe thirty years ago that was California. But now, I think everyone should more prevalent. See I don't think it's because people always say that with like how annoying vegans I think it's such a trope in so annoying because it I've never met. I'm no one's really kind of one of the standard jokes. Like, oh, how do you spot the vegan? They'll tell you. I've never met somebody not never had someone country say, I'm a vegan New York. Well, I don't know we hang out with those type of people because there are like type. People, but they're not really hippy dippy. I think more people are becoming progressive and healthy, healthy red. Understanding what factory farming is and slaughterhouses. And now how long have you have you been Peschiera? About twelve years before that I was vegetarian for like. Twenty seven twenty years. And you're like, I got my wife got pregnant and she wasn't eating healthy. And she had such when you go your hormone start acting up. She had such a craving for salmon. You know, like she felt like she could swim in the ocean with her mouth open needed. At sei. So you better you better eat some of the Sam. And then I started eating it couldn't go back before became a vegetarian, my friend came back from Alaska, and he had this like really fresh wild salmon any barbecued he put it on the grill and cooking by me over and it's just flaking off. And that was the last time I had salmon so that was like on my mind for like twenty seven years. I got some salmon I said, I'm right behind you. What would it take for you to go? Go back to meet their desire for because they make so much so many great substitutes. Now, they have this. This this burger called the impossible burger I seen that all over. I send it back. I thought it was a real burger he sent back veggie burgers. And this one came out. This is not and then have the fake crab meat stuff too. And I mean, they really because it's all about texture taste, right? And they really kind of kind of cemented in. They know exactly what to do. Now. Idiom possible, burgers definitely want. I've seen I was out Martha's Vineyard in December and every restaurant I went to buy four or five throughout the weekend. Every one on the menu. I haven't had this one yet. But I think beyond burger is another good one. This whole. Just Google like impossible, burgers can't buy them. Forget about is that this is impossible to now. The other thing people probably don't know about you to wells. You were quarterback. I was a Fairfield. You could sling it. Yeah. Good arm arm. I was a quarterback. What happened was I moved around a lot growing up. So I was never had one high school very long. So I didn't play sports in high school, but I played sandlot football and pick up games of basketball. My neighborhood and stuff and Bridgeport, Connecticut, I grew up, and we they were tough games, we had helmets and everything, and we had no rafts. We played the gang from cross the town at the football field when they were using it, and it was. And so my friend, and I went to secret heart university, I played soccer there, and then I played rugby for the Canadian Yankees for three years. But my friend goes my friend Bill he said, hey, couches found out fearful university. We could take a one night course for three credits and that'll qualify for play football. So we took a course in criminology. We went to three classes, and we played football. The starting quarterback got hurt. After the first game. I got to play the whole season. I gotta MB my friend got nominated all Maryland. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That actually is movie. Like unreal. And so I'm thinking this awesome. I was twenty one. Okay. I just graduated from Sacred Heart university ringer. And so it was great. And we wanna road trips to the boss down to you know, like we went to Saint Francis in Pennsylvania that school during Allentown when not to Long Island Stony Brook played all these different schools. And and I had a great time we really bonded with the team to this day. My team still comes to see me. Caroline's Nokia is like a whole like army buddies. You know, I was only there for like we played. I dunno dozen games. And and so we go back the next season to play in the coach calls the office. He goes to change the rules yet. Twelve credits. Now, what happened was I think some of the guys weren't playing wanna be quarterback complained. Yeah. So what do you think about the college pay for play? You know that kind of the base region restarted with John Williamson. Now, do you think athletes are repaid in college? No, no. I don't think. So really? Well, I think I haven't put a lot into it. I mean every thought about this before. Paycheck while you're out there winning MVP. But a school's really to be learning, right? Scholarships scholarship, but you're making so much money for the institution for the NCWA that a free education drop in the bucket. All right. Somebody's. Fiction. I was gonna say I was also a kicker and punter fair for you. And I was pretty pucker deserving a paycheck. So when I move out to Los Angeles after they know let's play again, my goal is to my plan was to try out for the LA express as punter kicker. It was the US F L. Yeah. United States football league. And then I also do stand up and that would be my hook. He's a stand up. But he's also the kicker for the LA express, awesome or the other way around. Yeah. But he's also a stand up there worked. Well, what happened was and I bought like six football balls. I was practicing everyday at Fairfax high school their local high school, but happened with my comic took off before the tryouts came. So luckily, I of dodged that bullet. It's a quick success. Never mind. I don't need that gimmick. I'm just really. All right. Well, man with a plan is Mondays eight thirty on CBS thirty central consensual Carolina, February twenty eighth through the second. Yep. And you can catch them out on stage. And if I remember finds my laptop delta slayer for you and just don't leak the sex state. That's on there. Thank you. Heikki with Kevin you. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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