CCK Podcast: Love & Letters (featuring Paige Spiranac, Marty Mush, Jetski, ad Blattman from Big Brain)


Cassisi gay podcast delivered by post mates. The best of this past week, plus a little little extra content for you here delivered to you by the best delivery service on the planet right now. And I mean that's an -serily because they can they again. I mean they saved much. Let children's lives. Major get that milk for my children. Get them out for me. They feed me every night look like milk guy. What does that even mean is this, like that milk? I like your about that whole milk life. I'm about. I'm about to about that one percent. I'm one percent. Whole mill. I, I appreciate the whole milk the holies, but I'm a one percenter. I'm a one percenter to you guys are pussies, skim milk. People can kick rocks. That's fair. But yeah. Daddy phase. Okay. We also offer around with two percent. I'll go half. That's just two percent. One percent tastes that different. If you're gonna go in you gotta go all in. Why don't you start drinking heavy cream then you bitch? Maybe I will let you start drinking buttermilk. Why don't you stop even doing homogenized and pasteurized? Why don't you just drink it straight? I'm just going to suck a cow's t right from the teat suckle the teat of a cow. Is that that's probably not healthy at all? We know very dangerous. Yes. I think you get like sick from that. Yeah. Probably won't you know that we are the only species that drinks another species milk. That's probably why it's bad. It's inter inter species milking. Yeah. Yeah. It makes it kind of is weird though. Right. It's like we make our own milk. While we just drink are human milk. And now, we're like, ooh, that's gross right? Well, I feel like human milk probably doesn't taste very good. I think all milk is kinda gross when you think about it. I figured out that milk was thing, like, who decided that they were going to just like milk, a cow and drink it. I think about that all the time. Nate like. We probably a creep who's like I'm suck on that came out. And I don't know. Maybe it was a Yang. I think a lot of times we learn from animals animals. There's no to do that. And then it's like all right. That little baby suck sucking on that. So I'm suck on that, too. Right. But all sorts of food, I'm gonna kill that animal. I'm going to skin it on going to put it on top of fire, and then I'm gonna eat it. Right. What? And then where you drew the line to see those like pita billboards, and it's like, well, where do you draw the line from like a chicken, and then it goes all the way up to a human? And there's always somebody that comes with graffiti, and like it was like well between the Callan the horse, that's where we draw the line. We're not even the worst who drew that, like, why are we not eating horses? I did a horse right now bullied horses. No, America's, you know what they do is they just changed the name, you know, it's like venison. So you're eating a deer, bro. If they just changed horse to a different name. It'd be like, okay. Yeah. I never eat a dog. No, I could human. I would, I would I would like to try some human society is trained to think that that's not normal. Like, if what if you could do that would have we would have we grew up here me out eating human. Is normal? Well as long as it's not like someone has been murdered for me to eat them. I'm okay within what how I don't wanna murder anybody? Let's just like some old person dies, you'll eat that meat but for some young person. So how, how did they die? I don't know tragically, but not intention like somebody dies in a car accident. I would like to maybe try their meat. I don't want them to die for me to eat them. Right. Yeah. But it would probably cost a lot of money to eat human. I bet you super rich people do this. No. Don't I super rich people who need like to just get the rocks off in weird ways they hunt urge? Yeah, they probably hunt humans, and then eat them. I bet you that they probably just, oh, my friend, people hunt people like big game hunters who, again, who were sick as shooting lions and stuff in Syria. Eddie, we wanna play the most dangerous game is books and movies about this man is definitely books and movies about it. But I feel like we would know about it. If it were happening, you are not on that level. Yeah. If you were if you were rich and inner circle, you would know about it. You're a peasant while the police the police would know the police are involved, the power, they're paid off. This is probably not happening in America, if this is happening with Americans out quarters. Yeah. That's pretty cool though. I I'd like that. Diamonds and eat humans again, I don't want to test it out. Yeah. I just sometimes worry about the wellbeing of Barcelona blaze when these conversations happen invites fights talking about how they like to choke the life out of people last week. And now this week, you guys are talking about hunting and eating wives. You fight so that. Oh, yeah. I don't like that. Oh, okay. Well, I mean they didn't like they didn't say they wanted to kill people. They just said that they like having the power that they could do it. Stark. That's weird that some listen to the last week stark. All I know is that, you know, if someone were to cook up some human for me season it sauce it up. Cook it like nice medium. I'm I'm medium. I don't need to medium rare. Maybe it's like a, you know, like a nice guy or a but that either but I do eat. But, but what I do actually get all my food and snacks delivered by post mate, so that my hunger, satiated. So I don't have these thoughts about eating humans, I wonder posts mates. Save save children's lives and saves the lives of anybody who I was thinking about hunting and eating post and not a fan of cannibalism non cannibals for all the non cannibals out there. Post meets promo code KFC one hundred dollars off your delivery charge for the next seven days. That's KFC get one hundred dollars of free delivery credit during your first seven days with the program. We did a little love letter talk this week as weird. Have you ever written a love letter? Yes to who and how old. Girlfriends. Yeah. Held we aren't Tony's already dating. Yes. So it was like a anniversary, your Valentine's Day or some occasion, like once a year. Yeah. Now was it like a love? Sonnet in Alaska. Roses are red violets are blue. How long was it? It's I mean probably like a couple of pages. So it was like it was just a like a, you know, a reflection love letter usually mean like has a connotation of like a poem. It wasn't a problem. You look, look how far we've come look at what we've done, this is what she fucked your best friend. Yes. Was it her? No. Okay. I was going to say that would be really bad. No. That didn't happen with, don't you feel foolish. Eventually after you break up. It's like this foolish about it, because it's like find another guy that's gonna fucking write you a bomb. Aslam handwrite. It. I feel like that up. Any like, if you handwrite anything, it's way more impressive soccer's, Carol? All you gotta do is write things down on paper. And they're like ooh. No, it has to be good. But it does take it the next step 'cause I mean how easy is it to type versus go? Find some fucking stationary. Well, here's the thing. Casey, if I hand wrote you of love letter you'd be like this is a fifth grader like I'm it could be the most romantic letter of all time, but you don't necessarily from fucking eleven year old if that if your handwriting is bad. It's bad mine is like a two year old. So I got all caps. Yeah. I do that. But that's a long. I don't think it does eventually just start to fall into like a script cursive, sorta to train yourself to write in all caps. And then it looks way better deaf. It looks much better. The thing is, I'm never writing anything of substantial length. So motorcycle scribbling down notes for an interview or some shit like that. And I'm just like discrimi- prescription like a. It's like a doctor's prescription pad. Like I know says, like I do the sometimes it's upper case. Sometimes it's lower case, just by accident. And, and apparently, that's a sign of being a psycho. Split personality like a skit sour. It's like well that was your your, you know, one personality writing. Now it's your other personnel. It's like in the same word. Yeah, I know. I just that's I also like to write things down more than type them like if I'm taking notes on something I if I write it down. I'll remember it. So I feel like if you're writing a love letter or a breakup letter, or whatever it means more. If you physically. I was going to say can we do that? I would love to save me a lotta head. Yeah. No. I don't think it's like that's how you're breaking up. I think it's like, like if somebody breaks up with you, and then and then, like you write a letter as a woman, Casey, is there a right way to break up with someone like if I if I wrote a break-up letter would that be more preferred than like a phone call or text message or in person? I mean, ten out of ten it needs to be done in person, and you agree with that. Yeah. Because then P I guess it depends on it depends on how serious the relationship is, I think, invested if you've not invested that much time are not like you're not in a fiery thing, you gotta make her okay? On text message if you make it past six months, then, like we'll start talking alternatives. But anything before six months, you might get a text message. You might just never are we talking about an actual like, I hate saying, this sounds like I'm a thirteen year old, but, like a boyfriend girlfriend relationship just a hookup. No, no. Like, we've, we've gone on dates, maybe you've met my parents, like we've got all each. Each other. Yeah, we're in that six month window, maybe Valentine's Day or Christmas as fallen in there. We've gotten each other gifts for those holidays. If you don't make it's a six months, you ain't getting shit like, I'm just going to be like you had both somebody that met your parents auspey holidays with hell, yeah. God, you're a douche bag. You gotta make it to that six month Mark. And if you don't guess what you ain't shit. Have you? I follow the logic a little bit. I'll tell you what. But like when you're when you're going to break up with someone you see them in person, you get sucked back in you do nothing but fight. You did nothing. But, like make up sex. Brad sex, right. Like that's that's that's fun in ship. But if you're trying to actually break up, I think seeing each other is the worst thing and like staying in contact too. Yeah, because then, the more that you text and the more that you talk the worst lie back. You know, I don't know. I mean that's why the break-up letter is like you have a bunch of shit to say, but you don't want to say to their face you don't wanna get sucked into some sort of hookup situation. You don't want them to be able to respond right away. Right. A break-up letter. Think of. Like how I've gone through breakup in the past, I feel like at once you hit a certain point of seriousness. It has to be done in person. And I always use ROY McElroy as the example like he broke up with Caroline, I always fuck, her name was the Aki Binger engaged. And I guess he like texter to break up the engagement tough. Maybe a phone call. But still, it's like if you're engaging you're planning a wedding. They had already sent out wedding invitations didn't even do it in person. I got a friend who has goes left the ring on the bed poof love that to she'll even know I would love that. No, no note off just clean. There was a lot of fighting it wasn't like out of nowhere. But it was like the actual break up out of nowhere like, like they, you know, wasn't really, there was an episode of sex in the city where Kerry wakes up and had just a post. It note that just says, I can't do this. I'm sorry. I love a clean break. Right. I mean I mean think about it. So I get what you're saying where you, quote unquote. Oh, it to them, but it's like they ordinarily want that because they still want to be with you. Right. You're, you're the breaker upper, and it's like. You have to see me, and it's like we'll be able to stay. Yeah. And it's but if. But if the break-up is like one of the worst messy, kind of rudest things you can do to someone. So it's like I'm already being the root of second be now. I have to like not do it overtaxed or not do it over the phone like you're already gonna hate me. Right. We're going to be a mess. There's a, a level of respect, I guess. Yeah. But breaking up with the guy that. Oh, but I am about to you. Well, yeah, but if I'm currently I'm like I do not want to be around you anymore. That's fair. But there's also like if I'm going to break up with a guy that I don't actually care about then. Yes. But if there's a guy it's like listen like I don't wanna be with you anymore, but I at least respect you, as a human being to give you this. There's a difference dumped girls for the most ridiculous reason shocker heard round the world. I'm jay. Three of them. I've already told the shitty pants story, does the girl farted into my presence. Now is it you're done? There's another one. I dated her in high school, and she went to a concert and her parents were away, so she gave me the keys to her house, and she was, like, all right. You go to the house and like set up like you can, we can have a party at my house, and like all your friends, and my friends will be there and like I'll come back when I got back from the concert, and then her neighbors, notified her grandparents who then went to go check out the house, and then they came, and she wasn't there. But I wasn't a bunch of people were there partying, and they like him. That's the boyfriend he's got to go. And I was like, well, that's so then I dumped her before, she get dumped me. And then what was the third one? Oh, girl over her grandparents. Basically, I just didn't want to face your family again. God, I was like I don't want to high school in highschool. Yeah. Yeah. I was like I don't wanna deal at this. That's that's just too much panic there. Another girl that I'd aided when she was in college, and she had like a house with their friends and my best friend dated her best friend. So we would go party there on weekends. And then when she graduated moved back home with their parents. So I dumped her. Does he lost like the, the value there? He'll yeah. Does that surprise you? If anyone listening Daime though, sometimes it's just we man to size things for better or worse. Like you know there's there's appeal for a reason, and then you felt like that appeals gone. So yeah, yeah, I mean it's just it's just it's just a different life now. Whereas we're just different now. That's not what I wanted to sign up for a party. You can't bring table. Then what are we doing here? It was a party all week long on C C k the best of is brought to you by omega six Kreil freeze. 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It should be good enough for you to go to Olmecs health dot com. Oh, X, health dot com. Promo code KFC for twenty percent off best of CC K. Enjoy the show. We got a couple of calls on the line here. People wanted to weigh in on this idea of who from arsenal. Sports could pull in Ayla celebrity, I have, I'm on the record saying that it's got to be a guy a Lister who let's call a spate of spades stoops down to our level. Right. I don't think any girls are stooping down to the level of guy bloggers. But let's let the people weigh in on it. We'll see what, what do you think? Eric from Philly. What do you got on barstool and the celeb- life? Hey, what's going on? So I think we'll first of all, Ellie and jumbo Don Martinez about ever goes through community one. I think that was a clear joke. Okay. I feel happen. I mean that they could connect them out. And then Katie, no swags guys, go little weirdo. That's a good one. I like that imaginative caving swag, just shows up. Red carpets all the sudden, like you think he can walk into the office with somebody, and I think the whole office doing, who the healthy with. All this like, if it would work, I. You know, like I one who would be like the most ridiculous girl. K b no swagger, walk in with. I mean he could probably Anna Kendrick. I talk about her early. That's actually Anna Kendrick is, is such a like reasonable down to earth Alastair that I could see her like we're finding especially somebody like appreciates humor. Maybe like, oh, this guy's a great writer, and he's funny and look at that he's got those weird ears because he's a good wrestler. Yeah. This is my guy maybe that would work. Anna Kendrick would probably be especially now that she's, she's dipping her toes and the barstool waters. Are we dating? Or is he just see separate? Yeah, sure. But I, I mean, I guess because he's just has money. Beat around them because I use it in those everybody's I guess. Proximity helps but I mean, I don't think. So, I think no money is Katie. No swag money. Dave. All right. I mean, those are the yeah, there's rationale behind all that, that makes that makes sense. I think that the girl the girl argument your girl argument is valid because I think that all the girls in here could potentially especially because there's a lot of them are so young. I just don't like A-List celebrities are so far out at, like, even Dave, Dave and the Kentucky Derby Dave's not in the Kentucky Derby, boxes with, like George Clooney. There's a there's a huge huge like you, you can be at the same event but it doesn't mean that you're like with. And we're not talking about, like I mean, like the jersey shore cast, for example, like they're nowhere near like Ayla celebrities, but they're still pretty big time celebrities, you can be around that, like the next step up of celebrity is crazy. It's great. It's. It almost makes level. Kev from New York. What do you got? All right. I got to them. First one, I got Robbie Bach. Who and who would it be older woman? I don't I would have to be like some older woman. She's like, oh, look, it is young kid reminds me of my son kind of thing weird thing like that. And then the second one it would only lasts for about three days because I don't think anybody could stand around him for that long doing what past Marty much at all. I'll actually the, the man of mystery is, is that, you know what he probably already has like I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if Bharti walked in here being like oh yeah. Megan fox. Yeah, I fucked her out the transformers premier like no big deal. I rat. I fucked that mother rat dog that Rach hitter fucked that ratchet it from one and Oscar. I mean. Mardi is he's got a lot of Costanza slash Kramer. He's kind of like a whole amalgam of Seinfeld characters all rolled into one and the girls they he pulls her so good looking. And they're just he's just now starting his barstool career like if he ends up doing something with Caleb, and they end up on some red carpet like I could just again. Approximate does matter, get some of these guys are you pull, but Martin mush that would be incredible? And he's he always talks about how he doesn't talk on dates. Right. He's like I don't really there's no way. That's true. No, I think I understand. I obviously, I still talk some, but I think he limits his words and I think you become mysterious, and I think you don't shoot yourself in the foot by saying anything dumb, and I think are just like what is this? What is going on right now? I want. I also at this point, I just have to believe that Marty has a hammer. I don't even know what he's doing in bed. I can't talk about that. That's, like Mr. has to be the only. He's like my brother that I just like big fat dog understand. I literally want to I think having one of those hidden camera dating shows, for not just Marty for multiple people at Barsial would be so much fun for people on the outside, just because they're so interested in what a lot of people do here. But I think it'd be the most fun for the employee's him. So why not just Marty just in general like we see these people in, like, everyday blogging world? But like mardi mush is playing like ten out of tens how is this happening? I wanna I wanna watch it. He should be given to Orioles. I think that he is. He was like the Commissioner of whatever your sex or something like that sex sex that all those like different relationships have just kind of died off in the new office because they're not all piled together. Or maybe they've not died off. I don't hear about it anymore because we right by the radio room your sex was mardi, mushrooms, the Commissioner of it Mari mush. Yeah. I you know what I'm on the mardi Muscat data, neyla celebrity. That's the one I'm going with I am on Robbie. Good. Good morning is here. I wanna. Get him in here, and we'll, we'll see who he thinks he could pull and what would be his approach like the mardi mish Moshe blueprint, how to pull an a Lister is, is one that I think he probably surprisingly has like some actual he can weigh in on that. I would imagine STAN from Staten Island, what's up. What's up camp say I just wanted to kind of pivot back Memorial Day weekend. A little bit. Yup. I kinda wanted how much shit does your from, like random people saying, oh, Campsie ruined, the Parker house because, you know, they're closing the whole second. I have I've gotten that quite a bit. Unfortunately, a couple of people on Twitter, a couple of people privately. I don't know where I fall on this stand because part of me really part of me would love to believe that it's fair. I mean, part of me would love to believe that I've got enough sway that I mentioned this bar, and it got so fucking popular it needed to like shut down half of its space. But part of me also thinks there is it was just a natural progression of people who started to go to a very fun bar. But also, then I the third part of me thinks will why all of a sudden, like you know, progress has been around forever. People have been partying at the shore forever. What is the difference that made it get like out of control are more people doing share houses are more people? Going there in general. I you know, I'm not sure because that's you know, it is the only one that the bar is the only bar that we really ever like pumped or I ever really talked about because it was my favorite bar that I've ever gone to. But I don't know captain cons like Khan sent me this picture from spray and Osprey the line to get in. There was absolutely insane. So it's probably more just the whole region than it is just the Parker house. But I also don't get. So it's getting so crowded. They cut off the upstairs. And like what in the hopes of just like less people showing up because now it just seems like you're giving yourself less space and it's going to be even more crazy. I, I don't really think it's your fault per se. I think social media combined with rice and apps like the person twenty minutes away that lives in freeholder Manal just take a twenty minute Dubar to the Parker house, and that adds another third Pete, one of the two because I'm twenty nine and I had to your house for me just twenty two to twenty seven and I was like the prime Arthur house, Campsie years gone baseman, you'd that we did see it the last couple of years really kind of off and take on life. But own where aligns the beach would be commonly. Yeah. I mean you can't. Yeah. I mean you can't I mean you can't even enjoy everything that you also do a lot of unfair blame on that. Social media, like Instagram Parker house. Then the the, the New York Times in a fucking right up on it. Yeah. I think more. So those things matter. But like I said, STAN, I would love to I'd love to, you know, put that claim on my resume that I can drive like two jillion people to a bar. Hey, like advertisers, and establishments, like holler at me, mortar, it'd be nice lovely mardi mush mining program. We're good man. So the question came up, girl, Lindsay called in and said, who, who from barstool, do you think will be the first person to date a celebrity? And we said it has to be like an alien a Lister and an I don't think anybody here really can. I also thought that if anything it would be a girl because like a guy who was an atlas there might still be like I wanna sex, without girl, whereas girls might not I don't think we'll stoop down to our level, but you are at international Manta mystery you are low level. You are very Kramer s fall ass backwards into this ridiculous life. You have been known to pull chicks who are high above your pay grade. I you know, and maybe you would be a reasonable pick. Do you think would you bet on yourself? Do you have any experience in this field? How would you approach it? What would you do? Do you have any advice? Gimme mardi, motions thoughts on hooking up with a celebrity. Well, first of all, I'm what a hot streak on. Are you talking believable? I really I don't know what's happening. This is why I need a hidden camera show with mardi much like what a hot streak like. How are you on a hot streak double double shot at rat? That's when they. Love love. I know. But yeah, I think hot, it's first of all, it's too hot out for sex anymore, by the way, this, too. It's too much. Now, I'm with you on that. I mean in general sex is tough, especially when you go sticky and sweaty. Now, I think I would, I think I wouldn't know who the girl is, and I would just be like doing my stupid shit, and unrealized like after the foul shit that would be the rom com plot like you know, doesn't dope it he doesn't realize he's dating if you're Kardashian or Anna Kendrick, I don't know who you will also came up because she isn't Alastair, but she is, she's pretty cool. She really appreciates like humor. I could see you're not being like like Anna. Kendrick doesn't strike minutes type is like I'm only going to date other famous people. So I think it's kind of a Downer and I do think that someone like yourself would she would be like, I feel bad for this bass that let me, let me try to help. Pitying you. Not even pity though. I think that maybe if you departure from my life of, like Glenn A-List, slumming, celebrity girl might just be like you know what? I'm sick of these guys that are just constantly wanting to talk. Yeah. Because even like I mean, we are brought like z listers, like I don't even know where on the scale but I know that now when guys talked to me at bars, I always in the back of my head or like you're only talking to me, because, because I work at parcel, and nine times out of ten. The first question is always about one of you guys. It's like, oh, Kevin Dave, Dan. It's like, okay, you're only talking me because of that. If you're in, you're, like appreciate it when somebody is like, hey, can I buy you a drink and like they don't mention barstool at all? It's great. So I can imagine Ayla celebrity girls at paparazzi following them around. They're like God. I just wanted to partner from this, like, I just want to live a normal life mardi Moshe could be that normal life. I don't know about normal. Well, but. For a more normal person life than I have different parts of your brain that you don't think about these look, these celebrities to come down there and say, oh, man, I never thought about three and one chiampou like some shit like that. Do you think that they think all ponds are circles? Well, that's fact. About a square pond pond. Yeah. Idiot C square. Okay. We're not gonna mardi and I have gone back and forth on this forever there. He's convinced they're all perfect circles. We don't have to get like this is not what we came on radio on Tuesday to talk about just saying they're not I might be more on this week. Get I dogged dogged rat. And I was sitting I was done. I was sweating like, you know, like basketball sweat, and like in here. Yes, she wants to the bathroom. I was so drunk too. I was walking around with wears this like Alan Hoboken? Okay. And she just I just took like her dirty laundry. Just all. This two-way way. Both the swells got do something copy smell like a bass. She goes, you are just wasn't dirty laundry. I don't. Well, I don't know actually taking shirt out of the drawer. Did you know it's pitch black grabbing? I mean you gotta survive. So what is the post sex situation like with Marty mush? I can't I don't leave you get out of there. They want you out for sure. Yeah. 'cause magic wake up to me with my chapped lips. Uh-huh. Everyone's faces when grossing have you, you always get up and go, but. Have you had like breakfast, the next morning and stuff? No. I've never you always have actually ever had breakfast with a girl. Have you ever stuck around? You always get out. I always get up because one there's really nothing what am I gonna do? I have to be uncomfortable and sleep in her, like small anti bed. Yeah. And then it's hot and. Yeah, if I have to go to the bathroom, I need to go to the bathroom. Sometimes you just you just pass out though. No. No. I'm very much. I love away games. But, like leaving the wagons, and I'd ever do home narrower it. Never it never get greedy. And think about the morning sex, maybe that soba then sex, my thing about that. You're sober after once you like after you bang her sober. You have to like the texture. Yeah. Feel bad. If I if I journal say, hey, I have no idea what happened. Yeah. Yeah. You can always lean on that, whether it's true or not. That was just a drunk thing. Sober Sachs is like all right now, we're now, we're like, I deserve deserve it. It's like tough at this point, how much would you say was the Hoboken deal because barstool or was it just? I think a lot of mush effect sale. So I don't know. It's been really weird psych some, some girls have no idea like who I am. Exactly. And that's still works. Yeah, it somehow still works. But most of it's like people are taking like guys are taking pictures, and then garlic who's, who's or slashers is always a great. Yeah. Always say who are you? Downplay you pay about it. Yeah. Haunt them. Nobody your Instagram. But yeah, I just I the Sunday I was I was. Looked at her like shirt, and it was probably like. That's always a experience. I've always some story with me, but aren't always one day. You're going to fuck some girl, and she's going to be like you've rat dog you, you can get away. You dog this shit out of me, and you're going to be like married. I know I'm gonna literally marry a right. Here's the ring the first goal caused you a rat dog. Our own version of it. You know what I mean? She has like our own language you use yours. And she hits you back with her own lingo. And you're like, oh my God. This is the one. Yeah, I don't really care if I won like the girl knows me from Barcelona garage. Curious that if yeah. Does taking a foul the I want my girlfriend like actual cry. Like know everything about me like that. Allow I mean that the problem is much at this point, there's no way to stop it separate it right to this. Hey. My mind just is what are you doing? Any like share house for the summer or anything you just say, on the I have a friend that does live in Mattis quality, just mooch. So I'm the guy who shows up case beware. Beware shots another a whole bad and use all your toilet paper for a weekend, but I brought a case of beer. Let's the Rummy drain. Black club shows. Blackheart. I'll fucking spit on you. Even the level of his friends drinks at bars. I know there's no reason to the really is why I have to buy you one seriously -cause. They bought you one did they, I think they did me a one drink now have to buy you. It's like it's a thing it's going the texts. These leave. Yeah, the tax you don't buy me drinks out, the by you want. Exactly the stupid rules that no one writes down. It's insane society. Oh, we should start writing. Get to work on them or it, I'll break. It's halftime here. When we come back on. C C K. We're talking nobody's in the workplace. I it's a slow summer day people on round. I'm up like the, the nuggety was have I swear to God about that, because that, that should be the real story here. You want to talk about internal bar soul drama. I think I would've quit first of all last week on Thursday, we had wipe on this very program. You had why p on the run down all last week, but even the week before, and we said every single person that has talked to him. I said, you are eventually going to have to choose your allegiance moment will occur where you have to either be more team. Portnoy than a blues fan or more of a blues fan than team. Portnoy. You're not gonna have to stop being one of them, you're going to have to choose which one means more to you, and he could not wrap it around that on Thursday on radio. He was like, you know, he could robbery et cetera. But he just said it's knocked that's not going to happen. He said he would not going to occur. Dave's adjusts ruler you are insane, every single person who has dealt with Dave, in some sort of, like former fashion with. Knows you're going to have to do it. That moment came yesterday. I don't know exactly what the rate, I know that he was, like, giving wipe shit on Twitter even last. So just to be clear people last night at the game. Dave, why p rigs? They're all sitting in the nose bleeds. They get on the Jumbotron. Now the way it was. So Dave is to rigs his left and the camera is to rigs is right. So he turns to the camera where the Jumbotron is, and he's shown his shirt and effectively turns his back to Dave badmouth, Dave, puts Briggs in a headlock and starts. Nogi 'em with the Dave face like the Dave when Dave takes like Ramsay Bolton. Pleasure in like making fun of people at torturing people. That's the face that came out, and he starts Nogi ING him now than that. Now, this guy's comes any stirs the pot because in evacuate there that is just Dave dummying rigs, like rigs has got body. He's got nugget grown man, getting no you, but Gaz comes in and stirs. The pot and says, where? Why TD defend him? He didn't step in and do anything. And now all of a sudden it's both of them. Now, I will say, there's also dissension amongst, the blues crew because rigs automatically tweeted, why did nothing to stop it because he doesn't want to take this bullet all on his own. I mean if you get he'd that's eight evacuate. That's on you to now rope in Y P was just collateral damage. My first question when I walked into the office today was people are talking about is, what was why p technically supposed to do. Yeah. Because like everyone talked about how Nate Nogi day we all saw how that turned out, I wasn't even working on. I know you saw was he supposed to, like him in a headlock? I mean you just don't do that, especially because if it was in the office, I think it's a little bit different too, because it's in our control environment. You're on the Jumbotron at TD garden. Like can you imagine what would happen to why p if everybody Boston split? Act as a data whereas like you, you can't do that. And it has nothing in my opinion. It has nothing to do with him being less of a blues fan. More team porno. It's like well that's still your by this is the problem. What are we go? Head to head with, Dave and these things, you always have a line that you have that in your mind. You're like I shouldn't cross that line Dave has no lines zero light, but you have to you have to prepare accordingly for the line to be crossed and be ready to to bounce right back. So like, like Davis, so good on his feet with this shit. Like I don't think he was saying himself. We're gonna Jumbotron I'm going to not this guy that was, you could see it was just a genuine like surprise, and then his immediate reaction is I'm going to bully his kid and not him. He's natural rigs has to be sitting there when you go head to head with Dave on these things. And there's cameras rolling. You have to have a battle plan, you have to be prepared. I said, if I was they were drinking beers. I would have my drinking beer, and I'd have a beer on the side that will be ready for day Portnoy in the Jumbotron like if you're going to not me, I would be around your head like all's fair in love is war, and I'm not gonna. I'm not going to dump it on you. I I'm going to throw the first punch because you are still my boss. But then, once you cross your line. I am Ryan returning fire in kind. And, and then it's okay. Yeah. But that's also there are certain people that would do that stuff. Today, there's certain people that wouldn't why is not somebody. I don't care like how we're gonna berating so you talk about Ramsay Bolton. I wrote a blog whenever Tommy did his big game of thrones blog. I wrote a blog because Tommy, and I have our forever rivalry even though we're like technically low key best friends. It's fine. And I explained how David Tommy our Ramsey and wreak. When I talked to Dave about it. Dave. Didn't even understand, you know, there's no way that I'm Ramsey and Rickwood Tommy. But then I started giving him all these examples, and he was like, oh, I kind of am. But what's usually the difference maker is that Tommy is willingly engaging, not willingly. I don't think. Oh, no. He's willing. He's consensually doing. I think Tommy would probably prefer different life where he's not getting a face fucked by Dave on camera. Right. But pushing low in Vegas, like, literally, I would take gifts from game of thrones and put the gifts of Tommy, Dave next to match a perfect. What are we doing? Here is still at the end of the day is like I'm doing this for the camera. I'm doing my job standing whereas rigs just got like tax but rigs would fight back. That's the difference like like radar and Ramsay Bolton like look on his face, which you're so. Right. He does he doesn't even realize. Yeah. Rigs would have fought back had he known it was happening. Why p is apparently claiming he didn't know. Oh, it was happening. It's like bro. You're looking right at the Jumbotron for the higher. Well he was. He was showing off his t shirts, and trying to sell merge, because that's what this company is based on, which is an attempt at a spend zone. But Jared joins the program Karen, the rocket's backers story nine you once blasted hubs in the face with a fucking fire firehose that Kevin that was the ground grounds crew did it. Which was, I think previously, the most degrading thing that's happened. I think that the Nogi is worse because again, hubs actually while while it was a bad idea. And I think hubs was like, yeah, I'll do this for content. Not understanding how bad it was gonna look. But he was like, yeah I lost the bet. I don't even do it. That was the worst part like the, the hose was bad. But like him like I made him hand me that of Red Sox wins. Look what? Again, that was all in the name of content. Yeah. Whereas like day, just took it upon himself. I mean. Yeah. And ran rigs is right where he was like, you know, this is a sucker punch. This is like getting stabbed in the back. I think it would wear it up. But I don't know. It's, it's just it's then then that's all true. But it's those, that's a tough break. It is. I think it would have been more of a statement if he did it to why p because why p genuinely loves in is obsessed with the blues. I feel like rigs couldn't go fuck loss. He's just not. He has. This is a ten on the fan skill, I think like rigs has to be like a five at moat because why has this personal? Investment now with Boris and he's is like the he's like the fan the superfan people. He's fan more than they not from bar so, right? And that's what I told him. I was like, right now, you are a symbol for the blues like people people, I don't even know about barstool who no you, you gotta rep the blues. But I mean if that's you. If you're rakes, or who do you think the blame here because we were just saying guys came in and start his pot and roped wipe into it by saying, you know, why didn't you stop it? But what does the what's choke him out? Yeah. We were saying to you, obviously know this from being like Boston, and can you imagine if why would have physically assaulted Dave on the Jumbotron at the garden in Boston at Boston, Boston sporting event, an outsider assaults L press in the office. It's different it's controlled, it's tool scenes. It's funny, but like you're inside the guard now, people with no days, why. And all that shit. But yeah, you're behind enemy lines outnumber like two to fifteen. Thousand it's your boss. You know, it sucks when one person has no line and you're kind of playing by the rules and you could just get like blown up. You know, even when we did the battle rap, remember things it was, like, all right. I'm not gonna say that. And then he said, why would you want to do that, at the end of the day, you still have to toe the line with your boss? But when it comes at the cost of like a Nogi on camera, it's I think it'll rigs did know wipe by letting it happen because I think he had the perfect he, he did try to get his shirt on the Jumbotron. It's like did try to like I would have saved you, but I was trying to link submerge which is how would you have saved? But it's like, yeah you can play that guard. Yeah, it would have been really funny. If he just jumped right on top of day was double bogey, yu-gi-oh hilarious. See, I say I do. Dave, Dave is a master of the shit. He just off the cuff like grabbed him and not them. It just happened. You know, Dave had that in the back of so he definitely did, I think I way, so quick. I waited Teichmann. Way his his face snaps. I mean, I'd be from him because I, I don't know if they knew they were going to get on the Jumbotron. I feel like maybe at some point he was like, I'm going to I'm going to know you this guy or something like that, like breath this series like at some point, I'm going to try to physically emasculate him. I think it was kind of a snap thing. You I think you have to be prepared for Dave at all times. I just. Okay. See, I would have a second beer like sitting next to me that would be like, if he grosses some sort of line, I'm going to dot might be around him. Yeah. Like, imagine if you're getting no to reach over and you dump it on him, like, all right. I I'm not going to cross that line because you're my boss. But once you do it's on. I guess if Dave fires the first shot then. Yeah. Like, what are you? I mean, if you, you have to prepare you have to prepare for battle Briggs port. He was not prepared. I mean he he was shocked and he did like the like we're number one look at my shirt, sort of thing. And whereas Dave is like his brain immediately whether is prepared or not. I think it was natural off the cuff, you think it was prepared either way he's saying, if I get a public. Moment to use it to embarrass blues fan. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I don't think it was prepared in the sense that he said, hey rigs, if we get on the no, no, no? I'm going to know you the shit out of you. But he I think he knew if we're getting on Simon's getting. Yeah. And it really was the perfect storm because the camera was so. Right. 'cause what I try. So if it was two days left, why was yeah. Yeah, yeah, I guess it would've been why that would have been Dave knows with the cameras that would have been even better. If y p because we. Why p wouldn't even like flopping around rigs would've probably going like, yes, boss. Well, have you boss, anything you need? I mean racist like around, like, why would have just taken any rigs? Just sat there and drank his beer, by the way like this series is over. That's it. I'm not I'm not there yet. But like it's, it's like when Roger finish his fucking ear the bucks were done. Yeah. Couldn't chug that bear. The Milwaukee was losing. It sounds ridiculous. But like Dave getting rigs ended that serious because in this world deport knowing has either a sold his soul, or be he is the devil himself and collects other people's souls and the think about it think about the stars aligning on this one. The Saint Louis blues are in the Stanley Cup for the first time in like fifty forty nine forty nine years. Okay. Have they ever they've never wanted to ever even been in it? How they've never warning. Stanley Cup for you. Now. The chance I believe is forty nine years now than they are in it already being already ridiculous. That, that team makes it and we have a couple of Saint Louis representatives. Also, the, the new version of borstal radio is with Riggs. So now he has his co host the host the barstool radio. His new, you know, sparring partner punching bag arguing back and forth guy. Now he is going head to head with him in the finals like that, that kinda shit, the stars aligning on that one. If Riggs was still just the four play guy, he would still be on video and shit. But the fact that it's like this is now on barstool radio together. And it makes perfect sense. I didn't even think of it that way. Ours, always align for Dave, and the content. And so now game one day, you know, y p we told by you will find a moment where you come to a crossroads where it's team. Portnoy versus the blues fandom, and at that point, you're going to have to decide and that's going to be a very pivotal moment for this whole piece of content. It happened game one. Immediately in the most dramatic form ever in the form of a Nogi on the Jumbotron, and he had his moment, like the story lines, just they this is not just by chance. This is written in stone. This is written in the stars and the series is absolutely. Oh, it's like we talked about this week. We talked about it after the Super Bowl like this. I mean obviously the patriots just went all the time it was kind of an anticlimactic superman when they lost. And in smitty, it turned into the shower thin and the rough and rowdy thing and Dave still ends up clowning him when he loses it comes up page view. But that's when I saw that happened last night. And then, of course like the wipe angle because for the last two weeks, why has been so adamant that he's not going to have to make an allegiance one way or the other, which everybody knew he was stupid. But as soon as that happened, it was like this. I can you imagine a radio is going to be like today? I can't wait six and they don't have a game tonight. So they're just going to scream at each other. It's like well coming up for cloud. They don't fight over again. The mix who like fights is, is a he's not like Dave de doesn't handle the, the Boston reign of terror the way Dave does. But he does it in his own final Burg way where. It's very almost more infuriated infuriating in a way, it raises like quiet calm. Cly games. He really does know shit. Like I was talking to my brother about earlier. It's like he's always proclaimed winners like you know, he's like the Bruins like they're gonna win the Cup like he knew when they had a Cup contender. He's always known when the patriots are like, like even when they're looking bad in the early season. He'll be like now this team's gonna win and like the loss of the eagles. He really wasn't that, that like cocky, he it really is your first game that video is still one of my time out fights video from the opener against the chiefs is still one of my yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He's just a heirloom lecturing everybody at Foxboro, but they just these things, this is how it's going to go for Boston. Justin, what do you got on Dave's lock? There yet. So I'm in there I'm seeing his stuff last night, like they're up in the upper deck, because he's like, trawling China be the average hockey guy and all that shit, and everything always seems to work out, her fit for that motherfucker like they put the camera on him everyone in Boston realizes that have, and then all of a sudden, you know, he's rigs and they should just always seems that habit at every event like he goes dead legs and the at when he gets carried out, but the NFL he just it's so perfect with all this stuff. And I swear he doesn't plan it like there something is not right. Well, okay. Here's a here's he, he, he, he, he has sold his soul in, in one regard. I it's written in, in the stars and the other regard. It's luck because, you know, all of this shit breaks his way. But it's, it's all he it's talent. It's not a talent. It is. It's a talent. The what what he does like the Super Bowl was a moment. It's your need the material to work with though. But once you have that material, it's like. It's like you, I gave him the, the world, the universe has gifted him this mound of clay, and he makes. Yeah and Michaelangelo the case the talent to do what he's done with it. Jared went magin arrested, basically, when he had the whole world thinking he was arrested at the Super Bowl, he was arrested. He was not a he wasn't in jail. He was sitting at a hotel and watching it. I will he was in jail, Frankie, like went down there. They let him out before the end of the game. Right. But by Frankie to to allow the world to like believe that and to go dead legs to we web like I've been wrongly arrested while I'm just still watching the game and letting it all unfolded was a masterclass in blogging, blogging. It used to be like, are you a good writer? And now it's like can you create reality TV scripted plotlines, right? He can do it. Reality. Yes. Thinking reality making it not reality. But it's still reality. Yes. You talent man, he's acting. And the supporting cast has no idea that they're actually. Exactly what was that movie of Truman show, ask, it's very ever. See the movie was. Oh, there's a bow finger, some shit what you guys are filming a movie that looks like a reality show. And nobody else even knows their part of it is it's, it's him and his cameraman and you don't realize it. But you are the best supporting actor. Yeah. And he does it better than anyone else. He can do it on a whim. And if you're not like that's what I said, I would I would go into a thinking every possible angle. What if we get on the Jumbotron? What if we if we get called down to do a puck drop? What if we have to do a interview on the glass in between periods? What if what if what if what if we get called down to do like the halftime or inbetween intermission, like shoot the puck for a million dollars? How Dave embarrassed me what is he going to do to me, and I have to have my own responses, you have to have all of that mapped out. Yeah. And I don't think they had any of it. They didn't have anything mapped out. Why are they sitting so far? I don't know if that was for a fact or if I'm sure it's not just super easy to get two million dollars. But I mean if you have to sit all of those people together like if Dave wanted to go sit by himself. Maybe but if for content. Gonna be buying like five tickets for. I don't know. I mean how much? I mean, say they're fucking two thousand dollars. Each day will drop ten grand in a heartbeat. Yeah. But even funnier. In the nosebleeds. I mean their backs were against the wall. Right. He can't World Series your fucking five rose from the field for the country. John from Philly. What do you got on Nogi gate? Hey, so I've been driving for the past five hours. And then thinking a lot about this just because like the way Rick spotted to the milky by what a hack I push down that was his fault, but his arms went up and started flailing. It looked so much worse than it would have been. And I'm thinking, just like damage control situation. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but I thought you almost have to like flip off the camera. And just like get it off as fast as possible that back way. That backlash might be shorter live than this, because just the content of video his arms flailing gets really coupla. He's like the, the fucking car wash man. Katainen net. It's tough man because it was it was a sneak attack. It was cheap shot. And it was a blindsided attack. And I don't know what you're supposed to do. I mean, I can't think of what I would do other than like I said, if I had to be ready, I would have splashed it on them. Other than that. What do you do if someone if you didn't realize I was going to do it, and I just put you in a tough headlock like in hard, as I could even if you get out of it for the split second, you're on camera, you're going to be flailing like, so you can't like smoothly get out of a headlock in a matter of split seconds. Even punch him with your arms are stock because of the rigs in that moment, if you didn't see it coming, you're not going to react to it. You're going to like you almost have to let it happen. Yes. I mean, even rigs to a degree, it's like you have to know that Dave is Dave, and he's the boss. And if he wants to give you a Nogi you have to sell. Wrestling. I what I think I would have done. And I even think his, his tweet afterwards like basically throw IP under the bus. I think you've got to be like, you know, l Pez one like me and me and why Ps zero. We're like, but the next one's our, you know what I mean? Like you just one just one game one with Nogi. But now that they have to come up with something right? Because there is in the moment to stop the game you just have to respond in kind with your own nugget. Right. But the effect is rigs flowing around like you have to sell the moment if he's just sitting there, letting it happen. And it's like well, this is weird. But see, that's what's also not fun is like I would love to say, like I actually really do the, the way that hub is like did all that for content. While utterly demeaning was like it was for content. I, I appreciate anybody who's self deprecating enough to, to let that happen for content. The problem is made him though, like I like hubs, hubs got elevated so much even the done stuff too. That was like very very he got put on Sony humiliating. But it radars from getting drug through the mud and I would love to think that if you're on camera like the problem is, and I don't, I don't know if people realize this or not, it's not like after that happened that Dave leans over to rigs and he's like your good stuff that's going to get a lot of us. Yeah. It's, it's, it's real. It's just cloud. You I'm better than you, and you suck and so on some level, we're doing this for content and for jokes, and for money and fame, and for happiness and whatever. But on some level, it is definitely like a personal Manley. You know macho shit, there's more of it. I mean Dave doesn't it's good though. Yeah. Like it's not, but I don't even think it's cave. I think it's just real they've said, when we had blogger school, one of the things that he said, was he threw me a compliment is like I like when people can't tell if it's real or is fake? Yes. 'cause I don't break cave. All right. Do I do on the show? Somebody outside of here. Iraq, it won't. They everytime meet people. Yeah, you're you're getting your experience. Yeah. But it's also different when it's like you just being whatever you are to the fans versus like. If you're too, like at the phone, call move, the Dave keeps pulling like never at the end of it is like now it's funny right now. Ruins it the effect, he tweedles, and you would think that like on some level, maybe like they've been working with them for ten years now that maybe even he and I would have a moment of, like, you know, was good or whatever you guys have a hug before and have for now, never, there's never, there's never been anything like that. And that might be more of a testament to like me and his relationship, but I also would do with anybody maybe like Gaz like in behind closed doors, you would mention something again, to hug me. I can't I mean I can't ever picture that. But the Christmas almost commitment to the content, I wanna say the character because I do think it's him now but the commitment to the content is insane where it's like even even giving up a shred of it behind closed doors to someone who works here, it'll ruin it even a little bit. So I'm not going to do like let's say let's say Dave just. Someday, like ten years from now and they wanna do like a documentary on his legacy. And they pull all other. No never know it would be one of those documentaries, where it's just like the story told through the people that he was closest with. Yeah. Like he wouldn't even get interviewed. Now, it's like a story told through us a lot of us would just be so fucking confused. Yeah. What just happened like we would try to explain Dave to people like, you know, a lot of people that can make contact on their like what's he really like? No, that's I don't know. And that it almost it almost makes me feel stupid because I'm like, I'm just a pawn to just the same as the schmuck watching at home, and I'll fucking man. Yeah, I'm is in the dark as you all right? What you see is, I, I wish there was, I wish it was, like you know, Minsk Manley he you know, we sat down and went through the scripts and like this is the character, we built or whatever, you know, when, when he tips, his hand when this is, is there's been moments that I've had with him where I call call them on something be like is this real or not? And then like he'll say. One thing but he for some reason, like in his one of his is you've seen it to you. Squint cine smirks like he'll give you I was going to say a little bit in, in a pretzel, but he's not going to hide. I wouldn't have said it says is, I think it's usually a smirk of some sort when you really got he kind of goes, he does like shrug. And like. You're talking about video that he tried to get Frankie to bury from college football season. Because I just totally roasted him on a take, and he did the eyes and the smile and he was, like, Frankie. I'm gonna need that to get out of here. Now. People here doing tweet it real quick. But he is suited Frankie Byrne that tastes, very rare though. Bernie Frankie was like, I'm going to have to burn the tape. I was like over my fucking dead body burn this team. This is North Korea. That's what's tough is. Like why is so emotionally invested in the blues that it's tough to also be on guard in blog world? Like he's just part of him is like the, like the little boy hockey fan on the inside. It was like, I can't believe it. Like my blues are in the final, and even he was like, he was I knew I knew we were in trouble when he was like, excited that Dave was going to be in Saint Louis with with, you know, in his mind it was an accomplishment, like we I put the blues phantom of Barcelo sports, I put on the map and now I'm bringing the whole company to my town to show him. And that's what I was like. Well, you're, you're not you. This is your enemy is your enemy for the next two Dave responding. And it was like, no I'm Br bringing you that. And I know on some level, it's like come on duty meant like you know, he's pumped up barstool. We're going to be in his hometown for this show, but you have to realize that anything like that for David and a game. It's not a fucking game. Nogi was not a game. I mean that was the game not a game. I really do. I compare it to the Aaron Rodgers chugging the bear like the Bruins are gonna win the Stanley Cup and might as well be. Zuma's anyway. Like Dave and them get involved. And it's definite. And then there's this Nogi, and then it's just absolute. It's like the why the Nogi curse, by the way, mardi mush. This is going under the radar mardi mush just got like he his curse is worse than Drake's. Did you see all that happened? He took the bucks in game six, and I was like, well, it's either going to be you or it's going to be Drake is wrong and Marty. But it's just one game. That's not a curse. Well he. Yeah, but I mean he's right. The Drake hers, the drink. I took over video from last October, where he said it was before the sixteen to one Red Sox Yankees game where he was like I've never been more cold for the Yankees than tonight. I think the Yankees and I was like more you much, don't get me wrong mush curse is stronger than the drinkers. That's, that's his old claims. Marty tweeted it. He was like, I, I have now mushed myself harder than the drinkers let's take won't call before the break. We gotta talk about drink. I got I got I'm interested to hear what you guys think on him Mike from jersey when he got on AB hockey. So they Bruins jacket buddy always when it was all the time. And he said, it's his lucky charm. And why peas been going to the games where the same thing all the time? I think you gotta figure out a way to get that jacket where wind or something with days. Yeah, I mean that's gonna do. Now, this, this is exactly what you have to do. Mike is right. You got to start thinking of the angles, you got to start thinking of what can you do that's going to hurt, Dave because, you know, a Nogi Nogi is now going to be on his resume forever. You got to respond and do something that, you know, I don't know folk with his pizza review fuck with his lucky jacket, you know, I wouldn't want to do that. Like you kinda just have to like the Nogi to me it was monumental because of the way that the game unfolded from there. But if you retaliate, you're only gonna make Dave's strikes worse. You're just throwing gas on the fire. Yeah, you're just like operate at a one speed don't let them kick up the five and then you're just use rolling over and dying. You're not you're smart about it, but you're hunker down. And you're not gonna try anything there's a storm coming. You just gotta get in the basement and hope for me. I personally know that if I like I'm not I'm not that type I can't I'm not gonna like script something, you know what I mean? I can't come up some plot. I'm going to be hopefully prepared. Like I said, I'm going to go through every fucking scenario. Yeah. But I also don't roll over and die. I don't think it's a roll over and die situation. I just think it's a protect yourself and hope for the best. I mean that's different. That's waving the white flag. That's just like I mean, if you lay down and curl up in a category. Five hurricane that's just like coming through unbeatable. Yeah. Yeah. You might not be wrong Brown. Speaking of juice, OJ guys, this statement from O J the jar you probably seen this at all right? Okay. This this'll be great. This'll be great to just get Jared's like blind reaction. So this is from TMZ. Or page six. Sorry. My, my alumni, so OJ Simpson bragged that he had a steamy sex affair with Chris Kardashian, Kris Jenner. The mother the mother, you know. Right. Definitely his kid. Right. So it'd be for even knowing that a conspiracy theory, jurors so that was his that was his lawyers wife. Yep. Right. Yep. Simpson said that him and his then wife, Nicole Robert and Chris were all in, jacuzzi one night, while vacationing together, this is this is from a new documentary called who killed Nicole, Nicole and Robert turned in leaving OJ and Chris and hot tub already like super weird going to couples like trip and you, you start swinging like that. Like everybody's fucking everybody. Yeah. Right. Anyway, so they're in the hot tub alone, and OJ stood up pulled down his shorts and the this is the guy telling the story. So I'll give you exactly what he said, quote. This is oh, Jay talking her eyes bugged out of her head and I fuck that bitch until I broker. Oh, yeah. Certainly believe it's like Kris Jenner has said of the past that has never happened, of course. Murderer at the same time, like OJ Simpson's on a great guy. Can't you see him making this up? No. I mean heard Dr looks like OJ Simpson. Well, he also said he didn't own it. It's one of those things where it's like. Yeah. Is O J Simpson trustworthy. I guess I suppose. No. But can you believe sometimes, you know, we're talking about CD like distasteful things. And in that case a murderer is probably the most believable guy in the building. Yeah, it's probably only got telling the truth. He's not telling the truth here. Oh, by the way. So, like, you know, he said, I fucked type broker literally he said that it had to take her to the hospital, two or three in the morning. She came into OJ's room and said, can you take me like he said? No, he said, they'll have robinhood have your husband do that. I only until you broke your what, what a class act. She's OJ Simpson is damn goddamn. All right. This was it for. Alad gum. I like started Alec sun. Learn we're back our number two here on C, C K. We're now joined by page sporadic. She's in town. How are you? I think it's actually the first time we've ever met person are now we've got him on radio around the year with you. I don't know. I never I never know. Because I we meet so many people through, like Twitter and the internet and stuff. And I never know him like real friends yet. Or are we just internet friends? And so now we are both by. An if, if you want to be friends with me. We could be France. Okay. That's fine. That's fine with me right in the middle of the McHenry fight with her. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But he was sitting there with his fidget spinner. And I was like getting distracted because he was just like doing spending freeze. Man. Yeah. Took over for a long time. Yeah. As I was in deep, you, you can do like the double. Oh man I was flying. I had all sorts of toys out. Yeah, we've, we've been we've been to battle before we've been in mud, but I don't know. It sounds like you guys row last night. And I was in part of that. So it's all right. Mogul. Sorry. Well, no. Because actually yesterday is the first time that page, and I met in person, even though we like, totally girl crush all of your other on Instagram. Right. That's what I mean. Yeah. So I mean, I guess technically you could have been invited since it was first time. Well, I would have liked to seen the corrobos food experiment. Page conducted. It was it was a lot. It was a long are. So dramatic is a lot like I don't I don't venture out very often. She can figure and French fries. Instincts, hipster, because he was like I've never had an avocado before. Now, Mike that shocking to me, like, how have you never tried an avocado knee like I've never tried it tomato or other vegetables? And I was like, well, we're going to fix that. So last night, we got brussel sprouts, but she likes Russell tries tomato, which he did not like our rather, like Frank tanks though. Almost puking never never strawberry. I think tomatoes is the weirdest of all a tomato like who the fuck is just like eating tomato. No. No. Burgers, burgers, you have a salad you have sandwiches. He loves pizza. You never have. I've never had like an Italian combo sandwich, where it's like all the lunch meats and all like lettuce tomato oil early take it out. But like you understand that it's like it's a very common thing. No. You light tomatoes. I'll yeah. Like pizza. I like marinara sauce like catch-up you like everything that's made with tomato. Yeah. I just don't like tomato. I love tomatoes tomato like an app bite into a big amount. And it's kind of like saying, like, you know, like you love Paul McCartney, but you're not a big Beatles guy, shut up so so sh- so you sit down. And this is this is this is where I'm almost, I'm laughing at you, because I mean, there's I think there's a very short list of people who get you eat, an avocado, don't cross sprouts and whatever the fuck it was. Had a child. And so we are doing little games like I was doing airplanes. Recorded the whole thing. Coaster, and then for Brussels sprouts house, like you know, they look like little lettuce heads. Like your giant just imagining small. He likes broccoli. And I was like, oh, broccoli like, don't give me this shit about tomatoes and went out of your unity broccoli. No fucking Brooklyn. I know so it's like. If you ever like Brockton. I mean no, it doesn't. Yes. It does. Which she's it's as very I mean you could give me like a plate of pennies, if you melt cheese on it with taste good. I'll eat anything of Jesus's melted on it. I guess I could understand again, like Frank the tank, it's nothing healthy at all. So when he had anything green or HAMAs, he like started the vomit. If you dabble with Rodney Mack like some nausea with tomato. He if you've seen the videos of the babies when they eat a limited time and they are so dramatic. He not only looked like that. He put his head down on the table, as if he was about to throw up and page cut this tomato. Like what like maybe the size of like the small party or pinky, like it was, maybe this kind of enter to so. Yes on and part of it wasn't even the seats. No, here's what happened. Kevin. It's too. Yeah. The shit. Talking our waitress to or waitress was mind blown, I may, I may the two of us. The two of us run doing like the strawberry allows like whatever touch that tomato is not going into, and she's looking at at page and I like what the fuck is going on this, like special on. Yeah. He asked me how all I was. Because I thought I had never had a strawberry before it. Which, by the way, I like the strawberry was very good against shocker a shop, actually. Yeah. I've, I've prepared for this like, I've had strawberry ice cream in taste very simple nervous Nelson. He put his mouth. And he was like. A huge smile on his face, like this is delicious of strawberry. Was the tomato was that the texture that was the prominent. So even if I have, like we took out. Yeah. If I have like pasta raviolis, or whatever I will scrape like the sauce off. I like a hint of it. I'm not trying to get over wellm by it, and I'm with you. I don't like marinara sauce and like fucking eating the tomato felt like I just like fucking took like a spoon apostle, as like, oh, yeah, this is great. Like I would never I wish you guys can see his base right now. He's like. I would never in a million years, have a tomato ever again. I don't care who's Choo Choo in that ship into my mouth. It's not happening. Never. I'll try I'll shoot you right now. You're too, yeah. A pretty girl. So you could she'll get you to eat anything. I mean, I, I don't pick trash out of that. Can right now you can't okay let's see it kept going. So, like I had never had either of those things last night. I thought like just the Brussels sprouts, I was like, all right. I can do this. This is fine. You understand is pretty backwards. I think like brussel sprouts gross like most people. The highest thought he was going to hate the brussel sprouts. No, I can I mean Russell sprouts is like the cliche, like each brussel sprouts like they're gross fair. These were also like flash fried to. Yeah. Of they delicious. Yeah. They weren't like straight up brussel expert, I honestly think this is this is a real Pinon. Oh, great can't hardly have to qualify that before you say it was a real. This is Jared talking. Oh, not the racket. The rockets break for one second cartoons of the reason why kids don't wanna eat vegetables off that when you're watching cartoons all of them like train you'd be like ooh vegetables, discussing. But like do. But it's cool to hate eating vegetables, because I know what you're talking about. I used to think this net, it's not true. There's, there's something like innate about, like even I, I poured a bowl of we all these girls like love what I watch Keegan and shape pick all the marshmallows out of lucky charms by themselves. Like, never watched me do it. They don't know why they did it like they want the that fish for let's say want. But there's, there's things that they're like drawn to. And there's things that the human Aung is just now down. I agree with you. Your home is part of the whole cartoon thing. But there's a reason why like they don't fuck with it. Yeah. You can definitely get addicted to sugar, but I'm just saying that cartoons train your brain. I mean if they're not like. Mike while he's been doing has the kids are not watching these cards forty. I just had my first Brussels one hundred percent. That's on something on you. I, I had this idea. I tried to do with my dog. And now I'm trying to do it when like humans where I was like, I'm just not even I'm not even going to give my dog like treats that are bad for him because he doesn't know any difference. So like my kids broccoli and be like this. This is delicious. No processed sugars are carbs or anything bad. They're not gonna know any different. They just do. Like I tried to do it with with vegetables. It was like, oh my God. If this is your dessert, here's your green beans, and she was like, get that walk out of my face. There's just something. I said, I hope she actually did. I would love it. Book. You know, he says a couple of funny things she I never there's never been a full blown curse except what key, can you that he was trying to say something like he was trying to say like truck and it sounded like fuck average over and over like shea Wilson that God Jesus and stuff like that on the come cry. But I'm telling you, man. I know what you thought. I thought the same thing it's just off Cape. Why do why do I have to out myself? You're like clearly there is something that you've never tried before that it's probably a kind of weird. There's a lot of that in this office, Gaz never had sold bagel. That's crazy. 'cause bagels are Brock as yeah, we're delicious. Brussel sprouts may accidentally not have a strawberry. Oh, so I, I mean like I'm saying like the way people just the reason for that, I told you, I said, because my dad is allergic to strawberries. And it always like I didn't wanna like find out if I was to, because I wrote will close up and you can't breathe. I was like, well, that's not happening to me, because I'm not having a stroke. One excuse out of like all of the food groups that you have you won't damn pages kill shot. I have tried, but I hate bananas, but you did the thing because, you know what I wanted to, like bananas. They're very convenient. You can of just like it. That's fine. But you're never going to eat it like some guy because I tweeted mind blown guys never had an avocado. She's sub tweeted. Do I saw that? I didn't know it was either knows you. I've never had an apple I've ever had MAC and cheese. I've never had it was. Chills. Weird Bush, like I don't know it look gross. I'd ever wanted it. I was like, how do you not like cheese and pasta but carbs, cheese. She here. Here man. You can't you can't grow your whole life, without MAC and cheese. That's a that's a crying. Shame. I was eating MAC and cheese at ten AM during the fall ash show. Delicious. I doubt Pinera I think there has there's a lot of things, but I don't think anything normal like, like you know what? I don't like like I'll eat fried calamari. But when the octopus is just like the octopus like when you. Drawl. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'll have. That's another weird thing. That, I'll I love Francome, right. But not fried. I'm saying when it's like white just never. Okay. I've never had. I'm willing to try. I, I'll do I ordered it. I went to Red Sox game and I ordered it and I looked at it and then wondering sushi at a Red Sox game. I mean, I'm sure it's fine. But if you're in the I know, I know I've, I've been in that she fucking club, a few times, even though, but to try it for the first time you have a different if you eat gas, sushi, you need them. That's not bad athletic Momenin. But for his first time he needs to try something like super high end. I've had the sushi in that exact club, your timeout. It's good. But it's not what you need to try for the first time. Okay. Dallas wants to be my first you wants to take my sushi virginity. He keeps saying, like no like it's because he the loves the sushi out on the west coast. There's like if we're going to do sushi, we're going to do it, right. Like I'm gonna take you a nice place. And I was like, okay. See, I just get the I get the Philadelphia rollers just twenty the cream cheese. It's loaded up means it's just you don't do you know what? Cream cheeses. Sure do. Yeah, it's got three and she's in it. So I'm saying, I just salmon and cream cheese. Oh, rice that sounds great. Yeah. It's like like bagel with likes sometimes they have little shreds. If you cover. Number. I don't like you never had it. You come to me, or just don't. Let me taste. It was like never had zucchini. Never had cucumber never had a key. We never had a key. I don't know if I've ever had a Kiwi. I love Kiewit. He was good. I'm sure it's good. I just kinda rare coming across key construct berry. No. Probably student. The green right right inside outside both now outside green inside the insides, green. The outs Brown Brown. It's like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No. You know what? I've never had a peach peaches. Yeah. Never had a peach pear page. I need to do. We need to bring in, like just random definitely never had a Plum, fruit platter cut it up. And just have these are all children. Yeah. Plums prunes printers pizzas amount with the Ps are good prunes are ease fuck off fuck peas pizzas, belli's side. I preface out I was like, I'll try whatever you put in front of me, except for Ps. Oh, I meant things that start with, like, actually I'll crush P. All your fish crush pity peas and mashed potatoes. Just gonna say, oh, mash that all up together oca-, I'll eat that just like when I when I'm we're doing, like thanksgiving like filing need the Turkey. Just give me the mashed potatoes and size load that shit up a piece so good. I'll put the peas into. Like the mashed potato like a mountain. I let the greyhound volcano little, like all right. Loaded up wild hypothetical. But if I ever gotten trouble at this company, and Dave is like you either need to pay a five hundred dollar fine or eat a plate of peace. I would pay him a grand. How about to grant? Where's where's the line five grand five grand away? Four thousand dollars. You're eating and played a piece. Nope. Yes, you are. I'm not yes, you come to four thousand dollars rocket. Yeah, there's a lot of money. That's, that's a nice pair of shoes. Nice jacket and shoes. No shock it. I don't need. You can't have too many. I'm fine. What's the what about you? Have you ever eaten like, what's your what's your like if you eat like puke mushrooms mushroom? I like mushrooms are crazy mushroom steak Elliott. Yeah. I mean I like to, but I but they're also like the textures growing never so. So but then when I got older, I was like this is really the opposite of an acquired taste. Yeah. That kinda gross. Nope. They're very geared. You mushrooms like hallucinogenic? No, you, you. I've never done drugs. No any drug ever. Now never done either smoke weed. No damn no heroin. She up on that. Mandel max at all is drink used to not anymore. Ninety more not even like a glass of wine at dinner or like you'll just talking about this last night. Like I don't just drink to catch late drank, like, if I'm gonna drink I'm gonna drink to like get drunk, so you get time but not anymore. Now not really how old you twice ex. Yeah. We were talking yesterday about like, when hangover hangover to kick in why I had the absolute worst hangovers. And I got like super hammered sorry, mom. Kinda strange, and it was from my friend's birthday and I was laying in my bedroom, and I was looking up, and I was like, I'm gonna die like this is how I'm going out like everybody's not those feelings. There's like the people. Learn from them, and there's no, there's the hangover you're like I'm gonna die. I'm never drinking again. But you know in the back of your head, like, come Thursday night, you're going to happy hour, but then everybody has their first one where they're like, I think I need medical attention. And I seriously. This time not working. Flu. That's the thing. I unfortunately you're not allowing. Yup. Steve from Pennsylvania. He wants to talk about Jared's palate. But he got Steve. Sure. Yep. Or first of all, bro. There ain't nobody to fucking cool to try teeth. No, I'm not saying to cruel. I'm just saying I will throw them up immediately. It's not. Pay money than than EP. Yeah. You for stupid Jews on your Stig lakes stand, you're a loser, bro. I use on those it he's out. And that's just the guy that was just mad at the world. And just wanted to be ridiculous that you wouldn't just eat peas you'd rather pay money, but I have no idea what that has to do with your tattoos. No, he's, he's, he's hater. He hates the talented Bill from Boston. But you got. See crew, what's happening. You guys ever fucked with hybrid fruits, like fluid, like a plumbing and Africa. No. What other the long line of hybrid fruits out there? So if you only like a select few fruits, they hybrid that shit, then you have a great. Can you have like a lime orange tree or? You know, my house in college station somebody that worked in horticulture department at an lived there. I could that, that strawberries ago Whitestream is eat that cost three. Yeah. Oh, I don't like that. There was like a plant in my backyard, that's still there right now that it was limes, and then it would change into lemons. And then it was at some point a Lorne she was like half an orange limit and it wasn't. They like cross pollinated these trees, and like they weren't good enough to really use like we would use the lines like for tequila shots. They weren't great. But the first time I ever saw it was like how is this tree, producing this and come to find out, they had just cross pollinated it, and it was a Lawrence street? Don't they have been apples to apples are wet look? I'm looking at a Kiwi banana right now, but a banapple this should be good for you. Come on. This is like I might be making what does it? But in apple. Yeah. No, I think be know. Jared top it looks like it's like desserts and stuff of that. But I'm not looking at actual banapple. There's a place copen apple. Okay. You can make things up on the show. No one will fact check you. That's the fact check. Now, actually, I was more like I just want to see what a fucking banapple looks like. So are you not golf much anymore or what you sound like you got, like hate in your heart for golf? I'll also play all the time. But I mean I've done it forever. So it's hard to like wake up and have that motivation to wanna play when I'm not trying to play, professionally more. We gotta get gotta have something on the line. That's why you gotta get rigs back out there running around and thongs and weird shit like that. But he ever beat you bet. Slayers. Oh. Due to did they steal your jacket. I mean it looks like he picked the wrong data wear that jacket because this is for sure. My look now not has the problem is his jackets, probably like seventy five hundred bucks. And yours is by, like, that's that was an expensive one. This was an expensive jacket that he's wearing right now is the one you tried to take away from our. Oh, you're wearing his Jack. Yes. Yes. He turned into a suit guy after that. This is the first time I've seen him not wearing a suit and probably like fucking five months. Well, that's where I got a kid, just like come out of being soup guy. I mean, what should go supervise a TV? No. That's not by the time. I see him Matt sorry. We're not to resume mushroom talk. Another time I see him in a suit like when he goes on advisors when he goes on. Fox's and like the Kentucky Derby. It's it soup guy. Every now he wears sued a lot like he started into this office wearing a suit, unless he's going on TV. Yeah. No that you were in. This is not a good excuse. You need to I'm going to. We're going to just. Attend that didn't happen come with a different excuse for stealing his jacket. Hey, jared. Did you steal Dave's jacket? No. This is my jacket. I'm the jacket guy. He. Riva's stylish mice, right? As the jacket guide. Not dave. That's not true. But true two months, I go to jackets. Yeah, but you're the jacket guy. I've got more jackets than you. I went into his office, like two years ago when he had that jacket on his chair. And I was like, when you're done with that, can I have an and he because he's a millionaire is nothing to him. That's like a twenty five dollar jacket to me. So I asked him if I could have it when he was done with it. And he was like, check the price tag on that. Was it twenty five hundred silex at and I was like, oh, okay. So he's like, yeah, but he said he will give it to, to be fair, and I'll pay the picture here. It's just a black leather bomber jackets. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So everybody's got some variation of it. But that one particular looks, they look identity. You have the exact same jacket on just made different yet for like fucking probably like. Eighteen hundred dollars last right now, the same thing happened. He had a blue suede jacket which was so fire, and then he'd never wore it ever, and it was like Royal blue cuff like a little bit more powder, blue rest of the jacket, and then Adidas came out with a jacket for like seventy five bucks that looks exactly like it. And I waited years like multiple years for him to where the shack it again. And he never did it. So I just bought the seventy dollars Jack minds, more of just like a like a zip up. That's a good job. Yeah. But his is like this, like crushed fuck in suedes, but his was, like two thousand four hundred thirty dollars more than my, but he was like, what the fuck you stole my jacket and I was like I did when I gave you like a two year grace, period. Right. And you never you never wore it again. So actually, why don't you just give me that the weather one? Well, we're coming up on two years, so but he's still not wearing it today. You sit down there. Coming up on zero years zero days, he's still ran right now. I'm not saying since the last time you wore it. I'm saying since I told him to give it to me. Well right later, if he's still wearing it, you might as well just chalk that up as an L. I know well when he's done with the better if I can advise you here on how to be a better jacket guy. A black leather bomber is just like a staple product, a staple thing of the wardrobe. So we all can have I mentioned that. Yeah. Sure. Because as soon as he sees you he's gonna can't wait. What the fuck. I don't think he's gonna say, oh, sure I'm sure he won't. I'm sure he'll be totally fine with his day porno. We'll, we'll be the earlier. He walked in. We looked at each other. He didn't get a good. Look how this is Dave's thing. He claimed he claims he like, invented all clothing. I guess. He's. Oh, he knows exactly. Eighteen months behind final Burg. And then claims even invented things do you not remember, whenever you started saying, you're using his hair product, and then you put we put a picture out of you? And he was like that better. Not be my hair. Product, wasn't, I know, but the fact that he even wanted to make sure that everybody knew that it wasn't his? He's gonna look at that'd be like this is my look you know is. I mean. I mean as a compliment, if he's like actually saying that's my luck. Mike fuck. Yeah. I. Yeah. I mean it is like it's sad. But you do you do like wanna look like Dave? No. I don't. I mean you were like what hair product to you is I want to use it. Why, why would around asked everyone has a big cat, and I use big cats the most and then sneak into Dave's room at the Super Bowl, he's not going to do with Dave the fuck. That's not a sneak I say, what do you use, and he's like, it's in my bathroom, and I was like, can you come with me? So it's not weird that I want you to understand how this very much applies. You wanna look like someone if you're like asking, I just never had hair before. So I was like, all right. What does Dave us what does Dan us like, and then I interviewed Lucas g Lido in spring training. And I was like, well what the fuck do you use? You sexy motherfucker, and that I bought it and look. That's all well and good. If what you just did it with the wrong person as a fucking ass fast. Everyone and I bought everyone's shit. I bought Brett's shit dance shit and Dave's, and then I ended up asking Lucas, g Lido and that I've bought again all well and good. You just can't include Dave in that if you don't want it to be spun into something, I guess, I don't even think I used it. Like I, I think I maybe. My hair one time, but I never went out with this is not the most like chick thing in the world here. Like just what you stole. My look like bitch, stole, my local care because he was on Meeks. I was like, oh, yeah, it took me a while to get ready. And I was like, I usually just set two hours aside, 'cause I like Dubai hair. I'll take a break. I'll do my makeup. Don't take a break. That's so long where he doing. And I was like, well, how long does it take you an hour and a half? It doesn't take me an hour and a half to get ready. Like I give myself an hour and a half to like wake up every day. It's the same thing. A lot of bad like I'll lay there for a half an hour before I really have to. Once you start your process. How long does it take, like once I like get in the bathroom brush, my teeth shower and all that. Yeah. Forty five minutes. Still want it is. It's not because I got to like shave and then, like, all, like, here's my whole process. What you heard. What you wake you wake up take a piss brush my teeth shower. And then like all like shave like I'll shaven there with, like my face. And then I'll trim and I gotta blow dry. What do you say year and they're like, yeah, it's still takes time, like say. How long it takes to change my face time? Lion nicest straight. Okay. Yeah. Be careful with it. And then you blow dry you products. You get fucking. And by the way, I got a new pair of shoes on every goddamn day my feet, it takes forever to get my feet in the issues because it's like they're, they're tight as hell why do every day? I'm expansive nightmare every day, just give me flashbacks. He asked me what's what's Necas to by a couple of years ago. And I told him a pair any complaint. He couldn't tie them. He's like shoes don't tie the laces too fat. They didn't stay tie. You. Like, once I, I don't know. I double not them or something. You the only person I've ever met who just like I can't figure out that she shares. So the. No. You're not. Jared, you can't type God's with fucking bunny ears. I mean, no could you imagine? And if you were like dating Jared, what have you thought he was like the one and then you see him do bunny ears? I mean, I don't think I do bunny ears. Are you or do you not do you or do you not grab two loops and swoop? Find bunny ears. I mean, that's it's pretty easily defined thing. I don't know. I thought I time I shoot is just fine. I just stay tied God. Let's stay with you, man. Nothing big time wrong with you like what like us bunny ears tire shoes at thirty. That's what's wrong with never said that. I did you deny it. Yeah. But I mean I'm not I don't I don't. The problem is bunny. If I were to do that on what the problem is. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. We should meet spreads with the pallet that Jared has, of course he's still ties shot. He's held. Terminal. What my godson eats Schroeder's good for you. What do you think the worst date imaginable is that's within reason we're match wing? Did you ever been? Guy took me to go bell. And I said, worst not bad now, but he like ordered this meal, and he was like, oh, I get a free taco. That's yours. And like that was, yeah. She ordered whole show talked you go hard talking. That was just in college. Yes. Damn a little more reasonable costs. No, no. At least, like, okay, don't order your girl. She's eager to you in Iran, there, eighty nine cents pro get her a couple Pokka. So what are we doing Taco Bell is bottom? I love Taco Bell. But I would never take girl. Get me like something. Yeah. Yeah. First of all, probably just avoid take it. You want to go to Mexican go to a nice restaurant. But if you're going to go to Taco Bell at least get her something right here. What was your worst? I was a first date, like we had, like hung out like at, like bars and stuff. It was like a first date, and I walked in and his family was there. Oh, yeah. Plans like here's my mom and dad. Yeah. Brothers and sisters. How old for you? I was twenty one what the fuck happened. She went on a first date, and like walk into the restaurant like here's my family. It was a row around a holiday. I think it was around eastern explainable though. Was it like or he planned our everyone come here to me? Casey leaving. I actually think that sometimes meeting meeting, the family gets, like blown out of proportion. Like when I first met on a date like well it was like early on. And she was, I was like, yeah, you wanna like hang out and go to the bar, and she was like, yeah, but I told my parents, I was going to meet them for dinner like it just kind of, like, kind of coincided. And I wasn't going to be like no early. I was like, all right. I'll say what's up to your parents or wasn't like I'm going to ask for your hand in marriage. Then, and so we had, like, really only hung out like maybe a couple of times, and I met her parents, but it wasn't like I'm meeting the parents sort of thing around here around now. That sounds. That sounds extreme about it was it also Sater first time hanging out the first day it was definitely not the first time we had hung out. Okay. Yeah. But there was some sort of miscommunication, because he, I think it was kind of the same situation. It was like, okay, he probably I say, said it was around Easter. So maybe he said, okay, I'll go out to dinner with my family, but then he also asked me out to dinner and his mind like, well, I'll just combine them. That just was not disclosed to me. No. That's all like, hey, we're on the way to dinner, by the way, like my brother sister, mom and dad are also going to be there and like how far like what is the proximity that we're talking at the same table? What? Yes, that's ridiculous. That's not even a date. That's just like, hey, by the way, we are. It's like, oh, there's my family and he had only five. He was like, oh, by the way, this is Casey. You can tell you, my girlfriend or now. That's all it's so nice to meet you heard someone about you don't ever just like, oh, it's nice to meet you family. It was a strange strange. Encounter. Was there a second date was that they're actually wasn't it? Yeah. That bad. No ice. Family was great. I wanna to move he's like, oh as soon as they meet the family family. I also package. I also just like all right. Like, what am I going to do sit here and be a bitch like I'm obviously going to have a good time, but it was not. I mean you can't do that. No, you can't. And I feel like out of long later. He was like I forgot to explain this to you. And I was like, oh, yes. That's a big time forgot mine, like first time hanging out meeting, the parents and or family problem with that as part of it. But like. Back mirrors time a hang out, and it's a date, and it's with your family. It's like how am I know? Like how am I supposed to be like that weird burden on not? But definitely I mean Taco Bell day it was going to be the worst page. But that's weird. That's what if it was out of the Taco Bell. You think you'll eat fast is free taco. Oh, well, that's cool. That's cool. You ordered all his food, and it was like, oh, without, you also get a free taco and here you go. Yeah. I mean, I've already talked about the ravioli date. Yeah. What was that? I went on a date with a girl, and we went to a place like an Italian place. And like I love raviolis house, very hungry. And I was like, I bet I can eat all these raviolis and like under like ninety seconds. Oh, I did I cleared. They'll have any like roughly. This is like a full plate is like a meal where you like, hold on, like all the tomatoes out of the way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. While you're doing this like cheer you on? No. She was just like watching it hard. He was like this is the word. Yeah. Now she's married now, but yeah, not not too. Sure is not, not to me. So like you finish. The Brad Bulis didn't think barb. I picturing put the napkin in your shirt to ready to white good faith, and then you're just like so what do you do for a living? The number one thing that the girls hate not every girl. But a lot of girls, they don't like to eat in front of guys and they definitely don't like to eat alone in front of guys. And I created both of those scenarios. So so you were done as done. Nothing gone down with my handful. How old are you? This is two thousand and eleven so God, Tony too old still too old. Yeah. God, you wear the worst. Yeah. It was awesome. I loved it. It was awesome. Asam man awesome time. I don't even know what I would do in that scenario because I don't care about eating in front of guys. I don't know if I've ever sat a date with somebody that I'm not seriously. Dating eating alone. Like I don't think I'd be able to do that, like Syria. I've eaten in front of like my boyfriend alone, a million times. But, like was it a first date that stuff gets weird? I feel like people get weird about like, are you going to drink or not should, I drink or not? I don't wanna be the only one drinking. And it'll be the only one eating I get it. It's all we're order for you. Oh. That is so weird. I have never once considered doing that. And I think that is like on a year, either, like your old old school thing or your douche where you're sharing. So, I think or I can imagine if I was like, like my took you to a very unique spot that I knew and you didn't. And I was just like a conversation. Here's here's our words. He's like I got this is family style. Or like let me, you know get this with the special whatever, but even then I think I would recommend it to you. And then, like you can say it if you want, if you were like, hey, I recommend this seemed like why don't you just order for me, that's way different than just, I'm just show have show, the hard taco? Have you seen waiting? We've talked about this, the Ryan Reynolds movie where the guy sits out, and he's like, oh, have a Jack Daniels, and he was like, she'll have a water. Well, it's our anniversary. Give her coke. I saw a bid on Instagram Wednesday. When Whitney Cummings posted, it, she was on a date, and the waiter came and gave the Bill to the guy just like, you know, automatically gender roles and he like took it and like, like, thank you. My good man. And then it was like, slid it over to her, because she was the one paying she was like fuck that, like, I'll pay the Bill, but you don't get to take it from the waiter and make it look like you're the ones. Yeah. The credit you don't get credit for paying for it. If you're gonna ride my fucking amount right else, I get down with that. I like that. I think all the all the girls get offended by that or is it still like flattering like pays for things. I like when guys pay for things. Yeah. And I was so broke, I would just go on for like both of you are like successor live women like tries to pay for you. You like no, I make my own money. I'm good dude. I mean I will not let somebody pay for every single thing of mine. I will offer back. I can I can I think that's something that's still pretty much standard. Yeah. And it's like I also like, I'm not saying if I went out with her, I was like, I know she can pay for dinner. I'm not saying you broke it's still. It's just there Alecos. Yeah. I would never be offended if. Yeah. Go. It works. All right. Let's let's call it a day chicks. The officer up next page. Thank you for coming by make sure you follow page on all social media watch golf thing, and modeling and all their funny pretty stuff, and we'll be back same time same place tomorrow for a Friday this of c c k. There are certain times where, you know, we're gonna start the show and it's like what are we talking about today, and we're just gonna kinda, basically was just kind of wing it. And sometimes there's a lot going on. Sometimes we're just going to pick a couple of topics here or there. But the top of the show is often very much like on a whim. But I just said to tweet right now. I said you're going to want to tune into c- CK, right? Off the top right off the top of the show, because we're doing a little storytime here we go. We're going to do a little letter reading, because, because the love letter has arrived, and let me tell you something. It yeah. It is something you can't call that. A love letter not call. What I received in the mail today. A love letter. Casey, is it a letter is a letter. Yes. Is it written by someone who is in love with you? I don't know. I thought you just because he's a fucking creep doesn't mean he's not alone. This, you could call creep letter gross ladder, a creepy love hunter. I just preface before you read this that ebony brought it over to my desk. So I told her yesterday, I said, hey, there is supposed to be a letter coming. It's this whole stick that we've been doing on K for a little bit. If it comes like, please make sure that he bring it to me, as soon as you see it. So it doesn't get lost in the mix. Whatever she comes over. She hands it to me. I open it. I read halfway through hundred hand into Frankie. I'm Mike Frankie. I can't read this. Can you read it Frankie gets halfway through? It can't read it hands it off. And it gets all the way around everybody at the desks. And I don't know if anybody got all the way through it the first time through well Cuba's already on the line. Well about shooting me, call up at one one o'clock on the dot so he's and you know what? Keebler you're gonna sit right there for a little while. So fuck Keebler like half the letter was like shitting. I know what the fuck do that. Well, that's seems to be a theme here, by the way, everyone thinks they have to go through me to get Casey. I'm just the one that saying, hey, you need to have, like a certain set of standards before I would approve of it, and the to either like the bomb like or pimp, you're like, well, let's calm down here, but I have said on the record multiple times the two of you when it comes to content for these love letters, these poems wherever the two of you have to be involved. Yes. Because I'm not going to go on. On some unsolicited date by myself. So I understand that they have to get through you guys. But the shitting on both of you is gonna make me happier. They should on Jaren. Funny way they should on me and like very rude, personally. I like love both of you. Why would they want? Why would they want to go after you to my heart? That's just not going to work. So, so. In case you haven't been listening in the past couple months. This has been going on for a while a couple of guys have called in hitting on Casey, asking to take her out. Casey said, why don't you write me, a old school love letter? This is the first guy to ever actually follow through on the handwritten. Now I got those Valentine's Day Valentine's Day cards where where it started. There was some sex dungeon talks. This is just been a running theme for a while. But this little creep Keebler, who's four foot. Eleven has seen him before. Do we know what he looks like, well Rio winters and scream earlier? Oh, yeah. Definitely. Need to know what he looks like so that he can actually do that right now? Just so I can kind of have not, what's it called last FM or some shit last asked FM radio last FM radio? This guy is I guarantee his Instagram's gonna go private or be deleted any moment, because once the people here, your letter, my friend. I would also like it on record. I didn't know if we should even read this on the air, Casey, actually said that. Oh my God. You see this chest tattoo. Oh God like a gigantic, like bald eagle on his chest. Oh, no KC. Now, I will say this. I haven't looked at the Instagram rea-. This kid has a light is give him that picture with the girl. So he's talked to looks like hillbilly. She looks like he looks like he's trying to be on the bachelor, but he's from like Kentucky. Nice color is yeah. He does. I haven't looked at the Instagram at Rio. He has a chest tattoo that is like a gigantic like bald eagle or something like that. He's kind of got, like a faux hawk thing, going, which makes me want to kill them. Here's here's him in a fucking, bow tie, like like a weirdo. But, but overall overall on the binary scale of like ugly, or good looking guy, trends, more towards good-looking. He's not like he's not like a creature. No, no, no, no, no. Now. He's he's four foot ten confirmed Freeman species. Right. So, so just just as you had this in mind, it's not like he's like a five hundred pounds slob or like you know, he's got like no teeth or something like that. Like he's an actual human beings. He's four foot nine but he's like normal looking look. Well, you just hold on wait to see if he's normal. Well, normal looking I said, now, this is the letter which Evan waiting for you gonna edit some of that. I think I'm the only thing is, is you take a vote what and you guys behind the glass can do this as well. What she should raise your hand if you think I should read this verbatim everybody. For me every. Say again, before we get to this, there was, I watched every person that read this note, and I knew exactly what point that they were getting say, we're going to get you. I was going to say everyone's raising their hands. Go idea, a couple of words here where you're going to get into heaven, Kevin literally just said, all right. Everyone who's present that can hear this put your hand up if you want me to read this in a look like the people in the control room or doing the wave. But again, I could edit this a little bit. But everyone, I just want everyone to realize if you're tuning in right now, if I have been told to read this verbatim, and I'm not I'm not gonna be happy about saying, these some of these words, let's begin maybe can I get some music? Yeah, it gets in. We knew some, some soft like, romantic Jordan. Here's my concern. Is that if somebody tunes into, and there's no music that they're going to think that you're just talking this way. And I can't have that, like, I can't have you talking to me that way without people understanding, I might have periodic pauses, where I say, again, these are not my words, this keyboards words because if you tune in, in the middle of it, and you think that this is just my love letter to Casey or Milo, Leonard, anybody that you would wanna throw me in jail this, right? Here is pre crime. I feel like I'm going to have to deliver this to the authorities after this up there, where people I'm not going to name names to, because I don't want to throw them under the bus out there that were legitimately telling me that I needed to ask for high. They were there. We need to hire Casey a security guard three s a music. Let's okay. For a couple of years, the only girls that caught my eye barstool were Fran. Kate RIA, and E then one day listening to KFC and Jared, I hear the most amazing voice in my life. This woman sounds like she smokes a pack a day, and won't stop talking about Texas. I resent that line, by the way, I don't think the Casey sounds like no. And also, even if you did not a great star for a love letter. Now, thank you. I had to find out if KFC brought an ugly girl onto his show because he would probably try to fuck any hot chick in the office. When you when you finally said, your name, I jumped Instagram to find the most fuck -able girl. I have ever seen every photo on your. I g makes my dick tickle not even tingled tickle like that sounds like an S your dick should not tickle it should tingle. Maybe you're a lover of sports wearing that. Oh my God. She's wearing is wearing headdress. Yeah, you're a lover of sports wearing that tight red dress and the fact that you're a lover of the aggies lets me know. No, you're pretty easy. I started writing this on. Yeah. He's not great so far. I started writing this on paper, but every time I got done with the first paragraph. My handwriting would get progressively worse, mainly because you're I g would make me want to touch myself and my hands would start to shake. I say your name over and over again for inspiration, just saying your name makes my nipples go hard. KC K, A, Y C. It isn't spelled normally it's actually spelled like the runner up to a trailer park, beauty Queen contest, still saying your name makes me think of the most beautiful things in life the Grand Canyon the rocky mountains. And of course, your eyes, those eyes have seen so much, you survive cancer, progress in your career and have probably taken fifty seven Dicks to the face. I know once you see me all of that audio or by the way, all of that will be forgotten. You said to me that you were five eight and that you quote never go. Oh for someone shorter than you. If you live by that rule, you'll never find true happiness. I can give you more than you ever imagined. I promise every girl, I give my heart to the same thing. These are the three things he promises one I will eat you out every morning not caring if it's a little yeast. Ye Steve, but that would breeze. Kevin, I'll just spit on that bitch, and go to town. Number two, I will never flirt with another girl, so you don't have to worry about me. Pulling a KFC number three. I will never be douche. Let's be honest, no one needs to act like Jared's if you're looking for money, clean shot, I don't have it. You're looking for communication. I listened to your podcast all day. I don't want to hear your voice when I get home. If you need someone to trust I'll lie about how I didn't check out L E in the elevator. Don't focus on what I can't give you though, focus on what I can sex and lots of it. You'll always be the most beautiful woman in the room. You'll always bring a smile to my face. And I'll always go to bed thinking about you, unless France Francis this and lights, which he here's, I'll wrap this letter up with a quote, everything's bigger in Texas that stands, very true. Just by looking at you, your heart, your smile your generosity and asks, you will always be the love of my life. And even if you don't find this letter to open your heart to me, we can always agree. On one thing. Fuck. Jared, yours truly the shortest manual ever love Keebler. I just want to say everybody behind this glass, I turned around at that exact moment, when I knew they were gonna react, I think all of them were like damn. I wish you would've added. He's looking at your brother. I now upset yeasty. Yeah. That's a little yeast in action. Okay. Let's stop yeast. That's all that's definitely a line that he's probably used before. I feel like that's not something that you creatively, come up with and also sounds like some direct experience of you just spit on it. And like, yeah, that sounds like someone who was dealt with. China. Honestly, don't wanna talk about that's fine. I guess what we are. No, no better. But I don't wanna hear that word one more time down on you. Even when it's east e- every morning is it looks commit a leather couch is he is a he's a go getter. I mean he's four foot eight and it'll eat you realize. What, what's the real height? He's four foot ten now these five three. It doesn't matter if you're below five, you might as well be five four no this guy could be six five. This guy's a fucking. It just doesn't matter ultimate creep early job, you wrote you that letter. How would you feel Leonardo DiCaprio would never write me a letter? What if he did that what if he wrote that exactly if Leo said he would eat your UCD pushed she'd be like oh, yeah. Does it all? I just can't fathom Leonardo DiCaprio, how romantic he is in movies that he would ever write something like that. But the before you even get to that rule like Kevin pointed out there was like so many insult yet used, you took Fifty-seven Dicks to the face. You sound like you'd smoke a pack a daily talk about Texas, which is just false, your CB. What does that even mean got a big ass? And it sounds I mean, I'll take that sounds like he wants to fuck Elian Fran over, you keep mentioning them. Fran. Read that. And goes I wish my name was not in this. She was I really talked about that. Check out Elian the elevator. The only girls I caught his eye Frank. Adria L E the what he really did was put himself completely in a corner, because if he just freaked me out everyone like, oh my God. But then now he's also freaked out all the other girls, mentioning them in the letter, which, again is not a good tactic. Now, if you want to put a face to this, by the way, again, going and Ceram before he makes a private because I'm sure you already has last FM radio. Ray the second letter that I got like the little like caveat. Sorry, this took so long as you can tell my handwriting is awful. So I typed it up, if you like it, you have to follow me on I g last FM radio. He is, by the way, he also put his address on them bullet which is a wild man. That's like the scene in. Seven when the dude just walks into the police station. Comfortable. Thank you, just walk by and saw you holding. The letter goes. Everybody that's walked by that sees Kevin holding these two piece of paper. But you can't believe most of it is insulting to you. The only thing that is objectively like grossed out is the salon. I mean it's all creepy. Don't get me wrong. But I'm saying the only thing that makes you really you really drawing the line at yeast, these days ceases, a pretty tough one. I like UCF Jain is about the grossest thing I can think of end to put that in a love letter that's been hyped up for two months. He's trying to say that he'll love you. No matter what to look at the underlying message. He'll fit on that bitch, and go to town. He insulted, basically, my entire life. Yep. Well, I mean you said that you sound your name the benefit of the trail. Fifty seven Dick's. Yeah. I mean he went he went low on that you want conservative their castles. He went conservative. Maybe like, you know her senior year. God maybe yacht week. That. So I mean show we talked to him, I don't know. I feel like maybe this one of those, this is one of those things where again, I, I get mad at Jared on a daily basis, I talked to you, Kevin. But in reality, like YouTube are kind of the gatekeepers of this. I think he needs to talk to the two of you. I think he needs to hear from the two of you. Where if you guys give the green light to talk to me that you want to send you want to step out for a second. Yes. Why don't you wanna hear it? And I don't want to Jared. We'll talk to Casey. Now, are we going to talk to him as if talked to Cuba? We're going to talk to him as if we're like older brothers for. We're gonna talk to them like we're buds Kayla's try to get this check the Faulk you. There should be out. Good comeback. I feel like all right. Which one do you wanna do you be like, the, let's fuck grow? And I'll be the older brother, sort of thing. Okay. Okay. Keebler from Tampa. You creepy scumbag what's going on? I don't know why you're laughing laughing. All right. Hold up more. Everyone freaks out on me. I had two options here. I could write that love letter. Traditionally may get hundred felt and go from there, or I can make it the most memorable thing possible, and just go comedy central roast on and get everybody involved that way. No one will forget it. So I went that route well that you should have written to be like, read this one first, and then how it'd be like, oh my God. That's so adorable. It'd be like, read this one second, and it's not one or a true words, Smith can come up with a way to kind of capture. Both you don't be a complete fucking weirdo creep talking about yeast. But you still are clever. Funny enough to, to full. Very beautiful, like the Rockies and the Grand Canyon. Yeah. You did say that definitely. I again, I would take the over on the fifty seven. Dick's, but when you're talking about Casey, in this letter, I do think that you brought up the other like you might have had a shot if you like made her laugh with the even with the creepy nece, but if you were to rank on hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I mean, you did say she's easy if you went through the power rankings friend, Ellie and Casey. And then you also mentioned RIA, there any other that you mentioned Fran Kate rea- Ellie, okay? Power rank those girls Casey's still your number one or is Casey. I don't even I can't even use the word still because the sound me to rank every girl in the office now. No, no. Don't don't wear it on. Where does she just sounds like he's, he's not the top omit the other names, whereas Casey? Do things the coolest one. I know it probably what else has been. Yeah. I love I love cake. But you didn't see if she's number one or not. That just sounds like you don't like her. Yeah. That sounds like like you're a manager. Baseball team in the we're we're asking you if the pitcher is going to stay in the rotation like well we'll figure it out. You just said, she's cool. Yeah. That's like, when you know when you say like a factor was cute. I know for a fact. I know my short half, I know perfect. It would never happen, she's cool. She's hot to tell if I got opportunity. Absolutely. But that would I would never have our end. Did you think this was going to give you a shot? No. I just wanted to make everyone laugh the wrath off. Well, it made everyone you creeped. Everyone's ass out. How about that, man? Help do that. I remember calls. Well, you know, some people subscribed to the idea, there's no such thing as bad publicity. I don't know about that. Man. I don't know about that. I think if you're, I think if you're the little midget, he talks about east pussy, that's not the publicity want answer Kevin's question from before we brought you on. Have you had experience with, like where what was the inspiration for that line? Have you dealt with the pussy before? No, I was going for shock and on that one. And I would just like what is the nastiest thing I could come up with and that was it? Okay. Do you wanna talk to your girl? I mean we can. Absolutely, okay. Can you come back in, please? So Keebler has as has backtracked on pretty much everything and is saying while I was just trying to be funny. I was just going for shock and awe. I knew I didn't have a chance with her to begin with. So I was just going to try to make people as many people laugh as I possibly could are you does that change your opinion or your thought about this letter at all? Casey. I don't know. I mean yeah some of the parts are really funny. Obviously he said you've ever dealt with the vagina, he was just going for shock and awe. And that he you know, he the only reason he mentioned other girls because he thinks you're just so unattainable. But what about all the insults, where those come from? Going for more like I was watching comedy, central roasts that night, and I was going for like a basically a roast of everybody. So basically roasting you at the same time, which I thought was a good touch in my opinion. Yeah, usually what I'm trying to fuck. Somebody added roast their whole life. Okay. All right. So you're seeing I had a chance eighteen gonna go ahead and save that. I'm just saying that you hype this up as if you thought you how to chance. And in my opinion, I was like, well, let's see if this guy is what can Shakespeare with a love letter in. I've always been told if you can make a woman laugh, I didn't laugh there was. No. There was no lab. That's where I think you have grossly. Miscalculated ways brought this letter up to me and she put it on the table in front of me. And I thought I didn't know it was a letter. I thought she was like, presenting me like a five million dollar lawsuit. I just want to also let you know, because now the this out in the open that I didn't find it funny, not one barstool employees looked at that, and even kind of cracked, it was all all discussed was not one and I'm talking about, and I'm not even talking. Well, I'm not even talking about just the girls because the girls didn't even read it till later. I'm talking about every single content mail that has picked it up that usually talks pretty gross did not even crack a smile when they read it. Keebler Naina smile. I only laughed when, when I got to the tight readdress park because you I got golly wearing tight right Prescott that is just stunning timing. Yeah, I laughed at that. I got a chuckle out of the fifty seven. Thanks, because I was like, who that was the funny that if any part, I could look at them like that was funny. That was funny. But again, it's not like this guy. That's so sweet to cases only taking thousand just that got him. But yeah, no, I don't think that you maybe laugh at all or anybody else. I apologize festivus out with every girl that I've known, and they all laughed and said in that right now. It's Larry, that's why I swear, honestly, I think you're just missing out on who I am as a person. So I think I need to redo that. Listen. We are done, bro. You have made me laugh on air like the call that you had about your boss, and being whipped, and all that, that was really funny. I think that you might have tried a little bit too hard in this, and I don't know what girls are laughing at Ye see vagina, and I'll spit on that bitch, and go to town, but they are not the same Cal Amy Schumer die. That's minds that funny. I really don't that made everybody cringe instead, did you at least come to the conclusion that you will never ever, forget about that letter? Now he's got you. Pussy there. That's like the give the dude on the bench and was just like. Yeah, that's. The most people don't forget like the serial killers. Try to kill him on a daily basis. But I mean you know, he's clearly subscribes to the no such thing as bad publicity. And I think maybe sometimes there is a yeah, well, I'm now concerned about all these girlfriends that have read over this letter, like, who were they date, when he says, girlfriends means bodies in the freezer. These are the voices that talked to him that he is. He's got chopped up at the base for rea- watch by when I was outside. And she's I honestly cannot believe that anybody thought that letter should be read on air. I Kevin read it. I don't know. Oh, no. It definitely needs to be read on air. I can't believe that someone send it, you don't receive a letter like that with a recurring caller, and then does not. But see the other love letters that I blog and stuff, they're usually tame enough and funny enough. Like I roasted that guy that wanted to take me to coffee, the guy that called in with the poem yesterday. But I you can't put that on the blog, like you can physical. Why would I want that on the blog Kevin's going to block it? Yeah. Tony. Okay. I'm not I'm blogging. Nobody Kevin you should absolutely actually able or have you can maybe send me the electron file. So I can cut and paste it. I don't want to type this. So go ahead and just forward I went over there, also remain. Email. You just send it over KFC parcel, sports dot com. You also might wanna start like your run from the law because you sent the authorities there. So you are now if you the. So you have, like a five minute headstart? Just go ahead and best of luck while you're on the run. I appreciate a guys and Casey, I want you to know deep down. I really did love you. Make you laugh. Thank you. Outta here you in grief. Joe? Wow. Let's let's hear from the people on the love letter here. Eric from Philly. What do you got on Shakespeare over there? Once I've everyone, I mean, that was the most disappointing weight of two months, I've ever I could imagine. That was beyond creepy was only funny because of how you delivered it. I almost crashed my car when the cab that was listen. I mean I can't say it's disappointing because it no it's winning. It was disappointing from, like romance on that. I'll just run on saying the payoff of it being the absolute worst thing is the is the entertainment, like I think. This is not a good way Jarrett. I wit here I wish you just had the rock like, like piped up for him. You have you know what I mean? You read a letter, but it does. Put forward noon of champlin Smith. Want to call? Call Greg from Ohio, and you got on. Oh, oh, I don't know if I thought that that was great. I think we're going to dub this letter gate, correct. Yeah. Why not a gate on Eastgate? Yeah. Yeah. No. So this week, we've had. Spain for you. East. We can do the wicked witch of the yeast. You haven't. Been drinking today. What's wrong? Line. I like it. I like the wicked witch of the east. He's Eastern Conference all stars the Easter bunny. Jerry takes the cake. I'm gonna hang up. And listen, that's actually from now on. He was dubbed Keebler because he's a midget. He's gonna the Easter bunny is real special. The Easter bunny. You know, you know, he's got he's got a radio show or something. There's there's, there's a lot of self serving bullshit in their years. Probably just trying to like be memorable or whatever. But to. To ever do that. Like, like even a lot, a lot of people do whatever they can to get the attention of people at barstool and get their blogging or get their call in brought in a fucking Wallaby. Right. But, but, but even that, even if I was desperate, if you wanna get out of my cube job, and this, was my dream and all that. I don't think I would ever go this route. I just don't think I would say east, I think the. It was it was going to land on one side of the spectrum or the other. Yeah. No one was going to be like, right. Right. Right. I just the try hard humor for me is is just some of the worst that's exactly outlets. Like fifty seven Dick's and all that shit is just like. You try to watch. Yeah. I, I think it would have been funny, if it was like a genuine like creepy love letter that wasn't. Yeah. Imagining implicit, imagine if he was just like a really like your company or not to treat you. Well, the guy who called in yesterday with the palm about being married, that was really funny that you can definitely make fun of me that guy actually did a good job, you can make fun of me like I'm not asking for you to like shower me with compliments but like you can make fun of being away. That's not like I'm roasting your whole life end by lamb and discussing human Fran just accused. Kevin did you see what she said? What would you say? She said that if I get murdered, it's on you and she waiting over, and over like it happened. You Kevin Clancy was not make this about you Fran Easter bunny. Keep it moving France, not about France, everybody, that's walking by with seeing you at the paper is just a little concern for my Welby that I'll tell you what I don't know what company work at anymore because I what I can't read a love letter. And I don't talk about snatch now. Now, my barstool man, you didn't to be. You didn't talk about snatch you just repeated as repeated that boy, this place is up in arms over little little fucking love letter, cheesy school rice, lips stool over parts. Whereas I wonder if we can get a deadspin spider has the most ill-fitting on ever seen in my life. Donald going on right now barstool. So Frankie Bo rally has officially he's officially about to move on to greener. Pastures is not from Barcelona from Dave's life. He's going to be, you know, he's, he's been doing a lot more for four play and it's exploding and is going to doing a great job, and it's time for Frankie to blossom as the third full member of four play, which he has been for like two years now. But Dave, you know, he's, he's been more known as Dave's pizza guy, and all that shit. So it's time for him to get credit of his own. And so he's moving on. And so now David's replacement this is what they've does he, he had Hank had Frankie, and now he's got to have a new guy, and there are a select few that have been chosen to be like the finalists, and I think borstal radio actually put up a. Poll pole. So even know how this is a question to be completely honest. So the finalists seemed to be. Dana spider jet ski and then the poll, I saw through. Tyler o'day in there, which I don't know if that was a joke or Wyoming. Dave hates Tyler, yeah. That's so that, that can't be hit him. So Dana is really Dana jetski and spider spider now. Dana has all of the video experience. He makes the parcel documentary. He's worked with mix tape and PMT. He can edit videos and create videos, which is kind of the crux of pizza reviews, no to shoot an edit them. But I heard as I heard jetski ran up in the office and gave like an impact, like a passionate speech about how he is taught himself how to edit and create and produce and that he was, like, you know, this intern who then jumped on the breakfast crew. And he's been editing the blog and the and the show and working with them. An apparently Tommy was like imprint what jets gay headphones in because he's offering to his his wrap. That's the whole. That's, that's what people are going after him for it. That's the knock on jet skis that he only cares about his music career. I mean, I think he can. I think. Yeah, you can work. I agree to both. But that's what people keep doing it on the bus for. So you're, you're down to the finalists here to be Dave's. New right hand man. And I was just saying, like if you know, Dana has the huge edge right now in video, editing and production, but as I understand, Tommy said that you ran up in dean's office, and gave a very passionate speech, that was really persuading. Yeah, I would say Dan, definitely has more long-term experienced, but within the last, like four months, I mean, I had never edited anything and then the breakfast shows like we wanted to log right started doing that kind of, told myself in the flower, we want to do an after show, we wanted to do all these different like one off thing. So I kind of pick my hands up. Pity camera to my hands four months ago. And I'm putting out like the revision does every week I think they're pretty solid. So as far as that's concerned, like with pizza review, editing. I don't think it would be something that I couldn't do. That's interesting because pizza review editing is one of the more basic idea if dad some some graphics and not to minimize what Dave and Frankie do. But as far as the technical requirements, you like piece things together. It's more that it's a daily thing. Everyday gotta be on your toes, kind of be Dave guy. I think it's more than just editing. It's also kind of being personable around so. Celebrities and haven't had a lot of high profile guys. But we get some big names on the breakfast show. And I'm always talking to people bringing them at the office. I'm not very nervous in that regard. So I think it's my definitely do interesting. So the logistic standpoint because I was worthy knock on Dana. Is that Dana is bad with Gina planet said, I'm not good. It's not my strong suit would just kind of big for the guy who travels and moves and gambles invites and flies and all that shit constantly trying to find new locations to go to yes. Like it's all logistical, we'll for the better part of a year as far as, like time management, I've been able to get in for a morning show from coming from Long Island that starts, basically, essentially, at six thirty to set everything up. So, I think time management, I'm pretty good there. And like, logistically, I help out with as far as booking guests anything we do offsite. So I think I'm pretty good there as well work a nap in here, and there, and your time means Israel. The Naff sir here here and there. But the thing about Frankie Borelli does have some sort of intangible, Frankie nece that really does work with Dave like like he, he when he was filming dead-leg 's at the Super Bowl and the guys are like screaming at him. Frankie just like laughs at off. You just like you. I'm allowed to film this, like I don't care. He's very confident in that he sticks to his guns, and I don't know whether that's just like, well, I have to be like a half to put on this front because Dave will eat me alive. If don't or if it actually comes natural. But he is very just like cool, calm and collected because you're going to get yelled at you're gonna be around important people. You're probably going to get like arrested. At some point, you gotta deal with the blue brigade. All that shit. It is. It's a lot more about being able to like keep your cool kinda which I feel like you can do. Yeah, I definitely can do that. And I think it's also like being around Dave, you're kinda got you're kind of going to know when he's on like when he's going to do something hilarious. You gotta have your phone out and ready, like adding that's something I'm kinda always have keanae for when something's going to maybe pop off a little bit. Hence. Dancing with a fucking forty five year old woman, making make sure my friends, a quarter, like I know what's going to play on social and stuff. And I think I was. It was good. I didn't realize you were though. I thought no so she was bouncing around to, like all my friends, what was that Flynn's and firearm, which is like, basically seaside of fire or like all the we'd go, and it's a lot of fun. But it's a lot of testosterone and a lot of divorce as kind of running throwing their shit around. So I don't know she was kind of hopping around to all my friends, and then she came over my way. And I was like this is this is I'm gonna go with this little, I didn't make out though. She was making like three guys before. That was good way to catch cold sore. And I guess apparently the knock is that what you're to you're to focus on your career, to be Dave guy? I guess, dad Dana was saying that I'm all for myself and all trying to profit off of so you guys are sewer each other. Now, I wasn't doing I went in and pitched myself and then Dana was just like, oh, he wants to all he wants to use it for rat fame. There's no doubt like one working at Arcelor. If I was to be Dave guy like it would help me like musically, but just as it is already, I'm doing music on the side when I'm home. It doesn't take away. I'm not taking off from work to go to anything like that. Like this comes first as my actual job. So I don't really see how that could come into play anything. It'd be like, champagne problem. So we just hope they were suing each other. I heard you weren't, but Dana and spider, or Jessica personal like personal attacks. And then Dana start during Gaz onto the bus guys wasn't there. He started. Suturing Gaz was like I'm the only one that works on the documentary gadgets, fucking scrolls through Instagram. And I was like, you know, this is going to get sued for personal Dame's just sitting there loving, like the look on his face was just pure, and this is like his version of the bachelor. It's like instead of like girl. Fighting over for love. It's guys fighting over attention. It seems like nobody has is concerned about spider. I feel like you'd stay and you talk about each other, but his mitre a worry spider in my opinion has that Frankie, like, kind of, gene, where it's like he's calm. Cool collective under pressure can kind of handle any situation. I guess the biggest knock with him would be like the video production shit. He's never edited a video. Yeah. I don't know. Those spiderlike has videos of when he was in college and shit. And he was like doing little like one off, like YouTube video. So I'm sure he probably if you threw some shitting in premier for him he could edit it up. So I don't know. I'm definitely wouldn't count out spider out of it because because I know type of guy Dan is he's a fucking grinder. He's a hard worker, and always make the best of a situation, an logistically. I mean he has to deal with that stuff right now he is banned dramatically, and be right now, though. So that's tough. And he also fucked up field day. Disagree? Well, I'll tell you why is he didn't? But you did a great job. Of course. You think Pat? The poll is online that had Tyler o'day in there. That was a joke thing that was a Jessica, it's wants to make sure those taking with some of my vote so fucking if you're out there vote for me, don't vote for Tyler is it going going by votes or he's going to make, you know what he said, is there might be some type of like there's going to be I mean, he's gonna try this con- like almost like a tryout, I would imagine like some type of academic decathlon shit where it's like you gotta do pizza review form, do some type of physical activity will trigger book something for him. I don't know would love for this attorney into some sort of like tournament. It yeah. We're going to have to find a pizza place that he's never been to do is, maybe ask, Frankie, for some footage of an old pizza review and you re cut it and show him like this, I got something going then about to show about later today that he'll, I think he'll, like very much a different piece of content pizza review center that we do not have currently what a story I was surprised when I went when I heard your name in there anything you're capable of it. But it just I didn't think that you were in that, that you had the breakfast thing going, and I just didn't think you were on like Dave's radar. You know, I think it is, I think he thinks jetski can help them. Be cool earning, but I just think he not answering is only let it is help them hit maybe a different crowd. Maybe a little more ethnic, maybe more urban. He's like, oh, if I take jet ski to this, like, Atlantic City party like jetskis, cool, he's going to make me look cool. I mean I don't know at the same time though I could see David thinking that you're not cool. Dave doesn't think anybody's cool, except for like Caleb. Yeah. It's true. Well, I don't know. I think you might think that I'm fairly he thinks he said he thought it was a weirdo, but I think he thinks them. So I'm not trying to, like, whatever. Yeah. But there is some elements that's like you know, spider. You know, you bring spider, some of these events these parties. Like I said he's walking around the worst fitting suit of ever seen in my life, but he also doesn't care. So like when we're waiting in lines and like Atlanta, Minnesota, he just walked to say, you got some big people coming up, and like he has like he just when he was like trying to break up fights and rough and rowdy, you put people in head locks or getting putting headlock. Yeah. He's he has. No fear. That's for certain projects confidence. That goes along with he's the spider. All right. It's going to be an interesting, an interesting showdown here, free jetski. Thank you. I appreciate that. So go vote and keep your eye on. And I'm sure there will be a full blown like sponsored, you know, video of for sure, I can't wait for that, like I'm here for the competition really to the death. I mean all three of them were in his office with obvious this still seems cameras and stuff around, and they were just yelling at each other. Like just sitting burns like loving, for sure. I'll be honest. I, I knew the jet ski had been editing blogs and stuff. I thought Dana was kind of the shoe in for it because Dana is already been doing the pizza reviews like he did the one with Lindsey Vonn when he the one with her. So he obviously shot the documentary. But jetski just put together a very nice little speech. Well. That I think. I mean that was pretty good about it like in, you know, Frank you probably would never tell you. But it can't be that can't be the complicated. Instead. It's more Frankie has said and he was telling me about their it's more about, like just always having to be available. Yes. Like just Dave will be buckling. Why he was telling me at the, the. At the Stanley Cup and the other night like why was doing a few things up on the glass all the blues came up to him and, like we're hype them up, and like there was nobody capturing it, and Frankie had the camera rolling on day, one hundred percent of or rolling on them. One hundred hundred times he just knows that like you can't you're never there to just watch the game. You're never there to just hang out. You're always always filming. Like when we would go on the road for the college football show. Frankie produces the entire show. So he's not just date like he produces everything it's the graphics directs at all. And then as soon as it's done has a camera on Dave. So it's like he can't even do like never stops. Never stops. It's like he has to put together this massive, we've hired external people for shows like that before, and they produce it like you're supposed to produce like an EMMY award winning sports show. And it's like no, no, you're actually supposed to be filming like the fat guy over there while Dave talks to him, or whatever it may be like, it's, it's a totally different. That's why Blattman like killed it because he has that experience for the college football shows a him. And Frankie were just like a great do. Oh, but then at the very end of it, it's like you still have. Have a camera on David brings the greatest, what she does. She's missing camera and the rocket at all times in the shower. I can't wait till that girls. Like I gotta get outta here and never going to happen. Oh, it's going to happen. We've had like meetings with business people here, and they're like you guys have the best chemistry out of any talent producer. She's sick you. That's that's never going to happen, the whole it's going to hap-. How could you get sick of me? I'm sick of you. I get sick of you. Fuck you guys. Speaking of degenerates, we have David Blattman, speaking of people who dominate the rocket in all game. I mean, that's just not sure you watch it through the glass he nightmare. But he never beats me. You beat me movie play best of three. Okay. That's how you play. I told you, it's like you come to play in the DS, but you can't win in this World Series. That's just not true. Anyways. I have the statements to prove say you send him a ton of money. Don't you this? I kid has more money out of Iraqi percents challenge. We've only have you given him more money. He's, he's ever won a penny off. I've never beat him for money. I blues on purpose because his head is starving. How did you lose scissors on purpose because he's that talented? Yeah. Like I know what he's gonna throw. Throw really wish you went to build him out on that because he had no idea on. I just looked at you like you were dumb because I was dumb question. It's like the same way that you win. I know what you're gonna throw. Yeah. I just sorta the opposite. I beat him. When we put up money and like, all right? Yeah. Kids, he's birthday party me's on. He's the brains behind big brain. He's the new barstool series where we kind of take a page on shark tank and weren't talking. Entrepreneurs who are trying to get our so to invest in their company, their product or service. Whatever it may be episode out now. Or what out at two pm? Yeah. All right. So freshly out, you can go watch big brain right now. You were. You were pulling the strings on this. I had an advanced screening. I watched it last night. Very funny. You you're the puppet master on this one. I mean it makes it sound like it's only maybe. Yeah. There was. No, of course. Right. Hundred guys are on it or huge part of it. But of course so we had John Taffer. Micro-policy Acropole, Melena water day, poet. Right. And Tafer's an eight of the ten episodes. The other two erica's our other panelists on their interesting, obviously very like heavy shark tank. Undertones is there like who's the tough shar who's the easy shark like how many people got through? Are we going to see are these people going to be a part of the blog or is a separate from barstool who won, like what kind of companies one or without giving away, of course? Sure. Yeah. I believe it or not Dave's. Actually, the softest. I do believe that, that doesn't surprise sewed one. It's not that he's soft. He literally told one of the contestants that it was the worst idea he's ever heard in his life. He says it with a tone of like I'm on your side. I don't know about that one. That's a spins on. I don't tell you what it is. He might be like, I think the other guys might have been playing like he'll a little bit where it was like I'm gonna roast you. Whereas Dave is like, if I think your idea is good. I will tell you. What's good is bad. I will tell you what's bad, right? So he's like the fairest where I think. The Tafer's here. He's, he's there to an end ripple reportedly. I don't know much about them. But I, I heard him recently call onto francesa talking Saint John's basketball, he flock, Dave is, actually, the one who was like. Well, all right. Let me hear you out. I I'm gonna just like smoke you right? Yeah. It's kind of ruthless, sometimes like for the most part. It's pretty pretty fair. But they get pretty ruthless a lot of times where you almost start to feel bad for certain I embarrassment. I mean these time these common with this is their moment or what all their eggs in this basket, or this is their baby. And like it was a build up to this moment. Right. Everything you work for, like. And this is it. It's this or bus rally, I'll just go back to my regular thing. Like I took a swing at the fences here like this hasn't work. I'm out of. If you have a good if you have a good idea or a good product or good company, you're going to get the barstool bumped from being on the show, and then if they all just roasts you and tell you to fuck off, it's like you're getting, but there's still a little abundance like shark tank like something obviously, if they get the shark tank bump, and they get through, then it's like huge like cousins, Maine lobster is like right on my block in New York and interest shark tank all over. But at least there will be some people that will feel bad for them if they get roasted unless it's just the worst idea of all time at the end of the day, a lot of people are just getting free market. Exactly is awesome. But we have such a powerful audience that it's like some of these people it's like you'd your tanked. So what episode is flashing salon in this one. Fleishman is real. Yes. So they went and like their thing is selling the hair vitamin Gumy's online. And I think it was reportedly was just like this is stupid. Like you're selling Gumy's in your salon. There's nothing to work and they really. No. We're not selling them this law. And we're selling it online, and it was just like a miss community. Nation on like what the actual business idea was. But then, as I understand it Erica. Have you gone to her yet area? Flavored apparently went like toe to toe with John Halford. Shortly afterwards a little bit later. I can't confirm that they want a little toe to toe. Yeah. He got a little heated contentious, she doesn't fuck around five times, and she's like a pit bull. She's, she's very stressed about her hair. So when they weren't understanding it and they weren't giving credit. She was just like fuck you do when is that episode come out? It's towards the Anna wanna say, oh, well, yeah, it's ten episodes told I wanna say, she appears an episode six maybe it was I was like, oh, boy, does that she was just feeling barstool fan. I mean she she she's advertised case radio. We have a campaign coming up. She's a big fan. She was like, I, I mean I thought I remember thinking, like Dave might be the problem because Erica, friends, and Dave doesn't like me. And then when like, Dave actually was fair to them, and it was the other guys who are like, you know, what are you going to sell haircuts? Like, no, we, we do cut here, but we're selling these go. And they just didn't get it. And when they didn't get it, it got very. And then I believe there was some comments like, well, you know about hair you don't have any. Fireworks can't confirm. Inflation, and I don't know. I mean, they obviously didn't impress them, but I think they got their money's worth as far as exposure and whatnot talk shit. So I don't like Barcelona Barcelo being a judge on that. I can't imagine like when there's real money on the line and people like you know what? If you tell them story like I took I took out a second mortgage on my house for this. Like can you do it? And you're just like fuck that stupid, I would be terrible judge. Because I'd be like, okay, I'll just go buy it, but I don't want to ruin your life. Yeah. You know, maybe it'd be better for like a spoof version of rat would probably it's not actual lives on the line. Joy, so do that to one contestant where he was like this idea sucks. But here is like X amount of dollars a little consolation shit. Yeah. So like cash the sponsor of the show and they actually gave us a bunch of money to like, give out to different contestants through, like people were not Worley empty-handed, not every single one got money. So people who didn't get investments that Dave was kind of, like I like you. I like where you're going for us. Here's five thousand dollars. Sounds like yeah. So it's not we're not investing unless I got like the perfect deal, I'd probably prefer that here's five grand to doing what you're doing. No, no. He said, here's five grand try something else. Here's, here's five thousand dollars that don't put it to this payment of, like, I wanna make fun of you on this video. Yeah. Here's five thousand dollars to say. I'm sorry. I'm actually. That I would ever watch the show on actually very honored that you knew I watched the whole thing saying. That's a lot. I would have bet my life that he went to watch a second. I watched all of it was like half hour, ten episodes, all like half the other half about half hour each every Wednesday for the next ten Wednesdays and like is there. Where are we now in business with several? Yeah so spoil it. But, like spoilt you know much when you do something like this, it's like is this for the content or is this for the business? I'd say very much both like we make a handful of like legitimate investments with companies. And we're going to start promoting. I mean at the end of the day, you know, yeah, it's great content, but we're also putting very real money into this so far rescue with top Taffer, where it's like you always hear a story like a year later, they ended up shutting down or a year later. They continue to thrive and you don't really know. But all you do know that Taffer got his TV show out of it. Right. Exactly. But yeah, that's gonna be interesting, if like because that is that I think is really the future because as we can't you can't put your name on a Powell, you can't make a joke. Any more like just having investments that aren't related to the jokes and the content that was something else that happened in the first episode is, Dave is, like, all right? Let's do business. But he has to decide like do I put barstools name on it because, you know, we want this to be. Successful. And we don't wanna get not accepted because the barstool right Asian, right? So he's investing in something. And it's like all right. Well can we even put the barstool name on it? All right. That's for sure. Subsidiaries and yeah, shell companies and that kinda shit. We're gonna even have to worry about the drama or the blowback, or does it even make sense? You know what I mean? Like, why would bar slows name be attached that just have it be? But the thing is Dave loved everything to be under Dave's brain. I mean, the big brain here, this, Dave, it's not the it's not you brought her. I'm not I'm not. Yeah. Don't get it twisted. There's not multiple big brand is very untwisted. Very. Very, very straight. All right. So you watch it on the app and Barsha sports dot com. Big brain episode one out, now, ten in total beyond look over my girl Fleischmann talking that shit and. Get my sides cut. She wants to. She wants to like rock with the sides on my I, I gotta fade it up. Now. You look great. I, I usually listen to her. So she does new nice work. Then you should give it a shot. All the guys that get their hair done by her. Have fantastic here the, the, the sides are little short usually get roasted for your hair being the same length as your beard back in the day. Yeah. Yeah. I told him I saw someone on social media call. You said you looked inbred because of that. Yeah. Which I don't even know what the correlation between that one. But I get it like I get it. And now it's just not that case anymore. Now we're Rockin now. You're handsome fuck. That's right. Blattman just gassing. Jared up. Hasn't been fucking Zimbabwe Dubai's, and Bob way coming back, not soon. Enough ever him. It's my one man hype team. That's right fired. If you put out a hair gel, I would buy it, what about hair gel. Would you put out a hair out? He would buy he's crocs or by your hair. I think you have good hair. Now, the problem is you have to understand, crocs is a fucking idiot this, Joel. This is saying, if you came up with my own, it also like crocs even saying like a hair hair gel, like it's nineteen Ninety-seven and you're like agreed going out of here. Joe, I did the hair gel thing in middle school. Which is yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We all did LA looks in middle school remember Sunan. Oh, yeah. All those tips, baby. I never do the frost tips. But I knew planning guys, did I didn't do Feroce tips, but I did bleach my hair and then it looks like frosted tips, by the time that you have Ephron look like you see, Ronnie PMT with the blonde. Yeah. Like platinum hair out because and Babe Ruth thousand the pirates. So we all like bleach our hair for the summer. And then by the time school started in September. It looked like we had frost because it just grew out. Yeah. Yeah. I wish I could pull it look like when Rudy did it like really. Actually locked it. Yeah, it was like he knew that he was gonna came up with that bet did I know. Hoping to lose. He said Trojan horse Grenell thing, I know what's going on here. Yeah. Speaking of Grenell Portnoy, I was making fun of on the other day. I wanna see where you stand. So during the galley and during a lot of times the guys crew was name tag. Anti-gang crew. They put the name tag on says, Hello, my name is, and you're right. Some sexual innuendo or some joke and you kind of use it as like a party prop and like an icebreaker and Dave aided it aided. And because Grenell said, hi, my name is and it said I eat asked on the first date. Okay. And he didn't like that. And so this is this is like the bubbly gang and, and Gaz was the one who, like three hundred the Boston put the picture out there, but day went off about the idea of bringing props to the bar, which I understand, has a forty. What's Dave's almost fifty now? I get that as I understand at that age put your bring props to the bars, whatever. But, like I don't think of it like a prop I think, is like you bring like a fuck in tech of car thing. Yeah. Like a name tag is like that name tag was not great. That's the problem. Is that what he wrote on? There is lame. But I don't any name tag is not great at a bar, and maybe that's because I'm thirty but I just seen it works. So it's like if it works who care. I couldn't imagine that, we're using a proper. Far. I am the prop. Here like the amount of if the goal is just like. You know, draw attention and get people to like talk like the Nien-tai works, every time the problem that Grenell walked right into is doing anything that Gaz tells you to do anything like the fact that he thought that, that would end well in any form or fashion when Gaza's it's like when he comes up to me, and he'll have journals hand broken in the picture, though. I dunno air cast on or something his hand actually, broken never time Gaz hands, you something, I don't care what it is and says, put this on or whatever. And let me take a picture. You say no immediate. I can't believe he's little finger man. He's the least trustworthy person in the world. But if you know if you know that it's like it's, it's a blast like hanging out gas is great as long as you keep at arms ever, do anything he says. But the people who are still get gassed, it's crazy. I think I've, we've all figured him out. That's the sort of thing is not some of us have some. But like even the people that have figured him out. Still fall for the bait. Yeah. You just can't fall for the bait it cannot and like the way he, he jumps on Twitter eastern on the pot with. The blues guys on the Nogi and all that. And a pri-. And a. And I did like why piece reply sound like did you send this tweet from the bar? If a galley spraying beer on the other thirty six year olds. It was funny. And then gazes response guys has like easily one trick pony. When you do a little back and forth. You can't hang right? But any sort of like listening to him is just, you know what's going to end up benefiting him. I feel like we don't ever guys never tries to Gaz me. I feel like gas trials to Gaz people that he can. Yes. Like, if I'm like beefing with someone he'll try to gather them. Yeah. Because he knows once you hit that point with him where he realizes that you have some sort of Trump card, then he's going to stir it up around you as much as possible right now. Gather usually gases me up. He said last night, this, that the city is. It's nausea nauseous. It's Tom Brady and the rockets town. And everyone else is just a guest. Yeah. I mean like it's like it's like gang wars, but we're not hostile with each out a ceasefire conical. Ways. My tariff southeast has tariff, and then like David sounds everywhere else between gas has blocked me from being able to see anything on his social media. That's what really to like, or he has his certain like friends, it can see certain things whatever, like I like he's straight up. Text me, one day, Andrew said you've been blocked. It was like, all right. I just because I guess, I guess I did something he didn't like an I repeated something I shouldn't have as big bit internet gas blocks people out. He he blocks me from, like seeing his stories. I like that move now you can't block. It's not blocking. It's just you're not in the club. He kicked her out of the club. Yeah. I mean you can him so devastated. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Make a burner is is a public account. I would imagine fucking Gad's. No, I don't think he is, is he is definitely public. But I think he makes he makes stories where you only certain holidays. So, like, like hot girls will make their Instagram's private because they like guys will just look at their Instagram and not fall. And if you want the followers, you go private shit works. If you were hawk girls now works period, it does work. But, like people will, I know it works for girls forgot I've done it. It works. You get like a thousand dollars a day, what? Yeah. But then they unfold, they'll like they'll go in just to see what's going on. It's like going to a bar. It's like, oh, there's no one. That's the reason. The pizza reviews like when they went win the main account, everything went private, and Dave went private like he soared over a million followers, because people are going to find his content and couldn't do it. I don't think they actually disappear as much as I think, getting the follow on Instagram you follow a million things. They don't really care about like an Instagram. Follow is kind of a little more like Lasi like blase with it like whatever. And then they'd just end up staying the problem is you can't do swipe ups. And if you go if you go private on private. But on private like Instagram. Basically, nose, your gaming the system shadow manual you can do swipe up. She just can't see what the. Numbers are I disciple so. Oh, yeah. But it was like, ten thousand persuasive ups thousand or a blue check got. Yeah. I something about not being able to link to something. No. You can't the problem is, is like if you if I if I do a swipe up to somebody, and they wanna like send it to their friend, and their friend doesn't follow me. Then they can't see the swipe up, but I still do stripes, everything you just can't see the numbers on it like you. When I was public. You could see all that up to make fun of hubs because Hobbes's private to game the system and I was like hubs knowing gives a fuck about, but it does work. But I. Year girl. No, I'm backing Kevin REO saying just individuals doesn't matter what species, he is it probably somewhere in between because I do think it works. But you might be right that people aren't clamoring. No follow. No, no, no, no, no. There actually probably like thank God. Like I was gonna go check this out. And now it's like versus Twitter shut. It was like a Twitter follow. I actually I'm the exception because, like I followed people if you bought case your radio premium and shit like I follow anybody who supports the podcast. But if people who actually care to follow I'm tight with a Twitter, follow because it's like funny it'd be interesting. And is you're gonna follow. It was like, yeah. Or if you've ever posted anything interesting, like one time, or whatever that was a big day when you follow me on this Graham. Yeah. When we started the show, I swore that I would never file grudge match, but I was like, I, we're going to be a co host, do you follow me? I follow you think you. Hope. So I mean I, I don't know to follow me insulin. Jared phone. He's let me he paid me. You're the only one pay me. Oh my God. How can you guys play every day? It's been a while since I was told not to why don't you play right now? He's gone. We got about sixty seconds left charity playing why don't you play a best of three right now? Let's go. You bitch go that you don't have that much time. Let's go rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Jared tosses paper fuck out here swept. Wow. That was I was getting. I was going to play by play. And before I could even speak a word. It was a to sweep. That was and probably that was what a scissor over paper and Iraq over scissor peasy lemon squeezy just fucking dispensed of you peasant. How much how much y'all twenty bucks? No, nothing. We to pay for that. It's only best why he won't pay me or play me. So you lose seven Scott, you can't afford to lose short-term you learn in the long run you lose when the money's on the line. When did you ever win rocket every time he walks by, and we'd do it through the window these matters? Now he's like anything anytime that I've read doing ballet out there. She looks like she's ready to go. Chicks in the office are up. Next last time we've all been together on a product. It's been a minute. It's been a minute, and we're all here together and I just sent out a tweet.

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