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I just graduated college about nine months ago and while I was there I was diagnosed with adult. Adhd and I learned some strategies on how to allow that to work for me and that against me but since being immersed in real adulthood have fulltime job in manage my own time diet without a class or a meal plan has actually been quite a bit more difficult than I ever imagined. I'm listening to your podcast with Bj. Fog about creating tiny habits and that was exactly what I needed to get my lifestyle back on track. I downloaded his book on audible actually sat down and took notes while I listened and then I got myself pushed journal and I can already feel the difference. It's making so I just wanted to say thank you. I am so glad I stumbled upon your podcast because they have changed my life. I really look up to you as someone who shares similar life values and struggles. I appreciate you. I adore you and I mean it thank you. Hey there welcome to the show. This is car smart Friday. And we're going for a ride so please put your seatbelt on. We want you to be safe. Welcome to the Shu Lien. Show she lean is a New York Times bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer in obsessed with helping. You live your dream life. I'm here today with Brett were on our way to Jimmy. Say Hello Hello everybody on the show today and most days which I recently you just for the first time in how many years we've been together like thirty years. You just recently told me why it is. You always like to drive the one that gets people. They're in control. It makes gives me anxiety to sit in the passenger seat. Okay well that's cool because I like getting things done over here in the presidency like this podcast the we WanNa talk to you about today is how important it is for you to stay calm and to do your best to to spread that com- energy that everything is going to be okay with people around you. Oh you know what I've got. I don't even think I mentioned this to you. That a someone called in after the episodes I did on addiction and they were really upset because at the end of that podcast. I said everything's GonNa be okay and This person Is a mom whose daughter is not okay. And she's her life is in jeopardy and she's struggling with addiction and they've done all the things they've tried all the interventions and she just said. I you need to be careful when you say things like. Everything's going to be okay because sometimes it's not and I want I say I cannot imagine what you're going through. I can't even for a moment. Put myself in your shoes and try to think about that because it'd be so painful to go through what you're going through whether that's you or if that person's listening right now or or anyone like were nice. I just wanted to explain what I mean by when I say everything's GonNa be okay and this relates to this episode and that is that we have to put our fear in God's hands he he is bigger than our fears. And we have to know that sometimes when things don't work out as we want them to or intend for them to it's it's always for our best and in the thick of it when it's horrible it can't possibly feel like that but it. God does have a plan and everything will work out. That's not to say it's GonNa work out as you want it to or as we'd hoped for or in a way that's most. I don't know comfortable or easy. It's not always easy. But maybe you know you'll get through it is you know you'll survive survive like we're meant by that is. I'm okay in my soul. Even if they if when we don't know what's GonNa Happen with our family with the economy with our health with anything. We have to know that we will be okay in our soul. And that's what I meant by that. I didn't want to give people the impression that everything's GonNa work out the way you want it to. That's not often the case but we want to talk about fear today because the only way to combat fear is with knowledge and by spreading love and allowing your calm nature to have an influence in in fact the people around you. We've all have family members who are freaking out and you have neighbors and family members and TV and social media and all these things that influence our own decision. So I was explaining to bread that I had. We're seeing all people post on social media that they couldn't find toilet paper anywhere and I said. Should we try to find toilet paper like and I know we don't need to find toilet paper but so? Why are people hoarding things like this? And the answer is because they're seeing other people hoarding it. And so there's that credit demand and that got in my head and I was thinking all right. So should we stop? I like in Brooklyn. Why would we do that? We've we've got tons of toilet paper here. And we have those flushable wipes is this too much information. Probably but it's it's just like I don't WanNa Watch the news and I WANNA watch the news for information. I don't WanNa Watch the news and like get all sterile and you know yesterday. We're getting bad news. I mean we had we have lots of our Our children are both in college and they both have tons of friends in college and we. We have a huge sports community that we know love. We have nephews that play a nephew that plays in the NBA. And like guess what they cancel although those things. But life's GonNa go on and this is GonNa be you know. Gosh a short period of time. But WE JUST HAVE TO BE SAFE. And not like overreact overreact. What the sports things are doing. They're being vigilant. They're they're actually trying to keep people and slow this down. Slow this down and by slow this down. We're going to speed up the the dip if you will. And it's many of the smartest people the analysts are saying. It's going to be V. In other words like you know when we're talking about the impact is going to have on the economy and the impact is GonNa have on all of our lives. It's going to be a swift and sudden dip and then we're back out of it because you can just look at China as our blueprint for what we will likely experience here in the United States. And we're not experts on this our goal our objective is to take care of you the lifer and You know yes. There are changes and upheaval and people will have to buckle down and and be creative. Think outside the box. Don't get into a victim mentality so yesterday. Heard from a few students and our marketing programs marketing impact program who have businesses that are brick and mortar businesses primarily. And although we try to teach people how to build a an online business and online presence many of them have used the marketing impact academy to primarily build their brick and mortar businesses. Which you can do but were always telling people that's risky. Having one thing is the riskiest place you could be if you just have one job and one source of income. That's risky if your only source of income is social security. That's risky if your only source of income is You'RE AN ENTREPRENEUR. But you'll have one stream or or one avenue that that's risky that's why we are always recommending the people get your ducks in a row before something like this happens. I WanNa Kinda. 'cause every painting has two sides or whatever. Every picture has like two sides every story every story I asked you sides there you go so the oil is another reason why things are crashing. Because they weren't in a while conflict right around the world but if you think about it. What is the company that delivers us? These things in need is Amazon. Will they need fuel to get to to get to US right now? The fuel prices are down so they're able to operate even faster and quicker and more young more efficiently. So like there's you know so. The delivery service their positive sides because what if the gasoline prices were going up to then like Amazon. Might have to shut down or delivery services by after shutdown and then people would have to go out which means it's more chance of the virus the virus spread and that's a look at that benefit like it's a positive right and then to finish up on what. I was just saying why it's so important that you look at an opportunity right like the positive side so if you've been sent home from work because your kids have been sent home from school use this opportunity as a time to explore other means of income other sources of Revenue Online. Perhaps we've heard from an and and I don't want to downplay this because I know it's really scary for a lot of people but you have to put your fears aside because they don't serve you you have to move forward and say I'm GONNA survive this. I might not be living in the same house. I might have to get a smaller car. I might have to buckle down for a few months or even a year but I'm GONNA be alright. I survive everything. That's your survival rate like your everything's GonNa be okay. The people you love are safe and that won't change. You know who you are and you know what you'll do in certain situations and and you will survive this. You have to know that but consider this as an opportunity to look outside of what you normally do. One of the people from yesterday was Really devastated that she had lost over five thousand dollars in client so she sees people in person. These would be you know. personal trainers therapists massage therapists People who they service others. Sometimes that could be a waitress. It could be just about anything where you are an employee or you own a business where people have to come to see you. And because everyone's responding to this with extreme panic and fear that's having a devastating effect on other people's financial situation. So I said to this. Mia member. This is your wake-up call to build exactly what you've been doing online. What you provide aid can be provided for people online. You can reach far more people and never in this by the way a therapist. I said and never has been more important for people to take care of their mental health. Anxiety and worry and depression are at an all-time high right now. Because of a situation like this so there are people otherwise. You wouldn't be able to reach that. In this moment you can serve them and create an additional stream of income to supplement the people that you're normally seeing in person. I agree I think it's a it's a time to reflect in if that's been something on your bucket list to get something another stream of income. What a perfect opportunity You Know People. Officials health officials are saying limit. You're going out and being around too many people you and I are going to support local businesses. But we're not looking to go to a concert weekend you know we're going to but I wouldn't not go to one to be honest I wouldn't yeah I mean but to be honest there's also no concerts to cancel them so I mean I get that I think we we would go to a sporting event or something like that if if that were the case we would still go. I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down and go. What can I do online so that I can prepare myself if this happens again in a year? Yeah doesn't necessarily mean. Starting a business. It might be mean reselling. Some of the things you have in your home. It might be working as a virtual assistant doing some social media for other people signing up to be a consultant a freelancer wherever it is your expertise as a way to guide other people through that thing that you've already figured out most importantly you've you've got to do these things. You actually have to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do. And this is an plug for our our coaching program. But like I have to say we did a alive. Coaching call last night with our members and they gave him. This could not have common a fricken better time because there's so many things I realize. I know I needed to do for a long time and now I'm doing them because being held accountable and I'm learning how to get these things. Done it on your bucket list or your goal is to open up a FC account or Posh Mark Account or one of those on Line. Things that to sell things you have all the stuff you've piled up or or you know or you know of this like trinkets or whatever a widget that you want to sell the people and this is the time to create your online storage shop. Affi- I mean there's there's certain companies right now that are out there that are just waiting for you to come open up an account with them start an online business and those businesses are actually booming right now so you won't hear about that on the news but an example of that is zoom because people are realizing I can do what it is I do remotely with a video conference and other online services like dropbox and anyways you know this isn't just about building a business or creating extra income we wanted. We WANT TO HELP. Calm your nerves. We interrupt this broadcast to answer frequently asked questions about CBD. It's crazy. How many questions I get about this topic. And how many misconceptions there are about CBD first of all CBD. There are many different forms. There's many different types and you can buy it now at your local gas station because it's not regulated by the FDA. You need to be hello careful about using a very reputable company. Some things you need to understand about. Cbd First of all it makes the type of CBD that my soul CBD produces is a pure CD which means you can't get high from it. There is no THC which is the part of the plant that gives you that hallucinogenic or the high characteristics that people refer to my soul. Cbd is a an isolate? There's no other ingredients. It's pure and the reason the other reason why I love my soul. Cbs because they actually care about the manufacturing process how. It's armed how it's packaged quality control and taste. Cbd oils are very much like protein. Powders like there's some stuff on the market because it's not regulated where you don't know what you're getting you don't know what you're paying for you don't know what you're putting in your body and that's why it is so imperative that you go with a company that actually cares about the reputation and the quality of their ingredients and has that brand integrity. And that's why I recommend my soul. Cb deep and as Ashley Listener You get twenty percents off when you go to my soul. Cbd Dot Com and you have to enter. Don't forget enter the code. She'll lean for your twenty percent off all right. So what should you pick up your first time when a big fan of the watermelon flavored dropper oils you just put under your tongue or you can put it in a drink if you're not into oils. There Gumy's are quite tasty. I might add and they're bedtime capsules which are CBD combined with Melatonin. Those are remarkable. Those are my three picks. Don't forget to enter. Shaheen when you check out at my soul. Cbd DOT COM. All right back to the show all right. We went in the gym to work out. But we're back and You know the Jim. How busy would you say it was today? It was probably about twenty percent lighter than usual. Yeah I was excited like I mean. It wasn't empty. That was a good sign was when we went a little earlier this morning We usually do and it was filling up. Yeah definitely filling up more leaving so it's good to see people on the road and I don't WanNa make light of people who have decided to think about their own health and maybe you had a cold or the flu or your immune system is compromised at the moment and it is prudent to take every precaution necessary. What we're trying to recommend is that you don't adopt a spirit of fear and in fact I think more important than avoiding someone who might be sick. I mean that's important too but it's equally important to avoid anyone who has that fearful spirit because a spirit of fear can be more damaging and more infectious than any disease. And that's why people are going just crazy innings. -IETY is high in worry is high and the sky is falling. So it's a delicate balancing. Act where you want to be cautious and smart use good sense but also think about the fact that there are more ramifications to this than just the physical. I mean on a global scale. You've got to think of others and not just of others health. The after think of others financial wellbeing the waitress who is making one tenth of the amount of tips the people who you normally go and visit their establishments then and now. They've they've got food rotting in the refrigerators of restaurants and that has to be thrown away so many of these people work on such small margins. You know if you can continue to patronize. Small businesses in Tucson away. That's that safe. I encourage you to do so. Because there's some other industries that we just really can't do anything for and they're gonNA suffer my saw this on the news today about arena people that clean arenas and work at arenas the end a couple. I saw a couple of basketball players. Nba Basketball players already. Donate over six figures to like just those people are GonNa be out of work. The maintenance people at the staffy and the people that part time workers that because there are layoffs and and many of these people are the ones who are least protected. The people they don't have insurance or they don't their hourly employees and they they don't have Paid time off. And they you know and I think probably government will step in. Let's have our fingers crossed and provide some relief there. But in the meantime the more we can do to just continue as we always have but with probably in the way that we should always have been operating like. I watched today in every single person on the equipment at the gym. We were at wiped it down before they started and then wiped it down after well. That should be happening every day. And I'm going to be the first to say I don't do that. I always wipe it down when I'm done but I hadn't thought about wiping down before I get on it because I'm thinking about the personnel after me but the person who was on before me might not have been thinking about it. These are things we should have always been doing because the flu has always been deadly. The flu has always been a potentially fatal exposure for at risk populations. That's why they created a flu. Shot create a Flu. Shot with the stranded. They think's going to be affected the most. But you know when you get it. I mean it's you're at risk. There are tens of thousands of people who die every year from the flu. If we reported on the news every day. What the flu was doing. It would turn into mass hysteria so I know there are differences. I'm aware of all the things in our intention today is to help you feel calm and to know that it is. Everything's going to work itself out. But we make things worse by overreacting and and having a fear mentality or anything else you wanted to add. I was going to say about social distancing. Social distancing is is a good idea like I was thinking about the other day. I'm like why do we always shake hands with people? That seems dumb thing to do this dumb thing to do that and they talked about that yesterday. That it's such a political thing like you know leaders shaking hands that trump is still shaking like leaders hands but I'm sure he's got like some disaffected right there but the leaders are doing in there really telling people like just don't do it. I'm not like we didn't invent a couple of weeks ago and afterwards I met a ton of people and there was already you know news reports about the criminal virus and it was an international event and I saw like it was like almost slow motion like this person was like reaching their hand out to me and I knew there an international traveler and I was just like oh no went away and I just didn't think quick enough and I shook that person's hand in like literally it felt like Oh slow motion wind shaking their hand. Like up and down down. I'm thinking how do I get antibacterial soap into my hands? And then I thought to myself. Okay just don't forget. You just shook one person's hand don't shake anymore hands because if that person did just read something to you it would be irresponsible to spread it to anyone else. And so from that point forward. I didn't shake anyone else's hand and I would like either elbow bump them or you know give them a hug and and maybe even that's too close approximity right to give some of the hug but the practice shaking hands is pretty dumb. Like we could probably. I wonder how many deaths we could prevent annually if we just stopped shaking hands spreads. So you just don't know what that spread is. Yeah like a fist. Bump is fine. Like why can't you do fist-bump? Fist-bump is cool anyways handshakes formal. I like fist-ball art fist-bump or like hip bump or knuckle bump. Well that's I mean. What's the difference Martha Firstly? No knuckle bump and a fist-bump. Aren't they the same? Yeah the same all right. What about a hip bump? Have you ever noticed when you wait when answer? My question about hit. Bump People's hips are at different levels in some people don't know how to be gentle and some people have bony hips? That's what I was GONNA say about. Have you ever been Fist Knuckle Bob Fist fist pumped or whatever by like a five-year-old boy eight-year-old filth. They Punch you. Oh yeah they don't they don't know how to do it gently why now. I know so. So let's talk message now to the parents you need to teach. Your kids do gentle. Fist-bump simmer down eight year old. She calm down. You'RE GONNA break my hand I do. Let's let's start a Hashtag. No more handshakes like handshakes are dumb. Let's not do them ever again not useful. They're just spreading germs. Okay what's that guy's name The Comedian Howie Mandel. Like he's probably had a right all along because if we were all just from this point forward more conscientious about our cleanliness and spreading of germs. We'd probably be better off It's kind of like after nine eleven. It made us. All Uber. Aware of our surroundings and vulnerabilities and and you know see something say something so there will be some a lot of positives that come out of this and maybe handshakes being eliminated is one of them and maybe people being much more conscientious about cleaning their surfaces in their hands and all of those things might be that that might happen. Okay last thing I wanted to say. Is that on my instagram stories yesterday. I asked if you're a business owner or someone who has been impacted maybe a service worker or some type of employer. You'RE IN AN INDUSTRY. That's been severely impacted by The sphere what do you want the general public to know and it was really interesting because a lot I wasn't I wasn't expecting this at all. Do you know what they said. I would say. Eighty percent of them were like please tell everyone. We are sanitizing everything constantly. We are so conscious about cleanliness. Please come in. Please come in we. We're why wiping down everything. Every door handle every were so conscientious. That saw that comment over and over again and then I saw from a lot of people that if it's something you don't want to do right now. For example massage therapist said by a GIFT CARD. You could use later something because so many of us rely on seeing you and we may not be able to. We might not be available when this is over because we could put us out of business so if it's something you know you're going to resume doing later like maybe go and buy a gift card or purchase a package in advance. I know it's easier said than done. But just just think about the people that you care about when you see on a regular basis and and don't forget them are you guys. I hope that was helpful for you. Love you mean it love you mean it bye bye have a good weekend. Did sound like you meant it. I do love it. Meaning all the above. I love you guys and I mean it Dr Soon well. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. I wanted to mention a tool that I think you're gonNA find incredibly useful especially if you struggle sometimes to know what your purposes. What is your thing like? What are you called to do? Why are you here? What makes you great? What makes you unique? You know what I think. You're too close to yourself actually even see it. I think we asked a lot of your friends and family members. They would know but I want you to know it. I want you to declare it. I want you to see it so I've developed this really simple questionnaire you just download. It's kind of like a quiz but you're going to know all the answers to this quiz because it's a quiz about you and when you complete it right there in your own handwriting. It's going to be perfectly clear to you what your thing is so do me a favor note. Do you a favor and download this questionnaire you can get it for free by going to Sha. Lean dot com forward slash. My thing and then answer the questions and I when here from you semi-in instagram message. And let me know. What is your thing? I'm really excited to hear and I know you will be to. It can be life changing and clarity providing to know what your thing is. The same answers are gonNA come up over and over again when you felt this questionnaire. It's going to be so obvious to you and it's going to give you that boost in confidence that maybe you've been missing all right again. Selene DOT COM forward slash? My thing and I am really excited for you to do this.

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