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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 644: Brandin Cooks To The Texans, A Recent Poll Of Sports Fans and My Favorite Moments From The NCAA Tournament


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We can discuss and Texans have seemed to find a way to talk about during this off season which I very much appreciate As we as we I mean obviously no sports so we kinda got gotta get what we can get and the Texans have given us the content that we that we re crop of crave I trying to say. Craven Thrive at the same time cry. It's weird but are that we crave and in his time. I was doing no last sports in for that. We are all appreciative. So as has been well documented. Both I mean both on this podcast and on many podcasts and platforms and networks. And what have you? The Texans traded their best receiver one of their best players on the team. Or your this offseason though again. Not Official because of the physical situation that's Still a little interesting but suppose he's going to go through. We'll see what happens but again phys left to be taken but with that. They needed another received to replace analysis. Randall Cobb which cool. But that doesn't give you enough to make a for everything beyond hopkins us. So they tried something else. They decide to trade receiver that as Billon Trade Barclays for a little bit of seems like he was going to trade. This offseason somewhere though the weren't necessarily on the top of people's minds again Cost of money they are talking about not wanting to pay hawkins law money seem kind of contradictory but I To each their own so they just agitate for Brandin cooks from the rams from they sent a twenty twenty second round. Pick their fifty seven overall. Which is I think their own second round because they got the second round or from the coroner they in San that when he said their own to the rams for cooks in a twenty twenty two fourth. So that's three draft now. Which is I mean. That's a interesting but whatever A coach is only twenty six and the rams acquired him and a fourth round pick from the Patriots before the twenty teen Jaffna change for a first round pick. The rams then signed him to a five year eighty one million dollars extension and also. I believed that you've another the saints trade into the Patriots for fresh on picks easily this is his fourth team and five or six years is like. I just said he's only twenty six. He's pretty young but the fact he's been mood drown. This much is kind of interesting The Rams apparently according to this article. Espn DOT COM will incur. Twenty one point. Eight million will incur twenty twenty million dead cap money by trading cooks. They had already paid him a four million dollars roster bonus that was due on the third day to League year and in two seasons with the rams cooks was not bad caught over one hundred passes for a little under eighteen hundred yards and seven touchdowns though he missed a lot of time this past season. I mean not a not a lot of time. We Miss Games as fasten due to concussion. Sophos numbers where they'll get this pacheer but he was a big part of the reason why they got the Super Bowl cooks call. Eighty passes for our twelve hundred yards and five touchdowns For that for that team to make into super bowl so was helpful but I guess what happens when you go all in and things don't work as we will either discussing again. Other people have discussed on. They had a release Todd Gurley. Who was making a lot of money? They released they will alley traded brandin cooks. Who's making a lot of money and is what happening? Try to Qa all these young players and sounds good in theory. But then you'll pay when you have to pay all them and you don't want to wall then just looks. It looks funny and Like like like they like to say the NFL's for not for long. So that means that I can mean a multitude of things but usually I like players being in the league. They're not really in the League along but also allow teams. Aren't that good for Very Long. So you need to be able to capitalize on the opportunities when get them and the rams tried. They thought they had something in place. That'd be able to. They would be able to sustain for unfortunately did not have that and now they're in a scenario where they are having to shed pieces that holding onto pieces which is obviously not a part of what their master plan was Couple of years ago we started this whole thing emotion and on top of that page as Ramsey. At some point. Who's on his fifth year option? I believe and he made a point of one to be paid. Which is part of reason? Why Jacksonville? So that's coming up. There still are believed. Jared Goff is the highest cap hit of any quarterback this year. Thirty six million. They're paying a lot of dead cap to cook and girly so he has got a mess. Actually I think Walter Sharp of sharp football. He has the official numbers. So yeah this is what he said. This is down from his twitter account. There are spending seventy four million so that they can have jerry off and not have todd. Gurley and Brandin cooks on their roster. They are eating thirty eight million dead cat which may actually be a little bit higher because he had the cooks Dead CALF AT SEVENTEEN POINT. Eight as opposed to twenty one point eight that was in the ESPN articles. Like I said it's So that they're actually spending more money so take that back twenty one so it's over. Twenty one eight twenty four point eight so I forty two million dollars basically. They're eating a dead cap between girly and cokes. And like I said spending a lot of money off. The Rams will this is filed Thread which Twitter for this is a great feature that I'm happy. They added a not not As in one not too like golf too often teamed with an average twitter user. It's it's very helpful especially when you're live shows like I was as I watch breaking bad for the first time Just finished it today. So it's nice to you know. Keep keep your thoughts together on the rams will attempt to compete in twenty twenty while spending approximately the forty five which could be more Million Dollars of one hundred eighty ninety eight million dollar cap who sees me on players no longer on their team. That's about a quarter of the cap space spent on Ray. That aren't the players that aren't on the rams curling and in spring two thousand eighteen the ram side and Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks mega-deals with combined ninety four million. Guaranteed those two players combined for twenty six touchdowns about half the team's total and over three thousand yards Almost forty percent of the team total and and the twenty eighteen ramp made the Super Bowl in spring twenty twenty. They don't both players in eight about forty million that gap so yeah again just shows it shows just how little time with the top most teams very few teams or the Patriots Though the chiefs will try and see if they can become something like that when these when you have one of the one of the best quarterback in the League to have that level of sustained success but even with that and as we've seen with the saints seen what the packers in seeing what the degree they haven't got back to super bowl since They didn't run the ball and on the one yard line. Yes the Patriots. Haven't been back the the rotten maxes wants. Who bought he won? Drew has been back Super Bowl. He won excuse me so like I said is this. The windows are very small in in The NFL and unfortunate for the Rams. They were not able to capitalize on it. And then we don't have a bunch of high priced things. Now you gotta find a way to give them off load them or something just so you can be able to afford other things help make theme better so Kinda whereas that guy but only tech inside of things. I'm not exactly sure how this was. I don't know if this was the plan of this week. That a reaction to the hopkins thing or whatever but trading away I think if you balance it out hold on I gotta find the Tweet That had all the stuff that the From Adam Levitin who's who's the CO founder of a website called established Iran. He tweeted out in VAT the Texans to traits of wires. He was this off season. Gave Up Deandre Hopkins a second round pick and a fourth round pick got back David. Johnson Brandin cooks a second round pick a fourth round next year and fourth rounder. In two years so you cut out the main stuff. They basically got an early second round. Pick and David Johnson note. Well they got an early second earl. Your second round. Pick David Johnson and Brandin cooks Freddie Andrea Hopkins and Brand Cook and David Johnson are both on expensive contracts? When again the one of the main points which I think is more so that you've Hopkinson Bill O'Brien is never going to be able to go along again. For whatever reason and that's that's pretty much the reason why in my opinion not the home. They couldn't afford to pay him thing. Because you're paying David Johnson in Branco slot money at the mall. These contracts worth a lot. I'm not much my whose painting if I'm a steroid. Form teams are paying taxes. They're paying but if the money was the issue. And then you go out and trade for geisen expensive contracts doesn't jive. Plus I think they gave eighteen million guaranteed Toronto Cobb. So the mass not mapping here plus I believe they are one teams with the highest Monta Cap Space Lisa. This season Still left so he thought they were tight on. Rome's not not somebody who I won't one hundred seventy seven dollars like not one hundred hundred. Seven thousand dollars is a literally one hundred and seventy seven dollars. People argue about dates worth more money on twitter than what the chiefs had to spend their free agency and they were able to able to get some of that but again enough to do anything to to dress to their team. They were able to figure it out. I would imagine you have the money figure out how to keep one of the best in the League but one of the Lebron so there's that so from Texas things is to seems odd. 'cause it's like how do you get you trade away again? Top two top three at worse receiver in the League. Only give back a second round. Pick in David Johnson who's been declining or whatever imposing an extra pick the new then trading second round pick for brandin cooks who is unequivocally worst not like a bad receiver at all was like definitely worse than the. Andre Hawkins there was no way. The values are equal there. So it's just it's just confusing because like all right if you knew need a receiver then monitors keep the Andre Hawkins plus I mean not to mention this draft is like Kinda loaded at receiver supposedly house whenever that. They're hard to say that for certain but it's load every Thing I saw a tweet a report that people think they get a starting cowboys even with the fourth round. And that's how good this draft is and you had to second round picks so in theory such as early you could use those picks to move up if you had if there was that. Felt your life now. You don't have that nearly as much wiggle room. And now you're kind of stuck at forty and then you don't pick again for a little while. I believe so. It's just the plan here. Gone off the explain it to me. I'm not the owner but just forget looking in the plan seems very confused like it seemed like there. There is no true true player. Like they're doing things but like there's no like continuity to them again if you thought you needed receiver then you just keep the half in the seems simple to me unless again the coaches hates. Which if that's the case then forget everything. I just said then then that he was always in your trade fashions the coach of the GM. Which I mean. That's a different story for different day but outside of you just being petty like there seems to be no logical reason the trade Yonder Hawkins if you were then going to trade for receiver. That's getting paid just as much if not more than he is. That seems again kind of backwards and is only like a year younger and isn't as good faster debbie faster so I give them that they're gonNa try to track team. That gets hurt a lot because I mean even as I have the money in fact this is fourteen in six seasons or seven seasons seasons. It is Is also at history concussion. Like I mentioned the things at five known concussions in his in his career which is a lot and he's probably like one. Max Two more weight from Lake Hobby of Nicola career if he cares about his long term health. Or just I mean or if anybody in this week as well as long term advised McCain. Now you've got your good. Don't do this anymore. And they already have to the willful. Who's another fast guy but has had issues with hamstrings and sales and different things. So he's not exactly that reliable radio. Grandma GOBS good last year for the For the cowboys but he was banged up his last year in Green Bay. So you don't know whether that was an aberration or if that's like who he is now and then also what else we. Then you okay sales. So who's a solid as receiver but nothing like to to special so yes just like you? WanNa add one of the best for you with now. You have like a a decently decent solid group. If everybody's healthy which is again far drop off and then you have to pay and maybe that's maybe that's why saying the money to pay disarm because once mahomes. Gandara gets county essentially gets on. Then you gotta then you have the numbers and Ozzy. Sean can't get that much but like you have to pay him a lot more because Hamas island get close to twenty million dollars if unless each like a really team oriented guys willing to take less which I mean he might but taking less is still still end up being thirty five thirty six million because again. He's worth whatever blank. Check FOR GONNA have to open to seem to occur a much better than what he's had. So yeah this I mean. This is weird on both sides of it nausea Pioneers replace Hawkins but again if you're GONNA do that just keep up ins and then though from the ram site things. They need to get rid of him because they didn't really seem to want to be there anymore. Shed the money but now they're shutting money and they can't afford to bring us into replace guys all had go like. I don't know what they're gonNA do running back now. I don't know what they're GONNA do at receive draft receiver. But as like now you got hit on all the graphics because you can't really gotten sorry guys or trade for guys maybe you could. I don't know who is out there to be traded for that. You can afford this traits weird on both sides but again appreciate the content so not GonNa Complain on that and speaking of people giving us content you see continues to pump out news before was about Cards and fight islands and stuff and now for something completely different which I mean anyone who's been paying attention Coming but The UC was late to respond. Now there right. Whales will be very soon on their couch. So we'll talk about that. What happened and how it would have in how went down and what's next for the UFC fractious break. So are you looking for the very best? Nfl and college football podcast then check out the GMC football podcast get the latest football news both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GSM see. Podcasts DOT com back slash football dash podcast get updates. I'm college rivalries keen de Insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show each sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter physics. Yes MC PODCAST DOT COM for more info are your deadly as so you were just talking literally less upset about how they're they're still holding all the events through the pandemic Dana White Agata location United States security at several locations yet apparently tells want to come out soon. They're going to have you see to forty nine I think it was supposed to be April eighteenth. You gotTA fight. Island apparently like infrastructures as being built. So I mean my take a little bit time. But they're supposed to be ready. I'm going to five Aso. Continue to fight the pandemic all that fun stuff. All that great stuff look like I may be them in wrestling. Like W. W. Only two forms of sport entertainment going on through this pandemic. And then nope that's not happening because UC to forty nine apparently won't go down Usually to forty nine will be not proceed on April eighteenth. Despite you'll see President Dana White's efforts to move forward with the pay per view event all other. Ufc events have also been postponed indefinitely due to the Corona Virus Pan Dynamic today a call from the highest level you can go at Disney and highest level. Espn in the powers that be. They're asked me to stand down and not do this. Event next Saturday white told. Espn'S BRETT OKAMOTO ON THURSDAY. Usually two four nine hundred with Aaron ESPN plus eastern the five year contract as he's home of UC fights on his network review services whites at ESPN told him. It didn't want him to do the fight. But he called the Partnership. Strong said. He'll he'll that you said he other ones tunnels he'll look forward to putting his next fight on the network. I can go next week. White said so whenever my partner gives me a thumbs up. That's that they're ready to go. I'm ready to go stay didn't use. Pin's set has been in contact with UC regarding usually to forty nine. Nobody wants to see sports. Return more than we do obviously means. Espn what they do But we feel like this was the right time for a vote. The we didn't timer set for a variety of reasons eastern expresses concerns of UC. And they understood a Monday instead. White told you about scaring a fight island not we fights at least for the next two months he told UCLA on Thursday that he was ready to go at some sort of resort in California in the more we more on near Fresno California the California State Athletic Commission had cancelled all combat sporting events. Through may thirty first but the the Talkie Tachi Palace Casino Resort is situated on tribal lands. The BAN DID NOT APPLY CASINO. Also but since it was located on lands in the band line of products also did not have to file an executive stay at home about the state that seems unsafe but okay It's been a battle since day. One white set on the car even fighting nonstop all day and night to put on the eighteenth of the California Indian reservation has had our back this all. The time still was willing to do this. And let me tell you this. When the world gets back to normal California that fight will be at the TACHI. Palace was to be headlined by the by Tony Ferguson. Justin gave the Heavyweight Title Nadir Dreams Frances Guy. Who In another name? I don't know how to pronounce exactly. But the last thing Rosen drug also on the twelfth twelfth fights it seems really unsafe But okay the come bet. The cold like main event. The woman's fight had already been called off because rose namo honest withdrew due to related deaths in our family according to her agent. So I mean it was really only a matter of time. As with all sporting events INTELS GONNA get cancelled in my personal opinion because what we have fires pulling out and being personally affected because one thing to like say like oh not that serious Osiris the flu blah Blah Blah whatever. Whatever it's based on these five G. Tower is that China is building or whatever reasoning. You half believing that is not that serious until someone that you know or someone that you know of personally get to know someone. The person gets it and may every night lose that person to the virus. Will most people actually believe uneven? Some people who did have it in over and recover from it still don't believe it because they recovered but that's a different story but yeah at once it starts hitting home for different people in different ways whether you believe there from the beginning whether you relate bursting at honor or whether you didn't get on until you personally affected by it was going to happen to everyone and then once that's what's happening people drive from the car. Now you got a negative fill in matches last men in stuff. I mean they were GonNa put on an event but like was going to be a good event. I mean in fairness do people care about that. Maybe maybe not because I mean a they're just WANNA be able to watch any sort of sports but it from the UCLA PROTECTIVE. You don't want to diminish your product. I would think I don't know that 'cause I don't watch a whole lot of you. I don't watch could pull fights of UC watch like the big fights like the main events if they're if they're big I watched the last conor McGregor fight Like I've watched. I've watched a couple of his fights. Seen some John Bone job and leave with innocence over snapped his leg on the one. Only guys like Femur. That was discussing Aspiring to watch. You'll see 'cause like he's a boxing chess like you just hitting people in the face you Kinda know EXPEC with. Ucla you have Nadia was going to happen and that goes for Roy. Fighter is end for the viewer like and because of that relevancy knockouts news sports. I'm not trying to see as break their leg or get there are Washington Ronda. Rousey too because it was impressive to see here do that thing. I'm spot official. One of them. You should taste by this before on. Uc This is a little bit of tangent but is one of them. I think she liked misery. Like either almost did like popper elbow out it was it was discussing the launch because again people are like super and they're like. I'M NOT GONNA TAP OUT HIM. Say please out for the sake of your arm. I don't WanNa Watch this But they don't care about me and my needs so they dislike. Now I'm strong. I'll just hold it. Hold it and then boom now. She's popping out of the socket and it's like discussing. I remember hearing her. Describe it like at the peak of her powers here described like what it's like and I was like God I couldn't imagine that's what people do say things like that or why I can do. Uses's boxing again regular regular relatively speaking the most somebody get knocked out. Then like that's entertaining because you don't want anybody to get really hurt in the ring but like it can't be entertaining. I mean when manny pack. You may be not as one of the most mean things in the history of sports obscene. Like new as sports goes me alive or run around for forever but of new sports like one of the most. Meanwhile you think that and like the join crying me a couple of things out there for the biggest mean worthies moments in sports so an knockouts can be entertaining to a degree but back to you Yeah I don't know why Deano I'd ever thought this was going to work one hundred percent because Espn regretted not like an Amazon fans. Whatever so it's not Does Not Vicki to from them. You don't WanNa sued from like a fighter like Adrian my standpoint of someone who has event and then some contracts the corona virus at the event. That'll be a whole legal battle that I don't think. Espn was willing to get into at the moment. So I mean I'm assuming that's part of the reason why I mean everything. Shut down there in California which I know. They're on an Indian reservation so or native American lower the. Why don't know whether what the technical like the correct term is officially but note can be either or depending on that they have their own rules which is interesting because like they're still in the state of California. I understand like the night. Maybe they're not governed by them or whatever the logic is but it still seems like they should adhere to because I mean if they feel like it's not safe for people. I don't know that native Americans are any less susceptible to disease so that's interesting factoid. To have but yeah. I don't see how it was going to go down and everything else is getting canceled again. Outside. Wwe Why would this fight? Bjorndalen didn't make any sense personally. I was hoping it worked. And maybe still we're work. Maybe it's just like this one car and we'll get cancel. Maybe they'll have something next week or in a in a couple of weeks earlier in the month. The major something to do something on like the fight these once. It's like Constructed or what have you? But for the time being at least there's no fight and that probably for again for the time being thorough move. It just seems like it's not really worth the risk at this moment of all the bad things that could happen in terms of the little bit of good that. Hey you hopefully you put this card on and nothing goes wrong but if it does go wrong minutes a disaster. Pr Lies and also personally again because now people are dealing with the virus. You don't want to do that. And plus there's already people pulling out because of connections to the virus personally and its pullout artist defined matches long quality matches for Shona Car Racing. They were GONNA try to go which fights which I don't know that's a normal using carbon seemed like a lot of fights So yeah maybe that's the reason why people just like us isn't safe dominated by. We've got views now. He must have watched bischoff Saturday. And you can go anywhere because everything slows so fucking house so they might have gotten attribution from that regard but It is I understand why he has been campuses. It includes like I said it's worth the risk to have the event still go down the way it was supposed to go down and I mean us no different than wherever yours was cancelled so might as well just let them chill out for a little while. Hopefully this the rest of this this not the rest of the Slough break. This month is not as bad as everyone expects it to be and then we can go back to get close in more and more. I don't closer normal maybe not in May June and like you can leasehold fights without fans make movies. Have them all right then? That's the step reduction to US getting sports back. We shall see but yeah. That was not at all surprised. The this use even caulkins though unfortunate for Dana white unfortunate for the five. Who's that were ready and able to compete But again not at all surprised by this outcome so we'll see if they can get things right backed up against shortly but who knows at. This point already has any idea timetable for his stuff. Sounds really hard to say but hopefully we'll have something to watch soon from the UCLA Obscene Dana White and eastern. Whoever DOESN'T WANNA lose all that money so their entire something just whether or not it goes off whether or not it works is a different story. But if and when they do I'll be here to talk about it and Speaking of events and stuff there was a recent poll came out about Americans and how they feel or how they would feel going back to a sporting event now actually knowing what they know if there was no vaccine so talk about the results from that poll and also how I feel and on top of that where I think the pose of make a lot of sense or maybe they don't make any sense You have to stay around and find out my opinions on that so stay right there. We'll be right back. Check out the show. It's built on the m a from. Ufc Two extreme cage fighting. They got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. See 'EM A podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talk to. And about some of the biggest names in the past president future when it's the fight game. There's just one show checkout. Gsm See podcasts. Dot Com backslash. Mame Dash podcast. Go forget to like on facebook and follow them on. Twitter is a GS MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Thank you for podcast presented by the Z podcast network. So the sports world is on hold but when it will start up eventually whether this year summer within next month that's our that's in twenty twenty one normally knows but eventually it was back up and most likely it will star backup without fans just just in terms of safety precautions but there was a poll that was that was. I mean it was with Paul done by school in New Jersey Shadow. Seen all that Small camps but it was interesting peek into where we as Americans were like our our head spaces where mines are currently as we go through this pandemic so Who Boo the sports world like? I said boom standstill. Apparently it was pulled on that. Some seventy two percent of Americans said they will not attend if sporting events resumed without a vaccine for the Krahn lives the pole which had a fairly small seven hundred sixty. Two Responded SAUCE. The sample is not that big was released. Thursday Seton Hall University Stillman's will business when polling respondents who identified as sports fans sixty one said sixty one percents. They would not go to a game without a vaccine. The margin of error is plus or minus three point six only twelve percent of all respondents said they would go to games distant could be maintained which will likely lead to a highly number fans staff and media for Games for example fast easy for citizens around nineteen hundred. Then if you have to be honest necessarily it was probably like two seats between each person. So then yeah that that I mean. That's this custom significantly. So that's obviously a big difference The poll shows that the Congress pandemic would affect sports for the foreseeable future. Even if some resume you're fighting percent of Americans said they would feel comfortable attending games again. The way that they had in the past. This virus has the attention and respect of the nation. Said Rick Gentile Director of the sports poll those who identify as sports fans at all levels of interest lineup closely with the general population in regard to their own safety and that of the players according to medical experts there may not be a vaccine for grown virus. And so twenty. Twenty one is important. Detail the note Compromise could be found having games with no fans and idea that garner sufficient support more than three or four seventy six percent said they would walk broadcasts games fans in do so with the same amount of interest they had before. Obviously I mean most not that many people go games regularly anyway so most spend time watching it at home so I honestly don't see how I mean again. As as I discussed I think a little bit. Liuhua back when this. I kind of came out sports with next works. According to no fan would sound weird. How effective players but life for me. Viewing at home. I I. I mean I'm just there to watch. The game could definitely matter so I would not surprised at that was at least only fifteen percent. Said they would be less interested but seven percent said they would be more interested. That's weird but I guess we'll find people that are go or season ticket. Holders whatever go to games. Normally though there has been discussion of games without spectators nearly half of respondents forty six percent said they think sports will be cancelled through the end of twenty twenty. So there's a lot to discuss their within these polling results again same size various mall thousand so it's not the entire country but it's just a good glimpse into where people's minds are though again if. I don't know how they pull the People Unseen Hall in New Jersey and New Jersey's been one of because of the fact of us from New York and the fact that New York assuming cases the New Jersey I think is the second most cases in the country knowing near New York. But like I think it's if it's not the second Steffi high up there so again people in New Jersey. So that's where they those are the only people they That they responded survey which. I don't know I don't know if we will know whether respondents are from because that may or may not factor into their opinion on it because if you're in a state that's been more aggressive against that they that may or may not sway your opinion on this but he's a lot of interesting stuff to unpack. Your so that last last note was was interesting. Where said almost half a sports fans believe nothing will happen in twenty twenty in terms of sports? Now am I on that side not necessarily mean just because I really want football to be played they do? I think anything else would be played. Probably not but I've rude is what the NFL back. Let me and I'll I'll take just the files at one college football too but I will take this the NFL. I will find a way to manage But there's nowhere way to know a mess me being more so hopeful than it is anything based on anything I've heard or read or seen or listen to or or my own medical knowledge. Would I have none so as out on the work but was Anthony? I'm just there's more just being hopeful than me not wanting to miss out on my favorite sport which is football anything. That's interesting that almost half of the people in sports would be cancelled. Because that's a long that big I think the last NBA game was March Eleventh Ish. So it's been around a month. Maybe early Muslim by no sometime early. March that that last game was played in the NBA. The now she subsequently a bunch of other things were cancelled. So we're talking about going over full nine months if not more with no sports. That's a long time. Get completely out of the remote possibility. I would not be shocked that happened. But that's a long time for sports fans to go with nothing in between I would be shocked if nothing happened in between like. I say somebody's GonNa try to figure something I'd say it was different story but the whole the rest of the year. Muslim seemed to feel like people believe that again. Not that I think they're wrong I do and there's a very good possibility in my mind that that's that that could happen but it would be interesting if there was no sports for the next. We're on April next. Eight months is nothing interesting but also I guess going back to the TACO poll whereas having two percent said they will not attend sworn events if they resumed without a vaccine. That's also interesting because that kind of plays into how these leagues are going to try to operate. Once they get the once they get the sports running back up. 'cause I mean not everybody. I mean teams make money from their revenue deals as for broadcast the Games but also make money from ticket. Sales make money for merchandise memorabilia. food beer drinks at the game stuff like that. Fan Experiences. What what have you without that? Nottingham was going to the NFL but just sports in general be losing out on a good amount of their money because they can't get everything just from the TV deals are gonNA they need they. They get money from other ways as well. If one of those ways cut off to where? There's no fans is it really. Is it worth it? Lipson thing we'd have to look at 'cause obviously I don't think it'll be safe for France to be at the Games not until I kind of agree with and onto the vaccine but it just seems like even if even sports up they said all right you can go to the game. Social distance doesn't sound like that many people would wanna go anywhere they don't WanNa risk it. Saying is doesn't even make sense to open up an auto fans I give them the option. Give a dozen south. They are going to be that interested in going like they had no fan. They have no fan. That's that's one thing which you have with fans in theory and not that many show up like why was the point so I guess that that's interesting thing. Look into like if anything starts back out and again we're GONNA start it up. No fans cool but after like a month do they then allow ANSA comeback in before? It was a vaccine. I don't know it'd be interesting to see what the timetable look if they if it's only if there's a vaccine will we then allow fans to come to the game or rule that you force them to social distance or whatever way you have to do it. And then like I said with social distancing thing That really cut down on the amount of fans you can have at the stadium and again that one is better than no money from no fans. But it's not GONNA BE. What the teams and franchises are used to getting from like they're at arena. Take home whatever whatever. Their cash flow is from next selling tickets in all the things I mentioned earlier. They're not going to be the same so that they're going to be taking a hit. They're already taking head or they're already advocating it every I guess outside the NFL them start up yet. Everyone else is already taking it. Hit so it's not like that'd be anything new but at least then you get some. Tv money could your broadcasting the Games. That was interesting just the fact that almost three alike almost like three fourths of Americans wouldn't even go to a game unless there's a vaccine again when I don't WanNa go for the people in sight. This survey did not predict that all Americans obviously is over three hundred million Americans Union thousand people is not was that the U. Even noticed that on the radar so but if they said the answer inching just to see a little bit where people's heads are at currently but also when you just ask for them dropping down a sports fan so that was any regular American when you got down sports fans now number goes up or down you look at it two sixty one percent so that means sports fans would be more willing to attend games will again. They're they're in have sports fan. You're you want to be able to taken that experience so they maybe you're you're more willing to risk that so that's an interesting thing. Just if or maybe just everything said they may not. Even America's people be so invested to just be able to have sports to watch again. They'll they'll risk. Whatever it will in the Koran out evidence the Kobe nineteen contracting it in order to go watch a game which I would recommend if and when this happens I venture to see if people would actually be willing to do that but then the funny part so the thirty nine cents they would go. There's no vaccine but only twelve percent other respondents again. This is no sports fans while I to twenty eight percent of the people polled the Arneses Schwartz Fan. Said they would go. They would attend vaccines but then only twelve percent of respondents said they would go game sulfur. Distancing could be maintained which is odd to me so you would go so more the satellite. If I'm made him interpreting these numbers are on which I don't think I am. But maybe so you're telling me people will be more likely to go if they were no restrictions with no team there. No shirts was on sporting events that if there were restrictions so that save everybody to be there. No one unless we will get. The disease doesn't seem kind of backwards. They maybe it's just me like you said a chair of interpreting these wrong but with that only thirteen percent of the American survey said they would feel comfortable the same way they had been in the past. Which I think's that does honestly one of the big takeaways from this as a whole just things are going to be different For better or worse things are going to be different. Won't whenever we're allowed to roam around more freely. Be More cautious will. Maybe it'd be more causes. Maybe they'll be more reckless. We really don't know Therapy will be more cautious. Like that would enact in that. Same vein the fact that only percent of respondents said that they would go. The Games Could be maintained is is odd. Because you would think if you're going to go to a game. Why would you not want social distancing to be a part of that because you want to save? It seems logical to me on an finding that people at least from the survey again not all Americans from the survey Don't feel that way. They say if we have not going to go but if we don't have self discipline and yet shirts far because again you. So seventy percent of Americans polled said they will not attend sporting events if they resumed without a vaccine but that only twelve percent of respondents said they would go to games supposed to doesn't sink could be maintained send means in their original thing twenty eight or I don't know there's twenty eight percent of respondents left out there so in theory twenty percent of Americans polled said that they would attend events if they resumed without a vaccine. The number drops by over ten percent note to six dropped sixteen percent for macy's sources. Now that's where you draw the line again soon. I'm interpreting these numbers right which I think I am but correct me. If I'm wrong in the comments on social you our that seems down backwards you should. You should be social listening. You should be having a six feet apart. No there's no vaccine Yeah it has vaccine all right. Yeah do whatever but then even with that. You don't know who did vaccine that's Colinas restored with antibiotics or stuff But why would you not have social especially right now the Novak Seen Kinda you gotTa have to write like? There's no way they're gonNa let you play sports without it without so. She doesn't sing with vans these. There's no whether they're gonNA love does so something to county section of the point. I made earlier. That there's there are things that may have to become accustomed to be one cousin to before whether if we leave the way that we work. The way that we interact with people have stuff is going to change to a degree. I fake again. I'm not someone that we being but I think things will change For better for worse and Ron commoditised a little bit differently. And we'll see you as a good thing or bathroom interesting to see where. Americans heads are at degree. Wrongdoers whole pandemics weird time stressful time for everyone involved. Just because I haven't been personally no the backbone for anticipative he's gone but I don't want them to specify the other than that. I haven't been that affected. And he as the payment systems that we should be fine fingers crossed Be Haven't been that affected but even still it's still taking this as c as one could or should take it should you so Being taking a DEMOC- seriously they're a event that did take it seriously and are weeping are good tension if this is true could potentially you've even awards of taking pandemic seriously Do in fact they had. They've been covered for over fifteen years now for something like this in case it happened now beginning. Pay Off for him. So we'll talk about that maybe couple of things And the next thing we'll be talking about that Fresno's talk about what they what it is in wide. Morley's didn't do this or if they should do or will do so in the future but yes we'll talk about all that stuff. Rafter break. Stay tuned are you looking for help for your fantasy football team check out the GSM? See Fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice. I put start who to sit even who. You should draft from sleeper picks. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you that GMC podcast dot com back slash. Fantasy Dash Football Dash podcasts. Cast we'll cover. Traditionally Dynasty Murphy are even is impedes when you need fantasy help. There's just one showed up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gsm See podcasts. Dot COM FOR MORE INFO. The early dissenting box and podcast network. So that team or now tongue team. That event That I was referring to will not other than Wimbledon apparently tournaments risk and finance subcommittee has insisted on endemic cause for nearly twenty need for insist insisted on a pandemic nearly twenty years ago a now due to the fact that were in the middle of the pandemic there even the rewards of it so When within a week after ten organizers cancelled tournament due to the corona virus and DEMOC mortgages have emerged about how infectious disease clause in its insurance policy will offset an estimated revenue loss around two hundred and fifty million. Pounds don't know what the cash equivalent to that is but I believe is a little bit higher is on numbers. We would here right now. Woman was set to receive around one hundred fourteen pounds. A hundred million pounds which is about a hundred forty one million dollars assume that's closer to three hundred million dollars From the policy according to the action network a figure line with the Times reporting last week which estimated the payout to be exit in in excess of hundred million pounds. Also there without also tweeted this out to if you WANNA double check noun with like different reference We are fortunate to have the insurance. And it helps said Richard Bloomington's outgoing chief executive in an interview with the Guardian the insurers the brokers and everybody involved have been excellent to work with so far. And there's but there's still a lot of work to do. The All England quarterly updated. It's Wimbledon insurance policy years ago to include the infectious disease caused following the worldwide stars outbreak. In Two thousand two the club's risk and finance committee is charged with assessing all essential risks. To the the annual tournament including global pandemic tears attacking even the death of a monarch which would throw the country into a time of national mourning. The recently canceled twenty. Twenty British open is also covered by insurance from Golf Digest. Part of the reason James Ship is being canceled rather than postponed like the master. Things will go down in November. Assuming Rebecca by that. Nba Championship has to do with insurance sources. Say similar to Wilmington. They are name. Which is research now risking I don't know as for the arts for risk them's at risk finance some committee Donald Arnaiz. But that's irrelevant. The Rene has a policy that shiels about against I should say global endemic and a source indicated though open would have to cancel by Sunday in order to collect audits insurance premium other options were considered for it scaled down version of both tournaments but world onto may dismissed due to the number of personal requirement to pull it off even without spectators. So this is interesting. One didn't knows possible. Did Not know they were pandemic and turns out there to be used by with sports leagues or sporting events. Or what have you though I mean? There's an transfer just everything so I shouldn't be that surprised but that's interested but more interested in that is the fact that they actually league realizing it had happened utilizing if this is to be if it's true for over almost twenty years now got me and I guess it depends on how she will leave in the sides. The person that believes in the signs that or Insci- whether that's for a multitude of things but if I have leasing that then people have been saying that they are the most CEOS of a pandemic level event. And whether it's this or it's something bigger to come is gonNA happen at some point and probably wipe out a good portion of the population on the on this planet now. I don't think it's this one. This is a more smaller scale one. Though obviously millions of people in fact it is not that small-scale but in the total artificial world that is So there's that but the fact that some countries are less prepared than Wimbledon is which tournament speaks to the importance of having people in power that believe in science. Now let's nominee. I'm not GonNa sit convince you if you're a non believer but my saying that you need that people at the top that understand Understand everything as well as the candidate that you have people that are just blocking things out on whether it's no matter what side of it no matter what side of it it is if you press in that all of these incisors doesn't believe in anything. I mean it's science Louise has faxed economic. So there's that but if safer just the like religious person or if you're just like a person that was always a hoax or whatever like you need to have people on your team that will give you that information so that you can be as prepared as possible because they hear this in the fact that no other seems like no other and I guess we'll maybe this is just a a British thing that people over there were more top because like I said it's the masters in has been pj championship reports phoned golf. Those are both. I'm pretty sure I know masters of America. The temperature Central America too so I doubt America though I mean there are scientists. Were saving something like this becoming is. I mean you look like now. There's been movies about. It is as I think is an series on Netflix about A global pandemic kind of taking us all out. And why should we care for But if you don't have people that pay attention that stuff bleeding something. You won't be paid for when these things happen and now because this preparedness even though there are still going to lose money you're not gonNA lose a nearly as much because they have some insurance to help offset some of the loss which is bid and that's why. I mean that's honestly. Why isn't that where everybody has any type of insurance for this Car Insurance Life Insurance Health Insurance? Whatever you hope you don't have to use it but if you do need to use then it's then you prepare on our again that's zoom you. Have it through your job or whatever means you can struggle more. This was a health trust. But you have to your job or wherever that makes it more easy convenient for you have it but again you have insurance in case something happens literally means so now. Something happened and this is the only the only this I had ever heard about him. I haven't pandemic insurance. And all the sports was cancelled. An every embassy around the world and woman's it was the first one I've heard of the had pandemic insurance in that. That thought is kind of wild to the granted. I'm I didn't know. Did I know existed? No not at all I mean I was fairly young when the SARS thing came out that birth who think basically didn't shut down much swine flu. Didn't we shut that much? Lower pair me on assistance. Friends had it but she gets a lot. So maybe not be the best person to gauge us on Will you nothing had shut anything down with this? I hadn't emigrated. It's if you paid it if you look this up which may be since we have an abundance free time. Now look this episode. Like one of these comes every hundred years and this was around the time that you thought if you have people on your team that knows kind of things you can be more prepared but for whatever reason seemed like people any maybe just maybe it was a British thing. I don't WanNa knock the American sports leagues for not having if it is not in fact A real thing but apparently Scientists are different people within the government knew about this since like November so is important people in place that will listen to those people. Because that's what against that's what you have is in case something happens or or like if something happens over here you already could end up happening over here. What do we do when it gets over here? How do we be prepared for when he gets over here so we can make sure that it's not as bad as it could be? That's Wimbledon did to a degree. They were like all right. There's this this happened. What happens if it happens again? But it's worse. What are we going to do? Then they got this insurance. This pandemic transfer now boom. They're in the clear. I get nine the quickly lose money but there again lose a lot less money than most other sources or as fourth sporting events or tournaments. Or what have you are GONNA lose because they repaired and this is important to be prepared. So you so that you don't ever get caught off guard and now you're scrambling Better too I. Don't know res- official Goethe's from per se. But that's a quote was that you always want to stay ready so you don't have to get right and that's what this is the woman even though you could argue it while Japan reassurances. Only I mean extremely which isn't a private out that much for them in the grand scheme of things would say is two million dollars like paid them concerns are going to be a pandemic who really cares and I bought a big bottle. Boom were in the middle of a pandemic. Everything's being cancelled. It's not like one of these. Were life goes on. If you get like now literally everything shutting now And lose money but now they're gonNA lose a lot less because they had it's shots so stay ready to you. Don't have to get ready. Also wherever that is on. There was the risk and finance team. That leaves what this article said he has finance subcommittee Whoever that was if they still work with Wimbledon should be immediately given raise. Now maybe they can afford it because of the my But era vet be cancelled but if they could afford it then that frustration raising the of the assuming. He still works or she. We don't know who it is. He or she still works at Wimbledon because they are clearly Jesus yet does it take a genius to understand insurance. No but it's takes a pretty smart person to be convinced me produce. They don't WanNa do in theory now. Maybe we'll with on board with this but if they weren't than they took some convincing than a Kudos to this person. Whoever you are for doing this and they continue to pay for it. Even after years and years of years of not ever needing it seventeen years they. They've dispositive they pay for. Nothing happened until right now. Now they read prepare for than a lot of countries are donald says about those countries but Kudos the woman. I'm not gonNA knock them for being prepared before when literally were in the middle of the pandemic thought. I just went. I thought that was kind of interesting. The fact that One that there was been done concerns out there to be had and to the semi taking advantage of it because again. That's what would make this worse. Is that if there was if they existed if we find out like the NBA or like the Premier League or the Champions League or whatever was given the chance to get pregnant matures and turn it down and now complaining about losing money cutting people's salaries and stuff like that just because they weren't prepared then you start fighting light software. That's not the case in all but I mean it's a it should be right because like if Wilmington Bridge Open is. I don't know exactly which soccer football Lee is in Europe. I think yeah only get one dollars make Ombo Jabber one is. You would think that they would at least be aware of this. Because of Britain has a great burden has this than you would think other European countries probably would have the chance to know that new thing. Just be a brain thing. I don't think I would like to be shocked to paid them. Contract with just a brain thing. That doesn't make La Sense. Seventy dollars people probably get turned down and now look at where we're at so cool slappers and Kudos the Wimbledon. That's that was really cool. Whenever the fact that they're going to get around forty one million dollars paid out to them because they had insurance case. Unlike this happened. Because you never know you never never and speaking of not knowing things Terms of how just in terms of the future whatever happens There's a horse ornament going down and I'm not really sure how that's going to work in order. I know who's going to win or no. No how the rules even works over kind of get in touch with that. I know we talked about This pedantic owned avenue. We have actual names of people attire. I'm a date all that fun stuff. So we'll talk about that discuss it. Doug about whether or not I will be watching because I may be. Ucr We'll see a Nazi film because again now going to go anywhere. But maybe I imagine I'll tune a little bit sources worth up to watch anything sports related. So Oh yeah so. We discuss that. Who's going to be part of it? Who whether or not? I think it's fairly certain people are aren't going to be a part of it off. I'm stuff right after this break. So stay right there. Are you looking to get your college football? Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team. They Diaz Mc College football. Podcast is your ticket to all things college football doing us as we talk college football from the National Championship the college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy. So which conference is the best? We've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. Acc and everything in between download the GMC College Football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google. Play or anywhere you find God gas just tied gs in deep in the search Bar And then you're on that divide us so ESPN and we televising horse. Tourney which is going to be single. Elimination Shooting Competition beginning on Sunday April twelfth from seven to nine. Pm Eastern Standard Time the semifinals and ship of the NBA. Who was tournament will be? Oh Wow they're not doing their own one time then. Not seem odd. will air beginning at nine. Pm Eastern Standard Time on April. Sixteen which I believe is a week from Thursday. Yes we come Thursday so breaking it up forever. They was moves top gun talk or whatever but they can. The Texans will be as follows Chris. Paul Trae Young Zach Levine. Those three and Mike. Conley don't know why he's not listed but yet so those street fry those four saved the NBA players Also have WNBA styles include hall of Famer to make a catching and Allie Quigley of Chicago? Sky A BELIEVER. She different teams love. She's still on the issue. Cargo Sky. Got that that would have been ordered. Reassess Chicago Sky And then MBA alumni. Drowsy builds in Paul's which makes sense they were fan So Yeah How it will work? All Games will be filmed while competing at home locations on indoor or outdoor courts a compete shock for Shabas digital playground game according to establish a shooting order for the players with the more senior player calling heads or tails players must subscribe each shot attempt specifying the type of shot. They intend to make before shot such as a bank shower. Swish dunking has prohibited. Which is what I was worried about. Which is smart. Because if it weren't Zach Levine would win. That was going to be a case now. The First Bay in each game to accumulate the lettuce H. E. H. R. SE after failing to match five shots is eliminated so didn't know that Dunkin was going to be prohibited. So that makes it a little bit more enjoyable from guys. Suck Zack's GonNa Just out hunger by naby cheating Well then again. Who knows he laid out to you? That that we don't B- Yes at least that that evens the playing for everyone else I guess once you have the players in the snow fence to them but most of them like like this on Kane's partner Brittany griner A few others that can I would assume lose. Can't Beijing like six nine Muslim can't dunk. Maybe there's love MBA. I came back as well but most of them can't down so then having by dunk would be unfair so I guess once. I didn't know that when added you'll be made as it's going to be strictly but let me make sense that as well see us now that the now riveted it makes a whole lot of sense. Also wait so okay. So I've mentioned the schedule so the on Sunday for twelve. Go from seven to nine then. The semi finals will the April sixteen th like. I said nineties in the champion will be at eleven pm. I understand that. Generally speaking people aren't going anywhere but I mean for the people. I do have to go to work this kind of late at night. Especially on the east. I figured you could fit the whole thing in two hours. It's only what it's too and then more it's three matches doing for two hours or three. Whatever I don't know maybe maybe it's a rare south and it just seems Kinda odd. We all spend in the match. Ups are as follows trae on registrar. Billips doing the catching versus Mike. Conley Zach Levine and Paul Pierce Chris. Paul and Allie quickly so I mean this is an interesting one because I mean people that are in theory. Good shooter on knows they need to be good at this game because this last of involves going to be tricky shots like savvy specific. You have to have the bank it in going to have to switch and stuff like that that people try to do. But I mean even can't guarantee how we can go out of the hand because again no perfect or robot so sometimes things get messed up but Who Do I would act money on if I ready on this. Which I not a betting man. If it is well I dunno having a buy in for Face Wall counts as betting. 'cause like in theory you're betting on yourself to land and get your money back which. I haven't been doing all the time. Well I want my lead to not this past year. Passu Disaster Jared Goff and renegade shudders sabotage one of my teams and my other teams compete in order to get a disaster. I started fillers at least once during his three or four inception games. It was mess you and then headed slow for half. It was of course after the season it was all stop. If not not talking fancy football will listen to passing but yeah just like with this with horses like it's not just like it'd be one thing but just like oh three point shooting competition whereas like all right you take like five shots in here shoot. It taught us and they are like that. Yeah you just pick the shooter. But when this manufacturing in like trick shots and creativity something like this probably a lot of stuff that such during his time now. They've had now that people will be at home dislike practicing wild and outlandish shots and I don't know who Schuessel kind of wild and Atlanta is on the radio so I think just the fact that you can shoot from far probably trae young the advantage not everybody can consistently hit from thirty feet twenty five thirty feet out. But that's not the thing most people even attempt to do and within the structure of a of a NBA game let alone in a playground game. So that part is interesting though I mean I don't WanNa say chairman to the shooting. I. I don't think you shouldn't present for three. You but lake background. Check is shooting percentage. This season from three was all of thirty six percent which again not bad. But it's not exactly he stuff goes I believe. Yeah I think steph curry had a much. People should percents at this point his career. And that's who you compared to a lot. But in his second year he shot forty two percent from three another rookie shooting. Almost five percents for game which I forty three percent for the report. Seven so in is that the only shame level the she would this early in his career. So you go you. WanNa go him China thank Chris. Paul I mean again having to be sure you have to do weird things and get weird angles on your shots in order to get him to go off against hall guys cycle. Believe it if if Chris Paul Could be good at the same. Kinda would conley those actually being again I am not his name is going to be dunking If you could do that but you can't do these bad shooter. Obviously that's where he would shine a credit everybody else. John feels like a competitive guy. I don't think he's GONNA WANNA go out there and be sorry. I mean none of them. We don't want to go out there. Be Sorry so that's the best one thing said we're going to try to play to the same way with this. To case of people were talking trash each other just because no one likes to lose especially on national. Tv and people will be able to Washington Sierra embarrassment. If you get embarrassed you know what that. So Clear Sean What else would be you know high I did. I wouldn't official secrets like you. Think about the chargers bill from the Paul Pierce now. No unless I can catching played with our free time. Especially if they have you know reduce you've got to have an indoor or outdoor court set up somewhere in my house so you would think they'd be able to practices in the Odyssey. Some the holder retired for his name. They have kids or suffered nephew user nieces when they could do things like this with them. Keep you fresh though at number though I know I bet your shot after shot. Stena practice for fun so I don't I don't think it'd be don't do trick shots and even even still are seeing like I know Steph does look a tunnel shod. I know some people who talk half court shots. The end of their warm substance people. Shoot train shots. I don't imagine it's that abnormal but now I'm kind of I don't see him like this just because he's going to try very hard toy. Sam Know maybe that'd be my pick if I not this really my own advice. In Ninety one percents be locked and loaded for though it Sunday at seven Apollo. I don't think I'll be in doing anything. You notice again. Pandemic probably doing much probably will watch just to see how it goes and see again if I might even the barest if there's any curve just like again low on there's like one letter between them after like ten shots like you never know interesting to find that out. Lee F. so that's going down so that will give us something to keep our get. Our beaks went on in terms of like sports related content. Because I mean not just the two K. tournament. So you don't like to k then you're kind of out on that lease everybody's played basketball is played horse before Miller time. So that's not like that. I'm not everybody plays Video Games which I mean you showed us a nice way to use your mind off things. I need to get the show having a having a new show yet L. B. The shelves so baseball gave. Ps four shot up playstation. Getting But I haven't got an we gotta get obviously at the time can be playing madden into sales. Are something else to do on via so if you're not impressed Washington tournament and even if you are doing and I myself you don't not watching other people. Play is not always enjoyable. Anura you like to playing one involved there being the one like helping out of you don't necessarily just love though. I mean there's youtube channels that Green Massive Popularity Chris. Move being one of them on not not that he's alone just uses one of the first one that just like filmed themselves Or Gordon himself playing to keg and put up on Youtube ungoverned museums. So there's a market for it. I don't know if all MBA fans are watching as soon as what they were trying to get. But that's enough all NBA fans. Are that interested in fourth that they will watch MBA players touquet. But Hey you never know. I mean they're Gonna. Watch people play horse so I mean is much different? Both of them are game. So it's not like it's not. It's not that farfetched. My been we have. Socio goes locking Saturday. Nothing Sunday April Twelfth Seven PM. Espn you're most likely not doing much else. Unless you're Mike working which if you are shout out to you you doing a lot and I imagine very stressful. If you have to let go in in the office you have to work from home on a different if you have to go into an office or not office per se like a store or like a hospital or urgent care. Whatever against you as you as are doing everything you can to make sure the people like me and people like themselves and their families and friends or safe and healthy so that you appreciate ordinance. Iago's Chris Wallace lobbing be which means a pie loser first round because especially Malekkos with these things. So sorry Chris all in the first round if my but also if you win is probably my it's my it's my fault cockpit. Usa cutaway uncovered the. Yes after the break I didn't realize this originally earlier in the week But it was worth my attention. I think it was like Monday Tuesday that this week would more should have been willing national team. She was played the NCAA tournament. I think it would have been Monday. If if my math checks out on the dates So because there was no tournament there's the I guess that kind of just what uncalled mind. Go Blank on just the fact that Moore my know when it is March when it's eight bucks the airport because the tournament you know so I I we. We get found war stuff but that didn't exist because the pandemic Thanks that Corona Virus Leeann because that I'd completely forgotten but since nothing new dog what the to look back on the past decade and I'm not GonNa go basket again. This objective will not gonna go greatest because again subjective. I won't have different less. Almost GONNA go so. My favorite moments over the past decade from the evade tournaments willits games players performances. What have you she We'll talk about that right after the break so stay right there still build around the women INVICTA. Fc delatour would championship. We got the fights covered the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast the latest news of upcoming Mites discussions of previous matches. Join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast and Yeah obviously with ten years of NCA tournament. There is a lot of stuff to be included. not going to bow down everything. 'cause gins a lot of game winners a lot of interesting moments interesting Interesting Games comebacks upsets. What have you? It's it would be hard to get down to like even a top ten little top five so I'm not gonna go to kind of spit ball Freestyle at here. This certain ones that are obvious to touch on but Just going back recently as last year. That camera washing because I where I was working We had a just like I imagined where you're working or working if you're not there anymore. I'm not where I'm at in this story But we had an office At Tournament Cool said I knew my only chance last year to a path to victory was purdue upsetting UVA and Garson Edwards. Did everything he could to make it. So I could be close to the money but unfortunately did not happen. Because you the A wanted to somehow tap out a ball. Track it down Dribble passages somehow pastor there big guy with blond hair somewhat key issues like Africa name. I believe Some are he. Doesn't he had shot the ball rid of the entire game? Demi shoot the ball much if I remember correctly after that when they went to overtime The he catches the ball barely puts it up as time expires. It goes because of course it went in while everyone does. Why could I be happy It goes in ties the game and then they end going over time and UVA purdue game again Carson was shot then because he was I mean he was out there playing by himself. If if I remember correctly he's busy out there by himself. Yeah they lost in overtime. Emilee date enact. Uva went on to win the championship. But Yeah Carson Edwards had a whopping forty two points next highest person on the team was seven. Multiple guys had seven games. I mean I'd swear it I felt like every time the down they just gave him the ball and the guy the way the no urging. You're probably better team the head of the one hundred with the big three image of game to tie. Kyle Guy who's good? Tiger Rome was good. I think the guy's name was pronounced announce it wrong but there's lots and his last name blue. The d the The dea kite American will pronounce that authors. Have you necessarily penalty but the blonde here? If I remember correctly be as that sounds a lot like One more recent ones obviously the what. I'LL STOP UCF Do Games also kind of nuts. That was big one at the time. They need my brock game. Busted that early I get the coaches Africa. This coaches son's name was used to play Duke which was kind of funny shots at the end to winning. Dislike one off the Glass Wrong. Zahn did we could at the end after I forget. I feel like it was already shoot them out. The game. Bizarre came back clutch. Nothing came registered. Three lead may game Out to the play was on driving in on talk for drawing the foul and then Guinea am one. I feel like he missed the free throw. I remember correctly but thousand. Great Game Another kind of random one was the Texas. A&m Comeback Against Northern Iowa. Believe who could be on here in in their own right because The day bad. I think the Rick Nash Level Sophomore Year of high school. So it's like twenty eleven. I think two thousand ten eleven. I forget I would. Twenty eleven would've been yeah recovering with the sweet sixteen. For a day they hit like the buzzer beater from a half courts. Texas on them. The rueben static one crazy the second and the second third whatever you WANNA call it game to get into sweet sixteen but yeah so they look. I'm looking at him now. Technically an m Comeback from down twelve points in thirty one seconds. I BELIEVE MAGAZINE. We wash can be pretty sure if you to lie to me they. They overcame a twelve point deficit in thirty one seconds. Which is eh collapse of epic proportions? Tech trae by ten within into the final minute Iowa state northern Iowa should say went up twelve which would four seconds and then somehow and then somehow the textisms abor forced overtime and then was able to Winning double-overtime two eight but still you Europe twelve. You can't you can't okay. So yeah you shouldn't be able to erase at twelve point. Thirty five seconds like that's a collapse of claps. I remember why I think shoutouts Rousseau. I think us on taxation of team at the time I remember watching them. And it's like how in the world is as possible. It didn't make any sense Another one this would just like a great game in general the EU. Unc Kentucky game. I think that was. I think it was Malik monk they had like a crash. Tie them like Luke. Maye game down hit the game went on the Air John. at UNC. I've let the year you won't see you want it. It might have been. Let me see homer run. Look like doesn't say this isn't helpful BEACONS DAGGER. Good him trying to remember how they got there. I WANNA say was this game before But yes are you. Unc UK. Look at it the same years. I was the lead eight forty seventeen. Yeah so I thought. Yogi was not You shout to look back I think I I picked that one. My my roommate had pick Kentucky so that will meet some money So shot to you Also shouted two loyal Chicago or Marcus. Towns went to the same high school. Don't really know him. That well see played basketball. I did not But they're far before one was nutty Just because they I think they they they hit at least slate. Tour de Buzzer beaters in that in that tournament. Run which is nuts. Because at that look just doesn't happen then also. I think that you were. There was like mad upsets in that door. Mcnealy play Kansas State. The nine seed in the elite eight for chance of the fauna fords. They actually went to But will official yet those Michigan's Ovar team year a lawsuit in a championship? They lost somebody on. That was those were same year. This was a new year. I think right now knows year after year found bugging Are No remember in the route of round of sixty four. They played the six Miami And the the guy hit a three from behind to win the game We will be to than they play. Tennessee in around thirty two and a they hit a jumper at the end to beat Tennessee by one than in Nevada. I believe that was Marcus. Towns hit three minutes in the final minutes in order to conceal that victory eggs raped by the only game. He didn't play that was close with Blew them out and they lost by decent margin to Michigan who. I guess you just have to be better team being. That's to to have a roommate there. You three straight games where they go down to y you barely escape and then get to the final four for a school. That wasn't really or isn't really that no basketball. We've got impressed but I think they had. Who's the older woman stood gene? At least she was kind of like the masses were but she was like the notable school figure from their story which was kind of cool thing Bs I remember that one. That was a nervous curious. Who Trades Shame Michigan Ville That was a now so the second villain of one. That wasn't the Christian counseling so yeah. He went crazy in this game. The Authority when it was first on because I gave basically miss it I mean. They said like Kelp Bridges and Spelman sees me I think ask that was on the team before coverage. Look I remember him. Play as a freshman but Brunson most too. I believe he was on the championship team which we will get to in a moment but yes Shouted Louis Chicago that never was kinda crazy Busted because the eleven zero zero nine C. For the final four spot is. Kinda kinda crazy when you really think about it Another side was candidate Villanova and even Michigan was three. Which don't they don't always make it that far see another regional on here so then like he has Loyola Kansas State Weird Than was Florida State Michigan. Remember that who was. Oh what was it in the Loyola bracket that was like the that forty game wasn't a different bracket or maybe not I was that was the year before there was like a Florida game with the guy like a one foot jump like running jumper tied at at the end like overtime when we were watching the game at a bar shot up champs Hitting loud was kind of shocking and then the other to accommodate cash in terms like the people I got there with Aena you had the lead threes emission verse Than Ninety Four. The State of an OSCE eleven seton boiler Chicago versus the Nazi came to stay on that. That was a weird bracket lineup. Then there was a Florida Gulf coast. There's been a lot of not a lot of his nephew. Baked Ham up to seeing this past decade. You had the today. Mccollum shot Lehigh Over Duke always home and Duke Loses. Everyone Wins Duke Loses But yeah this contact with the Dell. They can cause a day 'cause they they cost lawsuits dunk city four Gulf coast team. Then they wanted a sweet sixteen year to They is pros at Georgetown. Jobs on been on the bad end of a couple upsets. So that's unfortunate for them. The remember that one different complete random does remember. The Georgia state are hungry at the three to like nine will the Buzzer to win the game and his dad was like setting the rolling. Jarosik fell out of exceed like her. Something was ankle or something on his leg and he was just like subsiding Jazz member wash visual. That's like very funny. A great the only game they won but it was funny visual But yes or shot down city for the Gulf coast. They forget I'm trying to what year that was twenty thirteen. It upset Georgetown. They beat them by twelve and they'd be my twelve Happened after that. Yeah they they won. They became the first fifteen seed to win the first game. The Awesome Sweet Sixteen to Florida Fair. And then they're going to be USC and the one best upset at that. So GIONTA photograph goals for that began. I remember that game. Yeah they Out knowing what was going on And then not to be outdone Oh remember you'll be stands for but they when they the the one over the sixteen which if you watch Paid depositories always been on around the horn. He's Been University of Maryland Baltimore County. He talked about how a one is going to the sixteen at some point out that you picked it or if he did any 'cause y'all spectrum on he picked the wrong one but yeah shot the NBC. And the DAYLIGHT SMOKE VIRGINIA. To being elected was like Oh. They barely scrape by. They wanted to buzz like no. They won't buy twenty. It was absurd remember. They are their social media. He was funny So shout at them then I think. Uva came back the next year one tournament. So it's like a is that at least After the novel's remember moment I mean I don't know how many times you're gonNA see a one to sixteen o Sixteen beat a watershed received. One beat sixteen every other time in history of the tournament. But this time it didn't happen so shout the U. N. B. C. And then last but not. Not least I could talk about the Gordon Hayward Mystery. Narathiwat that Duke. One we all lose do wins so we only talk about when you lose on this podcast Even I mean it's barely missed two. And then they went back. The next year still lost. Oh yeah well. I guess it was part of this was in the last decade. But just the Shabazz Napier Yukon. Run that kind of was basically the same thing as the Kemba Walker. You come on. That was Kinda weird how they like a point. Guard like a veteran Point Guard. That kind of led the team out of nowhere out of because they weren't supposed to be that good into national championship. So yeah but then asked laughing at least is the Nova. Unc Game Yanno. A game Unfortunate for Marcus page. Because he had the shock that was maybe more impressive than the game winner but no one remembers. That already cares because it's like the Tim Duncan shot before the Derek Fisher. Point four showers like no-one really remembers the the what happened before an image remember remaining shot once a game. They known what happened before doesn't matter is like did like no repairs of the Bra and help lead the feedback in game six gearbox that Ray Allen hit the three and that's what they like Rayon save his legacy which did he. Yes because if you missed the three there now to be deal but again the bomb was very vital to helping them get to that and also the force an overtime win that game. Silence on Lebron did enough for his own legacy in that series but again no one cares about anything else before it if they just move all the big shot so is everyone remembers Christine especially the play that they ran was well-designed while drawn up worked perfection when when perfection something like that is something when executed perfectly doesn't matter the sport as always impressive so I mean yeah. Villanova was easy. Pick their for easy the most memorable unless. There's a lot of things that that could've been talked about in this the knife in Ivan named a good amount. There's so many other SAMANTA Games and I won't be for me. Penn state has not been that good. They're going to be in the form of this year and of course it pandemic so who knows what. I'll see that happen again. But he is easier. When you have a ka-shing that's good because you have more memories evolved since I'm just like I'm just watching just to watch because again. I mean I was watching just to watch but as I have no dog in any of these fights other than like weapon to championship and Mundelein No emotional investment ending the schools because my teams are sorry when it comes to college basketball Ozzy like you were Kentucky Fanny Overlap Stories Stores one let me just won the won Shamsher Dalil four ties. Joe noted into Knowsley beat. They beat Butler. And then like the Taisho Grayson Allen Justice Wenzel Gelo fourteen. They won one too. So you have add you. He's got a couple. They got the redemption after the shot. Villanova's couple genie got the redemption. Kentucky is on Kentucky. Didn't have one but they have really nice from Jewish randomly beat Wichita State. That was a tough draw that I knew that was going to happen. I felt backwards. Slept eight go undefeated and that you lose. The is even secondary ninety. Whatever was or we have the Kentucky team with cat and Cauley Stein Devon Booker. That lost a free Kaminsky. Sam Dekker which in that is Kinda funny. But yet uh Steph Wisconsin field really good so no no harm in that makes this many many many moments in the last decade. And hopefully they'll be many more on the next. They gave outside this year because obviously no dormant but hopefully wants to pick back up next year when we don't have a pandemic fingers crossed then we backed recreating some of these amazing moments that we missed out on This past year but yes oh sense. There was no game no tournament National Championship and there was supposed to be this week. I thought I was Kinda go down memory lane talk about my favorite moments. Our favorite things that member from the tournament in the past decade. Now so you guys will have other things that you that I didn't mention better should have because again. It's hard to just pick a few when there's been so many crazy game shots performances moments. I'll have stuff so feel free to tweet them at me You can find us on social media so twitter instagram facebook. You know talking about the narrow discuss the ones. I missed weekend. You can talk about why you think. The broncos treated good for both south Bows and it's not a lose lose because again if Brennan was good in the Texans win but it's on paper it seems a little odd Neither value feel about that ample by like the against. But how Americans are really GONNA be willing to go back without a without a vaccine which makes sense to me but maybe you're on the fence and you don't even believe the Vice Israel the talk about it so be more than happy to talk about all that stuff. But I do for me here today. The G. S. MC. Sports podcast played by G. S MC. Podcast now work as always with eight. Gosh listening aim time out of your day to listen to me. Talk about random things in the sports world If you haven't already subscribe to the podcast me. She never miss an episode mistrial top drop related stuff you could pleases well gives the fastener rating rightness view. Appreciate it very helpful. So you like to dislike all that fun stuff also as a little bit earlier but shout out to all these central workers whether you think you're essentially not your services are appreciated by me. Maybe not by but at least by me. So that's there's doctors grocery store people that think banks are still open and if they're not then sorry but if they are out to you Especially gross people because they in don't really have to be doing the job. Doctors nurses they kind of have to. But you could shut that down or does have it. But they're not because people need to eat which I understand Chosen them run just targets bear these days. Now they're not as happy. 'cause everything's Stops I know. They're going through a rough time so shot. That's by all the jobs that don't get paid much are now apparently needed. Suss Kinda funny when you think about people talking about all. He's got a different job. We'll get a better job and I'm like well. There's only one absolute she's running during this pandemic so there. Is that making home work from home. Excuse me everybody is helping out in the pandemic health. We do it sooner than later. We back to our normal lives before you know has been a while but again later and before. Twenty twenty one. That'd be nice because if not four hundred when the means no football and we can't have that so yeah they'll do for me here today. I've been blades that has been my time. And until next time you've been listening to the Golden State Media Concept's sports podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all this shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program and.

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