Full Episode: Friday, January 25, 2018


Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. This story of two brothers one hero and the other a monster. A serial killer in a national park is a story. But there more to this story because a serial killer whose brother had been a national celebrity seven long years ago, a youngster in California vanished today. He showed up with another boy hero Timothy white. He literally said I was not going to let that child go through what I already been through books television movies. It was absolutely incredible. The moment that Stephen Steiner's Upton is the moment that is story really is going to be a homecoming. You would imagine cheered joy that the entire family would be ecstatic. But one member is not so throw. He was cold hateful vicious vicious killer. But he's even more twisted than that. We have recovered two bodies, you could never unmatched in something so heinous happening in and around Yosemite. I mean, this is a story that decades later they're still talking about. Maybe just maybe we're going to find this girl alive. He was he was warm like a big teddy bear, his friend. It is frightening just to think what he was thinking. This is Yosemite. These things don't happen in seventy you. Somebody actually means the people who kill. Blackett tonight with me. So much terror to happen such a beautiful place. The story starts in California. It's in the middle of nowhere surrounded by almond groves and peach orchards. It's a small farming town in the central valley of California, which is in the huge shadow of Yosemite. Moore said they they call the gateway to Yosemite. We're talking nineteen seventy two American pie was on the radio. Watergate. You're the palm was introduced. The Brady bunch. The stain lived on Betty street. It was a middle class kind of a neighborhood parents were Delaware. And k and Kerry was the oldest of five children, yet younger brother, Stephen and three sisters to Dell worked as a mechanic in a peach tannery. His mother k was was always described as distant somewhat aloof woman who raised her children with sort of. Almost a coldness. Carey was a nice guy. He was kind of a quiet guy days would be just getting a bikes in the morning and go to the park hang out with friends or skateboard. Teamed loved his brother hung out with him played with them looked out for him. Stephen had walked almost all the way home. That's when it happened a man and a car offered him a ride. So the same time that the standard boys are growing up and were said two hours away and Yosemite. There's a little stooped pasty never. She guy named Ken Parnell. Kenneth Parnell was working at the semi lodge doing the books for them. He was convicted previously of molesting a child. We found a job in Yosemite because that kind of guy could find a job in Yosemite. A lot of people run to Yosemite to get away from things. And Kenneth decided that he was going to adopt a young boy, he was able to recruit co worker of his a slow witted, fella and Ervin Murphy. And finally on December fourth it was sleeting wintery day in Irvine Murphy got into kens big white, Buick and drove into Mersad. Stephen what happened that afternoon. Do you? Remember when you were walking home from school, and they saw this little boy seven year old Stephen Steiner, even had left school headed straight south from here, four blocks. And when he was on Yosemite Parkway, which leads to Yosemite national park key was approached by an urban Murphy Murphy had some religious tracts with him which he'd been using to approach of their kids. Kiosks Stephen if he thought that his mother would be willing to make a charitable donation to church at that point Parnell drove up in this old white Buick Murphy opened the rear door Stephen got in. Instead of taking a right? So he could go to his home. They continued directly eastbound. They're driving out of her said going up highway one forty. Kenneth Parnell stops the car, and it goes to a payphone. He comes back and tells Stephen your parents, I just spoke to them. They no longer want. You then told him that you're going to be my son. He was a seven year old thoroughly confused kid. I think that he has probably used to an authoritative approach by his parents. So when Parnell pulled him that parents had said that he was going to go with him. I think he probably believed it. Stevens abduction, was Sutton wrenching. Brutal. And yet he's going to be hiding in plain sight for years. The moment that Stephen Steiner's abducted is the moment that this story of two brothers, really begins and was absolutely pivotal. In terms of the monster come into life. Some report nineteen seventy-two. Stephen stay near was a -ducted on highway one forty in the city of Mercedes by individuals driving older model white Buick. And they're driving eastwards enmity. Lives most of his life in your semi at the lodge. He kept Stephen in his room for about a week after that the kept giving him this officer the sedate him. I think that Carnell out that the more confused and sedated that he could keep Stephen in for the first several weeks better chance. She stood to race is connection back to his own family. When Steven didn't make it home from school. His parents immediately were alerted. Mercedes' elite grace department, and so they really mounted a large effort to search, and they searched and there was just nothing there. It happened here at this corner. And it was such a classic situation. The kind against which parents are constantly warning children the next morning. They was an empty desk in the second grade class at Charles right school. When he was missing it rocked the Steiner family it hurt the family dynamic and it crushed del Stander. Just becomes a broken, man. Really K becomes even more distant more Loof. She sort of raising children almost robotically. Dilbert became colder to their other children. Jerry's very upset. I heard stories about him going out and wishing to start his brother would come home. Maybe he had some guilt because I believe he was supposed to have been with his brother Gilbert, kind of saw Stephen as his real son and carry kind of felt abandoned neglected. A few weeks after kidnap Stephen Parnell pulled up stakes and he started drifting around California, they moved I Santa Rosa. They would stay and fleabag motels the crappy trailer or broken down house, Stephen Steiner headed new father figure, and it was kind of part out who by day was his father and by night was his rapist. Parnell told him that his name was going to be Dennis par now, and he enrolled named school and the school they to get the records those were the days where you get a copy of a record. You know, there's no Email. In the summer of nineteen seventy six just a couple of weeks before the vice intentional. It's been four years. Since Stephen was told Ken part Alice's father, Alan Stephen ended up in a little town of comp she California, which is in Mendocino county. Contres really tiny. It had maybe a post office and general store. And he kept him on the grounds in frailer. So this is were can Parnelli is to live many years ago. It's a good place to hide it's a long ways from anywhere out here. Nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors, and this wasn't a father son at all. By this time. I'm pretty certain that Parnell fout I've got him emotionally locked in. So he knew that this kid was going nowhere. From all outward appearances he'd adjusted to that life. There's a school out there. So every day again a bus and ride for thirty minutes. This pitcher fish describes what he looked like his personality. His hairdo his flannel shirt, his smile. My name is Laurie and Stephen Steiner was my boyfriend in school. The great personality. He was spunky. You could see that he wanted to play and be with kids and be normal. Rowing up with him consisted of a lot of fishing reading price at goals. Sort of reminded me of shaggy from Scooby doo. He had the same haircut same shape face even he made his way into getting into athletics. His freshman year of high school, he had a level of maturity to them that most of the kids didn't have. And I think part of that was already smoking cigarettes a lot of kids have freedom, but not his kind of come and go as he pleased, which makes me wonder why didn't he just leave? The answer is that Stephen now has attached depar- Nell on some parental level. And that's still his dependency Dana day out for food clothing. And let's face. It sounds like Cornell, basically, let him do whatever he wanted to do as far as drugs alcohol, and so his comfort level now is set in because of the sexual abuse. I think that played into two he knew that that wasn't normal. I don't think he wanted to have other people know about it in some ways. What's his these here to go along with what was happening to him? Stephen still has a reality that he has a real family someplace else. We were walking home any starting crying. He's eight. I want to go home to my real home. We just let it go. We have been drinking some beer and Hinault kids. While Stephen is a freshman at Mendocino high school, some three hundred miles to the south. His brother Kerry was an upperclassman Knepper said high school he was carry standard the kid who had his brother kidnapped. There was a pall over him. He actually was voted most creative. Carey was very well known for his drawings. I think that he was very very good cartoonist, especially with with humor. The always or had every time you'd see him. He was wearing the hat because he was compulsively pulling his hair out emotionally carry had a tough time during his childhood. I don't remember Carrie ever having a girlfriend. I never saw him with a girl. Jerry started acting wildly inappropriately towards females exposed himself to one of his sisters friends. It seemed as though he had a compulsion with trying to get close to women or be sexual with them. But he was unable to develop any sort of interpersonal relationships with any women. There's a surreal contrast in this. You have one brother who's been subjected to just unspeakable horror for years, but by all appearances, he's a happy. Go lucky jovial kid with a girlfriend. You have the other brother who's left at home? And it wasn't that. He was just a loner. He was a bit of a creepy loner. Nineteen Seventy-nine Stevens. Now, fourteen he's been with Parnell for seven years and Parnell then moves him to a very new remote location, then he can sort of in his mind. Stay one step in front of law enforcement. Ken parr? Now, take Steven to this small little town called Manchester along the coast of northern California. Looking for another preview Bessette boy, Stephen knew what was going to happen. And Stephen knew that was wrong. Can he was gonna end that what Stephen would do? In response would make him world famous. Is it still a struggle to get that good night's sleep? Then maybe it's time to try the purple mattress. It's made out of a new material that makes it firm and soft. 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At some point Parnell and Stephen together realized that Stephen was growing, and that he was no longer going to be able to be controlled by Parnell par now wanted another kid. So in February of nineteen eighty Ken now goes back to the exact same MO that he used to get Stephen standard. He paid a local kid too with them. So little time. If you buy a California puts his high school kid out on the street to go. Find him. Oh boy. And he finds five year old Timothy white walking home from school, Stephen watch, TIMMY, supper through this separation from his family for two weeks and decided finally that he had to do something about he literally said, I was not going to let that child go through what I already been through. And if I didn't take care of it now, it would just get worse. Eventually Stephen got the courage to take TIMMY white out of that house. And when Kenneth Parnell went to work. The to hitchhike to to the town of Yukio it's dark and TIMMY can't remember where he lived. So Stephen figures the best thing to do is to take them to the police station. Keep in mind Steve stain or was known as Dennis for seven long years when he arrives at that police station. He says something that will be embedded in the public consciousness for ever. I know my first name is Steven. Title of a book, it became a television movie, and it made Stephen famous seven long years ago. Youngster in California vanished was dead at this point in rescued. Another boy Stephen today. He's holding five year old Timothy white could make this up every television network every magazine cover every movie executive that wasn't anyone not interest. Stephen was national hero. Returns to said triumphant. Stevens return has been a joyous event within days. He's on good Morning America. Good morning, Stephen, and Mr. and MRs Steiner, Stephen how's it feel be home? His great. Did you remember your parents? Well. Then change that much. I recognize them. When I got the Carr brothers and sisters changed a lot. I'd never recognize either one of Mr.. How did this affect your other four children when Steve disappeared the older two were very upset? And I think kind of became very quiet children from the experience. There's a press conference outside the Steiner house and Betty street and everyone's smiling. There's a lot of jubilation this is really some sort of a miracle. Stevens come home. But if you look in the background, there's there's something worth noting and it's carry and his baseball cap and he's not smiling at all. Carey as the older brother had a very strange relationship down with his younger brother, Stephen who was getting all of this attention, and who was a different person. In the television movie. There's a scene where he's finally reunited with his brother care. Carrie comes in on looking almost like shaggy-haired surfer. And he's jubilant these real deceased, brother. There's nothing to suggest to carry all that thrilled to see his brother. They shared a room. They didn't get along. Steven didn't understand the wolves that he was now expected to live by these years been like for you Justin getting over the seven years you will from home for seven years. I'd been supposedly an only child now I had to compete with a brother and three sisters away for seven years in a lot of people still wonder why you didn't try to escape before you finally did escape three years ago. When you look back on that. Why do you think that has to even this this reasons, I was told I was adopted? He believed is believed that came what about for you. How do you think it's been for Stephen? I think he's done fantastic. Very proud of the way us. Kind of joined right in with the rest of us. And he doesn't give us any problems. I tried to explain to her that they might consider, you know, some professional counseling, and she told me that she didn't believe that that was going to be necessary. The adults thoughts even as a hero. But none of the adults had to go to high school generally known that there was homosexual activity involved in Stevens abduction, Stephen was constantly being made fun of when he came back, which is really sad because the poor guys just into all these seven years of of you know, being molested and and everything else his sexuality was constantly under attack. There's a scene in the movie in a locker room for you. Being around. Those naked guys where Stephen leases strong enough to fight back. The bullying was just on ending. Well, Stephen already has these two sides buffeting the adults as a hero in the kids who are just picking on mercilessly. He's gotta deal with Parnell as well. There is sitting in the courtroom. And he's got a point at Ken Parnell. Ultimately, Kenneth Parnell did face charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment. But he was never tried for sexual assault. In this case in the end. There was not sufficient evidence to prove those charges. Outrageous. There was out fury of the sense angry that he will be back out on the street. I thought laws to protect the innocent children. It's not because he will be out. He possibly we'll do it again, quite probably come Parnell when back to what he'd been doing for years. He found someone else to help them find another boy only this time he was caught and he was sent to prison again where he died in two thousand eight. While Steven was kind of struggling own life after his return. Carey was at high school and having zone troubles. I think curiouser high highschool seemed a little loss like you didn't know where he was going when his life was starting to spin out of control key took refuge in Yosemite. He had this international scout pale blue, and he would just drive out. We one forty year seventy disappear up into the woods and get high. Whatever demons Claremont around in his head by being naked by smoking hot. He could find the peace that he so desperately needed. One of the things that made a huge impact on him. Was he was convinced that he saw big foot? Any opportunity that carry got he couldn't wait to tell people about driving through an area known as for rest of and Bigfoot leaping out of the woods in the dark of night. It turns out that this incredibly deep obsession with Bigfoot is ultimately going to have incredibly hatchet consequences. This sanctuary would turn out to be the very setting where carry stain murderous. Demons would be unleashed. Hundred eighty nine state of family had fallen for spotlight. The world had moved on the Berlin Wall fell. There's a big earthquake during the World Series and San Francisco, but the Stater brothers were struggling each of them both in their own ways. Stephen celebrity was pretty short lived. He did make some money for consulting on the TV film actually had a bit part is one of the police officers. Rescuing himself. He blew almost all of that money on cars and drugs and booze de work, some menial jobs. He got married they had two kids. He was very proud of who he was when he told me he was not ashamed at all. He was just very well grounded. You know for for a person that had gone through what he went through. But then at the age of twenty four he was riding a motorcycle without a license. He was riding home from work and a vineyard worker out in front of them. Hit him in flipped them. You just have to feel like this poor man was dealt such a horrific hand of cards in life and in death. Stephen really did the best that he could for seven years. He subjected, unspeakable, horrors. He did work for a living. He did fall in love. He did have two kids. I see them as being on a good path. And that's how I prefer to think of him. You know? It's as dear Lori. Hi, how's everything in comp? She good. I hope wall wall. Wa he's still he's that. It's not everybody that gets a letter from a famous person, namely me love, always Steve. So I share these letters. Ever. Stephen was gone now. But in a big sense. So was Kerry Kerry had no direction he thought his life was going nowhere Kerry never recovered from his own emotional difficulties. And then coupled with Stevens tragic death. Not long after Stephen died carries ankle was shot and killed in the home. They shared together. Carry was very close to his uncle. Stevens dead uncle Jerry's murdered. This is starting to bubble up. Kerry has a couple of nervous breakdowns. One was fairly violent stated that he felt like jumping in the truck driving through the shop and killing the boss and killing everybody in the office, and then torching the place. And that's when I told him you need to go see a doctor. They got him to a mental health center, but be left. Carey is literally crying out for help. He's literally saying, I'm losing my mind. What a lot of people didn't know at the time. Was that Kerry was having these streams these fantasies about killing women? Carey was a lost soul. And he ended up taking refuge in a place that he loved and that was you'll seventy in the fall in ninety seven and he drove is international scout to the tiny town of El Porto, which is the doorstep to Yosemite national park, but his time carries in his thirties. And he lands job as a handyman at the cedar lodge. The cedar lodge is this rustic module seven miles outside the gate of Yosemite. It is surrounded by and filled with these wonderful wooden bear sculptures, working at the cedar lives gave Kerry access to his beloved Yosemite. The his idea of serenity was to maybe smoke a little pot and to Sunday. Thank it. He was always naked. No, tan lines on him. I hung up the river with him a lot of times alone. He never hit on me. And I know he never had any of my friends. Never but uncomfortable come on never anything like that. Not even the hint of it. Not everyone at cedar lodge was was in the Devon. There's woman named Trish outs. She and her husband ran the restaurant that was attached to lodge. They had a teenage daughter Carrie spin an uncomfortable amount of time with my gotta would start freaking out. 'cause he would just stand there and stare at my child as she swimming in the pool, and I said, you go towards my daughter ever, and I will destroy you. He was closed. Hateful said I'd tell with clothing, April people Trish was in some sort of a savant. She seems to be the only one who saw the side of Kerry. By February nineteen ninety nine Kerry had been at the cedar lodge about two years and the winters were very desolate. Not a lot of tourists. Visit the park that time of year winner is a spectacle when the granite is iced in beautiful, white snow. You really get to understand. How extraordinarily walls are. Among the small group of people who did come to the cedar lodge to go see Yosemite. It was Carol Sund. Her daughter, Julie sixteen and their friend named Silvino Peluso. The three of them are on a trip to full look at colleges. And then also to enjoy you'll some. Red Pontiac that they had rented for this trip. This was an opportunity for them to show Silvino who was visiting from Argentina one of the most beautiful places on earth. And they spent the day touring the park going to a lot of the highlights. They went ice skating. That night. Most of the other guests had actually gone home and their room was about as far as you can get from the lobby and the restaurant in a dark corner of the lot. The dinner at the restaurant, then they went to the front desk. Got a movie they're going to go watch back in their room, all this rage that have been building up in carry all of these years. He find sides it's going to act upon it. Great car five hundred alight self. Curtains of concede inside. For Kerry, he's been planning this for years. There's a fantasy that he's created as mind, and this is the night. When all this rage is finally let loose. Something clicks. And at that moment carry state or knows it's time. Carey had been looking for victims at night, eventually spied Carol in girls through the window of their room and decided to knock on their door. Upstairs, Carol answers, and he says to her I need to come in to look for the leak, and she said, absolutely not girls are under pajamas. They're watching jerem Maguire on the VCR. What can I do for you? She'll meet money. They're done for the day. Persists says to move to a different room. If the league goes on. Fan actually probably with. Car. He takes Carol's daughter, Julie, and her friend, Sylvia, Peluso and herds them into the bathroom. Then he ties up Carol with duct tape and then strangles her with at length of rope. And when he was done he bundled her up and put her in the trunk of a Pontiac that she'd rented that was outside the hotel room door. Came back in and pull the girls out of the bathroom and sexually assaulted them. So vino resisted, she was hysterical. He brought her into the bathroom and strangled her. So he takes Julie puts her into the bathroom in room five ten next door. He then take Sylvia's body puts her in the trunk along with Carol sun returns to get Julie. Pretty late. Probably five clock yourself. Until. To go. The car brands are to confirm. Drove I know where I was going. To do. The next time carry Steiner's scene is one hundred miles away in Sierra village when he uses a payphone to call a cab to get back to cedar lodge. He said that he had come down from his semi with some other people. And if they left them there stranded him with no way back. As we were perching somebody valley that he would show me the cabin to where he saw big foot, and he pointed off to a ways back. She could see there was a cabin. And he said that Bigfoot came out round around the side of the cabin and into the trees. Leaving your semi the plan was for Carol Julie and Selena to meet Carol's husband yen's, son at the San Francisco airport. Well, the girls didn't show up at the airport. We started calling the sheriff of the police. I mean, we're scared. We thought that they were crashed somewhere that was snow up there. There's icy roads. As each day went by. And there was no trace of these three women it became a larger and larger story, very mysterious story. Three people have disappeared at Yosemite national park in California. I remember distinctly sitting in the newsroom when the word came that there were three women missing from Yosemite. The very last thing that you think of at first is that foul play occurred. These things don't happen semi the week of Carol Julie, and she'll Vinas disappearance from L Patel. I had been approached because I was a kidnapping coordinator in my office. Ten days of combing the outskirts of Yosemite where the trio had been visiting. There are no new leads. This is the largest search that has ever been mounted in Yosemite at anytime. It included going up and down the rows looking for places where the car could have gone off. I'm just devastated. I don't I can't imagine how three people in red car disappear when covering it you really empathizing with the families. We're now posters doing everything possible and pain that you could feel from the sun family and the Pelos owes who had come from Argentina people heading America to help. We went up to L Patel to deceit or lives. And we started doing our interviews. One of the people they interviewed was this helpful handyman name Kerry Steiner he was not at all flustered. He just didn't set off any alarm bells haven told them the story about Steven at one point. He even was opening all the rooms for the FBI together evidence. Tonight a desperately needed break in a month. Long. Search for those three missing visitors to Yosemite. About a month after the disappearance of Carroll joins Savina. There was a big break in the case because California Highway Patrol officer reported the location of the missing rented vehicle. This is about sixty seventy miles from the cedar lodge. Twenty years ago. I was a member of the evidence response team. This looked a lot different. But behind me is where the vehicle was located. This is nineteen ninety nine Pontiac grand prix. But it was so completely burn. There were no paint rubber plastic upholstery. The initial expection of vehicle we knew we had two bodies based on the remains that were still in a truck. So there's not much left. There was no way for us to identify who's in that truck. The forest where the car was found is just a short walk to Sierra village where Carey made the phone call to get the cab back to you. Seventy evidence was found throwing free from the car that didn't burn the car keys some shoes personal CD player. But most importantly, there was a camera found a crucial piece of evidence. We get the pictures back, and we have Julie and Savina doing handstands in the room. We see all their pictures that they took going through Yosemite, and this is picture of Soviet and Carol sitting in the far bed. We came to learn that this picture was taken about twenty minutes before Carey's, dander knocked on their door. So you look at these pictures of these wonderful vivacious people, and you just wanna go home and your family because it's too late for them. We have recovered two bodies from the trunk of the vehicle. No identification has been made. When the discovery of the bodies in the burned out vehicle or made. I wouldn't say it affected the community. I would say that affected the nation. Two bodies have been found. But there are still many unanswered questions. This was an enormous story a huge huge story and twenty twenty decided to do an hour on it, my producer, John Meyerson, and I was straight out to Yosemite to cover it. We had an interview with Selena's mother, and she was the picture of despair in grief. I knew from the beginning that. Might go with. How? I just felt her mother's intuition was sadly, correct. It was Selena in the trunk of that car Silvino along with Carole Sund for other feel. Feel terrible. I'm suppose that I. When they realized it was Silvino, Carol. Then the big mystery was where's Julie? What are you hoping that Julius still alive Cobra against hopes that they've got her somewhere so real there's a third victim out there that may still be alive send us into a frenzy and my mind went to oh my God. She's out there. She's being held prisoner. Something terrible's being done to her. In the middle of all this frantic searching arrives this letter two days with a Tom tting tantalizing clue with a crude map that may finally solve the mystery of what happened to Jews on. Maybe just maybe we're gonna find this girl alive. The mother and daughter were found dead after disappearing from Yosemite national park. I mean, this is a story that deputies later they're still talking about it. This was an enormous story a huge huge story. What in the heck are we dealing with here? This is an absolute tragic story of two brothers one hero and victim. The other a monster. The story of Stephen Steiner, and the story of Kerry Steiner are going to intersect again in a way, no one could event. Pated Stephen stain or as a seven year old boy who gets plucked off the streets walking home from school by a pedophile piece. How cap it for seven years miraculously escapes, but it'd be. I know my first name is. But it turns out the monsters weren't calm Kerry. Steiner was very close by all raids that have been building up and carry he finally decides it's going to act upon right there right there, curious Sanders, vicious vicious killer. He's even more twisted than that. And they're about to find out just how. So it's winter merges into spring. The entire valley just seems to come to life. Everything turns green again. It's a completely different feeling. It's March nineteen ninety nine and this spring is different because there is a hell publ fear in Yosemite park. Mysterious story. Three people have disappeared lathi near the Yosemite valley trail had been visiting in February Carol Sund and her daughter Julie in their teenage friends so Vena Pelosi had gone missing from the cedar lodge. I can't imagine how three people that car despair. This doesn't happen in the national marks. There was sense of panic originally here. Even the Milkis stopped coming in. You can't overstate the sense of fear there. Everybody was afraid. Everybody wanted to know what had happened. But there's still no sign of the bodies for about a month until a hiker stumbled across on the act recovered two bodies from the trunk and a vehicle when the FBI announced that only two bodies had been found that stumped. Everybody urge anyone with information to immediately call the FBI tip line when they realized it was Silvino, Carol. Then the big mystery was where's Julie? Investigators in California continue searching for the third of three women who disappeared from you semi national park. Two bodies have been found. But there are still many unanswered questions for about a week searchers combed the countryside. The roads the ditches the rivers everywhere near that car. But no, truly oh my God. She's out there. She's being held prisoner. Something terrible's being done to her in late March, the at the I got another big clue significant potentially viable leads. This one came in the mail. And when the letter was opened you see a line to paper. And on the top. It says we had fun with this one. Clued map and the map shows one twenty it shows vista point shows Peter reservoir, and it's about forty miles away from where the car was found. They bring up cadaver dog and within ten seconds of going to where this map points out. They find Julie's body earlier this afternoon investigators discovered the body of a homicide victims fifteen year old Julie sun was dente fide earlier in the winning saw where duly son. Took her last breath the gravity of the story, really hit home. Just to think of her being alone away from from her, mom and Silvino. And wondering what happened is terrible. Francis was also for you, the hardest part. That was the end of you know, any hope. Told the family that won't stop until we find out what happened until we've resolves. Does he move into the summer of nineteen ninety nine? Yosemite is getting back to normal. The tourists are coming back. And now five months have passed. There has been no more murder the sense around. You'll somebody was that it was safe. It was safe because the people that will responsible for this horrific crime. According to the FBI were in custody when they made the announcement that we have the Keller's they believe they have the killers in custody. Huge absolutely huge. We do not believe that there is anyone else there on the loose. Who is not in custody. These two men were half brothers. They had criminal records they were violent offenders. So there's a sense of relief that hey, we got these guys. Everything's okay with the FBI's assurance relatives sense closure is near once. They went down that road. It seemed like they just had tunnel vision. And they weren't looking at anything else. People may have thought the right people in custody certainly wanted to believe the right people in custody. Curious Janna was still working here at the lodge? He was still living here on the premises. He was still an active member of the community. He was not an unknown quantity. I'll say that people knew who it was. Not someone who hid. Didn't really see him as a suspect. He didn't raise alarm bell. Stater was free. He had gotten away with triple. On the more westerly aspect of the park is a little area called Fereshta. You can look down and see this gorgeous meadows called big meadow. For good reason and down in that meadow was an old house this called the green cabin. It's owned by the park service's leased out for dollar a year to the assembly institute which runs educational programs. The park living there in the summer of nineteen ninety nine a twenty six year old woman named Joey Armstrong. Hughes really kind. She was sensitive. She was loving. She was generous. She was smart. Joey was a naturalist at Yosemite. Her job was to take children and teach them the nature of Yosemite. I asked her if she was ever afraid she said, no, we knew they had suspects in custody. She memorialized it. In her diary at one point even wrote, the monsters are gone, meaning the FBI had gotten the people who did this and they were behind bars. But it turns out the monsters work on Kerry's Steiner was very close by. Actually a road that connects from where the cedar lodges into you'll semi at the back row that very few people know about the end of the road is where Joey Armstrong was living. And that's the road that carries Steiner took that day. Drove his international baby blues got up to arresthe. Where'd seeing Bigfoot went up there with some regularity? He had gotten out of his truck. And he was looking around. He wasn't out hunting for anybody. But an opportunity presented itself. Now, Kerry standard is down here in this area. He sees of at the green cabin this petite blonde, girl. It's almost the weekend and always very excited to Scott, a trip planned to meet some friends, she's just going in and out of her house packing per truck. Getting ready to leave her Toyota, Tacoma, his par tear. The back had is open then approaches her as she's putting things in and out of her truck just wonder if the randomness if at all what if she was in the cabinet what if she'd packed up a half hour earlier, what if she left it turned out to be they situation where evil truly meets opportunity. After notion walkout again kit. He comes closer. And has he comes closer? She is what he thinks he wants something instantly changes with Kerry Stater. And he's ready to kill again. Just like in the first murders goes back to his truck. And he gets his Mervyn King. He gets out his backpack. He's got a gun. He's God duct tape. He's got a knife. He standing somewhere in this vicinity, and he's talking to her and he's making conversation guy who big strong athletic as movie star white teeth. They would just been like a little oddity. But as he's talking to her about Bigfoot, he's trying to look behind her over shoulders even in the house and then pretty quickly. It would have gone to flat out terror. She trial down before. Inside. He uses the gun to direct her to the back of the house and into this rear bedroom. He starts finding her with the duct tape that he's brought in his kit. She fights with everything she has he barely was able to overcome her. She was very strong. And I don't mean just a strong woman in the sense of motionlessly strong that she was physically strong. This was supposed to be easy for carry. This was his fantasy was nobody's supposed to fight back. Then she did. She's totally controlled. And then he takes her and guide, sir. Here picked up and tossed with vaccine and driving away. The first line. Joey Ruth Armstrong was in trouble was when she didn't meet up with a friend in Marin county on Wednesday when Joey doesn't show up. Obviously, her friends are bewildered and they're frightened. Absolutely freaked out. Her friends called you somebody. And now the search was on for joy Armstrong. Doc received a page, and I called in and they asked if I was valuable for search. We're covering number leads that are not confined to the park. That's about all I can tell you this point. As they came in and looked they could not find her and they also found the Bree on the floor of the cabin. They found broken sunglasses. They found a red mechanics RAB. They were very concerned just looking for anything that doesn't fit and then a few feet down the stream. I noticed what I thought was an inanimate object kind of bobbing in the water. I went over and. Saw that it was a person. To their shock and dismay. They saw that her head had been removed. This was just as grisliest seen as you could possibly imagine. It was incredible and horrible. What had happened to joy Armstrong? You know in your own personal life. You have said many times before I can't imagine the pain of losing child. You don't believe it's you you don't believe it's her. Going. No, no carry Steiner left behind a load of evidence. And he knew it unlike the first three murders where he left for Charlie no evidence. He knew that he had left a very easy trail for investigators. About two hours north of Yosemite is a nudist colony which turned out to be the key to the whole thing is about to happen. And during that car ride, the story of Stephen Steiner, and the story of Kerry Steiner are going to intersect again, in a way, no one could event -ticipant it. Liberal del sole is like any other resort accept people close on there's camping, and there's some cabins, and there's some shuffleboard and volleyball. There's a restaurant a bar Dart's league. I'm tell people go to Guna del sole from all over the country. I don't think you're trying to hide if you're going to do this colony, and it's the last place that carries Steiner would be a free man, you semi park naturalist was found decapitated the twenty six year old's body was found Thursday near her Yosemite home. Joy Armstrong's martyr sent shockwaves through Yosemite valley. Here was another murder. In the Yosemite area. And this time it was actually in the park. This is the second high profile murder case connected to Yosemite. This year three tours disappeared from the L Portel area in February. And we're later found dead people. Didn't know what the where they connected were. They not connected if they work connected than what's happening. I called some of the investigators to ask do you think they're related, and it was a resounding. No, absolutely, no reason to believe no indication that there is any linkage at all you don't want to cause undue Penick. You don't want to cause undue concern. Until you know. The facts got sixty teams going out. There wasn't really much time for us to speculate on whether this was related I mean it quickly became related. Somebody had spotted a very unique vehicle blue and white international scout the same vehicle that carries stained her drove. On the same road where Joey lived around the same time that she was murdered. And that was the first thing that thirties. Followed up on. The tracks of the vehicle that drove away from Joey's house, let very clear traps near able to get very clear pictures, and then they started looking for this guy carry Steiner because he would be a natural witness to interview. Seaming having much, and so many came in and said, they're looking for Kerry Steiner, and I said, and he's really now starting to feel that noose tighten around his neck now carry Stater realizes. He has to get out. He packs up and leaves and ends up driving to that nudist colony Laguna del sole. He pitched a tent outside. When in there's a bar and restaurant, and he was socializing with people inside and struck up a conversation with a woman there things not so well now, I've decided to pack up my stuff in fact, and I'm headed north. They hit put the bolo been lookout for on the news. And so going out to people looking for Kerry Steiner authorities set off a manhunt for him yesterday. And it just so happens. The woman he struck the conversation with saw the news. I immediately picked up the phone call FBI and told him that I knew what is person was. That morning FBI agent. Jeff Ryan is call. He's supposed to meet up with a couple of other agents at Laguna del sole right away. So is driving and for seeding down near the next train of thought plays. Oh my God. We're going to a new this colony for me. I knew this colony. Means Peter Sellars shot in the dark guy walking across the screen with the tar over his genitals. Nudist colony is that a place I ever thought it would be career. The magic came out and said, Yep. He's inside sitting at the corner booth and you'll be able to find him because he's the only one wearing cleanse. God here parts, and as they walk into the restaurant area. Standard gets up and puts his hands up. Athletic. He's tall. He is pants on. It looks like a movie actor to me and he's already saw spoken cooperative. He didn't do the, hey, who are you? Why are you handcuffing me? What's going on here? Put them in the car, and he drove off and I follow. It's just the two of them standard in the front seat. Reineck has no idea the magnitude of what is happening. Nobody told him that carries Steiner is a suspected murderer. What happened during that drive between Kerry Steiner and be I agent changed the story forever. It was a very pleasant drive. We were two guys that were just stuff together. One thing that special agent reineck is really good at is getting people to open up you meet someone in your asking them questions about themselves. Jeff being Jeff had. Hey steiner. You're not paying relation to Stephen Steiner. He'd been kidnapped from a Mercedes street corner in nineteen seventy two when he was just seven years old. He goes have you ever seen that that movie? I know my first name is Steve. And that's when. Yeah, that's my brother in that moment. He's just connecting with some guy's supposed to pick up was horrible. Stephen standards brothers terrible. What happened to him? And he went onto describe it. Unlike the world expected life was not happily ever after all of a sudden carries Steiner gets upset. He gets emotional about his brother, Stephen. My brother was held captive for seven years and his doctor Kenneth Parnell only got seven years. How can that be fair? And he asked me if I thought that was just and I told them, absolutely, no. Something truly remarkable happened in that car Kerry Stater who had such trouble with relationships in intimacy in connections developed a connection with Jeff Ryan that would absolutely change this case. So after that they actually bond over something else. It's a movie it's called Billy, Jack and the very popular song associated with that movie called one tin soldier. And I said to him, you know, you look just like Billy Jack have you ever seen the movie, and he said, no, I kept asking you. Humility I haven't seen Bill Jack. There's this line in the movie that it's a classic line after they finish their long ride. They've had their little bonding moment over Stephen they're walking into the FBI field office and Kerry stops and says, I'm gonna take this right foot. And I'm going to walk you. Your face. There's not a Dan camp thing you can do about it. So weird little moment where he just finished saying he'd never seen this movie. But he knew the classic line. He's laughing omlund. That's pretty good. You know now they're walking in and they're having a good laugh together. And then things sort of taken on turn. But remember agent reineck doesn't really know what it's about or what to expect Kerry stain or on the other hand knows exactly what he has planned, and it's going to be a bombshell. Jeffrey reineck and carry stain or have been in the car for two hours from that nudist camp when they finally arrive at the FBI offices in Sacramento, neither really noon why we were there and talking to him. We didn't know what his involvement was if any three of us are settled in the room eating pizza. As a general rule when law enforcement is interrogating a suspect. They don't order pizza. It's not textbook was grasping at straws to figure out where do we start to begin? The interview Kerry starts launching off into this is going to be my last meal as a free, man. Out of the blue. He's looks at the agents and says I can give you closure. I security. What exactly do you mean closure about what he says? You know, why we're here and he told us, hey, I can answer some questions about joy in and more. We didn't know what that was. They thought Kerry Steiner was a witness to something and suddenly out of the blue. He's dangling a confession to these FBI agent. So I think we're shocked in many ways, but it is condition an absurd horrible condition who would go into an FBI office and asked to agents the child pornography, that's not your everyday request. And he said and not just a couple of three four images. I'm talking about a stack that high. Can you imagine what these FBI agents are thanking what in the heck are we dealing with here? You never say no to them you basically put them off saying we're going to get to that. I know you want that. I'd like you to have it. But you move it down. On the ladder the managed to buy some time. So in the meantime, what do you have? And then Kerry starts to talk about jelly. Okay. Start talking about her in the interview Jeff continues the bond that they had created in that car ride and want standard to continue to talk. If it hadn't been from bonding over Stephen in that car ride. This whole confession might never have happened. Seem like she's alone. Backpack. Small cream backpack. We've all he was talking about some very grisly things as if he was reading a soup label on the porch talking to turn around. It's time to read. She drought. It's very unsettling to listen to carry Steiner. He's calculating he's creepy. Back korva, douse beckon. Teacher. Are giving. The thing that Jeff does a very magical way is to not be judgmental to keep Carey talking the bottom line is nobody's going to talk to you. If they think you're disgusted by what they're say. She's a. Here. Threats and the gun to subdue were is try Duckie perhaps advantage of fighting. You wanted us to know he was not beating her or being violent or sadistic. He wants to control what we think of him becomes pretty clear to me that he's just this big emotionless monster and Joey comes across heroic because she was a fighter and he was a coward. He successfully binds her with the duct tape, and he binds her to the point where all she can pretty much do is walk. The key to everything is what carries Steiner says next. The question always has been. Why was Joey's body found where it was found in the woods? How did it get there? Why did it get there and carry stain is about to reveal exactly what happened? She's crazy. On the back truck couldn't controlled she Phil. From warren. She didn't fall out. She was fighting everywhere. She could to get out of the car, and she did, and he didn't expect it the idea that she was able to found fling herself out of the moving car in an almost superhuman way is absolutely astounding. Down. She got around service, and he'd call me got out and he ran down, and he chased her and somewhere back in there is where he he caught her. That pocket. Drove. The investigators told me that I should be very proud of her that because she fought. There was a lot of evidence. Carey stain or has lived up to his promise. He gave them the confession Joey Armstong. But remember he said, he had more the and more. Now is what's critical without him. Getting his precious. Kiddie porn. We were advised to you could not have the condition. He wanted. Now. My biggest fear was in place. We still weren't sure that he had done son Pelosi, Jeff is very emphatic. I can already see a change in you, you you seem like you're feeling better. You know, whatever this is inside you you need to get it out. There was a dramatic period of silence. That was followed by him saying, okay. Let's do it. Stairs. So now, he's giving the agents is blow by blow of every gruesome detail. For crying. Julius recall and at the same time. He's giving them a glimpse inside these strange thoughts that he was having. Deal. He constantly reminds us that she was cooperative that she did everything he wanted her to do the things he wanted to do to her that somehow she wanted him to he's painting a picture as if he has some kind of relationship with Yuli. Car. Where? You're done patriots is beautiful reservoir. And he's telling us the story about how he's going to have to let her go almost like he's doing a favor. This has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with playing out. This violent fantasy in his head. Curator? I asked him. How did you carry her? And goes, you know, like this. And I said you mean like groom carries a bright? And he says, yeah. Like that. Knife with me. It was brutal homicide. What actually happened had no relation to in any way what he was describing to us. But he said after he killed her. He stood here any marveled out at the view of the rising. Sun was so hard to understand how someone just disassociate from what they had just done and look out and enjoy the beauty of nature. But it's not over bombshells are on the way. I loved Carey could not believe what I just heard. My name is Lana, and I grew up in small towns bright outside you, seventy national park my sister, and I met Kerry in nineteen ninety eight my mom was a waitress at the cedar lodge where here he was a maintenance man and lived above the restaurant. They were in a relationship. I must've been ten eleven years old. He was in his thirties. He was he was warm like a big teddy bear a safe person to be around. We're excited when Kerry would come over. He would buy new beanie baby. Almost every time. We saw him because that was pretty big in the nineties my sister, and I would walk into the driveway. And we'd see carries eight hundred coming up in scout and jump in the truck, and he'd give us a ride up to our house. I loved him a lot. I don't know if you knew how much I did he was a happy part of our life. Such a happy part that turned into such a dark part of our life. One of the most disturbing things stain Steiner told Jeff was that Carol Savina and Julie were not as first choice. Carey actually planned to kill a whole nother set of people and this is a complete surprise. Today from girlfriend's house. His girlfriend daughters Tiffin's. I could not believe what I just heard. I was literally trying to get my mouth going to. Hear that again to make sure I heard what he said. Massage. Seeing. For. Tended. Have we not gotten Steiner? Could've been next. The day after Valentine's Day he had intended to that would be the day that it carries out his fantasy. And the object was his then girlfriend and her two daughters while he was there. There was another person on the grounds that stopped in deflected. What he could do? So carry abandoned his initial plan to kill his girlfriend Kerr daughters. He said when he got back to cedar lodge at night. He was really ramped up. Television. So not. Down. Dirty sensible. The Walker property. He's actually stalking is looking is predatory as he's walking past the five hundred building. He sees who we now know to be Carol Joey Silvino, the FBI has been summoned to help find three missing women right under. Everyone's knows the entire time. He was right there. He's right there. I do remember him always carrying his backpack. I remember seeing it in the truck. It was always with him. Like a woman carries a purse. I later learned that he had a murder kit murder and rape kit in his backpack that he wanted to use against my mom, my sister. And I it is frightening just to think that the things that were inside of it. And what he was thinking the whole time late last night. Federal authorities arrested this man, Thirty-seven-year-old Kerry Steiner the FBI went in and spoke with my mom privately to let her know that carries Diener had confessed to initially wanting to kill my mom and rape and kill my sister. And I. That kept it quiet for twenty years. I didn't address it. My whole family fell apart. My mom was extremely shocked as a mother myself. I don't know if I would have been able to handle that. My daughter is the same age right now that I was when I met Kerry. I think it's such a young age. I learned that you couldn't trust dolts. I still have issues trusting people don't know if all ever. Feel completely safe. For survivors. But it took a really big part of our life away. It destroyed part of my childhood. I not been back to cedar lodge until last year, and it sent chills up and down my spine. I just remember he would show us out of dive perfectly. My sister. And I both wanted to be the best. It feels like it was so long ago that you forget that it even happened like a drain where a movie that you watched. And almost doesn't even feel like it was you. There's a big part of me. That's still wonders if he's still thinks of those two little girls that adored him so much because we think about him all the time. Even remember does he care. Everybody wondered what was going on in his mind. Everybody wondered why I went to ask if Kerry wanted to talk within minutes, I'm face to face with him. He just opened up. I know answers to all of our questions. Asked him if he would bring us back to these places because he was talking about evidence. He took us to all the spots. And exactly where everything was. And he pointed out in that direction. And he said he took the role of duct tape and the knife. And he threw it out there as far as he could with the recovery of the duct tape and the watch and the knife which was the murder weapon. Now, we're talking. It. With the confession and all the forensic evidence. Carry Steiner was found guilty and was sentenced to death ES spent years in San Quentin prison on death row. He's now fifty seven years old. I don't forgive him. I can't. But at the same time, I still have a hard time looking at him as a monster. Carey was the monster in the forest Bigfoot was never supposed to be real. And then he became a real thing. I went to ask if Kerry wanted to talk, and he just opened up he told me that he'd had these feelings since he was a seven year old child, and it'd been resisting these feelings for years. It was almost as if he was trying to get credit for being a good soldier. He said no wanna movie of the week. Nate about my story. There was a movie made about Stephen stained. And he wanted the same treatment. He wanted the world to take. As far as I know. He's never talked to anyone about the effect. Stephen might have had on his crimes. I'm not sure there isn't a direct cause and effect. Stephen could have grown up normal happy and healthy. And Kerry still would've been a serial killer. It's difficult to pitcher what Kerry has done because knowing Steve their personalities are completely opposite going time. Steve would kill anything like fish is. Because we gonna eat it. You know what I mean? I wouldn't think that he would think of himself as one, but he is a hero as hero a lot of people. Because of Stephen Timothy white got his second chance at a childhood, but like Steven didn't live long. He died at the age of thirty five of a lead cl- to the lung. The statue. Mer said, no, Stephen and Timothy white and they're holding hands. Yes. Terrible things happen to Steven. But his legacy is that he saved another kid from advance offer those same terrible things. That's really all. You should be remembered. We understand why the stain or brother story garnered so much global attention. But when it's all over who should we really be remembering the sun's Savina Pelos. So Joey Armstrong these are beautiful people who met their death to suit. So I get. Is this with God all mighty? And I. I will see her again. Joey's legacy carries on semi. There's something called Armstrong scholars every summer the group of girls from USA fifteen and eighteen abroad into the park to spend a week exploring learning about it. Which is why joy was in the first place. Whatever terrible things happen in the world. I think people come to beautiful places like this because they know that nature has healing power. This is the place of beauty where evil will be benched. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast.

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