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#155 Deus Lex Machina


As a sip of what? This is Jason J. Louis the Voice Superman on Justice League actions wave while you're listening to the Krypton reports and you're listening to be all things for Tony and podcasting superman and supergirl. We discussed game cartoonist. Shows and find us on facebook. Youtube and twitter plan all right. Welcome to the crypt on report. It is myself tyler. The Superman of blue or call myself the man of amazement with me as the mean not so green. Because he's the man of red buff the tough the also lovable James Cole. Hello Sir Yellow Watch. Sam can very lovable. Do you ever watch psych? I've seen in a few episodes. I haven't watched it as as an ongoing thing. It is like one of my favorite shows. And it's like if I'm ever like down like when Solomon was and they make you like when we were sitting in I watched it because it is always brings me joy and it's laughable but if you go back the character of Sean. We'll always introduce gus in the most interesting like manner like Hewlett and. This is my associate Mr Jazz hands. Pick they'll always come up with something. I think I know what you're talking about. Yeah mm-hmm I feel sometimes like kind of like how introduce jeans. That's where we are right so let's tap teddy bear. I'm lovable. Let the Sharman Bay. It's Bella is he charming clean. Let's discuss supergirl in this current episode Dave McKenna which before we get into spoilers. I'm just to throw this out there. This is probably the best filmed anything with LEX luther. Yeah made it's comparable to what was it. The House of L. A. Last season all about about how his how he how he manipulated and spent time planning and every doing all this stuff behind the scenes Fill fill. He always hates these. Kind of like backtrack. Kind of filler. Put the pieces together episodes and I get that right but I love it in this context because it shows you just how manipulative character of Lexus? Yeah because we see even in his time of post crisis where he has a chance to rebuild he still has his path that he's GonNa go down and I mean I can see that too. You know the idea that these these types of episodes Kind of like the one. We got earlier in the season. Where basically was all lean and Andrea? Ross and you and speaking of Andrea Row Haas Row Haas. It just reminded me to bring it up if you haven't watched it in a long time. Go back and watch dodgeball. Ben Stiller and Matthew von Andrea Row Haas plays. The actress is amber the cheerleader. That Justin Long is interested in bringing the part where the character of Eve test market in this episode with Haas and like I like bust out laughing. She didn't she what I'm like is James and I like we did she i. I must have missed that the way she does that. Make sure we accentuate Andrea. Got a roller ours ours us. We're making letters role that should never ever old. Yeah I I thoroughly enjoy. This is kind of the blanks compared to like you were saying the episode where we got like the whole Andrea Lena. Backstory that one did kind of feel a little filler but it did help explain. Lena's character and so weird because I feel like and why she was so hurt and damaged from superheroes betrayal so it built a something. I've watched every one of this series and shows since crisis but for the most part there's a lot of these subplots in these stories and stuff since post crisis that I just don't remember or care about and it's Kinda weird because like washing the flash and everything like generic remember what happened. Who happened when happened. Like and it's just weird to me. 'cause usually I'm so plugged them. I think part of it's because certain elements have changed and you're trying to discern like what still counts. What's still going on and with these long breaks that we've had. I feel more disconnected from the show. I'm really looking forward to When all of these hit str- Netflix in the next couple of weeks. When you know it's a week and a day after their season ends yeah I think so I can watch them streaks like their stuff that I feel like I'm missing because of that I feel the same way the only show that I've actually seen every episode. This season is super girl. See only one. I've seen every single episode Since the beginning of the season I didn't catch every single episode of Arrow. I know that I've caught up on the flash a couple of times I it had been a few weeks before I'd seen anything and then I went back and I watched some so. That happened a couple of times and right now I I'm a few episodes back again. Mean one of the last ones I saw was I think where where the the meaner people are talking to check in the mirror where they're actually communicating with her Showing that she's she's a villain that's one of the last time so I don't know what's happened if if frigging Iris is still trapped in the mirror. World No yeah. There's just so much that I feel. It's happened almost kind of like I don't even know anymore right. I mean that granted that is the beauty of the binge model. But I mean it's the binge model and you have to wait until the season's over with I actually just had something to say about that. Because I went back and watched the Batmans back episode of Harley Quinn with the with the Internet guys at the beginning and at the end is like what? It doesn't come out until next week. Man This this a this release schedule sucks like to. It's like it's like normal television. It's wait till you know. It's every Friday regular television like people with your binge model like it's not my favorite my favorite. I mean yes. It's great to watch all of the show but any of those shows that I've binged the crap out of I've never gone back to watch because they don't work episodes when you go back there's not like. Oh you have to watch this just one unless it's something like for example. I watched a binge pretty much by myself. The House on Haunted Hill on net flicks. If I ever went back and watched it I had to watch the whole thing again. There's one episode that stuck out that I re watched only for a technical reason. It's because the whole episode. Feels like it's being done in one take one continual movement and I was showing Geneva how they were done awhile and I was talking about it with their you know. What else do we watch Jeanne? I watched recently. We've finished watching the first season of locking key and we were just discussing. These shows aren't made so that the episode in itself stands as an episode. There's no really sent a definitive beginning. Middle END IT. Just it ends at a point and sometimes you don't know when it's going to end and then you're waiting for the next one to start because it's just like one thing chopped up it doesn't stand on its own. And that's that's the problem with the bench model. Is You WANNA keep watching? Because you don't ever feel satisfied the you've got a or a story. Unlike these shows like we're talking about here where yeah. They're twenty some episode seasons but for the most part. There's an overarching Geneva and I have been trying to catch up on supernatural. We were behind. And we're almost done with season. Fourteen to catch up to the current airing season. Which is fifteen and the thing is with that. Show is even the filler. Episodes are great. Show is geared towards to have filler episodes because the whole plot of them going from town to town. Hunting case break is filler. He doesn't have to connect to the overarching theme every episode. And it's just it's been refreshing to go back and watch that much supernatural but this isn't our supernatural podcast yet so you have a summary of retaining his pre-crisis memories. Lex takes note of the changes that were made while he continues his hunt for Leviathan as part of his plans. He convinces his Leviathan. Double Agent Eve to Manipulate Amy Safir and Richard Bates as well as kill Jeremiah. After seeing Lena show sympathy to Kara lex tricks. The former into believing supergirl is using myriad. As Lena leaves the fortress of solitude a maure follows her and releases a sun eater Mala fix computers detected prompting prompting mcgann to return and confront it with hell with help from John and mcgann supergirl shrinks the sun eater unbeknownst to them lex locate the VR. Victim's bodies as Cara and mcgann meet with day. They learn lex rescued. Everyone eliminated Margot Gemini Confronts Lex but he persuades her to focus leviathans wrath on supergirl following a discussion with his mother. Lex Uses Lena's transpotation. Watch to enter the fortress of solitude retile. Several called LEX is a backstabbing Mojo. Pretty much I mean I mean this is just proves saying this is how dark lexus where he cares about a why he cares about because first of all will check up here it starts now another this is Melissa Benoist directorial debut. And so that's all yes and she did an amazing job. I actually also talking about actors so I don't know if you ever watch vampire. Diaries Jillian I watched like the first two or three seasons and then it just. It got stupid but Paul Wesley who was on that show who was also Lucas. Luther just recently directed an episode of Bat woman and it was probably one of the best directed episodes of that series in this. I was very impressed so I say that just to say like. I was very impressed with what she brought to the table. From a directing point of view and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Now that's one thing to take. Note is having a great episode for her to direct because supergirl is absent a majority of the film of the episodes. Yeah the majority of supergirl that you see in. This episode is Stuff from the past because it goes from day one of post crisis and as it continued is it all unravels. Lexus plan all the way through ninety days post crisis. And so we've seen already. There's a little bit of a good Georgia. Which is yeah which is nice. So lex wakes up in his room and it's post crisis and without the delay probably would have been pretty close to being spot on 'cause this this would have happened back in this. This episode would have happened back in April three months after post crisis after the after the final episode of crisis I infinite hurts and you know exit wakes up to his Butler and you know. He's walking around magazine covers and everything he's on how he's being praised and being honored and how we find out that. Lena is their sleep on his couch. Which was like really cool just to. Kinda see things that we didn't see but we knew were there you know. Yeah I mean the only things that they show the things that they show from the past where only glimpses they didn't. They didn't spend time on on things that have that happened. Previously Bay show what had happened. They show you who. And what what LEX. An how lexus hand was involved. But the entire episode is is unraveling Lexus plan throughout the entire three months. So we've you know we see that Lexi the we got the party where he's what's Leviathan wasn't the one behind Leviathan. Finding them out. He goes to the ship. It's nice to actually expand on that because when he goes what's Leviathan back post-crisis he. That's basically like how it ended. I wasn't that episode how it ended like what's Leviathan. And that was it well in this. They expand on that. Lena starts talking to start telling him what it is telling him. That Eve was playing him and all that kind of stuff insist so that was pretty cool. So speaking of Eve lex gets all the associated with people who are working with the Leviathan. He goes in key targets eve basically because he shows up and semi rescues her from having to g Leviathans dirty work and killed him and we learned that somebody murdered Eve's father and that worked for Leviathan. They're holding that over her and you let's face it comes in and rescue and we see these different glimpses of every time something happens. Where e thanks? She's kind of figuring out where Lexus doing cushal all. Do you want me to do this to tell them. He's like no no. Don't this is what's going to happen. They're gonNA have this issue. This is GonNa happen part and then I'll come in and do this and LEX does. The what LEX does he know he says. No no no. She's like Mr Luther. They call me. Tom Com EULEX. You know and then he talks about how these guards protecting your mother. So that Leviathan won't bother them. I mean he just. He gets her on his side. Hook line and sinker. Yeah he in this episode like he knows how everyone's GonNa react. He knows when and where and he's waiting for and he's waiting for people to do what he expects to take his next step like he in this episode. He is extremely intelligent conniving manipulating and just evil when when he finally reveals in the end like. I don't love you I used you. You Killed Super Girls Dad. Oh I've yes. So he tells either he in no kinda getting ahead of myself. Oh you're fine. Intel's Eve located the man that murdered her father and it's a picture of Jeremiah Danvers. And he tells her he she's. I didn't think I had to kill for Leviathan. You don't have to but this is for you to eve is the one that killed Jeremiah. Yeah which I'm glad they. I'm glad they tied it into the plot instead of basically just writing him off. They tied it into a masterful plot for the for the season. I thought that was great. Because then they go back and at the end like when when she lectures up at home. And she's cooking and he's except BEF- Wellington she's I guess for us to be is a couple. He's a couple. I've been trying to tell you silly I love you. Of course you do then He. That's when he starts breaking down everything that he has done and then that's when he pulls out and we find out that Guards that are guarding her. Mom are actually there as Lexus. Henchman that hell have her mom murdered. If Eve tries to say anything he has video footage of her burdening Jeremiah. That I never took the time to figure out who killed your debt. You just murdered supergirl stat. Because I didn't even look into it. I didn't even bother looking into it. And he breaks it down and she is like Europe. You're you're worse than vice music. No better like and I mean it. Just is so dastardly. Everything that he's doing it's great for the care because he plays you know. He knew about the back door problem. In Up City upsetting heck he knew about the guy who wanted to imprison the other guy because of his wife. He helped him. He was a bartender. The help push him over the edge. That was crazy. Long hair like cowboy almost shirt whatever. He was worried so he made sure the he was involved and nobody was paying attention to him. And that's what Lex Luther does. That's why he's so dangerous. I love how they gave him a disguise in this like. Yeah he yeah. He's got all these people on his payroll to do whatever he wants whether because of money or because of black male or whatever it is but he gets his hands dirty and and and he does it in like such an intelligent and manipulative way. You know I mean dressing up and playing a bartender. How many times in like the comics have we seen lex luther disguised as somebody else? It's you know I mean act in in the death of Superman. When he's under house arrest he he leaves his building disguised. This somebody will leaves leave somebody with his with his collar with his his Ankle Monitor on at at his building at his home. I mean one of the this is one of the the best written and best acted versions of LEX. Luther that's been onscreen really I'm better you can say about it because you're absolutely right and that's why I loved it like you know. Even when he confronts Jammie Gamay yes she thought I was. When did her real name get like revealed like because he even says it earlier? In the episode. She's a Guinea won't even me on the ship and I was like Okay House. I remember her name Gate revealed. But say either through even this something. We don't recall because of the gap. I think it's the latter. But you know she. She comes and LEX is like talking to her and confronted and trying to get this massive giant VR everyone jumps in Vr at the same time to escape something and she turns into like a metal monster that reminded me of the Cyborg from three say that she looked she. Looks like the the robot the side work from Superman three and my exact same thought and so when lex releases the sunny near it causes everyone to freak out and panics they all like into. Dvr We see people all around the world kind of like just going into VR to escape the reality and Jason News. He jumped off of a which is funny to see Jason. Mewes armor has a farmer he jumps off says some kind of Weird Line. I forget what he said but then he looks at his phone or something and it says like emergency reality escape or something not exactly sure the exact wording of it off hand but I was like. Oh that's crazy like in case of an emergency. You know escape. Dvr mean what's going to happen if you die if your body gets killed right you get Cape Ann Vr. You can't physically do anything so in case of emergency you're just stuck. You're screwed your right and that's what. I thought was interesting. Is You know so lakes has that. And then so all. That's going on to prove his point. Mcgann shows back up because he said about the myriad and hugh waves so it was nice to see him again again. I felt the same and then super grocers up to help mcgann John. Stop the slum. They're wearing lex. Oh suit which is ironic. Well the interesting thing we see mcgann again so John is wearing that that marsh invest or whatever as as David Harewood earlier in the earlier portion of this episode and then later on after the sun eater comes out and mcgann shows up. They're both wearing the new style costume and get David Harewood as himself. I believe in the new style costume. That's very nice. I must have missed that but yeah I I really light sing the different points of view on Lex and then of course the episode basically ends where it started with lex being the hero in saving all those people we find out that legs is the one who let William get the clues piece. It altogether and lex. You know had super bowl use the myriad for the q waves to find the missing people just to. Piss off Lena and he calls his mom says I did my way and was a nice little refrain of the music of my way. Which is you know how he did it in season. Four flu around listening to it in his LEX. Oh suit all in all it was just. It was a great episode. Lex grow because but I have to ask one question where Superman and I don't mean to say that in a way of putting down the show or anything but LEX luther being as big a threat as he is being a big Superman Superman having his post crisis memories. I don't think he would be too happy. Flex being in the spotlight is a good person. Right I didn't even. I didn't even notice watching it last time. The the Moorea following Lena through the through the portal into the fortress. Yeah I was called but yeah that's what attack tax supergirl releases the sun eater and lex uses. How I forget what they're doing. Why she's using add to block it but whatever he's doing forces them to use Mary ad in of course you know. Lena is not happy with that. And he convinces her to go to the fortress and he uses the tech to figure out where the fortress is like. He uses Lena to track. Lena Tip Fortress. Lex does nothing everyone but I am. I was impressed by just like this. Is Lexus big episode? Because cryer. They can't keep him around forever and we don't even know if he's going to be on the Superman Lois series. We don't know but any closing thoughts on day less. Mukena I mean as just as jumpy as some things have been long and crisis I mean this is a top notch. Episode John Criers Fantastic. They did it. They did a good job with special effects in this episode. They fly into space. There's a sun eater got a couple of Martians like in the plan. It's a top notch episode For sure Typically I mean anything Jon. Cryer in it. Now is it elevates the episodes so that's good sky look up in the sky guy.

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