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Jalen rose. Kofi. Through that we do, we give people. What they saw. General's joining us today on the. Other. Than L. L. Cool J, the founder and CEO of Rock, the bells legend in the game. Thank you so much during the show today. Absolutely my pleasant. So the first one knows about rock, the bells brand and higher expanding it in this movement started. A rock the bells is a modern media platform that that we've created, and it's basically for generics classic hip hop fans. Have you know for so many years? You know a lot of Jenex fans who love classic at Thomas Hip hop weren't getting a chance to really be able. They didn't have the chance to really dive into. The culture in touch the artists they love heater music. They love explode a culture that way they really want to, so I create blackwell on the differences that this platform not only did I. Get Great Strategic Investors, but I made other members of the community owners run DMC has ownership Roxanne's shot tape begetting kanus ownership You know you know so many different people fab five. Freddy has ownership. It's salt and pepper has ownership. I just wanted to make sure that that we not only did something phenomenal for the community that was black own really gave the classic hip hop. Culture and opportunity to own something that they built for the first time. Because for so many years you had all these mega trillionaires corporations. They were the ones that always benefitting off the culture so now when you go to rock the bells. Dot Com not only. Can you go to the commerce hub in by, but all kinds of products, anything associated with hip hop whether it's a direct, you know extensive for your half, not only. Can you do that, but you can. You can go there and read about big daddy. Kane read about cool her. In read about where hip hop culture started from really learn about the culture as a whole, so we're just controlling the narrative you know. History is written by the winners and I wanted to do something great for the community and great for the culture, and that's what it is. You know what I mean. Ladies Love Cool J, so bubba Wallace shows up at work and he's a nascar driver, and he just has a new in his personal area. Do. You feel like NASCAR should do about their racism issue. You know you know. Hey, look. Racism isn't only organizational. It's it's really an it's not only institution was really in hearts and minds of racist rights, so they're gonNA just really have to weed out. You know those those those racist people as these things come up as people make comments. They're going to have to decide who they want to be in business. And you know at the end of the day. He made a statement. It was a positive statement and he shouldn't have to. You know. Go to work and find a noose. In his car or a noose. Near his property i. mean this is just you know systemic racism? You know an institutional racism in general starts in the hearts of. It's not like. You can't point to a building. Say The buildings racist. It's people you know what I'm saying. This the individual, so we really have to take a look at it and I think that we have to take a stronger look at implicit bias because I think that there are a lot of people who may not consider themselves. Racist tolerate certain things that they should, but it's good what I will say on the positive side is is good to see People of all ethnicities on the right side of history now really. Putting. Themselves on a line of stepping up and saying you know what we're not into that anymore. We recognize we see and we're not winning anymore. We're GONNA stop. I mean this is not a sprint marathon. It's a lifetime commitment to fighting social injustice in sort of undoing, the systemic racism and it's GonNa. Take from everybody including NBA players now there's debate of from MBA players. Should we go into the Orlando Bubble and play basketball that might distract from this movement that might be that might not actually help. Movement might hurt it or do we use that attention that will be honest as a platform to help the movement. which which way do you think the NBA player should go? I. Think it really depends on how they would use the platform right It really depends on how to use a platform I think that's ultimately. What it's about because. This is a really important time, and this is a time where history is on the line. you know if you look we look at history and we take somebody like Muhammad Ali a lot of his greatest social work was done when he was which was one of the big travesties, when he was stripped of his title, stripped of his belt, and wasn't boxing right that's when he made a really huge social impact so looking at history. There's something to be said for the. The idea of not playing and focusing on the social injustices that are going on from a precedent standpoint. You know when you look at how Ali made impact. Now that being said there are I'm sure some players who need to feed their families. Everybody's not in the same financial position and doesn't have the same luxury of laying back, so you have to take that into consideration as well so. You know I think that plays. Association really has to take a hard look at it. Do they want some of the players to play? And not all of them do they want to? Give out some stipends. Do they want to? Just you know? Is it time to just sacrifice? You know what I mean. Because real people around around the country. This suffering real they don't. Have you know these salaries they don't have all the luxuries of you know. Maybe I'll go to work and make a million bucks. You'd like suffering. You got people living in projects. You know what I'm saying like. It's tough, so. I would say that the focus needs to stay on the movement. But I, do understand. There is something to be said for using your platform. To move forward, but I would say you gotta focus on the movement right now to movement is what's important because two three hundred years from now we're going to be remembered for how we address this woman and how we deal with this moment NAFTA. How many points you school? Absolutely, not the season vet and activists, a philanthropist and actor entrepreneur. Can you talk to our audience about the power of the dollar I saw a stat that it stays in our community for six hours, and you just acknowledged. Some of the players will need to go play because they need to feed their families so in other words. If money wasn't an issue, you take that power and use the platform the way you see fit. Can you talk about how changes now happening because black voices have now realized the importance and the power of the black dollar. Jalen. Let me tell you. The whole the whole reason I started rock the bells dot com. Mean this stele is about. Empowering people. It's about building something for the future. It's about giving the people who built the culture and opportunity to participate in capturing value. So many. So economic empowerment is absolutely key and a lot of A. Lot of times, it's not about. Making ZILLION dollars, it's about not lead living above your means. It's about you know not seeing how many diamond change you could buy how many cars you can have? It's about kind of keeping life's simple, but economic power is super super duper important I mean generation, X. I'm from what I understand just in general has about two point four trillion dollars in buying power a certain. Black and Brown. Women I mean did look. We have to support our own. You know what I mean to not you go to check out a big three basketball game is a travesty to not go in support going rocket bills dot, com and byproducts is a travesty. We have to support our own, and we have to be economically empowered, and that comes from just keeping the money in letting his circulate. Now you I am not. This is not about being excluding people, I think debt. You know I think black people in general. We want to participate in capitalism in America and be part of. What's on in America? We just say don't Push Zach. We're not saying that nobody else can be. -cluded A. WE WANT to be included as well, and it's not only about having a seat at the table. Having your own say you know what I'm saying so I would just encourage people to to participate to support our own. Yes, you could still win not. Do Anything to say. You can't buy anything from anyone else Wassim. Let's. Let's go to these black businesses. Let's go from the black restaurants by some of their stuff. Why from black told the line spend your money with them? We don't have a problem with all in a high end. You know companies out there. You know it is what it is, but let's support each other as well and I think that will make the country I think. The black community and Brown community. If we really support our own, it'll only be better for the entire country. You know what I'm saying. It makes the country better a better narrative for the country as a whole. That is so well said, and we appreciate you joining the television, show. We have exclusive content with ll Cool J. on our podcast. Make sure you subscribe to that. We've got new information about Dak. Prescott two minutes Jones Kobe returns. Jacoby is presented by Corona. Fines your be. And in part by Wendy's to full. Price and participation may vary limited time. Don't. We always say we give the people what they want exclusive content for the podcasts listeners, and we have ll cool J. with us. You gave some great answers during the television part about the power of the black dollar and what you're doing, rock, the bells it so much that you are doing, but there's some there's one more thing we need you to do. L. Ron Quarantine were all stuck at home. We're on our phones all time. We WanNA versus. All right. Outside gotTA. Do People do a lot of the people, but the people need this. Now I know you've been thinking about. Any potential any heavy weights. Who else is fighting Lou listen listen like I like I like. I told Swiss listen man you just gotTa give me somebody who's going really make make it crazy and make it exciting. You know what I'm saying. I'm totally open to it I'm not like you know I'm not ducking dodging a with it, but he's just gotta be somebody. That's GonNa make really crazy exciting in one and. You know what I'm saying like just name. Pick somebody great. That's GONNA be. Crazy, let's do it. Okay, I have throw some names I. have a coach go ahead. Go ahead I have got out. I if you go battle Ale, you gotta at least being the gay twenty years I don't want to hear from. Iraq. You know to dope album. Jeff I am by trying to. Like? It's like no I, won't so? So we only two people kind of come to mind, and I know they're both from New York, and I know you love both of these guys, but one of them is Busta rhyme and the other Jay Z. Those are the people that come to mind for me, l., what are your thoughts? I mean listen I. You know I don't know if it's something to figure out you know what I mean. You know if they WANNA. Have Fun, you know. Thing. I don't know I don't know I'd have to think about that. I you know you never know it's interesting. Because all way, way way. Oh how y'all hold on, wait. Wait, wait this guy. Wait. A minute has crushed some legendary emcees in battles, okay. I know a lot of guys right now. C. L.. L. Getting Awards, and you'll see the platinum plaques up there. You'll see him acting TV acting in movies, but he had destroy some careers battling. So? I know you've thought about this I know. Some people up. So who have you sized up yet? I'm not I'M NOT GONNA. Say it because because that's GonNa put me out of disadvantaged if they got to call. Ya Totally, open to it is no problem, but if you want it, come get it I'm, not gonNA. I will say this is we always act like these are competitions, but really celebrations of the two artists again involved. You know what I mean like. The the culture wins. It's not like it's not after one really also, and so on, and so and so did is a competitive element to. In every celebration, but it's competition you know we. Were House. With. Competition. Could do it. That's all. Bath. Teddy, Riley and his sound one good and I think who else was it Nellie? And somebody's. Got Bad for these guys man, so you got this love. If we GONNA show up, you go correct I. Say Kumo de Battles. Japan abyss regatta. We. Go, he's busy. You know what I mean. He's got life have multiple businesses and television shows and seventeen different careers really. Rock the bells and we really appreciate doing. Thanks for having me. I definitely doing that. Very good question. We're going to see what happens in appreciate you and I just want to remind everybody rock. The Bells Dot Com doping. Thanks me some loop one more thing. You probably did this or rock the bills because I remember being in the middle school talent show, and taking a muscle, bound man and putting his face in the sand, so I went from here in those versus to you doing a very important verse. Freestyle about black lives matter while was so very important to you. Because you know. I just was tossing and turning in bed all night and just got out of the bed. Seven in the morning had to say something This is a time in history when you can't be neutral. You got to choose sides and I decided to say something that I was feeling my spirit, and up for me for my people in for the world and I didn't know that it was going to become the viral thing that it it became you know, get millions and millions of views, and all that I just did it from the heart, and I'm just you know I just believe that we have to choose sides right now, and we have to be on the right side of history, and the pain is too great. You know I don't want to sit around and watch unarmed black man get killed and murdered. By by back by bad police, you know what I'm saying so I just had to do it. Man I felt like. Spirit I was inspired to do it and I did it. I haven't written anything in a long time. And that was just I I felt like a needed to say something I. I you know I didn't WanNa. Talk just to be talking. I literally had something to say and I shared my truth. Thank you so much. Much love I appreciate a lot. Yeah, let's see, thank you I wanNA. Welcome back to Jalen and Jacoby WanNA. Thank ll cool. J. For coming through and encourage you to listen to the podcast. As we always have exclusive content on our podcast, we have some say with L. Kulja. Jalen we have some big news Dak Prescott, it's going to sign a thirty one point four million dollar franchise tender. However, he hasn't tell July fifteenth to work out a long term deal with cowboys. Do you think that signing a tender will hurt his leverage? Engage long term deal done I think it helps his. His leverage, and it furthers the relationship and acknowledging that your negotiating in good faith. I appreciate that I'm GonNa get substantial race. The so I'm going to sign my franchise tag. However, if we don't get a deal done by July fifteenth, you might as well flip over the hour glass. Kirk cousins style three to one. Unless you pay him to be there so very much. He can't turn it down. He's got to be looking to play elsewhere and asked how this plays out if they don't get a deal done. I mean thirty one million dollars is a very good number to play quarterback in the NFL. However, when you only get from one year, you can only get franchise twice. I really WANNA. See the cowboys, and Dak work I long term bill before July fifteenth. Because you know, injuries can happen, and you'd seems like. He's been playing for his next contract for the past three seasons. I don't WanNa see him. Have to do it again, but. But the question is who is he going to do it with Jamal Adams of the jets has a ESPN's Samir that he wants to be traded interesting now. If you don't watch lot jet games, you might not know just how good to mall. Adams is at football. He's one of the best players in the League easily the best player on the jets, but when he was riding around Texas here's interaction that he had with the Fed. Hey. What's outgrown? Coming to Dallas. He's trying to get out Shannon what do you think? I autumn throwback g wagons still so very dope. The other thing is NFL. Players are GonNa Mirror NBA players based on the fact where they get picked a type of organization during a rookie deal, you get drafted by lions or probably the jets see Darius slay for example after year rookie deal. You're trying to bounce in his case. You see where he is. Is trying to roll with the cowboys, they just F- rafted, will it just took care of most of the players tax sign a franchise tender. They're going to be on TV and in every conversation about the NFL, so he's trying to roll with the cowboys star. Sorry jets get a deal. Done Pam this day like the cowboys going to have to do debt. I would love to see Jamal Adams on a big time team. When we come back, we have some more trouble about the NBA bubble. Break that down for you in just two minutes when Jalen and Jacoby reserves. Pink. Corona extra fine. This was never just game. View of us and it's shown us that humanity is greater than anything else that divides us. We're actually living breathing human beings. We have the right to make it known, loud and clear. My patients left my body when I watch George Floyd take last Brett our lives matter. Know. There's a lot going on in the world right now and we're all stuck in quarantine on our phones. We're doing our shopping online i. just saw the at and T. started doing to really helpful things for those who want to buy a new phone or device online. They're offering fast free. No contact, delivery and curbside pickup, so that online shopping is a simple and safe as possible on top of that they have a flexible return policy, so you can shop at ease right now. You can visit Att Dot Com and learn how to shop online from the safety of your home twenty four seven. Subject to change restrictions apply. Welcome back to Jalen and Jacoby Jalen. It's time for another NBA bubble. Update the latest this as corona case. Corona Cases Spike in Florida the looks ahead to Florida. There is a concern Adam silver voice this weekend about the coronavirus, and the spiking down there and the outbreak Jalen. If you're an NBA player, how hesitant would you beat to commit to this bubble? Idea very hesitant and you heard Lou. Williams say he was fifty fifty. Here's why Jacoby into duality you can't isolate was happening with corona virus versus was happening as it relates to the social unrest. The killing of unarmed black man by law, enforcement or vigilantes, you just can't ignore it, and with a league this over seventy percent black is going to permeate throughout their house homes throughout the communities. So this is not a done deal that all players and teams from every squad is going to end up in each roster's going to be filled with players, enthusiastic and ready to play basketball right now. Well we will hope for the best and prepare for the worst while the NBA themselves can corn the people that work at the hotels, the people that make their food. Those people will be going in and out of the bubble, which could cause a problem I want to thank L. L. Cool J for coming by and everything that he is doing with labels. Love you. Listen to our podcast where we have exclusive content. Jay, coming up next is Dan Libertad in highly questionable. We'll be back you. You're far, too. Generous. I WANNA. Talk more about Dak Prescott. Because on the television portion, we can only talk for so long. I think the Prescott thing is more layered than that. Thirty one million dollars. Seems like a fair number for Dak Prescott, doesn't it? Seems like a fair number for him. Thirty one million dollars is a fair number for anyone to do anything, but it just happens that. He plays football in the NFL in. His peers like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz and Matthew Stafford. Matt Ryan All signed deals with those teams in excess of one, hundred million and. Even though I graduated from high school and college never been a math major I do know a hundred is greater than thirty. Facts. I can't confirm that I can confirm one hundred his crazy. Okay I also. Disconnect? If. I. Want to see this. Get done, and this feels like the Santa having with Ezekiel Elliott. It feels like the exact same thing. Like why are you GonNa? Make us go through this again. Get this deal done because the cab was putting together a nice little roster. Putting together a nice a nice little thing that they have and especially with the addition of CD lamb in the draft I have high hopes for him as well I think the cowboys are easily my favorite in their terrible division, but also could definitely make some noise in the NFC at large now. Jalen I want L. J. for coming on. But who do you think would be the perfect versus? Perfect versus cohort for him to go against because he's not in the conversation is time. I was serious. I think buster or Jay Z. See. I think does a both worthy. Opponents Vegas. Vegas does not have them as a favourite against Jay Z. Vegas does have my favorite against Boston. And also you have to think about the show two different energies you busters, loud and big, and and I think he would put on a better show. Where Jay Z is more laid back and calm, and I feel like bust. I bust. The ll would just have so much energy that it would really be a better show, and he would also win the battle. That's what I'm root for. But if you think about L., els career. He's been able to be a subdued emcee. an unconscious one. He's also always made classic hits. For the ladies and about love and about relationships, and then he just. Turn on a song start to be wrapped the entire time type records where he just delivered bars. So. He's got. He's got more hits than you think L. cousy has more hits than you think, so. He got like going back to Cali then he got songs like I'm bad. Those are two different records. To different pace, he's different temples. Sewn so that that's why I say to artist. I'm bringing something that you said off wax I'm GONNA. Bring it on wax. said the basically, drake is kind of a modern day. L. L. I haven't heard that yet. And I don't think musically. That's necessarily true. You know what I mean because L L was more of a traditional rapper. Then drake is but sort of. The way that they. Speak to women the the way that they've focused their content on romantic relationships and just being like the biggest star in the game. I would say I've never heard that comparison before, but it's a good one. I never give you compliments. Thank you I remember the mid to late eighties and through the nineties. I want to remind people something. L., L. Probably had I can't live without my radio like nineteen eighty four. I'm not mistaken. That's thirty years. That's thirty. Wait a minute. That thirty years. Okay, and so, how do you last thirty years? At different points of your career. You have to elevate yourself. And separate yourself from the pack and I remember going to. A tour there was caught nitro tour and you know who was headlining it ill. The nitro today you know who else was on it. Run DMC? Big Daddy Kane. Slick Rick. Houdini. But you know WHO's headline in. It came out with his shirt off. When I'm alone in my room, so tanzer stare at the wall. L. L. L as an artist. was like Holly Berry showing her boobs. It's a twenty five years to show is here. Want to know what they put it Holly Berries. Contract Swore Fish I. WanNa know what's in that contract. Whatever it is the ails contrary. You just gave me a great throwback a great throwback because you've ever old grantland days in the studio in Los Angeles. We talk about Halle Berry all the time and. Came like. We we stop talking about how the vary so much. Completely forgot about your obsession with Halle Berry. We talking about how every day on the show. Some happened in your personal life. I'll know if it was molly of his one of your homeboys. I don't know if it's soul-searching you did, but it was just like you know. What like I I can't be stuck on Halle Berry anymore. Well here's here's what happened. I realized that I'm an adult. In these microphones broadcast to the public. I can't be salivating over another human. Being the probably doesn't even know I exist on my television show. That's probably not free right just thing to do. Essays. You quit cussing overnight and you quit Halle Berry overnight. Just made a decision cigarettes. I quit cigarettes. Also quit how? Addiction it was exciting addiction. Recovery recovered Halle Berry addict congratulations. Has So far L. L.. Reinvented himself as artists that make songs battle. Rapper, MC! Her former. Intellect. Actor C. E., O.! Philanthropists therapists. Entrepreneur. Legend. And so. Those levels of growth into see him do that. It reminds me so very much of the trajectory of Drake. It was like I watched 'em. Jay's career. And then I'll watch Kobe's career. It was like. Remind me of him. He's the REMIX. Y- Communist. Stick his tongue out when he played this a lot of different things about them of course, but they reminded me of one another and. I believe if you asked Drake to name him. The artist that probably inspires his style the most. I will be interested to see who he says. For me, I believe that Asher should be James Tai. L. L.. Cool J. John do some research on the night show world tour. Ll Cool J.. Public enemy. Oh easy. Oh He's the and. Take about that talk to me. Daddy! Big, Daddy Kane. Too Short. Komo may come. And also. In Special Ed. Those are big names. That sounds like a long. That's a summer jam. Longer Jam. Can't even put out of the Holster Cheryl. That was one shell. Public Enemy NWEA that was at Joe Louis Arena. I was there when allegedly the police force did not want nwea seeing the song screw the police. Did it any way. They threw firecrackers at the stage people in. Myself Duck they were gus gunshots. And everybody scattered. And that's in there where you see. I'm reading. A great website called the undefeated. And they've got the twenty. Best Tours and hip hop all-time own and. At number six. Oh! Giving the top five? Okay, I'll go five to one right now. First of all, you can put these. Top Dare live. You put these in any anything. Artist! Away. L. Cool J, uncle, Chug D in public public public enemy. And we want easy and NWEA, but those who don't know that means Dr Dre. I skew yellow. Mc Real also there. Eric and parish making dollars were also their big daddy, Kane Scoop love. My brother scrapped lover the other. Night they were there. Snake Richter. Say was. came out in the big thrown share our remember that. They La, oh. My goodness special ed I got it made that ain't number one. Please give me the top five. I can't read all these. Take forever, but the the world's greatest rap show ever which is a bad name. World's greatest rap show ever come on, but that's nineteen ninety-one ninety-two. Public enemy. Jazzy, Jeff and fresh prince. Okay Latifah. Okay Mc. Okay, it'll boys can. Nate Naughty by nature, tribe Elena Slough Hotel five seven. Then we got the DEF jam tour and Nineteen Seven L. Khuda Houdini being rock kennesaw gifts. That public enemy? And then we have this one did I get hit. The. The hit the rank. Theme where's the theme? You just said three to six all-time shows. An Artist. One group is in each one of those shows. Public No. Don't don't don't get it twisted. Please continue. I forgot about this one, but this was a big one at the time. Now going to two thousand. A MELODIC TO OUT TO DRY UP UNTIL I haven't really. Stages dogpound Warren g Nate Dogg an exhibit. Now that in boss number. Number two. Raising hell tour, which one this is yes. Koa. Clean come kings. Run. Let me. Guess let me guess. Let me guess let me guess. One. There's one you're gonNA. Forget I was there I was there. I talk about this all but anybody who alert Jalen and Jacoby for ten years now you know why I feel the way I feel about this tour. Jacoby just randomly Google. As we were talking about l. l., the top tours of all time, and now you know why say. Cool check-in because I have P.. S. D. from that day TAT okay. Trust. Run DMC they were there. Slick Rick was there. Who Dini was there? Oh, that's what I tell. You weren't GonNa get. Only elites, we are Houdini. We let me finish. Are Houdini I gotta get back into the Moat. General so. Raisin Hale who Houdini beastie boys. Ego You're missing one were there. And I'm. About to sell you the. Or You? Okay Man! Talk sure. You're just Ayla. Exactly Yeah! How about that? Wow, number one. Fresh fest from nine. Months? Before my time I'm six. Now by let me let me preach to you. Oh, you can't get any maybe. Let me preach to you, you can't you of those six of those six shows? Life four or five artists in like three or four those shows and sleep brick. L J run. DMC and Houdini are those artists and big Daddy Kane all of those shows. One day I found interesting is. Too! Short was in the natural world tour. Asking the game longer than. He's been the. Thing. Still in the trunk for Pop, the truck hit today short was in the trunk beaten down the block. FRESH FASCINATING, nineties! Cast listeners gotta say something to olive our podcast Jacoby do this. We're going to go on a series where we just invite people artists that we've named today that we didn't name in entertainment just to be exclusively on the pot. So don't hesitate to hit us up and say hey. I've been a fan for a long time I. Heard y'all talking about this. Or heard jaw shutout them. Because when you do the people, we wanNA bring on the show. They are part of the FAM-. I'm graduate gave me that. List on the undefeated. spires the rest of my day. There's some things I. Know they're gonNA. They're gonNA. Get you. You know what I mean. Talking about like late eighties early nineties, hip hop is always gonNA. Get you. Grilling talking about grilling, that's always going to get you. Going to. Leave here I'll be on I. Do not turn it on the grill definitely. Always always had to Redo this you might have. To recede this, you might have the result. GOT UP TO A. Gentleman's. Guide to do so receding. Jalen we've got problem. In. A place called cruising chubs. BLEEP, it's in. Wisconsin dells whatever that means I don't know. They had a coronavirus outbreak J.. Cruising Chevy's. Cruising Chubby does not seem like the kind gentleman's Club I. Want go to the they need to rebrand. They rebrand. They really need to rebrand. I WANNA. Go Cruising Chevy's yes, Wisconsin dells Wisconsin. Here's what we should do. We retired game where we get huby browse age instead of traveling to do games endeavor in Portland. We're going to settle down adjusts as seventy seventy five opened a gentleman's Clo-. That's just I'm not doing that June. Not doing that June and we'll. We won't do his name at that. I'm not. I'm not doing that as wanted you know. If WanNA curtain. This is not the first time. Gentlemen floated this idea like you like you guys just freestyler. He's floated out a few times and I can't think of a worse idea. Idea when I'm seventy seventy five I don't want to manage employees I. Don't want to have day to day responsibilities, I you know I. I don't even want to go to a jazz club. Seventy seventy five. I'll be doing exactly what I should watching TV playing shuffleboard golfing every single day shocking. Grandkids down all be all. Futures Way Different. Now you're leaving sophomore where Sierra says. You're supposed to be here by two says it was built. Thirty? She hasn't checked in with the house mom yet. We're going to be, doing. Of. Let me. Bring you behind the curtain on some or No owners. Jehovah Okay and you're not gonna be doing all of that. Let me tell you what you are going to be doing. You Still GonNa be watching sports till televisions are going to be available. You still being. You're still gonNA like music. Music is available. Okay you're still gonNA WANNA eat. Great Food is GonNa always. Yup Houston will be available. Your your favorite golf game at the time. We'll be there. Think goldenseal. Still executive said so. We're talking whatever. Whatever it is. Like a Hologram. Whatever you're going to be standing on a golf course, Y you in there. It's going to be like you. The golf course in like four five polls and everybody's going to be entertaining in. Customer is going to be having a great time and you are to. And Jacoby, You know. When people start to get older, you know sometimes they start to kind of fold over like your body. Still your shoulder start to slump a little bit and stuff like that. Being owner or to strip club is just the opposite. It's like you jumping Jack in the box like cat. The job of enthusiasm. What are you gonNa do with someone streets Molly Cam. Did you listen to the PODCASTS AT DECK? Wants to retire started strip club. And you know if you put a golden, there could be persuaded if you put a golden there I could be persuaded against. Entities. And you ready for this here. Here's something you like. How about this? How about this? And you could create the best environment. For your dancers in the history of strip clubs. You could be. You could make sure they can pay top dollar. Sound like works. One thing I know about Joe's chills got notes on everything. He's got notes. Dark need to make light. He would just walk in there, and it's just the start complaining about stuff and making notes. He's fries need to be more crispy. Extra crispy fried. Energy I'll be over in the corner of Golden T. You can do all of that. And other my goal and T to. I don't even know what that means. I don't WanNa find out I. Want to thank L. J. for coming through and talking about very serious culturally. Issues I want big. Jalen rose for talking about opening up. In forty years. Complaining about the menu. We are actually off television. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but Jalen said we still do the pilot. Tuesday, so we will be back tomorrow with an unstructured podcast exclusive. Excelling. Like, the old dates like we used to in two thousand eleven. This. Getting short since we talked about him. To give, we might have to get to get gas somebody we name today. That'd be don't. Do you remember when we never had guests? We want to fall in love with us. VIP. I? Guess now. You know what I mean like. I'm not enough not enough in this relationship anymore. That's what I feel like. I'm not enough in this relationship anymore. I'm savage. opposite. We got a hoax open marriage. Try Out replacements for me. Feel about this I. Don't know if I signed up for this. We'll see if I'm back. Tomorrow or Jalen plays someone else. Why is that? We're not done. We're not done. We're not done.

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