09/01/2021 Pushing The Odds Hour 3


This is pushing. The is pushing me on on the sports map. Radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage from las vegas baby. Here's your host matt parole. We have a seven thirty kickoff for. Uab in jacksonville states on the text line. I got thrown off. Somebody said sorry you said. Do you know the dion. Sanders is the head coach of jacksonville state. And i went we. I thought it was something i was like. Yeah that's right. No it's jackson state not jacksonville state. Bill dummy that game being played in montgomery alabama. Uab against jacksonville state tonight. Espn four thirty eastern time kicked in the line is sixteen and a half or you. A standalone game probably the biggest betting handle of the year for a football game. Definitely for jackson jacksonville. Stay game but probably for a game. We're probably looking at the big handle tonight. Stand alone when. Excuse me wednesday. Because i don't know how much next week people will be into. Uab at georgia. Maybe but that number is going to be enormous georgia plates. Clemson and georgia beats clemson. Georgia beat clemson. Everybody will be on georgia next week. So maybe they'll be a bigger handle next week. But then that's they have a pretty interesting schedule though for. Uab they play jacksonville state tonight. Espn standalone. They played georgia on the road. Espn two who on nine. Eleven and then they're at north texas there at two lane. That game is definitely up in the air. However because two lanes issues in the wake of hurricane ida their home for liberty and we'll see where liberty it looks like. They got a really good quarterback in a lot of attention to people really like liberty to keep the keep things rolling in the right direction and then fau at southern miss home for rice so chance for uab to step out here but we've got the torch championship starting tomorrow. We've got interesting. Betting options points bet is going to be a place where you'll see a lot of golf content. They really put their flag down on golf. We'll talk about the tour championship coming up here. We're gonna talk to teddy greenstein from points in the next segment. It will get his thoughts as to who he likes to win outright winner or you can use the starting handicap the minus ten. Patrick can't lay or not bryson getting heckled. What do you make of the ejection of fans. We're going to be heavily. bryson day. Shambo this coming weekend that to degrade seven points bit joins us bill. Crab burger at forty pass. More to come. It's in the odds on a wednesday saying this is pushing the odds on the sports map radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Here's matt peralte right lots to get to a teddy greenstein from points. Bet senior editor joining us here on the progressive guest line week one college football tour championship in more teddy g on the progressive guests line. Teddy parole toria met. How you doing. Bud i'm great great to hear your voice for coming on all right so first. Let's start with this dumb harassment thing where you can't yell at bryson day shambo what's going on with this. I mean come on. I know it's not golf like right. You're not supposed to but this thing is good for golf. No it brings attention that you've got this rivalry going on. I am so sort on this and do there's nothing worse than somebody coming on a radio show at being wishy washy so i'll apologize in advance like i'm a huge sportsmanship guy like i was showing a clip of the. Us open tennis to my kids. This morning someone loses benefits that tiebreaker. And it's gotta just kill the player but he walks over the net to give you know. Give the victor a hug. And i love that and i i really hate people being idiots to golf tournaments. Just shut your mouth like. Don't yell mashed potato in the whole like but on the flip side exactly like. Brian just looks like kinda do she. Looks like idiots. Like if you're that sensitive that you can't handle hey brooke see. That's the problem too and like what if people yell go brooks or rookie. Or what are they gonna do at the ryder cup when european fans are gonna be yelling. Stuff at whistling straights. Are we gonna have like a police presence there like you said this you at a k. And your thing you said go broke. So that's i mean i. It is like untenable. So i am truly down the middle on this one. I feel like they're shining a spotlight on something that yes they wanted. Take it down. But it's almost like bryson said and went to them like there was a moment in the play off against. Patrick lay last week at the bmw where someone yelled his backswing in. I don't think that's appropriate and all awful. But he stopped he had to reset go back and take another shot in in that moment on playoff hole. The whole world is watching playoff. And that's wrong. Felt like bryson kinda has had it with the crowd in wanted the jail or to do something right. I think that's probably true. I was pissed off that fan as well. Because i had five hundred twenty five bucks riding on a bryce and victory there so i was like shut up. Let them and let them try to hold on out. I know he wasn't gonna make a putt so we had to hole out eighteen and he almost did in one of those playoff holes but it does rica that. I mean the fact that bryce and hasn't met with you know the for the last several events. I think shows that he's sensitive right now and can't really take a punch. She came out with his comments. About vaccination that i thought were idiotic. It's one thing if you don't wanna get vaccinated. It's another to try to claim your some american hero that you know the shots are going to somebody else that was absurd and for scientists to say that a pseudo scientist as he calls himself. That was ridiculous. So i was really good comments from worry. Mcelroy basically said look. He has brought a lot of this on himself but he's also trying here so maybe lay off a little bit like if if kepco wanted to come out and say lay off this guy people probably would but i don't be that anytime soon. I would agree. He's enjoying all of this. He loves watching watching him. Be on out there dealing with the crowd so this week earn yet. So we've got the torch championship but it's got this funky format so lays got ten strokes. He starts minus ten and then it goes down from there. There's two different ways of in this right. You can bet the outright winner and then you can bet it without starting handicap. Exactly right i mean it makes it one of the best bedding got bedding weekends of the year golf betting events of the year. Because you have your head to heads which we often have But you so you've got your top thirty players so all the big names here essentially like you see some guys that make like phil. But you've got the top guys from the year so you can bet on who is going to hoist the cup and patrick. Kelly had been favored. and that has now flipped. So jon rahm plus three fifty. Can't plus three seventy five rice and plus five fifty fee now plus seven hundred. I female and this group win. So bet on tony. Female one two weeks ago. You think tony snaps. The second place finishes wins. This thing wants fifteen million couple factors here so first of all. They're really like only four guys. So i kind of played the process of elimination game. I can't way you know he was the best putter like the world's ever seen last week. I don't know that old up on a different course. Plus it's hard to win back to back week. Bryson has the chipping chips. I'm not going to take him. Do you want jon. Rahm plus three fifty and he shot he starts four shots back or do you like see now plus seven hundred and he starts to shots back right so there's math involved here. Tony comes in totally under the radar. And yeah he won two weeks ago. So he's gotta have confidence. It's just so tough and these big major tobacco fee now. I've been burned. So many times. I've treated myself outweighs. I love betting him on head-to-heads. If i think he's gonna win because at least he may be better than than that one person versus him choking on the seventeenth green missing pot. He needs or whatever and not coming in. I in coming in second. Would you take one of those four favorites or would you go deeper on that list. See i would go deeper to sort of value perspective my thing with justin thomas. I think because of the slur he said and got caught on the hotline. I just wonder if his head is finally right if he finally has been able to get away from that knowing this is the last tournament like there's nothing else this is it in time to get after it and i just wonder at plus sixteen hundred sixty one seems like long odds on justin thomas given how good player he is six shots back So that makes it challenging. But i mean yeah what's cool about this event is like if you feel great about jt that he's just going to have the low seventy two hole score. You can take him so points. That hasn't been you know. Plus twelve hundred just to have the lowest score. And for that event i mean. Jt's intriguing so aurora. Johnson is a thousand. Dj's thirteen hundred. Those guys are playing pretty well coming in. Yeah i'm excited to watch you know jordan speed. I can you trust him. Can you trust jordan with the way. He's he's still up and down right. Yeah he really is. I mean obviously he. He really had a consistent year. I think i think he'd actually made sixteen straight cuts so the whole narrative of him driving all over. The place didn't really hold this year. So he's been solid fading lately There's a matchup with sam berns. Sam berns getting. I believe plus one thirty and i think i'm gonna sprinkle someone sam jordan just seems to be you know fading a little bit. Hopefully he at least gets back in time for the ryder cup. Yeah let's see. I am curious phone point perspective for you guys. It feels like with what you page. You're doing you guys are trying to put your flag down on golf to excuse the punk you guys see you really wanna be the book that people are going to go to the golf thousand percent so not only that but like our relationship with nbc and the golf channel. So i'm donald channel pretty much every tuesday jae crowder or head of trading. He's on a ton he's up in connecticut. He's doing a lot of wednesday hit page played professionally and was the star in college and then we also added note of the gay and his video. It's popping up on our site in a couple of hours So absolutely we offer a ridiculous number of ways to golf. We have really fun name. Bet like my name of at this week. And i really want you to guess the odds. I i want your your true honest opinion okay. Rice shambo to beat patrick kelly in two or more rounds so i haven't better score than can't leave in two or more rounds. So it's of the four rounds. He just has to win. Two of the four wreck to cash. What i'm gonna say. Plus one fifty. Plus that is an amazing guessed it was plus one fifty and it is boosted to plus one seventy. I thought it was going to be more like plus one twenty. So plus one seventy. I mean all you know almost two one on your money just has to beat them two rounds out of four. I i love that. So pages international player always the fedex cup so you get eleven players concluding ron and sergio in those guys. How do you feel about sergio garcia. Right now he seems to be a little bit he. St you pick this week striking it. So well i mean he is just like that guy he can just roll out of bed at six to five feet. He looks like he bed sometimes too though unfortunately for him kids. Why is calling lauren callous. So far down here you know. He was the favorite Any here's how. I know that not the shamelessly mentioned this but page and i had a long drive contests that we were at In iowa at a point that vip alphabet so let's tie at spirit halloween burlington. Very nice yes. I lived for a while in omaha. Well yes eighteen. Toll is very dramatic gum. There's like a creek running a along the right so page that. Let's do this if you win. Morikawa gets boosted. If i wouldn't speak gets boost its remember like mukalla got boosted from plus three fifty plus four hundred. I mean i hope not. A lot of people bet that because he is miles. I don't know what has happened to his game in the last several weeks. But he's fifty to one coming into this and harris. English was everyone's favourite a couple of weeks ago at the way he was playing four. He's gone right. Yeah he's forty two one he's way back. They're just looking at the stroke. I mean actually not that far back in terms of strategy that minus four six shots back where he's with speeds burns and jt but the way he's playing lately doesn't make you feel like he's gonna catch up Six shots field early. Now tell you this in terms of what you guys are expected from a ryder cup betting perspective. It's up against college football. It's up against the nfl. But what are you guys. Expect from my handle perspective because it feels like with brooks seeing this new huge rivalry going on that. There's going to be a lot of eyeballs on the ryder cup this year. Well it sounds like you've been in our content calls. Because i've been pushing hard for the ryder cup. Like some of my bosses are not big off guys so they look at it and they say well the ryder cup. String a big deal. And i'm saying it's going to be a huge deal at least friday and probably on the saturday and that if it's closed on the sunday as well so you know i'm in chicago. I'm about two hours and twenty minutes from whistling straights. I played there a few weeks ago. I had an amazing time. And i'll be up there wednesday to friday and like for me. This is the first. You'll be the first ryder cup. Where tons of people will be betting. I'm sure they were three years ago. In france. you know there was some there but now you're talking about half the country with access to it. So i just think like the match to mass is going to be amazing. The only tricky thing is like you know if you wanna bet on the ryder cup now. There's only one bet. It's only usa europe or a tie so it's not like you know a week you have all these options so you have to wait until you know the captains have put out their lineups and then hit hard. Yeah very true. Well i'll watch for. I'll be looking your lines. It should be a really fun to see what happens. I i love it and this weekend is going to be a ton of fun and the ryder cup coming up. it's going to be a ton of fun teddy. Great having you on man. Let's do it again soon. Right appreciate your time. Anytime matt enjoyed great one that instead of greenstein at tha greenstein senior editor points bet points bet. Usa on twitter follow them on the progressive line drivers progressive save on average seven hundred dollars per year. More on the ryder cup next year. I'm pushing the odds. This is pushing the odds on the sports map. Radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Here's map peralta. All right good stuff there with teddy greenstein from points. Bet and look. I think betting on golf. I think points is really smart to do this. I've long said in this comes to live wagering. Golf is the perfect live betting sports and the more that well. Nbc is going to buy points bed. Okay they've got an opportunity to purchase twenty five percent of the book within four years. That was their first deal that they did when they did their broadcasting arrangements. That's why points is going heavily into golf because it makes total sense. I've the golf channel. They've got a lot of the golf tournaments. All the ryder cup matches up with a broadcasting platform. having a media content wing spayed paid sporadic end. Teddy greenstein doing a lot of the content for their golf stuff and page has a monsters. I cannot believe the social media following that page. Has i mean she is. I mean my goodness. I think she's got ten million into in total for followers. She's got three million on instagram. I believe that is. I think tick talk. She's at like two million in twitter. Is like a million or something. i mean. it's just ridiculous what she has right now from being like. Sometimes you hear someone say like. I'm an influencer like she's an influencer like she's got eyeballs upon eyeballs people watching and following and paying attention and commenting. And it's just it's remarkable and it's all golf content. She has a gorgeous swing. She's an incredibly attractive woman but she is. She knows golf. She can talk golf and she's been outspoken about a variety different topics i you know about people who have said things written things about her and she's pretty quick to respond and say no. That's not actually appropriate. You can't say that you're wrong. Whatever and i appreciate that that she doesn't let it lie if someone's saying something wrong or you're writing something about her that she doesn't appreciate and cultivated incredible following and look. This is going to grow. Rachel panetta today. Being hired by the nfl network is going to be a. I mean that's a huge higher one. It's a huge higher for her fox sports over. I don't know why they dissolved in change the show. I mean it's really kind of a weird deal and they've decided to do this rotation now on that program and they they kept klay travis whatever flying and that's their point that's your angle and they let todd furman and rachel panetta go which were the two best part of that show. So it's kinda like wait. What that but. Rachel and todd is gonna do phenomenal tout taught you know. He's in my mind the goat of all this. If you wanna talk about the original in the guy who started all this sports gambling content stuff. Todd furman someone. I've i've looked up to todd for a long time. I think he's an incredible talent and really sharp guy really smart and recognized the market before anybody else which is the key sign of so many really smart people in the world that see something coming down the pike. It's okay. I'm going to do this well before anybody else and established myself and get rolling rachel. Now getting this gig with the nfl network. Though i mean she becomes the face of the nfl network for gambling. I mean are you kidding me. What a job. What an amazing awesome opportunity for her to walk into that and to have that and be a part of nfl. The nfl media appearances on nfl. Game day she'll do appearances. I'm sure on good morning football on. Nfl tillack says. I mean she's going to be the person talking about gambling on the nfl bleeping network. That job is so big. And she's in development to launch an nfl network. Podcast potentially as well that will be distributed. Which i think is really brilliant to do. I mean the more people involved in this at that level the better it is remarkable that cbs. On the same day that rachel panetta gets hired to be the face of nfl gambling for the nfl network. That cbs comes out in states. Are broadcasters are not going to talk about sports betting during the game. This is the job that i think. Everybody wants the job that everybody wants in who me sitting here in this chair. The job that so many of us are watching and wondering. When will somebody be hired to be the expert for gambling during the broadcast. So you have the play by play guy. You have the number two chair. You have the sideline reporter who was covering the game from an injury standpoint talking to the coaches and you have the rules expert that you turn to to go ahead and talk about rules so you've already added one. Share that the group that the fan the audience. They know all right. Let's go and talk to you know whoever whoever's going to be that person that x. nfl official or the x. Nfl for an office person or the x. nfl rules committee member. What's going on here and that person comes in and explains you can do the same exact thing during. Nfl broadcast with sports gambling in. That's we're sports. Gambling should live one person in that role while the game's going on to be able to say well guys. Hey you know. It's kind of interesting but as we're watching this first half wind down here the lines fifteen. The scores seventeen here comes a drive. This kick a field goal. Here that's gonna hit for the dog in that. You know that a lot of a lot of money came in on the favorite. The number opened up in the first half is thirteen. It was driven all the way up to fifteen at kickoff and now we could see here. The dog come in and cash. Most pets came in on the over. The that's really simple and then you would have somebody not only during halftime too. we're talking about the stats say. Hey jim what's going on for the second half number. Well you know. The line opened up in the game. It was minus ten but the underdog now leading here seven seventeen ten in the first half the lines totally flipped here was a fourteen point number for the chiefs and now it's baltimore minus seven for the second half. It's a thirty second hit. That's all you need to have. Because that's exactly what you and your buddies are doing during the game. You're going to have time. Hey what's second line or yeah. Yeah the wine closed at ten second half line now is minus seven over thirty two. Where do you think about that. I probably would go with the over on that because the way these offenses have played in fourth quarter two minute warning points being scored at the end of the game. Okay yeah that makes sense or a tight game. Go to overtime. You hit the over coming up in overtime. Like it doesn't have to be in your face so the thing that everybody's forgetting about this is that people just want this to be a part. They want the spice of gambling. They don't need to be the entire meal. No one's asking for only gambling. It's still has to be about the game. We love sports because we've played it. We've watched it. We've experienced gambling as part of it. It's not the only thing. Nobody wants a specialized broadcast just for sports pedic. They've tried it. It's not really working. It's not really working. What they want is inclusion. They wanted to be part of the game. Like a rules expert. They wanna sports betting experts to come in and tell you pre game in game. That's the future. That's were rachel. Panetta on sunday night. Football would pop on and say here's the line. Here's what happens second half number. Here's the movement. Here's the liability. Those are the things that us in the sports gambling content world. We're waiting to see if that ever is going to happen. Who's the first network. Rachel bananas gets hired to be the face of gambling for the nfl. And the cbs folks. On the same day come out and say are. Broadcasters will not talk about the line during the game which is so dumb. You're supposed to relate to your audience. Your audience is talking about this. Every single commercial doesn't make any sense to me. Well a man who is heavily involved in this is bill. Cracking burger professional sports gambler and content. Creator joins us next year. A portion. the odds. This is pushing the odds on the sports map. Radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Here's carole's let's talk some betting. Football season is here. That means bill cracking burger coming back with us here at bill. Crack man in crack winds dot com on the guest. Line bill parole. Aria amac bill crack number of course and thank. You have me on actually back east right now. Taking advantage of some of these bonuses that offered here funding these accounts for football season but I will be in vegas for opening weekend of the nfl. I'm going through the raiders. First game so will you go to arizona to do the same thing that what we've seen in other states while the sign up bonuses that are going to be projected when arizona goes live. Yeah i'll be there. I'm actually A consultant for one of the casinos. There that's gonna that's going to Book the games in house which is interesting they. They decided the big companies and and I i'll be talking about that down the line also one official in Yeah but i will though i mean I spend people are shocked. I live in las vegas most of the year we get the nfl weekends. I'll spend at least half of the nfl season here on the weekends. And you know in jersey because Let's face it. i'll just be real blunt. I have about a dozen places the best sports illegally here. We're in nevada. Believe it or not there. Sports betting capital. That once was so. I'm allowed to better five places so well they don't know yet right that call. These companies have gobbled up monopolized the industry The william hill's william hill caesar's or mgm. They have Which is now williams now. Caesar's they have gobbled up all these other sports books. When i first moved down about twenty places a bet and I'm there's there's about nine of them now but places You know most of the places don't don't allow mir did they. Just don't take the right size even recently coast void the boy casinos a company down to minimal hundred bucks fifty bucks. So they'll be there. I'm not allowed to bet it's at that station's not a lot about william hill and not a lot better at treasure island some tough. That's not great. Don't like to hear dealing hearing that if you win if you win. They don't want you that that's the case. I don't care what they say. I've i've been. They threatened to sue me. And everything else and i said bring on There'd be honestly i just You know what it could so me for saying that they don't like winners and and they do a lotta things. They shouldn't do so But however i hear the new talking about one of them. But they're going through the caesars. One i hear their new philosophy is not throwing people out the new management style. I don't know for a fact. I'd like if that's happening. It's wonderful so we'll see what happens. People don't think they understand that. We need guys like you bill. I mean you're you're the guys to give us the better lines. You're the guys that keep the books in line. And you're the guy that gets us the better number if you guys don't exist. That's not a good world for the average gambling in right now. A lot of people know that property. You i mean when when the meadowlands i opened up and and and i came into existence at the mental end the first two days i rip them apart for for wide line and a euro line. They brought to the united states. When when i mean by that is you can go to anywhere in las vegas streets South point south point. You go in and out. Money line is minus one sixty. Come back on the dogs plus one fifty in baseball season. Well that's not the case with a lot of these euro books so they have a twenty cent a wider line. One sixty comes back one forty but even more so when they first came to the country they remind us once he plus one thirty plus twenty so they they really just for having a math gonna gun they were they were really legally. Robbing people and I i i've blast them and the owner of the meadowlands actually text me on twitter. I gotta hold in and and now they're more in line. And i'm not saying i'm anybody but i'm gonna call out someone that's robbing the public These kids that grew up on sports betting on. I'm sorry i on sports their favorite team on espn now. They're you know this whole john now betting sports without knowing anything and i don't care what it is i i just wanna bet i'm able to bet legally now. This is wonderful but not realizing what the lines are supposed to be in. They weren't in line with the market so I like to be a spokesman for the little guy in the i. I'm relatable to the public. Because i am joke public. That's know listen. I'm i drive a kia any car. One that's what i know. He is a nice. I like user. Nice they really did a good job guys. Oh man i love. I gotta tell you right absolutely loved. Oh yeah go off roading beast right there. That's a gorgeous honda's in as both our way underrated for value is genesis two really. Yes line for them all right. So let me ask you about the upcoming college football season you g you get involved in the futures market at all either college or pro. You like doing that or are you mostly week by week. I'm mostly week by week especially in these uncertain times though. I've never had a losing season betting futures. i did that some futures this year Didn't really bet anything college. I probably now that. I've seen ucla's the first week. I actually liked them a little bit this weekend. So it's not something. I do people radio and give them pick out but like i probably would have bet them over a season wins Or i think there's a couple of sleepers out there. I think this year Unlv being one of them. I actually like one of our home. State teams I like nevada surprised when people this year But yeah i really didn't see any any college didn't bet a lot of college football futures I do know that there are some of them that That might be some guys. I really really respect like Mid tennessee state over five Let's see i it's funny. I have the list. Because i just got these texts yesterday. Texas tech over five these our draftkings by the way they said to me if i can if you're there he's good back three months they gave me The other one was the saints under night. Well the same nine almost like it's common sense. I actually bet the new orleans saints under nine Nine and a half actually in vegas but now under nine. I guess because they're not gonna have the home season schedule. They were supposed to have so. Don't want the basic strategy under nine. I am you just piqued my interest in a couple of pets here. So i'm on over one and a half for abby. How you yeah. Unlv over one. And a half. I mean listen it sounds so easy one. It's not. it's not gonna be easy win tomorrow night. That's the key they gotta beat eastern washington. Fc school they've got to win that game and then i need them to upset one team the rest of the way to get to to. They're not going to be good. I just need them to opposite one team but thinking that way and along those lines you have the whole schedule throughout the year. There's going to be a couple games. Where they they could be a ten twelve point underdog whatever. They don't think they can easily win. That game You know people see those kind of spreads and they say oh my god i can never bet the money line. Do you know whenever. I bet a dog and college college sport whether it's college football college basketball. I never talk about this and i need media social normally. I'm always throwing ten percent on the money line. So i'm bending something close seven points. I'm throwing you know. If i'm betting i'll just use them just rounding terms thousand dollars on underdog. I'll throw one hundred hundred dollars on the money line. But i shop money like bounce. 'cause money likes to have typically more juice line so but if you have a lotta outside me whenever jurisdiction. I'm in i shop. Those money lies. I'm bringing that house edge down to to really really minimal money. Those things i talked about earlier to were after kings. I hate to talk about draftkings because they don't give up more. But i am a spokesman for points. But and i know you had one of those guys earlier So so teddy. But anyway yeah so There are a couple of futures that and they're literally obtainable But i actually do but Usually i'll bet from futures because of the situation where you don't know what's going to happen we're gonna get full seasons in here not trying to be a fear monger. I hope we are going to get the full seasons in all these sports. Make sure you read your rules at your sports books. What they vary from book the book That happened Last year where some books were paying out certain futures and some weren't paying them out so make sure you know what the rules are very important. You know we have a gaming commissions in place for all all these new jurisdictions but. Let's say he's gaming commissions. This is all new to them. That i mean you know. You'll find some gaming people that that have tough time with with sports betting on liberty school. But you know these new gaming places around the country they you know you're lucky if they know what eleven to ten means never mind you know other things so I was. i'm totally with you. I bet illinois plus seven. And then i took him on the money line and i'm on. Ucla plus three against lsu. And i'll take the money line as well. How do you feel about the first game of the year for lsu ucla hosting. They're taking care of hawaii. You're asking telling you. I'm betting ucla ucla ucla money line. So i think that's a that's a that's that's going to be a. I didn't bet it yet. Because i missed the four that were getting and i was hoping to get free and hook now that i see feel like. I'm seeing some three dog money. I am probably gonna have to grab that Just like everyone else out there and have to grab it at plus three minus one ten so That that should be. That should be a good. I just think they're better than people think Like i said so. That is going to be. Did you say you bet it yet or no. Yeah already bet. I bet plus three. I missed the four two. I'm annoyed with myself. Should have taken it. I was waiting. I was wondering what the line was going to do with a monday. Gone up with lsu money and it didn't went the other way. So i took three. Because i don't miss out on two and a half so i grabbed the three and grabbed the money line as well on it and i. I'm with you. I mean they have twenty returning starters and look great. Run the football last year. Lsu gave up five yards per rush so their defense is a major work in progress now. Eleven hour bus ride from lsu to houston practicing there and then fly to california is not a great recipe and you know for everyone out there that this is. This is still attainable. Line in vegas. I'm looking here at Draftkings fan not obtainable sandals two and a half actually saw Plus three minutes fifteen. But yet i had gone up for my don best screen looking at that game and there was three that a lot of the local casino. So that's free. It's still a painful May want they want to jump on that and then destroyed like i said my strategy is always if i'm in the game after one hundred hundred so you may want something on the line also totally agree Before i let you go. Do you still avoid watching games. Because i'll tell you this. The first time i heard you say that on when you were on the show on showtime i went. Wow for on action. It was the first time. I'd heard anybody say that and now i've met for three hundred ninety five consecutive days and i don't watch games anymore i bet and i do you know probably regret saying it even though i do i read saying because people don't understand the reason why i say so they're gonna say well. How do i listen any this guy. He doesn't watch the games. Well honestly i don't have to watch the game. You don't say for watching everything that i mean. I have a team. A guy depending on what sport three or four or five different guys. You know. we're we're we're scouring media scouring social social safe and and instagram's and not only that the twitter's and it's not only the players. The coaches sons. The family somebody a little nuggets of information. You can find out there I it's just amazing. But i i really don't have to watch the game but i do watch more. Believe it or not now this. We filmed action Few years ago. I do watch more now. Only because I'll have friends around. Or especially when. I'm on the east coast. That's when i'm here on the east coast like opening we. I'll be here this week. And i got guys that are coming down from the city guys. I grew up with literally in the bronx new york. These guys watch every minute of every every place so and they'll ask me they. They know now they can't ask me anymore. They'll say crackle you on here and if the game you know i hit fifty eight percents fifty seven percent of games. But i mean that that's gonna make me six figures a season. I i made seven figures for you but but however for them it's only free four percent advantage if they lose the game. They'll start bitching and i. I mean how much you bet. Here's the money back where he lost never game again so so but these guys walk every minute of every game. I can't i won't. Yeah if i hit mega bucks for twenty million. You wouldn't see me yelling though. Not that. I'm a big shot or nothing. It's just not me. I i don't get i don't tend to scream and yell at things and it's it's a business to me. It's a business i. There's no emotion in my game. My leave is only my bankroll like i said before. If the same. I used to be a met fan. I used to be a fan of gains and going to go and root for my favorite team. I go right to the bronx again. And the bronx tale comes right out of me. No allegiances anything because just like the old like the mob. Guy said shouts dairy. Go see if your father camp either pay the rent. See if mickey mantle pay for you. He doesn't care about you. Why do you care about him on spot on belgrade stuff men enjoy your trip to lennox city. Appreciate you coming on student right. Thank miami bill. Cracking burger at bill crack man to follow him on twitter cracklins dot com as well here on the progressive guests. Line final next here on pushing the odds. This is pushing the odds on the sports map. Radio network powered by o'reilly auto parts and rocket mortgage live from las vegas. Here's map herald. This is the final hand on pushing the odds. Here's matt peralte all right so. I don't know what i'll do for the tour championship. If i'll be involved at all for the tour championships. I might. I might jump in. And mccall more kala at fifty to one fifty one for cal. I mean that is. I don't know like throw fifty bucks on it and just see what happens. I mean that's geez that is. I'm not saying he's gonna win the tour championship starting way back. But that's a dude that earlier this year. He was on fire in call more college fifty to one. I don't like bryson. i cannot back tony now. i'll bob i mean teddy greenside. Wow he backed now. I was like excuse me. You're back at fee now. How are you back at tony now. Like that's fee now is the perpetual bridesmaid in this is fifteen million dollars. We're talking about a lot of money here. Okay sucking like these guys win this big bad. So i don't know i can't back here but i can't back jon rahm because the values not there and then i can't back bryson this you know either so you have to go kind of off the beaten path a little bit because see where guys are starting and so i don't know yet i may get involved my golf. Betting is equally as bad as my baseball betting. I'm just so annoyed with betting on baseball. I'm just so done with it and it's just it's crushed me. I mean i. It's because i bet every day and it's my job every day so i'm watching these games and i'm i'm doing all these things and variants. You just have to be so involved with the work in. I envy the baseball writers who put in the work. It's really hard. I'd rather spend two hours football game that spending two hours every day breaking down one baseball game and then having to do it again and then do it again. Do it again and do it again. Yuck thursday full loaded huge show boss. Tony versus the book papa. Bear and more all coming at you tomorrow for pushing the odds at sports talk matt. We'll talk tomorrow.

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