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#25 G&Q Solve the Zodiac Case


And welcome the gene Q.. Review you where. We reviewed the best TV and film. The world has to offer and sometimes some other stuff to through one and we tinky review going on. Grant not much Quinn It's been a day it's been a day. We kinda got off. The highway took a little detour. Sometimes we gotta make a lot of pit stops. I feel like yeah pitstops. GotTa you know I couldn't new car. Sometimes you feel like another pitstops probably coming up next week. 'cause Christmas maybe it won't. I don't know maybe it'll be a I thought we're doing. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We discussed the solution. Yeah never mind were full pedal to the metal on the highway content kings. No now we're going to You no without giving too much away. We're we're getting MODs car whereabouts. All our our car is going to look really cool. Hopefully I mean that's what the designer said goodbye. I don't know what we're getting delivered to us. But we didn't like pick it out of the catalog we kinda on a custom made it. So it's in their hands now and we'll see we'll see how car turns out a K. Yeah for anyone. That's not following It's our logo. We're getting a new logo. Mine that I made them. I'm not its logo it. He read it. You're like that's the name of the podcast right like a gradient in the background. Hell Yeah So. It's a radial gradient. It'll be cool. Maybe what logos in the future. And then you can do a little You put them all side by side and see the evolution of Gene Q.. What you've been up to grant any fun stories for me? Yeah well I've been trying. My New Year's resolution is to lowly furnish and make my apartment nice. But you're it's not the new year yet grant so I don't know whatever I don't care are just working on now so I'm buying all the furniture and stuff and so I've been buying a lot of stuff Kia Kia like thirty minutes away not bad so I bought a nice. You know a new dresser put together and one of the pieces malfunction on when you slide it in the the rails it just like popped open and then all these little ball bearings is like fell. Arthur fucking kidding me and I spent probably like an hour trying to fix it no way you know even factored in like I don't know Pakistan or some shit needs by children children any children so that's and then I was like the the thing is is how I kill works. the rails so it's address it draws so all you do. Is You know you put doors on the rails. Listen you can slide in in Well the rails com already screwed onto the walls of the dresser. Right the walls cool well. They're not technically a piece. Then the piece is the whole wall so I go in yesterday with the rail. I'm like I just need new rail all like I can just screw back on like. Oh no you Nina bringing the whole wall literally it step one when you. I put the shit together. I'm like a so you want me to take the whole thing. Get the new wall in the put together and like yelling at him the whole part. I'm like you I have the rail. Just just take the rail off you. Have it just giving the inland again that okay. I'm like thirty minutes away. I didn't do it yesterday so then today after work. I had to do it and I'm like trying to I was like I'll just take it apart part. I'm like I'm not going to continue this work so I had to get like Dali. It the whole fucking dresser their slap. A dude exchange this fucking Shit Yeah I was just like I'm not. Why would I take it all the way to step one just to put it back together? That's that's double all the work. I'll just get a new one and then just put back together once. Where'd you get the Dalai from my apartment? Luckily Oh damn and you just shove out. How did you do the maintenance dude because I went there and there was maintenance guys like do well before I went into the lease officers? Do you have a Dolly. And he's like oh no the last tenant we gave it to. He just took it he just put in a truck and drove. I think I would think they would have a policy like that and then I talked to or Nesto maintenance do because I saw him I I was like. Do you have a Dolly. So he got me a dollar. I was like what's your name. He's like Nesta. Unlike thank you Dan. He's a man so I got the Dalai fucking put but in my tiniest car. I'd like scrape the shit out of the drawer. I'm like dude. I get now like you didn't unwanted garbage dresser now Had A drive it there. Fuck take it's like. We always like one hundred twenty years. Not Late I had to get it. And whatever and then from there I came back here and I had to work out for podcasts. And it's it's been it's been. Yeah it's been nonstop busy priced man. Is that the The last the big ticket item. We still gotta get like a bed frame or any sort of rain that I think everything should she have good. I don't have a bit for him. I do okay frame. I could. I might need some more prince from my walls. Paintings are shits for my bedroom. I think I have enough artwork for my living room surreal. It'll it'll be good our unit complete your New Year's resolution before the New Year now not no I would but I think I'm leaving this weekend so okay I see I think it would take to more weekends. Yeah it sounds fucking again soon after work. Sorry you know. It's all a little bit but that's that's my day house. You did It's good nothing really special today. But it's been a minute and I did an la. I like every good. What what? Yeah you you interrupt in making what is it. What what do you want to? Could it comedy store. Where did that like three months ago to see some comedy instead of seeing comedy? I did some comedy you. We didn't open MIC. Yeah I went to an open my only any good podcast or does Omar. God I flip the script. Start the PODCAST. Then do comedy pretty well. Did it work pointed what work with them like. Oh I mean it was. It was You know I don't think it was bad but I don't think it was good. I think the importance of artists up their little weird. I mean it was like your your True Open MIC night are like ten thirteen people of all varying walks of life. I'm you got like a creepy old dudes that are just ranting. And then you've got I don't know there's like A. There's a lot of women to that were. You're pretty funny. That's my favorite thing. I've heard all month really. Yeah no I mean like I I I you know in the back of my head. I've wanted to do An open mic but it seem so intimidating but I guess you just have to go up there and fucking do it did. I almost pushed out to. I l.. Sweating bullets all. I was sweating like a motherfucker Just because I don't know I just saw the place online and then I showed up and the guys like I'm like this is called. I'm not telling you that we got to this place and Sealy Sealey. Actually my girlfriend came with me for the for the first time. She's like I'll come with you and support you the first time and we got there and I was is talking to the guy who's running it and he was like. Oh Yeah Yeah. There's all the names on the list. You'd probably like be up. Like I dunno like an hour and forty five minutes or something or hour and a half and I was like back my head is like that's an excuse slang time to head home like I like I tried tried. I got here earlier next week right. But I'm just GonNa Watch all yeah. It was on a little little deceiving because it was actually like a two round thing. There was like a I like to minute. Kinda I dunno relaxing taxing clearing. Just talk about whatever and then like an actual like six seven eight minutes of a like material stuff. Both I don't know why I don't know why I don't know it's like clear. The air people talked about random. Shit I don't think it had to be part of your acts. It was as they said the first two minutes of your act. No No. Don't make those known another it was. They ran through the list twice. Everyone got on did Two or three minutes of just unconventional conversations before. I don't know it was a little weird but it's Kinda cool just talking out loud. Yeah just talking about talk about your work week or if you're Going through stuff but yeah now. Let's talk about. It's probably went up there for like thirty seconds way. Did you have a drinking you one maybe one an beforehand but then by the time shot like performance time it was like sober duchess sweat so yeah Positive experience it's I think I'll be back pretty soon. May Be in a couple days maybe after the holidays and you just you just gotta you've gotTa start. Everyone go do it. Yeah very very positive too. I mean people are like how did you do did you right now. I just had like he is is like I just just ran. Had some stories in mind and you learn a lot lake just the first time. Yeah you just go through it and you're like Whoa. Okay okay. This need have punch lines the difference between just telling a funny story and telling it in a way where you know you have. Yeah turn in points. Yeah so yeah you just got. He's got to do it. And you learn and you get better you suck. You're going to suck it. I I just see. He's got to do it. Yeah awesome for three. That's I'm serious. That's like the best news I've heard it's melting all right. You WanNa you WANNA get into it. What are we talking about today grant? We're talking about movie that I picked Called Zodiac Zodiac is a two thousand seven American mystery Thriller Film Directed By David Fincher Stars Jake Gyllenhaal Mark Ruffalo Robert Downey junior and Anthony Edwards Yes it's about out The Zodiac killer who was famous in the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventy s in the San Francisco Bay area And he was famous Amos for sending letters to The newspapers with code Dick P with coded messages ages and basically bragging about his killings more or less it right. Yeah no I think you hit the nail on the head I guess I didn't know I didn't do a lot of research beforehand and I didn't know it was kind of based on on true events because when you pitched it to me your describing it and I'd never heard of before and I was like oh I just immediately thought seven Because that's okay the first watch though the the first thing movie says is these based off dry. No no no. I'm just saying before before I hit the play button And I was like all right I wonder so so would that More compelling or less compelling when you saw all that were you like Dang cool where where you like I think think of because I know that's something you like and it's Something a little wary of just because of the nature of trying to deliver a impactful film also staying like truthful and accurate to the story but damn it was. It was a fucking ride man. Ah I wish I you know this is another movie. I don't think it hurts to rewatch because there was so much shit happening so many little things things I was I was pausing and I was looking up shit because I'm like did I miss it or like. Do I need to know this part. In order to continue noon Jimmy example. Like win any off the top of your head. Now I can when what's his name. Is that The Guy Jake John Hall. He's getting dinner with that one lady at the restaurants. I don't even know how how they met each other and works with the doors or something something like that and then they were talking about. How how the other detective guys like going to that house? Paul something Paul. Yeah too because he out like some anonymous tip I totally and he went to the House and then all the shit started happening and I just missed I was like white. What did he nash? House I don't know if I followed correctly I've seen this film a few times. Yeah He met with the Riverside Police Department was that was that was a police department. I think I remember there was a guy from a police department. It had something to do with figuring out that they're like that there. There was another killing another murder. I think in early murder in earlier murderer. Yeah but I just didn't put too into together. I was like what. What more did they say? Was it a piece of evidence sir. Someone just said someone led them to a body. A Yeah I think I knew I was looking it up but I don't know but it was happening very quickly. So that was why the the movies very fast paced yet still two and a half hours long and there's a lot of information and a lot even like math. You're doing in your head with dates. You're like how much time passed. Yeah what was the allows date or like how many years seventy yeah And I actually. This was a film We had watch for my when my film classes is It's famous and known for the scene. Where the San Francisco? There's a skyscraper being built and that's a way to portray trade time and that was really creative way to portray a year or two Was the skyscraper being built okay. That's referenced tickle. Oh yeah you remember that scene. No not at all really. It was like okay. You know I think interim so. Yeah sure I'll find it. I think that's just a visual. It was you know how it it. Sometimes it went to a city scape or like a city view and then it would have dates at the bottom and give you a new day while this time it just showed a skyscraper and really it was like super Sped up and you can see the skyscraper grow grow grow grow grow grow. And then that's the probably you like one criticism of myself as probably during those like purely visual moments. That are key transitions. But they're still important. I'm not as has engaged. Engaged as perceptive as I should be so analytical analytical always improving but now now now I'll do it now it's it's hard I mean. I've seen this film multiple times. This is probably the third or fourth time and still You know Gals Gal I I catch new stuff But it's like it's it's really hard to stay to notice every scene of this fast paced of a movie. That's two hours and thirty of them. They could be criticism against it. I think even heard the Yeah the actors actors were like speeding up their lines in order to not make like over three hours man. Well I'm thinking about got it could have been like I don't know you think that was There's just so much information they couldn't Yeah make it shorter or do you think that consign choice and we can get into a little bit of that but yeah. There's a lot of lot of information which is a good parallel parallel right. Because you're thrown into the mix of all this information and these it's like what is relevant and I think that was a a key Motif when Robert Gray Smith the cartoonist. The Star Jalen Hall was trying to basically basically solve it after the case went dead. There's just so much information how do you even you know. That's how you work a key. There's so much are you. What's relevant? What's actually stuff to keep in mind? Mind your mind is overloaded with stuff from Zodiac. You don't know what's what's what's a relevant story and what's not you don't know even who he killing whom he didn't at a point they they referenced that they're like the first five kills were you know. murders were by him and now he's just starting to take credit for other murders in the city. And if you're a cop or detective that's what you take from that. How how are you going to catch a killer if you don't even really know now who is killed and you can't find patterns right? They I mean there was no Internet back in the day. You know just dealing with all these different police. Stations linked calling people and other people had jurisdiction over some evidence and events and newspapers stressful in hard entertaining spoiler spoiling up in no one's no one's been convicted of these crimes. Yeah it's an open investigation hitchin. While I was like googling for facts I saw I saw that and then I was thinking. Oh but maybe I mean how are they. How does it wrap up like I don't? I was curious to see how they were. I don't know what happened. But then I guess spoiler the Prime Suspect tells me the Arthur Lee Allender Dies of a heart heart attack and we end days of being summoned though like it was like he was summoned and then he died so that is crazy if he committed these murders. I would not be surprised if he if that heart attack was Maybe self inflicted. Oh I don't think it will. I mean that begs the question grant is this I mean. Is this the guy who did it did he do it. Did he do the deed which I am conflicted about myself. I think after the movie spent a good deal of time researching going on the Internet's Finding there's I mean there's tons and tons of shit out there about this case about people talking about this case There's so much. Like circumstantial evidence evidence that proves he's the guy. And then there's a ton of circumstantial evidence that doesn't prove that he was a guy the the evidence that whenever he was in jail that no notes were received and you didn't get calls from him and then after he died died from a heart attack Robert used to get regular calls from the Zodiac killer. Who would just deep breathe deeply on the other line and and he claims stopped? As soon as the as soon as Arthur Lee had a heart attack. They put some heavy hitting stuff near the end. That was is all kind of like as things were wrapping up. I didn't find anything actually. I mean I didn't look for anything related to those phone calls but there's a whole like did you ever did you look at the site. Zodiac killer facts dot com. Do this this is is. He's out of control. I mean there's just pages and pages of and I think this this guy's actually I don't I don't think he has any. I don't think he outright says I'm just like so what he believes but he just points out every single like tiny inaccuracy in the film. And what happened. There's links to like the nine hundred pages of FBI documents that involve this case. It's deep he he calls it fact versus fincher. I like that. Wow For for movies I mean for fax ax That are false in the movie. Yeah Venture I mean. There's some that I saw. There were very controversial especially that mm-hmm that birthday call. Where in the movie? It's kind of like the smoking gun. It's like Oh my God This is him. He said it was his birthday. But I don't know dude I don't. I've read everything from it didn't happen and then I tried to make sense of all the shit. I probably could get it if I spent more time but I was. I was down in the rabbit hole. Where it's they traced back to to a different guy who was actually the mental hospital patient that called in during the television show with actually like the same guy 'cause the FBI tap the phones but then there's discussion on what date this phone call took place or what date That TV interview happen. I think the tenor TV interview happened. That's crazy but I think they it was like they said it was not the Zodiac able to tap the phones you see why like Chandra. I know this is. I guess it's a little bit different. I'm just fascinated with the case. That's an I point right and I think a film got you fascinated. Yes but it's detective work right. It's it's you feel like you become a journalist Sir detective while you're watching these films it's it puts. I don't know it's Oh I guess I guess I'm making the distinction. Sorry you can finish when you watch seven. You don't really feel like could detective. We'll we'll watch it. I watch and while I thought you said you've never seen it. I've seen it. I haven't seen him for probably five years. All right well anyways with I was just making the distinction between When you say like I like these types of films always thinking of more Bioethics in general when we watch watch the. What was hotel Rwanda? That's not something you would like not like. If it was good I guess the investigative journalistic aspects aspects of of a film crime films. That would be like the hotel Rwanda with like. They had such a good story ORI instead they dislike. Did this stupid hotel thing. Instead of actually talking it'd be like taking the Zodiac or Zodiac acting the film and in having it like the perspective of like I don't know like a homeless guy on the street kind of like you don't really learn about the Zodiac killer at all call yes newspaper round like yeah. It's like a he's a row. Maybe he witnesses his killing or something active shitty life or something. Yeah why don't you just focus on the cool stuff about the particular position to show it from the eyes of someone that was not involved or like Jake Jilin halls like cartoon career handsome to be like a like a puzzle. Nerd Dude did puzzles what looked Robert Greats net new. You know what I've I've never done that. Let's check it out. Robert dewitt lie with Jamie yes. Luckily who's a picture. Sure of old Robert Goldsmith. Maybe this first one holy Shit he looks like the Vallejo did he play a different character in the no duty. Slight in seven years old because back then he would have been sick. Steve my favorite line from the film was Sleep wait he was asking. I forgot WHO's asking. Does it bother you that people call you shorty. Does it bother you. That people call you retard it's like this is gonNa came out of nowhere and then and then Robert Gibbs up to polly's like do people people coming names imposs- like retard. Yeah Yeah Nope when wording knowing ossie that So I don't know how to feel hill about smoothie grant or not the movie the case I don't know what is it got me thinking about. You know what's what's needed to convict someone what I mean if there's conflicting evidence they why don't I don't know what you do. I mean the Internet how hard it was to solve grounds back then The fact that when time passes if it's not in the media spotlight cases die. You know like the portrayal of time I think was was well done People lose interest really quickly. She's just a human nature so I mean primarily. We do not just sensational. It's the is an open case man. It's an open case. I'm not talking I'm I'm looking at all this evidence right now. I see the little slow website gives us all the caves Russell. SOB can solve the case gene Q.. I do you know who who would the other suspects we become famous solve. This is the case. DNA did not match in writing. Did Not match fingerprints do not match. They had a fingerprint. Whose fingerprint was that on the cab? Nobody knows it's like no knows nobody knows. I don't know do resist the Creek Man Dude Arthur Leigh Allen. Forget Zodiac watchman. Zach I mean yeah insane. That's real evidence Zodiac Watch with the same symbol the Zodiac killer signed his notes. With come on it's crazy Nevada's the Soviet killer facts dot com double check that Did Own Zodiac Watch adorn this Zodiac CIPHERS DOT com one of what they think had connections the Navy Navy linked him to ten point five mill wing walkers military style boots in positions of knives You read the most dangerous game. That was kind of a part that just threw me off. Maybe that's it's part of the actual case by annoy. The hell was going on. Where did you do not remember that story? What story the short story the Menendez Nice Game? No not talking about that. I'm talking about There's really a short story. I'm talking about the near the ending of the film. We're Jake John Hall goes to that guy is house and they were talking about the movie poster and writing being the movie poster and goes into his basement and it's all super creepy and yeah the hell that was about California the basement you know. That's true house talking to someone. I figured that out like my first month here is a I just kind of asked it as a joke goes like people have basements here know now. Why why did you bring that up We I was outside and we're looking at some houses or something You get as a joke the as you stand up that was with no basements really what our houses are designed for environmental protection insecurity. Were GonNA put all my stock. The little left. Nobody laughed. Yeah it's yeah in terms of film I think do there's a still one of my top. I think they I think they did a really good job to was definitely was in it. I wish the viewers I could see the facetime because Quinn still in entrenched. Don't gross myself off. I mean it was he. He would neglect his wife and his kids as well. That's right I actually Kinda did I mean like and I just finished the movie new usually finish a movie and you just Kinda just sleep on it you know you just let it sink in and you go to bed hidden but this time like damn got some questions. Then find these web sites and start reading Mr read and and read and read and there's even some videos I still wanNA watch with like old interviews of like the real people and it's just it's just a lot man live information man crazy. 'cause you just read to kill don't know five. Ten Twenty himself has claimed up to thirty seven. Thirty seven five confirmed dead location and the fingerprint match the movements of the killer and traces of blood. Bladder to Paul Avery. Oh yeah man and then do that ruined Paul you Super Super Paranoid after that and starting left and gone on those in more into drowsy. Look so hot you thought something was going like like they're gonNA meet up again. You know to rob visited visited him and it was just like Paul was an asshole and does it all. He helped him out. What are you talking about? He was like Oh. I can't I can't tell you to go to this guy but no no Paul Order Robert Downey junior yeah no not mark Ruffalo woah finger. Mark Ruffalo unethical. I'll also work for the chronicle. Sorry yeah I'm Nixon them. Deepen the the guy who lived on the boat. Oh yeah the wait. The guy lived on the boat. The guy lived on the boat At least he's nab at him. Nobody gave a piece of you gave them a name I they all kind of did the same thing. Don't think he gave them a name. Yes definitely gave him a goddamn remember. I thought he didn't if we can't even remember the backs of the movie. How are we going to solve this case piece grant we are making a hard pivot of the podcast? It's GonNa Call Gene Q.. Does Odi Acts Cuban. You only die. You have about the Zodiacs strapping. You better be ready to go now. I he definitely gave him a piece of information. I thought he snapped men Why doesn't this tell me you know what yet Palm Lewis Tonkin? All the OPPO. Almost to the be Robert Persistently context and eventually oppresses him case. While they cannot give Robert Dave Dave Dave but okay Paul nearly snaps at him and then he leaves okay. Maybe I'm wrong. That's what ought to be right. Okay but yes what all right. I'm snapping for for once I'm I'M GONNA be the one who Pulls up to. Do you know it already knowing already. You think this is a game. You think this Paired I don't know the facts of the movie but I it's for our guests Zodiac. The two thousand seven mystery thriller thriller is rated seven point seven out of ten on. IMDB in needs immed- like four points more to make the top two fifty. Yeah something like that point four more. I mean what do you think when we went out for the for the gene Q.. Patented Review where we decide whether the true rating of the film is over under the IMDB rating yet at that one okay G. Q.. Patent Review Seven glance over. I'm over for sure. Yeah I'm over for sure. I'm surprised I've only looked at pulled up the page before four. We started this and I thought it was going to be at least. Are Those top two fifty to this guy also is the guy who directed gone girl. Don't tell me gone. Girl is higher than Oh my God gone higher. Yeah what is it eight point one. Oh what's it's a disc for make the list Gondal is one eighty three are- of all time Maybe when we get enough influence we can affect these ratings Kasama. These films are not top. Two hundred fifty movies of all gone girl is is is above Truman. Show fucking traditions was a fucking classic. I mean that's like a philosophic life lesson like that's you would conquer all crazy bitch kill and did not make they killed philosophically philosophically. No not at all she killed. What's his name in their senior I saw the theaters that haven't seen since so easy awesome. Yeah I did. Neil Patrick Harris Kill my friend says he kills the the typical because conqueror was a book before the book was better. Probably is that moves sought. That's right Maybe I'll get it. Maybe all the people that do say that what is good. Maybe they read the book and they just kind of mix up the facts and I don't know Dave remember the book but I have I have a question for you that I meant for. Would you rather be a journalist for detective. Oh detective for shirt. I don't think it me too. I think it's more doing less in writing. If I'm they have an accurate and you have more clearance you know. Yeah especially now as the Internet Shit Yeah. Contact people is probably a pain in the ass back. Then you gotTa make a lot of phone calls calls probably still have to make a lot of phone calls but yeah no one's talked to reporters no yeah it's also I got a new favorite phase as phrase while watching the movie. Yeah it. It was a term for drinking. It was like getting a load on getting a load her that before. But it's been awhile he's like I have to get like smash get a load crash. He's getting take on some definitely having more than one beverage. If I'm getting my load on getting my load on sure can I get your load on okay. Let's let's move on us all right. Let's get our loads. It's often a cool thing. Was the the movie when he couldn't couldn't watch the movie the IT was called. SFP movie or whatever. I was just called. F S SF PD. Okay movie you know he they. They were in theaters. That movie existed called Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood and it's based on Zodiac killings. And you know how Mark Ruffalo couldn't watch the movie Because it was too real. I don't know little hunt does an an interesting tidbit. Yeah I yeah I. It was interesting to see that in the movie there was a movie about the Zodiac. I that was true or not but maybe that should be our next. I think you're getting there. You're getting there I didn't I didn't really have any. I was too busy researching and investigating this this case. In fact there's no fun facts in case there's on in this case there's only facts but he up so you're over to. I'm over to our over a given The adds up there. It's it's very entertaining and informative. The you know it's it's it's almost like a documentary but more interesting. Yeah I think it gives life to an extremely already super interesting on its own case and it gives that little some flair to it. Yeah it also makes you think does who did it. Did you ever get into a phase of of crime podcasts. No I haven't hit that phase in my life life yet. I hear it happens when you're young adult. Yeah it's like this dude it's so interesting And there are some that you listen to In Dude there's just no they'll find him and we're like forking this could happen half castes. And she's like Yep. This was the prime suspect but they couldn't prove it next week. And you're like what the fuck set scene dude. Mit Dangerous for me to. I don't know he's on. The the Shitty thing is that like ninety. Five percent of the crimes are like little girls. Oh Aw oh just disappear it's It's a Debbie Downer for her manner do they find. I think you're going to say ninety five percent of them get away to I don't know but they don't find him alive Komo but obviously these are crimes they picked so yes some sort of bias and he's actually a little. Sally goes missing for two the days in his file. And they're not going to make a podcast about yeah there's going to be a little sally. FACTS DOT COM website. It's so sally actually was data uncles aunts and uncles whether land mine was down so they couldn't get in contact. Those are it's something they didn't even mention in the podcast. So next week I was thinking you you. Can you can veto this if you want. I know we've already mentioned it. I thought we were just going to ride a writing. Well right like like like ride a ride with it and we got on the best kid of highway where we're and move from a critically acclaimed claims non fiction a case to number twenty one on the list am I. Is it number twenty one. It's on our list. I think it is Hill Yemen. Now Twenty twenty one there. We go seven. See I'd won't be it Thought I don't WanNa get in the habit of pulling off top two fifties okay. I totally it did not not even cross my mind that it was on the last really Lewis is just watching. Our next one should be seven and they're kind of the same same bill but I will keep that in mind for the future. I don't think there should be a hard rule against it. Yeah we we feel it out when it makes sense we do it when it doesn't make sense. Jimmy veto the hell out of it. It's movies movies better than seven. Gong girls of vendors endgame. I spoke movie ever more mold. That six dollars. theranos mother to kill half the people he just snapped. He just did a snap. She's he's part of man died. God sorry guys if your mom marvel. Yeah maybe once it's GonNa take me a long time to get into those. It'll be cool to tell me what to watch him. But I've seen seen them all in order to so going back to like one in the middle of the series might be a little Interested looks at number Turkey. I don't when we number thirty I've never heard of Leon. The Professional Nineteen ninety-four movie with a twelve year old girl is taken in by professional professional assassin. The adventure surround list. No I've never heard of this either. Yeah but that was hate and it was made on my birthday too. It's got a lot of boats tombs. Two million maybe. It's they made the big in Europe. Europe I duNno know Natalie Portman Luke Benson get there get there and next week seven s e the number seven e n ninety ninety five crime drama mystery so see you guys in seven days with seven hopefully it. Oh my God all right. Yeah Yeah for sure. Yeah we're GONNA leave now these see peace again. Not what again like right now. Are you doing apiece BS. Thanks guys for listening. If you have any movie recommendations or suggestions of any kind please just reach out to us on social media at G. Q.. Review or you can also email us at G. Q.. podcasts review at GMAIL DOT com.

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