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Pardon the interruption but Mike von Tony. America's largest milk producer filed for bankruptcy. So what are we supposed to put in our cereal in the morning. Tony Kornheiser Kornheiser. I've tried Newton. They are hard to pin down. He takes the whole day. You locate this quarrel go up in the Yes. Sure I've never heard of that. Oh the whole city kid. I don't know nothing about final. How I know cow's milk the town I've never milk up to capitol been there? When I have walked the as the that near my camp northern Pennsylvania? There was the Medvedev dairy. The dairy was Andre. Ma'am I don't think so. They had about sixty cows. I used to see them all well. Yard boys and girls in today's episode. The Astros may have cheated Memphis takes on the NCAA and the Knicks could make a run at Messiah Jiri but we begin today with the Seattle seahawks getting a last second field goal in overtime and beating the San Francisco. insys go forty niners. Twenty seven twenty four. This was a surprisingly sloppy game with five. Fumbles loss and two interceptions Seattle. Winning knots the forty niners from the last unbeaten perch will bundle the better team win last night. I don't know maybe the better team won last night but it doesn't mean they're going to be the better team. I don't know even a week. I mean I thought that was still. You're right Tony. The the game was so sloppy and it seemed like it every chance Mr Garoppolo was trying to choke it away or throw throw it away. I was glad he handled this winter. And he's absolutely in their hands. They drop how can you drop that. Oh that's why you play defense because you can't hang onto rat. That's he tried to give the game away. Russell Wilson made some uncharacteristically awful played intercept. Let me say this off. I was thinking last night was a referendum on. MVP between Lamar. Mark Jackson Russell Wilson. And if I had to vote today based on what we've seen this week in I would vote. Lamar Jackson narrowly ahead. 'cause Russell didn't wasn't great last night but he won. He wasn't great but he is great instinctive runner. He's he gains yards. He doesn't waste running back right. He gains yards when they need yards. Look I think that San Francisco has a dominating defense I do. I don't know if the best team won but if you ask me now as long as we're projecting you say you had to vote for him if you asked we now who I could see in the Super Bowl I can see Baltimore and Seattle right now in the super bowl now. Baltimore beat the Patriots when they they were on top of the AFC just last night. Seattle under number one. NFC team and earlier in the year. Baltimore beat Seattle Pizza to to to me. I can see that although the game was such a little satisfied it really was and then which I find characteristic of a lot of the NFL this year a little less than satisfied. We you and I particularly have long enough. We've seen teams make thrilling. Yeah we want to see a great eighteen and you know what there's no great team. I don't think there's a great team but I also will say that on Sunday. There were six thrilling gapes. Go with really and the panthers is game was thrilling. Okay at the end all Ambro Blah Blah Blah great Seattle Seattle packers. You just ruled out your boy. Aaron Ron I didn't realize you said right. Yeah I'll tell you I change tomorrow. It's that's for today. It's word of that by telegraph. Whatever they get up in Green Bay? I don't know what they get up there pony express in just a little bit the College Football Playoff Committee. Second ranking will be released. This comes in the wake of Alabama Obama and Penn state losing Saturday. Let's get right to Tony. Who's your top four? And in what order I've got LSU number one because they beat Alabama at Alabama Alabama. Okay that's the biggest win of. I've got Ohio State to nothing against Ohio State. But getting seventy three or seventy four. The Maryland doesn't really matters Maryland. UNSTICK Senate okay three. I've got Clinton spot but I don't know they haven't played anybody to know what to do. I'd like to put Alabama at three. What you're not normal award like you you can see it? LSU Ohio State Clemson. Who got four? Because I've got Alabama or is open. Maybe it's the people aren't sitting bribes I would. I would do it that way. I love like to have the nerve to put Minnesota there did. I can't put Minnesota there. I'm Baylor No. They're double digit. Can't put them there. I'm not GonNa put a warrant wealthier. Act Wealth in Utah Oregon. I'M GONNA be Oklahoma which wants to Kansas state loss. Kansas state okay. I'M GONNA be a stage. I'm going to be a still Alabama and put Alabama there. I sound like a network. You Know College football stooge now just just circulating the vote put on college. Football Royal. Here is one way that Alabama doesn't get in that I see if Georgia Beats Lsu in the SEC final. You'RE NOT GONNA put three teams from the SEC. And because Lsu beat Alabama in Alabama. But the case I make Fella Bama now is in the second half of that game. Alabama was twenty twenty eight thirteen over. Lsu You give me a better team. I'll let you put him in fourteen. I'm trying to find a way but I'm GonNa tell you one thing you keep you keep ignoring the factories that the Minnesota is. Because I thought Minnesota Penn State and Penn state theory. And they get I do think Ohio State is great. PUT HIM IN MINNESOTA. You know I don't yell at me. 'cause you don't have guts yellow yet you want. Because you couldn't refuse to consider the notion that Ohio state could lose. Lose the idea you just. Don't I think they're really good. They're really good hiring former Astros pitcher and current Oakland pitcher. Mike Fires told the athletic that in two thousand seventeen seventeen their world championship here. The Houston Astros stole signs. With the use of a Centerfield camera the Houston Players Watch monitoring real time and bang a trash stress. Can To signify what pitch was gang drum slowly. This was illegal in baseball and the Astros announced today that they have begun an investigation in coordination with Major League Baseball Wink Wink. We'll bon. Does this. Taint the Astros Championship. I suppose there's some people it does and maybe to me it should did. You know says we have been discussing talking about this story today on the show. I've said several times worked up over this and what that question means is. I can't get myself. This baseball is a sport. I played it is the one I'm most familiar with the intimacy of the sport. Do's and don'ts the unwritten rule allowed to steal signs. You you gotta steal. And it's a strange word to use you gotta steal them honestly was go out Senate college you go to second base and you figure this thing out. You can't put a cameron at one point hundred. She sure in the bay played. Somebody said what are you doing using noculars use those you gotta use your own peepers and so we invaded Italy innocuous from center field then it would take you an hour to get somebody to bang on a trash can is it's wrong the GM to fans yeah this the GM then and I know Aj hinch is the manager then now if they knew about this what they should foreign they should be censored it should saying the guy and hitch they more than that. And what I'm saying to you kick them out I. I can't get myself worked up over this because technology which we use every moment of every day. Yeah and that's that's a camera. Will they do it. As a polaroid they rip off the weight for sixty seventy camera. What are you doing? What are you watching the feed on a monitoring the real video? What are you back here? I can't get there. I'm just saying you know what change a damn signals there are signals. Every club has or win. Somebody's he's a second base. Didn't help us Ryan. That's if they still did it I don't know them so get over it. I'm sorry okay so this one doesn't you know what I say to you twice a a year or three times a year. Not Everything is a big deal okay. That's let's see if the neck authorities in big deal to you. Let's see fairly big game and even in bigger drama in Portland tonight. Tony simply because James Wiseman will be on the floor for Thirteenth Frank Memphis against fourteenth ranked Oregon. Why has been the NC Double A.? Says says is likely going to be ruled ineligible by the NC double a wise man has a court hearing scheduled for November eighteen. None of this seems to deter or or distract the versatile seven footer however who is averaging twenty three points ten boards four blocked shots two games. So how do you feel about Memphis if is putting wiseman back on the floor again tonight. So I think they're basically saying we're in for a dime we're in for a dollar. I mean when they went to court sorts civil court not NCAA record and they got a restraining order they were saying to the NCAA. In my opinion you've authority over thirty whatsoever. We're we're GONNA keep playing this kid you're not gonNA come out on the court and arrest him Andrea came off. We're GONNA keep playing this kid and if it results if we would've championship and you vacated indicated Okay Because Anybody Remembers that we won on the court that's all I think that's what they're in so this is interesting. This is not new it maybe not even knowing what I know but the specific thing about a player being ineligible. Okay you can. You can single that out if you want but Tony you and I covered college basketball. Aw when the W would look at certain schools and say disassociate yourself from this person that we put you in jail and one of those schools do they. Didn't they. Put The guy at center court. It did it again and they sent to the NC Double A.. We're giving you the double middle finger salute because we don't care what you say we're not afraid of you look like Barney. Fife who thousand eight coach John Calipari and starring Derrick rose in the official book as to what they did even though they make the final game and says Oh wouldn't in one on one June dare grow. Shot those free throw understand. So do I understand. It's a difficult here is if you it's sort of. It's it's cheating Houston did not cheating member Memphis is saying. We don't care what you do but I I can't imagine that penny any hardaway can take eleven thousand dollars of his own pocket and bring Joseph Wiseman to Rubber Nashville Memphis and coach them in high school and the Tennessee state authorities. And you can't do this. I played many of the NC double h May. He's eligible he's fine what is it the NC Double A.. April may sometime this spring. They said you're okay. He's he's a young people the NC Double A.. You you've only won in America. Yeah you just you really only one give them a chance. The New York Knicks are back on the court tonight with David. Dale still coaching as far as we know our friend frank sold the rights in the athletic that the Knicks are in full blown crisis mode again veteran. GM Steve Mills may be on the way out himself. Self I sola says the Knicks are targeting Messiah. Jiri you just WanNa Championship Toronto Woven you know you Jerry. What intrigued by this? You say first of all these kids play let the kids play killing play fifteen twenty games to let him play this. I didn't see the need for a press conference. Lynn play all right Steve Meals and know him well and I I like Scott period known him well known those guys all of our careers. I actually I hate to say this to you. I sorta route right now for the Knicks. 'cause I root for those guys and fizz deal who I know I want to see this work for them in a much better way than its work now working. Okay I think we get to the park in games in. Yeah Yeah I'm not gonNA roof into beat the balls tonight. I'm not GonNa root for that now. Messiah Jerry Maybe two best executive in the NBA. He certainly on the short short short short list. Okay okay would it be intrigued by this. He had to be intrigued. Look there's there's only a couple of places that could pay him more money than getting Toronto and the New York Knicks will be one of them. Now I'm not one of those people like you who say Oh Canada. Oh He's out there in Canada he must want a New York so now I have a stew the NCAA and CA enemy anti Canadian. According to you you are waived this flag every night. So what are you talking about. Canada or the Knicks the NBA. You can survive with the Knicks. Being Lousy. They have for seventy five years. They have championships in fifty years. All right so let us get to the heart of the matter there. You so wound. ooh Let's get to the heart of the matter with GSI. Would you go to work for James Golden Rule. That's a difficult thing to do the New York Knicks or the equivalent in in the NBA to the Washington redskins in the NFL. Good people don't necessarily want to work there you don't know. How much can you actually have? The Knicks couldn't get meetings with Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant. And so you get those meetings. He Co ranted Lamey coin in. And maybe he could bring you on us onto compo- maybe he could. Well there you go off your d'hollander you signed something and says I'll stay out of the way if you're massage would you even trust that. No one no. Let's take a break coming up the Shawn Watson and Lamar Jackson face each other this Sunday. which quarterback has the brighter future? And I've been lamenting mentioned the bears quarterback situation because decades now putting the rams had her. Worst Tossup you're going to yell at me because I like Billy Joel and you like Elton John. 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That's Harrys Dot com code eight thousand enjoy tossup. Were I play the role of Ohio state and we'll plays the role of Dr Have Af. Once I toss up they play on Sunday. Brighter future to Shawn Watson or Lamar Jackson. Obviously each you bus would take either of these people's we would the sake of argument. I will say Deshaun Watson and here's why I worry. long-term about Lamar Jackson running. I worry that he gets caught and gets planted in. Something breaks actually. Does Shawn Shawn Watson quarterback numbers better. He's passed for more yards and more touchdowns Mark Jackson his rating is higher. And he's done one thing. That Lamar Jackson hasn't doc. He wanted to college championship. And that impresses me talking about the short term future. We're talking about the short term future. Take Lamar jank right. But it's because I think he can get through Ooh this season and goodness knows maybe a super bowl. I got him in the way we just had him in the answers him. I mean I think Deshaun Watson watching too. I cannot get past my team. Not Taking Shawn Watson looking at ten twelve year span onto but it could be Jackson next. Toss up better shot at winning the title the Vikings or the GOPHERS. I think it's the vikings because at the moment there the second wildcard near in a game and a half up on on the rams and the panther ran through like somebody else look at least can get an A. Playoffs. who how does Minnesota get into the players? Well they have to beat Ohio state. It's too hard user. Why it's the Vikings first of? Aw when you have feeling and digs whatever. They're healthy enough catching passes from Captain Kirk. You got something. That's that's the equal almost is the best one it could be that you can play with that okay. And they're D- Did defense especially as the GOPHERS. Here's what they gotta do at Iwa. Now you know how last week I was on the GOPHERS offers early. Yeah I took the GOPHERS. You're not on now. No okay. I think I'm taking you got TA at Evanston I'll be there for that North Western. That's a win for you. And then if they said then it's Ohio statement probably in the next last one toss up. They play each other this week. Who should be more concerned about their quarterback the bears or the ran ramp should be more concerned why they suck a pot of gold into jared? Goff you went to the Super Bowl. He's going backwards. Last year. He had down where twelve exceptions right. Now he's eleven and nine. His quarterback rating is going from one. Oh one to eighty the two point seven point. Two bisky has eight touchdowns and three interceptions and by the way if they want to admit they were wrong and dump them doesn't cost much now. Jared Goff off course some thirty six million against the CAP. La and Jerry was also got them to a super bowl already paid off. You can say this guy got us do. We may get back there one more time. You don't think Jared Goff was going to make four five Super Bowl appearances do you have you mixed one more. He will have paid off to Bisky. Tony I know you. Don't watch the Games you watch them. Throw three touchdown pass. We read zone. You don't you don't see when they start off the first down for seven series series. You think should be more concerned. That's that's yeah that's that's insane. Let's take one last break still to come to Kentucky Talk to you. Do get upset tonight and the clippers get some really good news about Paul George corporate very well dressed on the bench. I've been two or three of those Super Games. Does he actually have pants on. Because they only got hands on never know clippers. Give him back. Jared Goff is going back okay. Okay only back without the Super Bowl. My back was looking forward. Prescription price required online physician consultation. Only available if the physician determines the prescriptions appropriate. See website for full details. 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Arora Pharmacy go to four hymns dot com slash. ESPN THAT'S F. O.. are H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. ESPN the inflatable noodle man is constant undulating. Entices people to look at me. Look at me. He's stylist and brainless literal head. Curiously however inflatable Moolman when hearing gyco not only saves people money has an award winning hand that makes it easy to manage what policy he knows you should switch because yes to the GEICO is a no brainer. Just ask an impeachable noodle man castle unpredictable creatures. People thirty thirty first birthday Russell Westbrook. It seems like Westbrook has spent his entire career accumulating numbers without any particular teams all on this season. Westbrook is reunited with old teammate. May Change Hardening Houston. Many people wondered how that pairing would work as both need the ball but the rockets are seven and three so far so far it seems to be working. But they didn't get that that pairing for November December January February March April. They got that pairing for major and they've got to play some defense and be a little time. They're working at it so they are happy anniversary. Joe Adams on this day seven years ago the Arkansas Punt returner had this amazing touchdown against Tennessee in which he backtracked fifteen yards and appeared to be hopelessly being trapped. Four or five times. This season. Arkansas ran this hideous fake punt that ended up as an easy interception for Auburn. Plays like this contributed into the four hundred nineteen record of Chad. Mars was no more opportunities to lose games for Arkansas. Because he was fired. Let's go back to digital punditry. Is that the memory this Paul Congress. The movie tremendous on short-list Mendez. Happy trails to mantras Harold. Long live the clippers forward as you can see gathered so for to who say he is met at the Rim by somebody named Chris Boucher one of the dozens of nameless faceless raptors. Interestingly this was Leonard's in his first game against the raptors since leaving Toronto and when asked if he had any particular memories about playing for Toronto Leonard said quote. What would I think about last season? It's over now. We want one. I had a great time there. It's the next chapter now. I can't live in the past and just be excited I one I'm on a different team unquote we'll I find that very cavalier. How about you okay? But you know he left San Antonio to the next stop so so far. He's made two stops. He's got a championship at each stop. I believe he's got a championship series. MVP Eddie so he gets himself into the next place and said let's go. What is the Bill Jaylen? Check no emotion wells haunts cinncinnati-based Addi. Whatever Bill Belichick does I call James? Wiseman Joseph Wise Joseph Wiseman was an actor who played Dr. No for those of you over seventy five. I'm not over. Let's go to the Big Minneapolis. George boy we'll have his first game for the clippers on Wednesday or Thursday. Your thought I wanNA see midseason him in Kuwait defensively. They could be Jordan. Pippen defensive it could be your Alvarez Pita Lonzo their baseball's rookies of the year. You'll came up that absolutely Lonzo set an all time major league record for lookie Hamas with fifty three Eh. It wasn't unanimous. What what the nets? Have parted ways with David Lee. What happened you'd be said very quickly from the TNT the president? This is not what I can do it. Everyone's Adam wainwright is going back to. The car does a one year deal. He's thirty seven years old and the smart sinus spent in his whole career in Saint Louis areas right real one hundred and sixty to ninety fought in fifteen years there. He's been a great pitcher them for longtime you leave. You still have them crazy crazy. The last one number one Kentucky number two both in action tonight you smell many upsets and Tukey's playing Evansville and former Kentucky Alum Walter McCarty themselves for a lot of those years Scottie. Pippen has a lot of time trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser. And I'm Mike will bond stain time tomorrow knuckleheads you can get the P._T._i.. podcast on the E._S._p._N.. APP or Apple. PODCAST BIG AL happy birthday happy.

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