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I did one more gye cost band now. You have. That cost out and started listening. I I took my microphone. Found some human then. I recalled it all the noise while. Finally I want you to enjoy. That's the. Hey how you doing podcasts. Adam Buxton here and I'm reporting to you from a muddy track track between some fields in the east of England Norfolk to be precise you can probably hear. It is a very blustery day. Hey whoa dog. It's beautiful crazy. Big Painting clouds scudding quickly across the sky. The Sun Bright and low over to the West. We've got around one hour of daylight left before we're plunged into darkness high-velocity Sky Gulf right. Who that's better? I'm now being sheltered by I. Small would And it's a little bit less crazy here so I'm GonNa do my intro. Okay now look I know we all want to carry on thinking thing about the election results and where things are headed from now on but let me tell you a bit about podcast. Number one hundred and fourteen which features it's a conversation with the Scottish comedian actor musician and artist. Sir Billy Connolly simply facts they just very brief civilly facts because Billy has done an awful lot in his life. He was born in November. Nineteen forty two off to spending most did the sixties working as a welder in shipyards of Glasgow Billy pursued his love of folk music alongside a young Gerry Rafferty of Baker Street and stuck in the middle with you. Fame and billy played in a band with Jerry called the humble bombs in the early seventies. Billy Billy and his Banjo embraced comedy wholeheartedly. And his first comedy Album Billy Connolly live was released in nineteen seventy two in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Three one of Billy's standup shows the chew to hotel in Edry was recorded and released the following year. The album mm-hmm included billy's crucifixion routine and extended riff that recalls the last supper as a drunken night out in Glasgow. It caused also a great deal of controversy at the time as you will hear but it did help bring to the attention of British TV chat show King Michael Parkinson and in nineteen seventy five back in the days when it was really very rare to hear a regional working class accent on a mainstream TV v Chat Show Billy's appearance on Parkinson on which he told the notorious dead wife joke link in description turned him into an overnight sensation in the early his stand up to us and appearances in the secret. Policeman's ball shows in an amnesty international alongside. Various Pythons. Peter Peter Cook and Rowan. Atkinson helped make billy an international comedy star in one thousand nine hundred nine. Billy was married for the second time to not. The nine o'clock news star turned writer and psychologist Pamela Stevenson. That wasn't the second time he married. Pamela Stevenson who was the first time he he married permanent. I didn't write that very well. He got to know Pamela Stevenson towards the end of the seventies and billy credits his relationship with her for saving his life because well she helped him with all sorts of traumas he had suffered as a child and then Supported reported him when he stopped his increasingly excessive drinking habit in one thousand nine hundred five the nineties so billy continued to perform stand up as well as appearing appearing in feature films. Like Mrs Brown with Dame Judi dench and muppets treasure island with Kevin Bishop. Hello Kevin Case. You're listening I worked with Kevin. Even once is the highlight of his career over the years. Billy has also made a number of TV specials often documenting his travels around the world and towards the end of last year. Twenty eight T. The BBC broadcast a two part profile of billy called made in Scotland. That focused on his early life and influences as well as his love of music and art. It also showed him considering how his twenty thirteen diagnosis with Parkinson's disease. The degenerative disorder of the central central nervous system has affected his life and continues to do so. It was the Parkinson's disease that led to Billy's decision to quit live standup a few few years ago. And putting a full stop on that aspect of his career is part of the reason he has now compiled some of his favorite stories and routines about his life in a book published a couple of months back called toll tails and we stories. Michael with billy was recorded back in July of this year two thousand nineteen nineteen in a central London restaurant. We did our best to find the quietest part of that restaurant. Hopefully the hubbub in the background and won't be too distracting and so I was nervous to meet a man who I think it's safe to say is one of the greatest stand up. Comedians of all time billy turned out to be a charming generous interviewee and when I realized that he was sort of relaxed. And happy to talk about the poss- We had a very enjoyable meandering conversation. A lot of which was me. Just firing random questions at him about a few of the things he's done and people that he's met along the way by the way rather than having fact checking center interrupt talk conversation. Let me tell you that. The band named off to the costal that Mary Queen of Scots State in was called fathering gay. It'll make sense but our conversation began with Billy asking me where I had traveled traveled from. And I said I'd come from Norwich. And as you will hear that sparked off a reminiscence about a memorable gig that billy had played in Norwich in December nineteen nineteen eighty. I'll be back at the end for tiny bit more solo woefully. But right now with Sir Billy commonly here we go what do you uh-huh the. Aw I played the night John Glennon was killed. Really nine thousand nine hundred eighty was it. Yeah what was that like. There was tenable for twenty minutes. Sir I said Yeah Gone John Lennon. The place erupted in applause. Then quite was good. You must have been personally eh depressed or a big fan. Huge wasn't a bit being depressed. Were supposed to be the world's depression. Yeah how do you deal with that with an audience mention it share it then leave it right and go on mother. Did you do any shows around nine. Eleven or yeah did one in London and that Shakespeare's the intern. The riverbank attains bank and I had a good advertisement hit a plain clothes. It's it's best to be completely political incorrect situation. Live a halfway doesn't work and the sympathetic stuff does come talk jelly right. Just go for gold reaction inside huge tragedy treated when the huge huma doc only huge works. Yeah and I'm sure the audiences so lonely. I think at that point when they wanted to be lead in some way to feeling better adult look in the Mazimba sales but they they know that something missing in the life feel run to be dragged into a better position to do it. Yeah exactly I mean. I remember watching a documentary documentary about sting from the police. And he was touring with his band around the time of nine eleven and there was a scene with them all sat around a table discussing whether they should do the show. Yeah because it just felt so so weird and so wrong to be involved with the business of entertainment somehow superficial effort in the face of this tragedy. Of course you should do it. Of course you should do it. Because of that Tame show-business is the only reality. Ah being making people laugh as a cogent barth wild thing to do and in the face of something has abjectly sinful full. It's the only step you have as a human being as tit. Sure the strength of what you've got in comparison. You must do it if you're in a worthwhile comedian median. You must toppings worth but I think most comedians would over think it. Yeah and then. That's when you start getting in trouble I mean the thing about you on stage is that you always look to if you're just responding you're not thinking too much. Is that true absolutely true. You're just letting the ideas commend behind one another. And how did you know that you could trust those ideas. You don't know those the joy of it. That's where the diamonds are in you. Just speak your mind. And then you'll get a little hint and one of the lanes of whether you should go next as dangerous alone so you go along that we let it happen and it's always worthwhile because those new rules in comedy Eh. People keep trying to put rules on. You mustn't talk about this. You mustn't talk loud. Comedy has come a long way and I think it's because of the people who do it. Comedians used to be drawn from that nightclub silkair singers. Doing that. Blew more here in my wife's Blah Blah Blah Blah take my wife please And it has changed. Comedy has drawn from a different quarter society from people who have listened to great comedians and wanted to be one and have come up with rules and laws they will not go beneath comments. Follow the the panel for a year. You reckon it's so much better than us and growth constant growth state whereas the other one is in a death state. It's GONNA be able to go on one shift mid fool or somebody. Yeah it does feel as if it's a real Watershed moment for much and society. Eighteen comedy included absolutely. And there's a whole old guard that's going to be left behind complaining and stumping and saying only one. It's always why can I say why won't take the end. World saw talk on television in America opponent and I was so angry I wanted to be on the panel because this woman was saying I think it's ridiculous to raise a whole world of that. We're not allowed to say and I wanted to give me a sentence without what is an offensive. which would make you feel better being around? Give me a sentence with a world. Ah a normal sentenced doesn't insult deeply. Somebody guarantee the couldn't racism. Generally I know of no time for people who are racist. I used to save Luke. Don't you understand that this and this and the other. Can you see this. This person has brought here on us out and we and Blah Blah Blah and. Because he's the only reason. Yeah no I don't have time seventy six. I don't have time is spent on your. I'm going to die sued. Get the point Goma life. Stop wasting time. You've had love comedian. Friends over the years. Yes and when you get together were you the kind of friends that would analyze comedy and take it apart. No some of them did. I was never one for that taken apart. I don't want to see how it works works. I want the magician to baffle me. who see moves his left hand draws your attention to the wardrobe? Don't tell me I feel the same of accommodation. Yeah I don't want it to be analyzed and broken donen. tis respectful parts. Yes I think it was dylan. More in the comedian who said it was like pulling the wings off a very nice right. It's not good thing to do. You Always Connecticut. Yeah it's hard for comedy fans to stop themselves. Sometimes I feel the same whereabout music. I've talked about this before my podcast as a music fan. I'm always keen to know all the stories about my favorite songs and favorite albums. And things like that but then I run into musicians. You say you know you don't need to know the song is there. Listen to the song yes. We don't need to know all the how it has played on it and all that stuff. Dave Mason. The Drummer Pink Floyd. I was speaking to him out party. I said who are you playing for. When you're up there said the band you give your plan for the audience right the plan for the band? Yeah Yeah for each other when we get. Did you like being in a band. Yes sometimes later sometimes a heated one of the things. You didn't like when I was rejected. Rafferty he was so much better than it was a better song rate and a better guitarist. No better singer and he kept getting better and I thought I would get better than I did sorted. He and he was just always years ahead of me and it made me really unhappy. I felt useless. Was He generous with you though when you are and yes yeah. Couldn't help his talent his best and he found it. Funny I would Elena Song snigger. Just ridiculous Banal piece of Shit. He would commend with a song and it would be Wolf Embassy in an interview with Ringo Starr. Uh and he would say they would all gather two points to talk about what they've been doing. And Ringo would say I'd like to be under the sea and how to pursue this garden in the shade for you got Paul yesterday. That sounds like a mover. Aw I was enough physician but yeah I mean we still need octopus garden though. Yeah tell it to the guy. Hi Who's just been fucked over. But the thing is I bet gerry. RAFFERTY would've loved to have had had your facility with talking to the audience. Yes you know. He was very funny man was he and his own way. It is only humor. Doc Hit me rural after but he told me many times for the genius of communication just talking to strangers and making them laugh and he loved it but it was a funny guy and a member. I probably shouldn't towards the end of his life and he was in a bad way with the alcohol and he was living in Borden House and the guy phoned me. The man who under Bolan hosts it got my number from Jelly. He said I've got a guy here. Gerry Rafferty. He says he knows he does. He said wonder if you could help me. I'm trying to get into a place where they look after alcoholics in Dublin won't move and we're going to need an industrial cleaner to clean up. The mass and the hose and at the moment is sitting in a puddle of Piss and unease each year in my living room. Could you talk to them. I said sure. And he said law and I said another fine-mesh you've got me into young Lafferty and he started to laugh and the two of us were screaming. We'll have to on the phone and I would imagine them sitting in a puddle of piss Laffan nicer. I remember him best. Just in hysterics. Ah The depths is worst nightmare you must have come across a few tortured souls over the years. Yes of have done it right okay. That's always the common drugs and alcohol of some genius gave away an assigned and I always felt so if it was John Martin. Jono was seemed lonely when the cliche is that. It's the tortured artist. I watched a documentary about Nick Drake and it was called a skin too few and I thought that was quite a good way of putting it the idea of just being too roar finding new Dick a really did a nice bloke. Here's a feminine guy. Yeah when I say that. They had a site tool. It was feminine gentle side. It was gonNA backing away from load noises uneven. It was a lovely guy. How did you know him? I knew those focus. Focus at the time right and Sandy Denny Band together after fair port convention. It was called after the name of a castle that merely Krino scored standen and we did a two. They were huge and all the four case. Komo everybody that John should everybody all come ruler. Note to see the Go-to me. Everybody Veterans McDowell but yeah you have a sit down and play with him yes I did it. We didn't television pleading the band joined. He played guitar did Country Blues. which alarmed from Clive Palmer members was playing dot Watson? Right right you didn't play with Nick though. Did you know it didn't did. He play with other people along. No even away right disappeared in combat. When you just off one of those guys let Ron Williamson of incredible string band? Remember speaking to people in Scotland but him and he said he turned up. Great Fifteen showed up with a guitar and see where where you plan to the different from us. These guys some of them. Just come out fully formed. Aren't they absolutely. They don't need to try but I guess I would say that you're like that with comedy though and so did you gravitate towards that because you knew that. That was the case. It was a thing that you didn't need to try too hard at that you were good at. It was more organic than Right I wanted to be Hank Williams. I wanted to sing lonesome songs it would. You rather have been a musician than a comedian. Yes no no. Yeah but then. That's a wanted. There's a penny penny soon dropped right. Never sweater was burned. Couldn't help it because you did a lot of music in the early days though Steve left the humble bums uh-huh yes and he started doing. Stand up I was still had music and in Australia. One did a GIG forgotten. Banjo forgot to put it in the boot of the car car and had to do the show with it and I liked the feeling account taken the Banjo with me. Leaving say to the stage in Falkirk one night. I decided not to take it with me. And that was the breakthrough. I'm a comedian and then I read in the paper. It was a comedian. It used to be a funny folk singer. Billy Corn Lear and then when it said Comedian Billy Connolly got done it. Yeah because it's scary not to have off with the music with a prop away. Yeah you know you've got a bit that works us right. If all goes wrong you can just do that bit when you weren't using the Banjo which you you go on stage with bits that you'd written yes right okay. No but it's a new art because some days you don't get anything coming through and and it's better to have it all works than mysterious bit that crap just to say it improvising. I've seen a lot of people people doing that. But look at me improvising. But you're boring. How would you structure a show them when you go on and think okay we'll I'll improvise a bit in the middle? The I'll close with this bit that I know that works or would you just mix it up. Just mix up because the feeling you get when you walk on is different from the feeling you had two minutes ago MHM change comes over here mental chains so more slake I would imagine being possessed lake it become a different person house in your voice. Changes slightly is to be consistent. Yeah hello how're you doing. Yeah forceful I know what I'm doing here and then you don't and you know you don't these force an begins begins to take shape people laughing at you. Now have to cater laughing at and laughing coyote on that real head that is in charge. I use it. Have you got it. John batchelor is about round and round in that heads to the Chord progressions the MT lyrics the in unpublished fragments chewed and dot. Every the start of every the brain books When I what Steph it seems to me that a lot of time talking about music the musicality of your voice in the accent? Yes that Glasgow accident is very fun to listen to. And the words the kind of poetry of the words I was GonNa ask you. I'm a southerner southerner I don't understand a lot of the words and the phrases a lot of the time but they just seem funny was going to ask you what some of the mean is that. Okay so I just looked these up. I'm not gonNA try and do the accent. I'm just GonNa read these out. What does this mean gone? Your sale gone yourself means go on yourself take and you don't hand run with it. People will be singing songs. Have nearly Fernie. How ooh and the pub afraid and I love you and somebody who's gone yoursel son taking man's runway? You're doing well go for it. Go for it. Okay that's the seven translation Ho Chin. Houghton was the means overfilled by people. You don't like packed. Yeah it was Ho Chin. Police Lease K.. Negative conversation yes packed with TWATS STRAIGHT GIN it loyalty taking it has give it plenty. Strike out go for the big one he was given laude. There's a lot of phrases that just go before it absolutely ready. blushing a big red. Yes okay the the biggest ready you ever saw big red face. GimMe the book making me sick. Like what's the etymology. Balk is too right okay. It was broken in the corner. So is that just automatic. It's come yes okay okay Okay here's another one why I year when T- plums. Yes you don't you. Don't plums your certain loser okay. Hey comes from the fruit machine. The one armed bandit plums loser. I thought it was to do with testicles no comes from the one armed bandit CSI it that's a good one year on arms and finally. Do you know that would repeal Yankee hurt my leg because I hate to DP Dune Fay. Hey the lucky to get my ball. Oh yeah that's too deep to drip of a wall hanging on your fingernails and you have to let going sleigh don't drip drip sensitive dangerous physical. Menendez thanks man. Hope you didn't mind me running those good ones okay. I got those from an article by Stacie Mullen from the Glasgow Evening Times. So thank you stacey. Not that I asked. Yeah so man. I'm rick was that long me chimney smoke that's ask. Where did these come from? I mean from Scots language which is a class between gallic coming leash. It's Great Lake. The some lovely worms lake Wood pigeon is a cushy. Do I think he's a great word. From their cushy do cushy and an old who looked disgraced greatly annoys will mix with a lovely worms expressions we you into poetry the as the youngster. Yeah what kind of stuff bums later in school but today is school is to be kicked in the the house. Yeah no one likes portraits. Go slowly quietly. The moon walks the night and silver. Should this we in that. She appears and sees silver fruit of one. Silver trees there were so we only mantle. I always loved it and when I worked in a bookshop. Enormous there's fifteen to sweep the floor Marlon and I used to go over to poetry section. And how will we read. Nobody was looking kept me alive today day. I still believe that if you want to know about politics life itself. LISTEN TO COMEDIANS imports. You're much better served than politicians. I mean you were cited one there but still remember a little poetry. I remember bits and pieces. Being Catholic helped you had to learn all these hymns and bits of the mass. Nice can I come into the same runoff things. We are good Catholic back in the day. Yes I tried my best. Yeah I used to be one of the children children of Mary in Roane People's hoses with the Lady of Lourdes and a shoebox little stature on the Mantel piece of people. Don't the door and say children Amir see them losing the will to live a kneel in front of the fireplace and say the Rosalie you. Could you see them getting fed up with each decade rosary. You say they are followed. The Lord's prayer then ten hail Marys you finished with one glory they beat the Fowler. And you do half half. So there you go. He'll he'll of Greece allowed earthy blessed amongst women and blessed the fruit supply of womb. Jesus and they go holy Mary. Mother of God pray for us in now under the hood of a dead man. He'll many for Legris lots with less ellsworth around visor and on and on T.. Get done ten times and the hand in the clocks get near at half past seven he can hear the people. How do you end up? With the players fully media with cutlets death men Hail Manifesto Grace Allows earthy list out there licensed fruit if I called in their detachment From next door though they were waiting for the coordination you see them. Going Shit. Vachon issue walks in shuffle off. What was the deal? Would you go rhino random houses and just pray with people. They had the registry from the Church of humans Catholic. Okay there was to to push. The Rosena Liddy said that she appeared to Fatima to three children. Well must say the Rosen. They're you're going to save the planet those the way to go we were going to the pressures of less theory. And how did you get on with God and Jesus did. Do you think about them a lot. I thought Obama Law and so he was still think he was rather decent religion. I don't like I I don't know how to get round to pointy heights and gold shepherds cooks don't know where it went astray to the gold and silver brigade embroidered cloths lords frightened little man gays money. Build huge cathedrals went astray. When did you start to get disillusioned with the whole thing about fifteen or sixteen and was there a particular incident just a gathering disbelief? and was that coming just from you or from things that you and your friends were talking about this guy's a matinee shipyard trade unionists wildly well read man. I'm just asking you questions. You could answer realizing that you are wrong. Get normally be unhappy with it. We you conflicted for example when you were doing the Crucifixion Story. Nor that got you in trouble you want. I rejoice and joyful story yeah. It's a bit like that pythons hyphens in life of Brian. Yeah you have to be really keen to be offended by it. I think it's really not an attack on what's good about religion absolutely Louis or the things that religion has a slew the art and the music. The religion has given us is to be my aunt and loved. But there's a whole lot has given us. We could live with someone through thirty pieces of silver over at Pasta glass. He's dead right him in the forehead and in what context you said crucify Christ again. Dan Would CH- all over this bag of money at you and that was you. Were just out on the street. I was good Interna Jenna for the charity dinner. And he was standing in your Wisconsin to this dinner and he was as we hit for me. Did you have talked to him or try and reason with it. Yeah I used to. I don't see with story here in just come on with that Christian and stuff Yet to be born again and bloodied blahdy Blah Blah Blah and it all starts singing the HEM. Say My GIG. This quiet with. I don't sing hymns after that just relied on CBS filth. I would go to the bottom of my vocabulary. Him Phil for Kabylie and give them a never ending stream of fell just to watch him shiver and shake taught. Were they doing turning up just to be scandalised. Yeah followed me. Followed Me Right to Wales from Scotland here because I had done the crucifixion. Quite right. You know if you're if you're one of them you should follow me and my attitude but we had a good laugh. That routine is in your book right. Yes so let's talk about your book a little bit. Yeah it's called Tall Tales and we stories and it's collection of your best bits or your favorite bits. I never wrote them down because I didn't right them. I made them up an added bit says when for instance the crucifixion. The Last Supper was joke. The Guy told me Quinn played in a band called again and he came up to me one day at Fort. Club said the disables all send table Cheney's takeaway and Jesus commend instead. When did you get that said Judas? Boredom is commended. Some money that was all too it was and I thought it was hysterical and we're on the following night to tell it and I did something to ah the following. They added something else. And subtracted something and the became huge became a bit twenty five minutes long and was by far the best thing I've ever done and was drawing people into heat. It and the papers were going crazy and certain members of the church were going crazy. Some of them weren't some of them were saying. He's a rebel without dribbles before the rebel and presumably realizing leising. that as I said before it doesn't really it's not like saying that it's all totally worthless. Just being reverend with the specifics of story we did. You mustn't be a token of a people who REVCO swings on a Sunday show show. Reverence is a big part of the deal. The phrase phrase phrase big Jaggi Bonnet therms says something that just popped into for your head. Yeah Jug abundant. It's worth it just for that and so you'll crucifixion bit. That is when was that time wise. That's after you went on sixty s really. Yeah it would be sixty nine okay. So That's pre going on Parkinson and doing yes joke because Al Que right so that put you on the map. Yeah and the basical does a guy told me in spin. I was going to a football match and Spin Scotland and spin or walking longer than Geico amongst and billy push me against the wall told me the joke but the basic Nikola hold on the ground and I just kill outs laughing and he wanted to we live. I don't know who he is. That's cool that people come up to you and tell you jokes. I mean I think most people would be too intimidated. Tele Comedian Joe. Glasgow thing. Yeah I belong to them and they belong to me after the last supper in The painting or drawing these days drawing. Yeah what drove felt tip pens okay. People use when. I say that I was in Canada Montreal and it was freezing. The went for the walk and Rian that comes to ice sutphin freezing welcome back to the tel.. After walking three blocks north. Two shocks of the Intel one was a pet store. The other one was announced shop and went to the pet store. I just for the heat to the pumps and the goldfish and all the stuff now laughed into the outdoor and of shuffling around looking at stuff and I had to buy something to make my presence acceptable sketchbook and a packet of pens and went back to my room and instead of putting not storm the boot and start fiddling around I could never draw draw in my life. I was one of the boys in the classic. Couldn't draw remain. Couldn't draw matchstick mind properly. I started to draw islands. Just islands in the sea can of abstract stripes checkers and bits and pieces doodles doodle. Soon a dead another another one. Another one I really enjoyed it and I go back home and I said to Pamela another no very good but tell me if you think they get back to those Nico on she did. She took in the definitely better. Each one gets better and better. That goes along. It's the thing so kept doing. It does Pamela psychoanalyze. Them just shakes her head. Boy Have you ever seen Vic Reeves is yes give me one. Did he gave me a yellow. Tit painted these Belgian John Brown paper as beautiful. He's so good. He came from a London exhibition is he loved it. He said good exhibitions look at the. Nsa Me Laugh. Make me cry either. Acceptable to me. This year's make me laugh. I me give me the pin to treasure. I like that kind of ought John Lennon was a bit of a drawer lovely. Did you have a meet John Lennon. No I had an introduction from make mcgeer Paul McCartney's Bra and they said you to join and he gave me an asset. I can't go to Adora introduction. Fuck off when I was. I was doing Carnegie Hall and I was having a rest and address. Remorse really tired now. It's when I came up with the CNN. I'm sick and tired of being sick and to hand. Write my producer Phil Coulter whenever the walk and he saw John and Yoko. I was jealous. I never saw him a man. I'm friendly with all the other Beatles. Yeah Yeah who's your best beetle jerking Lake George Harrison. Yeah he was great wasn't he yeah. He's no favorite the none of them. Were my favorite now children. I treasure them a friendship of them. Yeah Jones was a lovely man. Spent time with him over more than the other ones. I remember we went to Cheney's for east end to London and the way to convert and sounders. Then he can buy all shoveling awfully footed and he said. I believe there's somebody and I should know. One of the guys who is with US pointed charge and said he used to play away from Manchester. United Creek can have your article Klay happy and the greater combined asked me something and I said I came in an attempt to George said I love mine. You don't have to learn anybody's his name to call the Maniere Jordsaid. It is good to be a man. Now we're sitting. Yeah it's supposed to as he said we was a boys for so long right was funny. Did she say hello to your mind. Does you asked. It's like Beatles questions. Yeah what kind of things would you ask but songs right okay. He wrote love good ones. They certainly some of the best ones. Maybe they didn't realize he was renter. Yeah I guess so and I presume that pissed him off. Yeah yesterday Eh. Trump's everything stops every argument doc. That was never my favorite though when I was a young Beatles fan I mean yeah it's fine but it's almost like a him you know what I mean. It's almost too good. I love come together. Yeah Eh that's so I mean that's a really weird ahead of its time song. Yeah a complete an Atlas Bonjour. Oh yeah that's good. Did you ever sit round with your no. I played the Banjo in Georgia studio. I just found this old bungee line fleet. And there's a guy join guitar behind me and there was George an addendum movie called water. Michael Cain with a band Eric Clapton and George were the guitar right. I don't know if I've ever seen that film I remember at that was yeah. Was that fun. How long were you out there for? Did you feel location and Solutia. Oh that must have been a good laugh. What was your favorite movie? Shoot Mrs Brown Judy. Dan was lovely. I've connected with Judi dench and some of the greatest English actress Maggie Smith It's been brilliant my act and life and did you feel intimidated at all going into that world. Yeah on the first day of a hassle intimidated by after that such professionals such nice people people. Just relax relax and baby and put the make your pets and actor because Judy can act with you. I'd say something to you and and you answer throwing your arms around. It's an adult in orange stuck in your shoulders. No loads things. See on socks you have to hide responds to you've been given makes you better just drag you into right okay. So you adjust to their pitch. Yes yes yeah but still yeah to fiddle abode Ri- do less less is more and did they tell you that we just sort of instinctively obliged told me diddy yes do nothing he said I love. Gm Mrs Prone you stood Dell did nothing stander a harsh. Why wouldn't move to looking at the window and we're still stillness is so powerful just brilliant? That's a hard thing to do though I mean it's the thing is that it self consciousness isn't it that's the enemy of all artists. And when you've got a camera pointing what you mean it's impossible not to be self conscious for most people isn't it. Yes but they have to prove that to say gear and as you do more than one take you get more years to just go on with it. Lovely it's the same as when you're having your picture taken a photo session. You think God this guy looking through the lens and seeing this this prick sees himself you must get rid of the right. What don't you fucking understand? Let's put the fuck the Nice Guy. Are you amateur. Sursee man you may. We're fucking don professionally professionally A. US swear in real life year but do you swear around your kids for example. Yes how old. They all adults right Linda therapies and forty S. They potty mouthed yes this way of well that's the thing isn't it. You WanNA swear. Well Oh that's right because he is fun. Do you ever watch things and think now now. Now that you're throwing it away absolutely right I swear. Luca mind worked on the Clyde and there are times when fuck off is absolutely necessary and nothing else will do I so an interview with us as Raider and he said I'll stop Schwerin when you tell me the equivalent of beautiful cady. Oh Yeah how about deploying the C word is that something you do. Yeah I do it for show. So beauty. Thirty now has to be used sparingly and you mustn't drive heavy machinery after used. Don't go spending us. Don't truck would you. Would you avoid it in anger or does it have to be used in anger. Usually it has to be used in anger in Glasgow issues normally right exactly. What was some other you can see? I couldn't get away with that with my accent. I think it would just it would stop everything. uh-huh very jarring. You are very stylish man yourself and you have been over the years you care about what you wear. I do yeah I used to do. We use self style dandy or did you have someone advising you know. It was a self-styled okay. That's the only way to be his hook. You up with those banana boots. So that was a Glasgow Group called Artifacts Tony. I wore them for six months in various concepts. Samanta give up. I never revealed to them once right. Accounting of too many stand ups who would be able to get away with something like that like big big crazy Roese costume choices. Unless you're that's your thing is being a clown physical. Yeah which which you weren't really. I mean you a clownish in physical certainly but you you're essentially telling stories absolutely and you would think that something like that might distract never referred to them or just looked clearly not. Was that the museum here in Glasgow hearing last Glasgow. which I'm really PLOTO? You had to be dead to be in a museum. Yeah they're amazing it's like some of Bowie's Oh he's costumes. Yeah we've ever to Bowie. Yeah late to belay. Cammisa guy is a nice man. He really wants a he. He loved Comedians Medians. Australians get night of drinking and storytelling and Laffin is that in the eighties when he was doing. Let's Dance Ed White House. He was there to do that very song. was there during the video and the China go video they did out there as well. Yes and you are on tour I was on the hotel. In Sydney. I forget the name of it no not used anymore flats no but there was a hotel everybody. Everybody lived in Ola showbusiness people and show business people to Australia winter. And the or go to the satele winters. So you'd be on the roof with cliff. Richard David Bowie. The WHO is a lovely place to be explosion of one hundred hundred left Shaw. He was in a good place at that point Bowie wasn't he. He's quite happy. And what would you chat about. It was nothing like the David boy that you you buy. It was a general right Giza rush. Yeah and he spoke liquor session singer speak about a single lovely blue chips. Yeah like I said craftsman. Yeah he was a nice guy. How did you get to know Robin Williams just doing I did a television show with them in Canada mhm before he was famous? It was a guy called Peter. Bizarre Ski Icicle Him. Peter Knife and forks and we were both guests. There was one for those shorts. Were they would videotape. One one was live due to shores and Robin was the videotape. And I was alive and I was is wearing tight self. Still wearing the boots and tight from face embroider thome and the hair was long shake unload and he loved it and I said I'm never handy already actor and gone. And then I was was managed after that by Harvey Goldsmith London and he had to go to Malta to see a client of has kinda member named the three girls that had close harmony singing and Popeye the movie that will end Malta. So is it come with me so I went with him and drop it the movie of course Canada. Yes yeah your face on your ASS said yeah dessert tonight to become a great comedian Berlin. And we're going Hurson fire and remained friends until he died. Yeah I watched the documentary about him the other day it was interesting. He didn't I mean he got L. at the end though right yes. So that's what changed his personality. Yeah enough for him to take his own life. Yes it wasn't true to say he didn't. The history of it was really weird. It was on television on a Sitcom and I saw and he was good. I emailed them say soy Una show you what because I've seen him in a newspaper wasn't sure about it. I said you were brilliant Challah Lab Angeles and I got an email by sin gradulate to show. Oh I'm in. La Too can meet for dinner and we met for dinner. He was looking very thin. HIVED but the face I said. Are you looking after yourself is jammed. Just lost recently talking to each other and I'd read. They'd been drinking some journalist. That Senate I said here back on the sauce is it is nothing just give abortion nevermind. Before we left he said I love you. You know that don't you and I said of course that is it. He said yeah good now so asset Tim Tim. Two days later he was dead. Read things about other people have said there was asking them about the love. You've love you News actually my wife's just say goodbye. To surprise is such a strong long strong way strong and himself in you who it was I think he had left to stand up to long and he'd combined to and was a bit surprised much changed when he was there when he was you just ripping the world of the no people were used to. I'm just as enthusiastic. Didn't short so much and he was troubled. You'll get much more trouble than that. Aw Look right you could get stuff from telling me light. Love your Thursday give them. You're lovely employs closed right and my children loved them was best. He was the standard handed for everybody. I guess you wouldn't have seen him doing shows in the early days. You didn't know him so in Los Angeles right. There was a stoned signed. WHO's at the comedy store combet? I'd seen him in a resort area. But I was was in the Limo. My producer director producer Phil Coulter from Ireland. And I said you'RE GONNA love. This guy is amazing and I said incidentally how an idea keep it in your hand. I want to do on the album where we're meeting an album at the time I said I want to do a mind and seeing something are singing something and then I'll do a second take they'll do and slow motion wall a tape and slow. It's a great idea. We go to Robin Show and he did it now. Yeah flutie till it's gone. Aw He was brilliant. Yeah he was amazing. I remember when he's one of those people a bit like Eddie Murphy and people like that when they come along every now and again and they just I just this sort of elemental force. Yeah Lupita K.. Stunned England Stuart Lee. It just coming out the woodwork. From nowhere was to at least an interesting example. Because he's someone who. He clearly thinks an awful lot about everything he does. He's less one of those Robin Williams Elemental Force Comedians. And more someone who's just a very impressive intellect select. Yeah Yeah but can see him improvising within it right this lovely toward. I think he's really clever area. He's brilliant. I want music listening to these days. Country still love contractual. I love the right Hank Williams Williams just plead his guitar his actual talk. Where was that the Martin Factory and nine hundred Pennsylvania of any? They always let me play it. Where was that for your show that you're doing the great American trail? Yeah so what. Are you doing that show just looking at stuff nice. It's lovely the let me do things like that. Yeah that's a good gig. Let's have you been anywhere that you hadn't being before that you liked. Yeah was in Virginia. The concept of family came from Petunia. Singing family yeah. I went to a good valley was lovely visited the tissue at night. It's a smashing time. I have a great time nine. And there's no script on my show. Just talk for just re up my alley and and don't do more than one TC unless there's a catastrophe including tree falls on me. Altitude takes for normally and just do one because you did a show which I really enjoy maiden Scotland Island. It's a two part thing on the BBC but after when tout some people were worried that you basically saying goodbye and then you you did a little video. Saying I'm not because I said a thing on it said I'm wasting away. A man was going to go to the Parkinson's disease. All sorts of things started to feel my hearing balance my say Philias other bits and pieces and it was like slowly dying. I mean we've been chopped off There was nothing left. I was trying to get that feeling across an fluid Sinoe Zeno was dying and had to go on Banjo and Sam Nunn Dant. We'll be peculiar. You have to be really careful will render subject because you hurt people's feelings had you mean because you'll tweaking their own fears or because you're wearing them that they are. Oh you look lovely messages from people love delays and for her out of a billion. He's this and he's not and he's this and the other funny feeling when I went on and said I'm not doing shit I've written stuff so he'll make only when you do your legal biting soon. We started our conversation conversation. I came in here. I was expecting to get here before you today. And what I was going to do was go into the toilet and change because I'd spoken look into someone told me through. They worked with you and they said Oh by the way billy and by the way they loved you and loved working with you but a said billy really doesn't like manage shorts since list. He thinks it's babyish. And all these insurance especially at this time of one day after the hottest day on record in came freely. That's just around. Maybe maybe we just in a bad mood and you just made up to be annoyed about. Maybe they made okay. I used to make up stuff and talk shows until next week. And the CEO. so-and-so and I say God he's got arms and to save inhaling his arms studies knees go to see vast talk to him. These arms C ambrose isn't it of course they would meet the guy totally baffled here is. Oh he's a fantastic. Monica Clear Cleese the Blues League. You never have before so party sang so apparently take Monica has a they continue. Jackie I Hey welcome back. podcasts Billy Connolly. See that didn't ask me to call him Sir but I thought you know. Give them a bit of night respect. I think he is the third night we've had on the podcast the first so Michael Palin seconds Phillip Pullman train It's on the PODCAST. I'm hobnobbing with the Knights of the realm. Those are the original lyrics. I think for that Song Anyway. Look I'm very grateful to billy for his time. I hope you enjoyed that conversation as much as I did Rosie Z.. We should have hope it is absolutely freezing and the sun is almost down. ooh It's a shame though because it is a beautiful dramatic golden evening but but The right gear on so I'm GONNA head back and this will be the loss podcast until the Christmas Day. Adamant Joe Podcast released on the twenty fifth. I'll try and get it so that it plops into your device on Christmas morning What can I tell you anything? Good film the other day. An animated feature French thing called. I lost my body. It's a city of we it slightly off putting I found it slightly off putting premise. That a A disembodied hand is crawling around and trying to find its way back to its owner and I thought what is it just about. The hand disrespected disembodied hands. But I didn't know how excited I can get about just a hand anyway. No it's not just about the hand. Turns out to be a very beautifully made interesting and sweet and moving film with loads of really good observations in it tiny details and and very nicely evoked moments that I remember from my adolescents and falling in love and and trying to impress girls and oh it's it was really good. I thought anyway if you have an opportunity to see that buckles recommends don't forget I will be travelling around various parts of the UK and Ireland next chair in May and June On My Book tour reading stuff from the book that I am attempting to finish and you know just chatting with the audience. It's going to be low key. I would say it's not gonNA that'd be like cats but anyway it would be lovely to see you. Linked to current dates can be found in the description of this podcast. As I've you said before I'm sure that I will probably add more dates at some point maybe next year or something so if your nearest I theatre has sold out for goodness sake. Don't disband there's other things to despair about no come on don't despair upwards in on what's thank you very much indeed to shameless Murphy Mitchell for his production support on this episode. And thank you to Anika Annika mice for compensation editing. Thanks Fran Healy. Thanks Nicki Waltham much appreciated until next time we meet whether in a previous episode or on Christmas morning with Jay Cohen. Take good care. Wrap up warm Then uh-huh thumbs up on I at once the the The old and.

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