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Welcome this is the New England Journal of Medicine I'm Dr Lisa Johnson This Week October tenth twenty nineteen we feature articles on complete eight or culprit lesion only pc I for myocardial infarction risk factors for macular to logic Asia to speeds of increasing risk of the composite outcome of cardiovascular death or recurrent myocardial infarction as well as the risk of future re vascular ization it appears to be all cause mortality discourage the strategy of routine complete re vascular ization since this strategy appears to be safe and reduces the appropriate to recommend complete revalorisation for patients similar to those included in the complete trial the editorialists hope that the Invest En- shown to reduce the risk of heart outcomes such as death and recurrent myocardial infarction should the consistent lack of benefit with respect to all medicare drug price negotiation on talking about toxicity and on the reality of intimate partner violence complete a virus infection a case report of a woman with headache and somnolence and perspective articles on proposals to redesign Medicare part D he ci of Non Culprit Lesions further reduces the risk of such events is unclear in the complete trial four thousand forty one nia driven revised version had occurred in eight point nine percent of patients in completely vascular Ization Group as compared with sixteen point seven Sta gators will be able to obtain data from longer follow-up in order to evaluate whether the tendency toward a small reduction in all cause mortality he is coronary intervention pc I of the culprit lesion reduces the risk of cardiovascular death or myocardial infarction whether from reeks hospitality Copenhagen writes in an editorial that until now a general strategy of complete re vascular ization has not percent of patients in the culprit lesion only P. C. I. Group the benefit of completely vascular relation was consistently observed regardless and as well as the risk of cardiovascular death myocardial infarction or ischemia driven re Vascular Ization Lars coober vascular ization at a median follow up of three years the first co primary outcome of cardiovascular death or Myocardial Infarction Sciences Hamilton Ontario Canada in patients with St Segment elevation myocardial infarction stemming perky tain adage of either complete re vascular ization with PCI of n geographically significant non culprit lesions or no further of the intended timing of non culprit lesion PCI among patients with semi and multi vessel coronary artery disease complete we've asked was superior to culprit lesion only PC I in reducing the risk of cardiovascular death or myocardial infarction in the culprit lesion only P. C. I. Group the Second Co primary outcome of cardiovascular death myocardial infarction or ischemic become significant over time better selection of high risk patients may also refine the determination of who is most likely to benefit from completely vascular ization regardless in light of the results of the well planned and well executed trial by Meta and colleagues the guidelines patients with stemming and multi vessel coronary artery disease who had undergone successful culprit lesion pc I were randomly assigned to a strike Chian had occurred in seven point eight percent of patients in the complete reverse colorization group as compared with ten point five percent of patients corporate lesions searing and Lipid metabolism in macular disease and peripheral neuropathy by Maron Gantner should recommend a strategy of full reverse killer ization in patients with semi and multi vessel disease at least in those who have suitable non central vision with the onset of symptoms occurring in the fifth or sixth decade of life this study investigated the role of Deok's fingle Lipid revis with multi vessel PCI for myocardial infarction by Shamir Meta from McMaster university in Hamilton System in this study two variants known to cause hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type one HSA n one it's in macular dictation type two and examined how a metabolic defect might lead to disease in both the I and the peripheral nervous from the University of California San Diego macular to lend GIC tation type two is a rare macular disease that leads to loss were identified as causal for macular allergic tae-zhee type two of eleven patients with HSA and one nine also had macular among ninety four unaffected controls deocracy Bingo Lipid levels were negatively correlated with searing levels reduction of marine levels in mice led to increases in levels of retinal de oxy's Bingo Lipids and compromised visual function deoxidizing go lipid not landeck Caja type two circulating DRC single lipid levels were eighty four point two percent higher among one hundred twenty five patients it caused photoreceptor cell death in retinal Organiz but not in the presence of regulators of Lipid metabolism this study found and that elevated levels of atypical deoxidizing go lipids caused by variant SP TLC one or SP TLC too editorial Hannah Tunisia. From the University of Helsinki Finland writes that new therapies targeting metabolic vulnerabilities of specific a tumor types have created wide interest in recent years through research now reported by Gantner and colleagues metabolic precision therapy merrily neuro degenerative condition there is currently no effective treatment for the condition searing supplementation has been shown to reduce in preterm infants by John Dorling from Dalhousie University Halifax Nova Scotia Canada observational data have shown or buy low Syrian levels were risk factors for macular T- logic tae-zhee type two as well as for peripheral neuropathy in ends with macular delendick type two who did not have pathogenic various affecting Syrian Palm Toil Transferase S. P. T. then understanding of disease ideology within the broader patient population in the meantime patients with Hsa n one should be evaluated for hour increments until reaching full feeding volumes survival without moderate or severe neuro developmental disability at twenty four months vols of diocese finger lipids in humans this series fingle lipid pathway now represents a target for experimental strategies in the treatment of preventing the transmission of light signals to the brain T- logic tae-zhee refers to small dilated blood vessels which are secondary abnormalities in this fetal transmission the majority fifty to eighty percent of Zeke a virus infections are a symptomatic since no antiviral agents have been approved by regulatory agencies for the treatment of Zico virus infection the clinical management of Acute Zeke virus infection is supportive care endemic has waned but the virus still poses a public health threat as shown by continued reports of outbreaks in Asia India and Africa a primary mechanism for epidemic spread however Zeke virus can be transmitted to humans by non vector-borne mechanisms such as blood transfusion and is unique among Arvo viruses in that it can be transmitted during sexual contact and can cause Taran Genyk outcomes as a consequence of maternal risk of late onset sepsis in this study two thousand eight hundred four very preterm or very low birth weight infants were randomly assigned more than ten candidate vaccines have advanced to phase one clinical trials and one has begun face to clinical trials physique of virus in and natural history of Zeke virus infection and it sequentially and the principles of diagnosis and clinical management afford both is in middle aged or older persons in persons with macular T- Logic Caja type two FO viole photo receptors degenerate signs of macular T- logic type two and vice versa the control trial of two incremental milk-feeding rates and decreased verbal output thirteen days earlier a severe headache developed the onset of pain coincided with visual aura include those in the slower increment group there was no significant difference in survival without moderate or severe neuro developmental disability at twenty four months argument on arrival she reported photo phobia nausea and vomiting despite treatment the headache persisted four days before this admission qwerty logic tesa type two but as the authors rightly caution it would be premature to prescribe searing or Feno vibrate without a better program as compared with eighteen milliliters per kilogram Zeke a virus infection after the pandemic a review article is level and an elevated protein level did this patient have a viral infection that was causing acute encephalitis developed analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid revealed an elevated opening pressure mononucleosis a normal glucose the nation adenoviruses encephalitis is extremely rare and is seen almost exclusively in immuno compromised hosts breaks in the Pacific from two thousand seven to twenty fifteen and began spreading throughout the Americas in twenty fifteen mosquito borne transmission is the These authors review the body of information that was acquired during the pandemic and discuss the epidemiologic trends current knowledge about the transmission those in the slower increment group necrotizing enter colitis occurred in five percent of infants in the faster increment group and in five point six percent of eighty five year old woman with headache and somnolence a case record of the Massachusetts General Hospital by Alan Tunnel and colleagues a forty five blurring of the peripheral vision and oscillating flashes of light five days later symptoms worsened and the patient sought care at an emergency five year old woman with multiple sclerosis who had been receiving multiple immunosuppressive therapies was admitted to the hospital during the winter because of lethargy that slow advancement of entra feeds in preterm infants is associated with a reduced risk of necrotizing enter Oh colitis but an increased ons in very preterm or very low birth weight infants with a strategy of advancing milk-feeding volumes in daily increments of thirty milliliters per give potential of male patients who have reached adolescence before they receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy is to preserve their sperm however Bahama City University Association of Medical Science Japan substantive improvements in the treatment of pediatric diseases such as wind to the slower increment late onset sepsis occurred in twenty nine point eight percent of infants in the faster increment group and in thirty one point one percent of to yes and no the patient was taken by ambulance to an emergency department the next morning a fever with temperature of up to thirty eight degrees Celsius seven and was first detected in Asia in nineteen sixty six yet its potential effect on public health was not recognized until the virus caused out after considering the most common causes of Mingo encephalitis in this patient Adna virus infection was the most likely diagnosis by process of other fields training algorithms to predict people's advanced healthcare choices seem to be in keeping with the stream of emerging applications which must often take place in sub optimal conditions involving time constraints stress unclear advanced directives unavailability of surrogates person this approach cannot be used in prepubertal boys because spermatogenesis does not begin before puberty a recent study in May make decisions that are inconsistent with the person's preferences and values readily available intelligent decision support might improve the process Kimia and sarcomas have led to greater numbers of survivors many of whom have reduced fertility one means of preserving the reproduced loves the cryopreservation of tests tissues of five prepubertal rhesus monkeys after five to seven months the autologous test is tipped advanced decisions about such matters as do not attempt resuscitation DNA our status organ donation and curative versus Palliative Care are based on individual preferences and values and frequently reflect moral choices they are notoriously difficult for others to make for the person in endure no from the University of Zurich Switzerland the use of artificial intelligence a I is increasingly common in medicine as it is an live offspring after tests tissue transplantation a clinical implications of basic research article by Takahiko Ogawa from the up prices create a substantial burden for patients that may reduce treatment uptake and adherents furthermore Medicare spending in part DS CATASTOPHE HEART DE PRESCRIPTION drug benefit to reduce spending by beneficiaries and tax payers medicare beneficiaries without low income subsidies school of Medicine Nashville amid concerns about high drug. Prices policymakers are considering options for modifying the Medicare question especially if no clear instructions have been provided through an advanced directive or care plan it is a well known problem in clinical ethics that surrogates shoes were subcutaneous grafted back into the monkeys levels of circulating testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone were consistent with a fall of a baby monkey through in vitro fertilization with the use of sperm from one of the graphs validated the approach as a strategy for preserving fertility spending for relevant stakeholders and benefit phases in different ways Medicare drug price negotiation why now each programs could enhance patient autonomy and augment decision making they raise ethical worries proposals to reduce and how a perspective article by Richard Frank from Harvard Medical School Boston drug spending price and affordability problem using these challenges Congress and the trump administration are considering various redesigns to the part deep benefit all these redesigns shifts and to daily milk increments of thirty milliliters per kilogram of body weight faster increment or eighteen milliliters per kilogram slow wchs consequently part B. Drug spending has been growing by nine percent per year since two thousand nine roughly double the rate of Medicare spending that's the primary outcome occurred in sixty five point five percent of infants assigned to the faster increment and in sixty eight point one percent of those I believe that a targeted bargaining strategy using tried and tested arbitration techniques could help Medicare better balance innovation and affordability delivered through pharmacies meanwhile Medicare part B. is required to passively accept industry prices for clinician administered drugs optional feedback loop between transplanted testes tissue and the Hypothetical Amos and the graphs in each of the five monkeys yielded sperm the birth Oh bias or conflicts of interest the authors describe three potential applications and based DNA are predictor a hypothetical currently face high an unlimited out of pocket spending under Part D. Options for supplemental insurance that may cover out of pocket expense allowing the government to negotiate on behalf of Medicare and possibly for other drug buyers that have weak bargaining power could lower excessively high price he may become possible in patients with a rare disease macular T- logic page a type two which leads to a progressive loss of central vision in As a whole in these specific markets a carefully designed Medicare negotiation approach could be particularly effective these authors traffic coverage phase in which Medicare pays eighty percent of expenditures nearly quadrupled between Twenty Ten and twenty eighteen this growth communicate a prospective article by Hannah Sachs from Massachusetts General Hospital Boston safe and effective manageable toxicity signed medicare part d easing the burden of rising drug prices a perspective article by Stacey Doucet's Zena from Vanderbilt University houses which are available in Medicare part B. are limited for part D enroll lease list prices for speciality drugs averaged four thousand four one hundred fifty five dollars per prescription in twenty seventeen and prices continue to increase for new and existing drugs hyper reassuring characterizations of new therapies but these seemingly straightforward descriptions belie patients complex and varied experiences rules in Medicare part D pit fragmented private plans making purchases on behalf of beneficiaries against monopolistic sellers of drugs driven by high prices and price increases for brand name speciality drugs has led to concerns that plans have insufficient incentives to manage end redirect development toward higher value clinical targets talking about toxicity what we've got here is failure to in rules tilt the bargaining process in favor of the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of consumers and taxpayers that's because the in one study comparing to treatment regimens in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer adverse events led to discontinuation of chemotherapy is of generally well tolerated since two thousand improving physicians communication with patients about possible risks and benefits of treatment the investigators concluded that treatment was well tolerated in a study of fifty patients with advanced Merckel Cell Carcinoma Twenty eight percent of breath A. G. Disorientation and decreased verbal output developed the patient was able to follow commands but verbal responses to questions were limited openly and specifically about the toxic effects of treatment as clinicians we can take a small step of avoiding sweeping language the reality of intimate partner violence of respective article by Ruth Lurgan from the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Parkfield the says even as the parts of the market where competition works reasonably well are left alone. The negotiation process would promote voluntary settlements. He's generally well tolerated medical journal articles often in the field of oncology but increasingly and other specialties as well propagate such re Toria Australia in retrospect the warning signs were there from the beginning of their relationship a seemingly perfect love story gave weight looms in the United States stem directly from insufficient competition in prescription drug markets in which competition is weak Medicare's purchases the algorithm aided prediction of patient preferences an ethics sneak peek a medicine in society article by Nikola Biller and has long been recognized as a critical priority but perhaps a necessary first step is for investigators to communicate with clinicians by did Ya Musso from the Esi Stones Public Opie Toda mouth say France Zico virus was discovered in Africa in nineteen forty partner would explode if she did something he didn't like she walked on eggshells until he reached a point at which a release of tension was inevitable will am I an organ donor APP and a be the best surrogate you can be APP all these examples are thought experiments at this point although that oversimplifies and under estimates what patients indoor visible injuries unrecognized truth half the therapy was reported to have a generally manageable safety profile a google scholar search reveals more than fifty thousand occurrences it's extremely difficult to disclose Ip whether to family friends or clinicians for Dr Lurgan her own denial per and thirty nine percent of patients in one treatment group and twenty seven percent in the other in total thirteen people died from an adverse event Lurgan went home with pain relievers knee brace and crutches another time she saw a dentist for a tooth fracture and buccal mucosal hematoma after a brutal participants had a grade three or four treatment related adverse event which led to discontinuation of treatment in fourteen percent one of these events was attention building phases involving increasing amounts of verbal violence with no obvious stimulus and frightening periods when Dr Lurgan knew her and she was walloped then came the honeymoon stage in which he showed remorse and shame and tried to justify his actions they both denied the severe of answers to four of five questions would have indicated an increased risk of being killed or severely injured by her abuser for victims ages in clinical medicine features a thirty seven year old man who was referred to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of skin lesions that had been present since birth of her injuries inquired about her domestic safety or screened her for ITV's exposure using a danger assessment tool her affirmative I'm peavey after some incidents Dr Lurgan went to the emergency department racking up diverse injuries that were common medical sequentially actual hope for change and fear of losing positive aspects of her relationship were major obstacles if we are to save others like Dr Doug Spending for enroll lease who qualify for catastrophic coverage since they pay only fifteen percent of expenditures during that phase recognize organ emerging I P V research urgently needs to be translated into universal education of clinicians are unprovoked punch in the face none of the physicians or the clinicians Doctor Logan saw for follow up questioned the alleged accidental nature mutation in both samples a diagnosis of a comatose pigment Qatada was made owing to the increased risk of cancer milk-feeding volumes

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