F1 must stay committed to new rules mindset: Guenter Steiner Interview


Hello and welcome to the podcast on is. Is the latest interview in our thinking food series thought discussions today, Mike Network President James Allen. Sport DOT COM at one hundred to Jonathan ibew speak to Gump assign team principal of the hostile to one eight. Steiner explains how the coronavirus crisis was. The biggest challenge of his career offers his thoughts on everyone's new budget cap and says why he thinks the championship should be experimenting. We've asked rates. So good to thank you so much making the time to join us today on this Hashtag. Thinking forwards series first of all. What's this crisis shown us about the ability of the of the F. One industry to react quickly and to make collective decisions for the French. Coast which we have not used to it that. Act The vaccine quick pretty, but collectively yama knock you know and we read the Soma gender because it's completely different the. Senior citizens more day. Or business are working to find a different ways to this so a. Code but everybody got into Saint. Aubin or the hold woes missing Oberlin. Epidemic going on, and we need to get out of the game. So. I think he put this together and be banged all together and came out a little bit more united for the time. Being I don't know how long it will last. A, let's see that. In what the Joe Denise that? Often. Businesses, we have too much on the edge. Any little distraction takes off the edge. You know which is good, you know we don't have any so fueling the dunk. And off data for just one year a finkel everything. You're just not thinking that. Fainting that anything that could be a bump on the old. You're just thinking. It's smooth sailing all the way. That's interesting what you say about about being on the margin because when we spoke with Alejandro Gag earlier in the series, he was saying he thought one of the big problems was just generally a lack of. Term Planning Do. You feel now that we need is a spoke to stop. The really long term future that wet weather sports going on the long-term Flat Formula One. What would some of the key elements of that beef view I think before I think on the long term. We need to think on the Mido. I think three so by to show off, though now need to think on the meadow, and then the lancome coming after, but I think we as you say beneath a little bit more into the future and. I mean some steps now with the budget. Come at least you know it. You can spend more than that money. Because before the day. I mean this principle for every business before before it whilst I. If you plan to anybody doing an if one game is a is was like how how long is a piece of of? How much money do we need to do this? I mean community because that's no limit know there's no limitation to a how much you can spend as much money as you go and debt. Budget Cup of these. Beg You do a? You do some planning you know. This is the maximum you would spanked, and then you can decide Can I get there need to budget? or Give most ability mainly to the small of things I think the next thing is coming our UFM contract. will be a little bit more equal with Hamas antiquated but A. Lot more equipment for the small deems equally Bingham. Bigger themes weekday it device on so That could help sway for me. And I. Think, that's a lot of initiatives going into moment, but he shouldn't take our eye off and not just thinking how he managed the next crisis because you said how we meet Longo. How thankful than? Again collectively be have sit down walking for each of us. How hard is it being few personally to manage the last few months dealing with issues, probably never thought you'd experiences as team boss like furloughing staff and making some pretty tough financial decisions. I mean it's difficult. But. It's part of the joke in Armenian Across for my office dine dolphins dime in management. To make decisions and. I'm. The unknown we didn't know. Do we go back Facie Bendigo? Go back facing. If you go back, Luke like also you never have a fixed budget, drug twig and you. Still, don't know about that. You know you know a bit, but you still don't know and because if you know what what you had to achieve and what you can do. Is I mean it's really, but it's not because you don't need to. Guess guesstimate, you can just say. Hey, this is what you've got to do with best, and then you can manage it, but. Are not the most difficult form and it is. Difficult to manage something you don't know and you guys know that as well. If you don't know, how can manage best, you know it's like yeah. I guess I. Hope I get to talk or use my experience to do. And hopefully get out. Good the Dan. What are the key lessons taken from this period? And do you think any of any of those will be carried forward into how you approach your job in Formula One after this? Yes and I agree. Go back before I made sure the data that we give ourselves a little bit more margin in everything we do if you have got the. What That person and we as an industry. Don't forget how Bernabei are. Actually business involved I. Want you know so? We don't have to forget that. Because then we can look always plan something. Wait a moment. We need a ten percent awesome here. You know what we do if it goes home so I think that the whole below and. Then everything goes stood again. It's very easy to forget because you the arms from again. The background peachy again. Crisis always equals opportunity, but it also equals always a lot of risk. It looks like you've managed to skirt. Round the risk as spoke for now. And there's a lot of people who were saying Oh. You Know Formula One is much stronger from this without really defining what they mean by that, but. Do you actually. Are you a glass half full guy on this respect him. Do you believe that the sport actually can emerge from this stronger? Yes I believe EDYTA again. It'd be said. Before became to get and decided them on on the Budget Capello one, and this is a good initiative decided Berry creeped. Next the comic I'm going to design a new, so we did some things which we go DOA. At the the twenty two relations should make it at a car. I don't say Gee Bo because nothing is cheap along. Come home, but never be cheap. You know a little bit more efficient, effing a little bit more cost efficient. But I, think know somewhere. Now beneath to make sure that we don't forget about the good times defrosting history do let's discuss about baking the Budget Cup up again, you know. Or take it away. I don't think it will happen, but I would keep it in my mind. The shouldn't be doing it, and that is how become how stonewall what you ask if I think. Outvoted because if you get to yet is that you know that they're not complete. No, I'm not speaking generally coup because we haven't gone by using ETHICA compete calendar. I'm very optimistic. Touch pass for that. We get to the chief and. Dumping. Can just see. Everybody didn't include that by. Owning teams equals like guy to get out of this and radiating out of this is to gus helpful. So it's interesting, because obviously we hit with the budget cap. The some of the smaller teams yourself included Actually it won't necessarily make a difference your spending, but at least you now know there is an upper limit, and of course, the other teams that were spending more that something that they've got to to work, too so this whole approach, this whole new deal approach that was kind of fundamental to get to this point. It, but it sounds like you're not one hundred percents. Show that it's Kinda here to stay you WanNa make sure the that's locked into this forward, right? Absolutely entities locked relations. They established through FAA financial relations between bad before, so the distinction before in Denver, we could discuss that people a budget company place a six months ago. Be couldn't take no of that because there was nothing in place, but going back to the budget cub. You say as you said the reaching that point. Yet, hopefully in the future will be can, but the good thing is if you see it like this in the moment before the budget. But just a moment because there's no vodka is that it got? The big themes is about between Hamilton fifty million for a small team, if you will be made between ca fifty. Is Not the good step I would say yes. It's not been equalize it yet, but it's a good stead. Could use. By. Five Times which I think it's it's. It's a big achievement most of that our day, isn't it? I mean the operational side of things is more or less assign from team to team, so the differences their ability to make a demonstrably foster carbon you basic. Corrected and he sources in development, and doing just a a making developments that had a big. If because going basing scuffling the same for everybody, you know, it's a little bit up and down five percent difference, depending which state but the Costa Anyway outside, but at the cost despair despair pasta off the saying because we use. Awesome at the same amount can know so, but the big thing you say is the development that just. CanNot be a big advantage? Investing a lot of money for that is small gains because demolished there anymore demons the Mondays, there you can spend. You think enough's being done to give the smaller teams and more encouraging future that. You've got a chance of good success, maybe not. The next year, but longer term. Never not be done. Pretty well. Because! He's never know. Waiting and beat the big number of competitive. So that you. Know. I think that. I think we need now to do outside a little bit something smaller things. We need to get to this new that the if you get to the cost how Max went debt, they need to jump into I. Yes, so they can get sponsors. Safe payments. At Christ money, so it is a little bit down to. He cannot just wait. For somebody gives us something but. If, you have any ideas how we can get hit. I'm only A. Bill to? Wouldn't have come up with. The delight these Era Development Allinson rules the way they've got a sliding scale of performance. Would you like to have seen reverse grid racing this Ya. Who is a nice rule I think an e should get us, said before he get more Christ money and established a everybody everybody. Can we need a little bit exaggerating, but can be competitive. And The second question was about the reverse grid idea. Would you like to see that trial? Do you think is a bit of too much gimmick? I'm completely appreciate. Got The opportunity never had to assist in the same place. That's a first off. A week after week or was it? The to mix the feed. I think he would have been a good opportunity to try it out and see how it works, and then we can decide if it's a gimmick. You like it if you don't die, the die. I'm always prepared to guy something, but always we. Need to be coming off to say if it didn't work that you're marketing. Stop on its say because we tried to. You have to do it now. I want to prove myself right. He your diet twice this year. Good up of humidity's. after ACIS and then A. Listening to the be per se. And then say hey, is it broke? Right to? If it is if it is a gimmicky, could be I, don't know, CBF. If addition I give me for Formula One. Let's don't predict. Don't do it again because we are not going to do this again. In future radio way out of it is on dusty. Let's talk about introducing to over the normally so A. For this keeps, your producer surprised surprising set for I would have voted for yes. I remember as two thousand and five Japanese that was effectively almost like a reverse. Greg Rice shoemaker Reichen Alonzo coming through from the Bat. That was pretty exciting, wasn't it? You do need the race track for that's the here. Yet it's always always that. If you look at it over special circumstances, do stinks. You know as you say you do it. The Monte Carlo he could be. Over to Monte but again if you try it and be no, and then became, decide having a right, not only making simulations and. assumptions. So a lot's been done. Gunter interesting to know what more you think could be done and also. Do you think we're now going to be a? We are actually going to get away from this to tear Fomento on. A. I don't think we go away. State away I. Don't think that will headman. Expecting twenty bit with everybody is equal. I think he predicted a few years because the advantage to begin, said Fidel resources stay deputy. Good, you know so. It's not going to epidemic of to spend the money, but it's also knowledge. If you will cost you any educational knowledge we have got you know knowledge. They acquire over the last. Twenty years so I. Think sit at the. BACK IN THE END A. John Jones said because just make of cost of calm. Then you get you there. I mean it's ubiquitous. Maybe not doing that isis the Johnston to. Listrik! John's not just Ikea. One that you need to be fortune up into the right Democrat, I that you make it you, so I think it would not have next year and I don't think he would ask me twenty two much. Wishful. I think what we can do in the moment of think, we just need to stay on cost to do what we decided to do. Not that I have too much again that the getting privileges out of the biggest teams because big on a day to day today are more by with one vendor, smolder themes, and and just keep it like this. But we decided that just. Pop really that is the first step you need to do. And then by go along and learn things. We should not be afraid to say hey. This is our aim, but more could be now after a block on something because somebody has to do. So but I think also. Changing Eddie governments at the majority. That would persuade that such a thing would not. Gene has is a race. Only yen's is racing categories for success in results. Do you think there's enough on offer now for him to be encouraged? By a future and phone one. I think so in the moment it looks like. Your waiting, including him go to go back, facing and NBC, but the. A. Tough time in Bab been been because what we're GonNa, do a thinking moment it'd be now need to focus. Go back facing and see what we can make alcoholic. Applicable overseas overseas to be at some stage, also to get to these sites. In. Owning beneath to show that this will happen and then his long term commitment. We come from that one. You know if you make this work. This say, but we just discussed. That this Modine can get Tom Opium than I'm. I'm very sure that state if it doesn't work out than if we just played, politics made its stage yet enough of it. Women Gabe racing? It's going to be fairly intense. We've got going to triple headers on the bounce with very little time between them. How hard is it going to be managing productions? Parts Development Keeping your staff. Mentally, straight Nazi tied. I think let's the staff everybody was Egypt. Go back towards because a for Azo. Who loves what he's doing an not to do anything for three months and Russia for beverage at of own our beat up looking photo on the Watson. A pleasure, not knowing what's going to happen because as A. Be No. Come specs UCF, team comes back is yet so going back? Now acing, it's good for them. A scene light at the end of the tunnel. They will be motivated to keep it on. You know so I think it will be complaining a lot less than they would have complained a year ago. I mean to be honest. You know and and I think that this genuine because the it's not playing sailing there. There rebels. No, there was no buffalo ever had that was no emergency exit here. You know we just need to do what you're doing. And head down and roads spam box in our position, and I would say eighty four of. For sure mount coming more and more ACIS, speaking old at work last week at. To make sure that you have gotten off for. Just a racist which keep coming a week to week and Spoke because advantages, you're planning any updates in the near future, so we just need to injure make a commitment. Law passed really need to say box later on in the year so via spam twice. The concerned to meet that all of. US You. Know, but it's all in hand. Hopefully can do something about the copes. At the do much damage they are because everybody is fate of that one, especially having older banks. And financial aspect of it, so I can get dome that Kabuki from fast otherwise. Ebid won't be up with you. Don't stay up us. Just stepping back and taking over all those of us who've been in this for a long time, you know. Would not have believed that we could be in this situation that we have as you mentioned in this in this coal, you know majority voting a realistic budget caps a form of handicapping. In formula, one and these things have been achieved that we perhaps never thought we'd say. How important do you think? How instrumental in this do you think? Liberty Media Fai on the Sean Todd have been Africa spawned the both very one I I say a daring the so difficult position because. We have. Become A. Complete different objectives not complete between the Danes, but that is a lot of Gu said there's complete different businesses and they. They know they can make everybody happy. I mean it's. It's just impossible. A because you're so different, so they needed to find a compromise that everybody is just a little bit on copy and think they found a compromise i. mean must have made the. Chase and and John Bibby dictate. Because it is a very difficult job, so mean. They diminish to be. In top level motorsport particularly Formula One is still viewed by some people. As an entertainment. As entertainment platform, whereas others increasingly saying it's demonstrates a sense of purpose. especially you know things like diversity things like developing technologies for Automotive Society for the future. decarbonising eventually, etc. Do you failed that? That position has changed all? What's how's your own position changed on that? Let me go back to looking at the medium and long term of formula. I think before before about a looking at all of sustainability locum this stuff and then Dipa me. I mean. He overdosed a little bit about that. We took our. And for obvious eastern studies at priority is Mitch. We need to focus on that and I think that would be. I simple. Model Bendigo than you normally has more of that. Because maybe see just slowing down. How everything came back I mean it's amazing. You know if you look at it, so I think we have more focus on the sustainability and become ah in. Sweat a being socially responsible that it would. Be. Extra! Okay well listen. We really appreciate you making the time and presumably the whole time you've been in lockdown over there in the US. You've had a Netflix's crude just following around the kitchen every step of the way of you. Know. Happy to be on my own. Good, stuff all right well, we'll look forward to seeing you on the road and again. Thank you very much for making the time for John. Lewis Hashtag thinking forward. Thank you guys. Thank you. Enjoy the nascent funeral into food series. Thanks to Gunther James and John that time. Tell us what you think of these shows, essential media channels easing the hand ad-supported sport, and if you're enjoying the series, we'd love to share it with someone who. Will be back with another episode of Your facebook. Being. 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