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Sasha Banks Returns to RAW


If you don't know sirius x._m. Than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they have it all and right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just us one dollar go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series x._m. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show weekdays from nine a._m. To two p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Dan nation channel one fifty six welcome to the bus lopin podcast. This is dave greco on today's episode w._w._e. Me hall of famer boy ray and i discussed everything from monday night. Raw last night seth rollins your new universal champion takes his victory lap up on monday night raw but has a new opponent in a._j. Styles and a new friend and braun strowman. What is this dynamic going to be like and the big good news from raleigh last night the return of becky lynn. She takes out in italian but even more significant what she did to becky lynch. You're wrong women's champion all that right now on the bus. It opened pockets. What did you think of the show overall last night and it almost feels like a lot a new beginnings when you look at monday night raw. What was the newest beginning for you to me. It's sasha mbeki to me with sasha mbeki way way that played out and there's a lot of different layers to sasha and becky after what we saw last night i think sasha and becky the last night was done very very well. There people were invested. They were involved. They were a little little odd at times which toronto ten be especially with the way they treated natty. I was shocked to hear some of the response that there was but as far as physicality point of view from an intent point of view from a wow. This is where we're going to be going and we're excited from from my point of view. Sasha and becky got the job done and it was amazing. I sent out a tweet last night about sasha and and becky and the war has already begun. I don't know about you. Dave my social media was inundated with sasha and becky aki. Fans and man is split down the middle and man or they vocal and passionate about who they liked better. You know i'm glad you brought brought up that toronto crowd. We talked a lot about the crowd in toronto leading up the summer slam and how they're like a different type of crowd in toronto onta they could take over to show and we see that a lot of major cities but you don't know who they're going to boo and who they're going to cheer at summer slam. They seem to kind of follow their role. I it didn't feel like your typical. Toronto crowd completely different last night. Can you buy into the reaction that we heard in toronto when it came to sasha and becky last night yes absolutely and you know what even if i couldn't buy into the reaction on the television set i bought into the reaction the action myself. I'm not one of those guys that listens to the fans and reacts the way they do. I make my own decisions on what i seen seeing what i hear but there are a lot of people out there who will watch how the fans respond. They'll go in that direction. When i saw last night came off really well i mean i wasn't there a time. I don't know how far was back. Where where becky told natty that you you needed me yeah right. Did it becky lynn's til ninety nine hard. You need me now for your career yup well. I think that becky not needs sasha right. Now and last night was a great first step. Sasha hasn't been around a long time. I'm not quite sure why sasha hasn't hasn't been around in a long time. A lot of people on social media who are becky lynch fans seem to be burying sasha talking about how she went took her bat and her a ball and she went home and she's been bitching and moaning and crying. I don't get into all that stuff. All that i know is that she's been gone for a long time. She came back last night. She made an impact. Let me ask you this dave. Did you know from the minute. Her music hit that you were getting turn. Yes i did how outage because the reason why is because of becky like when when you look at becky right now and what she went through this past weekend whitney talia i got she got more support into toronto than i thought she would get and then you heard that crowd last night and you know this from social media becky's loved loved whether it's blind love or complete support. We've been dealing with it for months and months it's there. It's hard core so when sasha was gonna come out i i i had a feeling that this was going to be the few that they would go with you. Mentioned it has she had that right opponents since you won those titles at wrestlemania thirty eighty five i think the answer is no. Sasha is the perfect person for becky right now for me. It was the mimic the music hit. I knew the turn was coming and it wasn't because of anything that you had to say what point of the promo was natty at when sasha's music a kit when she was talking about her father. She's talking about the one year anniversary about jim the anvil neidhart dying passing away and all all of a sudden. That's when sasha decides to look at the music guy and go hit my music. Wow if that doesn't have he'll written all over it. I don't know what does so. I saw this coming from a mile away but it didn't matter. I was still into it. I thought the execution was great. Man the physicality we can analyze is the physicality between the chair shots the smack in the face i would i would not be shocked if some words were exchanged backstage and if there had to be a legitimate pull apart between those women wants. This was all said and done last night well. Let's get into that because i think it's it's worth getting into because there's a lot of me to that bone of what you just said bully and you talked about the physicality outside the ring when the attack attack happened. I let's go with the chair shots. A lot of people have been posting gifts of the chair shots at sasha's given becky. One looks like really nailed her in the back of the head. What did you think of those chair shots from sasha last night. Let's forget about what i thought i. What did you think i because you're the fan as is the fan. What did you think of those cheshire. I gotta be honest. I liked it. I it was hard hitting. It was physical. I didn't really notice about like now. You're looking at it up close and her getting nailed in the back of the head. There was some there was some real hatred behind. Those chair shots bully you know this. The chair has become a prop that you see almost all the time in the w._w._e. Correct yes saucy use as a tool that really told the story and had some angst so when i saw it last night i love what sasha dead. I think the angstrom there. I think the animosity was there. I i thought she used the chair appropriately. What we've seen so many other people use the chair but last night there was just something about that look on sasha's arches face that made those chair shots mean even more things got a little wonky because of positioning and the first two chair shots that sasha hit becky wit were clean and they were good. The third one was just okay okay because if you noticed by the third one sasha is now standing in front of becky and she's at the top of becky's head. You never wanna swing winging that angle. It's a really really bad angle and you're not able to properly swing that chair your most effective manner and then the fourth one came down and cry now <laughter>. It's cracked becky in the back of the head. Now it didn't full on cracker in the back of the head but the bottom of the chair kind of like where your thighs would rest on a chair. The chair was opening. You were sitting down that part. Hearted chair hit becky in the back of the head and that's when you see becky grab for the back of the head now. She didn't get caught with a lip. She got court with a smooth bottom. That's why we did not see her. Get busted open and then if you notice the minute she gets hit in the back of the head she she grabs the back of the head and she instinctually turns over to her side and goes into the fetal position. That's one of the body's defense mechanisms resumes the minute you feel like you're getting your ass kicked too hard you cover up and you go fetal in the animal kingdom. A lot of animals do that also as mammals we do that. You want to cover up. She goes into the fus fetal position but sasha wax her again in the arm and let me tell you from firsthand experience. When you get a hit in the arm in the shoulder it flat out sucks because you got a bone at the top of your shoulder that kind of sticks out and man when that metal comes comes slamming down into that bone it hurts and then you see becky flop right back over the good of the physicality was awesome. The intent the passion the thanks the anger the look on sasha's face told so much of a story like basically she was saying bitch. I'm coming back act takeover. Because i know superior wrestler. The negative was it could have been a little safer hope they go back and realize is that and make sure that they're great. Physicality is as safe as it can be now you mentioned like the chair shots and then that slap to the face and almost felt like like becky. Aki was kinda. Retaliating with the kicks you know do you get into that mode as as a competitor and as an athlete or just as a performer where yeah i that's. That's an instinct like right away. You get you get stung in the face. You're going to kind of come back with like a she gave up. I gave the push and then the kick. I mean is that retaliation. There is that instinct like what happened there with becky lynch i love the smack to the face and it made me chuckle because whenever whenever i would wrestle tommy dreamer it would always take him a while to get going in the match he would always be a bit lethargic when the bell rang and i would normally back them up to the corner and smack him as hard as i could in the face and that would wake him up and then he would just start throwing haymakers last night when i saw asada smack becky in the face i knew damn well that they were going outside of the box if i had the better dollar nobody. Nobody knew that that that was coming. Sasha didn't think to herself backstage. I'm gonna do this and not tell becky and i'm sure becky didn't know it was coming that smack woke becky up and then she says where's your balls at when you shaw becky kick back that was an instinctual she will kick that was getting my ass kicked and i have to defend myself and that little moment in time right there made made things very very real when sasha walks away. If you look at the smile on her face you saw a woman out out to prove something. You're only going to get one shot at this right there. Yep sasha's only gonna get one shot at returning and making an impact act and catching the lightning in a bottle so you can't go out there and sugarcoat anything you gotta go balls to the wall if anything goes wrong if deal with it backstage but it's all about catching that lightning in a bottle so i ask you did. They catch lightning last night. Yes they absolutely did. I said this to alex before the show like that. I i take it for that like <hes> you you you name the price i wanna see that because we've talked about becky and we talked about becky loyal fans that she has and what has she done and as she'd been booked and you know how it got watered down as we got closer to wrestlemainia thirty thirty five if you're putting her in the ring with sasha banks all that stuff gets completely thrown out the window just like last night how sasha i guess got got caught in the moment when she came out there us as fans yes. That's lightning in the bottle for us bully because i think this is the opponent that we've wanted to see becky go against all and why is this the perfect opponent for becky. Do you know why well bully you. Always say about getting in the ring with somebody. That's gonna rise to that next level. You always talk about you know. Hey you got you. Can't you can't fight your level or lower. You gotta get that person. That's a step up above saucers. That person that step above <hes> sasha is a better wrestler than becky becky is a is an over performer and at the top of the food chain right now becky can benefit from working with sasha because in being a better wrestler it gives becky an opportunity be to work up to the next level. Did you think that becky and natty was a good match. I thought it was a good match. There you go it was ah good because natty has been wrestling for a long long time and it made becky workup to nazis level and sasha being he probably in the top three women their saucers really good wrestler. I've put sasha over from day one on this show because survey in ring wrestling you video ability. I don't get caught up in that all that social media stuff with fans i looked at it strictly from the wrestling point of view and i know that this is going to bring out the best aston becky and if you don't believe me just go back and watch the stuff that they did an annex t like four or five years ago and again like what did we see when we saw charlotte charlotte and sasha we saw some of the best matches that we've seen in the women's division for a long time you put the dynamic of becky sasha especially with the fans and the interaction action. We're going to get for them. This is gonna take it to a completely different level in my opinion and the fan thing is the most interesting part last night like i said a sent out that tweet and then all of a sudden man it was like two waves hitting my twitter machine at the same time the becky fans and the shar and the and the sasha fans and and i could not believe the amount of sasha fans that actually were being vocal enough to they were saying she deserves it. I hope she's really hurt like. I couldn't believe that fans were hoping that becky was really hurt. I'll look at this from two points of view. Wow you're a real scumbag. If you're a fan who hopes that becky's really hurt and wow these girls did such a great job bob that these fans poured into it. It's a really good dynamic because i hear what you're saying. One point is like how could you say you hope. Somebody gets hurt but that you're that passionate it into it that you're actually going to post that tells you a story unto itself. Likely you're hearing god's busted. Open live weekdays from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Fe nation channel one fifty six four on demand with the sirius x._m. App let's start from the beginning bully because there's a lot of things to get into what we saw last night with sasha becky first and foremost and i wanna get your take on this because i was shocked walked by it and i seem to be in the minority with this opinion like i couldn't believe the crowd reaction in toronto so for natalia. I mean especially like the what you just heard like. The tally was talking about her father. The one year anniversary of him passing and fans were chanting boring and sasha actually made that initial attack they were saying thank you sasha am i missing. Something was the talent that bad in that ring last night absolutely not when italian i walked out and i saw the arm in the slaying. I'm like thank god. Somebody is finally selling appropriately. She came down. She reminded everybody that she meant everything that she said about becky the people actually got behind her when and she said i meant everything i said and then all of a sudden about three quarters of the way through i heard a spattering of of boring chance and i'm like what the hell is this. Why is anybody especially in toronto especially in canada channing boring and i think that's just the typical toronto crowd knowing that there live on raw trying to take a show over now it was a very small section action of fans who are channing boring. It's still didn't understand it. Then all of a sudden sasha's music hits and then she's beating the crap out of natty and right when she takes natty and rams natty into the steel stairs. I believe that's where we get the thank you sasha chance correct. Yes this just goes to show you how fickle fans really are and i'm not sure that wrestling fans know what they want about these days and i'll make another comparison earlier in the night. Seth rollins comes out and he starts to show correct. Yes did he come out to a big pop if i remember i thought it was a decent pop from i agree yeah i agree. He came out to a great reaction fans. Were behind him. They were chanting. Burn it down and who came out a._j. Stott yup at the end of the segment when a._j. Was leaving the ring. Who is that arena chairing for. It sounded like they were cheering for a._j. What sounded sounded like the entire chanting for a._j. It's like i don't know if it has to do with toronto. I don't know if it has to do with fans in general general but i do believe that a lot of fans are fickle. That's why when when daniel bryan started using the word i i laughed so hard internally internally because i'm like he's so right. Fans are fickle. We weren't nearly that fickle. When we were fans back in the day. So why would would they be channing. Thank you sasha to a girl. Who's a hometown girl who just had a really good man. I mean and that crowd. I thought i would say this at the beginning of that match at summer slam between the talian becky lynch bully i would say it was probably probably about seventy percent behind the talian. I thought i was in the arena. They she was really had a lot of support from those fans and even even when the match was over it seemed to be as the match wore on and it ended i would say would be about a fifty fifty split now less than twenty four hours later later natalia like you said selling that injury in a sling is talking about her dad and you get that kind of crowd reaction from pretty much. It's the same fans that were there the night before. It's kind of baffling to me. I agree with you and i just wanna go back to the show. You had with mark yesterday. Say you had a caller correct me. If i'm wrong who said that they thought it was a smack in the face and extremely disrespectful to put natty and becky becky on first and it just goes to show you how they truly feel about natty and becky yesterday yes we did and i actually brought up what you always say on the show. Actually she said i said you know bully said if you can't be last you wanna be first so if you're not going to be the main event you want to open up the show and i've only given you one perspective von if you can't be last you wanna be first because you either. I compare it to rock and roll if you're not going to be the song that sends everybody auty home. Happy you want to speed the song that initially gets everybody happy. If you can't be rock and roll you wanna be detroit rock city. You want to grab those people. I you want to set the tone and you want everybody else to have to follow your match secondly. The reason why it's important to be on i is that it shows how much confidence the company has in you. If vince mcmahon put you on i'm i. He's doing it for your own good and for the companies owned good he knew that becky and natty would be able to set the tone for the second biggest pay per view of the year. That's him patting those girls on the back and telling them go out there and get adam set the tone and make the entire roster follow so to everybody out there especially that douche nozzle that called yesterday who said that they're so you know that was so disrespectful and that just goes to show you how much they give a crap about becky natty sir. You are so wrong that first position is an important position and shows just how much confidence the company has those women if you don't know sirius x._m. Than listen commercial marshall free music plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy sirius x._m. But you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just one dollars just go to sirius x._m. Dot com slash busted the offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home online that sirius sirius x._m. Dot com slash busted offer available to new series exempt streaming subscribers sirius x._m. No car required. Seth rollins got a pop coming out and then a._j. At the end of the segment is getting cheered and and you actually said like that wouldn't have happened back when we first started watching wrestling wrestling but it happens a lot now and it's the fans can be fickle. There's no doubt could it be that no matter whether he's a face or a heel a._j. Styles is loved the same that daniel bryan is loved the same that seth rollins now love. Is there guys that as wrestling fan dan specially in the w._w._e. We just fall in love with and whether they're a face or a heal. Our reaction isn't going to change daniel. Bryan is a horrible comparison and example daniel bryan when he turned heel was not getting any love from the fans. He did such a good job with new spin on being he'll where he was. You know the planets champion and you know you know this. What would be the right way to describe type. Daniel bryan his character just earthy earth murphy. He'll take on things was not garner. Garnering any cheers cheers from the crowd a._j. Is respected for his body of work. All over the world a._j. Is a very fun wrestler. Us alert to watch and people want to be on a j styles side. I have no problem with people chanting running for a._j. The fact that i still don't think that they're one hundred percent behind rollins because if they were you would never heard those those chance last night and yesterday on the show you came out on with mark and you're putting rollins over to the moon for how he won that the crowd over right yes remind me of what you said and how you felt about seth rollins at summer slam going into summer slam his performance at summer. I thought i thought he did a fantastic job. I love that match with brock dry and i thought you know and i kinda gave the comparison listen to rocky four where rocky was hated going into that fight and then was beloved and i think the same thing happened on sunday at summer slam. Yes came out to boos as a matter of fact even before you came out when they would show him backstage he was getting booed when we talked about seth thrones on our show on sunday at the rec room he got booed by by the end of that night. He was getting cheered. Take brock listener out of the equation <music> asian and plug in any other. He'll as your world champion and seth defeats that guy to seth still have have the same response as he didn't know so then how did seth win you over and how did seth when over the fans well. I think it's you can give credit to both i mean brock listener and we mark and i were saying yesterday. We never wanna hear anybody say brought can't wrestle or brock is not skill feel that what he does because all you have to do is watch that match with seth rollins from summer slam and that's all the proof you need about how damn good brock listeners but now whether you credit seth or what do you credit brock. You would have to agree that the end of summer slam seth rollins was getting cheered. Jesus can't blow a comeback unless the devil get some heat brock listeners. The devil seth rollins was jesus and with out out that uber heal without that beast without that bully of a beast. You can't get that reaction and here's here's where brock listeners genius comments to play. I send out a tweet the other night talking about how most people don't realize just how great brak listener listener really is. Do i say brock listener is great because i'm a friend of brock's. No i say brought lessner is great because i've seen the guy from day one. I know what it is today and i know how he's a master at psychology brought everything that brought does is for a reason and he was doing everything the other night and leading up to the summer slam to get seth over and it worked brock is the reason why that match goes so well because let me tell you that was a brock match if you go back and watch that match or brock verse a._j. Or brock for daniel bryan just about everybody else. You'll see a pattern in there you. The pattern of all all hope is lost. That's the story. That brock loves to tell within a match. Your baby face has no hope and then at the right. I time the baby face fines away. Brock lessner does not have bad matches and people might say well. What are you talking about. He only doesn't have five. He only does german suplex. You don't have to have a lot of moves in the repertoire three minutes into that match. The entire hire arena was on their feet and channing. This is awesome. I don't put that much stock into this is awesome chance but when everybody is on their feet it tells me everything i need to know and they're on their feet because of the way brock listener put that match the there's no doubt about it i mean he was absolutely fantastic caustic and i said yesterday to bully. I wanna get your response to this that i said when it came to seth i had a lot of doubts about set you know this. I was very flat when when it came to seth rollins and i didn't think seth rollins was gonna win that match at summer slam. I don't think either one of us did well. We talked about the guarantees. Yes we did talk about the guarantees not and that is that little nugget but then we could go back even when it comes to becky lynch about not fulfilling those guarantees but my point is this that that very flat on seth and whether it was more on brock or more on seth or either or he came out there shining like a diamond on sunday but i mentioned mentioned yesterday on the show. How is he gonna follow it up. You always say bully. What's the follow up. Give me the foul up and i said i'm going to hold out judgment judgment until i get that follow up. What did you think of follow. The follow up from. Seth rollins last night. Thought cam came out great. I thought he cut a promo had the people on his side but then he got trumped by a guy that people like just as much if not more and if you listen to the people when seth was in the ring with a._j. When aged was leaving they were all chanting for a._j. Styles now we get a._j. Styles versus seth. I mean obviously a._j. Versus seth is going to be a good matt matt yeah that we could just check that box off immediately now. The o._c. Gets involved and now miraculously out of nowhere. No where seth now has friends where you see were. Are these friends past couple of weeks. Okay you want to tell me that will ricochet was involved in something else. That's why he didn't try to help. Seth you want what about braun brought is the biggest baddest son of a bitch in the company who's not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with brock leser where was brought to help him now was braun around or seen on the show in the weeks leading up to summer slam he was he was not okay then. I'll give you that if he wasn't even on the show then i will say okay. I get it because if he was on the show and he didn't show up to help seth but he showed up last night. If i'm seth rollins i i got a bone to pick so if braun had no representation leading up to summer slam fine but where was ricky shea. Why did ricocheted decide the last night to come. I'm in help. Oh wow because seth is the champion now. Everybody loves honor. I'll kiss his ass on his good side. You get my point now. I do obviously and like i say okay. Everyone loves the loves a winner but you know what again that wasn't brock listener that he was in the ring with last night either so it's it's a little a bit of a different story but i completely understand. We said it for weeks. Nobody had throngs is back and then last night there you go with braun strowman and ricochet. I had people on social media last week when i when i put out a tweet saying whereas all of sets friends how come nobody comes to help set people like well. Oh well ricochets involved in this story line. So why would he get in this in this storyline true baby faces. Don't just stay true to a storyline okay a true baby face. I would come out and help when they saw body in somebody. Imperil a white meat baby face doesn't say to himself well. I don't have a beef with this person and let take something ricochet would get more over with the people trying to save seth rollins against brock leser than he did in that other scenario areo he was doing run ins with let me ask you this bully and maybe you could you could actually maybe even say that. The reason ricochet went out there last night. Is maybe not so much about seth rollins but the beefy as with a._j. In the club because obviously there's a bit of a history there so maybe it's not even about seth rollins. It's more about a._j. Jay and gallows and anderson. He came down to help rollins right. Yes okay so i understand where you're tying that in but he's still coming down to help rollins so if you if we go with your mentality and we get rid of we let's get rid of ricochet. Let's say ricocheted it to shake came down last night not because he wanted to help seth rollins it was because of his animosity with the club <hes> then all that seth rollins has is one friend and that's braun strowman and if that's the case i would have loved to have seen gene only braun strowman in the ring because now seth has one friend he can rely on and that friend is as the biggest guy in the company. It almost reminds me of the movie my bodyguard yeah not that seth needs it but if you're going to only have one friend wow braun strowman. Is that one friend i want to have that's the one friend you have so really quick before. We step aside for a second we talk about. It's always about the follow up we saw with becky after she won those titles at wrestlemainia thirty five the follow up was lacey evans and probably not the best opponent to have coming out of wrestlemainia thirty five but it was what it was is a._j. Styles the right wrestler for seth rollins now that he's universal champion coming out of summer slam. You have to define the right opponent. I mean in this way. You finally got the crowd back seth rollins that was a struggle. I mean going into summer. Slam not the most popular wrestler on the roster but coming out this summer slam and like you said a a lot of credit to brock leser he is loved is a._j. The right person for seth rollins if you want people to definitively love seth rollins collins and definitively hate a._j. Styles a._j. Is the wrong guy and we saw it last night as far as match-quality. He's the right white guy because we're gonna get phenomenal matches from these guys. That's easy but i don't think the w._w._e. Right now necessarily cares about that. They're going to let the universe makeup their own mind. Let them do what they want to do because as long as they're reacting that's all we care about route. I truly believe that's the mindset because i think that if anybody was sitting in a meeting say vince vents you know a._j. Styles has a lot of fans hands out. There set is not going to be as loved. Don't worry about it because i don't think there's as much attention paid need to protecting seth that much interesting eight seven i think when it comes to the protection of a character roman gets it because that's who they kind of perceived to be the top guy correct. Thanks for listening catch us weekdays on busted open from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Channel one fifty six the busted open podcast.

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