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AP Laboratory - Weekly Chiefs mailbag (Ep. 146)


Something is today Swanson. This is the AP laboratory the mail bag edition to start your week off rights. We got a lot of questions to get through. We've got five star reviews. We got G mill questions. We got twitter questions. We're GONNA try to answer a bunch of 'em here helped me do that. I my dear pal finding on twitter at chief in Carolina it is Mattie Lane. Hello my friend. How's it going? Oh I'm doing good. We got the Big Kansas City chiefs mid Western Michigan NFL Michigan. I think what we have to start calling the now. After the way things are trending but we gotta Jam packed. Show get inter quick swing to give a quick shout outs at longtime listener Jordan Smith in newest member of the chiefs kingdom. Quinn Patrick Smith. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate all of you guys out there that listen to US everybody everywhere. We love you guys. You guys are the best. You make this all worth it. Craig style is also here with us. He is pouring out his soul about Willie. Gay Into Arrowhead Fried article coming to you guys some time earlier this week. How you doing tonight bud man? I'M GONNA HAVE TO REDUCE THIS DOWN. I because I am literally pouring my soul this my speaking partner link. Okay Okay I. I'm going to have to trim this thing back because I i. I like gushing about athletic linebackers you guess Mattie Matty said there's a DM. I've got receipts. Natty set out to write seven hundred fifty words on Taco Charlton any rope. Fifteen hundred list visit was going to be seven fifty. He had to go and mess around and have a very good game. Two thousand eighteen. That was a two times multiplier. Okay well it you do it to yourself buddy. You're you're length. The funny thing is is when Mattie no okay don't with the funny thing is is when Matt he's not on the show me and Craig wind up going longer. I'll know like we don't feel like we have to rein Mattie and immune Craig wound up going for fifty minutes. When we're on the show scenarious. Just the churn baby. Clearly I mean what would we do without Mattie Lane real quick? Just if you've noticed on the podcast channel that you know you're seeing a lot more content here and you're gonNA continue to get more of it. The AP editor show show is GONNA be on Tuesdays and Thursdays were on Mondays and Wednesdays. You might get some more content. You know some time later in the week as well just depends on the week. All of our podcasts are releasing at eleven. Am everyday now so eleven am every day. Monday through Thursday. You'RE GONNA get some content and then he might get some more content after that so be on the lookout. We're trying to get some more content content out for you so yeah. We're we're pretty excited about that. That change in the AP editors show if you haven't listened to great. They're doing a great job over there. Five Star Review Question Time. If you liked the show if you like the podcast channel feel free to leave a five star review already. Saw a couple reviews Pete and John. I think that's awesome. But we try to answer the questions when we get them and sorcery asks basic question. Is it against NFL? Regulations for a wealthy cheese benefactor factor to gift. Patrick mahomes other players money slash luxury items as a way of avoiding salary. Cap Hits does it happen anyway in the NFL. I believe this is a question. Like like a collegiate booster giving give again put your money. We know happens the TB. Twelve center is right next to Gillette Stadium. Matz really awkward. All of a sudden. Tom Brady's business is right next door to the place where he no longer is playing. I think that that's a situation that you know. Some team could do that. But you know all the taxes and everything like that that comes about from that. That's that's really hard to do. So most of these billionaire owners would just rather put it on the salary cap. There's a few assure. Bank accounts tells got some money waiting firm from bobby craft. He's in the will. He's definitely in the wheel. Jackson Bartlett Post Draft Beach through the comments stating he wanted to pair Neang with L. D. T. because it would give him a fluent French. Speaking wingmen does this raise the question that he might seeing as a replacement for shorts even with Fisher's cap it interested to hear your thoughts reading through more than just features comments but even going into Andy Heck's comments. I do think the general thought process is that loosening isn't offensive. Tackle that may have the ability to plan the inside. That doesn't mean they don't use them on the inside or as an offensive guard this year. But if you listen to especially Andy Talk but even Brett Feature. They start out with him at often. Tackle not offensive guard so I think they do. Seems a tackle at Just threw in that French linked to kind of make a little bit of a funny and just to show you know that Lucas Smart player sin. Intelligent guy think was kind of their goal was that L. E. T.'s. Not under contract until next next. I believe either correct. He's an option that you're I believe it's an option year. Yeah Okay Chief in Dallas. Seriously how do we keep the cowboy? Cast US or keep getting cowboy cast-offs. It's pretty incredible really the cheese. Continue to gobble up pieces of the The cowboys defense. It's I don't understand it. They've got various worry. Anthony Hitchens now Taco Charlton. They're just grab it all these guys. It's it's wild more of a joke. But still it's crazy to see Ap nerd squad at Geel. Dot Com gents. Seems like almost every player? The chiefs took in. The draft was a sleeper except Clyde Edwards. Maybe Klay Zal here by round round two character round three injury round four position switch round five measurable around seven. Didn't tests seems like a great strategy for a team with so many pieces returning from a championship season and so little draft capital to make this many swings. Do you think this was intentional? And now that you have had a chance to watch more tape on each player. Would you revise your draft grades on any of them know the last part of that? I would not revise my draft gate. Great Don any of them because frankly I like most of them. I still like most of them. I think it just worked out of little bit that the chiefs were able to catch some. You know quote unquote sleepers or value. Picks with these guys because they definitely fist now. We heard rumors about other guys that they were interested in that weren't sleepers or weren't going to be classified in that regard but I think it just kinda worked out overall that they were just interested in a lot of guys that ended up with these off-field things or injuries or position. Switches or things like that. I mean I don't think it was intentional. But yet that's an interesting observation that that definitely is how it worked out my some should be. It's just kind of chasing the value. I think the way chief operating here. Br ve each talking about a lot where they have these tiers of players and essentially if you have a guy that suffering from injury concerns or potential character concerns positions. Which is they might be a higher tier of other players around when it comes to your pick if they're gonNA fall a little bit so I think it's just the way the chiefs draft. It emphasizes getting the Best Value. Just happens to be within a certain tier of players and I think when it goes like Especially I think that's probably the biggest risk so to speak. They just feel very confident in their locker room. And they're coaches in the culture. They have going on that they will be able to keep him on the straight narrow. It sounds like they do a lot of homework on guys like that so it is going to be okay. They feel very confident. With which makes me confident. So we're all good and the only grade that want to change. I think it would be Lucas. Neang I think I graduated two thousand to Two Thousand Nineteen Games forum would I? I did it and I just wish I could scrap the twenty nineteen games only grade twenty eighteen because that hip injury just severely limited how much he could move and that was a big part of his game is his athleticism. Why feel good about the grade that I have out there on? I just wish it. Two Thousand Nineteen wasn't equal weight is two thousand eighteen going into the draft guide. Actually think there was some intentionally about it. If I'm being honest with you Like because you listen to Britain visas comments talks about with Willie Gay. It's you know if he'd come back next year he would have been a first round. Pick EITHER HIM OR ANDY. That said that I think you know the Neang swing is fantastic for a team. That feels comfortable with their situation. This year you know having twenty twenty twenty one twenty two stars back gives you the luxury to maybe take a swing on a tackle. That probably goes in earlier. If he's not injured. Legit SNEAD is the one guy that I do Kinda wish. We'd we'd graded as a cornerback. Obviously because he's going to play cornerback. This his cornerback. Tape is fantastic. It really is I did I did. Miss One five star review question and I wanted to wanted to ask it or answer cross break asks there's a video of a breadth beach talking about why they drafted Clyde. He talks about not getting good results on well-blocked first downs and how Clyde to layer will make past life easier this has analytics guys worried that the chiefs will be lack less pass heavy. What was your takeaway from the comments or will and continue to throw on first downs at a league leading rate. I think they're slinging the ball over the field. I am not worried about Clyde Edwards hilarious usage in the run game or them starting to lean more heavily on the run game because they drafted a running back in the first round. I think he's going to sling the ball over the field. I think you're GonNa like you talked about earlier this week. I think you're GONNA see more. Rpo'S I think you're GONNA it's GonNa be rpo heavy again so if the keys. Indicate that they need to hand the ball. They're going to hand the ball off but I still think they're going to be sling it all over the yard and they're gonNa be scoring billion points and all these adjustments that the AFC west tried to do to pretend like they could potentially get into a shootout with the chiefs are gonNA become fruitless. It's GONNA be hilarious. Craig did you had something you wanted to jump in there I just wanted to. I wanted to add Alex Smith last two years and Patrick mahomes first two years. I don't have the numbers right off the top of my dome here but I post them in the d. m. the other day Around four hundred and twenty carries low four hundred carries and then it jumped down to three eighty seven and three seventy six with Patrick mahomes the last two years. That's the number of carries that they had on the team there so it didn't matter they tried to go out and solve it like Leshan McCoy they invested in this offseason. This isn't a situation where they didn't invest in a running back and they still did not run. The ball do not expect it because Clyde Edwards layers of first round draft pick and now all of a sudden that's going to balloon backup to four hundred thirty carries again. Andy just doesn't do that and remember. Crema never had more than thirty carries in a game had never had thirty carries period. Actually now I think about okay. Lincoln Cook asks kind of a two parter. Hey guys with the adjusted fifty five man roster. What would the extra two spots of look like for the chiefs last year in two thousand nineteen? Who would they have kept that we may be loss? It's kind of an correct me if I'm wrong guys. My understanding of the fifty five man roster is actually the the teams can call up to practice squad players to their active roster per week. So I don't believe that it is a situation where they're getting to keep fifty five men on the Roster. They're getting to add to from their practice squad. So what that means is maybe. Alex Brown gets up a little earlier. A guy like that. Who wound up on the fifty three man roster but it's probably something along those lines Jackson Barton. I think wound up on the fifty three. I know he never made the practice squad anyway. Now that I think about it but that's really just how it were. That's my understanding of how it works. We're GONNA see how it kind of manifests. But I do think it's interesting that the year that the roster kind of expands is the year that she's go really heavily on undrafted free agents and they go grab the Daryl Williams of the world they grab the bow P keys. I find that very interest or not broken keys. They go grab they were going to go. I think they were trying to potentially do that. In free undrafted free agency a believe. But that's what they But you know that's why they were so aggressive with the undrafted is because they're probably taking into these expanded rosters expanded practice squads into consideration with all this and then his other part of this question is How the how can the change potentially affect roster building for the year? I'm thinking of a podcast last year. Where you guys slotted out. Who makes it through training camp and on the fifty three man roster based on positional value which? I love by the way and you should absolutely do that again. but what position groups do you think that she should have those extra two guys in? I mean just Kinda you can kinda still go with the logic yeah. I think that it's going to be cornerback. Think they've added a lot of bodies at cornerback. So I think that they're going to be one of those guys. That can kind of play in that flux role between the practice squad on the active roster. Steve's once as many of those guys as possible regardless of what he did last year and then I think the other one is probably interior offense of line. They have a log. Jamba bodies at that spot so I'm guessing that they're going to keep one of those guys around. Maybe try and integrate them a little sooner all right. Let's jump ahead in Lucas and twitter questions now by the way. Thank you guys all for the shape. Patterson jokes I think most of that is a matty's fault for standing shape. How would it be my fault? Also you can add the number one quarterback in the entire country to your football team. You do it done for now also just just for like just lay it all out here. We've got a lot of questions about what you. Dfa is has a chance to make an impact who has a chance to. I think we answered some of that last week. I don't I don't think we're GONNA answer a ton of those a ton of that. That question a ton of times moving forward I we will answer questions about specific you. Dfa's so if you WANNA ask questions about specific guys that's a better way for us to kind of have conversations and keep the stuff fresh. I think we have a UCLA. Durant questioning but We're we're probably if you want to ask specifically about a UTSA. Please go ahead. Moving forward. I just don't want to continue to answer that question because I don't think that's going to be good for you guys and your start rolling your eyes at us for answering it and Wrestle End Russell. Two Thousand Eighteen John. Love is Andy Reid. Secret weapon the League knows about Clyde Edwards Hilar- but they don't know love it. The cheese discount Tastes Them Hill. Agree or disagree that he had has a role based on the often in the offense this year. I want to buy a more John Lovett stock than anybody else on the planet but the chiefs keep bringing back. Anthony Sherman way stay roster spot on a guy that just play special teams in is good in the locker room. If you remove Sherman from the entire equation I agree John. Loving at a place in the oftens. He's going to be an H. Back now too tight end. I don't want him lining up. On the line of scrimmage trying to block defensive ends or linebackers from one or two steps or standstill. Let's not going to be his game. Put Him as an h back. You can make a you use. Check type player. It's just I don't know where you put him on the roster right now the active roster when you have Sherman taking up that roster spot. Who's already such a prominent role not locker room and special teams? Don't think at least space for love to be active. Max are cool asks. I WanNa say you guys Do my favorite podcasts. And you guys are so good at what you think you. We don't feel like it into question. Thank you thank you. Do you guys think she should take a shot at signing Logan Ryan or any other cornerback? Assuming really misses a few games. I think we kind of talked a little bit about this. But let's make sure 'cause I I don't know if we went to deepen there's been more come out about Brillon just just state about Logan Real quick. Yeah Logan Ryan Definitely Logan Ryan complained the slot. They can give some of these guys a little more opportunities on the outside shot. Fenton if they believe that snead is ready to go. They can definitely do that. I think Logan Ryan makes them better. I think Dr Quiz Denard also makes them better another guy. That's out there still available. I think both those guys are going to be pretty cheap. I just think at this process or at this point. It's Kinda like a clayborn situation where it's not going to be too expensive because it's going to be much later in the process. I would one hundred percent bring a slot guy in if they expect Berlin to have to miss some gains because frankly they need that guy. I just don't WanNa go in there and try and take one of the spots away from one of the youngest courts elope asks given. How the broncos raiders and chargers were all invest in wide receiver? Talent this off season. Do you see the chiefs defensive back depth being a bigger concern than the usual going into the season. Well the problem for the broncos. Raiders chargers is their quarterbacks. Can't handle all of this horse power that they have. I mean they've got. They've got a pretty good engine but they can't drive so I I'm not as concerned now. If I mean these situations can change very quickly if better. More competent quarterback play gets involved. But until that happens I'm not going to be worried. I'm not scared of Derek Carr. I'm not scared of drew lock. I'm not scared tyrod Taylor and or just listen. They got much better. They have much better weapons they. They nailed their draft picks with with the weapons that they added in the rest of the AFC west. But I actually like the defensive back depth better than I did last year. I am walking into the season. A Lot. More confident in what? This team has a lot better depth. I liked the guys that they have on the roster so no it wasn't a problem last year in that regard. Now you've got some more athletic body some longer bodies a little bit better ball skills you don't have a groom full of negative ball skills so I think we're GONNA move up. Feel better about what the chiefs are doing here. Because I do think that even though they added all that stuff that the chiefs will be finding their defensive back. I think what you're seeing is the. Afc West is trying to find a way to score points to keep up with the chiefs because you're not going to be able to hold them down a consistent basis and beat. Patrick mahomes Andy Reid. The offense is too good so you can have to score points. You look at the chiefs defense the obvious places to take advantage of or at cornerback in linebacker ends. What do you do? You add speed receiver. So the outside. Who forced her various FOUR-SHOT BELAND RESHAD FIT? And whoever the try to cover these better receivers on the outside what the cheese done really well is a lot stronger through the middle of the field. They're going to force these. Derek Carr. Marcus Marietta Mariota. Hybrids in these drew locked. Whatever in the World Toronto Taylor is going to be for the chargers to beat them by throwing outside? Which is simply isn't a thing that level of quarterback can do on a consistent basis so the chiefs are kind of built. Well slow that down with the current quarterbacks division but I do think you see the AFC west had to get an idea of how you have to attack the chiefs to try to start competing with them. We're going to take a break and we'll be back with more your questions including some Taco Charleston. Talk which we're all here for right after this. Hey everyone this is. Cara Swisher editor at large of recode and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot podcast. Where you break down all the news in Tech Media and business and anything else that we fancy we want to talk about. The news is moving faster than ever. And we're here to bring some analysis context sanity and occasional levity. Yeah there's a lot of sanity around here anyways to the Cova Nineteen News economy. Kara all right. Listen Scott. Listen we don't want to bring levity to Kobe. Nineteen we think. It's a very serious crisis. We want to give people insight and other ways to cope with cove in nineteen. We've had lots of ways to talk about it whether it's through the economy through relationships and we talk about how tech is being used to track data and health and location the privacy risks of living out our lives platforms like zoom which can be a little dangerous how streaming platforms like Netflix will excel or fail without sports broadcasting and how this moment is changing the relation between labor force and major companies like Amazon. We cover the entire landscape of bring great guests ranging from Robert Rice to astaire Peralta got us to the economy and how cove is changing our relationships. How is our relationship changing Scott though? I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally in touch with your emotions. Let's be honest. I'm a future ex Mrs Swisher. Yeah after Sean Hannity. Anyway got puts it Kobe. Nineteen has been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it all by listening to pivot with Cara. Swisher and Scott Galloway. Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts magical I in ancient tree find brand to climb up a Spooky K. Zero Island haunted by ghosts where all the answers are. Why welcome to the island of explain where we answer? Kids biggish questions about what's going on right now. I can't be true scores and not do things that we have to be. Gross adult discretion is advised but seriously kids of ages are welcome. Even you grownup kit cope was island on spotify or wherever you listen to. The delay explained back. Ha ha ha all right. We are continuing to answer your twitter questions. Jeff Pars asks now that the draft is over. Do you wish the chiefs would have traded their first round pick for MINKA FITZPATRICK It would've taken more than their first round. Pick to acquire Minka Fitzpatrick because when the trade happens you know I you know. I think the dolphins were looking at it and saying the steelers are gonNA suck. Cheese aren't going suck. They were going to have to give up more. That being said Yeah. I would've traded my first round pick from Inca Fitzpatrick because you imagine this defense with him. We you know we talked. We talked about the Bermuda Triangle. You know with the safeties that would have been like me better than eighty safety in this glass. Like Mika is. He's a top fifteen top ten player in this class. I mean he's really freaking. Good ploy him on my football team any day. And that's not a slight to Clyde at all it's just value crew Minka gap. I think we we even discuss it. It might take like a first and third when you start talking about maybe Clyde and Neang. Yeah then you start. You know a little bit down that road. I'm not sure there but yeah minkah. Fitzpatrick would add the third of a top fifteen safety do. Oh that's right. I said one hill and honey badger. Our top fifteen safety sled would be. Oh elite group elite group. Let's go all right. Les Tony Asks. What are the odds? Taco Charles in makes the fifty three man Roster Roster Body Chilin AG also asks I had to give this some profit. Because it's all puns care talk comments spelling spelled. Yup on Charlton's potential spots in the rotation mattie dissolving looking at the chiefs defensive end like depth chart. I think it was a pretty good chance at Taco Charleston. Makes the fifty three because once you get past tunnel passengers. Would you really have? You haven't undrafted free agent. Tim Ward who I think the chiefs like but we didn't see any of last year you have demoniac Harris. Who I think Steph didn't played pretty well but it's not like he's a guy that's gonNa keep somebody off the roster that's really about it like that's where rotation ends in. Both of those last two guys are completely loans to Taco Charleston. He's at least been a serviceable. Nfl level rotational player if not starter loewen starter. At times dries yearly career even know that some people see him as a bus just based on talent alone. I mean I think he has to get into the rotation over some of these guys that were talking about any suspects Guy Mattie road up the thing you know talking about him go read it. But he's got a little inside out flexibility. He's got that length he's got. The you know. Plays the way that Spaniel likes. He's definitely I think we can basically almost right in sharpy that he's making this roster wants to carry four guys. He wants to carry four guys. He wants to carry four capable bodies there. I think you saw. He didn't love playing. Tanno passing on the Outside. Last year he loved using him as a sub rusher. So as it stands. They don't really have another body that can play on the outside the way that spag. Nola likes I think TACO CHARLTON CAN. I think they kept five a lot of times last year too. If I'm if I'm remembering correctly I mean they threw some bodies it people. Tim Ward Mike. Dan DEMONIAC Harris. Yeah I think I do think Taco has a very good chance of making this football team. I think the relationship with Frank Clark helps and you know it's a contract year for him in. This is going to be a good chance for both those guys Mattie I thought it was funny that you didn't even mention brilliant speaks. I think we've already moved him inside just whether they removed him inside last priests. So that's great but this just as a fantastic transition spencer be asks who gets more playing time Taco Charleston or Bruin speaks. I hope it's Taco Charleston. Because I think there's a little bit of meat on the bone there with with Bruin speaks I mean. There's a lot of meat on the bones but I don't know if it's really going to translate to the football field that well and I get it. It's still early in his career. It's Kinda hard to be writing him off but you have to look at it from my point of view. I didn't see it in a good. Nfl player when I watched him in college. So we're going on six years. Now where the BRUINS speaks tape. Where I just see a guy who's GonNa be a very low in rotational player on the NFL level. I don't think there's a lot there you added. Pd issues injury issues. Weight control issues. Like I'm just not seeing what I should be hyped up about. I hope he comes out. Proving wrong. Passenger came out and kind of proven wrong guy that I thought was kind of done. Developing headed shown much hopefully speaks does the same thing this year just. I don't know what to get excited about for him because like I said this is going on multiple years now going back to college while I just don't see a player that I get excited to watch the football field IT'S TACO. I don't need to Belabor the point it's Taco it's Taco ed. I mean people like real quick on a random about this already. People talk about how they're still time with Tom with Britain speaks. There's not there's not. He's halfway through his rookie contract. He got hurt and then got suspended during that time he was injured and he was not good his rookie year. There's not a lot of time there. They are actively trying to get him off this roster. If you look look who they have like the. I don't think there's a UH I think brilliant speaks time in. Kansas City is done. So who gets more playing time? It depends on how much time the Dolphins Give Him Kyle K. Craze giving me a look kyle okay. Does he have the skill? Set to challenge Rashad Fenton for time eventually. Yes absolutely I think that Bo Pete is better the ball on the air. I think he's got a higher ceiling. He's got a better athletic profile. But fitness been in the system one year already. He knows how to play. He looked pretty decent plan outside of the NFL level. So I don't expect Bopha to come in and just all of a sudden dethrone. Rashad fitness needs a different story. But I don't expect Beau Pete to have that year one kind of impact there and be able to knock fitting basically down the wrong. I think you're more looking at snead year to challenge fin for time early on. I do think in the future can absolutely do that. He has the physical profile. I just stay Did a good job kind of summing this up on those last podcast coming out there. The he's got a lot of work to do like bogeyed is not ready to play football right now at the NFL level. There's a lot of work. Just love the physical profile. I think you are little ways away from seeing him. Ready to step on the field really get going and when you have that far to go its guarantees get there. I think SNEAD's a lot closer to challenge fit and right now. I feel a lot more comfortable saying that. Those could be in a position battle than I do keys at this point in time. Yeah I mean the cheese kind of through Jarvis. Warning the fire a little bit. Let him play. At the line of scrimmage and they were able to kind of you know have some success there. I think if Bo Pete's going to have any success early it's GonNa be similar that he's going to be playing lot. At the line of scrimmage Rashad fit and it's kind of interesting. What are they gonNA do with them? They're gonNA play outside. They're GONNA play him inside. Bo. Pete's playing outside one hundred percent for me But I don't sleep on him. I'm telling you the traits are there The traits are absolutely. They're zero manse asks who has been the what what has been the main difference from Dorsey. Managing the cabin beach. John Dorsey Overpaid on his guys in overpaid for five years on guys that he had no business paying top top of the market money and the reason he did that is because he overcome overcompensating for paying lay Eric Berry and paying late Guy Justin Houston. So He's let them play it out and then they raked over the coals and then to counteract that he got guys like John or guys like Eric Fisher early and it was just a and and Lebron Whose contract is still on good In in breadth veto has been three year contracts. You know he's really done a lot of three year contracts. I don't think he's overextended this football team too much and you know he's put himself. I think the only five year contract. He's handed out with Frank. You Know Badger in Sammy. Watkins has got three year. Deal so There's more flexibility with what Brett v-chip done Derek Let's play against any hitchens. You're forgetting Anthony Hitchens. Okay that there's still too much. There's still too much John in the building for that one but I mean everything about everything since then has been. I mean has been shorter contracts. I don't think they're they're exposed in too many areas others still paying the price of of of the Eric Berry last year. Was there last year with Eric? Conohere contract I believe Derek Rylands A. Let's play a game. Three reformer chiefs in their prime are magically available in Free Agency for the twenty twenty season. You can only keep two which to keep and Hootie pass on. This is easy for me because the three players are Derrick Johnson. Sorry I in waters Tony Gonzalez. What a tear. Its job by me. It's really really easy. And the guy that I'm leaving out is the only hall of Famer on this list. I'm keeping Brian Waters in Derrick Johnson. Because frankly the chiefs already have a top tier tight end. That may run away with some of these records by the time. It's all said and done. I don't know he's playing with that home so he knows how this is GonNa go. Patrick mahomes gets better. You know up the middle with Brian Waters and elite Brian Waters and DJ helps this linebacking corps. Put Him there with really gay. I don't care figure it out. I think this is pretty easy and I felt I was probably going to be on island two. You're taking Johnson and Brian waters but apparently not and I love Tony Gene and if we go back to even the Alex Smith fled cheese. I'm probably picking Tony Gonzales. Because you get a lot more two tight end sets and you get a lot more use out of it but this current you seem. I don't need to slower. Titans on the field compared to wide receivers. I just need all of them in Travis. Kelsey right now. We still better than toting. Alison his prime. I think I'm GONNA take Kelsey. I like what he's already gone so giving. Brian Waters Dare Johnson for the exact same reasons. Greg said in yet we're just GONNA keep on rolling speaking of violence sweep it. There's no one is on an island and I'm not gonNA lie. A little bit of this is a little bit of petty. I don't want to tell you all to enjoy the satisfaction of winning another world championship winning a world championship city because he has been throwing a lot of shade since he's been gone talk about Atlanta. Well Tony we get. We had a chance. We all had a chance. And we don't want you Brian. You deserve a ring. Dare Johnson. You definitely deserve a ring by Tony you can. You could maybe analyze the game from the stands a Jackson Redford asks. Do you think the defense starts this season similar similarly to our ended last season instead of going through the growing pains at didn't early two thousand. Nine hundred yeah. I think that it'll be a lot closer to what we saw. Maybe not at the very end there. But you're going to see a defense. It's going to be clicking a lot better. A lot of the same guys are there. They understand it. They are on the same page with SPAGNOLO. I said this after the playoffs that basically this defense is going to be better next year simply because they don't have to go through all this so in that regard absolutely. I think that they are going to be much better from the beginning and this goes back to run it back man. They're going to win more early games because they're going to have a lot more complete performances than a lot of the other teams Stein. Lee Ryan asks. You didn't get a write up in the Casey draft guide. Can you guys talk about his draft profile? Could he fill the void left by came irving or will he? Strictly be moved to guard so dray actually with two tackles just outside of the write ups so he was very close. I think I even considered extending the offensive tackle write ups because the class was that good in somebody like you see your grant or Z. Wilson the two guys just outside right up rage deserved write ups for any other class. They got it so I did like. We did like your durant. I do think he's more of a guard though. He is very slow footed in not a great athlete. So I just think there's going to be very limited often schemes. You can work with that at offensive tackle even if you WANNA call him a swing tackle the lack of athleticism moving from right or left tackle or also inside a big ask for somebody of his athletic profile but if you put them inside. I think he's big enough and can move out into space just well enough that he can play there. I think you're GONNA see a small from the chiefs to to getting a little bit more stout up the middle rather than elite athletes can even if you look at the guys know. Kinda showed some interest in with even Lucas me. Ain't going off guard potentially or Robert Hunt or other guys they talked to like Damian Lewis. Having these interviews with those guys aren't super-athletes good athletes but not great athletes. I think Duran's plenty athletic to play guard for the chiefs. I think that's where you will see him get most of his work. Camp GETS GOING ON GALACTIC ASKS IF Damian Williams has ruled out at the one inch line. What does Andy do he goes for? I believe I think he might even mention that they. They were looking at what they were going to do. If he's at like what call we'll play. They're going to call if he goes for it or if if you if you short and I think he said he was gonna go for Real quick why. Not The quarterback sneak there. I kind of wonder if that's not the moment that you go quarterback sneak. I think that is. I'd be reigning power. Yeah here for it. Yeah I mean it would be perfect because it would. That would have been kind of poetic honestly Brandon four twenty to explain some scenarios in which Andy Reid could use both Damian Williams and Clyde were to layer at the same time. This is like every. Nfl Fan also like college. Football's wet dream is getting two running backs that could catch the ball in the field. The same time in thinking about these air raid offenses. Were these running. Backs are coming out of the backfield or one of splitting out running out into which I say. Why not just use a wide receiver like why not just put tyreek hill the backfield's if you want emotion him out to receiver go ahead or leave him in the backfield and send. Clyde retailer out to be a wide receiver or Why does it have to be two running backs? I don't understand but if you are set on trying to do that and there's some uses for it I just don't see the appeal. Same thing with two tight ends in this offense. I don't see the appeal. If you'RE GONNA use both of them you can split either one out the slot like they can run slants. They can run some limited slot wide receiver route. Treason do it pretty well especially for teams. Cover them the linebacker you can have. You can have both of them run. Texas routes little posts or seem routes outside of the backfield like you can get them both into vertical routes from the backfield. It's just again. I don't understand why you wouldn't do it with a receiver rather than two running backs. I'M GONNA chime in real quick I. The thing was like two running backs two halfbacks when people talk about like the reason like I. It's it's weird because we get questioned similar this like that like to mess with personnel. But like I don't know how much that messes with defensive personnel like the reason teams roll out certain positional. Y- position personnel is is to try to help exploit a mismatch with a defensive personnel. I don't know what rolling rolling two running backs out like that like Damian and Clyde is GonNa do defensive personnel. That's really going to have an impact you you just what you're doing. You're you're losing speed on. The field is really what it is. I know this like I just I go. T- team teams counter by putting a safety. They just treat them like a wide receiver. It's exactly that's what I'm saying. It's like you dislike i. It's like they treat it like it's eleven personnel. Or I there's just that's how that's all that you know. Andy's doing when he's when he's putting together his packages like he sees how teams are going to treat search certain personnel groupings. And that's part of what they do with the first fifteen plays as they get a lot of personnel groupings. Out there to see how the defense is going to be treating it because then they have an idea of who they're going to try to pick on during the rest of the game with two running backs it that's not you're not getting a declaration any different than you probably are getting if it's a wide receiver so all you're doing is you're getting. You're getting less speed. Sorry it bothers me but that's okay. Kenny Balasko asks. Last year's prediction cooper. The worst in the League was it really successful parentheses thirty three years but do you have any predictions for this year. My crazy to think use it hold on. I wasn't predicting that the niners we're going to be the worst issue. I was hoping that the niners were GonNa be the worst team. There is a distinction. I did not think it was likely who with no no. You can go back and listen. I said I have contingency plans for the name. If the niners have some success I was I had the sub forty niners in my back pocket. I was not predicted go. I was hoping I was hoping. And they still won the Super Bowl. I'm sorry but The Jaguars keep it on the Jaguars. Because I think they're trying to take for Trevor Lawrence and this is the tank. I'm GonNa go with the bears because they spent their very first pick on tight end giving them ten tight ends on the roster ten Mitchell trubisky still the quarterback. I don't care that. They added Jalen Johnson. And Kim Vilvorde guys that I really like doesn't matter I any team that has ten tied ins. Just get Outta here with that. They're GONNA be awful. It's hard to pick a team like once. You've removed Jacksonville that you think you're just gonNA be utterly terrible. Bears were pick. I was considering going with with another surprise. Pick here and I don't know if I fully believe sued Cleveland Brats. I think there's a chance that this thing is about ready to a route into complete and utter chaos in some of the characters they have on that team. If things start to go south again things could go really south for that team. That was more of like thanks to start going bad. They could just snowball into a bad season. I just don't think decided. That's really going to challenge Jacksonville to be a two or three because that roster is bad mattie. I literally thought put like I. I'm not joking I thought about this today. It's IT's Cleveland Stinks. They taint. They're terrible they draft. Trevor Lawrence and Baker goes to New England. There it is it's happening. Yeah see there's a small part of me. That looks at what the Patriots have done this off season. I'm like man. I WANNA pick him bill. Yeah no no. It's still stadium. Bill Cody Brian. Hoyer bill one with Jacoby in that. Bum Jimmy Garoppolo was. Both of those guys have more talented. They're left ankle. The jarret Stidham Dude Dude. Have you seen Jacoby? Br Percents left ankle. While he's the Kentucky Derby will can fly much better J. instead of all right that's GonNa do it for this week's mail bag we will be back on Wednesday with the AP laboratory be Shirts Eleven. A M for the AP editor show on Tuesday.

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