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Hello and welcome to the Quick News daily podcast where I give you the facts I know click bait stories just real news that matters to real people. Today is Wednesday September ninth in the Lordy, there are tapes we'll get to that in just a second, but then it is the big breaking news of the day so far the rest of the show however will feel similar to yesterday show where we have a lot of smaller stories, but there was a trump rally yesterday. So you already know how much content that provided to me. It's good stuff in disgusting horrible way. So you won't want to miss a minute of it. Let's get caught up. Of course, we have to start with the big news of the day, and all I have to say is thank God for Bob. Woodward. Here's Donald Trump in his own words on February seventh and so what was President Xi saying yesterday we're talking mostly about the. Virus and. I think he's going to have a good shape but you know it's very tricky situation. It's It goes it goes through Air Bob that's always tougher than the touch touch. You don't have to touch things but the air you just breathe the air that's how it's passed. and. So that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. it's also more deadly than your. You know your. Even your strenuous lose you know people don't realize we lose twenty, five, thousand, thirty, thousand people a year who who would ever think that. Right I know. That's pretty amazing. And then I say, well, it's the same thing for more deadly. This is five per you know this is five percents versus one percent less than one percent you know. So this is deadly. Yeah apparently Bob Woodward is writing a book on the trump presidency and. Donald Trump was moronic enough to say this on tape to the guy who brought down. Nixon. I mean, it's like a cop once said on the show cops, you don't catch the smart ones. By the way even his brain can comprehend at that point that corona virus has passed through the air, which we didn't know for quite a while after that. Already knew that back in February early February when we should have started wearing masks. Not only that you hear him say five percent is what the death rate probably about this. That means no I'm not exactly sure if he can multiply anymore or ever could but he says, twenty five thousand is the low number for flu deaths. Okay. So five times twenty, five, thousand, one, hundred, and twenty, five, thousand people dead now he's saying it's a hoax it's not real. So at that point, he has made the decision in his head that one hundred twenty, five, thousand, dead Americans is okay as long as he doesn't panic the stock market. That's literally literally what his mind went through in the decision making process on this, and if you don't think he was trying to hide it from us. Here's trump on March fourth on Sean Hannity today, the global death rate at three point, four percent and a report that the Olympics could be delayed your reaction to that. Well I think the three point four percent is really a false number now. This is just my hunch and but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this because a lot of people will have this and it's very mild. Less than one percent when he knows it's five percent. Now it's lowered a bit since then but it really depends we're not gonNA know until this is mostly behind us is never going to be gone at this point but whenever we get it to sort of like the flu levels. Now, remember when trump said that the kids are basically immune to this sort of thing. So that's why they should go back to school. He said that numerous times. Well, let's take a listen again. Just. Old People, Bob purchased today, and yesterday. Some startling facts came out of not just old older. Able to plenty of young people. So Paraguay's going on. That conversation was from March, Nineteenth March. Now. You might be saying, well, how do you know that he was intentionally trying to cover it up? You weren't there and he's not dumb enough to admit that on tape is he? A A moment of talking to somebody going through this without she or somebody who kind of. It caused a pivot in your mind because it's clear just from what's in on the public record that you went through a pivot on this too. Oh, my God gravity is almost. Inexplicable in unexplainable think Bob really to be honest with you, I want you I wanted to I to always play it down I still like playing it down. Because, I don't want to create a panic. He was downplaying it the entire time. So as not to cause a panic in the stock market. Now, he doesn't say that part but just spitballing here and thinking that maybe just maybe the man who will accept one hundred and twenty, five, thousand deaths just so the stock market will be fine. So he can get re elected might not care about panicked people. It's actually impossible for a narcissistic care about or even comprehend other feelings. This man does not care if you or anyone in your family lives or dies. So long as he gets reelected in doesn't have to face consequences judgment for his crimes. In the field of getting prominent endorsements, it's more of the same today for Joe Biden fee Republicans for Biden Group put out a video yesterday showing former Republican Attorney General for the State of Arizona Grant Woods Endorsing Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Again. This continues the trend of big names and big politicians including tons of Republicans who are endorsing Biden over trump I mean I suppose I shouldn't slight trump because again he has the Goya beans guy and the my pillow guy. So quite a formidable force there. In any case, let's listen to what the former attorney general had to say. A little bit about. Safety. Of, our crime. How He will state of Arizona versus interesting. Watch on trump. And I can say. He has no idea what he's talking. Are we safer right now in the United States, we feel better about ourselves than we did four years ago. And absolute. Donald Trump's presidency is failure when it house Jamaican people here in Arizona Ross. Be Better about their lives. And about their safety trying to put the adults acting. It's time to remember when the constitution is all about I asked you to join wording Joe Biden. President. Let Shift to another story I'm sure you've seen at least one headline about so far, and that's this covert vaccine trial being paused because volunteer has gotten sick. The trial that is put on by the partnership between Oxford University and AstraZeneca, they're trying to covert vaccine. Well, they had to put it on pause because one participant got a quote potentially unexplained illness. So they pose the trial to allow for an independent committee to do a safety review both Sinica in Dr Charlie Weller head vaccines at a UK company who was interviewed for this story and NBC News, which is where this is coming from. Both Dr Weller Industry Zenica say that this is normal part of vaccine trials but. The problem here today is that these trials are under such a fine microscope are such a strong microscope. What's the metaphor phrase there but it's definitely under intense scrutiny especially in our country since vaccines are like our only hope to get back to normal at this point like the trump administration just put everything on these vaccines. On top of all of that, there are these legitimate fears that trump is pressuring these drugmakers to release something quickly before the election so that he can say, Oh, look Rogan be fine. Now Biden's GonNa raise your taxes like that should matter to. So. Well, we have to be cautious about these fears in just acknowledged them know that they're here. For now we'll have to let this independent committee investigate and see if anyone else becomes sick or this is maybe just a one off thing maybe the onus becomes explained in just a bit. I want to highlight something for those of you who are like me who have a real stake in the climate climate change and our natural resources? Yesterday at that rally, we'll get to in a second trump announced an extension on the ban of drilling for oil offshore Florida's coasts this presidential order this executive order supposed to extend the ban by ten years. So now it goes all the way to twenty thirty two. But like I said it was done by presidential. So I'm not sure if this is really that binding, it could just be a show for the swing state in Florida where another big story from yesterday's Than Oo. There's this pull out there that shows Biden and trump tied in Florida. Maybe we'll get to that in a second but right away Biden hit back at the rest of trump's environmental record basically saying it's all talk and even that talk he still claims that climate change is a hoax by the Chinese or. Whatever so he doesn't really have a real record to stand on. This is probably just for show the part where it gets interesting is that there is actually some reporting that back up that claim back in June political had a report saying that the Department of Interior who's in charge of land natural resources essentially was actually preparing to allow oil and gas drilling near Florida but that they wouldn't say. So until after the election, these are coming from sources within the department. So. That's the thing about presidential or executive orders they're easy to change if they have any weight at all, they can be reversed by the president. So again, I just keep coming back to, we'll have to see how much weight this actually carries because some executive orders seem to hold up better than others, but they're designed to not be really important because of the whole premise of we don't WanNa King. I would say for right now it's pretty safe to assume this is mostly a stunt. Let's talk about that poll in Florida for just a second it's an NBC News Marist poll. It pulled likely voters in Florida and shows that Biden and trump are both tied forty eight percent to forty eight percent. Now I looked on fivethirtyeight dot com who has ratings of polls and marriage is actually in a plus pollster. But what I was surprised to find is that all of the ones still had a margin of error of about five percent and that's actually pretty close to what this poll ended up being. This poll has a margin of error of four point, five percent. So to me that sounds like pretty significant because that could mean binds up like fifty to forty eight or something like that or fifty to forty, seven something in that neighborhood. Or trump could be too. You know who who knows but this could be why trump thought was. So important to sign that executive order about drilling because maybe he knew this was coming out soon and that he would get a boost from this. The interesting thing though realclearpolitics which usually leans at least bit Republican. Still has. Biden up one point, two percent on average it take all the polls and average them. So in that one Biden is. Forty, eight to forty, seven in just Florida alone I'm talking. So I don't know. Is this one in outlier? Is it actually that close? What happened to the ones that we're showing biden up like six or whatever? I guess the thing to keep in mind is Florida's always gonNA come down to the wire. The famous saying after two thousand sixteen was you could give Florida voters the choice between a scoop of ice cream or a kick in the head. It'd be fifty, one, forty, nine. So. Yeah. Florida always kind of show. You know it's always Florida. quickly, and just another story that shows how trump is corrupting all facets of the US government. Actually, it's more William Bar Interior Minister William Barr yesterday in a quote highly unusual move nets the New York Times language meaning it's never been done before in it shouldn't. The Department of Justice moved to replace trump's private legal team with federal lawyers, and this is for the defamation lawsuit brought by e Jean. Carroll. Who is accusing trump raping her back in the Nineteen Ninety S in Manhattan. They're saying that since trump denied ever knowing carol or basically saying that she's not his type anyway. An actual thing he said. The Justice Department is arguing that since he was president when he said those things, he should be able to be represented by US lawyers like US attorneys, which is. Not, how it's supposed to work to say the least these are people we pay tax dollars for. It's just not how this stuff works. The Department of Justice isn't the president's Personal Legal Team The main consequence of this move is that basically overrules a state judge's ruling last month that made it possible for trump to be deposed before the election in November, which he obviously wouldn't want into knows huge show up for it anyway. But this is basically another stall tactic at best and a complete misuse of government resources at worst and most likely this sort of thing is the reason that a lot of people actually say that Bill Bar is the most dangerous person in government not Donald Trump because bill bars actually still with it and basically just willing to make the president and King and just steamroller everyone in the process. And finally, let's get to whatever happened in North Carolina last night the trump rally here. Let's take a listen to some of the highlights good. Now, these crowds tell you it's beyond what we had in terms of enthusiasm beyond what we had for years ago in twenty six. Breaking about crowd size during a pandemic when almost none of them are wearing masks bold move by the way you know who's further left than crazy Bernie. Kamala Kamala. Model Jeez on black. I can't imagine why trump would intentionally mispronounced her name in just make fun of it in general he respects both of those groups very much. Nobody has been through what I've been through as president of the United States nobody. Dum Dum hate done a four presidents have been assassinated. So but no, for sure. Yeah, you've been treated the worst. You know they used to say Abraham Lincoln got the worst press I said there's no way he got worse than, but Lincoln was very very badly treated by the is. Maybe. In his case, it was real I can tell you in my case it's fake. Totally fake love. The subtlety there just has to get one little shot in Lincoln about Oh maybe the press was right maybe he was the bad guy going against slavery. I mean what the interestingly enough some people have said, the Lincoln project has gotten under his skin so much that he subconsciously links them to Abraham Lincoln. So that's why he's always attacking him. It's sort of hard to tell any train of thought in that broken mind of trump's in by the way, don't take my word for it. Here's another clip from that same rally where are you going to be appointing very bro crime judges, but they wanted to destroy your suburbs he. You know the. You know the rule, the regulation that I just terminated they want to build low income projects in the suburbs been doing it. They've been destroying suburbs we're not doing it anymore. Pro Crime Judges they want just a ton of crime always love a judge who wants some crime. One. Last one here. Number one terrorist and the mass murder of American troops. Qassim Salamone we got. Him To salomone. The man just short circuits when he tries to say troops that's not just like a casual stumbled this man is slurring words. All right that'll do it for me here today there's really no special announcements today just the usual and a review. If you like what you hear, give me personal feedback through the Google form that sort of thing actually I lied I almost forgot it again I forgot it yesterday I think I think just starting Tuesday kind of threw me off but we have to give a very special. Thank you. Shout out to the people who helped make this show possible in those people are our producer Cathy and our executive producer. Gwen again, thank you so much supporting the show otherwise stay safe make your plan to vote fill out your census and I'll see you right back here tomorrow.

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