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Hello listeners welcome to our biography podcast. This week's part is about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an actor model and singer based in the United. States. Of America Marilyn Monroe became one of the world's biggest sex symbols and an icon for female empowerment in the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties even fifty eight years after her death people still remember her for what she managed to achieve within a short period of time. But. Marilyn Monroe was not born rich. She wasn't born to influential parents either on the contrary she was born to poor parents in addition to that she did not even get to spend much time with them because her mother became mentally ill when she was a child and her father's identity is still not one hundred percent clear. Understandably Maryland had a very difficult childhood. She was not only poor but because of her mother's health condition, she also lived with twelve sets of foster parents one after another and in an orphanage as a result, she couldn't get proper love and affection from her parents. Some biographies motivate us to work harder while others teach us to be humbled by showing how gifted we are. This biography of Marilyn Monroe is obviously the latter. This is the story of a little girl who suffered all her life listen to this podcast now to get a glimpse into the saddening but motivational life story of that little girl. Listen to the stories of men and women who transformed their lives using pure passion and cheer hard will to become the pioneers in their field and change the course of history. This is a ruse biography podcast. The podcast that helps you learn the real truth about successful personalities subscribe now to get access to future episodes. The biography of Marilyn Monroe Gladys Monroe. Gladys Monroe was born to Elmer Monroe and Ella Mae Hogan in nineteen. Oh Two when she was seven years old her father died due to an infection that destroyed his brain tissue after her father's death hoping to find a husband her mother had relationships with several men but none of them lasted. Due to her mother's inconsistent relationships and responsible behaviour. Young Gladys never really understood the importance of men and the role of women in marriage. Moreover, since she lacked a father figure, she grew up craving attention from older men. So when she was fourteen years old, she claimed that she was eighteen years old and married at twenty six year old man call. John Newton Baker. However. After giving birth to a son and a daughter, the demands of Motherhood tired her moreover, gladys had no desire to be a conventional housewife. So she would often leave her children in the care of her neighbors and go dancing and partying. As time progressed, gladys couldn't stand being held down by the clutches of the family anymore she wanted to be free. So in Nineteen, twenty, one, she filed for a divorce two years later, the divorce was granted and her husband took their children with him. Gladys like the new carefree life which was devoid of a husband or kids she often went on dates and had a good time with men. Several years later when she was twenty two years, old gladys was attracted to a twenty seven year old man called Martin Edward. Mortenson, he had a stable job was generous handsome and look five years older than his current age. So she married him however being a traditional housewife was something that was too boring for gladys. Therefore, just four months after their marriage she left her husband. Almost, ten months after gladys left Mortenson she found out that she was pregnant as a result of the pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl on June. First. Nineteen Twenty six in Los Angeles. However since gladys had been with several men after leaving Mortenson she, herself was not sure who the father was. The child's father was most probably a womanizer called Charles Stanley Gifford. Charles Stanley. Gifford was a CO worker with whom gladys had a brief affair. However, he abandoned her after finding out that she had gotten pregnant. Since. She did not know who the father was and also because she was still not divorced from Mortensen, she named the Child is Norma. Jeane. Mortenson. The child was also called Norma Jeane Baker sometimes taking the last name of Gladys's first husband. This child would grow up and later revolutionized Hollywood by the name of Marilyn Monroe. Gene and the. First. Foster family. Gladys had no one who can help her financially so she couldn't quit her job moreover, she knew that she couldn't be a good mother due to her lifestyle. She was also scared of the responsibility of caring for a child therefore when normal was just two weeks old gladys left her in the care of a foster family living only sixteen miles away. She paid the family twenty five dollars every week to take care of Norma. Even though several children were fostered by the Family Norma lived there for the longest time she lived there for the first six years of her life. During this time, the foster family took care of norma properly. They even let her keep puppy which she brought home as long as she took care of it. Moreover Gladys visited normal on weekends and took her for picnics and outings they would ride trams tour glass factories, go to the beach and eat ice cream yet norma was disturbed emotionally because gladys visits got less frequent and norm did not know when gladys might stop visiting her. As a child norma was always confused, the reason for the confusion is not hard to imagine. She saw other children addressing their parents as mother and father. So she didn't understand why her foster parents forced her to call them, uncle and aunt. Understand that gladys was her real mother and her foster parents were just taking care of her to her gladys was just a fun lady who visited her often and took her to outings. When Norma turned seven an angry neighbor shot and killed her dog because it was barking loudly this caused a lot of pain to the little girl. So unable to console the little girl, the foster family summoned her mother gladys. Norma Jean and gladys. Gladys helped her bury the dog and took norma to live with her to norma living with gladys was a new experience. Her foster parents were religious in highly disciplined. They did not approve of norm watching movies on the other hand gladys worked in the film industry in Los. Angeles. To create the final version of the edited film, She often took norma to watch movies normal would sit in the first row and watch the movies on the big screen with all. Gladys. Often drank and danced with her friends on weekends after Gladys was done. Drinking and dancing little normal often emptied the beer bottles that her mother drank and filled them with flowers from the garden. Even though gladys was not a great role model, she tried her best to take care of normal as normal was slowly getting adapted to living with her mother everything changed suddenly. All her life gladys had thought that her mother and father had died because of madness in the year nineteen, thirty four due to the economic depression and other reasons her grandfather took his own life. Even though she did not know her grandfather personally, this made gladys believed that mental illness runs in her family. So she was convinced that she will become a lunatic as well. This pushed her into depression due to the depression and the false belief she started hallucinating often she had difficulty in distinguishing between what is real and what isn't as a result in the year nineteen, thirty, four gladys was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She spent the rest of her life in and out of care homes and hospitals. Norma Jean and grace. Since, Gladys was deemed incapable of caring for her daughter anymore, Norma was sent to live with different sets of people for short durations and even some orphanages but primarily, she spent lived with the family of Grace McKee and their relatives grace McKee is the most important friend and confidante of Gladys. She decided to take care of Norma after Gladys became ill grace did not have any children of her own. So she considered Norma's her daughter therefore even when norma was living with some other foster family, she visited normal often. Grace. Thought Norma was really beautiful and would become an actress Sunday. So she taught normally address properly and take care of herself so that she appears gorgeous all the time grace would later become a big influence in the life of Norma. Growing up norma could never get the parental love that she needed. Moreover, she had to change constantly so that she could please her family at first. She thought her foster mother was her biological mother who told that watching movies was a sin and instead she should spend her time praying to God. Then she adapted to living with her biological mother who took her to movies and showed that watching movies wasn't ascend after. Her mother fell ill grace came into her life and wanted her to act in the same movies which he wants thought was ascend thus at different points in her life people whom she loved forced different beliefs into her which directly conflicted with current beliefs. Moreover, none of those people whom she loved stayed with her until she became an adult. So Little Norma grew up not knowing what to believe and whom to trust. In addition to that, after her mother fell ill norma had to move from one foster family to the next and was also sexually abused. All these incidents left a permanent scar on her mental wellbeing. As a result, she developed a stutter and became shy because of the trauma. Norma Jeane Marilyn Monroe. When normal was sixteen years old the family of grace with whom was living at that time decided to move to West. Virginia. But they couldn't afford to take norma with them even though grace had promised norma that she wouldn't have to feel insecure again she went back on her word this devastated. And she felt like dispensable object once again. Since grace and her family were moving to another town. Grace decided to get norma married to her neighbours son whom she was dating at that time since the only alternative was to stay in an orphanage until the age of eighteen norma agreed to the marriage. So in nineteen forty to the sixteen year old Norma Jeane Mortenson quit school and married the twenty one year old James Dougherty. After their marriage, they moved to Santa Catalina Island where her husband was stationed during the Second World War, Maryland, later described this marriage as mundane after a year of living with her husband Norma came to live with her mother in law when her husband was posted to the Pacific. Norman mother-in-law was working in Radio Plane Company as a nurse. At that time, the defense sectors were booming due to the second world. War. So Norma's mother-in-law could easily get a job for Norman. The Same Company Norma's task was to spray varnish on the fuselage fabric. Then nineteen forty four photographers came to the Radio Plane Company to shoot pictures of the most beautiful female factory workers for commercials and military magazines. Their task was to portray to the nation that America's loveliest ladies showed their patriotism by working in defense companies. One of these photographers named David Kahn over who had powerful contacts was impressed by Norma. He advised her that she would have a great future if she got into modelling heating to his advice norm quitter job the following year she began doing modeling shoots for him and his other photographer friends. Gradually Norma started applying to modeling agencies one of these agencies called the Blue Book Modeling Agency accepted her she signed her first contract with them in nineteen forty five. Within a year Maryland had appeared in more than thirty magazine covers and was called one of the most hard working models by the owner of her agency. Her figure was more suitable for print advertisements than modeling. So she began focusing on these magazines. However, her husband was not pleased with this development in her career. He wanted her to quit modeling and become a housewife. So Norma who wanted to continue her profession divorced him in the year nineteen, forty six. In the same year, she met Ben Lyon who was working with Fox production company. They signed a contract for six months with her even though she didn't impress the head executive of the company but Lyon didn't want an actress who was called Norma Jean dougherty her name was plain and unattractive. So Norma chose to have the last name Monroe since it was the name of her mother's family but Norma Jean, Munro was still not attractive. So lion remembering an actress called Maryland Miller with whom he had fallen in love previously suggested that she should take the name of Marilyn Monroe and just like that the famous Marilyn Monroe was born. The rise to fame. For the first six months after signing her contract Maryland did not do any films she only worked on her acting and dancing skills. She got into an acting school with the help of the studio she worked with and met many people to promote herself. She got her first small role in the film dangerous years in nineteen, forty seven however per contract was not renewed that year since the teachers at the acting school said, she was too shy to be a successful actor. So, Maryland went back to modeling. She started working as a backup dancer while continuing to take acting lessons she did everything she had to do so that she could get acting roles this involved befriending influential people in the industry and entertaining them at her home. One such friendship with a Fox executive helped her get a contract with Columbia pictures in nineteen, forty eight. Lost that contract a year later as her picture didn't work that. Well. So she again went back to modeling and started some semi-naked shots to as she was comfortable with nudity her big break came in the year nineteen fifty when she earned a seven year contract with Twentieth Century Fox studios after a series of small acting parts in movies like the fireable right cross all about eve and the ask for just. She got great reviews for the asphalt jungle and even critics praised her however even though her profession was finally taking off to great heights, she was emotionally devastated due to an unfortunate incident, her mentor and Partner Johnny High who got her these parts in the contracts died of a heart attack days after she signed the contract this left her shattered and scarred for the rest of her life. The nineteen forty-nine Maryland posed for a series of nude photographs. These photographs surfaced in the year nineteen, fifty two and threatened to put a dent on her career. Her production studio did not want them to affect her reputation. So they thought it would be better if Maryland admitted to being the model in the photographs and told that she was broke and she did that photo shoot only for some instant money this strategy worked well as a result Maryland gained a lot of public sympathy from the scandal at the same time she also became. Popular for her sex symbol image rather than her acting skills, her next films did well but all these films that are typecast it and blonde bombshell roles that demanded semi nudity and suggestive clothes. Maryland enjoyed this popularity and added fuel to it by turning up revealing clothes on public forums and sharing sexy amusing facts about her to public columnists in December nineteen fifty-three Hugh hefner published one of her nude photos as the centers spread of the first copy of playboy this added to her already soaring popularity as the leading sex symbol of Hollywood. After a series of highly successful films as a blonde sex symbol Maryland wanted to do some serious roles but the Twentieth Century Fox studios did not agree to it as they thought that serious films would not do well after many discussions, Maryland refused to shoot for another such movie. So they suspended her and canceled her contract. Maryland wanted to stop this negative publicity from ruining her career. So she married the baseball star Joe Dimaggio and started traveling the world with him. She reunited with Fox studios a few months later and was promised a lead role in what would go on to become one of the biggest movies of her career. The seven year itch she started filming for the film in Nineteen, fifty, four, it was released in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, it features the immensely popular subway great scene in which Maryland can be seen standing on the subway. Great with the skirt flying up this scene would later become so famous that it would be featured in many magazines and films even decades after her death. Ironically. Her unscreened success ended her marriage with Joe. Maryland later claimed that Joe was physically abusive and had a controlling behavior. She filed for divorce but continue to relationship with Joe along with affairs with Arthur, Miller, and Marlon Brando during this period. After her contract with Fox studios ended Maryland along with photographer Milton Green founded the Marilyn Monroe productions she began studying, acting and started using psychoanalysis to address her personal traumas. Even, though she had her own production studio, her production studio could not produce films on its own. So Maryland reunited with Fox studios yet again, after an intense legal battle, she signed a seven year contract with them with four big films. The nineteen fifty six Maryland married Arthur Miller despite the FBI pursuing a case against him she began shooting for bus stop under Fox studios, which went on to become a commercial success. Maryland. Received a Golden Globe award for best actress for her role in the film and was finally recognized as an actress instead of justice sex symbol. She completed one more film under her own banner after this then she took an eighteen months hiatus from shooting to concentrate on her family life. She suffered a miscarriage anik topic pregnancy during that period. So she started taking pharmaceutical drugs to overcome her emotional depression she and Miller finally got divorced in the year nineteen, sixty one. After this Maryland resumed shooting on and off for films but she did not get a commercial hit despite posing nude for publicity stunt for the movie something's got to give. She was also involved in many legal battles with Fox studios over the delay in shooting. This gave her negative publicity in the final months of her life. Final years. Then, the last years of her life Marilyn. Monroe was battling depression caused by three failed marriages miscarriages a lost job, and the belief that mental illness runs in her family. The same belief that drove her mother mad. She also suffered from anxiety and low self esteem caused due to the lack of parental love when she was a child, the search for her father also devastated or terribly while she was living with her mother, the eight year old Maryland found a picture of Charles. Stanley Gifford the man who was. Most, probably, her father and her later years, she would try to reach him without any success. She would spend a lifetime trying to find this man and others which affected a relationship with men. Once when she called him in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, two, he told her that he didn't have anything to say to her and she should call his lawyer instead this completely apathetic reply from the man whom she believed to be her father crushed her emotionally all her life she never stopped hoping for his approval. Marilyn Monroe died on the night of August Fifth Nineteen, sixty two when she was just thirty six years old Maryland's housekeeper and her psychiatrist found her dead in her room due to drug overdose. In the following years her fans introduced many conspiracy theories and murder intentions but police ruled them all out. Her sudden death became a national sensation. It was later revealed that Maryland had overdosed on barbiturates a drug used to treat anxiety insomnia and depression in the nineteen sixties. Fact you probably didn't know. Maryland had a fear of losing her mind and going mad as her mother and grandmother did. She stuttered on occasions and the stuttering continued for the rest of her life. Maryland attempted suicide in nineteen fifty after her partner agent and close confidante. Johnny high died she attempted suicide once again when she miscarried and had an ectopic pregnancy. According to her co-stars Maryland was extremely difficult to work with. She was even fired from her last film due to her lack of punctuality and erratic shooting schedule. Marilyn Monroe's house where she died in nineteen sixty two was purchased by a couple. The couple later found that the house was bug and an elaborate government phone-tapping system was found across the house. We hope that this biography of Marilyn Monroe helped you learn about the actor and how she became a world renowned personality whenever you have trouble making a decision think about Marilyn Monroe if she hadn't made the decision to divorce her first husband and pursue modelling, she could have raised a family and lead a happy life on the other hand. She wouldn't have become a world famous star. So make the right decisions as these decisions will come to define who you are. To listen to more interesting podcasts or read interesting articles on finance health history life stories, and science. Our APP from apple and Google play store. Our APP is called was Subaru and spelled W. I s. you are you

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