Mozambique Court Declares Void Two Loans In 'Hidden Debt' Scandal


You're listening to. The news are in Africa Business Radio. Mozambique Constitutional Court has declared void to learn totaling more than one billion dollars at the heart of a hidden debt scandal that trigger currency collapsed and sovereign debt default. The court's ruling in by rights isn't data eight also declared full states guarantees for the six hundred and twenty two million dollars and five hundred thirty five million dollars loans arranged by Credit Suisse and Russian bank BC. The loans are contracted on the English law. But the Mozambican court's ruling could add weights the government's efforts to challenge the validity of the guarantees for loans for a London Court Credit Suisse and VDB have argued in court documents. That government is liable for the money and that was the news this time in Africa. Business Radio you can continue to listen live online at. Www Dot Africa business radio DOT COM or via mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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