S5E2 - She Fought Alone [Part 1] (Featuring Katie Walsh)


You're listening to season five of mother. May i sleep real podcast. I'm your host molly math. Hey guys we're doing. She fought alone tonight. This is a movie that i know a lot of you. Guys have wanted to hear for a very long mm time gigantic trigger warning at the top of the show. This is a really upsetting movie. My guess is katie. Walsh this is this is not the order that that you normally do a trigger warning in. She's not a part of the warning awarded woman that i wanted to bring on to talk about this movie. That's it's a delicate subject. I have had other guests. Start this movie and be like hey. This isn't appropriate for me and i'm like t- like for knowing that about yourself. Well thank you because not everyone knows you know what i mean but this is a movie that i saw when i was much much younger many years ago probably we back in like the nine zero two one zero days when tiffany. I'm brian austin green were at the peak of their popularity but also i think in a real life. Relationship is some serious chemistry. Yeah i mean it's all happening but i also we'll talk about the bigger like implication this movie movie ending in like a romeo and juliet type situation. This whole thing is spoiler alert is this podcast is one be alert but yeah yeah. It was a good movie. I do think both tiffany amber and brian. Austin green are registered republicans. If i take own i mean honestly i'm just hurling an accusation very early about that when i was watching this movie tiffany phinney why i don't think so i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt i will say brian austin green possibly a republican. I wouldn't put a pastime jean. Kane is let me down. Yeah yeah dean dean. Lets you down like it's really downhill. Go back and i do want to again apologize for saying that rob. Lowe is is a republican ones on this podcast and also if you're a republican listening you know i really just need to get to know your heart so right in explain this this movie is according to i m d about a girl who finds herself shamed a small rural town after being raped by a football player her boyfriend her mother and her lawyer all try their best protector. The local high school put a stop to the harassment. I think that's a decent explanation case on here but he's not her. Oh boy friend one. He's not her boyfriend to. He does nothing right. Heaping is trash. He is a piece of trash so many notes answer like am. I supposed to forgive this mother fucker oh because his mom is disabled and he brought her fruit like i'm supposed to forgive his actions as home movie view but i will say this lake you know i'll just speak from personal experience like i had a close knit group of friends in high school. I've told this story before in the pod hard geysers. I really honestly i would die if there's someone who's like molly and fucking tired hearing on sexual assault story like by the way i'd like totally. I love that if that's happening but also like what's wrong with you. I'd like this really tight. Group of girlfriends and one of my friends boyfriends runs sexually assaulted me at schools more of just like a a. I had brazil my body but it was not like i mean it was sexual in nature but he didn't like certainly not raped me or anything and also it was like i kind of i mean he is jase type. I guess looking back i'm like why would you have done that and i'm like oh. He's probably a jas type. Jason's like diet american psycho in this movie diet american psycho. He's so he's a poor man's like patrick bateman one hundred percent but this is the part where wags furiously like his legs us holder starting so soon and some foley he's old so anyway like did basically like my senior year. I lost my entire friend group. See i on my one friend who actually wound up marrying. My cousin and it's it was traumatizing absolutely was full. I was fully ostracized as you said something yeah because i went to the my boyfriend like encouraged me to go to the school authorities or whatever sure my mom did not encourage me to do that. She thought i shouldn't have done that because it was gonna. Make it tough on me and i will say honestly eli. I understand her p._o._v. It's probably not like the current thing people would say now but i think based on her experience. Which is something that's very mirrored in this like movie and also very true about reporting anything in general like fat chance anyone believes you and they will do anything they can to discredit you yeah because implications or two huge especially when it's like a young man in his life whatever and in his please out forever like i was very triggered about brad kavanagh throughout this whole thing as well but <hes> yeah basically i will say like this. Was you know this is a real story like not. Just you know like to a lot of women out there air but to me so i felt that you know every woman you know you know. We all have our situation. I thought katie will be a great guest to have on because not only. Are you like just another woman but you're like an actual film. Criti- i've so sad i do feel like i failed our audience by i'm not picking like some big haley dove mugs and jugs style. That's what we call it. You know i love hailey duff moment. She's my favorite marin erin lifetime actress but we won some deep shit and i think you're the appropriate person to go through this way. I am honored to talk about. She's fought alone for the uh-huh mother may sleep with podcast audience good macho expert movie actually a very good movie. It's very good now. I will clarify that. This was not not a lifetime original. This was made for n._b._c.'s similar to twisted desire that we did. I believe in season two daniel van kirk which was starring melissa melissa joan hart as most heart in <hes> who's the other ninety s hong that was in that tweeted at me but yeah that was an also an n._b._c. movie that was frequently rerun on lifetime and i do love now a._b._c. Family does like some nice crossovers. Okay wars film of all time see how i watch it every night for two years when i was falling abed to find about it and i had like a a friend that i shared in next netflix account and she was so fucking concerned about just say why is always like halfway. Does she really sorority wars again. Molly like there was like a two month period where i did modest sorority girls and then i came back to it in she was like oh my god like one coming back for a sweet sweet taste that smack i don't know about you. I fell asleep to the same like twelve audio books. I had every single night when i was a kid when you had like audiobooks octaves so that version of that so there's not a lot ought to make fun of in this movie you so. I'd like to focus at the very top on some i._m._d._b. Fun yeah. There are some incredible credible well one. I noticed that you know i listened to a couple episodes like the people who worked on this. They work. They buck yeah daily. It's christopher leach the director. He does a lot of this stuff. The screenwriter i actually was was like this is pretty. Well written also did rain wolf to this director teen wolf too. He's done some c._s._i. Yeah we don't we respect only in this house. Yeah and i noticed he did a couple like seventies movies. His first couple movies were like studio movies theatrical features and then he he he went into the t._v. Movie game and i'm just like you know what that guy probably has like two houses from this tv movie. He's he didn't alfred hitchcock presents. He's been working yeah. Oh in oh my god you remember the live action beauty in the b. show when we got real with gabe geico fabio but he looks like a lion yeah. Was that ron perlman it might have been but i will tell you look it up. It was ron costs lau. The ron's yeah wanted the big runs. You know when iran so no truly look this man luka goddamn lion any lived in the sewer. Were you know what i do. Remember that show yeah. I don't think i ever saw it but i remember like the previews for it. Yeah like i had a single mom who let me stay up late sometimes like while she was doing laundry or whatever and so i've seen episodes of beauty and the beast and it shook me as a child and he did several episodes of that. He's at a really successful career now. Let's go to miss tiffany amber thesis in this way i can tell the story of how he chose his film and the malaria's oh oh yeah okay hot and by bag so molly and i are texting about what movie we're gonna do and she goes okay let's do she fought alone on the tiffany amber movie. I'm like great. That's awesome in the next day. She's like let's say the tat and bag movie what's and bag. It's called tat and bag and she's she's like no tiffany. I'm brian austin green. We didn't beat the like if someone yelled at me across the street debut like only okay. Oh you know oh you know to love that so much hat and bag gotten bag. It's like also that'll come up a lot because it's like in my notes consistently because as we say on this show a lot it can be really hard to discern these different people's names especially. If you're watching on a janke janki asks you to write and also they never say each other's names. I was caitlyn to halfway through the imam. Her name avon rose avon rose was brought up in the last like i was like why wasn't this movie called avon rose's daughter. That is a movie. I be lay von. Roses is a isn't it a bold choice for like someone who never gets called that absent absolutely in for a person that could have used that you know like we we knew that she was like not nose sort of a a loose girl in high school. She would have thought of it in her mind. We knew that i didn't know what she owned a dress shop till like the second to the last scene. They even picked that have a lot of good details. I maybe that's where she got the backpack. Yeah listen slow flo back. I thought she knew i dunno later on the principal like dishes her dresses. She's like oh. She sold cheap dresses. I was like well guess who knows to show up with a sunflower backpack for her daughter before she leaves her junior college but that actually makes sense because <hes> caitlyn tiffany's costuming assuming and this is really wonderful it well this is low so like the benefit of being an n._b._c. movie is that they went like everything was bigger. The sets were better like the different homes they use. They didn't look artificial was shot in real homes production design on point yeah absolutely they had cranes for days. The other thing is like interesting because we just watched queen size with nikki blonde ski last week and bay blew it out on the music budget budget and they bought one song for this movie and it was run around by blues traveler but they bought two blues traveler song. Oh is it a vernalis travelers on it because i initially thought it was the same song i'm like oh. They're really working that blues traveler license and then i was like await. No it's the other blues traveler single but i do want to talk about the soundtrack because it is bizarre angers so yeah it goes in between unlike the beach boys simulation surfer music like i just get cut traveler and also like the blues travelers signifies it's like happy moments and so when we first here run around when she's hanging out with even for the first time and she like they have that weird moment where he he likes agrees with her about the movie theater which is corny and then <hes> at the end when she's leaving. They play the one that's like telling yeah. I know i'm like kicking myself for not knowing what it is. I think it's a difference on but i'm also not going to lie to you on simultaneously looking up when john goodman became became obsessed with blues traveler and they started doing they are huge blues. Traveler run on roseanne nearly dominated the previous season. He said if people did not live through the nineties they don't understand how important blues traveler as i also think that this movie that that really signifies the authenticity of the time period you know when people do ninety stuff now. They don't get that people were so many fucking vests in the nineties. Oh everywhere there are vests in every frame of this movie. Yeah i mean there would be vest. That weren't even like separate vest they. He just came attached. Young sleeve die where we came through with a lot of vests. Yeah i had a vest that had green apples on one side and yellow apples on the other side fine announced a denim vest that i would like where with a flowery dress <hes> that i had a long loose like kind of hippie flowing. You're from san francisco right like that earns you from <hes> in the virgin islands which means we got trends very late. Oh my god wait really you're from the virgin. How how did you get here. I went to college in connecticut and i went to grad school in l._a. The says how was your childhood that sounds so like it was it is it is exotic. It was beautiful. It's idyllic. It's <music> but it's like a tiny small town <hes> that you cannot drive away from oh for sure that these people this can relate a lot to this experience orient this movie right so every time that bag even it's like. I just wanted to get on the road dragged away from this town. Really leave felt that as a teen growing up in the virgin islands yeah stay wild turn aching to get away but like isis stinkier from san francisco scotches have a cool vibe. I would've assumed you were east coast but then i was like no. It's in your head leg. She's always like whenever i feel like there's like several people i'm always like wait. Where are you from <hes>. I'm from like you know like san francisco. Don't forget. I'm reason i thought i had filed it away. In meltzer k. saint-croix always takes people by surprise. Wow absolutely i mean i know people. Live there especially your round around but i just <hes> it's like so you know i've only heard about people going there on vaca- yeah it's it's inquiry is like it's not is is <hes> touristy saint thomas saint john but it's a little bit more but like bohemia and lived in and like a livable residential but yeah i mean it does have like an ex expat population of people from the states i mean my parents are from the states. Just move there and it's a u. S. territory so it's like you know it's easy to move there but yeah i mean i mean my parents still live there. My god i moved there you totally can do. They have chili's no. I don't know where i'd worked fan but i you bartend or like okay. You know i think that life would be. I think like once you're at a certain age. You can't bartend unless you're sober. You know what anything's possible in saint croix. It's pie right. We're already for a second act at any time. Yeah speaking of second second acts not leah romy or jaylo but tiffany decent whose career is at many turns. Let's start out with where she began. Okay she had her. I will ever on levin tv series which her role was a girl. It was in one thousand nine hundred nine. I was four years old whose whose shrunk saturday warning. I've heard of that. Don't remember charlton charge. You could forget married with children valerie. I remember her getting famous off of that verschoor and then she was on all of saved by the bell starting back in eighty nine as well so she's super famous. I kill her amongst friends. That was a movie. We've done on this show. I think and she's fucking famous man and now she's. She did a show called election kate. Are you familiar. Oh that's like a is that an animated show my friend rights on that. No it's like a netflix. Kids like kid show lifelong best friend. The lexin katie are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. The pows confront a crisis. Is that leaves them feeling like outsiders time would seems to matter most is fitting end yeah yeah. It's it's obviously a waie show but it's not animated but i do. I have some friends who right on alexa and katy. We'll tell you i i would love to write on a kid's tv. Show yeah the one opportunity i had. I'm so glad i didn't take <hes> guys blind item but you know i'm glad that tiffany's still working. I'm glad that he's getting some jobs. I'm happy for anyone you know especially when she's america's sweetheart like. I don't think we have a scandal digits cooking show or something. She looks cooking being youtube. Show or something probably i. I mean haley duff dead. If that's the hang i also that she was in dusk till dawn to texas blood money which i've never heard of but now i desperately need to see. That's how i felt about. Laurie laughlin garage sale miseries. I was like anthony like she's getting canceled. Just in time for me to find out about the dope show i've ever heard so this guy brian. Austin green knots knots landing in highway to heaven. I think most people would agree was his first like main jumpoff. He was also on an episode of good morning miss bliss which was the original name of saved by the bell so he was there for the original that he also was on saved by the bell the college years of course we all know him mostly from nine. Oh two one oh and he also is still still now working on the new two zero which you guys like literally halmi like i would do anything to be on h. Two we we you. I heard some sketchy blind items that there's some weird stuff going on with with be brian austin green. Maybe his wife is like a scam or something or girlfriend socks. No they got divorced there like he's with someone else now. I need to find this weird sketchy twitter account. I follow <hes> that said there was like some sketchy stuff like his his girlfriend or something. He's like involved in like m._l._m.'s ponzi schemes. Oh like nexium axiom. I fucking hope so. I'm nexium call for years. I've been hiding it from you both in nexium <hes> so then let's talk about isabel happen and i love this because this is one like we already had some crossovers with charles charge we already had some crossovers with you know saved by the bell now we got to get into the mom isabella hofmann who plays avon rose and we have an early crossover from her which is truly this is the fucking fucking derek jeter's herbie tree of life humor note. I'm talking about the derrick jeeter petri. I can only assume from the big gawker like memed that it was like you know everyone in hollywood that is septa derek jeter and everyone who's up with them. Lifetime has their own version of just like crossed resumes so she was also on beauty beauty and the beast. She was also on come on now. You saw a bunch of them twisted desire which we spoke about earlier. She was also also on issues on touched by an angel. My god she also was on suits starring megan markle which is what the detective we spoke about keith macaque me. He was on a movie. He played in a movie called went sparks fly playing it now but yeah. There's a the water of lake. I loved the <hes> good old hollywood <hes> incestual nece that takes place both on and off screen. I know it's like they all have worked together and then actually one of you know i. I wonder how many people are like. Hey yeah get him in our get her iran or like the beasts like she was great to work with like i do think there is such a thing in hollywood of that person is professional. They're nice we we like having them onset like get them in. We feel yeah. I feel that one hundred percent and do you want to know what else i'm thinking is going on here. Yeah so jessica robertson son who played the younger sister judy whose name i thought was jenny any joe joe like i thought her name was everything before i finally in the last act of the movie was like it's fucking judy. She's now a producer a well yeah and i do. She did something called home home and family very recently two thousand twelve two thousand fifteen which is like pretty recently for someone who's only done a few things on lifetime. That's a happy ending. I feel they she needs to be ushered in some people in her life yeah and the other thing that i saw i did a deep dive on david lipper. I think the guy's name amos who plays jay z. I hate him. We hate jas. He's horrible awful gave clipper. You stan no i. I read his i._m._d._b. Bio which i'm i'm obsessed with corky i._m._d._b. Which like i think people right themselves more like somebody else wrote and you can tell that they wrote them but he said that he the <hes> was on a pilot with tiffany season <hes> giovanni ribisi my boyfriend hilary swank guy and him and it was called like reality check and the pilot didn't go but then he played the rapist and and <hes> she fought alone but i'm like someone he's unearth this this pilot. I need to see this pilot. I think all the time. I'm like what where did all the pilots. Let's go you like all those fucking pilots. I need to see it. I know what could've been. I'm sure it was like nine. Hundred ninety four like pure nineties insanity with giovanni rabin hilary swank who's like a huge star at that point in time way more bankable than hilary swank multiple oscar winner now. It's just it's just so hilarious and think about. I know because of the way that our industry is like structured. It would be impossible for warner brothers to release the d._v._d. Compilation of all the pilots they'd go because the directors wouldn't get their points or something but if i fucking owned warner brothers would make sure that that i had full rights to distribute that years later especially when all the people got famous. There's some money in that honey in the public would love it as well. Can i tell you one thing that i just had like a minor panic attack about please. Please jas played viper on my sister. Jodie sweden's television was on full house does and fuller house. I am laid d._j.'s boyfriend a yeah viper the real bad boy bad boy stuff i couldn't i couldn't wow i really took my breath away and then it also viper from full house pitches to net flix tv movie in two two thousand six. Was this like a short. They did just to netflix doesn't six like two thousand sixteen yeah. Does it says it was like <hes>. It looks like a one day. Make one video pilot. Jansher diligent puts it on their thing. I know i truly i really believe that. David lipper wrote his own i._m._d._b. Bio or maybe his agent or something like that person because at the andes like it says something like he's got some stuff in the works for twenty nine thousand nine that super exciting of stay tuned and can i tell you what am i can't wait to see what david lipper has in the hopper. Our katie is starting to sound a lot lay a fucking wrote this bio and are trying to just like throw it under the buzz so there's no association i wrote his is by like. Are you getting paid under the table to write fat as resume i._m._d._b. Shit like a little vague so it seems like they wrote it when i go to mac. Can i get my makeup donnie. Just fuck up the eyeliner a little bit on one side so i did it myself. You know what i am available to write your i._m._d._b. Bio i will take minds of currency to tiny probably shop at you as a consultant on the website so let's go over the trivia before we get into the movie tiffany and and brian were also lovers beverly you with a fuck wrote de also lovers in beverly hills to winnow nine hundred ninety ninety as well as in real life that is like person. I'm sorry as well as in real life like get the you don't know these people the actress please tiffany's doctor sure who examined her after her rape is john mansfield her father on saved by the bell. I grow i am home. Tom fuck. I'm so upset. Oh we believe this is why you literally can't go on vacation way to one more day to to your shit like i am going to pass away that i just read that the first time only god knows the guy who gave her rape. Kate was her dad on. He is not to say that like if that for god like you know your dad's a doctor in that happens but like i just again this cross pollination hollywood way. It's really good. Show you think tiffany was like you know what i really feel comfortable with john like he he should like ugly. The doctor who gives me the rape yeah like that actually is truly early like we should stress this at happened so much like this is how people work okay we go to the next german isabella hofmann who please the mother of tiffany. Thesis character also plays the mother. I'm brian us and greens onscreen love interest in the movie on what father i read that wrong and i thought that she played his love interest uh-huh honestly. It's none of it's great did them by the way like this way i mean it is rape like just say the word. I agree one one time. Did you ever hear that this american life episode where the referred to rape as unwanted sex it was like back in the day and i like literally like can you just stay the fuck and word. I like got so upset about it so i don't know why shocks me. I think probably because it should shock me every time i read it but anyway this is david lipper in liber rapes tiffany season in this film and she cried no nineteen ninety-six mark paul gloss gosling tiffany's co star in saved by the bell nine hundred ninety nineteen eighty-nine boyfriend rate david's co-star in full house girlfriend candace cameron beret. This film takes place in high school with a ladder. Film takes place in college. Oh john this other one side. God ore onscreen boyfriends raped the one t._v. Movies i could barely get that out is psycho and i think i had put that together but there's also one with fred savage and i'm not sure it's candace. Cameron fred savage rape at least a heavy stocking with sexual under today and it's also like another sort of thriller movie. Were you like hey your childhood t._v. Star get your hands off her. Yeah fred savage can't be a bad guy. No it's like hard to watch original. Title of this film was scared by love song which was featured in the film. That's not a good time move and okay title like this. Movie is about sexual harassment and violent violent rape. Yeah it really is actually like yeah. It's actually really upsetting and also they do look like they don't hold back like i know you. I also saw chucky this weekend. Oh i've seen it yeah in shock did not hold back this movie you know so. If you wanna know like if jay's is and you know what i mean there's similarities here jay's just as bad as the a._i. In this movie okay so it says during the opening scene caitlyn buttons her sweater twice. That's the only goof they have. Oh god that's like the most. I burned my sorta twice all the time okay so we're gonna open to cover up her boost e._a. She's got to so we opened up on the scroll getting ready in her bedroom. This is sort of like faded in with this scene of brian austin green on the football team. I noticed right away that uses maybelline great lash mascara the green when you see it was crazy. It was sultry crave like a teenage girl and also like i know she she does. The thing that happens only in movies <hes> she slowly takes the brush and brushes it into her cleavage and i'm like no one has ever done that in the entire world. Oh my god so many foods i know but she's not actually like doing any makeup. Ooh sensually slowly dragging dot org oops. I'm like you're not putting any body makeup on just like putting it in between your cleavage. There is having a moment with the brush like she's just like slowly like powder this insane powdery. I've ever seen yeah yeah. I mean this. Also this teen girl having this vanity this way and her relationship with her mom now remond leak really watched forget dolled up to go out on what she knows. Noses like a mystery party night with these bad girls and then like what unfolds with the mom leader girl like what are you are you. Are you kidding me. He like i was a. I don't know it doesn't make a difference either way really but i was fucking locked in my bedroom till i was twenty one. I truly like in her. Mom's like put more highlighter on like it's a great first impression and blah blah blah and i'm like what like my mom was like. Don't wear makeup. I'm so glad you said that because we're gonna play that game but i also did not know they had highlighter and didn't five. I was like what did they do like also all the nineties makeup was matt matt matt yeah. I don't know like where would she have like issue using eyeshot highlighter. That's who's innovative yeah like. She had god a glimpse into the future to five to three thirty six. Little more highlight on your cheek folks at night. The light is not flattering more and you're going to be here any minute now. First impressions last the longest monitored the plasma esmond now. How come i have to stay home. Where you guys go out on dates. You're thirteen. Maybe i'll run away right when you get work so who's driving to this little suare abby. Yes who else is going with you and connie. Susan affects affects resumes over here. All seniors aren't they. Mohmmad coolest crowd in school yeah in the fastest uh-huh every ten someone gets to the president feel buteau. I can't tell them anything. Else can give me a little chance to get a little. It'll be one of us. So how do i know if i'm in sizing depends on how well the game yeah. You wanted more than anything. It can still change your mind. No whatever takes okay so we saw her butler sweaters way we. I saw you got the double button that i don't know there's so much going on in this one i kind of wish they had like pushed the mom going out on dates more theme like how into dating a single mom and stuff like the most yes we got was her sort of like preening taking over her daughter's seat in the vanity and like like getting herself ready for like staying home that night we also need to i don her sister's like a tomboy type. Yes and her sisters also pretty young so i mean honestly they just do this. In lifetime movies to be like this is the popular sister mister. It's a very tired there could never be equally pretty unpopular sisters or you don't understand what's going on and they will based on the last movie. I watched and what she was too. A pretty popular sisters and i was like the fucking do come on now. We need to vary eight does so i don't know like it sounds like these. Girls are about to go join a cult. I i know and i and i i was writing all the stuff down saying oh my god. She's about to get bloody. Like what is this yeah so it's definitely like she knows she's getting hazed into what we do not know yet but it turns out that this is just like the way that they bring in the popular group i to say the whole idea of them. In having this popular group called the crew which just reeks anarchy upon the school and runs everything hang and is basically a criminal gang. I know the white popular kid was super psychotic to me. I was like what is going. Non i was in a group in college called. The g. crew on my friends living in gonzaga and we were the biggest fucking losers ever like three people. We're like former mormons. Everyone was virgin like it was literally the dorkiest group of people so i will say you know just because your name is chronic doesn't mean you're awful awful but this is literally a lawless town when it comes to these teenagers brian austin green at one point towards the end of this movie throws a fucking glass bottle at had a cop car and they don't even stop like he throws it like the that bottle could have absolutely killed someone it could have even a shard got into a cops ops i be blinded and on disability for life and no one even bothers to pull the fucking car over. This town is lawless lawless. I kept writing on wild west and also by the end of it. I was just like they do so many crimes. I was listening all their crimes. I'm like assault with a deadly weapon by god katie. If you've literally wanna take some time we're going through some of the more like the minutiae of some of this stuff because lord knows. I do have to painfully bring everyone. If you wanna just make a short list of what you how's your mom through title nine. I was like whoa like i haven't heard title nine minute like which is basically a federal law saying that the schools protect kids. I hadn't heard that in a minute and hearing this mom and nine hundred ninety five like threatened a school board with it. I was like turned on law not to like jump ahead had too far but they the the trial is essentially a sexual harassment trial he a- and to title nine trial zealot that like this sexual harassment osmond was going on and and she was being violated under the terms of title nine and i'm like no he holds a knife to brian brian austin green's throat. That's like a separate trial. That's a whole separate jason's like i hope we don't lose me scholarship. Wom gary brock turner. Oh it totally is and i'm just like an like on crutches. I'm like he doesn't even need crutches that stupid or but like i'm just like okay. They're brawling in the street. They're having knife-fights in the middle of the street. There's like assault anything here. Wake algebra abuse when he smashed like literally like abuse of the disabled or something new fucking when the mother the disabled mother woke up with a crowbar going through the window kim also breaking and entering and entering vandalism sandrine drinking mullah nudity in public leg letters like later also committing all of the crimes. They're like a violent criminal gang. Yeah absolutely i mean and let's just say if you take a fucking piss in the woods. That is a crime. There's some high level crimes movie. These are felonies yeah. It really does. It's like makes a a really does make west. Side story look very tame. It's like in ten shut. Its intention and shit when they pulled over anyway so let's just hope that doesn't happen any us but it does feel a little bit. I'm blind by the way i can't read her notes but i will say that this this does feel a little bit to me like watching an old school as for you but it has actually caught up to the news and you're like oh see see you thought you were being fictional but like we live in this place right now. You know it's like it's not even like the the not the in the headline stuff. I'm talking to this stuff when the writers were like. How do we go way out on a limb. That's happening every day. It really entertainment catches up real quick. This movie is is very very real and it is very intense offense and as much as you're like. Oh wow this is crazy. I can't believe this is happening. It's like real. I just watch has happened all the time on p._b._s. There's a documentary called role. Read roll about unveil rape case. Yes and it's free to stream. I think until july fifteenth but it's like <hes> so intense i mean because it is it's the same exact thing football stars and there's the same it's like there's one guy who's the leader and the one guy who follows along but then everybody's talking about it and everybody harassing this girl and it's all on text messages and social media so you're i'm watching this being. It's so scary it's the exact same thing but they just had all the record of it on text messages and social and all this like how many things would have gone differently if there was like they weren't even really like doing. I don't know i guess d._n._a. Was sort of still like a brand new thing at the box yeah and they're like oh. We can't prove in in in. She fought alone. They're like oh. We can't prove that had happened because she. She's not virgin great. I mean but the weird okay we'll we'll. We'll get to it but anyway. Basically all you need to know is that i actually thought brian austin green's mom was the principal. That's how into the football team. The principal is she's the football mom to one hundred percent because she's like coach can't lose this and then we see that everyone's sort of the blues traveler hits and then we see that everyone in town cruises the main drag. They're all doing now. I want to know because this really could be anything financially to me. Because some people live a little bit on the outskirts of town but also these have a phenomenal amount of money to throw casual parties and like induction ceremonies and i wanted to offer the fuck crew gets thurmond some like old school sorority money shit that goes on here <hes> so basically they have this conversation about the multiplex tiffany and birthdays sends like all. They're shutting down urther. They're shutting down the small town theater and jason's like a multi. That's how do guys and then brian. Austin green's sounds like no. She's right. It's not going to be the same so it's like nice because jesus like he says something like oh asserting your opinion really early for a newbie yeah yeah totally high school guy. Do you remember the fucking annoyingly. Yes you had an opinion. Yeah okay so i honestly at this point. I wrote my notes. I feel like i've been listening to blues traveler. Refer twenty minutes yeah i wrote blues traveler for sure it was so long so they arrive at this house and brian austin green's days outside and jason or of a moment where she's like. You look really nice and he's like no no no. It's your big night like. I'm just here to look good so tiffany and birthdays and walks inside. It's a big empty warehouse. What the fuck is going to happen that it was so weird. Oh yeah that whole thing was so weird a surprise party full of psychopaths like you're joining their group or whatever i mean this is i wasn't in a sorority. He didn't even have greek where he went to school comedy but i just got a phone call like i don't know so everyone puts on these two twos news. It's like turns into nineteen fifties prom infused by that i was like why are they having a rogue problem so well because it looks like they're fucking rich like this is like where's the money he coming from and i'm sure i can also go to the prom yet because she actually even says like now. Real problem is absolutely ruined for. I was just so yeah. I was like what is this and then it does make sense so we get to that is our big moment is that they pull carry on her after she has her like i dance with jason and she has a really good attitude about it. Yeah licks the blood. She never liked has a moment where her face looks down or whatever she gets it right away. I was going to say the was like so crazy to me that this would be initiation for like a group that you like and it's not even a group. It's just like the popular kids but then again. Carrie is my favorite favorite movie of all time and when i was in when i was a senior in high school at a halloween party i did a recreation. I loved that of someone someone like. I wore a pink prom dress that got a thrift store and someone like port a bunch of fake blood over my head at my friend's halloween party so it wasn't an initiation but it was like you know it was as a recreation of the bloody moment but i was like this is actually so crazy that they're doing this well. This is like a high school version of a toga party right like basically this is just a bunch of people having fun party and then there happens to be a moment where they quote unquote humiliate the person. That's trying to get into this group but like basically it's just a do you have a sense of humor an excuse for them to get drunk and then go skinny dipping in which actually really fun to me. I'm kind of a never nude yeah. I would never do that but brian. Greene is slamming beers in the woods. <hes> jason's like trying to hit on tiffany murphy's and caitlyn. That's her name but he's not really having it and so she goes up see brian us in green right away. There's fucking fireworks so she and him go and like kind of fuck on a mattress actress a little bit upstairs okay that sex scene was so sensual and erotic actually really high it was very hot and i was still processing awesome through my catholic brainstorming but she doesn't really know him but like they don't even have a condom. I was really like caught up in that just like your underage at least have safe sex well well. You know i think the the at first i was like oh my god. This is so sexy. It's like kind of disconcerting and you know obviously bagging cantat have some sexual dab. Yeah i mean that was real. Life values porno exactly that was their their sex tape that i do think it's actually later on in the movie. I was like i do think it's important for them. To have you need to see essentials also seen were she's enjoying it and like good and fun and she's smiling and happy and that also that it does not matter if you are virgin and and you get raped like your purity does not matter like you can have fun sex and you can also be a victim. I'm a horrible violent rape and so i think it was like kind of progressive for the movie. Show i agree and i thank you for bringing that plane because i think that i didn't put that exact thought together right now but before but i agree with the sentiment one hundred percent. I think you're exactly right. It's what needed to happen and at the time one thing that i didn't i love about this movie is that she continued to be sexualize after the rape as well and by the way you can have all of those things you could enjoy sex. You can be violated violated. You can also be a sexual person after that. Everyone should be cayden lifetime movies. How it's so quickly wrapped up. I would love to see a a a like a repression. A repressed memory of a forty year old woman played out in a lifetime movie. Not everyone has such like a coherent quick standing yeah. I mean this three months to process this right and dairy. I was glad that they showed her like you know wanting to have sex sex again. I mean the important point. Yeah does have desire for <hes> ethan again at the towards the end of the movie and i was like oh that's cute looks you still want wants to be sexual onto have sex but but that with him and under these circumstances and and they don't have sex again but they show them kissing and stuff yeah. There's there's heavy romantic address there and yet. There's a lot to discuss in that. I was a little bit. The only reason i thought that was problematic is because i was was like he was such a shithead he was awful to her and then they had this like rome they end with this romeo and juliet sort of like we can never be together but we should be together sort of thing thing and it's like girl the saint go to junior college. I know there's more one guy meet one guy like so jason comes upstairs upstairs while the two of them were going out and he sees ever resist sexy sexy seen yes. He's a dog whose smelled blood at this point. Okay honey or taste of bud. He's like i'm fucking in and i've seen it if he can have it. I can have it. He's a fucking psycho okay. This is what you need to know about. Jay's jason's not normal okay jason's sadistic historic. He doesn't have one normal thing about him. He doesn't look at that and think oh like i'm hurt. I wish you was me. He's looking at that being like that's fucking mind now. He's a sick bitch coach but also like do you think he looks at that and things like oh. That's like beautiful loving sacks between two people or do you think he likes the he likes. Hurting people yeah no he looks at that as that's my next achievement right because i don't think that people were genuinely and like god forbid. I don't know the fucking inner workings of this fictional character but i think we we are supposed to take away that as they say in this movie several times. You don't think like normal people exactly that someone like him sees. How can i take that and and how could i make it mine. That's what she said. She says later on jason jason enjoy sex. He enjoys hurting people. Yeah he's a sick fuck. Fuck okay so the next day at school basically bagging tat or a full-blown couple. There's a really great science class moment. We're going to play. I am going to see one of my favorite moments that i have in movies which is like when a student feels like so above a teacher that they get up in start lecturing. I was walk to the front of the room. She points tonight once did that and i was like a mouthy you betcha highest like this only happens in movies. I swear to god like if i can. I don't even remember not raising my hand to go to the bathroom. Let alone like lecturing in my classes as sassy diva fifteen about flatulence. Let's fifteen twelve to eighteen fifty three. Although i will say i knew she was right from the second. You made the joke like honey. We all know okay but also it's woke because they're talking about actually like fucking coal climate change said this is very prescient very agent again this movie it's like watching this movie is like it is ahead of its time and its current to this day and and by the way fuck anyone who things like lifetime is devoid of that. I have always said that. These movies are there to comfort. The people truly in a way that like emotionally only when you're like folding laundry i'm standing up right now just for tat moment walking to the front of the action plugging sammy's equipment no yeah i've always said these movies have a lot of a lot of weight to them that are not appreciated by the public. They're very healing okay again fifteen twelve to eighteen fifty three read for pleasure. Have you ever tried the glow in doc. We read moby dick. Unity fees factor within all of the world's oil reserves will be exhausted gone. There'll be no more oil to heat homes or run your muscle cars scientists are scrambling to come up with alternative energy sleeps the kennedy up your name some of them for me so alert so good but if you live in seattle where grains two hundred sonics game perhaps you can identify an alternative energy source don't well jason is real good at lightning own. Flatulence will diminish service said. Maybe i misunderstood the question. You have to maintain to point to stay on the baltin now if you make d. in this class you don't get to play anymore now. Sir any part of that. That's confusing actually <hes> mrs johnson ethan's answer is correct. Flatulence is methane gas. It's a waste by product. Same edgy extracted from garbage dumps used car vehicles all over the world excellent. I'm sure the crew is very proud. The problem is as pointed out. Methane gas is extremely flammable. Let small blow this out of proportion. How long of these jocks going to run this high school. They're apparently not required to study. They don't contribute to their classes. They maintain good grades. They're just kids. They're not kids. They know exactly what they're doing. Well let me talk with them. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Thank you. I feel so much better flopper on just last class in the north the data principal hind so you at the game. The crowd must've been great at the box office ethan. You know how ms johnson's you just can't pull stunts like this in her classroom true. She has no sense of humour well. It was me i plant you. Guys are putting me in a position of having to do something caitlyn. I'm going to need to put you into detention always game tonight. Let's call it was a great pass. Ethan was outstanding. Let's see a repeat absolutely what pass i think like at the game before the initiation rite. I'm just like i mean i'm sure ethan is made a lot of paths. Have you ever watched h three on the eighth street podcasts. They're like legend commentators on youtube but they have this clip that they play of michelle obama michelle obama <unk> before every video. Oh that's her saying wow ethan great moves. Keep it up and make some canned thing that she did when she was doing the dancing program yeah yeah and so he plays it. That's exactly what it sounded like. Good pass keep it up. Gre- pass reminded me exactly of okay so let's get into some shit. I hear you about the principle being woman but here's why i think it's important. I think that many women enable bad men and other women don't believe other other women yeah and we're gonna see like the greatest example of that in caitlyn's shortly. We haven't even gotten to the rape yet. Yeah we're going to see the greatest example of that shortly but i think is important to show like especially when someone's being judged by their class which they absolutely are when someone's being judged by their family situation even when there's something for them to gain and protecting an abuser or whatever i think that it's important the principal a woman in that unfortunately a lot of times in these cases women's voices are the strongest whether there are pro war anti they didn't play when we were even going through the whole brad kavanagh thing with like everyone expected backdated men to be disappointing. Obviously that harshly how we got there but i think it was the women that defended his actions is that we're the most upsetting a diesel power power and i just all i can think is like your gender traitor. I need yes s. I mean but there are. I mean unfortunately are so many and there's so many moments in this movie where i'm like. Why am i surprised molly you know better. Don't be surprised yeah yeah. You know i mean i think maybe there's a difference between cynical and like realistic and dialed in but i think it's cynical to like walk walk around thinking that women just aren't and it's couched in this idea of oh well. She should have known better. She should've if you don't go to parties and do this and that like yeah. Let him in. You shouldn't have done that. I do wish that at the end of the film like my one criticism of the fellas almaza tier one criticism. I have a single no is is just like the men and being heroes in a way. No i fucking fucking hated that. We hate this ending. I wrote on my notes like towards as if this ends on her like freeze frame of her smiling. I'm gonna be fucking pissed. They always do that like someone just walks out of a situation with a smile on their face and like with a new boyfriend. I hated it. I hated even when i thought the mom was going to date the detective at one point right. There was a little energy there as well. Nobody likes the thing so skip. Ahead is like the in the trial every resist a man. Yes and the principles just like well. This is just how things are we just let the rapes happen and like we just let the sexual harassment grassman happen and then the the man. I don't know if he's like the school superintendent or whatever like superintendent. He is like well. We're really going to change some things around here. He was the one who said leg. We should try and make some sort of like you know. He was the one who said like we should negotiate on this. It's gonna look bad for us right. This woman is dying to stay. They woke to the point where i was like. I think she is the principal and i do wonder if there are certain sponsorships like different things that high school gets when you're like really good at sports. Don't you get extra money. Don't you get all this. Why don't we focus on what this woman is benefiting right. Why is she so hyped up about weisensee niche paul caitlyn's defense like that's it. Why does she talk block while like literal lake. Felony assaults are happening to when advocacy so kayla's mom finds her condoms in her bedroom when she gets home. She's like what are these four and she was doing the nasty and the dark and they you start playing this like surfer rock music right and she tells her you know what you're grounded. We can no you can't hang out with your friends anymore. You're out of the group. She's her. Mom says that she wants to know that the most precious thing a girl can have as your reputation. She doesn't want her daughter making the mistakes that she did and she goes yeah. I'm living proof. That's tough liked for a daughter to be like jahmai noma fuck mistake. Jay's tries to get caitlin escape work. She works at the movie theater which is of course another reason why she's <music> said that it's closing and she's like listen. It's the last movie ever playing at this theater. I can't leave my chef real sinophile yeah and then after i mean i'm really a girl after your own heart and then she she says all right fine i'll go and see the movie so i didn't realize that a significant amount of time had passed and that she and ethan within had a relationship because it's it's. It's very unclear because i thought that maybe like i mean. Does this make you boyfriend girlfriend front right but i thought that maybe they had fucked ones and they were kind of like oh like maybe this is going to go somewhere and she liked takes detention from 'em and then he's on a date with another girl and yeah that's what i thought. I assume that there must have been some sort of like time. I'm a moment there because there's also a lot of i mean first of all. It's very bold of him right taken you date to her place of work. Jason's a fucking psycho so i could see why to him he'd be like let's bring our fri- alterior motive to come see what's going on so she caitlyn tabs apps on ethan shoulder and she's like so who's your girlfriend where you ben and he she turns around goes to charity and caitlyn says back. I'm sure you are paid. Glynn is i will tell she is not a mean girl but when she needs to turn on someone with a little remark calin jones at a few times he's tough yeah. She's got a good jokes though halons good jobs like doing the nasty and the dark like saying that your mom she does have got balls so jason's like look. Don't worry about that guy okay. He's a jerk and i'm crazy about you. She's like yo don't use tough guy routine on me and he grabs her by the arm. Physically assaults are at her place of at work and he said hey you did ethan and now it's my turn <hes> sick so she keep your hands off me. They go outside and in brian. Austin green is waiting for tiffany and we're outside of the theater. He offers her a ride. She's like no thanks. I'm over you and then he's like no. My girlfriend live the crew. I waited for you the talk about how they had some good times in that theater see. That's what made me think oh i see but maybe they just met growing up in this town yeah you you know my child's movie. Theater was in the fighter. Oh alexia inflict goes. Oh you bring me out to richie rix enrich lexington to like vote on my god. That's crazy <hes> but that was my fucking childhood the'dirt lick. That was our version of that. It was really really like special to see that. You never got that really okay so he's like yeah. I saw a lot of movies there. She goes yeah. I used to sit up in the booth and he goes you sit in the booth. You can't hear the words and she goes. I i make up my own words yeah with the fuck. Does that mean like i get the manic pixie dream girl of it all but like what does that fucking. They're trying to be like uh-huh. She's different. Yes come on now like we don't need that but then we link caitlyn's not delusional nonsensical. It's i mean i understand like if your dad worked there and you're like chain to the projector like you may have to create some narratives but just go inside. Don't they kind of do a lot of work work to make caitlyn complex to make your different like why are you different than and towards the end. They're like oh. You didn't play by the rules rules but i think like beforehand. They try to be like well. It's kind of weird that we let her into the crew and she's kind of odd public and it's like no. She's a gorgeous. She's already israel at school. He's incredibly smart and there's no reason why she shouldn't be popular but they kind of try to make this thing maker seem weird or something yeah and i think she is lower. Classic shows the job and her that that that's the whole thing is that there is for sure lower definitely gonna stay lower than her but i think jay is probably has money probably really delve into the class issues but yeah but i think that's one of the unspoken things as well as the principal were on like. I need a little bit of like. I need one line like oh. We're going to get extra money from the box office. Why the fuck would jas need a scholarship <hes> true you know yeah like it sounds like when he goes. I'm going to state school with my dad. My stepdad went to state school and became very successful but he always newsworthy lake as a you know he was always embarrassed by it and the way he said that. It's like almost lake yeah. I'm gonna make something of myself just like my dad did. It's not that big of a hit it to me but it's humbling. I know i don't know man. I was like what's the scholarship for them like where where was the scholarship to rape i mean he lost his breath letting like scholarship or whatever but like i don't you don't get an athletic scholarship. If you're rich like that's not fair. That's not fucking fair there so he tells her that he's planning on getting outta town when he graduates in the last thing he needs is a reason to stay big line that was used when everyone was breaking up with their highschool the friends when i was there she tells them you know i can see right through. You and he's like look you know. I don't even know anything about you and she's like you know what all you do. Is you work on your car. You go to the old fairgrounds you put the pedal to the metal. You lay awake all night thinking about the future and he's like. How do you know that much about me so the town is shutting down for the name. Jason comes over to her house. Caitlyn's house and he's like hey look at it now if you were home because there's no car. She's like my mom's not at home home. Where's mom. I don't want to like literally. The worst part about this is that it basically shows all of the steps leading up into how you could get yourself into a dangerous situation how i know none of it's her fault yeah at all but it's like so scary to watch edge because you're like don't say your mom's not home. That's step one now. We go to let me make it up to you. Can i come in. Ethan told me that i should tell you that i'm i'm a jerk i right. Don't let them in. Don't let them in and i wanna play this scene. Because it's terrifying how easy it was to get into the house and then to do what he did. I also want to say that. This is a full trigger. Warning here voted out audio of sexual assaults. I'm playing it in full so that you can hear our sister. I was made aware of what was going on. In the language that was used in just like clarity of the scene for moving forward you can skip forward about two minutes and forty five seconds. You don't wanna hear this also so if you see the movie chucky trigger warning that you hear a cat being murdered and that was a turning a trigger warning. I wish i got which is true throwing that in there as well. I wish i knew there was a category ahead getting murdered and jackie spoiler. It happens really soon twenty five forty eight to twenty eight twenty in the car outside sure if you wanna make enough to you did he tell you to come over and say that told me were heard it's late. Can i talk about it tomorrow. Weren't you can let me in like a salesman or something just for me. I only for a minute in sean. You ought even hold my hand jas. You don't really feel anything for me. You know like that. We both know it. I do feel free. I never met in lake jas call. I just wanna thought it doesn't feel right one case and i'll go promise one kiss and you're outta here guy in ohio caitlyn. The euro came yeah. She's smart not to open that fucking door as much as it's like like well. She's young vulnerable. Child thought would have happened. I'm into play more that the sister would be like a witness. Well see that was one thing. That really bothered me. Was that her sister. It was always like from the jump leg that was not okay what happened right and then there's a scene a couple of things after this where they go to burger place ace and the sisters there and he looked through that but like i have a younger sister and i'm super protective of her so i totally related it to her. Just being like oh my god. It doesn't matter what happens to me. A one hundred cars <hes> checked my younger sister but then towards the end of the movie the sister sister kind of falls away and i felt like that like this relationship especially wrong that i was kind of like oh they should've gone with that. They should have like tapped it as part of one of the main themes because i thought it was so strong i agree and i yeah it just like she was also her only witness and i don't know why that came up more. You know <hes> <hes> because they're like oh child. We can't prove it with physical evidence but it's like okay what about testimony. What about the sister testifying that she witnessed it. The what about because the never goes where's jason's alibi or like whatever like where's any evidence that they were ever going date like all all that anyone knows does that ethan knows that jason was going to her house to apologize when i dunno again ethan's ignorance or alleged ignorance or whatever to of this whole thing is i don't know i just don't know how we're supposed to pass site because he knew he sent that man to her house. I know and then also also when ethan comes and says jas told me my initial reaction was oh my god great ethan testify in this and instead said it turns into like. Can i take you on a date sometime like fuck off. She's a title nine federal court case to go through you dumb ass and that's the reason is and why it's like as much as i am like fine with everyone playing a story a different story in which like someone finds like security and and love on the other side of a very dangerous situation. I'm fine with that but for me. That was not the resolution. I needed at all turf story story for anything like ethan you know i hope he wouldn't harm himself but if he fell off a cliff or something i wouldn't be totally mad if someone was taking care of his mom like i really didn't need to tie up that ethan story but again. This is the ninety s we got pretty lucky with how woke this film was in a lot of very progressive. It's very progressive for the time despite some of the issues with like i mean we'll get into it like the consent yes stuff love but like i i went through my situation in two thousand and five full literal decade offer this team out and it was much smaller scale very very similar very similar but it's also like at the end of the day if if the cultural context is that we know tiffany and brian are in in a relationship like the wanna give us a love story. Oh that's exactly what it was is that in also like that was probably their deal and doing this is that they were going to just like leave his character ager behind. They're probably oh this is really attractive role for us as a couple because they also used to really love to couples and stuff together back in the day. I don't think that it happened so much anymore. They're also like you can do really hot sex scene yeah. Y'all we'll get hot. We're benjamin bratt and julia roberts ever in a movie together together was like it's yeah like that was like sort of towards the end of when i feel like they'd be like real life couples getting a movie together. Play this out for the fans so so we find out that the next day jason pregnant school that caitlin was practically nymph. Oh she gave it right up in her mom's bad. She jumped his bones and then at home. Caitlyn is having a very very long seventy three. She's having a silkwood shower. Okay a it is like it's really difficult to watch because at the same time i find that you know you do see one bruise on her back which i thought was going to be what this scene was was showing the bruising but they also sort of took some time and spend some time like sort of really objectified study yeah there. There was like a scene that there was a shot where of course of her leg tummy where i was like. That's a little too sexy for a rape shower our scene. It's not okay. I really was like this is a needs to be clear that this is not sexual or showing one league thumbprint bruise on a body which by the way as absolute fucking evidence of assault rate like. Are you really going to accuse the fucking sixteen year old of being in a crazy sex game with her sister in the house. I don't understand like amanda knox yet so yeah. I thought that there was going to be something coming from that but there's not and judy ios her. Mom you know killing taking up all the water a shout out to everyone who grew up running out of hot water super-quick right and <hes> her mom finds her in the shower senior and freezing cold water takes her out like she's i mean she's he's a shallow of herself really hard to see and productivity and birthdays and for her acting here because money she served. I really saw like she really captured captured dot for. I think a lot of people tiffany is great she in reading this and like also we love a good moment for i love of a crossover from childhood to adult. I die for it. It's done so rarely very well. Miley ultimate example. She really harness that that bella thorne. Let's just cross fingers and hope ron day. She's going to be a new ryan. Murphy's started on nickelodeon on on broadway rawal very proud hat for crossover queens but tiffany embolisms definitely one of those lisbeth berkeley like she's a great lady tried her best showgirls bombed ah she was smart to take them out the movie of the week okay so caitlyn's mom trying to get the sister on the bus talk caitlyn but caitlyn's fine. She's completely shut down no no but she's like iota work. I do want to say that they'll go. The sister goes like he did force her. He's a creep or something. That's coming up. That's coming up so after school. We see her mom and her sister driving back to the house <hes> that like her. Mom's left work early and her mom's like you haven't eaten anything all day. Let's play this crucial scene thirty one twelve thirty three eleven. Aren't you talk to me. Just forget it jimmy. He said that there was a boy here last night. Is that this all look. I just don't wanna talk about it. Okay i told you i don't want boys here. What's really bothering you something. Something happened duma caitlyn. Just tell me the truth. I wanna hear you say it. You brought him into this house and you had had sex with them. You break me talk. You hugh invited him here. Didn't you tried to let them tell ec. I i just want to hurt his feelings. Did he touch you. I hope is hair and then things just went due to far. It wasn't like that just went a little too far. He may be a net is perfectly convenient. Excuse in our speak for everyone in town knows that with an apple l. You had sex with this guy right here here in this house right here you invited him in. What did you expect what happened to you. That don't talk act when i was a school. I knew things were knocked. Up at seventeen dropout makes you toward j schmidt. He's a cre- i pick up here and i just read only in a lifetime movie. Do you have to hear a daughter. Describe rave scene to a mother that wouldn't offend her and then cut into some surf music sir my god. I wrote the exact same thing that i i wrote. He's a creep arrow surf rock. Why the hell did they do that. The surf rock inside so long or are they bought three songs and one was surf rock and then the other two stroke to cut too so in the i notice listen the opening credits. They say music by pray for rain and i was like okay. What is this like crazy for. Rain is okay okay so they're like a christian. I been to one of their buckle by god the backstreet boys. We're going to surprise us that the catholic music music conference but instead it was fucking pray for rain and jars of clay yup. Fucking fled by jars of clay is sacred uh-huh good okay. Let's calm down katie. I'm just saying when you're stuck in a when you're stuck in foxboro stadium with three hundred thousand other catholic youth and they're like guys. We didn't think because this was the night before. I just seen backstreet boys at the black and blue tour now. Maybe they were originally only book. We were never promised backstreet boys but turns out a._j. After that tour went directly in a rehab we didn't know so backstreet boys but like dr sizes the boston. Is there like the fucking cardinals there and they're like guys. We didn't think we'd be able to do it. There's a group in town that we know a lot of you love and rely. Everyone's everyone's like porcupines right. We're all like freaking out right and so one of our counters guys get ready and sure sure enough jars of clay even a surprise to them and pray for rain even surprised them. They made the best of it and honestly all i can assume is that they were in their twenties unease and smoke some weed and we're like oh my god. I can't believe that we're getting college credit for taking him onto the catholic kids jars of clay while we're stone like that would be truly like they all have very good conversation like a good sense of humor about al loved it so i was appointed. Pray for rain. I mean they did the music music music by rain so i don't know did the fucking surf rock and like we're if they just did a couple of weird grungy moments almonds because there are some other grungy what it is yeah so it's a christian band two person band yeah who is christian a lot of people okay right so i'm guessing someone hon who had a tied to the chris some big like whatever hill song was in the eighties or nineties they're like hey you know who could really use gig prayed rain. They'll pick a couple of songs for the track. We'll say you know pray for rain. Did this yeah they picked out one surf rock blues travelers travelers and they just like collecting a track yeah which i'm fine with because overall while the transitions were in great bite of all lifetime music. We've we've gotten in the absolutely inappropriate music cues we've gotten this didn't really offend me but the music was very very noticeable and jarring throughout this whole film i it's the inch transitions to surf rock from like emotional serious moments about rape. Were insanity yeah but it was crazy but i also like the music's. He's kind of good. Can we also just throw out that like maybe that was the intention so that like this girl is going through this fucking trauma and then on the other side of this the cruise just like getting burger scien- you're suffering over here the cruise getting burgers and like bullying new people. I i wonder if our director christopher liege was trying to create that that dissonance where you know so we're in a very serious moment and then we're smash cutting into the burger joint with the surf rock credit. This is the crazy world we're living in and we're like someone is going through something very intense and like that's what i hope for the director of teen wolf to a movie that i think some guy bought me on d._v._d. A._b._d. In highschool it all kind of circles back so caitlin and her sister like they take off to drink milkshakes and they're saying this like local burger thing which is such the shitty part of a small town is that like as i think charity says later on in the film. Is that the only good thing you have going for you. In a small town is is that if you drive you go to another town. There's nothing gear for. These people have to go to like the one restaurant in town. We're absolutely going to see a rapist. Come mine so caitlyn inner sister drinking milkshakes in the car. <hes> the popular kids are cruising around there. One of the girls who i think is her best. Best friend walks up to the car and tells the sister go inside and get some burgers and fries. The girl gets in kaelin's car and she confronts her about why she was an in school. It's because of jason right yeah. Speaking speaking of the man himself is now greeting. Caitlyn's younger sister judy at the takeout window just wrote here in all caps. He raped her sister the night before and made her listen and now he's bothering her when she's ordering fries. People are sick fucking nightmare like it's off like the gum and he's like literally. If you ever wondered heard of this character was supposed to have like an ounce of humanity he wasn't and i think the thing that almost kills me about that is because it makes it seem like you have to be a psycho psycho to do something like this and i don't just like knowing herd mentality crowd mentality. If i'm being honest i've looked at certain like writing writing moments and unlike your if i had a moment absolutely fucking cut loose and contribute to something that was bothering me or whatever i absolutely lee would pull some shit like absolutely would i could absolutely see myself. I'd be lying to myself if i watched the purge and was like no way. Would i participate eight in the purge. The whole point of the purge is for you to recognize your inner perjure right so i think that maybe you necessarily arna perjure by nature but you know you could be like that real bad guy in the first purge who's just built to purge. I don't think that i think jason is the guy that's built a purge. I would like to see someone who just dips into the purge purging. Unfortunately i mean raping school but you know it's like okay. I think that actually actually this nice can unsubscribe but i think that <hes> you know jason's like the sadistic one who like inspires people to do this kind of violent bullshit and like degradation and then what we see an ethan is like the follow along guy right and so would be kind of interesting to see a lifetime movie or some movie about this topic where the guy who just does it because of peer pressure you know kind of gets thrown under the bus or whatever accused but but it's like we have to have this sadistic guy and the follow along and i do think that is a combo a toxic nick classic cobbler by the district guy and follow along. Let's be real in this. He's a second banana. Jason is absolutely right it. He's just sort of renegade follower. Yeah you can play football not as well as ethan yeah. He's hot not as hot as ethan like. Orphan is the main guy which is i think why his co. Sign on jason's shitty behavior is so crucial i think his following following along with the harassment that they do to kaitlin is worth being in prison a one hundred percent and he absolutely absolutely like you know sure he like eventually freed her from a moment will come up later. That's like probably one of the most horrific things i can imagine but fight like he he almost worst turned a blind eye to it like yali magical moment with this girl he saw the best in her the enjoyed some time time together they had would seem to be a previous bond and he literally bothers me. The most people is when they try to unknow your heart right and it's like you know that this this girl did not deserve this. She wouldn't lie about this. Why the fucker you like turning a blind eye now like you. We know her heart like she's not a bad person and the fact that he so quickly takes up for jay's is disgusting. Yeah i mean just doesn't even think about it. It's it's truly boys club. Shut it really is. It's all very like squeezy bringing back that fucking yearbook. I read cover to cover i was i'm very triggered by the whole common things still to this day and i'm never going to let it go and i don't think any of us are but i was thinking about how much dr christine blasi ford they put forward of herself and how often you are never rewarded at all or even recognized for whatever you do and i think a lot of women in this nation and people have showed up for her in this nation but but at the same time i mean to to do what she did was so vulnerable. That's what i really. That's what really made me tear up. When i watched this movie was the moments in which she was finally validated because it's it took painfully long dot is true to life. That's what made this movie a little too real for me. Okay so we see jason is talking to her sister and she runs up and she basically is like no yeah. He pulls her away and he goes. Hey caitlin your sister. Mr as pretty is maybe she could join the crew. I'd be happy to break her in and i were. I would like go bloodthirsty. I mean it's crazy. I would like tear that man's throat out with my teeth. He had like i mean he has no fear. That's the scariest things that typically like anyone would would be a little bit of a coward but he doubles down so caitlin grabs her sisters milkshake and says never you raped me and he goes no that was love baby game. Oh god the two of them run off so <hes> when she throws the milkshake actually lunges for her in brian austin green in is the one who holds them back and he's like what the hell happened. There and jason like she's a fucking line. Bitch and brian austin green's like. I thought you said you went over there and she jumped your bones and he's like yeah. I go over there wanted. She wants it. It's hot we do it and then he basically says that like she was really into it and he was like glistened. This isn't going to like actually happen between us and this is actually more some sort of revenge for. Maybe not wanting to be in a relationship with her. Which is it's very common. Excuse jason says that they would have to shut her up and brian. Austin green's like you know what she wants to cry wolf. They'll have to do something about got it. So that was how easy that was for him to convert his friend. No yeah like that was a he just said to like if we've all had a friend like elijah's spazzy out when they're drunk with their like narrative or whatever and usually <hes> okay yeah yeah but like this really sold him on it and you've all had that friend who's gotten caught in they spas and you're like okay you got caught like but this is a big deal and he still went with ah well i mean first of all jason is wildly inconsistent and all over the map all over the map and ethan is so so so dumb. He is the dumbest person i've ever seen on fell. Maybe not the dumb but he he's just so dumb and i i i think back to that scene with the flatulence where he's like where the teachers like. You have to maintain a two point. Oh and i'm like oh my god. He can't even maintain a two point. Oh at this shitty highschool a little reagan's. Do you think me do you see riggins as like maybe a little sarasin in there with you know grandma ramat home i mean he he's bless his heart but also but but then at the same time it's like he does not deserve deserve the love story that he gets the end because it's like these people who will not believe you and will take up for these like sadistic rapists. Sir are bad people and they're part of the problem so it's it's we're done. We're done with them. Yeah we quit with a locked. You know what i really hope. That caitlyn drove away to junior. College met. Some like artsy dude and i forgot all about euthanize deck ethan. If you're our twitter i am importing you immediately okay so she goes to the police station with her sister. You're and she goes to the receptionist to i think completely changed in the middle of this. Do you know what i'm talking about was like a seventy year old woman when she first walked up to the desk with glasses on and then it changed league much younger almost asian woman i it was like a very elderly white woman woman and then it changed to an revolt change to god i notice up but and by the way like it could have just been the shitty youtube quality but i was like whoa like why did that. She changed yeah. Lesser crazier things have happened in television absolutely will bring in someone else to do the rest of the line. I ain't got a network now. Being being laid the receptionist has to be more chill about rape right well. You know what i so impressive about. This movie is like as soon as she starts saying like he raped me. She can't stop saying it so she barges up to this receptionist. Is it rape if i let him in if i didn't wanna do it even if he's a friend end of mine and she goes look i just answered the phone here and she goes forget it and she goes to our sisters arm and the receptionist says wait did you say no right and she walks back pins as if i said no is it rape and she's like no is no right which is great and lays great and i was like that's a very powerful the moment <hes> but i also like this very this is a very nineties idea of consent one hundred percent but but the thing is i also was surprised that she even new to say that because i know yeah i someone at a police officer. No i mean no means no. I'm not surprised by someone actually invoking not in like a moment like like that when it's something that everyone knows is a very legally complicated thing when it knows it's when people like you know they treat young teenage girls as flighty like like or you really here to you wearing. Are you mad at this guy really dating. It's like fucked up and i actually did appreciate because i will say eh. I thought this was going to start in end with the receptionist being like no i was very impressed especially if this was a two and a half hour long movie when when it hit the points that we stole this on youtube you guys and one thing they do on youtube is daylight to replay the first half of the movie again to extend the running time smart mart. That's good commercial money for you. That's how you i mean. That's like a business right there. Katie re upload movies to youtube. Throw mad ads in the movies. No one cares about okay but that was the hospital right. No that was the police station. I thought that was the hospital because she goes. Let me call a nurse first day. I assume go to i mean. Maybe it was the hospital but lake. Why would you go to a hospital to report a rape. I understand why now bouncing in one thousand nine hundred five a teenage girl would ever known. I got shot story yeah so they go to the hospital and her dad gives her rape. Kit heard heard saved by the bell. Doubt the mom comes into the hospital and she sees judy sitting there and she's so sorry or sister means you come to this. Mom is still not a believer and the nurse goes into this whole thing they're required by law to inform the parents okay thirty seven twelve thirty nine zero nine and and this is basically the moment where the doctor comes out and tells her that the evidence for the rape kit is inconclusive but typically women who are really vocal about about being raped are almost always rape right which is great that they were throwing that out on t._v. Yeah does this take that is still not known enough <hes> doctor. What is she doing here. Please leave just leave. You can put your clothes back on to talk to your mother. I'll be right back. This is rose hi examine caitlyn because she says she was ranked. Last kind of this there is no evidence of forceful entry he you show but that's not uncommon girls with her history of weightman when he calls history girls who are sexually active so you don't know whether she was raped. I can't confirm it well. Did you give her a pregnancy linzie test of course not it's too early for that just just wanted her to tell the truth about the chain she just blurted out that he forced to to you know we've found that after rape situation and excited utterance admitting ripe it is almost always true. I told her uh-huh. Maybe not so sorry. I can't prove it it happened. We're going to press charges. It'll be my worry gets. I know i i just want to forget this ever happened. Whenever you want just it just put on us. I mean look up. Who wrote this. Do you know his name is like. I wrote it on legally john non-legally john lee killed it okay. I actually thought the writing was quite good. I thought it was too. I mean especially because i always say like you know you can usually really tell when a movie is trying to like not right in swear words or trying to carefully place them or whatever there's only one moment i call it tiffany and birthdays and we're just like i've had enough your stuff off yup. I did notice that as well right but like the other the other one in the bathroom later when the <hes> the girl that beats that tiffany gets into a fight with is like tells the teacher to stuff it sideways bitch. I'm like that is i love a good that is some good nineties. His fucking grow sash it so he wrote a t._v. Movie called the omen nightrider twenty ten bunch of horror stuff miami vice he wrote on the prince of central park and working yeah anyway john legally great writer. What are you oh. I can't remember what i voted. Documentary called the kindred chronicles. What's this about uh kindred chronicles. I have no idea i would love to watch us. It looks like <hes> a bachelor sort of moment. There's rose pedals. Ooh you know we should should tell everyone that we met in a batch group. We did yeah is is a big deal so i think that we kind of always like no-now love each other to some extent but we have a lot of mutual friends. A ton of mutual friends like ton of mutual like shared crossover things and amy kaufman our friend who runs our bachelor groups. She also wrote bachelor nation you guys by it. There's also a fun story in there about how easy and i went to dating seminar with chris from the bachelor before he killed a man and it's a it's a really fun book and it was i mean i honey. I bought it on hard copy and audio just to listen to it. Even though i listen amy talk about the bachelor anytime i want so i will tell you that okay so i thought we were going to have to go through another hour and a half of this movie with her mom unconvinced. That caitlin was actually raped. I really thought alone quite literally. You know oh. I really thought no one was ever gonna come to her side. Yeah it is nice that once mom it clicked for her. I would have been so frustrated if mom had not gotten on board maybe mean avon road avon rose yeah if avon rose had had remained slut shaming her i would you've been like so mad at this movie but the fact that you know a male a male doctor told her that her daughter was raped that it was likely that that she was making sense without listening to her other daughter who was like yes. I witnessed a rape. Audio like ray like i heard heard it. She comes around quite quickly. Which is great. I mean the other thing is like can we judy some fucking therapy like she literally sit there like wake up in her childhood bed and your sister get raped by a classmate in her mother's bed and no one believed her sister like how the fuck is judy supposed to you. Grow up with any confidence right. Thankfully there was a resolution at the end but like you know let's go fuck with judy just as i mean just as hard in different ways and caitlyn. I'm order at the end of the movie when caitlin is leaving. I'm like get out of this town. Yeah like is judy. Gonna get like recruited into this horrible all criminal gang. That's like the popular kids because here's the t- is that like caitlin as agency right leg judy like literally no. She has no voice she wasn't over to go. She's like probably a middle school. She's like spend the next seven years of her. Life in this town fucked up okay. I'm done yeah so so anyway caylin as weak as it storms outside because of course it's raining the night that she gets home from confronting her rapist and then getting a rape kit before a mom finally believes that she she was attacked in the trees are scratching at her window. Then all of a sudden she can hear jason sort of like you know whispering her name taunting her she opens opens up the window and this is actually really scary. We obviously know we're in a nightmare now that nightmare but crazy so lake the branches the trees are actually the hands of her classmates that are climbing <hes> yeah taunting her with her name leg sort of being leg. We're gonna fucking getachew chew bitch and then she gets up in her nightgown and like runs to the front door to be confronted with all of this stuff but she sees nothing and she turns around and instead ed brian. Austin green is now sitting at the kitchen table with his face lit under a zippo so creepy. Why did you do it. Why did you say that about my best friend. Yeah and i don't know if you've ever had a trauma nightmare from like being attacked by like someone but i will tell you that is exactly those are exactly the nightmares as i have is that i would hear someone calling my name and if i opened my eyes i would see a gun pointing at my face point blank. I didn't sleep for like four four months like a really will to you. It's like tears wait your psyche and so in a weird way as much as they typically hate a nightmare scene movies rely on them too much this the way this was done. It was very good. I thought christopher did a great job shooting this because it was super surreal and creepy and very creative for leads you ring a job. I don't know i was just like oh. This is really really out. There and creative felt like there were some shades of lake room in polanski's repulsion with the hands and stuff yeah. There is a lot there be very artistic. I will say i did not. I've never seen the one hundred extras come out to do something. In a real lifetime movie yes is clearly the big budget and yes even you know oh my god do you remember when those movies would come on and a saturday night and he'd be like oh my god all my favorite stars the situation but like there are some really creative moments in this. I also think there's like a a moment later on that. I think was like shot really well in the barn area. That's that's a worse so she gets to school in the words caitlyn roses a slut caitlyn as a horror spray painted above the name of the school. It's the first thing you get to see when he walked to school and again. The the sixties surf music really like hits me here. Yeah i also wrote on surf rock again yeah so the mom is dressed like across like phoebe from friends and like sort of a nineteen sixties. Go go dancer like did you get that. I actually thought it was <hes> <hes>. I thought it was the teacher for a minute. I was like oh my god look at the teacher stepping up her fashion. I kept when i was watching this being like oh. That's the mom like reminding myself yeah. If for some reason there were like too many people that looked alike well they go like a lotta times. It's like if you're going to have a like a teacher a blonde teacher that's authoritive. Y'all yeah make this blonde. Mom like get make someone redhead like hook us up. Okay forty one twenty one to forty three twenty one. How could you allow this to remain up here for a second doc and look what it says about us. When did this happen was here when i arrive this morning. The janitor doesn't come until eight everybody to see this because because the janitor is the only one cleans things up around here. Don't know this is not spilled milk. This is my daughter's reputation. We did our best to cover it up. You put tarps over it sort of do things sometimes happens in high school. Of course we feel terrible about all the cops. Why would i do that. Nobody got hurt hurt. I want you to find every single kid who did this. Who did it yet. Everybody knows who did this ethan. Jason all just words on a wall. She is in no danger boys not with my daughter. Four-point grade average in my college prep courses. I could leave to take my g. E. d. to graduate. I could search and your colleagues next spring semester not ready the kind of move your seventeen. You don't go look. They are not going to try something his ten. This whole thing is been glow low over. We'll be able to last it out. Besides you've got prom coming up in graduation rates are members of ma what you'll get real. This is never gonna gonna happen. I'm finished here because even jas. Why don't you just admit it. You don't want to leave okay. No i have not you. I don't care about the town seem mm-hmm.

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