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What's happening everybody? Welcome to another. Addition of lumpy sports show podcast. I appreciate the time. You're putting into listening to this on today's episode. I just kind of went back and forth and talk about NASCAR this week last weekend was the Daytona five hundred the big race of the year. The the the biggest race for NASCAR on the air, which some people may seem that is the first race. But let's just tout is kicks off the season and everyone's excited about that. So sat through and watched a pretty exciting race. And and I talked about it here on my podcast. So thanks for listening. All right. So we're gonna talk Daytona five hundred today when I first was getting ready to watch the race. I was wondering if this was going to be a boring race on Sunday because the Finnity race was just dreadful single file no passing and I don't even normally watch the x Finnity races. But my first race in years been three months, I'll watch that. And the Daytona five hundred and the Senator was awful. So I was just worried about I was wondering if that was going to be how it turned into. But fortunately for all of us. It didn't I thought it was a brilliant racing. All the way. Just excitements filled from Matt Benedetto has taken out throughout the race. And I kept popping up mass really cool to see Debenham detto up at the front of the front of the pack racing mean led the most laps there for quite a bit of the race. He was just up there. I like that guy seems pretty down to earth and has had work for everything that he is accomplished so far, and I was really hoping that he was going to be able to pull off something. Whether it was the top five or be there for the win at the end of the day, which would have been a long shot, but he was running. So well, he was right there. But offer not as he got caught up into the twenty one car. Wreck as got turned by the twenty one car who Paul Menara to openly admitted that you know, that was a mistake on his end. He was kind of swerved back and forth in Canada got into his right, bumper turn them around and. Just caused mayhem. And started off, you know, as they always say cautions cautions in the race for some reason. But legit there were cautions after that? But so the first thing that I was gonna talk about was just how great it was to see Benedetto up there getting to the lead in leading all those laps and just being right there for almost the whole race. Not a couple times. He had one tough pit stop way was like sixteen seconds at that was going to hurt her for a little bit. But then I realized it's the restrictor plate race. And that probably won't hurt him as much because you can always drive your way back into these most of the time, especially with the stages where everyone's kind of off on a different pattern of pitstop. Some we're doing it early. So they can run the final forty laps on fuel sums were some guys were pushing later. So it was quite a quite a different strategy for all the all the stages and stuff, and that's a to some kind of cool excitement. But. Also in some ways for me. It's just kind of frustrating some ways because you're not getting the racing 'cause you know, halfway through a stage everyone's gonna start pitting so plus minuses to that. But anyways, dementia Debenham detto was the key to my race. It's a race that Denny Hamlin ended up winning. In. There's not the biggest fan of Hamlin nothing. I guess I'm just not, you know, I'm just not a fan of his. But it was cool to see him when the race especially after JD Gibbs on passed away earlier in the year. And this was the first right after that. So it was cool to see him winning it because eleven was his car essentially is number and brought a lot of these guys into NASCAR like demented at oh. You know, doesn't race footer J J R at this point. But as also cool to see that the the Gibbs cars finished one two and three just kind of some karma and started off the season that way was kind of cool some other big moments of the race that will kind of go through was. Stenhouse, Ricky Stenhouse, I think they said Harvick never did any media afterwards. Because Stenhouse, his jammed his way into an opening that wasn't really there. It was there for second. And basically took out Harvick. And I wanna say Kyle Larson at that point. It was these guys were raised racing towards the end there. Like, they were crazy crazy as people just go on where they wouldn't normally go some of it led to excitement. Some of it led to a lot of crashes. I think there was a total of. Thirty five minutes of red flags which kind of adds to the night, which leads me to another point. Was I missed the the racist starting at like ten or eleven AM Pacific time, which is where I'm based out of in central. Washington was always kind of cool to have the race start at ten you kinda just get some breakfast. Kinda go football you watch the race. And it's over by two o'clock at the worst now with them trying to get some of that prime time money in ratings and stuff they started at essentially twelve little after twelve Pacific. And then it leads into like today's Sunday's ended up at four thirty. I kind of missed the earlier start, you know, us being here on the west coast. You get those really star sitting still have the rest of the day to do something. And and it ends up being night race for me ends up being a night race because it goes into what seven o'clock Daytona time. And. It turns into the fourth of July cadres where it's all at nighttime. I kind of liked the history of it being newest star even want to think, maybe one o'clock eastern time in the past. And you get that heat. You get the tires and all that stuff. Now, it's like two different races. Because of the the starts I and how it runs into the night. Another thing. I was like I I can't stand the commercials. Good lord. There's a commercial on FOX every five minutes. I think and I purposely watch this race live. So I could keep up with it on Twitter and all that stuff. And I'm done I'm going to wait for the recording. When record it do my stuff watch it Sunday night. Forget about Twitter and able to fast forward through the commercials because Lord it was awful. Just stupid commercials to like the Pizza Hut. One with using cer- mix. A lot's baby got back home was the most dreadful commercial. I think ever seen that that the noth- of my complaining about the non race parts like commercials, and TV and all that stuff. So back to the Ray. So, you know, the first age I was surprised I was pleasantly surprised that the guys went double file from us race. There's a little bit here of going into that single file like we saw Saturday. With the finish the race. But then there was a small accident that kind of pull people out of that. And we went back to to double wide felt kind of bad for Koi Koi joins car because I was a bad ass old spice car. I just read today where he got picked up for cigarettes at Atlanta with his face on the car is pretty fun car is it was cool to see the creativity of designs and not just the hot rod kind of thing. Those cars are for advertising come up with creative ways to advertise and picked it up second race because all the TV time ago and Twitter time and everything that you saw with that paint scheme now. But so he got kind of shredded his car up early. The tire issue. So the the first stage was pretty good. You know, they they did some racing. There's a few accidents Kurt Busch. Trying to clear stat house got turned to Bubba Wallace. And Jamie McMurray who was able to come back in. It was actually leading some of the race or upfront towards the end in some ways. It was cool in other ways it kinda sucked because it looked like he was holding up the field because he just didn't have the car was beat to hell, and he didn't have the speed to do that. But he was holding it up in that crash. Dylan like, there's any any touching of the cars. Another one of those rare take the the air off the side of the car, and it is wipes amount. Spent going into other cars. You knew pretty early that like most of these restrictor plate races. There was gonna be the team alliances where you try to stick with your teammate or as Toyota did with Hendrix. They they worked out something where they were going to work together to try to beat the forwards 'cause there's not enough of the Toyota cars in the the Chevrolets to keep up with all the four cars at these at this point. And so they were doing that to to work together and the team alliances. I get that they need to be done. In these restrictor plates. But I just wish you know. There was a way to just race. Just raised who cares about the teams. But the air is so critical on these cars and building up the momentum of seven five six cars in a line that you need that to compete or you're gonna be fifteen seconds behind. So I get that part. I don't like it. But I get that part. Which is, you know, 'nother side, sir. I think it was the second stage early third. The cool part was is what the strategy like I was talking about. They. I think all but six cars pitted at some point in the stage. And so they came back out. And he's six cars by themselves were just hauling ass, and they were actually gaining on the rest of the field to where one point they were lapping some of the cars almost lapped in Hamlin, actually. But at some point Gallo to Harry for demanded Eto and the rest of those cars in that point to where they kinda pulled off and got out of the way and just let that go wasn't worth laughing and taking a chance on getting rack. But it's pretty cool to see how just those six cars were able to build up enough energy to catch up with the rest of the pack. So the stages were kind of cool, you know, after the after they paid it in the for stage some of the some of the cars kind of held back and didn't wanna fight for the points because the big picture in the in the Daytona five hundred the big picture is winning the race. It's not about points for the season. Getting those stage points. Some of them will get them. But it's not it's not about all that stuff. Some of the strategy was pretty cool to look at and just kind of figured out what was happening into the second stage. It was s- couple inter interesting points for that on one of the pitstops the twenty car hose that airline is coming out for cars. Got wrapped around another another tire changers. Neck like last soda less like a cowboy into an animal? That's pretty interesting. I'd never seen. I know that whip their chords out airlines like that. But it was pretty interesting to see that actually catch someone. So that was that was a first for me, the second stage the first half of it. The kind of the race kind of settled down. And and there was not a lot going on. I just a pretty calm stage. Actually the whole way through Blaney one. It's and and there was not a lot to see in the second stage. I think they were the calm was there. Consistent race consistent track time except for a caution from clergyman, which I thought was going to hurt some of the guys I depended on cow Bush, but we were able to see them holid- around and and take care of things. Get back up at the of the race or at the end of that stage right up in the third stage. Was one essentially all hell was breaking loose especially in the final twenty five. Twenty seven laps thirty laps the rag. I was talking about earlier were wiped out about twenty twenty one people that was the big one that initiated another big one the weirdest rack was as one couple teams were coming to pit BJ mcleod's trying to slow down in and where turns them and then read it came out of nowhere and got sideways and up onto Jimmy Johnson's car and ripped out Jimmy Johnson's whole right side in the back half of the car and Johnson was actually had a really good car, and he was running really well and look like he might be able to do something. But that pretty much ruined his day because it was hard for them to even fuel it from what they're showing on TV because really lucky that the crew the the pictures were not hurt because it was right there 'cause we're coming everywhere in spinning and fine around. And I mean that was some crazy. Stuff right there. Fortunately, no, one was hurt. But it was one of the more interesting pit road accidents. I've seen in a while. You know? And then another observation was watching Bubba walls run around with just a beat to hell car. Then he I think he ended up like seventeen or eighteen laps down. And I always wonder how pissed or these drivers they gotta drive around like that just again a few points here. And there in the big scheme of things I understand one point here. One point. There is the difference of a position or making the playoffs or not. But get guy. That's gotta suck. Whenever was also hauling around at two hundred miles an hour near sitting there. Trying to drive a hundred fifty whenever the speed is for that pretty sad. I mean, it's gotta suck. You know, when we got to thirty two laps left in starting to get to the to the big one and all that stuff. That's that's when you knew something was going to start to happen because everyone was just hammered at three three wide and just go for it was go for the. Money time go for the trophy time. And so that's when you start getting into collars had a crash there at the twenty minutes. I think that last of the race took forever because the racks in some commercials south. I was going on llegado was another person that I was like he was up there at the end. He was just kinda around there all day kinda in the top ten, but I thought he might have hold it off. But he just didn't get enough push from from the car behind him on the last re stop some of the cars that made it through the big wrecks were crazy like priests just shot through there and McDowell. And you're like, holy crap. You know 'cause a couple times it looked like they were going. He was gonna get collected. But just made it in their easy peasy, you know, and he was right up there for for the points. Another person I felt bad for Clint boy, it was really hoping he was gonna pull it off. He went for it. Try to pull up. Front of someone else in took out a lot of people, you know, the dentist. One was was Stenhouse Chevron his way into with Harvick. I'm sure hover. Call forget about that. And take care some retribution there at some point this season, just cling to clean his car out someday. Another the last wreck line castle must add throttle stick or some man, he went full speed into lamb Bryant Byron's car, and almost look because it was basically T-Bone at full speed were Byron's almost stuck. But he he got out of the cards amazing that these these guys get out of these cars like it's no big deal. They're safe like that Twenty-one corrector doing two hundred miles an hour, and all of a sudden the guy's going sideways and everyone's hidden collect pilot out there skating down the down the track at two miles an hour and trying to get stops. The Eric Morello had one similar to what happened to him and Kansas couple years ago where he broke his back. Whereas riding on top of David Reagan's car as it's like, a it's it happened. It's good. Yeah. So the wrecks the rest were crazy to finish the race off came down to green white checkered, and it sounded like there was, you know, agreed team orders. Have you wanna look at it from gives car that cow Bush was gonna let. Hamlin down in front of him on the restart, and then it was just on racing from there because I guess they figure both of them in line. Like that is better than having spread out. Not sure what the car behind you to do is. We'll leave it with those guys because they're obviously the smart ones know, what the hell they're doing. But it didn't make sense to me to let them come down. Because I didn't think how much every to get past them again would like to see them actually race it and see what would happen. 'cause there's two laps to go cars take forever to get going. And you got to trust that you're going to get some plush some energy from cars behind him that aren't your teammates. That's where I actually thought Joe Lagaan was actually gonna win it because those two are going to let everyone in front, and then McDonald's is gonna hammered out because I thought Cal Bush might make it three wide go crazy. 'cause you know, he's tried this for over a decade and has at one the five hundred himself. And so it'd be curious to see what comes out from that. Maybe they'll probably keep it in house. But it was just odd that a guy that competitive has called bushes. Granted all NASCAR drivers competitive that again that super competitive like that just willing to let your team confirm you for the betterment of team orders, which once again, I don't team orders team realizes just knowing just go on race forget the teams race forget what. Car. You're driving race, you know, but those team orders hamlet in front, and like I said, I was I was happy for him to wind just because of all the stuff that you know, Gibbs has been through with the Sanja de passing away, and, you know, have a soft spot in my heart for coach Gibbs 'cause my big Redskins fan from the eighties. When he was bring those teams to championships all stuff so can't complain too much. But it was a overall. There was a pretty cool exciting race Bata wasted a whole Sunday watching. It makes me wanna go. Go back to a NASCAR race since. I didn't get to go to last year with some other stuff going on probably won't get to go to one this year. As I got some big sports trips coming up like to Japan for the the Ray world campus going to be pretty bad ass, and then some other trips so probably won't make it to NASCAR race. On Sundays be washing. On TV wish. I was there, especially the nice weather like Daytona. So thoroughly enjoyed this race. And and looking forward to the rest of the season curious to see how this weekend goes because I believe this is the first mile and a half course that we're going to use the new aero package where they're trying to create more of a Daytona type race. We'll see if that's any good. Horsey if it's just crap. Instead of just letting the fastest car way. We'll see I mean, I don't need Daytona every track in my opinion. Sure there's a lot of boring races. When someone like it Kentucky where true access out in front and went leads all all the laps or whatever and stuff. You don't nobody needs that. But to need packed raising everywhere. I get magin that the teams are going to be thinking it's a little too expensive on that. Keep repairing cars from all the wrecks is now there's going to be a big one in every track. Who knows we'll see some looking forward to the race here and the rest of the season. So that's it. That's my recap kind of all over the place, but hopefully could follow along cruciate, you're listening if you so inclined to to rate subscribe in review, the podcast on itunes, or whatever. You're listening to be awesome. If you want to connect with me, Mon my Instagram and Twitter is at sub lump. And then you can also Email me if you want to lump he's. Cast at g mail dot com. And thanks for listening.

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