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I'm highly and I'm cap and we create beating us so can use a podcast where we discussed nearly as makeup and beauty products but we door with a twist. We liked to feel like with sitting down hanging out with friends having a Chit Chat about. What's new maybe sneaky line so every week we like to bring you all the information on the past week releases yet minus the marketing vs? Yes that's a big one for Ross. The our little bit critical but we also try to be quite lied hotted and bring a little bit of humor to the table. So whether you're a fellow beauty junkie all you just WANNA keep up to date with. What's new come on are bump join us? You can find US wherever you get your podcasts. Let's have a good time. You didn't use you. Didn't use Yay. Yea Welcome to fail your island. I'm Jason Horton. I'm Rebecca Lieb and this. It's ghost town six day. God created man and on the seventh day he rested mm-hmm and on the eighth day in the year two thousand Tan in remote laboratory. Three exiled scientist created something impossible unmistakably Ghibli human undeniably animal on the island of Dr Moreau that my children will folder. Oh my God from director. John Frankenheimer H. G. Wells most terrifying creations uh-huh about the line that separates man from the east of the notorious doctor who dared hard to cross. It goes Marlon Brando. Val kilmer David Saulius the island of Dr Moreau. Have you seen the island of Dr Moreau. I remember it and I've seen some of it but but it just never watched the whole thing. I used to watch it my parents basement because all we really did was like try to drink my parents alcohol and go and watch horrible movie was we would get at the blockbuster is one thousand. Nine hundred eighty five eighty six six American Science Fiction Horror Film Adaptation of eighteen ninety six novel the island of Doctor Moreau by H G wells and the film is deliciously bad just as like a short synopsis. There's an island and and the the doctor on the island likes to splice cats mostly but also other animals and human beings genes to create eight kind of actually now that I think that cats is very relevant movie to bring into the mix with this. 'cause cats and out of Roger Moore are pretty similar in there really confusing own uncomfortable yet. Still very entertaining. Experience the documentary lost soul doomed journey of Richard Stanley's island of doctrine row which came out in two thousand fourteen. I saw at Cinna family the now defunct movie house and he was there and I met him and I was so excited to see this film and didn't really know anything going in and I was just introduced to this world of chaotic events before I even saw like I knew the movie was bad and it was fun and it was very like a beloved to me but so much happened behind the scenes. In the you won't even believe when I started going. It is the biggest movie failure. I Have I've Dr Ever heard of so we're GONNA get into it and go see that documentary. It's really really good. If you are at all interested in this film plug it a lot. Most of this information is from that documentary so a film version of Doctor. Moreau had been a long standing dream of Richard Stanley who I read the book as a child. He was an indie horror director. Heated music videos. He most famously made hardware and dust devil horns like be kind of campy B horror movies and he was from Africa he was kind of this african-born kind of like like metal looking. He's still kind of like that. Lives in Paris now or something. He spent four years developing the project before getting a green light from new line cinema for some reason and this has never. This doesn't happen anymore. Some fringe indie music director. Filmmaker gets this big production house to make this giant film film based on this intellectual property and puts their money behind it so stanley envisioned a Uruguayan pros now in the lead role. Do you know who that is. He's Induna Daas Boo Tuesday in Beverly Hills cop to it sounds from those movies. Yes Dasa Dasa. I've never seen it but I was like people were pretty high schoolers. Pretty Deduct boot but he knew line managed to secure Marlon Brando which was his like again so preposterous Stanley. When he talked about this movie at the screening he was like how the fuck I get Marlon Brando? Well Sometime later. He learned that new line had gone behind his back and offered the movie to Roman Polanski. And Nats how Brenda was secured. Furious Stanley demanded a meeting with Brenda. Who unexpectedly really proved to be very sympathetic to Stanley's vision not because of his understanding of the filmmaking process but because he was so passionate about island of Dr Moreau the novel the history actually owns one of the first copies he was obsessed with the storyline and really wanted to make it He also talked about Heart of darkness Joseph Conrad Novel which was apocalypse now exactly so Brennan was really impressed by all of this. Also Stanley's own relationship to legendary Mary African explorer Henry Morton Stanley which was one of the chief inspiration for Joseph Conrad's lead character Kurtz so Stanley also these very weird connections that Brando Brando kind of appreciated too and so he was still on board according to Stanley. Brenda was still fascinated by Kurtz more than fifteen years. After he had played a version of the character and Coppola's film so Brando Onboard Stanley confirmed director. He was also able to recruit two more major stars. Especially at the time. Bruce Willis And James Woods beyond these developments daily enthusiastically launched into pre production collaborating with special effects. Creator Stan Wilson and the creation of the makeup and the costumes for Moreau's Miro's hybrid creatures and preparing the location sets however as the time for principal photography approach we start seeing these problems. Bruce Willis Louis dropped out of the film. Stanley says in the documentary that he was divorcing his wife Demi Moore at the time but they didn't really announce it so it's unsubstantiated and Val kilmer Gilmer came in to replace him and volcanoes I he was so hot right then like physically and like just popular remember him the Saint. Yeah I remember. We're having feelings that I never felt watching him be in the Saint Woo. Anyway to Stanley's dismay VAL kilmer could only shoot for forty forty percent of the time that he was required to be on set. So Stanley. Solve the problem when he had kilmer switch from the protagonists the star to the supreme the supporting role Montgomery who had a lot less screen time but that meant James Woods had leave the production new line hurriedly recruited former northern exposure star Rob Moro for the the lead role. Another significant setback occurred not long before the filming began with a suicide Brannagh's daughter. Cheyenne remember that. Oh Yeah I was reading up at their recent. It's pretty so with a new boyfriend friend. I don't actually know what exactly happened. But he's a model she's a model and she like divy abruptly and it's just very Something more research does son like awesome. That would Marlon Brando's son to yes. Yeah it's very tricky. Kill somebody. He was a murderer. Wasn't yeah homeboy. Anyway that's all say about that. So Brando retreated to his private in his own private island off the one of Dr row leaving Stanley and his producers in limbo not knowing whether he would show up or not. Or what deal was he just like kind of cut out for a little while. The chosen location location for the film was the rainforest the Cairns in northern Queensland Australia tensions between Stanley and new line had grown during production partly because of Stanley. He was really really quirky. He was very insular. He didn't WanNa go to studio meetings. He didn't mind like play the game and that kind of makes sense because he's the indy fringe director having to be just thrust into this new role of being this big budget director and it reached a crisis point with the first few days of filming Stanley's vulnerability studio pressure to was exacerbated by the continuing canoeing absence of Marlon Brando. But the biggest problem proved to be the notorious the notorious onset behavior val kilmer who showed up two days late hung out and was just like a bully to everybody especially Stanley kilmer later attributed his obnoxious behavior to the fact that just as filming began he learned from television reported poured that he was being sued for divorce by his wife. Seven Years Joanne. whalley whatever the reasons most of the cast and crew have testified to kilmer's being a piece of shit asshole consistently hostile obstructive to production from the day. He got there till the day left. He wouldn't deliver his dialogue as scripted and he reportedly criticized besides Stanley's ideas with what little footage was. Shot was mostly unusable. Great great job fell comber. The studio mainly seems to blame the director for not getting kilmer under control but another other significant factor was a sudden departure of Co Star Rob Moro on the second day of shooting. So welcome our guests there rob. Moore's like I'm out of here with the location being pound like just the location shouldn't to this is said so brilliantly insurance brilliantly the documentary it's like start shooting and then it's a torrential downpour for six months like it was like a nightmare. It was like a like an emergency situation. kind of a thing like like Charlie wet tarps just like rolling across the Queensland Is Land Tundra so the location was had horrific weather. They had to stop filming in like stop and Start and stop and start and more found himself unable to bear the tension and hostility on the set any longer so he basically was called new line and begged to be let go and so they were like all right. Rob Moro Go. It's time to go home after the third. This is just before the third day of filming on the third day of filming following emergency consultations with its onset executives new line abruptly fired Stanley Stanley by facts. So it's like he's in a tent downpour he can't deal with people very insular. He gets a fax in his tent. That says he is fired. The director reacted angrily shedding the documents in revenge and then vanishing just completely vanishing after being delivered to the airport for the return flight to Hollywood. The reasons reasons for Stanley's dismissal were not made totally clear. Rumors were spread that he had radic behavior but really the main reasons were like he wasn't able to deal the studio he couldn't deal with kilmer he was just in over his head in way more ways than one and that's a pretty honest wait like reason to fire someone but also you're you're already like a already show it's very demoralizing like to fire your director who this is their passion project for years and years and years is not a good look. Stanley have been offered his full fee on condition that he left. The production quietly did not speak about his firing so his disappearance caused consternation on new line who feared he might try the sabotage the filming his removal also predictably sent shockwaves through the cast and crew outraged female for his balk which you may remember from return an Oz almost famous graft the crash of course the crafts which she talks a lot this documentary too so they were actually like buddies I ki- they hung they got along so she stormed off set after a heated exchange with a new line executives and then had a production assistant driver all the way from Cairns to Sydney which is about about a six hour drive like take me to Sydney and this was like okay for who's a bulk in a rented limousine however by her own account Boxx Fox agent then warned her in very short terms that if the studio would ruin her if she quit and she would never work again if she broke her contract she was forced I to have that driver back from Sydney into the thick of things with a budget now approaching seventy million dollars and potential disaster Astra looming new line brought in veteran director named John Frankenheimer he did the Birdman of Alcatraz Manchurian candidate. He came on board in part virtually every other other members of the cast and crew. He wanted to work with Marlon Brando. I'm he also used the studios. Desperation advantage successfully demanding really gigantic fee and a three picture deal in exchange. Thanks for coming in and trying to save this movie. Frankenheimer was kind of the last of those old style. Directors like groff dictatorial. Right vary you just like tightly wound really bad mood very strict. And he soon alienated many of the cast and crew. He and Brando decided to have the then current script. I Richard Richard Stanley just completely rewritten. With a Frankenheimer's previous collaborator Ron Hutchinson. He also needed to find a new lead to replace rob moral and brought in David through list to play Douglas. I don't know if I'm saying that right. He was in the theory of everything. Seven years in Tibet Warhorse. The whole production was shut down for a week and a half while those changes were implemented lamented. which again a lot has happened? We're not even in it yet but a single break because we wanna mention some very special friends of the pod. Yeah we have our own little island Redo. We're no man is an island but a couple of Jewish podcast. We noticed that our friend Chris Chris Witt eighty three His I wanna read his twitter profile. Oh Hell Yeah. He's like I liked the Rasul's ghost mayor of Ghost town pod and he is. He is the ghost. He's he's our mayor yet. He is when you're taxes to him. Yeah he will walk the premises and make make sure that there's no disorderly conduct these. The black sheep of your family is the box. Chris's okay okay. That's very flattering. I have to say I had my ego is all about that and then a pretty nice we talked about reading reviewing and and getting some nice positive messages. We go on those pretty good. That's like a very honest one. 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This is Jason Me and you yeah you look at yourself. Yeah so it kind of helps us. Maybe get there a little bit. Yeah you want us to travel the world or at least the US yeah places. The basically the middle of the United States you want us to go to the Rolling Hills sales of Bill America. Well yeah help us out. Let's get back to the island of Dr Moreau. The island of Doctor Chaos. I I would say now exactly already has a title we've got we're why are you rewrite the artist create content. Okay so we're back. Shooting has resumed. It's been a week and a half but problems continued and they escalated baby. Justin Bieber's the lead signboard. Yeah yeah congratulations. So Brando would routinely spend hours in his air conditioned trailer when he was supposed to be on camera while actors and extras sweltered in the tropical. Heat in full. Makeup and heavy costumes costumes brandon. Kilmer were just not getting along had open hostility resulting in the cast and crew being kept waiting for hours with each actor refusing to come out their respective trailer before the other one classic new pages were turned in only a few days before they were shot Frankenheimer and kilmer had an argument onset which reportedly got so heated. Frankenheimer can hammer stated afterwards. I don't like L. Kilmer. I don't like his work ethic and I don't want to be associated with him ever again bolt. How do you really feel you know? But that really. It's a really a testament to val kilmer but also empathize in that like a pretty big deal to at that point and coming into abyss must've been a lot as well. According to few list's we all had different ideas where it should go. I even ended up improvising. Some of the main scenes with Marlin Lewis went on to rewrite his character. Personally the constantly rights also got on Brando's nerves on many previous productions. He refused to learn lines so he was equipped with a small radio receiver so that his assistant could feed his lines to him as he performed technique he'd used earlier films through the X.. Marlin would be in the middle of a scene. Suddenly he'd be picking up police messages. Repeat there's a robbery at Woolworth's meanwhile friction between him and kilmer elicited. The former's quip your problem. Is You confuse the size of your paycheck that size of your talent. ooh Upon completion of Kilmer's final scene Frankenheimer is reported to have since the crew. Now get that bastard off my said Ou just chill just cool chill island Gig you know also in the documentary. Brando would kind of push this how far he could go with everybody. He didn't like he didn't really like anyone at this point like he kinda like Stanley Stanley only was gone. He barely tolerates. You could see how much you could do like. He is in white face for most of the film which means he's covered in white paint and he's wearing this giant Straw a hat and he's a little personal assistant. Do you remember that in the like the iphone promos. The movie were like really like show obviously showcase Marlon Brando. Oh but it's so bizarre and that was a creative choice that Marlin redder just made because he was like fuck all of this oh my gun. Stanley has reportedly jokingly told the film's production and designer to burn the set down but when Stanley disappeared after his firing security was tightened in case he was actually trying to sabotage the project. Stanley himself later revealed that he had in fact stayed stayed in Australia. Suffered a total emotional breakdown retreated to a remote area and the Cairns region to recover their he had a chance meeting with some of the film's former production action staff who've been rehired as extra camping in the area. It was confirmed by these same production staff in the documentary that with their help. Stanley secretly came back to the set over over several days. Disguised in full costume is one of the dog men and performed as an extra on the film. He had originally been hired her. I mean that's a That's pretty I mean that's hanging out this like it also been reported that he you showed up at the film's Wrap Party where he ran into kilmer who is said to have apologized profusely for Stanley's removal from the film. I mean full circle. Maybe do do the many problems with the production and the evident ongoing attempts by both Brando and Kilmer to sabotage it again. Little Person Whiteface. The location shooting eventually stretched from a scheduled six weeks us to almost six months and the atmosphere on the production became almost a mirror of the plot of the movie with long-suffering cast and crew becoming more and more alienated by and hostile towards its co Oh stars and its authority -Tarian director and they have some amazing footage in this documentary of just the cascading just completely shit faced in their island of Dr Makeup and also being very depressed in their island of Dr Moreau makeup. The film was released on August. Twenty third nine hundred. Ninety six and Dan spoiler alert. It was garbage. It grossed only forty nine million dollars worldwide on a forty million dollar budget not not including marketing and other expenses huge gigantic. Fail in an article. Written upon Brando's death in two thousand four critic Roger Ebert described ride the island of Dr Morrow as perhaps Brando's worst film. That's being very very kind. The island of Doctor Moreau later received six nominations for Razzie awards including worst picture. Worst director were supporting actor for Marlon. Brando Val kilmer was also a nominee in this category at the Nineteen ninety-six stinkers bad movie awards. Brando was nominated for worst on-screen hairstyle which he lost a Stephen Baldwin for bio dome and one worst supporting actor the film also got got nominations for two Saturn awards best science fiction film and best makeup in the mid nineties. It was kind of a weird wasteland of sweet science minds fiction and yeah I mean I loved it I loved all of it. I still want to document. I mean I don't know if they can do a movie but I will the movie. I don't even want like I. The bulks cat character. Her sexy character hangs itself and it's like she wasn't even there for like a shadow. It's so good I wanNA watch that again. I WanNa Watch the documentary again. Documentary are is so good. Most of this information comes from it. And it's just it's in larger than life. Phil what do you think about Hollywood. Filmmaking this is the the opposite of all of that pretty much yeah. There's I mean when I think I'm really into movies. That are a huge bloated productions and their families in Heaven's gate is probably one of the biggest ones. Wow which is a western. They can't one thousand nine hundred eighty. I only have seen that. It's a very long movie. Tried watching it it and it was like a bad movie but I think it was just so bloated with production and it was. It's the kind of thing that puts. I think maybe even put the particular movie studio at a business. I think it was heaven's gate. I love disasterous juris movies but I think about all the people that we name Marlon Brando's obviously I only huge like. We've talked to a lot of huge stars in the context of this Hor horrific film but now talk about now. Okay so Moro. That's that's what I'm saying like you know. They're they're all fine but like VAL kilmer. It's still hot. Oh my God still. You know what I'm GonNa do after you leave rewatch the same but think about the all now like none of these people. People are Rob Morrow not criticizing them. But it's not like Oh man I bet they know rob morrow is going to be so huge. Yeah the fruit balk was killed people arguably like just to I I think a lot of them were like at the end of their career anyway. mid-nineties maybe this is a weird dog person. WHO's now ZAC? Ephron you don't know I'm yeah you don't you don't you know it's probably not we'll check. I'm the Saint Love I'm Sally Brooks and generally elspeth. Tom Loves the the comedy PODCASTS. About all the dumb things that people will do for love each week we share real love stories. Some are funny crazy and some are really wonderful and some are about murder little bit chew crime but a whole lot at you love so we both episodes every Monday so give us a listen and get out there and do something dumb for love love.

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