Day 5 of No Sports and Remembering Game of Thrones....featuring John Collins


What's going on Bell? What's the word I have no idea what the fuck the Texans are doing neither do the Texas as well here? We're we're in lockstep on that. I just terrible they. It's like when when the Marlins beat the Yankees Back in three like they beat the they finally beat the Patriots. No like up time to blow it up. Do nothing more for us to do. They just like I'm sure. Like Corona virus says most of the world's sick downdraft hopkins for a running back. Are you feeling now? Listen run based me. Getting tagged traded to get paid suffice. It to say I'm Down Bay between this them canceling hammed. I can't imagine you've been in good spirits. Rules poem postponed as dictated by management. I just hope they can settle on a date where everyone can be in town It can just be get spirits backup. I hope so man. I'm being really spread thin here. This virus shoot the hair hampers ball. The Black Man's luncheons coming up. No one cares to think about that. On my plate the Hamday postpone. And now this deandre hopkins getting traded for running back. There was probably about to be cut. I I've I ventured out into the world today to get to get Like what I see everyone. Buying Asked related items. I'm like these hoarders stock up on baby lives. I'm legitimately fucked you tear through baby wipes like listen. I tear through baby white so I get like no joke and we're proud leaves into managers because we're still new at this but at least twenty five thirty day like just tearing through them so I was like if the hoarders get those fought so I went out to target and I like I scoped out the scene before I went in and there was no one in there. It was dead so I was like all right Gordon again. It is what it is I went in not not a shred of toilet paper to be seen. One package of adult Bought wipes collect took those delays remind three singular rolls of paper towels I grabbed two as to not be addicted. They told me I had to remove one from my car. I was like all right. I feel like you probably aren't doing those two days ago but alright listen. I can assure you that probably were at that. I was like all right me head over to the baby's action I got one pack of eight hundred wipes out another pack of five sixty okay. That's right yeah so next week. Hopefully they'll be back in stock and I'll be able to do a similar. I mean we should take seven the TSA. Why I've I've figured she'd have a job by now. But there's no one's hiring at the moment so it's listen like my old man told me when I got to college. Smack DAB in the recession is no substitute for high workmate. You tell her to get a briefcase a suit and tie and go door to door handing a resume. That's how we beat these kind of things. Listen we were millennials. When we got out I don't even know what generation this This leach is. I can't even imagine Zuma Zumur. They kind of went straight to exit. Y Z. Wasn't right there. Gen-x sounded too cool. They had I did it. Generation Y and Z to now. Okay now what would it cost my boyfriend at? Twenty fifteen as generation double layer. Yeah uh-huh generation a we. We skipped all the way to the back of the alphabet. Whatever we going beauty suit Nola now. Maybe it's a huge for the cardinals out tremendous like I'll say it again. I said every time and I thought he was second team this year. My Baby's still first team all pro Dander was if this is the price per all pro talent. Every single team should trade for everybody. I'm a firm believer in acquiring all pro talent for the price of a second round. Pick based just listen. That's what got that exact line of thinking got you run out of Detroit and I don't know why you listen to hear you. Tell morning where he can come talk to me like a man. I The reason I told that story so I wasn't. I didn't get that information until like two hours after it happened. And the first tweet I saw was cuyler. Adding De'andre Hopkins. This feels like tampering to the highest degree teammates. They haven't been in any. Oh then I was like oh cardinals. Must two three four first round? Picks not a one tyler. Not a single first round pick was traded clowney and Deandre Hopkins did not get a number one go. There's a list of all the wide receivers again traded for a number out First harbor Roy Williams Joey Galloway peerless. Price Keyshawn Johnson Brandin Cooks Brennan. Clydes you Cooper Oto Beckham Junior Randy Moss Down Dre Hawkins. But there's an ex buys name because it doesn't apply interesting. Irag well. I'm sure the cardinals in like two years. We'll flip for first because they'll still be a first team all purse either by then and I was really trying to understand the logic like I know it's the new hot thing is no big name. Receivers of ever won the Super Bowl like recently. There's running back for now. It's like many Tonio Brown's braves so it's like okay. I even get that. He has three years left on his deal and wants to renegotiate. They don't want to renegotiate. Okay I get that sell a year earlier before a year late. I don't hate it. You have to get value for a running behalf not value not even a writing like broken running back. Yeah like legit one is probably GONNA be cut back if they traded. I'm trying to think of a comparable player like if they traded for. It'd be like okay. I could see like that's worth it. They don't even know like a corner coming off an injury like that or like it didn't have to be injury just like a young. I can never remember. Nfl address number one draft. I can pretty much put the rest of it together. Nfl No sir. I was Carson Palmer. A Graham who went to their year like Barclay was two years ago. Yuck I don't what is what is Watson. Thank right now. He just needed to the deal so that he can retire like Andrew all the Garrett put all the guaranteed money in the first three years. Just call it a day yeah. I'm just scrolling through the twenty eighteen draft if they traded him for Edmonds the Linebacker from Baltimore versus like okay. The second round fit like Oak. I see the visit. You're trying to get likes or they get at Derwin or something. Yeah we think it'll be healthy. I okay you're trying to give value that our valuable position a running back a damn running back. Carlos was fine and Duke. Johnson was like the Texans. Running game wooden spectacular. But will they. That's the thing that piece all that together and and I keep saying spring training so in my mind Preseason yeah correct in preseason and it was good it was. It was a good like cow's I'd I'd I WANNA say career year and do Johnson's bend the same running back. He's always been which is really good so I don't understand what like the second round I to your point. This receiver class is a build is one of the deepest. We've ever seen so if you want to replace him with someone in this draft. Yeah Get the vision there too. The other piece just can't be an egg in the first round so you can fucking get one of the good ones not like They seven us they have on Hopkins. Arizona was even that bad this year. So that's what I am like. A top of the second round pick. Is it now like forty four? Something like hide rush for eleven hundred yards on four and a half yards a carry. Do Johnson four hundred yards on five yards a carry. Do Johnson also caught sixty two passes like why? That's one of those. If you had those two guys and David Johnson got cut. It's like hot now detonate. Yeah let's see if he can great if he gets a fastball for cooking I'm not trading for his. Yeah he's got a big deal. It's this year next year. Hopkins has two more. So it's like okay. Well we don't want to negotiate with that so you train them for running like I can't believe sickening and that that receivers stat line. No top receivers WANNA SUV. Like that's nice and in theory like. Julio didn't lose them that game right one you can do it for every position that so at shifts and to if you go through. It's like a Lemay wouldn't Antonio Brown's fault subtle steelers didn't might come through. That guy was a credible right and at a completely negates the fact that like Gronk was number one receiver for the Patriots Who the fuck religious thinking of God damn. I had another good receiver in mind. Oh well there are down through Google the whole the whole fucking chiefs offense like it was his tyreek Hill. I first team all pro is travis. Kelsey the baby maybe Kelsey. I honestly don't know who's hooper first team this year. I don't know kid was a thing it'll all right. Yeah certain kills his second right yes so i. And he's essentially a wide so I don't I get the stat. I like you don't want to break the bank paying that position. That's one thing but hopkins has been as good as they come for the whole time. It's been in the fucking NFL. It's and all these. It's Ivan Rumblings all these Texans reporters just screaming like. Oh Yeah Bill. O'brien hated him. So what traits low value right apparently does betrayed it to number one number two for Laremy Tunsil to protect Xiao Watsa prolong absolutely nobody to fowler. Who GETS HURT EVERY YEAR HOSSA? Yeah the seven games people. It cooks though seven. Yeah Yeah because you know who cooks the no seven down very harsh it also to Shawn Watson it's Yeah it was a strange thousands biggest move today. Right like I didn't see. Let me check to see what else has happened. The Miami Dolphins been spending all sorts of money. They get They've got Byron Jones from the cowboys. Our audience that's a good move. They got Kyle Van Noy Magritte's boy this news. You hate to see the second year. Open year phone Patriots The Detroit Patriots of Sign Linebacker Jamie Collins five hundred now honestly not that bad three years thirty mil eighteen guaranteed another finesse. Oh yeah now. He knows what he's doing John's got five. Eighty two good. Yeah it was like sixty something guaranteed to lure. I'll hate it. He's he's who I would have chosen over Zeke but that's just me Mariota who out? Yeah I thought you were talking about the draft again. I was like they were in jail. Time to pay somebody Mariota went to the raiders. I don't hate that. I don't know who mentioned it but somebody who's like if Marietta went to San Francisco to Rehab for Year. The raiders unrelated. He could he could see some playing time next year. Better Work Van. Noy got four fifty one which good for him. Thirty guaranteed a lot like talent cost for sure. I don't know what the brand case keenum good for case yet like decent money to three eighteen with ten guarantee when you have the number one of going into year three. Betsy might ask the Ravens. The Ravens have been doing a huge chip. The Ravens have been doing all sorts of stuff. Yeah I only saw one but the one they did was a home run correct. Yeah they got clay Campbell. Four fourth fifth is my apologies. And then they got they signed Michael Brokers Today. How much three thirty okay? And they got. I know they traded Hayden hearst to Atlanta after Atlanta Lost Hooper. So we're GONNA Hooper. Go CLEVELAND CLEVELAND. It's been copying today yet. Got Caughlin as well. Listen Cleveland. This CLEVELAND SHINES MARCH. Getting me this. They're twelve wins two. Does it feel like they got one more for. The dolphins also signed Shack Lawson would he he got he can get up to thirty six million in his deal. Not seeing like a false. That's what I'm not saying. Three three if last year was for real or something to start with something. That's worth it. I think you're thinking of Shaq Barrett. Yeah bills right. Yeah I didn't think he was a free agent already. Thought he was fucking like Jon. Bostick got a deal today. I couldn't I was shocked to see you. I feel like he played Miami with like reading them. Probably worse shape era. Though he's a free agent I think he decided he got franchise tag Google Fan so James is just a free agent. Yeah very good luck. Amari Cooper free agent Gardens go game to. Stan digs just begging to be traded man. Listen before maybe I entertain it now. Listen you weren't even first team all pro. He for running back in the second round. Pick Italian would you? Would you vote for digs patriots receivers? We doubted loved eggs. I would you vote. The market's been set tyler. My hands at the REX burkhead and and a third gold. Now that's I mean. He's someone exit. I've always been interested in. I'm also fucking because it looks like rivers is headed to Indianapolis. I'm very interested in Jacoby. Brusett IF BRADY'S GONNA dip I've I'm really curious what Indianapolis did think it's official yet. But if I feel like it's all but official by they can't threat yet right. I don't like is Phil. Is He a upgrade on Jacoby? Jacoby have like a bed. Second half like favors like a bad year. And he's like is he bad enough. She's going to be good enough to upgrade it for one year. 'cause even this goes really well it's GonNa be like forty well if you look at the rest of their division up. The Texans don't know what they're doing so they're okay they're the Jaguars Jaguars and I can't even remember the four team in the AFC south. Of course now yeah now. The titans have that wrapped up so they gave Ryan Tannehill Kirk cousins money. Her cousins. Would I tell you if if Dan is really trying to make every single dollar? That's the route follows but he's also never had a big payday so I I get it. Also get him when the longer he waits people just keep getting paid and he can be like. Tannehill got embedded in you. Well I saw against the NFL. Tv deals get renewed. Next year. Dr Homemade I saw twitter about the So of course it's factual But I saw someone was saying like look if he just plays under the franchise tag this year and then does the hold out next year he can get like forty three for like the low end x year again. If he's if you're willing to go the KIRK COUSINS KIRK COUSINS. I think fourth round two totally okay. I haven't my first. Four years are probably made like two million dollars combined. I'm willing to go year for year because it's all a guarantee and I'll make you said it'd be forty-three next year. They were saying like like low end like somewhere psyche. Forty to forty five somewhere in that range. That like the franchise. This year is going to be twenty something right. I wasn't even saying for franchises. I was saying like if you were because like we've been we've been talking about like thirty five all year if you were to just sign now but if you were to wait next year with the cap going up. You're naturally your money's GonNa go up to. Maybe that's maybe you should didn't Sign a deal Untradable Russell Wilson. Didn't he sign a deal Where it was like tied to the CAP jumping. He tried they wouldn't they wouldn't let him but he had the vision. I think and again. That's the thing. Because if you're if he's made he maybe made three million dollars so far and if he's okay this franchise tag alone probably be. It can't be lower than twenty five. I WANNA twenty nine. Just take that in next. Just keep doing that until basically into Patrick. Mahomes gets paid because once he gets paid. Okay just give me a little bit less than which is on fire head on. His article clicked on different. Be Between thirty and thirty three million. Oh Yeah I'm okay with that if that's what I'm saying so I am fine with that because even with the forty three. You're going to play three years of FBI undervalued again. You keep going here for you you're never undervalued. You're never on like Aaron. Donald China's deal out two years ago he's undervalued now because back to get paid much more than him. It's not as good as him. Fucking deforest Buckner just Cashed in grand saw the trade form and they already paid them to it from everything. I've I haven't seen numbers. But they said they was gonNA make him the second highest paid D. tackle in the league. Like Fletcher Cox twenty-one year. She's pretty good for thirteenth. And again days he was all pro thirteenth. Pick for like an act like what I see there for both sides he is how is born in nineteen ninety four. So he's not quite like he's been healthy. Yes Sixteen Sixteen. Sixteen fifteen so like this year. No fifteen rookie. He's got an strong well. I was just wondering if I was him sitting out like week. Seventeen is everything wrapped up very durable. Yeah NO LESSON. End The forty niners. I mean they're defensive. Line was a position of luxury for them so them just pick it up like they were just in the Super Bowl and they got the thirteenth pick in the draft for a Guy. They probably work in a pay like. Yeah I feel like that's pretty good. Yeah Leo's come to one of those guys but they just paid d Ford think armstead. Solomon Thomas GOTTA BE NEXT. Bose's cheap for now so one year pretty much all of them. Now you get thirteen. Pick defensive tackle be there but they just replace him with. Do they need one. That's that's the beauty of it right now that a divine Ken law the deep into tag from South Carolina couple picks actually that they guest CD lamp. I'm just saying I was GONNA say if they take one of their cevers. They're like they're right in the mix there to take they take fucking rugs. They could take anyone their board or they could trade up again. In deebo Edelweiss it and they still have Emmanuel Sanders for one more year right. Think so they have. Judy eighteen wiser. I I don't know what's going on to. The CDC on Fifteenth is lower than I thought. Both those as beat-up ten twelve at worst. I feel like that's GonNa Happen. That is going to have to change. Come draft there's no way those guys go in the both of them are going to go on the teens on it. Only take because WHO GOES FIRST ONCE? The first one goes go. Get this as CD. Twelve fifteen. Judy eighteen rose nineteen Dobie. Raja twenty two t higgins twenty four like that so it just needs somebody but yet if I'm trying to even put them at the top ten now eight Arizona really considered judy offensive line. So probably the best of lemon but nine Jaguars. I've considered by Judy. Right there. Me personally put him. Garden means you. Yeah the the bears gave Jimmy Graham two years. Take the same Jimmy Graham. We did listen. He played all the way over in Green Bay. They scout a team like that US away. But it's like if you get some legit money to spend and you know for the thirteenth kick in that range decking get you. You can plug up all pro position. Where your weight from him? Boy Aaron Donald just went for a second and a fourth man game swept up and running back yet wising as Aaron Donald Baltimore Raven. Now how did they afford? This wise delays Campbell's second team all pro at thirty five. And have they somehow Jerry? Judy what the Hell is gone? Get Out and surprise me so much showed the all the picks the Gasman. I think. It's Eric Shepherd Ernie Shepherd is a new step down and it one of them's like trader backup kicker for a fifth round. Pick us with round. Pick betrayed for a first team all pro. Marcus Peters one or the other fifth round patient to trade for Kelly Campbell right. Yeah I was tricks. Yeah this was like listen. You only take the good guys good. And then a working like a charm because good lord delays Campbell at Marcus. Peters Mon- Humphry back there at the end. Whoever whatever stood they're going to get in the second round of the draft Hugh I mean the Ravens. They just don't mess this. This has getting jalen. Rigor forty seven. Yeah that's what we Patrick Queen linebacker from Lsu. In the first wrath. I wouldn't I wouldn't care for that man. Oh Man I'm looking in the nineteen raiders of Gossip. Got a little spending cash tailgate. Nineteen we could drive henry rogues who are really like so. I've or let's see if we could go. Julio Jones guys like that they could roll somehow yeah. How do like a first round pick for Michael Tom? More than fair. I think if Brady dozen signed by midnight. Patriots cap is just like demolished. What do you think he goes? I I'd be shocked if he left Patriots haven't done anything yet to to be like. Hey you right now. It's year six of Birkhead. This is the year Tommy. He's one with birkhead. How dare you know? He didn't But like ten. He's got to go to Tampa that what's going to happen. That's obviously gruesome license. Go things interesting. I thought Indianapolis was interesting but Andy would have been interesting. Seeing colts fans avid route. From be very interesting. Sanford's I just don't get the Philip rivers love there like Bonnie. If I'm going one year I don't know if I'd go brady honestly and again it. Jacoby was no great shakes. But if if they're really trying to make a one year run which like that's what trading for divorce buckner because we're trying to go right now. Philip Rivers into twenty pixel as you. I know they weren't all on but if I'm Indian. I'm really trying to take a swing radio. Why wouldn't I just signed James? Oh no that's not doesn't even selene. Oh that's a swing six wings gaffer's game in two more seasons but honestly if they really trying to take a swing. Gosse with Kansas City one for mahomes fourteen. Let's talk about the people who are like I. I wouldn't give up more than two first round Patrick Walls I came out. Like is this quarantines. Have Y'all ever watch C. Patrick Mahomes? I've watched him play the game to ramp Laremy. Tunsil went for two tyler. I don't I don't know this but he also plays with good players. Go to also love like playing for Andy. Reid and Andy. Reid phenomenal coach. He's won one super bowl ever nice. Why is he getting that good for sure? But why is he getting that credit for Mahomes? You know what I mean like. It's being used now against mahomes and these arguments like he's got. This great system is great. System had never won before. Patrick mahomes come close. It never want Alex Smith Anti Hell and Travis Kelsey and then they replace them and one up my who. Who's a second? Who's second therapist quarterback in the League right now? Mom's comfortably won. Who second third comfortably won? I do think. Russ in the mix Fisher okay because he was the consensus to With but I think three's in do I remember who played football anymore? This is a part of the problem. Lamar Jackson Police will. He does He. He came Sean. I mean I've got to say I love Watson I'm probably more comfortable going him over The unanimous MVP of last year the two three story. I think Russia's too but then it'd be like Lamar. Lamar just can't get dusted. Every time he shows up in the playoffs you know what I mean. I know it's twice. I hate to see breaks me. It's only been it's all been twice but it would be second feed like it'd be the titans this year. I'd have no problem with him in the top three and again states that this is you are winning. Mvp that's what it turns into two years street. It's unfortunate unfortunate. Say I've that'd be my top three in it's really like Mahomes as the top three. Russ's four okay. So if say the cheese called video. Brian said let's O'brien would eat the phone. He'd be like I've I've seen this trip before. Now he's like no we who cares ten. I don't fuck I'm GonNA continue as he keeps being sorry. Might it even better. They will just keep trading down the road but if they were like okay mahomes for Watson in how many pigs how many pigs the Houston needed. Throw him before. Kansas City is comfortable sex. So Watson and six first round picks were. They had to say wait a minute. Yeah I think I think they'd have to start being like we need some Mike thirds too but I think we could sell this. I was saying rustling. I Dunno eight for the age. People like to know more to. There's no. There's no like that's the problem. There's no age gap with Watson. Moms it if there is. It's like a year So that makes it a little easier but yeah no people were saying like even that probably not like I want to do more than you would not do three if Patrick of eight and also part of your argument is like abandoned as the coaching. You just saying you think you're coaching staff sucks. If you can't figure out how to use Patrick bombs you stink. He can't even read no. That was a that was wild of the two bro. Jalen ran for the first time picks. I like him. He Patrick Khalil Mack. He started his Hobo. We see Robert Griffin went for like three two second round picks adult us from the bears. Who aren't even if they have picks Got a couple of kicking around. Would they do them brought please now as a backup we stood them? It's feels like the same thing. Just I'm I'm still all in at for two or three Allen to Detroit no to US where a trail. Detroit would be giving up. I two first round Ross was going for to this Nj. Yeah Injured Guitar Ukulele. Plan Wilson. Yeah Yeah like a fifth a conditional would you? Would you give up? Three first round picks go get him out need probably like a two back as well but yeah no no. It's the lions. They don't know they can say no. I'm running the lineup. Saying no yeah. Of course I mean yeah because I don't like we're not going to bottom out to be able to get Lawrence next year. You know what I mean. So it's I I do still think to the real deal. I'd be all in on Android and wants to get him. Twenty Twenty six twenty two or twenty three things. Well then no other than not you. Yeah we have twenty three. I can't write this a draft manifesto. I just keep getting more ammo for the only day three picks you go for Veterans Claes. Campbell got voted the twenty six best player of the year twenty six he appeared. It's run defender of the year. He just went for a fifth round. Pick us on all you want guys bad Walter. Payton Man of the year. Bad Dad seat is bad. Guy Tell Rude had grabbed by shirt. Call Pokemon the nose just grabbing about colleges Botham once on the I can trade a date three pick for that like us where I would only trade. My my fifth set my v six seven maybe like four thousand four buoy looks. I wasn't eating. Come off his greatest year but the team was a mess. I try to afford around pick for TRICIA might first second. They're only trade back for this like Let's see who's the disgruntled veteran issue? Who wants a new deal? I'm willing wanted out like Stefan digs. Some of these veterans aren't even disgruntled teams. Just like we don't want to pay you anymore. Let's strayed you like you can get a perfectly grunted human beings. Yeah that's what he's nowhere Ha. Well let's call and see a fifth round pick and we'll take stefan digs off your I like done. Get this malcontent right like I. I don't know why the Dolphin Dolphins are spending money all over the place spreading if they threw their hat in the ring. Form Wasn't Tonio Brown. Go Tampa with Tom. Yuck do they come back in the League? I think he get signed again. I don't know if he plays another game. Okay then it's one of those bridges bringing them. In ANYTHING GOES WRONG. They can cut him it in and get any any second. He has a couple of practices and something had they not even something bad. We decided to go our separate ways. He gets cut the key never begin. I can still see the ravens play his cousins there. That might they've had worse. People Manage Man So yeah I don't I I wouldn't surprise me. And then they trade ruling out too and I'm just like Geez second round pick probably have segregate begging Gus Edwards. I'll never understand data. Oggins is so good so incredibly good. This year I think was the drops. Maybe that he's ahead. He's still made first team because he normally zero trump's right at the three this year off my shit cuyler Hopkins Andy Isabella. They're ready to go this year. Geeder come in and be the number one fisher as a number three. She's still ninety five pairs without question. I would be the only thing that I really left it. Judy which they go off into blonde. One of those wide receivers drop. They always do and that gays and it still be gave thirty per second so that third somebody it's like why is. Jalen regular stone bore not anymore right. Yeah someone didn't run like quite fast like levesque Schmaltz. They're they're like. Hey we're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA play running back to everything's GonNa be great is like okay. I also like it feels like the thirty second pick in the draft especially since they moved it to. Its just round one on day one now. It feels like it's the most easily pick that you can get in any like sleds always for sale thirty three years. So if you see someone stole their like last year. It was metcalfe and he kept falling. So if there's whoever that this year's guys feel like no which is what that guy we don't have to this. We'll give you a three and a two next year for whoever WHO's got thirty two SAV fucking the chiefs. They're just like s shared shit strapped looking at hasn't taken the Andries with V very bad very very bad for the chiefs. Yeah they're they're GONNA do that. I wouldn't JUDY'S ARE GONNA fall thirty two. We're all GONNA be like a boy. I'll love you fast. For their skiing. He'd make them pay Jordan Jordan. Love going to throw. He's really big. Answ yeah so you need apparently. Can't Bush drafting Xavier mckinney? Boy If they compare Byron Jones Xavi roads close personal friend. He's available now. Who still has cap space dolphins? Oh you boy I'd be over more Gupta. Even there they get money. I'd put him league but yeah he's remind yes yeah How much do you want? If you're really going to hit the open market in your twenty Miami Northwestern Twenty five years old. Yes we'll pay the we'll pay for it. I don't hate it. They got the money in for Michael Thomas just stupid. He's the highest paid now. Receiver Wise Ninety six. Basically if wants five for I don't know wanting they guaranteed Michael Thomas. Thirty five again. Tm forty five. I would do that. I'm shocked they're having I feel like last year. We had a ton more. Maybe it's because everyone's on lockdown but I feel that should lead to more deals right now. The Andreopoulos Gantry I mean like actual free agent signing a feeling like this kind of is the frequency find your disgruntled Star Debt. That's our free agent. Splash the ravens me. They're free displays fillets Campbell. Cardinals made there's D Andrea Alcohol's pretty good. The dolphins could still somehow get to if I've and have him walk into a situation when he's healthy. He's got devante Parker and Amari Cooper throat. I say I just in the eighteen. Are you kidding? Say a headline. The Texans Traded Deandre Hopkins so the cardinals a move. That has been widely criticised not wide. Enough I would argue. I'd panic more. Frankly does hasn't get into it five Judea eighteen. You could sign more cooper but yes you guys around three. I just want three guys that will get about eleven hundred yards receiving. Yes okay we will do. I can't believe they trade him apparently like whatever they're doing fixtures aging of hopped Hopkins's ages. This will get a pretty good version of it for ten more now that Arizona. Dry Heat just perfect for wide receivers as like this is tremendous. I still got Yeah they get them getting worse offensive lineman afford to probably take especially if they like you. Just go out and sign or trade for days of digs hopkins is your to one of that backwards. But if hopkins eggs year one two and you can just keep your first round pick and taking offense. I'm into protect your tiny little quarterback. That's pretty good savannah cats but by that was their caps. Blache charges interested charges to charge the have some cap like. I don't know who's GonNa play quarterback for them bridgewater eastern stick probably GonNa take her like six intake drew We're I've I will take Isaiah. Simmons they're like. I'll just let me just get horrifying defense. I feel like him were offensive lineman unless I mean unless you love her and why like. Why wouldn't they jump up to like three of two? Is Right there because they need more help. The they can't afford to give up the picture to take the jump up there and get him. We need all of you. But if he's GonNa city or I don't know if he's going to but if you WANNA sit him a year then you still have your first next year say that now ready to go and then it's like all right we're going to keep our defense as because we have both so we have being room. We have Darwin like there's still are young core But we can trade Keenan Allen Right now for Very injured running back a third round. Pick and keep Mike Williams and then build that way too. Yeah I saw. I heard some people say Robert Woods might be available like that feels peculiar. Probably I think it's almost time to pay cup. I saw could be traded again. I was like well. Yep sure chiefs okay guys but we would terrify you more playing the cheese than drafting deandra swift. Thirty two or the train from Branco's coach by far at boil boy are slow guy is brandin cooks it off to you might have won. Gone Your team. That can run as fast as one of these guys can do a backward to maybe not. Now you've got two of them and casualties just in the middle like there's nobody's to twenty feet of me tonight. You still have hardman too so you have three of them. Got Superbowl Hero. Damian Williams rushed for nine yards a carry. That's what I'm GONNA do. I don't care what the rest of you guys are up to throw a ball pass. Brandin cooks met. He just tries to break it personal challenge all year and the one time he does tyreek catches it. How about that? I was right terrifying times all around. The dolphins should be up to make the playoffs. They place right. Who's their quarterback going to be to? What if they decide in Brady? V Dot Money Ryan Bo Jackson Fitzpatrick good story to that other Judy. And then they still have one more first. Round pick says getting even gross mottos maidens from Penn State. I'm sure he's terrified. Probably in those days like free agency money again. That's assigned Mike Amari Cooper and two whenever you're ready Markelle. Patrick is more than competent enough to start like the first eight. Or whenever you're ready that's what I'd do. Tresors spend quiet for like an hour up now. It hasn't bills have acquired Stefan dex. Ooh for what Jay. Glazer just only tweeted that. No-one weather's just like the last time they traded for disgruntled wide receiver. They immediately said No. Fuck that that ended up in the raiders. That's a good move some. They didn't give up by a third round. Pick Nathan than I'm like. Maybe it's a good move digs good. He's GonNa yell at Josh Allen Though. That's what he does. They gotTA know that hadn't into it. He's he builds mafia issues. That's a good point God damn it. We still need to receive her mind. We don't have any money. Why Not Brady's gone? He is but like it the deal we signed with them last year. Like if he doesn't I'm pretty sure if he doesn't signed by midnight so an hour and a half. He like triggers dead gap that wipes out the rest of our cap this year. It was a sick move. It sounds great camp giving real-time everyone we've seventeen games. What a miss is that official for. That can't be for this year right now. Things would make you for twenty twenty. One season does a trading a first round pick fifth round. Pick in a six round peg. They get a twenty twenty one fourth round. Pick a twenty twenty seventh round pick and Stefan digs because their first rounder has got to be in the twenties. Oh wait a minute. They don't even get that fourth-rounder they send that fourth-rounder back twenty food for Dick's I feel like he just got paid. You still young enough exposed them. This is I mean it's a first a fourth of fifth and a sixth for digs on the seven. That's way more than what the Texans way more like. Okay Hey get a first fourth fifth sixth and seventh. Pick three of those looking at okay here. We go Lisa new friends. We got some new flavors Oh Yeah I think this is from our newest friends Bambi. That's right Bam the running a business. Hr ISSUES CAN QUEUE. Wrongful termination suits minimum wage requirements labor regulations and HR manager salaries aren't cheap an average of seventy thousand dollars a year. Bambi spelled B. A. M. B. E. was specifically created for small business. You need a dedicated. Hr MANAGER CRACKED HR policy and maintain your compliant offer. Just ninety nine dollars a month. That's right with Bambi. You can change your biggest liability to your biggest strength you dedicated. Hr Manager's available by home rushing by phone. Email or rotem. Chad at home. 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Thousands doesn't give a fuck either. He's just like I haven't still paid substantial Dolphins Fan Outside General John Cooper. And we're ready to rock. How much did you pay Derek? And I'll go far. David David David Johnson has gotten thirteen. And you can try to go like that for deandre Hopkins. So you got to at least thirteen refuse the franchise essay. They should absolutely franchise him. He should absolutely refuse in hopes to get a long-term. Do unless it's absolutely like I say Derrick Henry at least carried a team to AFC championship. Game Melvin Gordon Barely carries esteem three yards. Every time he touches the ball and not a good actor either. Five foot eight Don Fowler carried. That's uh where's he going? Overpaid didn't give him a minute. Blow their money there. But I can't believe one hundred ninety five pound pass rusher didn't work out longtime it. Wow much bigger hopkins was in that same thing too. We take deandre to an eighty two hundred ninety five minimum. What a strange day finished tweet. Those at sure as is marched longer than January. No honestly I was thinking about the other day. It was that year was the era so slow it was crawling back and the day Kobe debt. Everything's moving fast forward. Yeah that's true like that was in the first twenty. Five days of January crawled Koby died. February sped through marches rate for March. Madness is GONNA be no madness like it's going to be Abelson so the day Koby Dad. There's no tyler listen. Weather's no question April will be soon. There's no doubt my mind might. I don't know I don't know. Did you see the schedule? Tweak they retired from the NBA for NBA. Which one I feel like. I've seen a bunch of things. The one on this one Bobby Marks. It'd be middle of June we would start the NBA playoffs early. August would be the NBA finals the end of August rename. Ba draft September. I would start Free Agency September tenth some Slash Fall League. He's flexible December. It's still summer I won't I won't here it. Put it in the Galt get both options. September Tenth Summer Fall League December Tenth Training Camp Opens December. Twenty Fifth Regular Season Opens Eighty two game season mid-june NBA players NBA season ends. Where they're going to eighty two from Christmas to June. Yes Oh God. That's GONNA do already from Halloween to April like us. Move back by two months. Okay all right all right. I was I was thinking like even though you didn't say this I was thinking like they were just GonNa finish the season like they always do middle of June. But that's all right that's fair. Yeah this is yeah. Now start the sales and I'm guessing The mind would just be. The new norm the norm Cuban or somebody like somebody's proposal it's the NFL. Have all this that tyler. You know? I'm not one to put on my tinfoil hat. No now if we go back in time before we go forward in time this. Nba season started amid turmoil with China. Yes the same place. Corona virus started The same test now if I was a conspiracy. Kinda guy big huge. If luckily for everyone I'm not but if I were conspiracy Kinda Fella One might say perhaps Adam silver planned this So that he could get Nba season starting on. Christmas adds a lot of people. Not even just a lot of people have wanted for quite some time. I'm just saying there was turmoil in China Guide a bat now the NBA season is going to start on Christmas. Like they always wanted to say. I don't hate it. Don't give us now give everybody three months off and I think that would have to be durant's coming back if it's three months off. Broadly shoot will. I don't know but that's not our business. No People Watch them. You have my word to that tyrod where the nets won the championship this year. It'd be one of like because him coming back you'd have do for four rounds. I don't think they would but I do think it would be. One of those. Like boy aboard wasn't the raptors one in six but there by total point of Martin's eleven points early August the NBA. Finals put back into August the Dryer September. I still basically you just two months later for everything and I. It would stink for me because I before Delic Halloween because it's means NBA. Right there tyler. I Know Adam. Silver is only thinking about you during this so please please let him know. If this plan doesn't work one hand everybody on the other hand yeah I am. I don't hate it I really don't can. We split it like what if the season started. Thanks giving but then you know to start paying attention Christmas. People don't start paying attention on Christmas now as as it if people say they do in the All star break. Let's see what's happening and so I I don't. Why are we trying to peel them? Fuck them know for sure. My biggest thing was starting on. Christmas was always eight. Equated shorter season which I didn't like But if now the NBA skirmish rule the summer out on this extreme extenuating circumstances to get here. But I don't know how they if they WANNA finish the season which they should. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't finish this season. I mean this may be the bucks. It's the the seasons frozen but like these humans are still getting older. You know what I mean. It's not like they're gonNA. They're it's not like their body clocks waiting this out to like everyone's getting older And this may be Milwaukee. This may be on Milwaukee's loan shot like they should get that chance. I don't I don't hate the I want them to finish the season even if it's if if this is what has to happen and they don't even play in front of fans for these play offs and if they can bring fans back hopefully safely for the finals you talk about ramped up buildings and I agree like Matt Barnes. Everyone's All the retired older players again. These playoffs are about to be some like we've never seen before. I kind of get it. 'cause everyone's going to be super healthy but I feel like we're pretty cramped up playoffs as as people aren't like US playoffs. Time to take it easy. Yeah but we've also never seen like Lebron's never had this kind of wrist already now from not playing one hundred games season eight years straight. Yeah but he's drinking is Mr Load Management. He just gets. He might just have three months off. Straight by is basically another summer right. Maybe it's the best probably at this point now like all these guys would be like right before right before the NFL playoffs. Everybody just got a month ball. It's like boy. Oh Boy Patrick mahomes rested. I WANNA get kids from. Do we have other ad for today or is it for next show right next year? I said Bill. Brian called exactly one team. Dow other explanation and some are applied. Ll Why would we trade hop to a team? We may have to play in the playoffs there more than one team the opposite conference. You understand that that's the logic and we share. The Texans are making the playoffs now. I mean the check. Wires tightened might be a flu. My not colts. I believe titans. I don't know if I believe in town but I don't know if it matters. Thumbs like like the cultures had a bunch of culture. Stay healthy next year. They were one of those like they were six two or six three something if they just WanNa live in twelve games. Third-placed wide open for billing. What a day yeah. I'm looking forward to August. Nba Playoffs the guy. I love watching MBA in the summer. Of course I'll watch it whenever they put it but I don't I don't love or had been associated enough but mark locate. Here's the thing we might permanently move march madness. That may know fuck you but it's like okay. The finals are going to be around Labor Day instead of father's Day. Okay right by the playoffs. We're GONNA start. Boil imagine having imagine the fourth of July last later maybe a Games. They put off your. They already owned The for the July with free agency but now the actual games like it would basically be actually. I think that's worse for them. Because Fourth of July such an outside day like free agency still POPs. Because you don't have to be watching it you just notifications and react. I still think it could be one of those like people still doing things. Tv will be on the end of the day in the day. Everybody will sit down inside and outside. Oh Boy oh boy we. We get a Lakers clippers Right you put the like the Field Raptors Pacers. Nba TV Games on during the day. But basically it's look how they treat him. Okay now if you start the game on Christmas. Mlk Day Glowka. This is you're just a touch of primetime. Look couple of weeks in bright thing. I guess it will push all-star break to ape like now yeah like now we're pushing everything to go from like Valentine's Easter was checking forward there for twenty four twenty all star Game The sick it's starting to come together. Yeah it's again a sounds weird because I've like military all star day but they changed at April. I'll say this it bring it to a lot more cities because only Chicago this year. Everybody's like so fucking goal Chicago April very reasonable ways places in April in April mid April. Very reasonable a bit especially the next few all star Games. Cleveland INDIANA MIGHT JUST DREARY PLACES. Salt Lake City Outdo. Rather do it at eight Brougham February for cutting the baseball Counterpoint Fuck Baseball. Yeah talk about least of by concerns. So I'm I'm in on this guy. I mean I think it's out of our hands. So on a short all it took was an international pandemic to get the NBA scheduled to where they want it to go. Yeah so it was like this perfect. I wanted to get Donald Sterling Out Bing Bang boom out of their things coming up silver makes you think tired man Yale Man Men will be. Do you have anything else with this episode there. Yeah we'll get them throwing John Collins on India. Heke towns like this. I hope everybody's been re watching thrones. Oh Yeah that's why I'm I'm two episodes and to make millions and yeah. That guy stinks agent Doug Yeah I don't care. Member are are now. That was the other guy who just doesn't end up. Doug Matthews Fuck that guy there like we. We asked US other agent who is pivotal and everything. If he wanted to speak as no matthews gets worse he gets a lot worse. I mean he's stinks to ups odes and the other guy who's thanks to is the cousin of the old Italian. He's like yeah. He's kind of like if you mixed Aaron Hernandez with Rodney Dangerfield That's a perfect analogy. This is like what? Why do you keep talking? Which housing It's him and his wife in. The ball is terrified of now. I'm not sure why he just keeps comparing like a mass murderer to a comedian. And being like yeah. That was my cousin and I'm just like why. Why talking. Now he had a tight T to hit us. Guys thanks Have you watched the egos at McDonald's drive-thru no no? He's not going to one five creams ten sugars. The tissue creams. I watched it at the time. I don't drink coffee so I don't know coffee measurements but I think that sounds like a lot of fucking sugar now. That both are insane. Yeah and I'm tweeted out. People like not listen that so much sure I was like that. Sounds like I've heard people call from ten five. I mean five. Just cut it if he were doing just five grain. That's like you're just drinking cream at that point like you're not even drinking coffee. It looks like me a so and so I wanNA anglos. Wiring up wired up wonder why that and I did to five episodes of Ozark of thoughts. I don't I don't like that. The wife still alive your first season. Yeah Wendy boy. I wish he had got thrown off the balcony to Mellon Gallagher. That made me laugh out loud. I was pumped but her cleaning out the accounts and try to try to skedaddle. I was like you gotTa kill this. You killer patients okay. Good good What's DOT com you watch? Hbo Documentary on our good friend. Kareem abdul-jabbar whose okay minority of one of basically is an. I'm just talking through his life and my favorite part since you as where why. Ucla is basically white man. I want to ask them bitches. Like the smash cut of back to back like looking really cool with lots of attractive women around them just could back to him sitting on a couch. Laughing maniacally yeah. I'm Mike Boyle boy in. La in the sixties early seventies early seventies. I guess we like yeah. Now listen you talk. Tail come out of my ears. He's like right before I made my choice. I consulted with wilt. And we'll told me he throw me off a bridge heading to UCLA. So here I was. There's a lot about their relationship on that. I didn't know and also loo Chamberlain scab certainly in the short list. There's no question about that. Oh Yeah I'm not blogging. Now was no blog comment. It is extremely fucked up that I can't even have like a my own paternity leave when everyone all planets on fucking paternity leave right now like wolves drake. I'm going to ask if I can take mine when everything resumes and three months and be like now. This is another baby of not no work. I Staw- I. I was blogging. Like mid birth. I am not a cower. Man I'm fucking on my corentin food. Gay Utah my God. Yeah you just lock up. You'd like now a well-stocked stocks root for watch would want pancakes. Why would I not want? Yeah that's the that's why it's good to have the dogs because that gets me like our house but not around any humans at all. So that's good and yet target was dead today so that was good but ask just as bad brutal brutal. Yeah just had to restock like just food that I know's going to stretch. I also tried sprite with Ginger L. Tried this yet. I was terrible absolutely I thought I I thought they had something there. I was like all right all right and then now just tastes like really flat sprite. So that only it sounds like it might be decent only to cut another drink cut alcohol but that's okay can only dream. Okay give me yes. Some whiskey and a splash the sprightly ginger ale. That's bad but as straight up. That does sound awful. I tried to bowl. Ginger that way it puts herring chess de spray with ginger It tastes like someone opened a sprite like two days ago and took like two sips out of it. And then ask you if you had to finish it with the other meat because everybody here drinks whiskey would around Ice Cube fucking Burgundy exceed seventy two McCowan say single barrel mope one hundred five. They may seventeen at ease. I got blah seventeen. Yeah they they grew up with only peat Moss. You can find in in Protestant Ireland not not Catholic Ireland. Let me take you back. Machete the CASKS. People people the worst with that. So you don't Have Ri- Wis Oh heavens Now I keep that away from me. It's like boxing night on twitter times. One thousand you talk about wine. Whisky one brown liquor if you should've got. You should get the DOORKNOB doorknob. We shoulda got Savia by Sabio. Elevate GETS ADDRESSED DOUBLE CAST TEN YEARS. Single mom saying third base coach again. Mr Burns Conference Yeah Oh we got what we have one final deal on the way out the door. Amari Cooper hit me five years one. Ten One hundred seventy GUARANTEE DALLAS COWBOYS. I mentioned guaranteed is a does not says a per Adam schefter. The Washington redskins pursued Amari Cooper today and tried to pry them away. Yeah he was like why. Why am I talking to you? Get away from me. It's like who is this Patrick injuring his agent. Texting artless. Five years is like all right. One hundred and twenty million ooh was like Washington. Nope now tell you my friend. She got a friend. Talk to the friend. John John Collins joy joy I was GONNA say I'm excited to listen to it because I'm people. Sheriff skipped ahead to listen to only that glad you talk about anticipated the Barbour Lien without like in the wedding over here are dump voices and then was correct but yeah also by Hoodie. Please animals and see you guys later this week. See nobody does. That's the thing nobody likes the inning of nobody likes the NFL. Messed up. Your what you do you wash you wash your talk. John Collins the Atlanta Hawks. Thank you for joining us. Sir. It's good to be here that Admiral continue the conversation. We just had of Cameron. You're thrown game of thrones. You'RE GONNA ask me a question. He had shirt on With the what does it? Another good hand hearing hearing and then Where that will tyrian was made a cool But yeah man. You had the shirt on first question so I'm ready. I'm ready okay. So just the last season season eight. What are your thoughts about all? I'm thinking they were going to be a Yo. You're joking like like they were GONNA ask trailer. Yeah IT'D BE MISSED. Michelle mess with this of. Y'All don't mess with this now we're gonNA. We're GONNA release the real stuff like we were talking about like unfinished storylines. I might wild wild. And they're just like you did all that for John's notable out there you know become the new men back in ninety just like the sacrifice dog for nothing. That's right yeah what else. What else did they have oranges? So so to Nike. My big thing was like so my big thing was we got to figure out what what the white walkers purposes but what are they are just coming killing like. We don't figure out nothing what happened about nothing. We don't know like he's acting like why was he even there? We don't even know that I don't know they made John and dinars. Why brought up today. Where and nephew. Because that ended up making no different snow men they may brand the king which really pissed me off. He's that's a bad sign. When you're finale who you set everything up for people forget about it was supposed to have some so much more like meaning like instead of hinges being like the you know. The ruler of West arose like he was used to see like he saw few trees ought to pass the war until the birds just was like man. This is the last season. Wrap this up. We will make episodes hour and twenty five minutes so everybody can be la aren't cool. It's almost like a movie and there was even worse and it'd be even worse hugging me. Mad Man I five. Were amazing that I was coming to best television. I've ever watched. And then they ruined it so they're supposed to be coming with a prequel on the prequel. I'm watching. I'm definitely watched. The first season you know because You know they they can make a good show. I don't know if they're GONNA have the same writers because I know I know another thing right where somebody was like George Art and have like he wasn't on like the pharmacies and he'd never finished the book it so the TV writers they just took their own liberty and that was bad news. A bunch of stuff Georgia ours is he. He's there and he's you know what I'm saying president throughout the making the story and I am. I miss winning. I think he played it right because like by not finishing the book. He can see like everybody hated. Tv and then he knows he can go a whole different other way. 'cause we finished and they didn't like it whether they go ahead on him now he's like wasn't on me like I don't write this. Yeah you know I go on Youtube and I watch a lot of lawers. I felt like like the books obscene played into the lower and all that stuff but I feel like the TV show was for the people who obviously didn't read the books and weren't even really like trying to get not just want to show you know what I mean like. If you're really interested in you want to learn more like you know there's there's a whole bunch of stuff like how books and how real TV shows debts. Are you have other stuff to get involved in? But they didn't. They didn't realize they needed to go deeper into any of this. What else watching the shows movies? What's what's the show boy. Franken no-ball year. Yes almost no for kingpin shows. Yeah I'm on narcos. I'm supposed to catch them on a season and Narcos to watch. You didn't know this one but Mexico. Yes it's still washes. Lonely gotTA reviewed. I was like man. You need to wash because it's about autumn. I'm shanking tossed the first to wash third. Okay I'M GONNA give a big og shots into boondocks my favorite show. That's a class that's coming back is supposed to. I don't know what's going on. This is supposed to come back. I think once. Yeah because they got mcgruder like the Creator wants back so I think knock on wood. I think they're supposed to be bringing back some show What else so locked in? I'm a I'm a youtube head so like Oh boy. I like algorithm is different days. Like I have a day where I only watch like highlights the highlights of every game my highlights like. Oh how nice day watching like video games. Whatever we do game on Sundays I wanNA watch histories and I like you too for me. 'cause you know from the fast fast food airs being able to watch where. I WANNA WATCH TYPE IN YOUTUBE AHEAD MY YOUTUBERS. I watch faithfully. They drop video my favorite gossip. British youtuber real funny so he dropped video. I'll watch it and if not all sorts of just. So what does he was he talked about? It was his used to be a real big video game guy and then he more moved into like almost like he's almost like a Reality Star. Youtuber okay distant. You remember to Boston matched with the US. Okay with Jake Paul Paul Brother. Yeah everyone yeah. Okay him so he turned it into cash. I'm making a Bay Guam. Yeah so yeah. Suffix guys like him. He's funny he's real funny to meet and so I like watching him on was going to give it. A shot. Shot the Christmas because Chris Mugabe watch videos? He's like a NBA Two K. Guy Nine does like strictly like NBA content. Like Johnny do like almost like the. Spn Hawks versus Lakers whistle. Who he'll comment over so you play a lot of two K. Or we'll games that you actually play ham game or two I don't really have a preference as more same thing case. Probably my game. Every day used to be fee for every day. Now Right now. Two K every on and off like like almost years have a place a year only play back and forth. Who Do you think the players are hawks? The hawks kind of hard sometimes. Not a great a trait and ninety. So now it's kind of easy because I can trade. Don't whatever shoot? Three's on lobs and give myself buckets. So it's Kinda easier but Most of the time. I can't give you my team. But it's a slow stock. When I play him that day. You'll be ready for games time scales so you play okay play but Yeah to care right now okay. I'm trying to get into full. I'm just bizarre game getting into man. I don't know enough about soccer. I think what it comes down to. I just don't know rules. I feel like that's why I love seafood because like Murphy. Whoa no huge soccer. God I love okay. So like if he was actually really cool. Way Racking like stanton touching I keep up with. Who's WHO's playing. Well I'm ultimate team. Data could pick all your players from different countries. And you have to match up like country country links and if they play in the same league as Are they in the right position? All that matters for like chemistry people team understand what I'm talking about. And that's my favorite game on fee for so long hours have gone down the drain. Money has gone down to read but I love you guys probably like as a team on the plane or hotels or whatever fever to care what each other is very competitive like I could say at this point like if you're talking being taught and got money now I'm coming on beat you body but you by beach you buy that you gotta put the money down and plays play you know. Just despicable Stephen Hawking. Yeah you can start you start trash talking in turning right now but yeah I mean definitely. That's competitive as ever want to care like there aren't real life you know. I've been playing to get more laughs though especially like for a guy like me. I'm twenty two. Haven't blamed to K- literally forever. So yeah I know other people are like extra can Patrick in cry regarding now this oldest thrown on this been there. Who's the best game on the team? Who the best chaos a knee? Who's the worst? But whose easy money like the events because he like you know an Xbox at other they used to like Pong and stuff so list also has now. So let's just try to control. You know what I mean. Every now and then maybe for his man's but that's probably about it. Okay says you brought up? This was it like having a guy like that like a legend but a guy who was legit like twice age on the team they call them. Sir Now you know he. He always a little little Luma you come home. I'll miss when I I call him Yoda. Okay Sir Sir. Bounds Guy Okay Wanted to I used to whenever I see him but man. That's amazing man. He's a you know he's always unwound like he's been through every experience you know almost every experience possible so this is cool to ask him any question. He knows he's been through it and it's also caucases like he's as probably in his day more athlete and I was just about you know what I mean. He's very compare whatever so like is cool because he gets like. I can't act everybody like Yo how do you how do you try to dunk on? Or how do you see somebody in the air? Like I can't acce trade it so right so couve for ACA accidents questions like that. He's also transitioned his game into like Shuna lot of threes. And that's something I'm trying to do. So He's been real instrumental in late. You know just give me a mind center would go off of just basketball wise. Because he's done a lot. What's the best tidbit piece of advice? Give me on court off the court I loved. You probably just helped me out. Shooting last year low so last year was probably my first year ever in my entire for like ten million threes idea. You know if people see how much your your line. But he's really true also causes right so it ain't going. I see well you gotta better off off one. You know what I'm saying for nowhere to go but up facts right so You know he he would always remember is like a stretch and practices It was like seven eight faxes enroll. We just work on shooting and work on shooting US man. I whenever you think you're going to fast like whenever you think you've slowed down no slowdown. More like leterme would get into in terms of like the mentality of you know what I need to do in high locking went before us and got what he meant. It's not like you're literally trying to take your time. He's like you're GonNa you're gonNA feel that rhythm that that stick. It's his hardest lane that rhythm into your shot you almost. You're waiting for that. You win from when you know you're ready instead of just shooting because they all right. Thank you got you so that was. That was the big one for me once. I finally understood what he was talking about. And try to apply okay. It's an started taking better shots and distorted understand how fast onion issue jumper. That was really all it was like. I'm rushing once I take my time in like follow through and shoe like I feel like it's money for him. He he saw that tune was I do just ally rushing. He's I had more time to shoot like eyes aren't closing out on you. Get like once they are then we can have that conversation about you getting off. Good like super-quick please. I concealed in like take it gets and then once they respect you were owners was so hard to pick up. 'cause like you said you never really shot threes. Now you're doing it like higher and higher volume and they going into so hard to pick up or the harder part for me was confidence because I always felt like I could communists news. I knew I could shoot a new stroke. I didn't have a future. I didn't feel that man. I'm scared to go out there. It was just like I haven't shot threes like different. Like I can knock down practice all day. You know what I mean but in a game is different the pressure on and I've never shot like that was the thing I was scared of your released. Like more concerned about so news. This habitat for a year to sort of. Get all those reps out and shoot in game and honesty Thousand bigger shifts me than just like all right now. Tom Shoe because I felt like I could just a matter of doing it. And have the confidence of a put in many recipes. I needed to like. I've been putting the reps in the summer. I put it in the revson practice. Shoot the ball. Do you like relax shoot. Now's a big. I was like what I needed to get over to like high school college like nobody. Nothing like Danny Manley shoot threes. I don't want to like kill Danny de Code Male. He's one didn't really want me to didn't want me to shoot like he understood that I could but what he asked me to do wasn't to shoot. We had to do juvenile thirty eight percent and both are other guards can shoot hsun like sixty percent of paint rex. I know why right so it wasn't like it was like John. If you shoot a three like the aim play like no we gotTA system. We were like number seven in the country like offensive efficiency Greg. So it's like don't change none wrong. Don't know facing and in high school no I man I mean it was it was it was sort of the same thing like but it was in high school. I was I could dunk the ball every time. I say you know what I mean washing talking literally Dunkin everywhere so I don't know I kind of understand it but when I look back at how food I am a mike man only but still doing my thang right most points. You ever scored in a game high school thirty six. That's it that's it. I scored thirty six league in that crazy. And my highest mcnally high in the League is thirty. Five in my league-high has thirty six just more policemen which I'm a college twelve thirty. Anyone really planned like the thirty one thirty dupleix Duke Forty Point. Hey Man some point. I'll talk yeah. I talked to coach. Don't worry about it I shoot fourteen times game so you can get some more shots baby steps. It's coming. Yeah you play Basketball Florida as Florida home for you because I yeah I I say Ford is home base. My family's there. That's why we go when my mom and I were stationed anywhere you know family was. We're originally from the US Virgin Islands. Okay so I'm I crush on you know but I don't really say that it might be time may be but So we're chruches. I-it's been in a year my grandmother in Saint Croix born down that no my mom and my mom was born there in like her generation of sweets. I gotTa Explain Hall of Fame Grandmothers and M.'s. From New York and stuff in in any move to the Virgin Islands. And that's what my mom's from and that's sort of where you know. I claim like Christian. Heritage. I say Florida but it's really crazy. I say Florida and then me and my mom would travel around everywhere and then when she retired we moved there and I went to high school high school in eighth grade or so. I consider it as more or less bill so when I was born in late in Utah so everybody looks me up till I more member. Like my mom's a military worn on the base I'm guessing military And we ended up living wall. Turkey Tacoma Washington. We spent eight years in Tacoma. Okay so that's that's like. Oh Yeah I love particular Pacific big shots to the Pacific northwest. Okay I just. It's a nice vibe. That's where I grew up so I had a special place in my heart Pacific West shots out to the two five three separate entities and then we moved forward so would how do you like Atlanta. Now it looks as now honestly I tell everybody. This is like being a black kid like you. Don't you're not used to seeing black faces everywhere and then when you come to Atlanta and you see black face your everywhere like you just Kinda like you not scared but you okay now like you see Black Bass and Evan stole or Business Lenses and BMW's and I seriously I was looking I can be on highway left and look right and I'll see to black people and I don't think people realize how how rare that is for any place in the United States. Jeff so once I like didn't get over it but like once I understood that started to embrace. Those are cool. I guess what you know what? I'm saying You know obviously take some time for that to happen and play. Here's obviously no garden. A little bit of Fan love whenever I go out. And that's always cool to getting love from fans and hearing them. Tell me you know. Show me love so that also helps the you know. The city is to oppose view it. So you know if I was hearing your fans and everything you know Dan Messing me and all that stuff you put a different vob over the city but I like better or worse. If they didn't mess works like to me I love you know. Having a great game plan my heart audience. If I didn't have a great game in my you know I'm still seeing the love and hearing that love. It feels good man and I know a lot of Atlanta fans. Tell me that Oh you know. We haven't had that a long time are now and I'm glad to see human trae. Bring any bag and blah blah blah. Mike Cole. I I'm I'm really glad to hear that because that means I'm playing so my imitate investable. Also what do you dislike about something about it or the Rosebrough? Worst roads in America. Traffic PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND ATLANTA'S NOT NOT TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE ATLANTA says this assess people here like too many cars or roads of small like you don't notice named Powell's every turn and Corner Mas- that's probably number one and you can't get anywhere if you pre plan if you WANNA leave the house on my three to seven I understand. You have like a forty five minute like you live in. New York City or La. Right like like plan your commute. Yeah Yeah People Think. It's not traveling traffic. It was number two traffic tunnel as everybody knows the traffic. Listen to the weather's cool. Weather here is not that bad opposite. Florida's a little better Back to me okay. Four of our food pretty full found attainment Clever yeah that's what I'm saying like. Oughta stuff for a young like all blackmail like with a bunch of money. Affluence is everybody can buy you love Atlanta. Do but it's like I don't miss it hate nothing about it. But on Charleena feed into Atlanta Atlanta is one of those cities yet. You feed into it and each you. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah it is how it works. I've seen having a couple of times and you already nabet limit. Who is some your furnace and a Lee and I'll tell you I'm asking that in a minute I have I have. I have some friends. Say One do who's like to do have been my mom I do because they were from pre-draft until now is during bill They kept down whenever I see them as like super duper law. But like when I say it is like I have friends that have. I'm I'm really cool with a Lotta dues but like I didn't know any of them before the NBA. Or before college. Because I was so like under recruited Greg like so. They all have like ten. I don't have that with them. So it's like they. They probably seen me but I don't know them so I don't happen to like friends like the free dog I would've year. I'm cool with a time. I do you know what it is. I'll have no like breeds. Bis noted dude since he's in the NBA with me. He's like so I don't know it's kind of hard for me to say Obscene News on my team a little different right. You know what I'm saying but like other than that like I probably say those to anybody because you know boroughs to yeah I asked because basically everybody teams up with their friends now and how you can get Donovan Mitchell and George Bell to Atlanta. That's basically Will J. Bill. I can talk about this Donovan on the hand Donovan. I Dunno my WanNa Change Your Senior Years in Utah. I want to bring it down. You got the Utah Condition. You're a Mormon put with saying I'm coming there. I put on the sooner you thing. Sloop nominee on audio come back to Atlanta. See you got the Cap Space. You like the city. I feel like they should be now more free. Agents have some issues with the Atlanta. Faithful here now because of cameras came and hurt. Oh listen we. We've talked a Kevin Mini. We're trying to get them to go with the nickname. Big Hurt hurt eating like it when you think about it. No velvet a like dirty ray. Who gave me okay? Came on when he'd be playing cave on okay. knocking on people. He's supposed to do okay As my own names and somebody else had another name form I I call him dirty red and came on. Okay we got enough minute for all of them up nicknames nicknames a Cam I called Canio Cam got a lot of things. I might call him Kim. New One day mccollum Cambodia. One day he'd like campaign you know his whole thing is Kampong Cham Fan Monday Cam Cameo campaign trail. I caught him budge stuff because they got a little little names. That go in a bunch of bunch stuff like cams one of those one of those guys you were saying like grown up with people like the stuff. The France is here so I need to start doing. I'll do my part to But we get some stars really. I think we can do it now. I mean I feel like you know. Try nive started off pretty strong also and I feel like you know once once. We have a couple. Coupla younger guys like step up into step into the shoes that we've been waiting for them that we have available ready for him to step into opportunity in the world. You know we're ready to go now. You this is your three. Yes dessert but I feel like everybody on the team. Still either your age or younger than you. Do you feel like a vet. Also because I've been trying to like explain everybody. Yeah 'cause like People Cam d Andre. You've been longer than all these like. I didn't hear enough members bearing along to you. Scrape out I think I have more games played. Because he's had such a like he had such a crazy time in the league like like you know up and downs injuries in his family He's had a craze Tom in but he's a he's the only person from the coach. Bud Era from that coach from the team. That coach Bud coached. He's the last person from not and I'm like the connecting. The piece is I was here like through CODA Bud but dre was on the team before he was. He's actually on the team right. We're right before we went rebuild Moat Gotcha so he was part of the gene and then like Sam the connecting piece. Because I was there when we started to rebuild but we still coach by here coming to older guys here. In the next year we drive to train and Kevin and the next year we plumped in Cam in in dray in Bruno and then halfway through the year again this year and you have the Rosser vistas the vet. But he hadn't been two or three judge says half a year and a half so this'll be two years after when he finishes yes he's the old man in the group. But you know Vincent Oh Gee like I'm like the I guess the team. Oh Gee I say drain on but when you look at it and like game playing this and that and you say the young is for leading the new core I you know I gotta Say Myself Guys. One basketball question shore like you play some like dwayne docked Wayne deadman he more space in the floor. Bruno's more of a rim runner. Would you prefer like playing off either? One of those guys are a game for you. The way not really no like I feel like you put me at two four either. Those guys whatever they do I can opposite. You'd have Bruno. Wants remember on fine. I can space to corner or cut off his his lay drives. Because I don't know why people think just because you have a five on the court it automatically means that I'm like you know what I mean I can still roanoke and being dunker while I roll. Bruno sit in the corner like in cut in slash perfect his game. Yeah and then. Dwayne obscene doing a stretch five who can space. And that's easy money. He's GonNa sit in the corner and if you help dot if not I'm trained planning pick and roll. Whatever so I mean. It hasn't really changed my my game. More my mindset. You know what I'm saying like Okay Bruno's in a game I'm probably going to have to shoot more threes rather than a game. Probably going to be rolling more you know. How do you play some center lately? How do you like it? I like it and I don't like I don't I'm honestly I like it on offense. I hate it on defense. Like bigs are slow. Light can them running and Brian? They get tired like defense stronger than me. Bigger like not much. I can do so. It's like it's like a it's like giving saying game is like on offense. You can't army but on defense not saying I can't go five but if I'm if somebody is has me I'll match by fifty pounds drag. Would you want me to? Who's strongest person? Who Somebody using. Stephen Jo L. Drives Adams joking. 'cause your looks massive on the Court. Yokich these he'll he's GonNa like he gonNA play and be like minutes who'd this looks like. Why is this do play like this? Why things like this and like look slow and then you look up. He's GonNa have trouble right on you. Did he's going to be hitting like fade away one lady rainbows shot by roll. Stop making it. But he's like that's his game. It's like weirdest game ever. But he's who's the toughest person you've ever not necessarily owners really why you can't block his know enough and like I was dirt because like insane mode of like unblock moments shots right at high release point. Yeah Yeah and I'm already so hit hit cash. You still play at it though back. Hit cash he's Then you're not going to see his his hand like he's GonNa like he's strong. He's like like silently strong dude like he plays a fought resting place filings and big guy. He's unit three now like I like I like. He's one of the guys like you know. I try to learn from skill wise because I feel like he didn't have a lot of athleticism but was super skilled. Very inconsistently like cooked right. He evolved shooting the three two km. He wouldn't really differently really when he came in. And I feel like I'm the same with him is like he does come into the league shooting threes but like all new. He can shoot threes right. His mid range appeared off tonight right understand he steps out and he puts time on three point line like he's going to start making you know like La and last question before we get you. What are you listening to him? After the game during Games was he a car right. Now you know my turn which is on the streets right now fire Listen to Nudie ME START NAMING HIM YEAH. Do people actually listen to these two absolutely love new got young? Nudie. I'm listening to obviously got wounded headphones right now. I'M A big thug. I've got GONNA hot. Yes I mean. Young boy guy does say. Yeah okay. I'll say him again. He deserves to be lodging. I'm waiting on him. To drop down. Uzi dropped album forever. Playboy Cardi's tough. Yeah I didn't expect here logic. Honestly no yes. That's why I keep on naming them now. You can call me. Mid-atlantic question who come to the Games? Southbound TABUCHI SASKATOON CHAINS GUCCI GUCCI. Good I saw Gucci. Oughta games though so I can't do. All Games me goes at be an auto games shos out to the dream I said Busey boosting to change migos the dream big boy. Big Boy big charts. Killa might do my friends. My dudes Chowdhary by two games. They showed long John Sola back. Fill me I say I've got so many young artists but you called me on. You got me on the spot right now. So I'm at home and I was like yeah we we have some time because I'm a double back to the second thing you dislike about Atlanta to forgot about that one bit so I saw the twenty one twenty one so I'll give you some east. I'm going to be awesome. Some Bay area so shos out to shoreline shots and Mike sure. Fill me Sauce OUT TO LOU GEHRIG cash shos out to Sue suffused ever get salads of Wafaa funeral saying Palm Beach in the building Trippy red is on fire. I now how can I forget the young goat? I was intrigued logic. Honestly I'm not gonNA Logic Kyle Carl tough it's called another guy like a weird do like a you know out in the way you one last more than one last one then we end it to me make it a not enough say to the Lee and give the Danes rounded out. Okay good good. Say who's the best dressed person on the team You could say you be honest. You know what I'm saying. I paid expressed those shows me. I'm saying I can't count you know mean but our assault say myself no good. How if I'm being if I'm being trying to other teammates dre memory difficulties in there was fluff it okay. I'll see you drink worst-dress man who's worse than the locker room. I think by the way we go to my locker room wise and I don't bed. Wrestling team can be honest like hurt. Vince. Old Man's it's worth some old massive but you're gonNA make him for every day from every day. I come here today hat or some jeans. The Cool Nike like healing got no like Jay's on most like Nike like like shot like some running shoe lucy hits like Kevin Kevin you know sometimes can can come in there a little questionable but questionable but he ain't looking like terrible. I like honesty dream. I wear some terrible. That's why I put him number one. 'cause I try you'll take like sometimes we come in and fly in other times coming there looking crazy but I feel like you know if you're willing to try and be threatening. You know a mess which I miss with that. I missed what at least trying to come his own so I respect it John Collins. Thank you for your time. So thank you big me on south thrown down to man.

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