40. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 2


Hey come on going to watch the project spoken only way. One Eighty two fifty. Why the mock why. Well no if you break it down. Why DOES HE WANT TO BE PRESIDENT? I'll tell you why because motherfuckers a lifetime politician that's all he fucking knows and he's done nothing but pander and pander and pander pander and do fucking nothing for America his whole fucking life okay and on the flip side. You have a billionaire a multi fucking billionaire okay. Who can you guys? Don't understand because you probably don't even know any billionaires. Let me tell you something. When you're a billionaire you can do whatever the fuck you want. Whenever you want anytime you could go anywhere you can buy anything. If you get bad service at a restaurant you could buy the mother fucker and not even drop a buck and drop of sweat. You can do anything so let me ask you something. Why the fuck would you give that up to be president of the United States for four hundred grand a year I would? He has Tony Chat. He didn't even get that. Why would you do that? So let's just at the core. Let's just ask ourselves why. Why would you ruin your own lifestyle to fuck it and I think the answer is because the man cares about America so you have on one hand a man the cares about his own career and legacy and you have another man over here that he brought cares about his legacy a lot to in fairness or? I'm trying to be fair. But the motherfucker doesn't have to be there and in fact his life would be great. You don't think the he'd rather hang out with his grandkids than deal with this bullshit. I mean come on dude. The guy serving this politics are okay. So can we now recognize that like nobody's even said that? Well how many people you hear say that Shit I think regardless of what anybody thinks about trump. I think that the narrative that the far left has come up with where Donald just decided one day. I think I'm going to be president because I'm egotistical. And that's what I WANNA do is so contrary to the facts like even if you hop on Youtube you can find interviews in the late eighties with Oprah thirty forty years where literally he saying the same thing and an oprah even says Timbale the sounds like Donald trump run for the presidency and his answer at the time was no. I'm I'm not ready. I don't I don't I don't know that I even want to go that direction but this is not something that he just suddenly decided. Yeah well I think there's listen there's an obligation when you when you see those things and he's you know you gotta think he's an he's a New Yorker right all these people. I mean you got thank you. Don't get to a billion dollars away. He did without being title person tied into the network. Yes and you know. He has been successful. He has made his money. He has done his time and he gets to see behind the curtain for a lot of years and you know what he saw. Bullshit it's fucked up and you know what he decided to do. Because we're really plays a role fix it he said. I'm you know what I'm GonNa go fix it because I'm and I'm learning. That life is more about fucking doing. What's right than just simply making a dollar or making more dollars and he's you know guys already done everything that our to understand. We don't have any money. Yeah so so. Put it in a different time. I mean you think about the definition of responsibility. What's responsible man? Su Parts response was your ability to actually do shit. Well I I think he had both and he just decided to do. This is weird under started off the the podcast. This way because I was sitting here thinking you know this morning. I try to reflect. I walk by myself every morning and I always think like you know how do I? How do I try to become a better man? How do I try to become a better father? What lessons treat? Teach my kids like I. I think about this stuff all time. Well that's apparent. No no well not a lot of parents do it though I know. But that's also why you guys are awesome parents a lot of parents well but I sit here and I try to give you a compliment. That that's apparent. I think that's your fucking kids are amazing. Well thank you d lessons though that you know the one thing the one thing that I you know I think what can I leave? My kids is always called Monday. Morning quarterback like don't be fucking. Don't be one of those bitches at credit is critical of everything and every move who sit in from sidelines. Doesn't fucking play. Be a mother fucking player to get in Psalm fucking do. It's way better to be in the mix than it is to be throwing stones from the fucking sidelines and most people. Don't know right and look at the fucking media. Yeah but you look at like okay if you can teach your kids one lesson. If I can teach listeners one lesson Player like get it and recognize it. Everybody you recognize the players versus the fucking the people who are throwing fucking stones from the stance in when you start doing that and you start living your life like in that mix you recognize somebody like trump and so you know what fuck buyer guys that guys in well and guy and you also recognize a guy like biden like that ain't no motherfucking player. Now he's a fucking bullshit ir piece of fucking shows right vote for him dude just because you don't like trump. Do you seriously mental problem. I'm sorry the that's it. So let's talk about the whole issue for him. I want to explain something real quick. Yeah Okay I want to explain where I'm coming from just so you know because there's a lot of people right now and they're like why is aimed so mad about this black thing. I'm GonNa tell you why because my fucking good friends. A lot of them are black guys. That's who the fuck I'm around and who I connect with and they are all terrified to speak the fuck up. They say the same shit that I'm saying when it's just me and them or we're in a group or their amongst themselves. They're all saying the same thing but they don't want to say in public because they're afraid there'd be shown to be some sort of racial traitor and dude. That shit has the stop. You guys who are out there who are afraid to speak up. Because you're afraid you're going to be shunned by your own people. This is the time to wake up and become a fucking leader oriented well and Duda Duda faces me to fuck off. How the fuck can it be like you? You know what I'm saying. We we've we've got this for fuck dudas for white people to say for everybody. It's for Americans but it just makes me mad. Yeah but I see that. Well I can't remember. I said this last episode or two. Cottam they all bleed together. Speak to speak the truth. Even if shakes scares the fuck out to you as the point of life is to live free and that's the best part about being Americans the life liberty and freedoms will. You're free to have motherfucking opinion. Black White Pink or purple. That's right it doesn't mean I have to agree with them but you're certainly free to have them near. Certainly you're obligated in some sense to speak them. You know you don't have to be an asshole about it and if you're afraid because you're going to get you're GONNA get shunned. That's probably the truth that needs to be said and you're not the only one who thinks that that's what that's what you start to realize about life and you know life is scary. But I'll tell you what it's a hell of a lot better when you're living at free you know when you. I don't give like I say I don't give a fuck with people. I give a fuck with people who care about me right people the people I care about the people I care about it. Give a great deal of Fox about outside of that man like I don't care about the people in the stands is I'm a motherfucker game. Yeah whoever's in the game with me plan I care about those people yeah fucker bells. I agree so to answer your question on. I'm not sure if it's a land of opportunity right now. That was a long winded answer. It was so I did want to just address be Biden's chest thumping when it comes to the popular vote. And now he says he's up in the polls and everything. I think Hillary will right and I think I think something that is is is really lost in the average American. Because you've had we've had a couple of couple of elections in the last ten years. Where the loser actually won the popular vote and people cried foul about that and I don't think they completely understand how the American system is set up. It's not mob rule. It's that you have to convince a plurality of the population in each state to vote for you and if you can't you're not going to be the president of the United States and the reason that they did that is that they didn't want high population places like California or New York holding the rest of the country hostage if you if you are from Illinois and you have any modicum of sense in your head you know that pretty much. Chicago holds the rest of the state hostage absolutely hostage. You're over no annoy. They're down here in southern Illinois that that don't agree with the the liberal agenda you know fucking pissed off. Oh they're incredibly pissed they those people they know they're powerless absolutely dude. It's two two years ago. There was a there is a A poll that came out that said over half of the people in the state of Illinois if given opportunity if economically feasible for them would leave the state. That's what happens when when one high populous area controls the rest of the state and what what people don't realize when they're like Oh look Biden's killing trump nationally. Okay what you don't realize is that in the battleground states at least as recently as the last couple couple weeks trump was winning and so it doesn't matter if nationally you've got enough you know mindless people to vote for you if locally not when I were right you cannot get it a plurality of people in every state in the union. You're you're not going to be and I think I gotta say I'm. I've always been registered. Republican. I'm really consider myself more of a conservative than but that being said I know that the Republican Party has issues. I know that conservativism has inconsistencies in issues. But I will tell you that. I think today's Democratic Party which is widely pulled to the left. I think their their basic strategy which we've been discussing different points over the course of this whole you know podcast show not just this episode but the whole podcast show is that their basic strategy is. Let's dumbed down the populous enough. Let's get as many people voting without any sort of Ability so that we can get all this mob behind us to get our failed agendas in play. And that's what I think. It means a better face whom for for the benefit of the people who consistently benefit from the quote. Unquote average man. That the hard working man that supposedly they care about. No they don't care about them they can they care about continually keeping him in the same state and dude. You know why. That's so frustrating for me. Because I I talked to black people all the time for real like I know do says like no. Tv TV. Like I know I know. That's the fucking traditional statement. But I gotta be you know. I talked to people all the towns of people I know fucking to the Max level. I'm sorry if you don't talk to Andy. Are you really by? That's right. That's right even blogger? If you don't listen to the show as you can do confessions. I thought I was really clever for naming a Bible study soul train show. It's probably also the porn hub generally watching my goodness and it's one of my favorites. Look here's the deal. You know I I just give frustrated because so many people to say some shit but they're afraid you know what I'm saying this fucking America Dude. That's one of the greatest things we have. Yes greatest fuck sal. It's everything and what what what people don't understand is that you might have a little bitty voice right now but your voice fucking matters in your community so they so that your entire community can't be taken advantage of their least these to be sparks questions like. Is this really the best for us? Is this really what they're GONNA do? Is this really the best thing for the country like Fuck Dude? Just ask the questions. I this discussions. I'm not telling anybody how to think my perspective is clearly going to be different than fucking anybody else's perspective sal. Your perspective is going to be different. Dj Yours is going to be different but we all have commonalities and the question should be asked in. The topic should be discussed and not just like what Biden was saying on TV. Like he's just taking it for granted like you people vote for me and that's it. That's what I heard because you have been for forty years dude. I'll post to you have to remove. I do look at it objectively right and this is how I utilize fiscal financial. Responsibility is always a good indicator of how things are going in whether it's somebody's personal life. Somebody's business somebody state. You know when you start looking at these things you can. You don't have to make lots of money to be good financially. You have to be structure. You'd have to be very structured disciplined to consistently make what you have work and I've I've followed that rule literally when I was new as a professional athlete. I made six hundred dollars a week and I had to bartend and I had to fucking pour concrete so before you fucking start saying well we know motherfucker. Yeah I was broke his a motherfucker pro. Athletes don't actually mean what you think. It means just like an entrepreneur. Don't mean while you think the Minor League Baseball Association is suing the Bigly Base Major League Baseball Association. Right now is class action suit because they figured out that the I think the average wage of minor league baseball players two dollars and sixty seven cents an hour. So I fucking did it. Yeah so Off One too when you look at somebody and how they can you. Don't get it Bro. Consistently stay disciplined to the action. The financial picture at the end of the day shows what happens. Okay and when you look at the states where we let's look at one St. No no let's look at what right over there now. Let's look at three states. Yeah Okay New York Illinois California. They're all fucking broke now. They broke or like way broke. They're not even. They're not even close to brigadier trying to file for bankruptcy. Yes and look who happens to have a lot of screaming voices. Oh and look who also is perpetuating a longer lockdown four reason federal money of federal money the taxpayer dollars that come out of the state of Missouri and the State of Arkansas intimidating their inability to manage their home their shit and spend your Fuckin- money when you have you know. Thousands of state employed individuals making fucking four or five hundred thousand three hundred thousand a year and fucking elected positions and. Shit and what the fight. It's even better than that the state of Illinois State of Illinois. Okay not now might be a little bit out of whack out. Why why do these people like? This is what this what we're talking about here is. We're talking about that. We're we're we're really peeling the onion back. Okay do you know do you know? Why do those people not vote for someone to fix the problem? Because they're part of the problem that's right because they're dating thousands of dollars from the system. They create him a fucking. Don't vote for the same system. They create a guess what they stop getting fucking paid by the next contestant on the price is right. You are so so my on so when you look at some of these teachers unions and some of these states that we just mentioned they in the last three or four years of their their employment. What happens is their friends. Because they're all in it together they promote them to assistant principal principal athletic director and they inflate their salary to two hundred three hundred thousand dollars a year because their retirement benefit is paid against an average of their last three or four. Five years of salary. I don't know the exact numbers but somewhere in that time in in that timeframe. So here's a teacher. Who was making fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety thousand dollars throughout their career? One hundred and twenty thousand dollars now. They get used to fifty while they get paid out at that rate for their entire retirement. Well they only paid in sixty seventy eighty ninety at that rate over Jordi for the majority of their timeframe and they wonder why it's fucking broke. They wonder why there's no money left. They wonder why the state can't fucking afford to do it. Oh well let's talk crooked. It's fucking it's crooked level shit. Let's throw on top of that. We don't make the biggest fucking retailer on the fucking world pay taxes for taking sales from brick and mortar state businesses. That would pay state tax. Okay so he'll collect this shit and now you've got at least fifty percent of the retail brick and mortar business. That was in the state. Fifteen years ago now gone onto the Internet with no state tax collected. Oh and they're surprised they're fucking broke by the way. I'm not a mathematician. I can't even fuck in long. Divide like if you drew a long division bracket on the motherfucking board. You know that thing. That looks like an l thing. Yeah and put the numbers in there. I couldn't do if it wasn't four and two. I would know the fucking answer. If it wasn't nine three you get it but has how can a fuck and I see this? But it's not even talked about not even fucking talked about and yet everybody continually when they go to buy they go writer. Click one ship one this at any bitch because they're states fucking broke well and take personal responsibility here. There's a personal response like do we can blame the big companies all we want but the end of the day you buy from them. So it's fucking fault. Is it and I do too. I mean you know you start peeling back that on you and goes even step by step further than that even if they collect the state tax. What about the retailer pays rent in that city? Oh and employs people and employs people in that city. You know your friends and your family and your neighborhood like it's really important to really take a step back and say okay like what's important. Well if you like your community and your like your lifestyle you better start playing for that team and plan for that team is a is a is a personal responsibility to make sure that you identify these problems and don't be part of the problem with solution again. It goes back to my. You rather be fucking player than fucking bystander. Player is out walking the walk talking to talk meeting your shopping local. You're spending your money local. You figure out even though it's inconvenient to your lifestyle you're still fucking playing a role that means that. Yeah you gotta go to your local fucking hardware store in. Yeah you might have to inconveniently go fucking instead of buying something on Amazon. Is a one click. You gotta go down the Fucking Street and buy it. I don't give a fuck if you're buying it at Walmart but at least you're buying it local and by the way this is how the economy works. And let's talk about something else. GonNa fuck everybody. How about this? How about the zero regulation on fucking technology taking jobs? How when was the last time you went to fucking the grocery store and actually saw fucking regular human. Who is the last time you saw fullback teller bank filled up? When was the last time you went into Home Depot and saw the people at all the registers? Where the fuck do you think? Those jobs are going. They're not going somewhere else. They're going away and now we're talking about automating production lines and we're talking about this and that and this and this and this with notice cussin' about where the humans fit. Why is that discussed? Oh the way it's not discussed because the mother fuckers that can afford to build these fucking robots. Don't give a fuck about you. And they're the same ones pushing his shit out for you to watch on TV Weird Ha and then people say to you. Oh you're supposed to take the technology and then take your employees inside and teach them how the skill jobs well. I don't know if you've ever ran a company motherfuckers. But if you did you realize that people have different skill sets and some people are gonNA pack boxes and some people are. GonNa Cook French fries and some people are gonNA do shit and they're not gonNA split the atom. They're not going to be on on on a terminal or having conversations with your. There's a lot of people out there if you guys don't know and I'm not saying this to be rude is just a fact that are not capable of doing those kinds of jobs. So there's a building fucking six hundred yards from my fucking facility. That employs all special. Needs people to pack their orders. You know what I love them. Because they're providing real fucking economic benefit. Now I'm not saying you're special needs if you work in a warehouse. But I'm saying that it's that for some people is a career for lot fucking people whole lot a whole lot. Okay and we're talking in such that we're talking about in every. Do think of all the places you used to go. There used to be a person. And now there's some sort of keypad or fucking terminal or this wrath. We haven't even fucking began to see the effect of technology on our economics in our our job greats and people's I mean dude this fucking shit is set up to deconstruct if we keep going the same way we're going and there's nothing that we can fuck and do about it and it needs to be brought up and talked about and I'm some dumb motherfucker from Missouri. Who happens to see all this shit right? And nobody's talking about it out there so weird. Well I I think people are talking about it. It's just I don't think being able to see past that. First layer of the onion makes sense into a lot of people. But you know that's why bringing manufacturing back the US very important huge. And that's why making sure that you know like dude if we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA brick and mortar. Guess what that means. We're going support a bricklayer. Unanimous right there is a trail that happens in keeping making sure that you shop small stay small stay local in making sure that you can turn your local economy back on off. Which is you know a restaurant of the day. It's extremely important to making sure that the economy specifically your economy which is where you live that you keep your dollars. There had interesting story. Ask You something real quick on that line. So sal you run pretty much. I forms day today. You know that you guys have to realize. This dude is a busy motherfucker. All right him and I get hit up all the time and I'm sure you hit up more than I get. Hit Up at this. Point in time about technology for fulfillment orders. Okay when I explain what I just explained to these people who come at us with these technology solutions for everything they look at me. Like I'm a fucking alien like they can't even understand what I'm saying. I have a friend. He's not disturbing. I have a friend who sells robots and he wants to. He wants to have this debate in a sense and I said it's not a debate. It's not a big not a debate to note. I form will never do that. Well it's not even I don't Care Win. We are a fucking fifty billion dollar company and we're with the Nikes of the world. I'm going to promise you there's going to be people back there packing the fucking order. Let's not even that like it one. There's two things it's one. It's our competitive advantage. Most people can't they they. This is what they can't understand. Culture is key and you know what you have to have an order have culture able people and you know what I like seeing people you know what I like being around my guys girls and I like seeing him and you know what Kobe taught me that we can run a lot less a lot less fucking people instill still fucking not kick fucking ass. Well you know why know still kick ass. We're kicking morass ever. That's what I'm saying. Yeah my being is on a real easy decision to say let's trim. Hey you know what? Hey if we're truly greedy and a grindstone. I'm greedy. That's that's not even consider greedy. That's called business. Good business practice. We would trim the bottom line. I mean it's not good business. We got we got Seventy eight geyser. Eight guys back right. They only aren't average. Are Working Twenty six hours a week right. Now we're paying forty. That means that I can operate it. Fucking almost twenty thirty percent less. Repeat that again just by heard it. We have approximately ninety people that work in our warehouse during this whole situation. Did they take a pay cut? Not One fucking dollar did did any of the motherfuckers that work in any of our other companies take a pay cut not one dollar. That's amazing. Well no Bro Reason. Amazing because people don't fuck into it all the time. It's the right thing to do well. And that's conversation we had. Yeah we literally peel the back. So hey listen what we got we. We didn't know what focus coming you know what I'm saying like fucking we said. Hey if we're GONNA fucking sink. We're GONNA sing together as one unit one year until we go dry. This is how it's going to go do but everybody's ruined the boat well and everybody is rolling and loyalty and that's robot never motherfucking half right so understanding that you know people say this all time people make party people also make the businessman. I never heard you say that party. Yeah well that's my point. Is People not things right. People Make Party people make a work. People are what make a party on demand Joe that could be in the. We'd the beer and the party. Well Bubis come on people as a good point dude so anyway and you see those fucking sex dolls the real ones Zacharias. Look Real Dude. You know what I ain't gonNA lie. But he looked at them and I'm like holy. Fuck he and look at them. I know almost guarantee you digging wanted him to find a latex. Now on WPRO I I hate. Nobody has fuck it. Looks like like five grand. It looks like a fucking real person. So that's a weird shit man. I got a great story that really. Fuck them dolls. Like it's kind of weird Kinda weird. I wonder if they them like my whole life. Actually the relationship. What do you call yours? What's her name? I got a great story on local economy. Talking about fucking stall is one is perspective. And I'll never forget this guy's fucking name okay. Dry never listened to this podcast. In fact well whatever porn concrete over an auditorium? Our new facility and You know big guy named cletus and I remember you know. He's he kind of sitting there you know and I'm the owner operator walking in you know. And what are you laughing at the beginning? Cletus telling this story certain names that like you just can't have if you're not a fucking guarantee. Listen Wolfson masterful. He's a big dude to man. He's country boy. I Yeah Yeah. There's this big country because he's he's been bigger than J. J. D. J. D. listened to the show by the way and he's like he's like I'm hooked. I thought love you like me. Jd fucking big dude. J. D. I'm just saying to US walking around like they're they're naturally just a big dude like that like if we ever had to be someone's asked call Jd. Because I wanted to come he's going GonNa do he's team player but he So this guy sitting there and he's kind of Kinda took a shot at me. Well you guys expect by that expensive protein for my son. I guess this is where it goes and I said yeah you see where it's going go right back in your pocket. You see a concrete. And WHO's a multi freeze like Giancana? Works you take your dollars. You give them to me and I'll give him right back with Back to you and if you give them back to me I'll give them back the again. I'm giving them back to you more than you see how this local economy works and I remember just the freeze like aw yeah. Did you say that quick? Fuck yeah but it was good. You know what Magnum thank like Shit. All right we're in this together. You know what I'm saying. We're on the same fucking boat if you play your mind and I'll tell you about that guy who cares me at one time. The firefighters came to me and I was sitting in my case. I do give me that. Same fucking line of talk. You know he comes out. He's like well. How many cars do you have and I I? I don't know I don't know because I'm always buying trading and trading up just like baseball cards. You know what I'm saying like here's fucking three of this for one of those and that's how the car thing works when you start collecting cars so I said that. And he's like I guess we're all my money goes I said Yeah. Did you see that fucking donation? We gave back stoppers two weeks ago and he was like no. I'm like yeah. It was one hundred sixty fucking grand. He's like Oh now my gap and then we didn't talk for like a year and like he didn't talk to me. I saw him in the gym almost every day. We didn't talk one time. I finally went up to him and I said hey bro so you look we could like you know like. I didn't mean you know if I was mean to you or you didn't take that right. We were so cool and he and we made up at school but like you know what I'm saying. It takes a minute to understand how that all fucking goes back backstabbers. Our local first responders charity. That we are huge supporters of. Yeah they take care of Our first responders fallen family. So it's an IT's a big deal to us but I think but I think the the his message behind most people don't do that. Tohmatsu come on guys. This is DJ episode to stay tuned for episode three.

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