Week 11 Waivers & QB Streamers, McCoy Mathematics


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Melvin Gordon might be the best pick so far like looking back at the year. Obviously girl is great. But he was the here's the number one pick number one. Yeah. Melvin gordon. You got at the back of the first round. I mean, we had when you were at that like ten spot that eleven spot. You're always you're always hoping fell to you. And when he did that's like the magic spot. Yeah. Was Mike the hater a longtime ago along. Yes, you would kind of push glasses down on your nose and Dera scorn and to be fair. Melvin Gordon this year is a lot different than the Melvina past. I know he was putting up fantasy points before. But he has been incredibly efficient and like 'cause coming into the to be fair used to have Mike McCoy also very fair a fair assessment. Now, you should just there should be some math acquaintan- like times on McCoy. And like your yard for Kerry times McCoy equals sixty two percent. So Melvin Gordon was actually running for six point three the past couple years the Mike McCoy, yes, you have your results. Welcome into the fancy footballers for Tuesday November thirteenth. We've got waivers on the show today. Some news to catch up with. We'll talk about the Monday night game. Plenty to talk about lots of by weeks this week and big games per fantasy owners you have in many leagues three weeks left. Maybe four weeks left depending on your league format. How many teams make the playoffs before you're in fantasy playoffs before you're making your run for a title? We had the playoff primary. I encourage anybody who didn't listen last Wednesday to go back and listen to the wins the episode because we went through the schedules of a bunch of the players the best and worst schedules. Definitely. And it might give you some insight make decisions on who you drop in waivers today. And who you hang onto, you know, the foot clan that are listening right now, you are the smartest of all the foot clan. Because this is the time of year where you're a couple of weeks off from the playoffs. Watch your plant brackets. Maybe you're out of the playoffs right now. And you're trying to weigh in. But this is the time of year where the quitters quick this is oh I lost his last week. I'm done. You're listening. You're not done, and you get to play against teams that are giving up that are not checking the waivers for the drop it like it's hot that aren't aren't doing those things. This is where you start your run to the championship glory. Real quick. I've said if you just had the gets the playoffs. Yeah. Anything can happen. Yeah. I mean, it doesn't matter what your record was in the regular season. If you're in the playoffs, and you've strategized or you've stashed the defense or you have the right quarterback in the right match up. It's going to grab the bull by the horn you can win or you've got Spencer ware. Stupid. Jeremy? Very intimate. Look into our dynasty league Jason lost because Spencer ware scored a touchdown which. Pin stretch should be a sentence. Right. That should not be something that happens in any league. I guess I should say stupid Big, Ben. But or stupid Aaron Jones are all the other players. He has that are really good, by the way Aaron Jones over the last four weeks has the fifth most rushing yards in football. Now. Mike already knows the answer is but did you hear before the show who's number one Nick jump Nick Chubb is number one over the last four weeks in total rushing yards? Girlies number two. I have seen the hot question of who. Would you rather have rest of season at this point between Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb? Ooh, I mean, that's that's a real close one. Because you've got Aaron Jones I think I would still rather have Aaron Jones in Eileen that way as well. And I've now like are you Nick chub? Are you starting Chubb on the by because of those numbers do I get to carry some over? No, then. No, okay. That's probably smart. Follow us on Twitter at the F ballers where on YouTube YouTube dot com slash fantasy footballers. And we always appreciate use obstr-. Driving on apple by guests in reviewing on apple podcasts. Those reviews helped the show. They can also find us on Instagram. We're on Facebook wherever where that wherever where that's social media. The things are at very important, very social. All right. Getting into the Monday night recap. Oh, yes. I actually could game. Yeah. It was a good game. It was it was an entertaining game. And here's here's my takeaway. Like if I had to summarize this for fantasy owners rather than dig through the O eill saquon Barkley at one hundred twenty yards. Yeah. He's good. Here's my actual takeaway. Congratulations to those that don't say on Barclay and Odell Beckham junior. This was a very very important win for the New York Giants if they lose this game to me, it is a very high probability that they turn to someone other than Eli manning this, and you don't want that you do not want that as an Oto Beckham junior owner, you do not want that as a saquon Barkley the owner in. In my opinion, this season your season, of course. Because for of all the deficiencies that he lay mining has. And he has a lot and he has a lot. His propensity to just throw the ball Beckham junior to look to them in the red zone. You want that as a fantasy owner you want his dropped, you know, his check down to saquon situation, you want everything that's going on with Barclay and Beckham you went to continue because it's been great every week. No matter whether they win or lose, do you guys agree with that? Yes. No. I definitely agree. I mean, that's very good for them. The other takeaway for me. I just kept thinking throughout this game jerk. Mckinnon would have been so good and will be so we'll that's actually was the one scheme in offense of line looked pretty good to me from San Francisco. A question was being raised last night on Twitter, of course, because we are very reactionary in hyperbolic, but burrito has been very very good. Like you think heading into next year? Jerick McKinnon coming off the ACLU. I know he has the contracts. We has the the gold that says he should be at the top of the depth chart. But burrito has been very good. I don't I do. They just go right back to McKinnon. Yes percent. I full confidence in that. And part of it is due to burrito. Stature and injury history and being banged up. I think that there you might say his stature and the stature is the same. But the system is nowhere in the injury stuff. Mckinnon's always banged up. No doubt. But they paid him big money to come in. And be that guy. I would have much more confidence in McKinnon taking that role than burrito. Keeping it. But I'm what I mean is where we thought McKinnon would come in. And just absolutely dominate the snaps. Will it be that will be that sixty five seventy percent to McKinnon that you thought you would get or does it drop down to maybe McCaw fifty piss similar what you've seen with. I mean more Alfred Morris had nine carries this game two to breathe a seventeen. It's not like Berita had the whole thing. Brita will go into that secondary role in McCain, and we'll take the template has been Freeman Tevin Coleman. Right. And I remember one of my bold predictions before the season before the injury to McKinnon was that Matt burrito was going to be an actually viable fantasy player even with McKinnon. So it'll be interesting George kill so good nine for eighty three. I watch him because he runs so many downfield routes. He runs these routes that are very similar to what rob gronkowski's done in the past. I watched him. I'm and I'm saying. I really wish I could trade rob gronkowski for George killing dynasty roofs. Don't you have George kill? You won't do it a little swap sqi. We're playing each other this week. And I I realized that rob gronkowski's on by. But he's rob gronkowski gay. I'm good. Do. Title trade tip, by the way. Yeah. The KOMO people say, no, I hit him with the come. I know you wanna do. George kiddle were on a higher profile team with a winning record right now. He would be I mean, the media darling. Because he he is awesome. I mean, and he's a great clear-cut. They showed they showed on the graphic last night. He has a higher percentage of his team's targets in yards at the tight end position more than the number two Zakar. It's and the number three Travis Kelsey you made a very of your free at price at appropriate. Kittle for George kill. I did forty four fab is feeling. Great now. Yes. Too little too little for kiddle. Yeah. Foot clan giveaway dot com. Two days left to win assign saquon Barkley jersey head over there and enter it is free. Let's get into the news. News and notes from around the league. Another chuckles. I just forgot the first piece of news. The fan Thurs wins. You know, the Panthers have wave veteran running back. C J Anderson. We go to Jason's today's Lord look. C J Anderson maybe dropped from your fantasy roster. However. Pick up Cameron Artis Payne. I I still think that the system is from, you know, north or having a system though and having the player to fill that system is different. Chris I in traverse cadet Cameron Artis. Payne is limited in his scope and ability you're not going to get past catching from him. If Christian McCaffrey goes down, we traverse cadets gonna fill the pass catching role and you're going to have some Cameron Artis Payne on the goal line. And I'm gonna you'll weep and you Nash your teeth. If you're the McCaffrey because I don't think you can sign any of those I wouldn't even handcuffing looking for somebody like Josh Adams to handcuff microphone McCaffrey as opposed to somebody on my team. Really? Yeah. As opposed to signing any panther. Okay. I would much rather have that than just don't know who it's going to be the addition of cadet certainly makes murky, but anyway, did you Anderson's careers over probably issue curious Nathan Peterman has been waived. I went back after I got the the sleeper learned the Nathan Peterman had been cut as I swore. I swore. I just saw something about how the bills still have confidence in Peterman. I couldn't remember if it was a rodeo blurb or if I'd seen it on Twitter. But I promise I just saw the Bill signed it. No, I didn't. I didn't dig through Twitter death lets you say when you you have a draft pick. You know, he's he's a rookie last. Yeah. But you go we have full confidence in Peterman. But I mean, they did the the merciful thing so confident that he can play on another team. They can they believe he can excel elsewhere. Yeah. He also has his career done. Well, Brooke speaking, Monday bills coach Sean McDermott said he's still confident. Thank you. I knew still govern it. What a jerk way speaking Monday and Monday evening, they kind of. Yes, I why does your one in Hawaii doing this was he doing the fingers crossed? Why back the GM? Actually believed Sean McDermott. Oh, well, my goodness. He's gone because you're going to start him again. I don't trust you. It's the conversation for moneyball. Yeah. Brad Pitt walks as like you can't play him anymore. Well, I'm the man to make the decision. Yeah. But he's off the teeth. Yeah. Exactly. That's pretty funny Marvin Jones day today with a bone bruise. This is good news in the sense. ACL MC L intact. His whether he's acted this week is still in question. So he could miss a week. But it is good news for Marvin Jones owners. Devante Parker week to week with a sprained AC joint in his shoulder. Okay. Janine granted in tears. Yeah. That's I mean, that's at least a positive report for the manager came grant, he did not tear his achilles. You can't expect them to be back anytime soon. But at least he doesn't have to go through that recovery. Right. Sammy Watkins is expected to return for week eleven against the Rams. Oh, yes. It's very important. A knife is very important that you know, this now because and he might have been able to go against the cardinals and they made the right decision to sit him down. But it's very important. It's a Monday night game. So you might have been sweating it as an owner. And I think he is going to play I would have confidence in that watch the practice reports make sure he's practicing, but Sammy Watkins supposed to go against the Rams p Carroll said Chris Carson will play on Thursday night football against Green Bay Suri will be I think he will. It will see here's the thing. And we're gonna get into it. I know you guys both have Rashad penny as a pickup. Yep. I've owned the Carson penny. Combo in a bunch of leagues or not a bunch leagues. But in the listener league in a couple of others, and I'm the one in this group. Now, you guys could be completely right? Reshad penny. Could be a great ad. I get people adding him. I do not like it. I have not liked trying to dance around and find the right guy to start and Rashad penny. Yes. The breakout game forty percent of offensive plays for Rashad penny. Fifty seven percent for Mike Davis. You add Chris Carson in that mix. I just get frightened. I agree with I agree with you in the sense that I hate Pete Carroll and. Rusting whatever peach cobbler is going to say about his running backs. He says Chris Carson said that's why say sure he's gonna. Yeah. Because you can't trust anything any reports coming out of Seattle. So far this year have just been completely. Throw it against the wall. See what sticks and you're if you blindly pin a tail on the donkey of his good a chance of getting the right backup pegged down as whatever Pete Carroll is saying, so I the reason I think penny is a pickup is because the talent is there and if Carson's injured or if he takes over the number two role, maybe, but I don't like it. I don't want to roll the gamble with Pete Carroll. He not wasted my bench spots on these running back rotations in Seattle in that league. And so that it's a little bit more. Like, you're gonna sign him. You're gonna lock your bench spot down. And I think you have a equal chance at zero as you do another good game from Rashad pin? Yeah. I'm with Jason the penny. Will he's not a pickup to play this week. We'll talk about guys unless Carson's out, and then he's playing if Carson's out or no. I don't even know if I do that. Yeah. I probably would. But he's just it's a stash at this point to see does he actually rise to the top. Speaking of stashes, I need to talk about Joe flacco Joe flacco is going to start if he's healthy enough to play John Harbaugh said he doesn't need to practice. So you're not going to know if he can't play Lamar Jackson and Robert Griffin the third of both going to give get an opportunity to start potentially compete for that. I think the perception in Baltimore would be that Robert Griffin may give them a better chance to win. And the Mark Jackson is the better. It's a better opportunity to develop him. And they're right on the cusp of like, what are we doing in this division? So I'm feeling uncomfortable. Stashing Lamar Jackson. I I have them right now. Because I got him a homes by coming up. Well, how do you guys feel about those players been spots are very precious during a week in which six teams are on. By it's very hard to stash guys right now. Yeah. I I don't know that you have to stash these players through there by you know. You know, you might be able to leave Lamar Jackson on waivers and still be able to pick him up next week, especially if Robert guar they play this week they were on by last week. Oh that that's right. But if Robert Griffin is the starter if Robert Griffin is named the starter. I still think by the playoff matchups. You know, does Robert Griffin. You say gives them the best chance to win. Will he pull out the victories? It's been a while some flacco successful. Yeah. Flacco could be back then if was going to miss a couple of weeks and Robert Griffin fills in Lamar Jackson is a hold that may be too costly for your fantasy roster. Yeah. From what I have seen talking about the Joe flacco injury. He doesn't need to practice. But he is still been on crutches and pro-football dog has talked about how it would blow his mind if you go from crutches on the sideline to plane like that. That's a that's a different beast. If you need the crutches. There's a problem with the hip. He doesn't think it's a serious hip injury. Jack Doyle that cost them half the year. But it seems like this could be a multi week injury. You just need to pay attention to to you know, reports not practice. Not did he participate. Right. But was he, you know, just normal on the sideline walking around or he's still using crutches. It's it depen-. -pends on your quarterback situation for me. I don't think he is an absolute mustache, but you have Patrick Mahomes if he's on by I'm not stashing. Lamar Jackson because there's there's no chance that you're going to play them are Jackson over Patrick Mahomes. But if you have one of those mid level starter guys like view of Russell if you have Russell Wilson Kirk cousins Andy Dalton Ryan Fitzpatrick. These guys are kind of the the only quarterback on your team. Then I'm going to stash Lamar Jackson. Just see what happened. If Lamar starts this week. He is a top ten quarterback because of the rushing yardage top twelve I won't say top ten top eleven to somewhere. We we are kind of glossing over Robert Griffin. Sure. And he runs to not to that degree. Okay anymore. No. I I would not I have no interest in Robert Griffin. If he's the starter myself buccaneers coach Dirk cutter says Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to start against the giants. This is one of those very interesting situations for by the way. I'm calling him lame duck Dirk cutter at this point his he's going to be fired. If they play Jameis Winston Vega at the opportunity to maybe double triple check whether they want to keep him. But if they play him, and he gets hurt his contract is guaranteed for next year. So they're playing all Robert Griffin game. Yeah, they're playing the game where it's like you might as well just put Fitzpatrick back out there to throw for four hundred three yards and no touchdowns. Buccaneers have waived Chandler, canton, Zarro in a yin Yang move. You lose C J Anderson, but you also lose channel cans are you win. Some you lose some huge news as Brooks put it in the dock Bengals of hired. Hugh Jackson, his special assistant to the head coach Hughes special assistant to the head coach. Oh, man that was the kind of Jackson. If I if I was declared, I'm gonna tell you guys this on this show right here right now, you love it. If I was named. No, I don't love it. If I was named the head coach of a football team. And I want my buddies. I wanna my buddies to be with me. Yeah. You would be specialist. Jason, mike. You would be a special. Alright. Heck, yeah. Brooks do you want to be a specialist or do? Sure. It doesn't figure it out. I will figure it out. I hope that you get a head coaching job in the National Football League. Andy, I feel like I could do as good a job as as many of these. I I would definitely prefer to be a special assistant to the head coach then head coach. Yes, chump seems off guy would just be a hype man. Oh, no. 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I mean like Ryan Fitzpatrick if you've ever seen him without a beard, you know, he needs the beard big beard bucks teams returning from the by this week the Vikings Texans Broncos and ravens, and then you've got six teams on buying week eleven the NFL likes to make it fun for fantasy owners the forty Niners bills. Brown's dolphins. Jetson patriots. Hey, and then next week is the final by week in the chiefs and Rams are on by. So they get the Monday night game. And then they get they get some time off and you get to replace. I don't know like thirteen players from those two amazing fantasy teams let's start with some waiver wire pickups at the wide receiver position. Again, we want to pay attention to players coming back off the bye, those are the most likely sneaky little pickups and the big one there for me is Cortlandt Sutton big. However, he is fifty six percent on so. Likelihood that he's owning your league is high. If he's not pay attention, take a search. See if he's there. Yeah. I I wanna point out if he is there, and I I realized you know, he's he's been held onto. But what his situation is is just fantastic after DT was traded to Houston and they played Houston. We said it's such a shame because I want something so bad, but it was such a bad time because he's got a tough match-up in Houston. And then a BI week that's gone listen to the rest of the schedule here the Los Angeles chargers. That's not too bad. Pittsburgh. That's great Cincinnati. That's great San Francisco. That's great Cleveland. That's great Oakland. That's great. That's it. That's the championship week give me court, Lund's Sutton. I look at in this very similarly to Kennedy golladay in that the law of averages the opportunity that talent the equal production most weeks and Kenny golladay this past week that came to fruition right? He had a very good week. Scored a touchdown at six catches. I think it's going to. Turn that direction for Cortlandt Sutton soon. So he's a great pickup. We all agree. I think he's one of our favorite pickups. No doubt. Who are your other favorites at the wide receiver position? And share the ownership percentage, the people can whether they can expect them in their leak. Sure, I'm pretty interested in Anthony Miller, Chicago Bears rookie he has started to come to life five for one twenty two and a score this past week since week seven he's been targeted at least six times in every game. I mean, he's playing a lot out of the slot. Which is I like that combination with the way that Mitch Trubisky is playing where he's very mobile quarterback. And just Mitch made a I mean, he went full France Kafka metamorphosis from the beginning of the season where he was just an absolute check down machine. I'm not going to throw the ball deep. Something happened to the show comfort level anythi got body. It's coming in a brand new office time. But this was all this was who he was last year to just not don't field, and then some he got triggered by Jason's com. Correct. And he said I'm going to throw deep more than anyone in the league and guys like Anthony Miller are huge benefactors from it and the schedule like Jason talked about for Cortlandt Sutton, the schedule for Anthony Miller aside from this week against Minnesota is very favorable for the Chicago Bears. He's my number two pick up as well behind Sutton. If something was available. Anthony Miller is only fourteen percent owned. I like the progression. You generally see rookies, you know, you start to learn a little bit more about right arm and the team becomes more confident in them. And he's got game breaking ability, and I don't like picking up these fringe wide receivers that are not game breaking type of players because it just caps the upside in. I'd rather put my chips on a guy like Anthony Miller or DJ more Carolina wide receiver who was. Or for twenty but he can break a play deep. Yeah. And just to finish the conversation on Anthony Miller Anthony Miller back in September. If you remember I believe it was in the cardinals game he separated his shoulder twice in the game. And a lot of people are saying he's going to need surgery. But since that time he's now gotten he looks like he's healthier and rounding into shape that slowed some of that progression. I really liked the talent of of Anthony Miller when you watch them on the field. He just looks like a great pickup. If if I'm looking for a lesser owned player this week KiKi coochie is you still interested with Maria's Thomas there? I have none. So I'd love to hear this because I have no interest in Kuti. So I think KiKi Kuti in that role with I believe in the Houston Texans offense and with the Mary's Tom Thomas replacing we'll fuller. It's not like they added him Kikuchi. I was interested in when we'll fuller was there too. He doesn't. Have the same sure volume as win will fuller was out. But I think from the slot on a high powered offense. What we've seen so far when coots he's been on the field. He's been pretty good. He's been electric. He he gets the targets and Bill O'Brien was this is this is my favorite. This is quote of the week. Bill O'Brien was asked is Cousy going to be able to play this week and his answer was sure so sure trending hit the shore of the sewer. I hit my kids with the shore all the time trending in the right direction. At least obviously my issue with Gucci is whether or not he's back from the hamster issue. Mike, are you more interested in in Kuti or MAURICE Harris? It's been reported that Jamison Crowder needs another MRI on the ankle. He is not confident. That's basically what's happening. He's going out there. He's not confident with the ankle. He's missed four weeks in a row MAURICE Harris five for fifty two and five targets if you. You had to throw your chips into one of those two players. Who would you do go with hairs? I think he's going to be the safer of the two in a Kootenai could reemerge, but it I just the hamstring concerns and marriage Thomas, I know, you're copying him into the wolf will fuller role. But Damaris Thomas can't do it will fuller does not even fifty percent of what fuller does fast, but he was on the outside stretching the field. He was running deep routes. I mean that I'm just saying role. Yeah. But yeah, it just how successful can he be is is my question. So I would rather go with Harissa player who's a sending. But is also not exciting Harris over dachshund dachshund scored in two straight weeks. Harris seems to be more of the PR guy running out of the slot role. Dachshund Osceola scoring chance dachshunds ceiling is certainly higher. I don't love washing. So like with Washington, nobody loves wash. Yeah. They're Washington fans. Don't even love washing half of it is Alex Smith not doing much, and then the other is three the next. I know it's crazy. You look at like, oh, they made a mistake letting Kirk cousins go, wait a minute. They're six and three, but they're they're upcoming schedule Houston. That's terrible. Dallas and Philly after that is not great. So I'm not excited about the Washington wide receiver core when you combine in like I want I can take a shot at them when they've got a good scheduled this last week looked like the opportunity was there in the next three weeks. I I like him against Houston, Houston run. Yeah. Peterson is not gonna do Nelson's been great against wide receivers over the last hairs moves around in the slot. I get some of the other matchups, but we'll have to see what happens there. What about this guy? Moncrieff? That's why I wanted to bring up because Dante Moncrieff he's eleven percent. He he's he's very available and he got off to the slow start through the three weeks. But since week four he is averaging almost seventy yards a game. And that includes a game where he put up a goose her which is a pace for over eleven hundred yards on the season. He's got the big play ability. He's been the most reliable fantasy wide receiver in Jacksonville gets to take on Pittsburgh. So, you know, where I'm going to go you slap that bass again. No, I've if Joe Haines on them, I got my concerns. Well, if you're the Sean Jackson owner to you prefer to Sean Jackson to Dante monkey. Yes. Barely. I still would go. Sean Jackson overdone Tim on. Yes. I would I would trust the quarterback shockingly more than I than I would trust. Blake bortles. The Sean Jackson also has a longer history of of being successful any interest in Josh Reynolds with Cooper cop-out. We talked about a briefly yesterday. He's owned in every in every league, mild sixty four point over under this week with. The chiefs game. So there could be a lot of opportunity to go around in Mexico City brought up Reynolds the last time, here's why I'm a little bit more interested in Reynolds. This Cooper Cup injury than the last one this one. They know Cup is gone. They can't just patchwork a week. They've got to say, okay. What is our offense rest of season? We have to work something in and develop the who's going to step up into that role and take over for the rest of the season the playoffs the Super Bowl run as they're hoping. Yeah. And and he's going to get the the least coverage of those other two guys they'll be opportunities completely available. I mean, he's only own three percent of leagues. So about Burt Reynolds. Oh, the status self. He's a mustache ver ver it. Would you start Burt Reynolds? Or would you start Josh Lewin? Mustache league. It's a mustache Lee must actually got hurt. Burt Reynolds fancy football league. I would go. Josh Los Angeles Rams of to this points. According to sharp football are running eleven personnel. Which means three wide receivers are on the field. Ninety eight percent of the time. Yeah. The gimme gimme that's that. Josh reynolds. Does that change though with the injury you roll? Gerald edit out more often with higby we'll have to see he's in streaming discussion. But just saying Reynolds will be on the field, sir. Circling back real quick. I did want to look up the Texans defense because we were asked about this last week about you know, we had all these stats last year. When are they coming back of the rolling six week because you can't just take the defense on the year? The last six weeks we're going to on all of our matchups this week. We've got that data to say how defenses have been doing and Houston. They are second against quarterbacks third against running backs and fifth against wide receivers. Tom five against all three of those positions over the last six weeks. They've been a defense. You do not wanna play sure and last wide receiver. I personally just want to at least bring up John Ross. He got six targets in the absence of AJ green for the Cincinnati Bengals he came through with a touchdown. You hear that Brooks? I got John Rawson in the dynasty league. I'm gonna play him against you. So he's a good play. John John raw? He's like, please. Please. Do it. John Rawson gronk for Kittle. Let's make let's make a deal. Let's make do you think Brooks? I'm not doing this, right? This week John Ross has the tough match-up against Baltimore, which is pretty gross. But if you're going to pick him up after that, you could Cleveland Denver the chargers. Did you interesting? Yeah. He. Today's Jack by them. Did you say what are you looking at Houston's last five games last six last six games? Here's who they played Broncos offense. Dolphins offense Jaguars offense bills offense Cowboys offense. So yeah. I mean you got to discern. I mean, obviously, they can only do what they can do which is dominating, right, but fault them for being great. But now they play the and you look week from now we'd be like and they play the Redskins offense. So it's not very impressive. But you you look at the pieces there as well. And you you look at that line with JJ watt. And did you say pizzas, the P? Oh, I wish I wish I did running backs. I've wanted to. I just I like pizza are I running backs. I this is the most difficult place because I feel like we could all have vastly different favorites in terms of waiver wire pickups at the running back position in the truth is I think it matters a lot about your team makeup. Now, Mike is chocolate. I'm just laughing because I was trying to think of the line where it's not great buff like the list of running backs this week. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's it's a strange. That's why we spent so much time on the wide receivers because they're interesting why. And there's an argument to be made where literally Frank is the best pickup this week four fantasy on and he doesn't even play this week. Yeah. And neither does Elijah McGuire who who's probably in that list as well. But as a fantasy owner, you gotta look at I think, obviously. My goodness. I for me for me is Josh adult Adams is my favorite pickup. I mean, if you look at the efficiency metrics for the running backs and Philadelphia team that I still think is going to compete down the wire for a playoff spot. Josh Adams is averaging six point two five yards per attempt over last three games. And if you contrast that with how bad Cory Clements been and how ordinary Wendell small been he's the biggest upside stash for me. But maybe you don't need enough site stash. Maybe you need something else. The problem with Josh Adams. I agree. I think he's currently the best runner on the team. But they're Peterson's going to keep the split the way it is. Even if things he said, he's given more to Josh out. I I understand that. But what's more? He'll be in the eleven Terry range, twelve carry range a hill. He'll be the Corey Clement, and he'll do more with it than Clement has been doing. But you're right is not enough work in another running back in time. Share the guy that I would be looking for. He's available now in about half of leagues is Royce. Freeman. He's coming off the bye he was injured, but the upcoming schedule that I just gave for Cortlandt Sutton is identical to Royce Freeman. They are teammates. So Royce Freeman and Philip Lindsey were both start -able assets before the injury the schedule being an a were. Yeah. I think so enough touchdown. You could start Royce. If you're just hoping that I don't think I wouldn't have said that. I mean, I I don't think the last three games before the injury five thirty one no touchdowns nine for twenty two touchdowns. Thirteen for thirty seven and one touchdown. If you don't surpass thirty seven yards rushing. You're not to start a bla- set to me. Yeah. Well, I mean, he's he's had four touchdowns in eight games. And the schedule is easier in a week running back class. I would be fine picking up Royce Freeman. Would you rather pick up Royce Freeman though or play a guy that has guaranteed workload like Doug Martin taking on air Zona this week fifteen for sixty one last week? Doug, Martin is gross. I get it. I'm gonna hide my children. And I'm going to pick up. Doug martin. Yes. The frame the two I would play Doug Martin. He's getting the kids around. No, no cramp is eat your kids. But yeah, I mean did just refresh my memory for a moment. Yeah. Mike where did crap is coming from correct? This is like a originally. I'm remember. Where your engine? No. Like, why did no I'm not looking for the real story of ballers now looking for the movie plot Mike talking about like why did he originally get compared to cry because he was coming back off of the of an injury. I think it was last year where you guys were getting a little bit hot and bothered for Doug, Martin retired. Santa Claus is coming to chance. And I said no cramp is coming. Yeah. So he didn't actually eat any children last year. He'd certainly did how I'm okay. He is getting work though. I mean fifteen carries there's not a lot of waiver wire running. So you can get to get fifteen gears. It's like him and Frank gore. That's it into blissed. Jalen Rashard or cramps? They're both owned in forty seven percent. Forty eight percent of the league's going against their Zona. Do you play cramps over Jalen retry? Yeah. I think you gotta go Doug Martin. I mean, the work has been there. And honestly, he hasn't looked terrible. Not. There was a moment when we were watching the games and to running back had some juice ripped off a good run. When Jason Jason said OA who was that. I said Jason that was Doug Martin. Jason immediately ripped his face off. Yeah, I'm faceless. Now, don't go to YouTube. He ripped his beard beca. If you're Joe mixon owner, a reminder, go get geo Bernard Bernard is twenty-five owned he snuck onto a lot of waiver wire simply because you can't you couldn't hold them while he was hurt. But Uber nod is going to get all the work again if Joe mixing goes down, and that's something that can happen. Yes. Jean bernard. If you have cream hunt, please Graham, Spence aware, if you have Todd Gurley pleased grab Malcolm Brown. And I know we talked about it earlier. But Rashad penny would be a huge pickup for me this week. Yes. He's available in almost every league. Would you rather pick up penny or Davis at this point? Well Davis is probably owned. I believe cars in place, and if Carson plays than if you have to pick one if you're gonna make me pick when I'll take penny because what if on Thursday penny gets everything because he's a first round pick. I mean, right at that point. If you told me Carson's out, it's a coin flip to me on who has a better Thursday night game against the Packers. Let's talk tight ends. I don't know. What's more discussing right now tight ends or running backs on the waiver wire. I think is tight ends. Look some of these guys that maybe you thought you could get by with. They kind of stunk last week earned in was terrible three for thirty four going into the bye. I don't pick up Herndon. No Watson had one from one. Almost had a touchdown. I don't care. He he's a risky play. CJ Uzzaman hasn't capitalized on a lack of Tyler I for or Tyler Kroft. He doesn't seem to be a core part of the offense even without AJ green. And he got he has Baltimore coming up. The the only one I'm looking at little bit sideways. Jeff Hier men in in Denver. But Jason made a pretty compelling argument. As to why he was used the way he was used coming off of week nine ten for eighty three and a touchdown. Looks really nice. But you're playing with fire there. I mean who are your favorite pickups at the tide imposition. But don't have any you. It's one. It's Vance McDonald dance McDonald if he's there, right? But a Jeff Harmon is interesting. He is the fourth most red zone targets among tight ends. He. He it is. We only have the one game sample. That's that's what's upsetting about this coming off the bye week. And what I mean by one game sample. I mean after the trade of Damaris Thomas hire men was the man who picked up the slack in filled that target. Void you had hoped. Sutton would see this huge surge in targets. But it went to the tight end position. He's interesting native in net. Yeah. I was just going to bring him up. I hate to say it because I wanted it to be a Dixon, but Monette has been involved. He wasn't you know, he didn't do much in his last game out. But he down Green Bay second in the league against opposing tight ends. Yeah. I mean, I in this landscape. I think you could do worse than Nick Vinet. Yeah. It's it's gross. I mean, maybe you take them. If you say Joan who Smith, but Jonas Smith doesn't run a lot of routes. You have George Kitto rob gronkowski or David joke. You there on by this week's you're making this decision. Well, Ricky seals Jones is a name. That's enough. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Nine targets five or sepsis for fifty one yards gets Oakland. You know, he's run the tenth most tight end routes. That's more than e Bronner read or Howard. And the last two games with odds of coordinator change, thirty six and thirty seven routes which a lot for tighter. So he would do he would probably be a head of some of those. I agree with you Vance McDonald if he's there that's the pickup outside of him. It's probably hire men and Ricky seals Jones. I'm feeling a lot of pain talk. He's good. Mike are UCLA's Jones are hiring. Oh start mill one higher. He'll take two zero. Please. I think I would go higher men. All right. We have quarterbacks streaming options. Coming up here momentarily. I want to touch on defenses. Arizona. That's yeah. Arizona's Arizona defensive versus the Oakland Raiders. And they are available nearly everywhere. They're they're going to be the the the hot sought after streamer this week. All right. Yes. Yes. You think why they've been a good defense? They're at home. They're guess. Yeah. No writers. I don't disagree with the pickup at all say. I don't know how much buzz is going to surround an Zona defense. Sure. Well, you can't play the bills this week. So you've got to play against the raiders, whether at least, that's the way I see it. So Zona very interesting other than that Brooks put in a Tom Selleck sneaky defense must stash of the week. We'll give give credits. Kyle. Okay. Kyle put that in Jacksonville against buffalo next week. So he's saying if you wanna stash Jeep defense you can stance Jacksonville. There's you would think that would be the biggest home run on earth. Yeah. And yet Matt Barkley. Well, Josh Allen. We'll see. But other guys for this week Carolina against Detroit pit you. Are you do you wanna play Pittsburgh against Jackson? I am fine with that. I think Pittsburgh's defensive line this last week showed that they are. They are starting to click and whenever you play against Blake Bortles. You have the chance for pick six sacks. Now, they're picked seven pick ten both defenses are owned is Saint percentage Pittsburgh against Jacksonville or Baltimore against the Bengals because they're both owned in fifty five percent of the league. Oh. Sammy. I baltimore. I think they've got a better defense Brooks, we need to we need to put that fifty five drop in like on every sheet that I got like on every board because I can't miss that. Man. What we need is. I need Brooks needs to be able to their need a big button. Well that could get Staples easy. But we could lose most of our subscribers in one episode or gain most of them. I would imagine we would lose about. Episode if you had that kind of accent. Anything else on defense has guys. Can I move on? Yeah. We're good. Full stream ahead. Jason did you did you come in here? And try to disrupt me because my stream you don't get to take to why it's not really a take to. I put Dak in there as my streamer. And then I said, well if Lamar was to start I would pivot to Lamar so it sounds like you're taking too. I'm taking one point five in the DACA says your backup pivot was deck, but that because must stream this week. Absolutely. So we hold hands. Let's go into guess, we'll say Dax Dak against Atlanta is a great streaming option. Jason I agree with you. Yeah. He's he's available in most leagues. He's been. Actually, if you look at the last five or six weeks, he's been fine. Russian the ball now with Amari Cooper in toe, and you play against Atlanta, and I loved it is in Atlanta. Meaning that the falcons aren't gonna do what happened last week in Cleveland, which is just be terrible team for some reason. Offense of prob. For. Sure, right. I think Atlanta will put up the points and Dak will have to come back. He'll get a lot of rushing yards and uses new weapon Amari Cooper. I I mean, there's a lot lot of worst players. You could grab them Dak this week. So we'll share Dak and then I want to say if Lamar starts against Cincinnati that defense has been atrocious. Argo for Lamar Jackson rushed for one hundred is going to restaurant or yards in that game. So. No doubt about it. He it's probably worse for the team. Right. He's gonna look he's going to drop back in the pocket. And he's he's gonna get opportunities to Russia's, you know, take them. So we'll share both those how I love it. Now, if Lamar place do you play Lamar against Cincinnati Zach is what I would do. I would as well. All right where what what is best happening? I don't like this love fest over here. Go way. Mike now, my backup to the backup was going to be Marcus mariota against Indianapolis. But that's my I had no idea Marcus mariota versus the Indianapolis Colts. I just want to read you, a align. Real quick twenty six for three hundred twenty yards in two times or not. That's that's a pretty pretty awesome passing. That was Blake Bortles people against the Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks are safe. If you're not, Derek Anderson. You are safe against the Indianapolis Colts on top of that. Mario finally looks healthy the Corey Davis breakout possible breakout game last week against the New England Patriots. I think it it means a lot to me that Corey Davis had that game against Gilmore. So I think that mariota is a very safe top ten guy this week. We didn't bring up Corey Davidson the waivers. Maybe we should have sixty eight percent own. Here's the comedic. Oh, go pick them up. The the perplexing thing about Corey Dave's right ups that you would consider to be good matchups for Corey Davis. You know, six fancy points against buffalo nine against Miami for you know, his Greg games home games against Philadelphia. New England twenty plus points. I just he plays competition. Someone accused me of being at which is amazing to me. They said how come you guys keep trashing on Davis? And I think to myself this Corey Davis have a bigger fan than me. He was he was consensus all three of us put him in as a breakout in the UT K. The reason we have made jokes about Corey Davis is because he's a number one who before this past week had one relevant fans. See week. It's just becomes kind of like smile through the pain situation with Corey Dave's because he's so talented, and we all like him. Well, part of the problem is Mario Dr Yoda. Yeah. And Marianas looked really good the last two weeks. I love your stream you brought up. How Blake Bortles had a great week against them last week. He was my stream of the week the reason that was the colts the reason was the colts because Derek Carr put up two hundred and forty three Sam darnold had a huge attack the colts. Yes, m Mario is can he's competent enough to get it done. Yeah. Yeah. No doubt about it. So. Yeah. I think that's it Brooks you got anything else. You got to anything going on George kill trade perhaps now. Brooks. I'll give you rob. Listen to me. I'll give you rob gronkowski Carlos Hyde. Now in marshawn Lynch, I'm fine. You realize like the trade started very strong. Then you made it worse by adding those two running backs into it also include echinacea, Saint Brown Brown lessons semi need them playoffs. I hope you don't make the playoffs. Hey, check out draft dot com slash ballers for your daily fantasy needs. And we will see you tomorrow goodbye here by foot clan. Thank you. For listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on join the foot dot com and follow us on Twitter at the F F ballers.

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