RHONY Superfan Heather McMahan Receives a Special Bravo Surprise


<music> Hi. I'm Megan Sarah and I'm Eric J man. This is the daily Dish Bravo's official podcast actress comedian podcast hosts and thought he on a heather McMahon McMahon is a huge rony fan naturally. We had to talk to her about her love for the show. Yes Bravo Hollick's need to stick together in this hilarious interview we discussed the first season of Rony what her tagline would be her favourite house husband and what she would absolutely absolutely not do in certain house by Scenarios Think Sonia wearing a diaper plus. We had a little surprise for her towards the end of the interview of course it was Roni inspired. Her reaction was adorable who can blame her. You won't WanNa miss that that moment. Let's take a listen guys we are here with comedian actress and thought Tiana Extraordinary Heather McMahon Hello Hi thanks for having me of course thanks for coming in so you are a Rony Superfan oh you you have no idea like I keep waiting for them to call me and asked me to join the series but they haven't well. This is your call out to them to do that. Grant we go. You're in the right place great. Who is your favorite housewife Sonia Sonya? I here's the thing I love D- Dorinda but I really connect with Sonia because it doesn't matter what she does. She's never embarrassed right. You know what I mean. She could have the sloppiest night she could forget to wear panties and the next issues like whatever I was just doing me so I just really appreciate her her tenacity and her honesty. Do you have a favorite season of the shells okay so crazy. I was on a flight to L._A.. Like last week and they were playing the very first season on jet blue and I was like this is I forgot what the rooted show right when Jill was still on it I mean that first season was wild. We're just introduced to the Countess. When she was married? There was oh so she was very like Oh you introduce me to the driver. As Lou and I am tests that was the best S. moment ever and that is such good foreshadowing for what this season was about. Yeah and Bethany is like what do you want. What do you want him to call you this driver? Mike like layoff me right exactly so what about like house. Husband's sounds like there's been a lot over the years okay well. Alex is husband. What was his name Francois Francois Yeah Alex from what who lived in Brooklyn Alex mcchord mcchord sorry? Oh what was the Simon Simon yes her. Her Son was Francois Right right right and then Joe was like that's too hard of named Brunell of course Alex Yeah Alex and Simon truly like the Oh Jeez that just really like their whole dynamic was just wild to watch. Did you ever see they went onto into V._H.. One show bootcamp yeah. It was no it was not marriage bootcamp. It was like couples couples therapy. That's what it was and they were on with Courtney Stott in and Doug Hutchinson. It was like those Mish Mosh like doc dealers celebrities can specifically remember Alex mcchord like fighting with him by the pool and she storms off that she slips and falls on her ass like do you need help in just like no we don't need any help and it was like this peak Simon and Alex Right now Alex. I really think it was just like once that move to Brooklyn it was just we all knew it was downhill from there of course that's what happens. We're GonNa Leave Manhattan Brooklyn. Where do you live now because you're just moved here? I live in Brooklyn. No actually here's the thing I love Brooklyn but it's justice expensive if not more expensive to live in Brooklyn than the cities you might as well live in the city neighborhood in gramercy okay. Oh Yeah I was always a West cider and then I found a great deal on the East sinus on all right. Let's try it out and I love it. It's amazing. How long have you been here now <hes> well? I moved two and a half weeks ago and I've slept in my apartment three night. Where have you been all over? It was like I moved and then I had to go to L._A.. For Work Place Travel Yeah. It's a little trap jet-setting okay back to Rony yeah. Reunion is coming up. Do you have any prediction well. I definitely think that they're just going to roast lamb. Yeah I mean I don't know how she couldn't watch the season back and just see the monster that she's become and I'm here for the cabaret look. I'm about to go onto her in the fall. I love it. My Fiance Jeff just watched. I made him watch the last episode last night and he moves literally was floored at her show. He's like people pay money to go see this all over the country they do all over the country like honey. You like you can just put on a feather Bella and saying you know Mary had a little lamb and they'd better show I mean I love Louis and because I just think she does. She is not self-aware right well. It's like someone was saying and we've talked about it. On the podcast like the idea of have you can be kind of an ego maniac and narcissistic but it doesn't make you a bad person. I feel like that's the point lowlands trying to make to everyone but that's coming through properly. I fully agree unless I'm glad that she's you know sober and doing some self care by when you do self care you can't also push everyone else in front of the bus right you know which she tried to do to Sonia a little bit Miami Yeah a lot of let's talk about Miami Beckons breakdown. What was your reaction to that? Here's the thing I fully empathized empathized with her. Yeah like Bethany is she goes from zero to one hundred real quick but it was really truly one of those moments where she just lost. It and I didn't blame her like but I love I'm Italian so like the hand gestures I got but when she was just like pulling her chest like how dare you. How dare you just truly good for you? I don't know where her emmy nomination is but angel to come also had the editors for the real housewives of New York. Have they won emmy. They should I mean truly listen whoever from like the academy is listening. They better get an emmy because truly the way that they edit that show is just mind-blowing. It's so good other than Roni to have any other shows that you're obsessed with Bravo. <hes> I mean honestly I'm a Bravo Hollick. I truly whatever ever I just keep Bravo on. Just let it scroll. Here's the thing I recently got into southern charm now. I'm from the South so I was very hesitant. I really was very skeptical getting into it because I said you know what I bet this going to be. Another show that makes us all seem like idiots but now a bunch of southern termed cast members send messages on Instagram and I'm in I'm obsessed with Cameron up sound God's name obsessed and Catherine like all of them. I just want to go to Charleston and get like a makeover by Catherine and just like have a moment. So who would you WANNA hang out with the most on that cast. I think Catherine and no Cameron Cameron I are more like I think we have the same humor we'd volume but I definitely want to have oh no. I Want Patricia like what's your take on Patricia. Well Patricia is who I like. Chose like who I want to be in a couple of years. I just WANNA wear beautiful like Mu Kaftan House dresses and drink dirty Martinis and you know my Jeffrey. Is You know her Michael Yeah well. That's how my I won't. I can't afford to Butler but I would just really really rather fiance. Fiance knows how to make a meeting cocktail and can like make sandwiches and stuff. <hes> it's amazing. What is your real housewives tagline well so I'm getting married in Italy next year so and my goal is to like eventually own a Dahlie and a vineyard because I just want to be like this like old Italian lady and tracksuits the I don't just drink the wine I own the vineyard? Oh my God that is good yeah. We need to get a boomerang of. You're doing that video your way out. That's so perfect perfect listen. I like pitch. I tweeted any unlike listen. I'll delete the real hostage of Rancho Cucamonga. I'll do the real houses of like Tampa Bay. I don't care just put me. Some franchise dropped me in a city and I'm ready to go yeah like the real houses of Reno whereas that that would be amazing nine one one style so oh I love it okay so you have a podcast called absolutely not yes so. I wanted to play a game where we give you scenarios that are things that have happened on you know shows from this season or in the past I and you tell me absolutely not or yes I one pudding. You're dead dog in the freezer. That's an absolutely yes really if there's nothing else in the freezer freeze shout out to contaminate anything else isolated freezer. Maybe in the basement one hundred percent like if you have like a tiny little mini French you know like everyone has many fridges now for all their like cool facial products right so if you want to put like your face cream and then you're dead dog that's fine but that's only inbetween right like that's so it can then be stuffed later on one hundred percent exeter. It's not gonNA stay there right. It's not going to stay there next to food and were good okay so the next one dating slash making out with the guy. Not One but two of your female friends have been involved with. That's an absolutely not that's an absolutely not because I know where my friends have been. There and I want none of their germs full. You know who referring to with that one my girl Ramona okay. Can I tell you I met Ramon an event at once and truly like she just is she is oh absolutely you see on the shell that energy that is just all of it that those vibes are truly who she is well. That's one of the biggest questions I feel like we get working here at Bravo was everyone's like are they really like that and I cannot stress enough enough that yes they are. They are who are when they come in. They are who they are on the show. It's like there's no difference whatsoever at all and I appreciate that yeah. I do okay the next one you'll love this when I think openly wearing a diaper and sharing a hairbrush with your dog. That's an absolutely it's not both of them. Actually sharing a hairbrush with your dog. We've all been in like you know. We've all been there. I mean we have us fine at that point. You're like the the dog looks you in the face. You might as well sure yeah yeah that's true. It's sharing a diaper. No well just wearing a diaper not a further with that and we were GONNA go but no wearing a diaper. No Okay Yeah I. I'm not ready for that. I'm not ready for that but if if I WANNA make Lisa Renan money honey and like depends wants to sponsor me right I will wear a diaper Dan Fifth Avenue with my top off. I don't care I've always said that because that was one of Joan rivers big things she was like I will say yes to every opportunity. I have bills to pay people to support. I will wear that diaper. Joan rivers was my idol icon econ like everything she she gave me her blessing in the comedy world. He told me to yes she told me and I was GonNa make it and I was like thank you like. She is my end. All be all so whatever Joan whatever brands Joan worked with I will were speculate putting that out there to your like everyone I'm ready. Yes a hundred percent okay next absolutely not inviting your friends over to a cocktail party at your house and then asking them to do manual labor for you know that's an absolutely not okay yeah in your class of your host than Craig from Southern Charm. Let's see wanted them to put in some work on those pillows. Craig is a hot mess handsome hotness so he ends up. He's a high functioning. That's a good way to put okay okay living in the same house as your ex husband having sex with him but not remarrying him. Oh that's an absolutely not well actually no. That's an absolutely yes because now you're in the driver. See Oh that's true. You know what I mean yeah. That's Robin from Real House is a Potomac as a chef licking a Ross steak that you plan to serve to your guests absolutely not a little also. Why would you do that just to check seasoning? I don't know no one knows why chef meal did bat chef. Manila we talk about chef meal a hoot and a half and well how do not walk the plank like actually physically i. I think it was because you know captain. Sandy was like she was always very respectful in my presence right but like I think probably looking back on it. You know seeing what Captain Sandy maybe didn't see. She might go a little differently. I mean Taco night or was it Nacho night it was Nachos and it was hard shelled Taco Tacos and then it was a Nachos that I can and make better Nachos of that and I cannot cook Oh the worst cook in America the worship ever and I could pull something together better than that right yeah disgraceful very disgraceful. Okay another one reentering someone's home after you've been kicked out of a dinner party with a butter knife. Oh that's an absolutely yes you know back in yeah just like pop back in you know maybe they needed to take ten and like reevaluate everything and just in ten minutes they could have two extra cocktails and forget that they kicked out in the first place so I always say reenter reenter. Maybe do a quick change but like show back up and that was Ashley Darby from Real House is the Potomac so another reason to why okay. I'm going to get back into it okay. This is from Beverly Hills when you're very drunk but you're the only person who can help your friend who is more drunk helping them go to bed. <hes> absolutely yes you would come through for your friend absolutely like no matter how drunk I get. I'm always the mama bear who can like. Have you know dominoes on speed dial and getting six people and a cab Adler. Just how I rolled. It didn't matter how wasted I am. I'm going to help out a friend. No that's too and that's the Mama bear mentality. I think Kyle Richards has because in provence she was like Teddy your to beyond all take care of your women like we're not drunk enough. We're going to bed good luck. You Guys Yeah Kyle like like the way she takes care of Porsche. You know what I mean. It's just the way that she treated teddy and I just I could see that motherly instinct kick in yeah absolutely another one from Beverly Hills getting your significant other a happy ending after a Masan Denise Richards Churches everything here is the thing with that absolutely yes if you have an open relationship if I found out that Jeff was getting hand jobs you know at a spa somewhere he'd be debt so does it count though because usually there as a towel inbetween but contact if I'm present like just creeping in the room. That's an absolutely yes but if I don't if I didn't like sign off on it what are you would have signed off on in this hype because that's denise. He said Oh okay. She said she did but I'm also like or did he just come out afterwards and she just said that he was like by the way this happened and she's like all right. That's the point I didn't even think of that right and then following up on that absolutely not or yes would would you then go ahead and tell your friends about it. Oh for sure Yep. That's something you have to brag about. I actually thought about that the other day. 'cause I'm really into massages right now. That sounds creepy but like I just like to be rubbed care. Yes thank you bye. self-care journey has taken me not to like nice face creams. It's all about having people rubbed me like I'm to the point. I don't understand people who don't like massages. I could be sitting in a food court at a random. All creeped just came up and start rubbing my shoulders. I would just go with it. You know what I mean so I'm very into massages just but no one has ever offered to you know. Give me that good time at the big conversation where we talked about those episodes on the podcast because we were like what is the process there like. How does that work like? How do you know how do you not know right when it's time like it's tricky thing it really is okay last one carrying around a plastic bag full of pills Lisa Renner? Oh at least Renna can do no wrong in my book. She is a goddess. She deemed me on instagram. Shake Dad I swear to God I through my phone just across the house. I was like I am unwell. This is not really happened. Yes I so I I don't have a bag pills but I have a sidr of pills. I get up in the morning. I just open that baby up and I just kind of play pill roulette. Maybe it's an upper. Maybe it's Downer. I don't know which way by day's GonNa going to find out exactly so I'm here for it. Okay always need accoutrements that will either be moon stabilisers. Take you down okay well. We actually have a surprise for you so as a Rony Superfan and I'm sure you're familiar with real estate legend and Rony icon Laurie Cooper Laurie Cooper's everything to me. Oh my Laurie Cooper is here. My God Surrey Cooper dressed like an angel and cream. Come in here baby doll look at her. This is the greatest moment of my life hold on these absolutely has removed her headphones. They they are embracing. They're kissing kissing Laurie well. I'm like shook with this so glad because that's exactly what we want and so here we wanted to give you the opportunity to talk to her and ask us some questions. I okay first of all you're the queen of New York real estate thank you. Why is this place such a Hellhole till it's true it is thank you number one? Is You chose the wrong apartment. I know I know we didn't by the walk through and see see this strange amorous like a red squirrel. You call it a rat. It's a highlight right squirrel. Yes and I'm thinking it would to death she having home at night you never know when these creatures reaches jump over on the ground floor where you live now. I'm on the ninth floor. Oh He's not getting up there right but I get a costed actually assaulted by these rats squirrel hybrids and grammercy I dunno where they came from the underbelly of the Earth see I always lived on the west side and now I moved over to the east side. I don't know how majestic I think. I like it but I don't know grammercy. I'm in gramercy. You know what Grandma's interesting you can walk downtown. right you can go to i walk so much if i show something on twelfth street i woke up town right i loved worst villages fabulous okay it's it's a happening great restaurants great brian atmosphere i love it over there i mean i i i opened patti's when they came in again which i love by the way the only thing that makes me mad about that restaurant is if i mean you get charged forever drink i mean that's new york in general but one time i had seven days it's really was forty five dollars no free wealthier literally no free refills and i spent forty five dollars on ice teeth and i was angry when i hope it was good teasha the new one the old one this menu is excellent okay we've got one hundred dollars i mean it's happening it's great okay and the funny thing is it was the first day they will open and i was so excited and of course we had everybody round us we became best friends with everyone everyone in again these said guess who's coming tonight at eleven o'clock i said who andy cohen was coming at eleven o'clock within justin cooper perfect when home i said should i get dressed again rundown and say hello uh-huh indie of course you should yes anyways it's a great restaurant i like a very up atmosphere right and you wanna be seen you're always very famous there's so many things for you thank you are you my new manager she wants to i want you to know something very good clients became very good friends and we were invited to the academy awards many years ago okay robert abbott wise west side story and let me tell you the real estate at that moment was a little down and they said you should move here and so real estate you know what i should have or had another i've thought when i was single i worked for marvin josephson who was created management and i was just the receptionist let me tell you i'd be great management for celebrities i would just know what to do with them and that actually missed should have done that there's still time there's still time and here's the thing i feel like when it came like getting deals done you'd be pit bull about it yeah and that's what you need like i know you'd buy that you would get the best deal for your clients there's no way absolutely so what's up i get the best you'll buy absolutely you negotiate but sometimes you can't negotiate depending on whose negotiating along with you of course but timing thing is everything question because we were just talking about brooklyn what do you think about people moving to brooklyn in droves but i think it's just as expensive if not more expensive than living in many was joe i grew up there okay at my time it was it's like oh who wants to live in brooklyn you wanna live in the city right but it's changed and it's become very hip and trendy and when something becomes hip and trendy the prices go up yeah i looked at this one building i went into writ this lady was so rude to me she literally like pretty woman me she was like well what your budget and i gave her a very healthy budget and she says well i don't know if we have any of those one bedrooms left i was like excuse me i literally achieve ford you should have said how could you amen system i never i could deal with someone buying a low price department <hes> i just did a deal so low four hundred ninety five thousand he so grateful to lou apartment like that in west side of new york was amazing right he's a columbia professor i never said to him only that amount to spending i'm not working with you i gave you the same courtesy as my forty million dollars client right it's a lot that's good business uh-huh it's a lot of money to whomever it is and you never know from what evolves from that brand action because my business is clients my businesses referrals and so you you don't see my listings but you might clients call me year after year i so something two years ago i sold it to them twenty five years ago and i resold so people how much jury sell it for like quadrupled right hey you i went out with them i would say thirty five years ago showing them properties and the first thing they saw was park avenue uh-huh never forget the building was nine thirty five park and we will it three hundred thousand dollars deal maybe maybe two fifty was big apartment they never forgot that they didn't buy that they they took we went out like a year later we looked at one hundred things snowstorm i had a slip dissed academy over the snow in the snowstorm across the street they just had to see everything right then they ended up at eighty six and nadison they pay five hundred thousand dollars wow and i sold it to them <hes> those years ago and we resold it at a bout close to three three in a quarter with linda my girl dorinda during this the best i talked her husband into buying her an apartment as part of the settlement and she bought a very good deal two bedroom magic word c. o. n. g. o. <hes> over a co-op because if you're in that kind of situation as a divorced woman <hes> or you travel you wanna feel carinthia home out because it's constant income new york's filled now with eastside west side tenth avenue twelfth think twelfth avenue i also i mean literally you have to draw break prims over there to be able to find your way back i really want to just be like on the board of like an h._o._a. like i'm in h._o._a. kind of gal yeah i like to sit in the meetings i like to stir the pot you know what i mean i'm like i do this thing in my mom's gated community in atlanta where i do neighborhood watch but are like walk around the glass of chardonnay angle midnight walks just kind of like spy on the neighbors so can i do that in a condo correct because they have h okay great great thank you that's all you needed to hear this okay guy and that was walking around showing apartments and they said you have to come up to our apartment was on seventy eighth and i believe second avenue you should come in here i went in looked did the shades everyone having sex shades were up and they hated to lead the apartment because this was there nighttime writing to watch people have sect i didn't even wanna watch coach he said look over there over there i couldn't believe it so is this building having to be in grammar building shades down okay i'm giving you unless you don't mind i did that moment 'cause i think new york just totally desensitizes you i lived here years ago and so i was i was just changing last night you know lights on window open and jeff my fiance gimmes like what are you doing i'm like that building so far awake when my son went to private school iraq give you the name right well-known school the regency hotel was right across the street and of course all the boys were always looking because they could get all women undressing undressing whatever was going on how you don't think people looking at you especially boys loved the window race as time they all went to the window her son is in the room right by the way is in the corner like actively i really try to get my like <hes> entertainment career up and up in coming i would like actively send nude photos to different people and nobody called me back no-one no-one and it's Actually falls the way it's supposed to just works you know so this. Is You have no idea I'm like so honored that you're here because you are just such a lady boss and I just really want. I thank you for the advice whether it's in real estate whether others just in life like this is truly a moment for me. I'm so glad you ever wanted to come over to my closet and just like judge me up. You know what I mean. I mean you always have a look and I'm all about looks these days so yeah. I need a signature look. I don't even have a braun. Do we're not still hot. You can get a signature look. You don't have to spend a lot of money the D. The will was saying that yesterday. Those expensive clothes are not doing well those designer clothes nobody does that. I mean I had a client. Tell me nobody that no. I had a client. Tell me something I just couldn't believe right before her boyfriend died in Paris and they went to Chanelle and he bought her skirt but the the original should know skirt that they worked off of hundred and thirty five thousand dollars for skirt a skirt a tweed league skirts. Yeah we'll talk with it I could buy I could I mean I could buy an apartment yeah right. It's absurd that is so what happened. In New York is all these inexpensive stores that copy theory this theory but they come in now and they you get you know if you buy simple solid color <hes> you just can make it look fabulous and you have a beautiful scarf on. That's the thing you have always have your gorgeous gorgeous uniform and then you judge it up with great accessory and that's my dresses from old navy you know I went to shoot aware old navy but we're good pair of shoes in Africa until Chevy to shoes and if you travel you can buy I mean you. There are so many great close out there that a simple you gotta remember to match everything for the future so I if you chair right that's the word that's the case I bought in Capri in Italy. Oh my God so I just know where to go and this these weren't that expensive and I just can't find anything here that is nice. Some of the things you buy in Europe they are ahead of it ahead of the the look even h Zora's like the cheap stores chefs in Italy in April and I can go to his ARA in Italy and just clean the place out narrow zarate. Excuse me Sarah Sarah Zara my neck tell you do they have great stuff and many times I work with people that worked at Ralph Lauren and they mixed and matched and they use our <hes> h and A._M.. The mixed things you gotta do high low and my thing is this client who bought one hundred thousand dollar skirted Chanel what the problem is chanel didn't make my size so I'd have to end up spending two hundred thousand dollars taking skirts so I always do not go by icon sausages the icon yes. She was so <hes> because I ran into her. I couldn't believe her tiny. She was like <hes> but a great mouthpiece. Yes let me tell you and she said it as is that's. If you came for certain background like Judge Judy they and I came from that Maryland name-dropping my favorite questionable you came from Jewish background and with the parents parents were very much involved in every day of your life right and those children from a lot of these people strive to become very successful you see them doctors professors mayor you know our the mayor ex-mayor. I mean the all come from the very strong mother. Why do you think I am the way I am? My mother is like I have the mother and my mom is. She actually looks like a mixture of U.. N. Judge Judy Judy that is truly yes. Robert McMahon is so fierce and I grew up with the mother who spoke like Joan rivers like if you didn't look good she wasn't going to let me walk out of the House online nowadays everyone so sensitive and it's like all you can't body should nobody's body shaming me but if I toilet paper on my foot and Boob is hanging outside of my shirt. Please tell me I wanNA look my best. I WANNA set myself up for success right not to be on the page six worst-dressed in Manhattan Yeah although today at I know meeting my icon my idol I would've liked put on a brush. Maybe not living dress. My hair is like what am I literally address like an Amish like I should be shout out to the Amish. I should be on a farm somewhere like you know picking. You have to get his signature. Look like your friend a busy. Yes she puts on these weird things mix a hair pink. Yeah it's part of her whole thing right and this is where you have to get a signature. Look you have a certain very big personality. Yes you're right and because you have such a big personality. You have to show yourself. You could be a fashion icon cry. Wow why not not right life is quick. Yes into what you want. I learned my lesson whenever you hesitate. Don't hesitate who cares my era the problem was we all worried. When everybody said about US right couldn't do that? What will the neighbors say? What will my friends? No one cares anymore in cares years ago. He didn't get divorced. Oh what will everyone say right. That's so stupid. It's your life. You come along you leave alone. Yes get rid of him. Get another guy yes s well. This is the way it is now. Hang at why suffer I have a key sheeting kick them to the carb out good and you have to you have to think you have to think a lot of yourself. You secure. I very secure because if you weren't secure you wouldn't come across the way you do so like Joan rivers. She was secure just Judy Jewish upbringing. You're the best you're brilliant. Oh you are this and we have so many fun times with our parents in the things they said it never it never stops and people ask me. The one question I get from. Young Girls Online is like how do you have such good self confidence and I say honestly and truly my my mom was so like real honest with me growing up. There is nothing that it producer director could ever say to me that my own mother hasn't said so. I'm just like you know she also. She kept it real with me but she also said you're beautiful. You're funny. You got this do it so I think think we need to instill that and women you got this but also just like you know everybody is like how do I find self love if you don't get up every day and look in the mirror and say I'm good person like what I'm doing then. You've got to reevaluate some things. Yes absolutely thank you guys so much. We do have to rope. I'll let you guys on but thank you so much for coming. We continue for hours actually be a good duo on so thank you for having behind the scenes at Bravo Heather. Laurie hit it off immediately. They were already planning their next. Hang out session. As the interview ended. I feel like I overheard a spa Dan Brunch. If only we could be a fly on the wall for that meeting. Guys feel free free to invite US check out heather's podcast absolutely not where she breaks down all the hot topics with celebrity guests and follow her on social media at Heather came McMahon her. I G stories will give you life. We also want to say thank you so much to heather for for coming in and Lori for coming through with the surprise that was amazing and we will be back with regularly scheduled episode. This Thursday attacked you then by and remember watching Bravo isn't a guilty pleasure itself care guys. Let's keep the conversation going. We WanNa talk to you all week. Long not just Thursdays you can find us on twitter or Instagram at Bravo T._v. t._v.. Don't forget to use the Hashtag Bravo daily dish or reach out to US personally. I'm everywhere at Mexico Sarah Anne. I'm Eric j Mac E. R. K. and if you're on facebook join the daily dish facebook group. You can post about what you're.

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