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Hour 3: Cody Rhodes


Stugatz here and there was a lot going on right now in the world there were all shopping online. I just saw that. At and T. Started to really helpful things for those who want to buy a new phone or device online. They are offering fast free. No contact delivery and curbside pickup so that online shopping's is simple and safe as possible on top of that. They have a flexible return policy. So you could shop at ease you give us at. Att Dot Com to learn how to shop online for the safety of your own home. Twenty four seven subject to change restrictions apply. He delivered talk Woodstock Gotcha. Podcast is presented by capital on. This is banking reimagined. Here's your sports interrupdate. Tokyo Two Thousand Twenty President Yoshiro Mori said that the Olympic Games already postponed the two thousand twenty one. Because of the corona virus pandemic would be scrapped that they cannot take place that stuck in Quarantine. Williamson says that. He is exploiting this time off to fully recover to get in peak shape okay. Let me probably should've used the time before. The seasons do all that but arrived too late and finally the movie Dark Phoenix. Was the biggest box office flop into two thousand nineteen with a total loss of one hundred thirty three million dollars if you love nature valley sweet and salty bars. You'll love the sweet and salty mid-eighties. It's all the indulgence. Savory Avery goodness you know now it. A smaller side at at one hundred calories snacking has never been so sweet of other things always headlines Information Student Sports Center on ESPN RADIO. All throughout the vet at Lebatardshow. Because Roy during the break was saying that land of the lost is a terrible show at Lebatardshow low end of the laws. Great show terrible show or never heard of it. Ron McGill is of a certain age Land of the laws. Ron McGill great. Show or terrible show. It was great when I was young. Like a kid. You know but Now I realized how anticipated it is. I mean you know. The effects are terrible. Everything's kind of bad. Antiquated is the word you were looking for their land the lost on. There's some really bad stuff there that you can enjoy. That is exceptionally seventies Ron. A couple of weeks ago. You're on with us and the Brooklyn Zoo. There've been a couple of tigers at a tested positive for corona virus the Bronx Bronx. Excuse me so. You've had test some tigers recently for that reason for another reason now for that reason we tigers and clouded leopard also because Coincidentally we had several of our big cats starting to show some symptoms now. Fortunately they've all the tests came back give but because of this pandemic wonder you know. We've got an abundance of caution test. All the cats. We saw something coming up. That was a symptom that can be associated. Nineteen the state required us to do it. So we did. We had a mobilized Tigers. We did the testing and like I said fortunately they came back negative. The reason that Greg Cody might be on mute. I this is unbelievable. Hold on just a second like I wanted to go to him there. But he's talking into his phone because he doesn't WanNa be bothered detect so he speaks into his phone in order to dictate things to people. Do you have a question for Ron mcgilla? Busy doing other things. Have you UN muted Your Computer Audi? Yeah I have Truth be known. I had a question around but it was related to the one. Us I'd read. The dog was the first dog in the country to test positive. Crunchy virus and I'm wondering if animals are affected the same way and so forth. But you sort of touched on that. Well Yeah we you know. We don't know we know that some animals can contract the disease. We do not know the severity of it What the potential severity of it is. Just because the animals that we have documented doc to to contract the disease having shown severe symptoms. It doesn't mean they can't. I think you know what we're finding out every day is that most people don't have symptoms who contracted the disease. So that's not to say that an animal is not susceptible to fatal consequences because of it. Chris. Why are you manage your father? You were shaking your computer in a way. That was a bit of a hulk like rage. Why are you mad at your father what happened? He's just infuriating. I was talking to him in the last break trying to he. He's confused on how we couldn't hear him last segment he's been using this zoom for almost two months now with the muting announ meeting and he's just forever frustrating and it makes me. WanNa Punch computer. Tony what do you have for? Ron McGill a Rana there. Any way that animals go out of their way to exercise to improve their physical capabilities like a gym for animals called life. Basically for survival whether it be your the pray. You're running away from something. That may be hunting. You you get freaked out you run or you're the Predator. You have to run them being shaved to eat or you'll starve so I think life in and of itself you know. Birds have to fly from point to point to either migrate out of bad weather. Go find food to get into courtship so life in and of itself you know. They don't have computers. They don't have televisions. They don't have those things Billy what do you have for? Ron McGill run. I saw video yesterday of like a small seed. Berta exactly what type of bird. It wasn't like a Pelican and it was holding fish that looked like the size of a Sardinia was kind of like letting flounder. How long could face like that? Sustain a bird like that. Very high metabolism of almost all of the the vertebrate animals birds need to eat most often. And the most amount. I mean things like a hummingbird that has hundreds of heartbeats second Hundreds of winter wing flaps. The second rather can you know cannot sustain itself without going going without food for more than a couple of hours so this is something that Fish is not going to sustain any bird for any extensive amount of time. I saw video the other day. Ron of a giraffe that evidently according to the people involved with the video had been walking around and fighting lions for five hours a lion on its back for a while and the lions were never able to finish the draft off. How rare is something like that? It's not too rare that lions go after giraffe and do not succeed in bringing them down. I think what you're describing his extensive case where this this went on for a long time and for the draft to prevail after that is is pretty rare but I personally have seen draft kill a lion in the wild with one kick just kicking to the side broke that lions back in the line died so draft a powerful animals But again lions the only big cats that are social so they hunt together and prides and usually when you have a big enough pride working on a draft of that amount of time. It usually goes down. Let's say life is that it never went down to its knees or lower Because once it goes down that way then the lions vis rated Stu Gods get control of your home Roy. What are you walking? Just get? Just get a little mean off Roy What do you have for? Ron McGill. Brian I have a bird has goten nest in a hole outside of my window. How can I extract that Bertram House? Well listen my suggestion is birds are gonNA lay. Their eggs are probably right now. Exit GonNa Hatch and less than a few weeks and the birds will be out of the nest in another few weeks so just give it give it a couple of months and they'll all be gone and everybody be happy and then you just plug it up and they won't necessarily again Extracting it now you just kind of kind of sacrifice the nest and the eggs. That's going to be kind of tough on the bird if you must extract it Wait for the bird to fly off. Hopefully the eggs have not hatched yet. And you can pull the eggs out that way The the bird will end up. Nothing somewhere else so what? We call double clutch a triple clutch. When when eggs predated on which they often are in the wild because they are a favorite food of so many animals. Birds are programmed to relay eggs. Create more eggs three legs and build another nest. But if you can you know my suggestion would be just leave it there. It's not going to do any damage to your home and you might have a lot of fun. Just watching those chicks hatch. Grow up and Fletcher the nephew little part of the family. We are the biggest sports radio show in America. There is no dispute for that and there is nothing more us than the fact that Roy's microphone quality is exceptional now. Unfortunately he's only seven syllables in the last sixteen days. But my God does he sound good and clean getting in there with his microphone. As every time we go to Greg Cody. He's shouting into one of the speakers on his computer or shouting into the telephone. That's behind him and not paying attention. The show Stu gods what do you have for? Ron McGill Ron eighty-six Celtics Ninety seven bowls who wins I'm GonNa what the Celtics really well with the Celtics Bird. I look I will tell you. I will tell you that the bulls had better physical skills but the Celtics are smarter. Oh Dear God wow yeah. I have two questions. That is some of the worst analysis I've ever heard on this show. Why WORK WITH ANIMALS? Scrappy? Go Deceptively Quick. Basketball is one of those burning. Ron. I have two quick questions because everyone staying inside. We've seen all these viral videos of animals. Sort of taking the street Streets in Florida. Which animals should we worry about most about sort of coming into more suburban areas in question number two? I don't know if you've seen the video that the Pentagon released but UFO's real does this land in your jurisdiction does not in my jurisdiction. It's the same as me. Judge in between the eighty-six Celtics Ninety whatever bulls having said that you know. We don't need to really worry about any animals. We need to be aware. I think you're gonNA see more coyotes. they're going to become a little bit more brazen. I think they're they're already in the neighborhoods but they're going to become a little bit more visible. Once people stay in for a long period of time they're going to become bolder and be out a little bit so those of you would small dogs and cats who decide to let them run free to let them go to the bathroom because too damn lazy to walk them Then you know what you need to watch out because what do away with those pets Ron Thank you. We'll talk to you again next week. Thank you Sir Haiti. Six Celtics love you guys by the problem. You were white. Clear Smart We get into Greg. Cody's exact. Does his microphones GEICO. Gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven which means Geico is always there for you? If only everyone was always there for you like your wife when you forget your keys at work. And you get my text. I am looking for the spare Hausky. Maybe I can get through the window. Turns OUT THE ALARM WORKS? It works fast. You should probably call me back. Gyco always therefore you with savings and twenty seven access to licensed agents. If you missed any of the show you can listen to all three hours of the Dan Le Batard show plus our Miami only hour. Our Best of podcast on demand in the ESPN APP and subscribe to the lebatardshow friends. Podcast network featuring South Pete sessions stupidity and mystery grape. Please rate ED subscribed. New episodes are posted every week. Wherever you get your podcast Greg Cody given the straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless no contracts. No compromise. Cody Rhodes is gonNA join us in fifteen minutes. The son of Dusty Rhodes He is a good talker. You mentioned The lebatardshow friends podcast network The latest South Beach Session is out this morning. It is with Mitch Albom. It is interesting for a number of different reasons. He had a book that sold twenty million copies irs so about death and mortality. And I don't believe it's the most inspiring success that he has had in his life so you could check out that South beach session because what he is doing with. An Orphanage in Haiti is breathtaking. Yeah was eye opening. Also just if you're a fan of our radio show I myself had no idea how much influence Mitch Albom had over your career and extensively our show so I found that very interesting just as a fan worker on the show. Also shut up to Marty Smith. Who's breaking up his Carolina Panthers Exclusivity to talk to T. J. Watt and? That was really interesting. Podcast certainly worth your time Marty. Smith's America Marty. Smith's Carolina becomes more America this weekend. But yes God's Mitch Albom was doing this stuff. A radio show. That was on television. That wasn't simply about sports. He was doing this stuff before we were doing it. I remember one time an actor. I remember might have been Hankas area. Actually I remember somebody walking into his studio where they were televising. A radio show and I'm like how is that possible? How is it possible? That a sportswriter is doing that. Somebody who came up in writing is doing that on television that intimate and that outside of sports and so it has some of the seeds in obviously what it is. We've done since then but he obviously did it first because he had a very popular show that I believe was on MSNBC and it was just a simulcast of his radio show travel as their probably did I. That's for sure probably didn't better. Is that fair to say any more intelligent less obnoxious? I'd really like to see how he would navigate this pandemic and the stack deck against us right now because cody doesn't know. Is Cody here? Okay code he doesn't know when he's muted. Stugatz is frozen chicane. Move Your hands. Yeah which is occasionally. You'RE GONNA have to do that. Extremist frozen. Have you seen any of the photographs of what Alex Smith's leg became? Have you seen now? He he he was in jeopardy of losing both his legs because of the calamity that was his lower body injury. And we have talked to Jason Taylor about some of the unholy lengths. That football players will go to eat told us a number of stories needing epidurals because The year he won the defensive player of the year. He just fell in the parking lot because his back seized up on him and he couldn't get up stairs couldn't pick up. His kids told us of falling asleep after being leg whipped in a game standing up on a staircase on painkillers and needing to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery because he was in danger of losing a leg. He told us about playing with a catheter under his armpit that was running two was hard. That shouldn't or couldn't get dirty and so he had to wrap it many many times in order to play and his response was always some form of look. I wasn't very good on the days that I had to play that way. Better than my backup and none of these guys want to lose their jobs to their backups. Who are hungry. And there isn't much of a symbol in football for losing your job. Then Alex Smith when we play Word Association with Alex Smith. He's one of the most controversial people to ever lose his job because it. Was you know a decent quarterback for a winning team and Harbaugh? It's part of what made the horrible legend that he still hasn't lived up to. He was willing to bench a serviceable quarterback for somebody who he thought was better. Even though he was having success with that quarterback Alex Smith opened up the e sixty in a way that we look Alex Smith throughout his career. He hasn't been particularly media-friendly. It's just not something that we've done with him so we paint a narrative around him kind of unfairly because he was actually a solid number. One overall traffic. No one's going to say Alex Smith Bust. He was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. That team goes to the Super Bowl. He was replaced by arguably already. Perhaps the greatest quarterback we've ever seen those are pretty good guys to lose your job to but Alex Smith is always been quite so we always heard rumor innuendo. He almost lost his leg and then rumors start spreading. Oh he almost lost his life. He became septic. He lost more. He almost lost much more than just that leg. Because the infection spread to his blood so to be happy to have access to Alex Smith. Who's been quite to paint in such gory? Detail picture that he was staring at where four days after that injury which was one of the more sickening injuries we've ever seen and made us reevaluate occasionally injuries. We'll do that whether it's low key crying on the field or Alex Smith leg bending the otherwise remains the most famous one. There's occasionally times that we're like. Whoa is this really necessary. I got laid paralyzed on the field. Alex Smith had one of those instantaneous. Almost hurl on the spot gruesome injuries and the aftermath is so much worse so. I'm really curious to see Alex Smith talk about that and also talk about his career in a way that he hasn't really discussed publicly so it should be fascinating. I didn't think that we'd end up with fascinating and Alex Smith in the same sentence. But if you look at these pictures you want to call them up to one. I'm afraid to you WANNA call them up on your computer here as as we conclude the segment. Alex Smith gruesome injury. It is I. I wouldn't advise this now. Don't do it. Why are you telling me to do it? Then I mean I just want to end the segment with you screaming. I'm hoping that I mean I. I'm typing slowly. I will tell you super bowl week. I saw Joe is been. He said he cannot look the play. Where Lawrence Taylor snapped his his leg and hat. So you have the rushing to Alex. Smith gruesome injury. I'm about to hit enter. Not Llano just get video of the injury actually happening whereas sixty is showing a new photo. It's news footage of a new photo of what his leg looked like neck roads next. Espn radio is presented by progressive. Insurance Cody Rhodes expected to join us here. In just a minute. Here's your sports interrupdate. Tokyo Twenty Twenty President Yoshiro Mori said that the Olympic Games already postponed to two thousand twenty one. Because of the corona virus pandemic would be scrapped. If they cannot take place that stuck quarantines I am Williamson says that he is exploiting this time off the fully recover and to get in peak shape good. We're finally Belgians are urged to eat fries twice a week. As the corona virus pandemic has created a massive potato surplus in Belgium the satisfy crutch of Nature Valley. Crunchy bars can help. Keep your family going. Which means more outside fun for you and with whole grain oats and real delicious honey age really tasty to Nature Valley Otani crunchy bars for headlines and information tune into sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the bay. So cody Rhodes is not merely the son of dusty Rhodes. He's an executive. Vp all elite wrestling. He's he's also in in ring talent obviously and Awa dynamite airs Wednesday nights eight. Pm ON TNT. Cody Rhodes and Darby Allen face off tomorrow night in the semifinal of the TNT championship tournament. Mike Ryan is excited about about that. One and cody. Rhodes joins US now on. Espn radio cody. Thank you for making the time. What are the challenges of trying to to do this stuff at this particular time? I imagine it's pretty It's pretty hard. Yeah IT'S A. It's incredibly difficult and arduous in terms of navigating this Kerlin quarantine and shelter in place. But we were very fortunate that a lot of the consonants You're seeing on dynamite and in the peripheral content. A lot of it was taped previously right before a lot of the stricter regulations Came down. We don't really ring that valve that often. Because you know it's still a very much a new dynamite each week but we were fortunate enough to get a Lotta stuff in the can very long several days of shooting so that we could figure out what to do. What are some of the questions you get most often about your father Probably the one I get. The most often is really impossible. To answer is what was the best advice he ever gave and not one. I sat some possible to answer. Because my dad taught like a pastor he was a very whimsical and Preacher likes so. Every dan thing he said was of some sort of like advice or motivation. So it's really hard to think of this specific things every morning and I spoke to him every day until he passed away so He everything he said was Kinda magic. You really had a gift to Gab. Like no other. Which questioned annoy you the most of that one or is it something else you know nothing ever really annoys me Y- sometimes you'll talk to folks about pro wrestling. Who are really not. They don't know anything about pro wrestling. Or perhaps they have a negative opinion on pro wrestling suspense. Like four years old on the playground. I've been defending pro wrestling. So sometimes in. You're talking to folks like that. You're more sales pitching your profession to them. But I don't. I don't get annoyed that often in this role I have with with this company both management and and to be in ring I've really tried to kind of mature. You know. Get away from my wild side a little bit. What would you say? Do you remember In terms of you and your father sort of rejected gimmicks that you guys initially tried. That didn't work cool. You Know He. He made everything everything. Work for me. I went through a phase before I left. Wwe where I was going in on a regular basis to the performance center where he works and I was doing these projects with him. And I'm really blessed that I got the chance to do them. None of them got green lit but there was one that was based on Tony Stark as kind of myself like a prince in the industry you know the opposite of the Common Man. Dusty was which is unique being the project There was that one then start s when I was doing the character. I really wanted to have a hairless cat so my poor dad. He's trying to produce this. Promo and I've got this hairless pat in there and the makeup and the glitter and he's watching his son It's just absurd Pieces of business but it was he was always really helpful At the end everything through against the wall Stick which the ultimate answer of of that was one on. I just try being myself and see if that sells any tickets and that's where I've been fortunate and blessed to have the most success. Awa dynamite airs Wednesday night tape. Pm ON TNT. We've talked to teammates of Ray Lewis. Who was sort of always on always sermonising and his teammates said that eventually they would just tune out some of the maniacal ramblings. Were you ever like all right? Enough dream knock it off with all the preaching and all the pastor stuff enough. I'm not interested in this anymore so I never. I don't ever reached the Christian. No where I said enough but I do. There was a a thing with him and I would amateur wrestling. My Dad was not an amateur wrestler and I really was into folk style and freestyle amateur wrestling so he barely knew how those those mutates and those matches were scored so it was the one area where he wouldn't you know go on his rants and prophesized and speaking he was it was an area where he actually let my coach coach me and he would just you know. Sit in the you know on the backside of the math and that was such a fun experience to watch him learn about amateur wrestling and for him to kind of let me do it on my own and it was something that in a weird way really bonded my whole family you come close to taking any other path. I went to La when I graduated high school. And I joined the Howard fine acting studio. My fear was I was too small You know I'm I'm barely hitting six one and two hundred twenty pounds on a Cheetah like on the heaviest day I was. I felt that was too small what I learned really quickly when I was out there though. Is that the industry was going back towards all shapes and sizes as performance. Enhancing drugs have been really kind of eliminated from pro wrestling in this day and age. It's it's nice to see. You have your big robust guys. You're short cruiserweights not unlike Darby Allen my opponents Marin who's just a light heavyweight Speed machine you know specialty player so that was the only time I ever saw oo. I don't think the wrestler my brief sent in acting from among your father's friends that you were kept the company of like. Who were you most awed by Hulk Hogan Andre? The giant who were the people as a child. That cody Rhodes was most awed by. I think I was always in awe of Rick Flair my. My Dad's not smart and me up for the busiest as a used Didn't really tell me the secrets of the industry. Let me figure it out on my own and Rick so somebody. I assume rick was the guy who broke my dad's arm and the parking lot this whenever I see him and he was always dressed immaculately and the hair and the women usually go with them. It was just an incredibly. I was intimidated by him because he was my dad's mortal enemy but also secretly thought. There was a piece of that that I wanted. I wanted to be like that. He really just exuded Success Gutty Eddie. Six Celtics seven balls. Who went eighty? Six Yeah I don't know I don't I don't either okay. It's the perfect answer. Goes to God's Dusty Rhodes. Great talkers in the history of the industry has son also obviously a very good talker. Your bad question. Speechless Salinas. By one of these sideline reporters question just in. I don't know I don't know a dynamite airs Wednesday nights eight. Pm ON T. Anti and cody. Rhodes faces off tomorrow. Night Darby Allen Semifinal of the TNT championship tournament cody. Thank you for joining us. I still believe that the midnight rider is out there somewhere. I Bet your father may be gone but I still believe the midnight rider who look suspiciously like him. I A kid. Did you know that your that? Your father was the midnight rider spoiler alert so there are several math in the vault. That is my sister's basement and I can't confirm that he was the midnight rider but I can say when the individual portraying midnight rider was tr- trying to throw people off the sense. He would occasionally have other wrestlers. Be The midnight rider which included Andre the giant which I have one of the only midnight rider Andre the giant mass ever and it's the size of like three people's heads and as a Kid. I thought that's what an adult head was going to be adding that it was his until years later but yeah. I've got several of the the math but I can't confirm pretty sure though one other stuff do you have? From from that time period sales he was a notorious notetaker His notes were you know because as the booker with the matchmaking and stuff and he has a journal for every year and they're really unbelievable matches that are listed at list the amount of people in the crowd the house in terms of you know the gross on money and then even on my birthday at the very bottom of the card. It says my name and my weight so he was working the day I was born and he did not that will just simply my and in ways since kind of a cool page in the Nineteen Eighty Five Journal. We we have everything. Ww's been trying to break into our little boat for years is trying to get some of the good stuff we have. We have a lot of really great stuff for championship wrestling from Florida. A lot of Gordon solely personal items in really good stuff from Dad Heyday. What would you say is the strangest thing about your half brother gold? Dust I mean. We're polar opposites it's it's Sixteen years apart Very different somehow. He's older but I ended up in the older brother role In the strangest of ways man. He's just the nicest human being on Earth. I really his persona and what he got when he paints up and everything. He did over the years of school bus. The person and the guys just this country boy from Austin Texas so they don't really match but I think that's the beauty of of the wrestling businesses that our business has always been an incredibly a progressive and forward business For the most part in Dustin with somebody who is really on the front lines of that He's a crybaby though. Man I mean brothers are now we work together and technically supposed to be his boss and he doesn't really know that You know he's a sweetie cody. Thanks for being on with us. We appreciate it sir. Thank you so much. A E W dynamite Wednesday nights eight. Pm ON TNT. We update the polls next. The last dance continues this Sunday at night. B M Eastern on ESPN but never ends really do. The death episodes going to be tough. Man What do we do after that anyway? Immediately after the show was to the wrap up podcasts by Jalen Jacoby the after show presented by state farm and at and t. The guys joined by Director. Jason Air to talk about this week show and behind the scene stories. The making of the episode. Subscribe that Jalen and Jacoby the after. Show apple podcast. Or wherever? You listen to podcasts. Greg Cody of the Miami Herald wasn't ready. Had his back to us so I can't go to him to boast about his exact does right now. I don't understand why it is every time. We're ready to start. Greg Cody has his back to us. So let's update some polls at Lebatardshow. We'll get to them in a second also add to the polls gamma plays a better ending better ending last seen in season three of Ozark or last few minutes of better call Saul in the latest episode at Lebatardshow on Twitter Stugotz. What should the gorilla have fled to great question? Eighty three percent of the audience said yes. Dan well the guy and the girl it cost him one into the wrong house and he fled and he got arrested. And I think you've got a pretty major chart is forty three year old. Tom Brady now. A rebel. Sixty nine percent of the audience said yes nice. Is it oppressive that Dan did more push ups than Dominic Foxworth? Of course it is again nearly enough credit for that. I don't understand it it just it. I BEAT HIM AT PUSH. Ups A crowning athletic achievement. And no one cared. I did more than you day. Which means I've also done more than Dominic Foxworth. That were surprised by you. You're able to unleash thirty six PUSHUPS I regret. Bring it up and Mike. Two hundred bucks. Ninety two percent of the audience said yes they are. It is impressive Dan. You impress ninety percent of our audience. Congratulations most universal praise. You got the love of our audience is something that I've always craved. It's why I behave the way I do isn't a tattoo. A symbol for what you want to represent. Eighty five percent of the audience said yes. It is what we do with that. What H is. It's amazing it was a white supremacist. Like you had you basically had the three percenters tattooed on his on his arm. And it's not a representation of who he is the organization that is pretty meticulous. Can't afford scandal has had a previous issue with tattoos and somebody who became a murderer. You'd think the Patriots would handle that one better as an organization. That's pretty good at the details. Are you actively avoiding scales? Mike Ryan is fifty four percent of the audience that they are doing the same. Actively avoiding skills did you yell the last time you were on a scale. The visuals fifty nine percent of the audience that no they did not yelp. What do you call it? Rock paper scissors rock scissors. Paper paper scissors rock is the big one ninety. Six percent of the audience had rock paper. Scissors land the loss. Great show terrible show or never heard of it. Forty eight percent of the audience. Dano never heard of it those are the polls cody got. Seven does first round of the draft hasn't given us any of his dolphin analysis. Let's go cody. Give it to us. Yeah I did beat Kuyper seven six inexact those which I talk about a little bit. My Latest Greg. Cody show podcast. Which tropes every Monday and you can get you can get to that talk one on don muted. We mentioned the floor. We have you on mooted immune instead of talking draft. You go straight to podcast promotion because I talked draft in more detail than school. Greg Cody on ESPN radio.

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