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Sorry it was pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law all thirteen from san francisco a sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling up servive with your hosts bryan alvarez and mike simple v._p. How's it going. Everybody bryan alvarez huron wrestling observer live. We are here every day monday. Through friday noon pacific three eastern sunday's re pacific acidic six eastern saturday's with jim valley one o'clock eastern so much to talk about here. Today was not a slow weekend for professional wrestling going in fact yesterday was probably the biggest day of the year for rustling in terms of shows. We had a new japan one show in the morning three hours. We add a a six hour summer slam in the afternoon and then we had another three hour g one in the evening so if you watched just everything you watch twelve hours of professional wrestling just yesterday alone and there was a lot of wrestling to talk about yesterday okay. We had all sorts of things happening. There is a new g. One champion coda bushy won this year's g. one over jay white in and outstanding main main event in the finals of the g. One on sunday night we had great matches with tallahassee. Nakada versus sabin manure suzuki manure suzuki pinned okada. He is presumably the number one contender for the g. p. title after not even being in the g one. We had the return for one night. At least of kency already chabad to set up the he'll turn of kenta candidate roy them left them laying and sat on his chest in the ultimate sign of disrespect. I don't think that shibata is returning to wrestling. They did a lot more within physically than i thought they would but they turn kim to heal feel. That was the big angle on sunday night. We have a new w._b._z. Champions seth rollins beat brooklyn with a curb stomp. It's wrestlemainia all all over again. Everybody we add some good matches on this show. Some bad matches on the show. Good crowd bad crowd all in the same evening. If you wanna talk about the g. one if you wanna talk about summer slam if you wanna talk about anything from this weekend annex t takeover welcome to do so today. I'm gonna throw it the number after the break like simple v. choices well lots lots of stuff to get into back in a moment wrestling observer live. I hi it's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name. Your price is tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey and the trombone goes bah wind. 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Love solid that's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can save you from becoming your parents but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts discounts not available in all states or situations you're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez operates and mike on the sports byline broadcasting network. The show brian elber is here wrestling observer lab mix reveal so wrestling observer. That pretty much ran over all of the biggest news in the opening segment dan throughout the numbers. If you want to contact us here today eight four four four eleven five for eleven is the phone number at is toll free eight four four four eleven five four eleven and i want to start with this right here here. In case you guys didn't here because it wasn't even mentioned on observer radio last night. This person wants to know what is more surprising edge spearing elias or worship getting physical with the bullet club well the answer to be a fair man is they're both shocking and the reality two years as awesome is that shibata angle was with kanta and it was awesome. It's one of the greatest angles you'll ever see the reality he is this guy shibata nearly died it bleeding on the brain at a very very serious knee injury and at the time time he was told he was never going to wrestle again and i don't know what's going on. They kept this a super big secret last night from everybody. They're like nobody. Nobody knew that he was going to be there but as of the end of last night the belief was he's actually not going to be wrestling. He's not coming back for a match with kenta now. I suppose they could do that. They could try to keep him safe. They were very careful last night to try to stay as far away from his head. It's possible there was a p._k. Which was mostly to the shoulder but be careful and with edge. I mean it's really the same story edges. His neck was so bad the they wouldn't even allow him to do a retirement match of any sort whatsoever not like edge and christian and a tag and he does like one spot and wins. They wouldn't let him do anything. In the ring and yesterday he showed up and delivered a spear so it was a very interesting day allowing guys at one point. We're told you can never do anything physical in this ring again. Both of them ended up out there doing physical things one had way more impact than the other. I can tell you ed much wouldn't even talk about last night and dave called the chabad angle one of the greatest singles he'd seen in like twenty five years so very very different usages of guys who should never be in the ring again. We'll see what happens with shibata but the reality is one way the other whether the guy ever wrestles again and everybody wants to have that match with kenta whether he ever russell's again his usage in that angle helped propel kenta from a guy who in the g one a couple of days ago according to dave people wanted to retire because he botched a spot twelve being the hottest. He'll in all of new japan probably the hottest he'll. They've had hadn't forever because of what he did to shibata. It was a tremendous angle. It was awesome. How does he'll since maybe jay white joining the bullet club right. You know it's an here's the bullet club concept. It's dead. It's buried. I have heard that now going back to finn valor. They're gonna they're gonna ruin everything <hes> with this and and somehow they keep it going somehow some way when you are sick of it they they find a way to keep the damn thing going in it is it is really quite impressive and and even if he never steps foot in the ring again that was an all time rangel no matter how you want to cut it that was a classic amazing angle that had the had the most important thing the realism because everybody knew what happened with with shibata and everybody knows why he couldn't come back so to see him. Go in and get physical of course nobody expected it. It's absolutely amazing and will he have somebody at his employees that he goes out there and now feuds is with kenta with is this about goto at first and then maybe a bill to somebody at the dome. You know who knows. Maybe it'll be him at the dome laugh to see. I kinda be honest honest. I kind of hope that doesn't happen. <hes> as much as i'd love to see shibata come back for one match. The reality is i would much rather see him be safe to so i had enough good memories category shibata. I don't need to see him. Come back so we'll have to see what happens there edge you know. I don't know how this is any different than maybe something on an acting etc something like that. I i don't know how this is justified in anybody's minds to but you know grown man. He knows his body <hes> yeah. I don't even know what to say if he thought but he can pull it off safe and he wanted to do it just that one more time than i guess okay and what do you do you have them sign a <hes> a no fault all before he gets in there and do you have his agent do it his lawyer look at it. I mean i don't know exactly what the details are behind that you know but again you know the fact he was able to do what happened awesome and that's probably all we're gonna have receive it again but it's kinda to bad in edges case. It's getting overshadowed so much with whatever happened on the show and then what took place all weekend long worldwide all right very very quickly here. If you didn't watch anything yesterday you wanna know what to watch. Natty versus becky lynch submission match was pretty good. Ziglar and goldberg was exactly what you would expect goldberg destroyed. Him came back destroyed him again. Came back destroyed him a third time ricochet versus a._j. A._j. for the u._s. title was a very good match that no buddy cared about at all. Do you like close. We'll get to that same with ember ember moon and bailey although that was not nearly as good as a rickshaw match kevin owens shane mcmahon shane mcmahon is absolutely wretched in the ring but the fans love this match catch and so if you wanna see match with great he watched that one charlotte and trish i thought was a good match. All things considered not a great match. They worked their asses off trish stratus last match so if you want to see history watch that one or inverse kofi for the u._s. title was an average match with an awful finish awful finish just just a lame count out. We can talk about that later. Fiend destroyed fin valor quickly because valor either now or after rod tonight is taking time off to finish it should have been the gimmick is great. The fans loved the gimmick. It's totally different thumbs up and the summer slam made event was as i thought outstanding. I thought they just had a great match. They turned seth rollins from a guy who got booed coming out to a guy who was cheered eared like crazy. After the match he beat brock lesser with a curb stomp. He overcame all the odds. He took a wild beating and one in the end. I thought that was fantastic. Any thousands summer slam much about nothing when he came to sets reaction wondering what was going to be last night you know he was booed well yeah. He was a different. This might not work out for him but it was such a great match turned the people can it's that it's that brock listener x factor that he just you know nobody else is going to pick up seth rollins by his his rib tape and swim around and such a cartoonish fashions awesome. That's when wrestling amine again at the reality of the shibata in the unexpected of something so simple it can be done so well. I mean the same exact exactly with with brock and seth rollins with that story and you know it's too bad the whole build up for this show sucked so bad in so many cases whether it be ember and bailey or whether it even be you know the lead up to this. I thought was was not very well very well done but yeah. They certainly saved the day with that the main event last night for for sure. I've gotten a lot of messages by the way before we go to the g. one matches. You should watch that the new w._b. Network there were relied complaints about it. There are a lot of glitches. I talked about this a couple of days ago. They're aware of them. They are trying to fix them but one thing that apparently is it's a thing on the new network. You cannot watch on multiple devices. You cannot share your password. I've gotten messages all day today. From people who they were sharing with a friend and one of them could not watch it this. I was watching the living room he went to make snacks turn on his tablet and the network work in the living room shut off saying the maximum number of devices had been reached which was one so four when he did launched. It hasn't fourteen fourteen for five years. Now i've heard about people sharing their password with multiple people and i always ask y like understand one or two because maybe you're watching upstairs and downstairs or whatever but i mean i had people saying i share with like eight friends or whatever now it is set to one which is probably that's excessive. Okay i go in the other room and watch it. That's excessive well. I think you also might want to refresh fresher your stuff as well too because it happened to me <hes> but then i refresh now it was on my phone and my computer and it was fine so there seems to be two or maybe it's also could be a case of i._p. Or something like that too but i didn't have a problem with too but that's good. I mean they should have done that. I mean from a business point of view is is incredibly stupid to have so many people out there bragging so much of how they're taking money out of your pocket now with that said there's some other aspects of it that desperately need to be pretty test back in a moment observer live now the no napa auto parts stores of napa auto care centers. Get a twenty five dollars prepaid visa card. When you get any automotive battery. It's the best deal for some of the best batteries from some of the best car people around but we might be a little partial any pick up any nap automotive battery and save twenty five bucks. Do it yourself or have done for you. That's napa know how know how participating napa auto parts stores and napa auto care centers while supplies last offer ends eight thirty one thousand nine hundred hi. It's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row the message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey and the trombone goes wah i want and you say we'll help you find carbajal options that fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at ya yes no. Maybe anyway see you at practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap. Break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law. You're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network begging the show brian alvarez here wrestling observer live mexican wrestling observer dot com last night. I tweeted listener lifting an airplane spinning rollins around by his rib tape is better than anything that she one command me boy oh boy. You can't say anything on twitter. I'll come at you. The the fire in vitriol that this wacky goofy tweet led to was completely insane but to be fair. I did watch that before. I watched both of gene shows last night and i will say that there were in fact better things on the g. One then listener spinning around by his ripped tape and one of those was. Let's just start from the beginning. The b-block finals yon overseas jeff cobb was all right ishi ishi versus taichi taichi of all people had the greatest match. There was nobody s there was no gimmicks wchs there was no interference taichi went out. There attacked him from the opening bell. Beat the hell out of them. They fought back and forth like crazy. People and finally finally taichi hit the black mephisto for the pin so he's obviously the number one contender for the never title this match. Everybody was so good. If you hate taichi watch this match and you will see how good tai chi is capable of being when he's not doing all of the b._s. That match was it was great. Jews robinson jon moxley was fine. Goto and shingo had an absolutely incredible match which by the way if you wanna know a spot that was better than brock leser spinning seth rollins run by his rib team. They did this spot where they both hit the ropes at the same sometime and i'm not talking like this lame rope eating you see today. This is like undertaker shawn michaels in their prime hit the ropes they hit these rope so hard and they ran at each other and shingo hit him in mid run with pumping bomber and goto flipped like ten times in the air and crashed on the ground and sweat was flying it was i swear to god. I don't care all you people. Tell me that stan hansen would disagree that right. There was the single greatest leary spot what i've ever seen in my life and i'm not even being hyperbolic or whatever hyper-baric. I'm not in an oxygen chamber. I put this up on my twitter at bryan alvarez. Go watch this spot. I watched it fifty times over over again. My god that was awesome. I told him jay white was great but it wasn't as good as goto shingo and then a night to another tremendous night coat obuchi j. widen g one finals. I hear people talking about <hes>. Jay white sucked not understanding understanding. What a he'll is because they're so concerned about entering grappling. This guy was the best he'll ever co. Two bucci was the best baby face ever all. Oh you idiot to talk about oh baby face heels. Don't matter get outta here. It's twenty nineteen. We're the best baby face he'll dynamic. I've seen in years. They had a blow away away. Match and j white lost after kicking out by the way of the camaguey the first time he aided the second time and got opin with no kneepads. This match was outstanding and the ton hasha cut his ex abor junior. Monosso zouqi match was great. Rest of the show was a bunch of tag egg matches but my god would great main event. Go watch these matches everybody and quit complaining about everything. Enjoy your wrestling enjoy eddie like <hes>. I'm sure there's somebody that is. I can't believe these guys are going off on new japan. Look if you love your style of wrestling more and you just think it's the best. Is this in the whole wide world great. This is what i can tell you <hes> from somebody. That's watched a lotta progressing been around a long time. Nobody does pro wrestling better than new japan pro wrestling. Nobody they as far as what the traditions of of progressing are supposed to be though the rooted in sport you you know and <hes> again. They're not perfect. The referee abuse their tag division. There's a lot of things you can criticize new japan for but they get the big do things right and they get a lot of in fact most of the little things the details they also get right and because of that. It's a coherent product. It's an easy product doc to follow. Everything makes sense even even if you have to give them the benefit of the doubt because something really doesn't make any sense on the surface. Let's just say say for example sonata defeating okada looking like he may have gotten himself another title match for the fall or maybe a copper box then he loses to file a whole lot. Everything is perfect. Hold on that doesn't make any sense mace comp- no sense sense whatsoever and then you see what you saw last night which was a little bit of breath bring breathe breathe back into the bullet club and that's to lesser extent stat but the bigger thing is you've now removed sonata in his claim for the title out of the way because minoru suzuki who defeated okada last night very very clearly now has the easy path to get to and what's most likely going to be the copper box in london but could possibly be king of pro wrestling in october so even that served a purpose to clean it again. You didn't have to do it but it does give you the story line excuse to clear him out of the way and considering that storyline excuses excuses used to be a very important thing in pro wrestling because you know there are rules here and there are stories that need to be followed it plays into everything perfectly so again again you always have to give ghetto the benefit of the doubt not everything is perfect but you see how they keep recycling things and keep everything going and he has had a run now that it has been as impressive as almost anyone's over the years as far as consistency on top of being able to crank out a really impressive product listen. I a love minoru suzuki. You can do whatever you want but if i'm the book her after that sonata okada match the twenty nine minute and forty eight second match or whatever not a wins at the end the places just unglued lasting. I'm thinking is i need to find a way to move this guy out of the way for a while. I look i don't i don't disagree because of how that match went but if that's if that's the reason and that's certainly could possibly be the reason than you know there you go because again again. You have to have minoru. Suzuki necessarily beat okada clean. You know you necessarily need to have to do that to a title match with either. It's just very easy to do it that way and you give yourself the excuse go to the phones. You're on the air what's going on. Hey brian it's b._j. For mayors yup hey <hes> i i i've been able to call and just wanted to congratulate you on the new baby in the book. Oh thank you of course <hes>. I did want to ask you but the next angsty takeover being war games. I was trying to think of you know what they could possibly do. The only thing i could come up with was undisputed era versus imperium from exte- okay eh but that would mean you know colin defend the title at that point. He'd be in this sure that they're doing the war games. Is that like they're doing with me where every defaults wargames whether it needs to be four games or not. I'm pretty sure it was confirmed on one hundred percent but i think it was if they do do it. Is there any idea ideas you have of like were. They may go with it if it's not undisputed verse imperium 'cause like it's gonna be an unbelievable match but at the same time if that's the case obviously coal can't defend the title and then they have to do something else with that but i was just wondering your thoughts on it. I have absolutely no idea what they're gonna do for war games. I wanna thank you very much for the call. I mean here's what here's i don't know. I don't like having to wargames because it's september. I hate that like if it's time to do wargames if you've got a feud no one should ever call this show goin' well. Wargames is coming up. Do we have anything for war games. What well that's a huge problem. Now isn't it if you have something that logically leads to a war games match then do wargames otherwise. Don't do it just for the sake of doing it. I mean shouldn't we have learned that lesson from the main roster and helen his cell and all the times things got screwed up because they had to do certain pay per view to certain time instead of what it meant something something so yeah i don't <hes> i hope that's not next but i guess i'm sure someone will text me at any moment. Tell me whether that's actually next. It's one of those ones where they used is to make fun of t._n._a. Lockdown why matching the cage because we're having show of all cage matches like this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't know what it's very weird it. That's it's one of those things where it doesn't make any sense but for some reason it always was one of their biggest pay per view of the year because fans heard all cage matches inches and they were like oh my god we gotta by the show from a creative point of view. It doesn't sell well. I mean it doesn't help anything at all in. It's like you said if you have a reason to our to to a war games and go ahead and do that but you know a way you can do and still have called defended. The title is we've in other people to the story. I mean you could have the street prophets team with somebody because they're still into it with you know with undisputed era and there's ways you can kind of tie it all together but you're going to have to tie it all together. I don't know if that's really again. I don't know if it's really worth doing just do something else. You can still do a theme for pay per view without having to do the gimmick match. You can still sell the toy with the next replica ring at walmart at christmas time without actually having to do the match. I mean i just again again. I think we're past that. I understand it from a marketing point of you understand why they do these things but like you can still sell that nonsense and have something different for the match itself versus wargames as next. It's been confirmed for chicago and by the way i'm sure they do a lot of things for marketing but this one of those things where i look at the financials goals every quarter like fit to do stupid booking to sell like a literal one drop in the ocean and as far as like merchandise for some of the stuff. It's like get your priorities straight people. I mean come on but that's what they do. I mean maybe the look if it is chicago too so you you know i'm sure they want to do it. Can you top this chicago. Oh here's here's another one by the way so yes. It is confirmed as chicago. It is november so here's something that we gotta. I figure out over the next few months like they gotta take a bunch of shows and they may or may not be going to f s one for two hours coming up in october. There's nothing confirmed but it's certainly the rumor. So how is that going to change taping. How's that going to change booking. How's that gonna change anything. Who's going to be in charge of. It's vince taken over once they get one question. I can a moment rely in l._a. <music> napa know napa auto parts stores of napa auto care centers. Get a twenty five dollars prepaid visa card. When you get any automotive battery. It's the best deal for some the best batteries from some of the best car people around but we might be a little partial any pickup any nap automotive battery and save twenty five bucks. Do it yourself or have done for you. That's napa know how that participating napa auto parts stores and napa auto care centers while supplies last offer ends eight thirty one nineteen so you're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike semper vivey on the sports byline broadcasting thing network back in the show brian alvarez here wrestling observer live mike simple wrestling observer dot com. You can just call here today. Eight four four or eleven five four eleven text messages forty five seven eight zero seven five six six. Let's get into some of these right now. This person says it's been hard to catch up with all of this wrestling. Any can't miss matches from this past weekend takeover. Thank you cancel radio shirai. Actually that was it's the best match on the show slightly better than the gargano match with adam cole which by the way we didn't talk about it last night but then he absolutely loved the the main event i felt the main event was the weakest of their three matches doesn't mean it was a bad by any stretch of the imagination but i thought they did too much. I thought it went a little too long. I thought the johnny gargano character was kind of an idiot getting himself purposely disqualified in the first fall of three fall match which by the way when the match was over he was certainly an idiot kost himself match right there but you're shrine kenneth ray was the best w. e. women's match like i can't even remember a better one. It was so good and it's gonna be a long time probably before you see another one that good so those are two matches to check out from the takeover show. They got got to cute with the main event. You know it was just it was a game of kanye top this and they did have you know when the over under bar is set at five stars. You know it's they. They were gonna to try to go all out but they you know they. It was just it was the weapons and just the whole the whole production of it in the double double fall off at the end it just didn't i can understand why people loved especially vinnie. I'm journalism watch weekly or anything like that so it was probably a hell of a spectacle for him but eight just when you see where again and this is all a preference so it's definitely my preference so anybody out there choose how they want to look at it but you know whereas whereas new japan does the game of can you top this and sometimes physically they stay shouldn't do some moves it that some of these guys do but like okada o'connor complete. Can you top this and he doesn't really put himself or his opponent in any real risk. That's kind of what i would have liked more out of gargano. Call i get that this is a blood feud and everything but it's kinda gotten on to the point where it was like with gargano and tomasso i got it because of of how the rivalry in the you know the the legitimate blood feud you'd friendship and all that stuff with this it's like i don't know it's gotten to the point where some of these things where doing stuff again. It's kind of just to do it and it's just not. It's not resonating with me the same way i guess it is for some others but i just the the double fall off in the weapons on the top it just i don't wanna say hokey because that would be insulting to him and i don't wanna insult really anybody because again i get i get what they were trying to do but it just didn't work for me that the to go on a little bit. More of a sporting direction probably would have been better for me. Just that's just me go. Get one of these people. This is the entire text message. Your take hake on annex t takeover is awful. You absolutely know better we talking about. How about you specify a little bit. More by take was absolutely completely fair. You sharai bye and kansas was absolutely awesome and gargano cole was not as good as their first two matches which i believe got five stars and five and a half stars by dave. What's the problem buddy process. Brian thought you might find interesting e._s._p._n. Is now doing their own. Star ratings well well. They're welcome to anybody can do star ratings. He wants point. I mean yeah yeah. I mean it's like everybody's a son of david who was a son of coronado george shadow cameraman remember who came up with the star norm kaizer the hell it was with the stars but like i mean if you think about it what's five stars in a what would four be a be. I mean you can look at it that way. You know excellent very good average good. Would i mean who cares. Everybody's gonna rate something anyway and at this point. Does it really matter who it was as long as you like it you like it. If if you are that insulted the dave meltzer rated a match in a certain way and didn't rank another one that you may have liked who cares. How does that like ruin your entertainment value okay. I got a couple of things person year says it astounds me. There are people out there who hate baraki so great at making everything does look believable as offensive selling his kick council great it could watch him main event every pay per view and that leads me to this same guy correction. Both of your takes were terrible u._n. Kansas weren't the best match and coal gorgon was the best of their matches. See people like this and people that don't get brock where it's like. There's two options here. I'm sure you're a nice nice fell in real life but you're the ignorant or your immediate probably ideal with these people every single day people who are either ignorant or they're idiots every time something gets posted on youtube. I always have to like if you go through the comments. You'll always hear the people this is read it. This is youtube. This is twitter. They they will say brian hates everything. Why does he keep watching like you have to be so stupid to make a comment like like that. I keep watching because i've been doing this for twenty four years and it's my career if i don't like it. I'm going to tell you if i do like it. I'm gonna tell oh yeah. It's my opinion. If you think that my opinion is wrong then quite frankly you're stupid. Everybody has an opinion. You have one. I have one now this whole. Here's the thing when you see stuff on the internet that i say when you see these as video clips okay ninety percent of the time people love to post my rants rarely. Do they bother posting hosting when i rave about something so if you're somebody that goes oh my gosh. Brian hates everything well. You're ignorant or you're. You're stupid. You should pay more attention. You should listen to the things that i say before you rant and rave about me or you should not even bother. I don't believe i cannot believe leave that. I have to explain this to people but i deal with this every day so yes. I am going to call some people stupid and i'm going to call people ignorant because they deserve it. If if they don't want to be called ignorant or stupid they need smarten up or they need to pay attention period next heartache here dummies as someone who was in toronto the last weekend i can confirm that i did not hear a single person arguing over whether becky or in italia had the superior submission move goods well. I would be very worried about that. That's what they claim. Last night as i in here says i've been subscriber for four years now. You always seem to be pretty honest just about what's good and bad. I also love the main event last night. Yes i'm going to try to be as fair as i can. I'm going to try to be as fair as i can. That's it if you happen to be. Somebody who loves won promotion over another and you cannot bear to hear that something in your favorite promotion. I didn't didn't like then. There's plenty of podcasts on the internet. There's plenty of places to go to hear. People talk about wrestling. You probably should go somewhere else. I'm going to give you <unk> honest feedback. Every single time goes for u. A. w. people to quit being ditches just because somebody doesn't like something or somebody critique something about the brand new product doesn't mean anybody wants to fail doesn't mean that they're w._w._e. Stands or that they're too old or they. Don't get it or anything else. Just very simple people are giving their opinion on something new and if they don't hear those things then how will they actually ever know as long as you're being fair about what you're saying and being honest and being troll about got it then you know what mortgage actually ask for so i just please my buddy sky was super china buffet yesterday says i wonder if brent is still sitting sitting at the restaurant counting his gift cards well. I was told by brent that he had visitors coming at ten pm so i'm pretty sure that he went home. I don't know how he got there but he went home. Spurs near says just like you and everybody else brian zero expectations going into rollins versus brock but then made have been of summer slam really turned out to be. I'd you say zero expectations for the match. I thought the match was going to be very good because it's brooke lizard seth rollins but i was flabbergasted by the way that they a book seth rollins. I said they made him look like an absolute geek and i predicted that he was going to be booed and brock is going to be cheered which by the way led to another person unlisted idiots who said this is the dumbest prediction brian has ever had which by the way twenty four years the dumbest prediction sean. I've ever made plenty worse. I was gonna say there have been a thousand words predictions and that one was dead on with that one. This dude came out and he was booed. They looked at him like he was a geek. They cheered brock listener and yes. He turned them at the end because they had as i predicted by by the way a great match. You're never wrong bus. I am wrong. Sometimes i wasn't wrong about that. That's another one every time spent on this show. I was wrong long. I say it all the time. Everybody ignores that usually they only concentrate on when i point out when i was right because they wanna be outraged about something i understand. The internet don't think that guy don't for says more needs to be said about the fiends entrance. It looked amazing. The new version of his themes awesome bray whitehead was the lantern l._e._a._p. Shows up on rosman pickets victim and only russell's them in the big shows. I i know your guys riding high with this. I <music> i. I'm not as bullish as you guys. I liked the new look everything about this is fine. Is this all it's going to be you know. Are we going to have to still have the skits every week. You know it's the bizarre piper's pit. You know i just i everything is i don't know i don't know i don't know how much which i don't trust w._w._e. To keep this thing going for that long. I know it looks fantastic. We'll see if he added anything to his repertoire inside the ring but like you know that was one of the problems with bray wyatt matches after they about five or six minutes. It's like we've. We've kind of seen everything. We know how this is going to go so i don't know i just i really wanna see this play <music> out. It's great to be fired up about something but i don't. I don't trust the same <hes> credit. I give to ghetto as far as getting into the benefit of the doubt. It's hard to give them about about anything. I says brian ashamed people. Don't talk about your rave reviews because a lot of them are actually great like she naito match from last year. Speaking of g wanting one is vegan review. A few matches go versus e._s. goto and shingo. I need to show vinnie. He you want to see a guy getting excited about wrestling. How nobody nobody mentions last night. That vinnie was so excited during the main event of rock leser versus seth rollins when brock spun around by his rib tape that he leaped to his feet. He leaped to his feet. Everybody and he began marching around the house with his arms in the air screaming. Yes he was so excited. Nobody mentions that they only say often. He complains about everything. All he does is complain. Play yes because the internet focus on the negative unless you're subscriber and you you listen everything and then you get to hear the positives and the negatives he made the santino late the the trump that trumpet yes he actually did the marching trumpet was crazy. <hes> yes got was gonna say now. Good s- person says i think the m._v._p. Of summer slam weekend was yoshahara but the title under now l. let her have barn burner matches takeover instead of the concentrated or shayna matches well. I would actually say that. The breakout star of takeover was kansas laurey because everybody knows that lloc rice great and he has been out there being great for a while now but kansas as she said herself. I finally got to be kansas laurey. She was always always gargano girlfriend. She would get mad about things she would show up. At ringside there would be a brawl here there. She actually got to go in with a great wrestler and have a great wrestling match and i thought they stole the show so this was her weakened by us her picture for the saturday night observer radio she deserved it was nicer. Whoa wow with honor skit. It's going to be on her on her tombstone there but like yeah i mean that's the one thing with her is like that's the reason you signed her. In the first place is the fact that she's good and finally got a chance to see it. I know everybody man. She should go up to maine roster. No leave her where she is everybody where they are. They're fine. They're versus. I appreciate your honest. Reviews helps me pick and choose which matches to watch and focus on is it's hard with kids and full-time jobs. Tell me about it. This weekend was tough. No one here said that gorgon coal sucked. I said the other two matches were better. That doesn't mean this was bad. Did the two greatest mansion the history of w me how is saying that this one was the worst of the three like this major burial of takeover and gargano and colts not bunch of buddy murphy's in this world moment observer never live which the the you're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike separate vivey on the sports sports byline broadcasting network again the show brian alvarez here wrestling observer live mexican wrestling observer dot com. This person says subscriber three years years. I feel like you definitely speak on your mind but i feel sometimes you contradict yourself to prove your point. It makes you come off as disingenuous but it's okay i get it. I've said things they were wrong to try and prove a point as well l. well. This isn't that one listen name name one example like. I don't want you to tell me that i do and i want you. Tell me which one i did. I no one that people people are thinking today. Why does brian get mad at we'll osprey for not selling his knee enough but they don't get mad that seth is doing splashes with busted ribs. Well yes if you look at it on the surface. It seems like i'm not being fair but if you actually think which it's tough on the internet i know filthy tom lawlor. I can ask him on wednesday filthy. Tom lawlor said busted ribs for real and he's headed busted knee for real okay. When you blow out your knee it is one of two points of bipedal locomotion okay. Hey when you don't have a leg you can't walk. You can't run. You can't jump anybody who has ever blown out there nique and tell you this piano locomotion when you pop your rib out what yet hurts like hell but it's not like he can't do anything. It just hurts to do everything so if you're fighting for your life with a bruised or broken rim you can do it okay. If you get your knee destroyed you can't run. You can't jump you can't do space flying tiger drops. It's impossible so in fact it's not the same thing seth rollins having injured ribs and we'll all torn out which by the way i didn't even mention this but we'll osprey less than twenty four hours after he got his knee torn out in that match with tana. He was one hundred percent fine on the show last night. He didn't sell a finger anyway time. What a thank you for listening. Mike is always callers who listeners we'll talk again next time. Wrestling observer live here it comes again. Lunch will be the same old same old. Were you ready to take a vacation. From the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new jamaican jerk turkey sub on the firehouse subs app firehouse subs enjoy enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices vary for delivery.

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