Trump Slammed For 'Downplaying' Coronavirus...But Was He Right?


Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning into deliberately report with me. Today is Daniel make. Are Co host Daniel. Deceit it you this morning Dr. Paul. Good. Radian rare and ago. Solve the were world's problems and talk a little bit about Corona Vars. You know that's a subject around for a little bit. It isn't the krona viruses. The deal is the consequence of the fearmongering Is the consequence of what has been the effect on our liberties Now, that's that's the big deal because it's ongoing but maybe we see a sign of hope right now and we'll talk a little bit about a poll a recent poll that. Came out half decent. So but you know the big thing over the weekend from the news that I watched was. How hard can the far left come down on trump for the way he reacted early on in the first part of the year when he heard there was a virus and. The scenario is that he he knew about it it was very serious and then he ignored doing anything about it and I got to thinking we know the first month or two nobody knew much about it and it was all misinformation and I can imagine. Trump saying. This sounds pretty serious. We need to take this well I. think that's a pretty good reaction because even those of us who have a different opinion on how to handle it, handle it we don't dismiss the fact that is a serious problem. What are we going do to protect the elderly in the nursing homes like that so but but trump sorta. You know new new immediately. He had to be serious and he early on did do some. In quarantine people coming into the country and you could argue the pros and cons on that. But at least it wasn't like he totally ignored it and. Then later on, you know He. He came down on the side of doing more but the left thinks that he did too little too late and he's guilty and he caused people to die I. think they're over the top and I think that even this makes sense to me on on the how. I can understand how he he how he handled it recognizing it was serious and not. Not Participating in the maybe there are some people who already knew that we had to stir up a lot of trouble here we have to scare people and he's he didn't scare enough people. So but now they're arguing over this but it's pure politics and I I just I just hope that people aren't so naive say well, trump should have had the lockdown in January thirtieth. And he wasn't inclined to be sides. This is at the same time. This seems like he's trying to defy lockdowns all across the country which I consider some good news, and this is right at a time with becoming more and more obvious that the lockdowns were not only not not a productive but they were counterproductive. They destroyed economies places that didn't lockdown actually did better but this will think him out of a bombshell from a book by Bob. Woodward Timed perfectly for the height of the election season coincidentally where he reveals, he has a tape where trump said, yeah, I know what's back you sat noah's bad. This is going to be bad but it's GONNA be probably exercises journalistic responsibility to the people and say, Gosh I was. Was Holding this for a bombshell book and make a few million bucks. However, this is such a serious thing. I gotTa let you guys know this trump guys really messing it up no, he didn't do that. He waited to the right time. He has a thing that we all should remember when something like this comes up, you ought to be cautious and get all the facts in and. The argument that it's horrible horrible and have to do all these things and that went on for months it turns out that the people who were saying how bad it really was was based on a lie. and. That's what we've been talking about for months. Now, you know the lying on the statistics in the reporting and and systematic approach to you know making things worse by these lockdown. I think that's probably the really the big story is those people who generated all this area. We're the ones who caused it because they lied lied this country and the world into it I think the World War copycats to on this but it was way overblown and I think trump maybe accidentally has come up with vision. It wasn't so terribly wrong saying, yes bad. We gotta do watch it and then not be You know not one eight because the hysteria and now I think that he's working to calm down the hysteria. Followed China, that Paragon of civil liberties, right hold on their response. But that was only the beginning of this little Brouhaha. But then the president did something over the weekend that I know you're going to talk about that just had them in paroxysms of. foaming fomenting fear and anger he held a rally Oh. Yeah. This is I. Don't know what this proves that prove something prove that trump had a rally and there was some local people who said you're not supposed to do that without a mask on. So he had the rally in. You know it they. Mood indoors for some reason, but they had a large artery. has six or seven thousand depends on who you read. That's a pretty good rally especially under these conditions. So they they were saying that you know that that he shouldn't have done that and it was wrong he did that. Everybody's going get on fire S, and in this sort of thing and just like sturgis these other places, all these predictions, how bad it's going to be and that trump. What trump did but I think that I worked pretty well to tell you the truth. But I've come to the conclusion looking at all this stuff off and on the left that people who are the enemies of you know the trump is trump ism I think they can't stand anybody having any fun. Yeah, and and I guess trump even when he has a lot. He doesn't ignore what he has. He has some thoughts to carry on and shoulder. He still looks like he's having fun and they can't stand that and so they have to lie their way into more problems. I guess the people that. I disapprove of the most you know the left is always been that would be a natural thing. But for some reason, I don't have a lot of respect for somebody who's in the Republican Party in support. You know positions of trump with if it wasn't trump. Yeah, and and even if somebody like that conservatives, I had it with trump you do things I don't like I don't like your foreign policy I'm leaving I'd respect that. But what about the governor's and all these people who have a little bit of credibility with the with the Republican Party. Corn with. Biden. To support. Overtly by over this and all this stuff goes on that doesn't deserve much respect over the lockdowns but you know the the politicization of this virus and I think that's what we've been talking about from the very beginning when you were kind of a lightning rod when you talked about it as a hoax and obviously it was not the virus as a hoax but the reaction to it, and this has been our take for most politicisation nowhere is that more evident than the media's response to trump daring to hold a rally in Nevada here's CNN headline trump ignores science at dangerous indoor rally or there's some objective news reporting. And you dig down in the article a little bit and talk about convenient and talk about politicisation. Here's a quote from the CNN article major television networks decided to not send crews to cover the rally quote for their own safety. Just, for their safety. So basically, you know they want the tree falling in the woods and no one hears it. Well, there was an interview on CNN. Jake tapper he's not the epitome of libertarianism straight shooting He was interviewing Peter. Navarro. WHO's in? Advisor on international trade but evidently it fell apart because it was sort of a blame game and tapper got. Really. Frustrated with this over the fact that trump had this rally and how bad How bad that was but you know there was the also the subject came up on one of the lefty stations and that had to do with a with a liability you know. Trump there's a bunch of a bunch of lefties now say well, trump has to be sued for anybody that dies especially now we he's done this. We're GONNA watch those people who went to sturgess and we went here and the people who went to his rally in particular and find out if they have it and and they should be able to sue the president for causing sickness and death. and. It. The interesting thing is the attorney that was supposed to support that on CNN or MSNBC. Even as he was not taking the strong position. You're right. You're right. He didn't need as you know he needs to do. He argued the case why you can't possibly sue somebody over that. and. That fits into our argument about measurements. You know what? If they had six thousand people and they were at the door and they got everybody's name go in and check them out for the next three weeks or two weeks to find out who Came up a positive. What does it mean? This are Hawaiian positive tasks me nothing and you wouldn't know the timing and if they don't get sick, they really aren't a threat to anybody. So but once again, that's big in the news just to play politics politicization of the. Republic. don't participate in that little trick either your, but they do under these circumstances I think the viruses the. Obvious victim medical care is the victim and. Well. Maybe someday some people come along and maybe voucher will lose some of his credibility. Yeah. Well, if you go to the trump rally or if you go to a motorcycle rally. You want to kill people. If you be them rally, you want to save people so. Is a really smart that way it really knows but. And you alluded to you know which was going to be our main topic, but it is a good topic and it really plays together and that is the further politicization of the pandemic. But the good news story is that the wall is coming down. The Berlin Wall of lies is being shipped away and here's something that caught our attention over the weekend. Let's even look at this first clip because it's worth looking at. This is great. Public Trust in CDC FAO cheesy and other top. Health officials is evaporating what a great word evaporating. There's a new poll that was done by the Kaiser. Family Foundation completely objective nonpartisan organization found that public trust in the CDC and faculty evaporating especially among Republicans, which is interesting and this look at a poll that we have. There's a chart that we have. This is fascinating Dr Paul because this I think speaks volumes about the fact that the people are done with corona virus, the number of people, the percentage of people who believe the worst of this virus is behind us has met up with those who believe the worst is yet to come. This is the first time they have intersected. This is a turning point in this poll was released on September the tenth, just a couple of days ago, and this I think is the most optimistic encouraging thing that I've seen in months seeing those two lines intersect means that most Americans are done with it. What I'd like to see happen here in the next. Day or two is people who are challenging it and. No it's not a strict laws a recommendation go to the store and they started pestering him why don't you have a mask on? They should have a little car deer and say information that the epidemic is over. Having. The epidemic is over. But? You know is with with all this stuff that's going on who came out with with a report. Said there's been twenty nine million cases with pitch. A lot of people died from that a lot of people did die but it was it was Totally distorted and I'm going to restate this because I think it's so important the different, the the the different definition between an infection and a case. If. You're positive your you have You're an infected, but if you don't get sick, you're not a case. Everything is reported cases. This thing that they just reported there were three hundred, seven, thousand new cases. They're not new cases they're not new sick people to. Your charts have shown. The hospitals are empty emergency rooms are empty and yet there are thousands and thousands of new cases every day but I. You know the tests aren't reliable. That's one thing that people should take into consideration but but the other thing is even if they're even even if they're positive and you have more is because we do more testing United States. Way High on positive tests mainly because we'd probably have are eager beavers, WanNa, make money off this, make a lot of tests and different tests around there. So there's numbers are high, but it has nothing to do with good medical policy know someone said. This is the only a pandemic in history where you gotta get a test to see if you have it. Indeed, it does sound callous but the fact of the matter is that most of the people who died we're going to die this year anyway and it is a tragedy and it's sad and it's terrible. But we we knew from the we saw from the recent release on Co Morbidity. To three or four co morbidity in about ninety four percent of the deaths from from from from covid. But there were a couple of numbers from this from this fascinating. Kaiser. Family. Foundation survey US confidence in the CDC has fallen sixteen points since April overall. But among Republicans and this is what I would be worried about if I were the Democrats among Republicans in and or Republican. Governors like certain governor of certain, very large state. In the south, we will remain nameless among Republicans. It has fallen thirty percentage points since April confidence in the CDC confidence and faith in Falconry is down ten percent overall among Americans, but it's down thirty percent among Republicans Republicans are sick afoul, Ouchi sick of the CDC they're smelling the politization politicization of this virus and they're done with it. Yes, and like I mentioned a minute ago. This also represents assuming responsibility and taking your own risk. Since there is risk you know with the virus and all, but the the people who go to these rallies and things, and it's sort of defy the wisdom of our leaders They're taking a risk a small risk, but they're making the decision fouled. She's not making the decision and I think people this is a sign that people want their freedoms back. When somebody comes out and says open up Texas and open up you know the country. Let's go get out of here. They're talking about give me back my freedom which I'm entitled to in a Natural Way and you had no right to take it away from me. You know but but you wonder why people are losing faith in foul g well, here's a clip that should be a good indication as to why people are sick it. Let's look at this next clip. Here's foul. She again, it's almost like he gets upset when he's not in the headline. So he says something crazy foul g Americans can go to theaters once vaccine has existed for almost a year we'll doctor who are you to tell Americans when they can go to theaters are not an in fact, there's a reason probably why the CDC is losing its credibility. You know there's a lot of fires going on in the Western States California Oregon, it's a real serious problem. Usually, people are wanting to wear masks to protect while the came out with an interesting report. Let's put this up. CDC's given a warning to people cloth masks that are used to slow the spread of covid nineteen offer little protection against the wildfire smokes they do not catch small particles found in wildfire smoke that can harm your health. Well, Ladies and gentlemen. Those small particles are many many many times. Bigger than the COVID nineteen virus. So there you go the itself undermining its credibility, but the main thing that people are furious with. As the overwhelming evidence that states that did not lockdown did not suffer. The consequences of even states that did and here's a tweet from somebody we know actually has a pretty good way of putting it. If we can look at this, this is senator from Kentucky Rand Paul. The US now slightly exceed Sweden in per capita deaths for covid the difference government dictates. Destroyed the US economy with lockdown. Sweden did not suffer the economic depression from lockdown while the nanny staters learned from their terrible mistake. Good tweet. Yeah. You know the other thing that I think plays a role in this is in foreign policy. We heard the debates you know where people will say well, we can't leave now because we've lost ten thousand people. And we have to save face you. We can't say we've wasted wasted these lives went in there. We've expanded these lives and now they see no signs of victory. But all they can do is say we have to save face and they keep doing that was that was the Vietnam thing that went onto, we kill sixty thousand Americans. So I think there's a little bit of this even when the when the facts come out here will the politics play a role in it? No matter what it is if we can, if we can blame if we can blame trump and all this stuff they will, but they keep doing the same thing over again, they haven't given up the principle of. The vaccine vaccinations the massive vaccination in lockdown I mean out g they're always planning for the next one and they're going to they're going to have trouble. They have to be awfully frustrated pretty soon, they're going to have to take tranquilizer. Couple of them. You know we wanted to talk a little bit about an article that Jeff Tucker and it's on the Ron Paul Institute website Fema must read it. It's a really good one. It's not spend a Lotta time on it, but the point really is, and he he he he takes off from this new poll. Right when it shows that Americans are sick afoul g they're sick of the CDC sick of being pushed around Ho. There's a new study showing the people that dare to go out to restaurants have an increasing chance of corona virus but Jeff Tucker and encourage people read it. He rips that report to shreds of the. Methodology is so shoddy in fact that even suggest the opposite is true. Yeah. But they're not going to back down unless unless the people back up you know in and just say enough is enough and I think that's what's going to happen. But I think that you know they've complained about trump his first comments about when he heard about the virus and said, well, this could be bad in turns around and says, I don't want to cause hysteria but right now hysterical with him again because he had the audacity of allowing people who voluntarily come together and listened to a speech this always drove the left. Yeah, you know the speech is you know we wouldn't wanNA dissect the speeches from a libertarian view. But the whole thing is is, is all of a sudden. You know they were I I sometimes think some of this is just to stop trump from having rallies. Because that was his whole campaign. That's what he did for four years. Now, you just have big rallies and I think they were Jealous Jealous of him and jealousy sometimes. Lead to hate, and it's turned into hey but I think was a lot about jealousy. The economy is doing well and this sort of thing, and it wasn't because we had Austin Economics introduced. It was the fact of course we printed a lot of money and you know sort of temporarily helped out but it's it's I think a good thing that the rally occurred I think the Democrats are just cry babies and they think that you know nobody is supposed to be able to go to a trump rally and not die. Hysterical about this. You think that they would see they had four years to come up with a better plan to get elected and then trump's gonNA kill you. You know speaking of Stereo just WanNa put put this emily quick Houston I can report alcohol is still completely bonkers after church. Yesterday we wanted to go to our favorite Pizza Place Start Pizza in Houston we know the place very well, and there is a table literally right at the doorway cannot get past the doorway with the tables there and so. I was in the parking lot and I called restaurants that hey I know. I know there's a mask mandate or whatever but there's a table right there. You know. Can we just walk in right at that table you have to wear a mask to enter the restaurant she said says, yes but the tables right there it's literally a foot from the door. No, you can't come in have to wear a mass then you can take off your mask when you sit down. I said, forget it. We went home and made our own pizza but this is Terry in an insanity you know that okay. Well, yeah. Now that is the rule. There is that table there come on in you know happy to take your money I'm sure they need it. It's just it's not going away. It's a tragedy but I think what we're talking about today. Means that we do have signs that people are getting tired of I. think that's the answer. I've said this many times you know the philosophers, the people who are in our universities they create the institutions like black lives matter and the radical. Marxist approach but ultimately, you have to have the people with you. Government is a reflection of the people so. Ideology that will. Influence the people and I think we're sort of in in between on this now because. People have have to realize that if we get out of this show term things which we've been doing for years that you have to get more basic on the philosophy that we have because we're still economic intervention. This we're interventions overseas. We still believe in the Federal Reserve we believe that deficits don't matter and that is what has to change. So I think we're in a temporary political fight because it's it's it's so precarious I think it has given the far-left in the Marxist. A little bit of encouragement and they're you know prepared or more album out there than I ever dreamed they were so they're prepared for, but I think I. Think those of us who believe in liberty and The elimination of eighty percent of our government I think we have an opening here and the people just you know when I think is really going to occur when it finally dawns on them and that's what happened to. So he's done on the Soviets never delivered. And they still live with for a long time I just hope Americans, wake up a lot so they can't deliver they just can't they print money and guess what the rich people get richer and the poor people who support it and are in the trenches they they don't get it. So it's a failed system. So I think that you know once the government can't pay for it. We're GONNA have a lot more people, join us and say what is the answer just peak around and look at our history and look at some common sense and look at your days ours don't you WanNa be a free person you to have to government permission when you can go to a restaurant. This sort of thing that's should wake up a lot of people I hope we can wake up a few I. Hope we wake up more than a few today. Yeah. Well, there is a great populist. Message to be, made about libertarianism GONNA move segue toward my closing. I do want to remind our viewers especially are super chatters that we're going to. We've got two weeks where we weren't able to roll last week because Monday was a holiday. So we're GONNA roll two weeks of Super Chat James Brawl has been one of our most. Super Chatter. So James shot out to you. You're a great guy we appreciate your support. So after the show, we'll see the names of people help keep us going but let's Talk to police to a couple of really quick graphs. This is the second wave in Europe. This is what everyone is clamoring to shut down. Put this up real quick. The top is cases. Look at those cases climb the bottom is death. Look at those tests disintegrate evaporate. This is a case. DEMOC. Not An epidemic go to the next, and that's the UK. Here's France same thing in France no deaths increasing cases go to the next one. This is the Spain same thing. No one's dying a lot of cases. The next one in Spain by the way, the the police tried to arrest someone without a mask on the people from the village came in and in. Frightened the police often they ran away with the next one in the Netherlands. Italy. Same thing. No deaths some cases one more. Netherlands same thing. So there you have it, and this is interesting though this is a UK which is starting this crazy not coincidentally six, six, six plan where only six people can meet and in a few other things. Let's look at. This is the UK this is fascinating Dr Paul. This is their desks and see how that next clip. This is the Kobe deaths by day of death in England and look at it's almost done when the pups reopen and then look what happens facemask mandatory note massive second wave goes here there is no second wave and you are here this tells the story of what's happening the government in the UK is off of its rocker. Let's come a little closer to Texas as we as I finished up Dr Paul, go through these really quick. This hospital sends us in the US look at those numbers hospitals are emptying out next one please. this is closer to home. This is Texas deaths per day look at that decline massive decline. The only reason the numbers look bigger is because they're harvesting old debts. Let's look at the next one. and. This is something that we've talked about a few weeks ago. That's why people tune into the Liberty Report Dr Paul would ahead of the game, this is Bloomberg. Finally realising Houston's Daily covid nineteen tally inflated by months old cases Bloomberg finally seeing what they're doing. They're cooking the books in Houston I wish governor Abbot would have a look at this and if he has a look at that, he might want to look at this next clip to this Parkland hospital closes cove nineteen hundred s hospitalizations. Cease, its third floor tactical care unit was empty. So they had to close it out. My final were dropped Paul that I haven't mentioned in a few days. Let's look at this next clip really really quickly this is really disgusting. This is from an elementary school he want to talk about is this education or is this indoctrination? These were the kiss nothing wrong with these logs, but this is an elementary school. So again, if people are frustrated, there is a solution and it's in the next clip. and. That's go pay a visit to Tom Words if we get that next clip going please. Pay A visit to Tom. Woods Ron Paul School Dot Com. We're using it. Your kids are going to enjoy you're GONNA enjoy Tom. Woods has got some discounts for you itself taught and you're going to raise some pro liberty kids Ron Paul homeschool dot com very good and you know if. You, look around you'll find charge that will contradict everything Daniel said because they changed the definition and we talk about this all the time cases versus an infection and they call any anybody has positive K positive test is a case which isn't true. So they've changed the definition and then also they've had this they had this mistake of of making the projections and it was a one percent versus the point one percent and it meant the difference of millions and millions of people. And that's when the scare tactics came but they really don't talk about and I say, well, we may do you think the left is GonNa come up and say you know we really messed up. We missed judge this because somebody mix the fingers up I'm sorry I didn't catch it but we went along with it and we still do that because we can get a chart that shows cases are going up as long as we. Get, more tests done in the past good. We will. We put all the tests together. We don't really care and the more unreliable. The are the better because we can show a charter. The case is going up has nothing to do with what Daniel just showed you is that the infections in the deaths are going down and that that is really you know the important thing and I think we are at a turning point and this. Hope, it's all positive and a lot can happen between now and November, and you know long term you know what's going to happen in this country is that we will be forced one time to the to you know pay attention to deficit spending and too big government. Yes. These are technical things that are important their political things no matter what we do now politicized and certainly corona virus has been politicized but in a very. Serious matter because it means a lot of extra money lockdowns, violation civil liberties, and the American people are too complacent as far as I'm concerned they should look at it and say look at what our president's doing this to me is astounding that the president can be in their face and I don't think he's endangered anybody's live in the people that that were allowed to see that last night I don't think it was wasn't on national. Television, there was very hard to find that that speech, but he is this huge crowd of having a good time the president having a good time and all of a sudden maybe the epidemic is over I. think that's the good news, the amit the epidemic is over tell somebody today call up your Nick your list right to tell them. Hey. Trumpet. TRAVIATA. The epidemic is over and this deal with the real problems that we should be dealing with. It is the real problem is authoritarianism versus liberty, and you'll solve all your problems, and then of course, what we have to have is people who are involved in delivering the news and teaching our university to have some type of moral basis to what they're doing and see if we can find a few people that still contain their virtue and try and try. To do things honestly and right now we're starved for that and that's why this hodgepodge is coming up. But really if you think about personal liberty the right to your life, the right to make your own choices, the right to make take risks and the responsibility of taking care of yourself your family believe me a lot of problems we go ray rather quickly. When I. Thank everybody for Tuning in today to deliberately report. Please come back soon.

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