RDJ has a solo album!!!!!


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To the last couple episodes been doing have mostly been focusing on film and musicals and that type of thing, and I really want to get back into talking about one section of the podcast that I haven't really talked about and then I really want to start. start getting up to speed on things so What we're GonNa talk about today is we're going to talk about an album album is probably one of my favorites in it's one then not many people know about. And it's one of those albums that when she realizes out there, you should go and find it. but it's also one of those albums where either you probably really like it or you really don't, and it just depends upon your own personal thought process on and so of course, I'm talking about. The futurist by Robert Downey Junior. That's right. Our DJ actually put out an album. So this album was produced by Jonathan. and Mark Hudson were released on November twenty third two thousand fourth is Sony Classic It debuted at the time at at one hundred, twenty one on the billboard's two hundred chart and it sold about six. Sixteen thousand in its first. Week. So. It consists of ten songs. Mostly written by Downey, there are two covers and there are three songs that he co wrote with someone else with actually. MARKUPS and and And It's I love this album. I really do it. It's a great great great album and it's one of those things where. people I. Personally Forget that this album exists even sometimes and then I remember that I play it. And it's amazing I. Mean it's only only about a forty three minute album so it doesn't take much of your time. But I love it. I really do end if you love Arche Jay and you love his singing that he has done on those an episode of ally mcbeal that he sang on Instead he signed a couple of times in movies in that type of thing but this is a full. You know forty-three minutes of Artie Jay and it's it's really wonderful. And so. I WanNa talk about the songs individually and when I'm going to do, which is something different that I usually don't do with this podcast First of all I've had mostly. someone else with me to talk about. These things with me. and. It's not that I don't want to do that. But it said there was no one personally available for today's recording for tonight's recording. The only thing is to I really want to. kind of also get back into. The thought of is that. You Know I. Started this podcast to discuss things I wanted to discuss and sometimes I don't. You know when I have a guest I wanNA make sure they get the floor and they don't feel like on talking over them. So this is my chance to just talk talk talk, and if you like these kinds of episodes, it's been a while since I've done a solo one. So this'll be really good but I really want it. I'm going to take a deep dive into each. Track But. So the futurist is consistent of pop songs are down as well as other people and the to covets now the two covers talk about those right away I one is smile. it was written. By Charlie Chaplin Jeffrey, Clarin Parsons, and James Phillips. Now Downing knows this song pretty well because he was in by radical film called Chaplin directed by the Wonderful Richard Attenborough. On the movies kind of mess. Unfortunately but it's The song is really wonderful and their civil versions out there. The one that I do listen to a good good time is Nat King Cole Sings version of this song and for those who don't know what I'm talking about the song called smile. And it's basically smile though your heart is aching smile even though it's breaking when are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile It's basically a kind of idea that Chaplin had in chaplain by road at the time when he was really being The history of Chaplin, you could take a deep dive on that on your own, and it's amazing sometimes when you see what? chaplain went through on his own thing. But that's probably he had the optimism that things we're. GonNa. Be Okay. until that's so smile is the last song the and it's pretty much there because. Although Downey sang it on the soundtrack of chaplain and he sang before he has openly stated that He. He wanted to do it again he didn't feel he he did justice and so this is his version to be able to do it justice and to do it the way he always wanted to do it, and that might have been the fact that he was still on. He was still battling his demons back then when he was making chaplain and now and I guess I should also say this album comes in the park. Right around when we got the resurgence of Robert Downey Junior, this is post him going to jail for the last time going to we have the last time and coming back officially and starting to do this movies. This predates. IRONMAN. But it's right. I believe it's right before like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but it's right in that section movies from Gattaca to Kiss Kiss. Bang Bang down he did when he started getting really busy any any came back and he was sober and so But a smile is what closes out the album the seventh song I'm not going to go I'm going order in a minute but I I wanted to get the two covers out the the seven track on this album is a song called your move which is actually made famous by the band Yes. it's also called I've seen your I've seen all good people and People not know the name people might not know it but if anyone's ever seen the movie Mister Deeds. Songs actually playing in the background after they did after amp sandler and everyone on the on the helicopter do version of major Tom This is that one that goes ding do doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo. And so does a version of and You might also hear all we are saying is give peace a chance in the middle of that. That's actually in I've seen all good people It's basically your move It's this it's unimaginable song and they throw in give peace a chance ren biopsy I'm John Lennon, and so this is it's this this is him doing and it's great because you can. You can hear him having fun on the track he does. bring in John Anderson. Who was a member? who was the person who demanded wrote the song and played in plays on that Song from? Yes. So it's it's one of those wonderful nice little Mike. Down he's not just GonNa take it and be like, okay. Well, you know the hell with the other guys he's going to be like I want to bring this back in and be like, okay. We're GONNA we're, GonNa do the songs, and it's it's really good and you can hear it in the background of him even saying you know come on offer. So it's it's it's nice to hear that but if those you know the the the lyrics are quite interesting send an instant Karma to me initially. Of with love and care and then 'cause it's time and time and time with your time and its news is captured. for. The Queen to us. It's really funds song and I I I I do like very much but the on those. Two songs. The big dry here is that Downey wrote you know eight, his own songs he wrote. Two of them with Mark Hudson who's one of the producers of this anybody with a someone called Jenny Harding Morris So he has collaboration but the the standouts are really the ones that he wrote by himself on so that the album opens with a song called man like me. And that it really. kind of begins the album in such a way that you can imagine it of like It's a song. By the lyrics kind of talking about You know he's a obviously seemingly talking to a girl and saying you know I'm. I've been waiting forever to. See You. I've been waiting forever to be in this moment to be with you. and your mom says that you're throwing your life away to be with a guy like me And he basically is like you know she's right but she also doesn't realize that I could be okay You know the lyrics of like a this is nine I've been dreaming forever. Mirror takes a look at my face on never set. Foot in that rat hole again. But I'll drive to your plates and spit gravel as I back out of the back door and the twenties roll around in my head It's funny. Now when I don't show up on Monday, they'll go nuts any their heads. Well, what do you think of that and then he says you'll be throwing your life the way she says, you're throwing your life away to move with a guy like A. She's not blind, but she don't have a mind to see and of the really interesting one is the second verse of him saying. this is a habit I'm breaking now. Forever I'm weird from trying to shake it. So when I asked if you won't give me your hand out ticket right now from your mother's side of town, he's basically in that one verse basically saying. I've had a habit of not doing this properly I'm going to do it correctly this time and I'm GonNa, fall in love and treat you correctly and you know. This is downy i. mean all the songs are are you could probably expand on all of these in probably half of them wrong just because. Of How of what he was writing about because he said, he heaves he said before on a James Lipton interview that he writes the lyrics after he writes the music. And so you could he could just be writing nice tunes but I I would. Think that he is writing. Poetry about his life that he's talking about it, and this is also after he has. Met His now wife Susan Downey. Also, he's already been divorced from Deborah Falconer and she does exist in this. Album. There's a song that he says it's kind of. About her and so but but man, like me man that that hits you right and it's very jazzy, very, very much in that in that space of The other thing I have to say at the beginning of this episode is doing something different with this episode than I've done in the past in the sense that I am putting. I'm putting behind the back Brown, the background music that's playing hopefully very softly is Tracks on the album so that you can check it out I'm GONNA try to. In Post tried to pinpoint them and put them in the right place so that it's not like I'm talking about man like me and you're listening to hand or something you know I wanna track with them in the right place but we'll see how that works But this is you know it's it's You know so So second. So second track on it, it's called a song called broken now if you. Haven't. So he performed this particular song on. Oprah when he? Kind of return he did a deep dive with Oprah about all the difficulties in troubles in the fact that he is cleaning. is able to reclaim his license wife. was there any played played this the broken song on her show and it was quite something to imagine this song his so like I think he said this one is about Deborah Falconer his. Ex Wife and the mother of his son young master in the. And the song but the lyrics, the opening lyrics tell you everything you need to know about you fell in love with a broken heart. You know that he goes on. Love in these modern times, they'll be someone new every night with some other love yarn to wrap my my harms around no one else can understand. It's not about you. I can't hear you. In love with. A broken heart I think I'll leave today covered all this way every earthly breath lifeless testimony. The lyrics these kind of far out in that in the way, the kids say far out But I think that's good because it gives a little bit of it's not. Cut and dry come based and the wonderful thing. So I think I've mentioned it before on this podcast, but obviously, I am A member of a and In the middle of the song for some I heard all of a sudden I heard. The, part of the a you know God grant me the strength to accept things can change and change them It's really funny how he puts that into the song and he basically like it's way of him being you fell in love with a broken heart. But we're going to help each other through this and we're and I'm here for you You know like I said, you could analyze it to to to the degree And it could be about anything, I? Mean sometimes some people are. All the lyrics just sound really cool. You know but I think it really does Hold the truth of it, and it's one of my favorite songs of all time of you know. You fell in love with a broken heart. And You know. I see a face in every cloud flagger of shots shots to keep it down down in doers. Laugh out loud patties. Reckon draws a crowd i. mean these are not instantly known ex but that doesn't matter that it makes them. So majestic in poetic and the way he sings I mean I'll talk about the lyrics and what each remains means but the way he sings brings it all out because he'd he's doing a little bit of. Staying. But he has his own kind of Y'all to and you can hear the passion through it, and that's the important thing about these these songs. then. The third out the third track, and this will go into an episode that we're going to I'm going to record later. Probably, with my friend. In that. A friend a long time ago said to me. To judge whether or not you're gonNA like an album. Album as a whole. listened to the third track. Track that means you like the album. And it's a philosophy I think I've used for most of my existence and most of my life so that you know if I'm Ranga musical, the third song is. Usually my favorite song for some reason So the third track on this is Kimberly Kimberly Glide? And I. Love. This particular song this song I think I've used in acapella auditions like sue additions that I didn't need to. Have Sheet Music, or prepare that I could just sing Acapella and I love this song and it's This one is a little harder because I think he's writing characters kimberly. where Kimberly is, but you know vacation holiday strange way to save a family a step aside, this brothers pride for the last Ride Nosedive Hellfire. My lifeline didn't survive a blind rage set the stage to say on never love again, a kimberly glides in the onset of a cactus angels Mayan. bigshots float around guests. This is her home now. You. Mistook me for a man who understands things of godless heartless pitiful nature and how to sell in for the winner. And it's base it seems to be about of like to me. It's about like a road trip that didn't go well. And they then get stuck in the middle of the. of the desert to have to like try to. Figure out what they what they want you know, and then like four fire and seventeen still struggle with the meaning. It's a straight groove I'm a man now turned out. Okay. Perfect. Somehow it's love hate La. WanNa glide but in a different way today dropped me Pradeep hope to meet my. Can Be decides she is down for a rare reunion. She jet jets a path north past the pitiful port of Sun. Is San Diego although Jeez out of reach this Manhattan Beach? Now. Head on the right now and it's Things have been going well On. It's it's kind of a bowed reconnecting with people and forgiveness and and that type of thing and I think that's I think that's at the heart of. Of Down is that. A lot of these songs seem to be about. forgiveness and they seem to be about. Wanting, forgiveness and wanting to. Be Able to But. Maybe believe in something else and you know I mean, that's that's the beauty of it. And I mean you could say that it's let's say it's about him meeting his sister although his sisters called Allison not Kimberly but you know it could be part of that and You Know Salvation Holy. Day. My heart skips jumps beats I see a face sister God gave and took away floating off my balcony and del Rey good. Good. Good God. Can we just smiles wants to stay forever I'd have her, but we know that's just a word. We wish we never heard when we're together and says, she must return to cactus angel. So it's about meeting with someone getting forgiveness and then they ultimately have to. Go back, go home. So. So the next track on. The album is the futurist. The title track of the elements compus. Now, for those who may be again could do a deep dive in. All things were down the. This song exists actually from the album feel elements actually called a difference it's different title called snakes. And I just WanNa talk about the difference. Between the lyrics of snakes versus This of The. Future. So in general. Or the original I've heard is you have body you give. So you're you. So survivor, it's so it's so clear I like long gone songs of old you saying sang throughout the year you'll be like love is for the rest of our lives I won't have to run baby you won't have to think twice. Let me tell you about something. Let me tell you something about those snakes in the grass there bunch of bleeding bug bites talking about how it won't last. GIMME A body won't you give me your sweet soul love were love will take over our love where you take control. Pick shovel fill my little holes. Drive me to the river and climb my every flagpole. There's a peak Bezzola to GIS garden up there all these purple spheres. Where the free soul always listens you weed out my fears. with freecell always listen. So he repeats a little bit that's snakes. This you body, you give soul your sole survivor it's so it's so clear our love long. Gone songs of old and using throughout the years it'll be like lovers for the rest of our lives. I won't have to run baby. You won't have to think twice they'll take a walk. We'll save the world sounds like, October a futurist knows are furious curious fantasists code. Me Your Body won't you give me your sweet soul love when you take over I love when you take control, it'll be like lovers for the rest of our lives won't have to run and you wanted to think twice they'll take a walk will save the world. Sounds like October A. futurist snows are furious. Curious fantasists code. There's a big. There's a big adventurous got up there always purple fears where the Creek, the creator. And then he Repeats it'll be like love is four. So he changed quite a lot. The original one seems to be about warning. Your lover of snakes in the grass and not great people out there and this new version seems to be more about what we're GonNa do and what how we're going to move into the future with our love being as it is and that's You can see the difference the first one he wrote before his last arrest and before you get fired from Allen mcbeal so he was he might have been writing it hardly. Towards. Deborah. Falconer in trying to explain himself in this one, he's matured he's grown up and he has He wants a real partnership with Who is now married to? It's amazing. You Know I. Listened to. Snakes listen to the future and they're. Almost civil snakes is a little bit more. Of A kind of steep secret kind of moody piece where this seems to be so heartfelt and so he takes his time with this one and You Know I. I hate to say that I like snakes better but I kind of do although I do like the futurist the song itself for those reasons that. It's a little bit of him being older. Type. Of thing. So. Next on the list we have. Little clowns. So, this little clowns is the fifth. Song in this now, as of as we've gone through Kimberly Kimberly glide and low clowns one now other two are two of the ones that down the road by himself without a coordinator. So with this He's explained this that he believes that. You now. Things that that way you down things that don't that. Don't allow you to Be The best that you can then he says hang on little clowns you might just turn the world around. And that. Impossible things in great things are. Capable. Of happening if you allow them to. And This is. I hate to say it's my least favorite but it is one I don't care for the song as much as the other ones It's fun. It's a nice in on the chorus. Hang on hang on low clouds but it's Something kitschy about this in something. So. You know. It's not my favorite. I usually skip over this one but it's still a good song I'm not going to say it's not but it's it's it's not one of my favorites So then from there, we go to this a song called three at me that goes to a sound called five thirty. which in case you are wondering the song. Is Not, a song that's called five thirty is. Five minutes and thirty seconds long it's actually four minutes and eleven seconds long. Again written by downing this one's really cool. I like this one because it's very chassis You know he says, I'm around I figure it out so far. So sad this thorn in I know sides in landslides. That's my love. All falls down. That's why I won't fold undefined fire underground. That's why love don't watch been. What's past? You see I see all the second hand. Thanks Dad. Am I free and was at me why isn't always five thirty? That's why love also goes down. That's why I won't fold love. Starts Rolling into fire rolling underground, and that's why I love to wash. it was never really bad I was never never that alone So I wound up where it led. So laid lays beside the road. I had barely deeply breed I was not the man to feel. So it turns. As this as string and catches the wheel. Won't claim it felt unfair and in Silom in my house I could not escape his mouth. Kanye's scape it. So he's talking about this. I think the song definitely is about. The addiction and it's about him kind of feeling. like. He knows what he's done and he's trying to do the best you can look at. He even says, thanks Dad You know am I free? Was that me wise always five thirty that's kind of the old joke of Of it's five thirty somewhere or something. And Down, he has said that originally it was going to be called. That's why love and it was the first song kind of originally road And he has said that it's a very bitter place that he was writing the song and And, he says it's kind of a three part miniseries. In four and a half minutes and it's really cool I. Like this one this one of my favorites in the fact that he wrote I kind of does make sense of what he was looking to. possibly do with this one. The next one I actually think it's my favorite. Details. This one is also run by downing. So this is track eight. and. Details. Such jazzy kind of old fashioned number of anyone. You know likes the old Sinatra stuff. This is the ram or if you listen to like separate. In the Song Manhattan this has a lot of similarities to that, and this is him almost reminiscing about. The woman. He loved I. Believe he did say this one was also about Deborah Falconer and that he You know. He he reminisces about. How they match What they've done which because What ends up happening. After all that and It's it's kind of. To me this one is a very Sad, Song This is very sad I to me it. Really. Speaks to a kind of sadness in in him and You know but I like that and I. Relate to it some. You know he says, how did you find handed I find? You did I. Remind you of the boy at the lose watching you move behind oil. For, five around years out of the furnace into the forest, the harvest of my youth. Tell me the truth do does anyone anymore? And he has the line that always gets me that mealy starts me cry. I've come to believe if a man does his deeds while he's missing the wine, he has already died one hundred times. Do you remember seven September's of sacred rendezvous spreading only for you. Will you remember to being the vendor how we used to groove spreading only for you? But my fear and my pride left a shadow inside with a note on the door and a card on the floor like hundred times before. I it was neely than it was barely now it seems pretty far when you were tipsy, I was wizard with a silver star. I will spare the details of the rocks and the nails. The Times that I've lied can't lay down tonight I've already tried a million times. He's looking for forgiveness but at the same time and it's probably a conversation. He had in recovery of you know. I will spare the details of the rocks announced I'm going to spare you every time that I've ever lied. Because I've done it a million times at this point and I can't relax I can't lay down. It's just I. Can't do this right now And hold important, and that's that's what it all means. Something and I kind of listen to this thing about this or even sing it to myself during those sleepless nights or nights when I'm really really I can't go to sleep for some reason. So I get what he's saying I really do and that's that's kind of. I consider this a very. Calm. I actually consider as very recovery song in addition to also looking for forgiveness. From someone. but that's my favorite song. Details is favorite song by Barnum. And then finishing high tracks again, this is track nine Jackson it's mile we talked about track nine Hannah. this is A. This is kind of Fun Song I. Kinda like this of you know. So he says there's a dark problem today as always nothing black though as our armed shuffled passed in the hallway. Hannah unit. Hannah done sleep on my floor everyday, simple and slow it grows. Now, the clock is ticking on my own motivation. Hannah you kill with the look and you're one special brand of contamination Hanna. Hanna you know you're doing it handed on sleep on my floor everyday simple and slow. It grows and now he's stumbling in his buckskins and we're rooting for suicide. He is a boy king, but he's a bastard with a problem. She's a stop and Beast in Dr Manic Child? No small wondered this boys little war tours gut bombed. Got Him bombed. On the carpet Brown out in the townhouse I believe, I've conceived to exhibit all the promise of Paperback Soldier burnt-out. Hannah's not home tripping tripping trip Lohan. It pains me you put your foundation. So at risk where you displeased breeding breeding incompetence view I, dismissed you're dismissed. Now, he's stumbling his buckskins where rooting for a suicide he is a boy king, but he's bastard with problem. He's a stopping beast and a dark demanding child. This is him. Almost it could be about Robert being himself up for what he did because You know he's talking to could be talking about you know 'cause it's. The singer is talking to the narrator about you know You Know Hannah you know. Hansen sleep on my floor every day. Simple slow and. He's you know he mealy emits himself that he's a stumbling in his buckskins he wants. Downey once walked around in his underwear. because he was so high and And you know he's a boy king he he he was the prince of downing of a downy senior who was a filmmaker and he was set to be a really brilliant actor at the time and he was throwing it out because he called himself a bastard with problems and. You know maybe Hannah. Was the equivalent of him trying to prove that he could do it again and he'd be okay but keep falling kept falling. The really cool thing musically about this is the Hannah course which only have twice the second the third time he does it. Has Not home. It pains me you put Your Business There's a little bit of difference, but it's really cool what he does. Hannah you-know-who. Higgins sleep on math flow everyday. Simple land slow it grow hopes. It's really cool. What he does and it's it's groovy. It's really really groovy when when you when you listen to. figure out what what he's doing. It's it's I love it. I love this is one of my favorites. This actually funny enough initially was not my favorite song I used to not listen to this but as I've done older. It seems to. Speak to me a little bit more and I love it I really do. So those are the album. So for critical reception unfortunately. the album was received mixed reviews. all music. Kalari rated the film three point five out of five. And called Downey's lyrics of. He did praise the musicianship however. and praised your move and smile covers but called the album unpredictably moving as the best of Downey's work And Elsie Gardner of USA Today wrote the vibe on Downey's album can. Can seem pretentious or simply don't after a while but there is a Moody Music musicality to tracks such as man like me and details I think people miss the mark or misunderstand what's going on when in artist like this tries to put a stamp of something. That he's working on on. This particular thing and I think it's important that people. That people realize that Downey was doing something that the this was important to him that he really wanted to. Put these songs out here and he he really wanted. people understand I mean since this album's come out in two, thousand and six. Two years after his release he actually has said he will not do another album as he felt an energy put into doing the album was not opposite and explained he did not want to spend whatever time he had. at home in studio rather with family. And that makes sense I. Mean if you put out this album, you put your heart and soul into this and it's not just a vanity project that he does one. This to means something and it's dismissed like was, of course you're. GonNa I'm. Not, WANNA put on another one. I wouldn't want to put out another one. Although I probably would because I'm a people place, but that's just me But this if anyone has not heard this apple mrs wonderful wonderful wonderful one album. It's one of my favorite albums of all time it really is. and. It's only been around for the last. What twenty years less than. And here's his the other thing that you'll notice to. Is For all my fans out there. Who Know Captain America's? Civil war. When Tony Stark visits the. The jail with all of his friends in there and he walks in and you hear clint. Hawkeye, yelling at him, you might not have recognized what he's yelling at. He's yelling he calls them the futurist. This is actually a reference to his album to this album You know call him the futurist there'd be no other for Clinton, actually use that word the future it's not a known thing like. He could have called him a hypocrite or he could have called him. Oh, there's are you know the the the the Fortune Teller, the seer of everything, the our protector this and that, but he calls them the futurist. That's not like I said it's not a word I don't personally think that is in Widespread acclaim. It's not one that US I don't go to the store and say, so I was talking to this futurists the other day and you know that's what I mean about it but it's you know. It is what it is. This album is one of my favorites and I really think people should see it and I know. The last episode that I was recorded come from way has gotten some great responses. I love it I really do. I really hope the skits that this that that start away than at the audience that's listening to that will listen to this one as well because. I'm trying to also bring people to. Recognizing might not know or know about you know ardy Jay has an album. Everyone should listen to it this album. Killing right now should have a resurgence because of how popular are Dj has not only that but also You know it's it's one of those great albums that people don't necessarily think is a Is a thing but they could also be like, oh, it's probably terrible. No, it's really good and it might not be your thing, but you have to appreciate the work and the artistry that was put into. and I. Hope You do. I. Hope You have one season but anyway to say so. That's it. For today for this episode was going to be a short one. I might not be short to you, but it was short to me Anyway. Please check out my friend's podcast a mass miles fans. By Chris Rose I'm on a couple of episodes. He didn't episode where I was on it, but I didn't experience drinking around the world I was not there. I never did that even when I was drinking so. I wouldn't have been able to. Bring anything to the table And I have merch three of my plays a now up on Amazon DOT COM. If you type my name or It's woods current call any loss goes to all funny and dramatic ways and it's Those. That's exciting to be able to have those plays there and have everything kinda going that way I have a couple of things coming up I can't really talk about it's because they're still in. Production or they haven't started filming or whatever yet. So I've got some things coming up but please support the channel. I haven't said this on other episodes. Yet but please please please please please Support the channel become a subscriber. If you want to donate, please feel free to donate also. You don't have to donate to suggest Episodes. A friend Jackie has been suggesting numerous episodes as well as my friend Amelia. So please feel free to email me at Matthew Dark Garland G., DOT COM, and just topics suggest different changes. If you'd like to hear certain things or talk about certain things, please send them my way I will take them into consideration and And you know I've got backlog of topics I want to talk about but I will put them on the list I want to I. Want you guys to feel like I'm talking about things you want to hear me talk about and pleased by my place. It's it's amazing that I self published a myself but it's also you know. I have a son. I'm trying to afford things and you know need money. So. Anything you can. You can do but I really appreciate everyone listening I really do I. I appreciate you continuing listen to the show. Hope People listen to this new episode but with all that being said, thank you so much for listening to this episode and we'll catch you next time take care and stay safe. To plan your next Disneyworld Disneyland or Disney cruise line vacation, we suggest you reach out to Danielle Elliott at marvelous mouse travels Daniels along. Lifelong Disney enthusiasts the former Walt Disney world cast member and a graduate of College of Disney Knowledge. 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