Episode 59 - Is there Life after an Affair?


welcome to the warrior marriage and family podcast. My Name is Dr Corey Gilbert. I believed your marriage and your family are worth fighting for. My goal is to empower you to fight for matters. Most this podcast is about you. Your your family your marriage and your children and will include interviews and teaching on a biblical ethic on sexuality and Gender. I want you to know that you're not alone that others. I walked down the same road and there is victory. Let's get into today's episode. I know this may surprise you but some of the couples that I worked with over the years have been some of the most difficult couples get the most rewarding and those have actually been the ones that have had affairs. It's incredible to see what people go through and the distress and the betrayal the powerlessness the anger. The the burden of now. What's next and And I love working with couples. Why because the couples that I see fight through that and grow through that are the ones that I look up to? Now as couples those that are thriving they're healthy. They're in really good places. I hope that you never have to face that but also hope that if you have you'll see that there's hope there's ways to overcome to rise above to build something better than you ever thought possible. The it's the beauty out of ashes. Could that's what it feels like. Everything is burned burned down around me. this is possible. May Your marriage thrive may your family rise above above the past history. Not Get stuck in it. God bless you and your family honored to serve you. Corey talked to you. Say thank you for tuning in to the warrior marriage and family. PODCAST has been an honor to serve. Find out more about resources for you and your family's growth and success at healing lives dot com thank you to our sponsor the healthy marriage inner circle. You can join the conversation in my free facebook group anytime at facebook dot com slash groups slash. The healthy marriage tracks. My new new bestselling book for parents go to. I can't say that DOT COM to purchase and receive the idea of for free. Remember the your marriage and family are worth fighting for. Says Dr Koryo see you next time.

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