NY Cancels Its Primary, Kicks the Hornets Nest


Welcome to the important. April twenty-seventh. I'm Lauren Co author of the point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news you need to know. New York has no canceled. It's already rescheduled. Democratic presidential primary. The primary was initially rescheduled. Because of the corona virus but the cancellation comes in part from Bernie Sanders decision to suspend his presidential campaign. Now with Joe Biden the Democratic. Party's presumptive nominee. New York State's board of elections decided it had basically rendered the state's primary moot especially because it was rescheduled to June. Twenty third so the board moved to remove sanders from the ballot and cancelled the Democratic presidential primary altogether. Here's the board's thinking quote at a time. When the goal is to avoid unnecessary social contact our conclusion was that there was no purpose in holding a beauty contest. Primary that would marginally increase the risk to both voters and poll workers. End Quote and out the subtext. Here is that while Sanders had dropped out of the race. He planned to keep his name on the ballot. So supporters could still vote for him that way Biden would still become the nominee but sanders would also continue to pick up enough delegates to sway decisions being made at the DNC this summer but with New York's new decision that now is not possible and Sanders supporters in the former campaign are not happy former Bernie Sanders campaign senior adviser Jeff. Weaver called New York State Board of elections decision an outrage and said that it must be overturned by the DNC for what it's worth. It is not uncommon for parties to cancel presidential primaries for their incumbent. President like New York's Republican primary canceled this year but Joe Biden is far from an incumbent president running for a second term. Let's get to the point. New York's decision to suddenly cancel its Democratic presidential primary has roiled the sanders wing of the Democratic Party in a major way and that is the point for April twenty-seventh twenty twenty for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign edition subscribe to the newsletter at CNN. Dot Com slash. The point if you like the audio you can get it every single weekday on Google or Amazon Echo or subscribe on Stitcher or apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. So you never miss an episode

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