Summer of 69: The Passion Behind The Family Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of this families crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of murder sexual assault drug use and violence that some people may find offensive. We we advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen most days Tex Watson didn't have a care in the world he had Charlie to tell him what to do and Charlie knew everything everything so texts never had to worry about whether he was making the right choice or of a wrong one techs also had access to a steady stream of marijuana and l._S._d.. Charlie encouraged it which meant that the drugs or good but tex had curiosities about heavier things too so and it was offered by Charlie he readily swallowed a chunk of Bella Donna route but the trip didn't relax him or open his mind mind instead he felt unhinged filled with panic paranoia and anger all of his senses seem distorted. He couldn't be sure of what he was seeing or feeling. It was the middle of the day darkness enveloped him. It was as if a malevolent evil was trying to warm its way into his body techs. Let the evil in there was nothing he could do to resist it. He began to lose consciousness. He could only hope that when he woke up he would feel normal again but it was a dim. Hope Tech suspected that he had changed himself. Irrevocably the evil was part of him. Now Hi I'm Lena Hobbs and this is crimes of passion apar- cast past original the legal definition of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore passionate crimes how does a marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and Co conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and a deadly results and this episode will explore how Charles Created the group known as the Manson family how they began as a strange but seemingly benign group of outcasts and how they transformed into a ruthless band of criminals next week we'll discuss the infamous murders the group carried out the police investigations and the trials that followed their crime spree. This episode is art of Park has summer of sixty nine event July twenty the second through August ninth. All your favorite podcast shows are teaming up to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark summer in American history. The summer of Nineteen sixty-nine from the Manson murders to the moon landing ending where diving deep into the summer America hit a boiling point with twenty three special episodes across sixteen different are cast originals. We'll be digging into the fallout of M._l._K.'s assassination a wide eight reaching l._S._d.. Colt and rumors of a Kennedy family cover up you can find these specials and more all in our new parkas presents feed on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts at podcast. We are grateful eightfold for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing. Reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Park has network several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy today's episode assode the best way to help us to leave a five star review where ever you're listening it really does help few names in history carry the as much notoriety as Charles Manson's when he died in two thousand seventeen after spending nearly fifty years in prison news of his passing made international headlines from what we know about Manson. That's that's exactly what he would have wanted from the time he was a young man. Charles Manson creeped fame and attention initially he believed his celebrity would come from being the world's biggest rockstar Baker than his idols. The the Beatles instead he was notorious for orchestrating some of the most heinous murders in American history but it wasn't just his crimes that drew infamy it was his ability to attract a loyal cult of followers. I who were so devoted they were willing to kill for him. Charles Mills Manson born in November of nineteen thirty four was without a family for most of his life in many ways. The creation of his cult following was determined many years before he found his way to Haight Ashbury his mother fifteen-year-old Kathleen Maddox was never married to Charles is biological father any me subsequent relationships didn't last for long Charles was shuttled between his grandmother and his aunt as Kathleen tried to find her footing. When Charles was only five Kathleen was sent to prison for stealing a car and and he was into live with family and McMechan West Virginia his aunt and Uncle Glenna and Bill Thomas Remember Charles is three year? Stay as a difficult time for their family. Charles was impervious to punishment his uncle. Go Bill said that he acted however he wanted and no threat of a whipping could make him behave before I continue with Charles's psychology please note that I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but they have done a lot of research for this show the thomases memories of Charles reveal a pattern of antisocial behavior often used to diagnose conduct disorders in children. The diagnostic and statistical manual of of mental disorders notes that problem behaviors may start as young as the age of three these children often show defiance towards adults blame others for things that have gone wrong and provoke others Charles displayed did all of these tendencies during his time in McMechan. Perhaps most frightening was Charles's obsession with knives. His cousin Joanne recalled a terrifying instance when she was left in charge of seven year old Charles Dell's he was pestering Joanne as she cleaned the house so she sent him outside moments later she looked up to see Charles standing on the other side of the screen door wielding a sickle he'd found in the yard slashing being at the screen. His expression was so deranged Joanne thought he might have killed her if our parents had an returned just then to stop him when Charles's mother Kathleen was paroled in nineteen forty two the thomases were glad to return seven year old Charles tour but his defiant behavior continued Charles skip school shoplifted and lied about it he was never ashamed and never repented for his bad behavior the D._S._M.. Five noted that between the ages of Seven and eleven antisocial behaviors intensify in children with conduct disorders at this age the children are more prone to lying stealing Lang and rule-breaking as they gain more independence from their caretakers. Kathleen hoped a firmer hand might straighten Charles out so in nineteen forty seven when Charles was twelve Kathleen sent him to the Jew Ball School. Oh for boys a boarding school for male delinquent and Terre Haute Indiana he ran away from Jabal the next year in nineteen forty eight within weeks he was caught burglarizing stores in Indianapolis the Annapolis and was sent to a juvenile facility in Omaha Nebraska. It started a pattern of incarceration escape and reincarceration throughout nineteen forty seven and nineteen fifty. Four Charles was placed Austin and escaped from a reform school in Indiana the National Training School for boys in Washington D._C.. And finally a maximum security prison in chillicothe the Ohio he was always recaptured as a result of escalating criminal behavior such as stealing cars and armed robbery Charles fits the textbook pattern of antisocial behaviors typical of childhood conduct disorders the D._S._M. Five states that adolescents are likely to intensify their rule breaking through truancy running away assault robbery vandalism and stealing cars medical professionals note that a high proportion of children and Young People <unk> with conduct disorders grow up to be antisocial adults Charles was by no means reformed but he managed to get his worst impulses under control at chillicothe -I he was released in the spring of Nineteen fifty four at the age of nineteen. Surprisingly he returned to McMechan West Virginia to live with his aunt uncle and grandmother his mother Kathleen had remarried and Charles didn't like her new husband and his grandmother's request Charles regularly attended church he wasn't a believer but he enjoyed several Bible passages especially in the book of revelation and he committed many to memory but his time outside of institutions was short lived in nineteen fifty five Charles Stole a car and drove to Las Angeles to see Kathleen he was promptly arrested by police officer who suspicions were raised by the out out of state license plate in April of Nineteen fifty six Charles was sentenced to serve three years at San Pedro's Terminal Island Penitentiary in Los Angeles Harbor in Prison Charles encountered all types of lawbreakers but he seemed most enamored with the pimps he was enthralled by their stories of seducing young vulnerable women and turning them into obedience sex workers they explain how to pick out women with low self esteem separate them from friends and family and finally alternate between showing the women affection and violence this combination of love and fear where powerful tools to exercise control over their victims Charles like the idea of exerting control over people. This may be why he enrolled in a prison course based on Dale Carnegie's Bestselling Book How to win friends and influence people Charles had never shown shown any aptitude for education before but he excelled in a class that affirmed his instincts for manipulation the most important lesson he gleaned from the course was held a make someone do what you wanted. The trick was to make them think it was their own idea. The research of cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus suggested that it is relatively easy to implant an idea and another person's mind simply asking leading questions can shape another person's response and even create false memories of events Charles was thrilled to learn how susceptible the human mind was to outside influence and how easily he could exploit that twenty three year old Charles was released in September of Nineteen fifty eight with few job prospects. He decided to become a pimp he seduced nineteen year old Leona Ray Musser with the aim of convincing her to enter sex work art Leona eager to please win along with it until his probation officer caught on Charles was soon back in federal court facing charges but he had Leona by his side. We own a had never met anyone like Charlie. When he spoke to her he acted as if she were the only thing that mattered and told her that she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen? He trusted her and he needed her to look out opt for him just like he did for her. How could she not love someone who meet her feel so special and desirable she would do anything for Charlie? Now was her chance to prove it. She thought about what she was going to say to the judge if she could strike the right tone and get the judge on her side she would keep Charlie out of prison and they could stay together and be happy. The courtroom was quiet and everyone was watching her the lawyers the parole officers and Charlie Leona let out a quavering cy and began to talk about how she and Charlie were in love and how they were going to get married and then she told the judge that she was pregnant with Charlie's baby. It was a lie but she didn't feel guilty. She was only helping Charlie as she wrapped up her speech Leona. Let here's fall from her. is she began to SOB. Charlie said that if she made herself look helpless the judge would take Pity Charlie was right Leonis plaintiff's speech before the court work and the Judge Place Charles on probation rather than sending him back to prison but Charles continued forging checks and pimping out Leona in June of nineteen sixty twenty six year old Charles was sentenced to another another ten years in prison during this stint he discovered scientology. He may have been drawn to the way the scientology leaders convince converts to surrender individuality and completely give into the ideology with the explosive arrival of the Beatles in nineteen sixty four Charles also became obsessed with music. He was fascinated by beatle mania more than anything King Charles wanted a legion of admirers to love him as much as the Beatles he had always loved listening to the radio as a child. It had an ear for punking out songs on his aunts piano. He convinced his mother to has sent him. A guitar took music lessons from fellow inmates and performed in prison variety shows other inmates gave lackluster praise calling him a decent singer capable of playing a few chords but Charles was convinced minced he was a genius prison staff encouraged his devotion to music as a distracted him from causing trouble on March twenty first nineteen sixty seven thirty two year old Charles Manson was released early from prison but he felt aimless without the constant supervision he'd grown accustomed to after twenty years in and out of various institutions while he mold over his future. He asked his parole officer her for permission to leave Los Angeles he wandered north to Berkeley California in the nineteen sixties. College campuses were exploding in protests against the war racial inequality and social injustice U._C.. Berkeley was at the center of radical protests after nineteen sixty four when students staged free speech demonstration that resulted in nearly eight hundred arrests and attracted the scorn of California Governor Ronald Reagan again at the same time the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco was the epicenter of the counterculture movement a place where hippies experimented with drugs free love and communal life both the. Revolutionaries of Berkeley and the Flower Children of San Francisco received national attention young people everywhere were drawn to the unconventional lifestyle they'd seen on the news or read about in magazines by nineteen sixty seven the bay area was packed with Gurus fractures and revolutionaries and there was no shortage of impressionable young people ready to fall under the influence of an inspiring leader and so when Charles Manson arrived having trained under pimps and scientologists alike is future followers where ripe for the picking. We'll see how Charles collected his first family remembers after this either if you enjoy this episode on the Manson Family Search crimes of passion on spotify and give us a follow to find more episodes now back back to the story when thirty two year old Charles Manson arrived in San Francisco in nineteen sixty seven the summer of love was in full swing. Everyone who migrated to the city had come with one purpose to learn how to think in a new way Charles was happy to educate them twenty-three-year-old Mary. Brunner was like thousands of other young people who flocked to California for a chance at an exciting new life she worked in the U._C.. Berkeley Library and met Charles while he was hanging out around campus playing guitar. Mary had only recently moved to Berkeley from Wisconsin and she hadn't yet made any friends upon their first smeeting. Charles teased her trying to get a rise out of her. Her temper flared until she realized he was purposely trying to goad her then she laughed and dropped her guard Charles coaxed his way into her home and essentially became her freeloading houseguests very relationship wasn't immediately sexual but Charles would sometimes bring other women back to her apartment to sleep with them eventually they she became jealous of the other women in order to compete for Charles's affections. Mary began to sleep with him to Charles was happy to take Mary to bed though he didn't stop collecting other women like eighteen year world Lynette foamy linnet had a troubled history of drug abuse and self harm. She ran away from home after an argument with her father. Charles was naturally drawn to vulnerable people he could manipulate women who were desperate desperate to be loved when Charles Sullen net crying on the boardwalk. He stopped and told her she looked like she needed a friend. He easily persuaded her to come back with him to Berkeley Charles now had his second follower. He didn't stop there. Charles picked up another woman Pat Krenwinkel after enticing her away from the home she shared with her drug addicted sister. Then he added twenty year old Susan Atkins whose his life had taken a rough turns and she lost her mother to cancer five years prior. The women were thrilled to be part of Charles's grew hat wrote a letter to her father stating that for the very first time in my life I've I found contentment and peace Mary Lynette hat and Susan all projected vulnerabilities that made them susceptible to Charles's influence. Nearly all of them had troubled relationships Russian ships with their families and Charles validated the anger they felt about their unhappy home lives telling them they were correct to rebel against their parents. Nearly all of them had self esteem issues and Charles told them that they were pretty and desirable. These were women searching for comfort and Charles gave it but their attraction to Charles wasn't just about their own weaknesses. It was also about his magnetism Tim he knew how to turn on the charm and his followers loved the way he showered them with compliments. Charles was also older than most of these women by a decade. He used his age as an advantage or training himself as an experience sage. It was extra flattering to these women that someone they perceived to be so wise was willing to pay attention to them. Charles Philosophies were not particularly original but he was so charismatic rasmatic when spouting out a jumble of ideas drawn from the Bible Scientology and Beatles lyrics that people couldn't help listen he spoke with the confidence and authority that discouraged anyone from questioning him Charles also had the self awareness to hide some of his negative attributes for example. He was vehemently racist but he did not reveal the extent of his racism to the women in his group as far mistake. Tell Charles's way of life was all about feeling good letting go of inhibitions and purging bad feelings Charles told the women in his thrall that no matter what may have happened to them before they were special beautiful and blameless innocence. They loved hearing this and they loved him still win. Charles lost his temper he became violent when he wasn't pleased with the women he might punch them or pull their hair but like many abusers he always knew how to sweet talk them into forgiveness a classic perpetuation of the cycle of abuse this was only the heightened by their isolation from other relationships and their dependence on him in the study from Translational Psychiatry Journal Antisocial personality disorder is found in forty to seventy percent of prison populations in Cortex studies review psychologist. John Burke notes that many Colt leaders at the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder. Two of the most recognizable traits of the disorder are the desire to control others others in a tendency towards crash in a cult leader revealed these treats by demanding loyalty from followers and by doling out physical punishments to transgressors in the same article Burke described evidence of dependent didn't personality disorder among followers. These individuals are more likely to exhibit depression anxiety and feelings of powerlessness that makes them all the more likely to fall under the spell of an authority figure these these dynamics were certainly found within Charles Manson's burgeoning colts in late nineteen sixty seven bolstered by his flock of admirers Charles decided it was time to pursue his larger ambition of becoming a Rockstar Dr. Mary Brunner gave up her apartment in the bay area and the group decided to move to Los Angeles. Charles packed his followers into a V._W.. Minibus and set out to become famous in Los Angeles. The group stayed in a home known as the spiral staircase the owner of the house enjoyed being surrounded by interesting transients and he allowed many artists and eccentrics aboard their here. The group continued to to expand they met fourteen year old Diane Lake and lived in a nearby commune with her parents Diane Leader wrote that becoming part of the Manson's was like a raindrop joining puddle. I blended in easily. We my loneliness disappearing Charles used his existing followers to draw in more people were more willing to listen to his ideas. When they saw the he was already surrounded by an enraptured crowd the group group swelled to around twenty members mostly women and a few men they increase their numbers and other ways to Mary? Brunner got pregnant and in April of nineteen sixty eight gave birth to a son Valentine. Valentine Michael Manson Susan Atkins also became pregnant she would give birth and the fall of that year during the same period the country royal with discord Vietnam. Tom were protests dominated. The News President Lyndon Johnson announced that he would not seek reelection be assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Junior triggered riots and over one hundred cities but no matter matter what was happening around him Charles Manson remain myopically fixated on his own destiny his plans got an injection of energy when two of his followers met Beach Boys Drummer Dennis Wilson in Hollywood Wilson invited the young women to his house for milk and cookies and they spent an innocuous afternoon together after their snap Wilson excused himself to go to a recording session and the women left but Charles. I was thrilled when he heard about the encounter he demanded the women's show him the way back to Wilson's house. When Wilson returned he found Charles and his flock harding in his house Wilson was not one to turn down a good time so he let them stay over the next few days Wilson let Charles philosophize to him and found some of his ideas profound mike the Women Charles collected Dennis Wilson struggled struggled with feelings of emptiness and loneliness he had previously sought meaning and transcendental meditation but he was open to anyone who might have some answers and Charles was an expert at convincing people all he had wisdom to share for Charles's followers Wilson welcoming them into his home was just another example of their leaders? Magic Charles told them that he could make good things happen just by envisioning them he wanted a music career and a famous musician came into his life in reality he was just manipulating easy targets like Wilson into giving him the things he wanted but Charles is disciples. It really really seem like he was conjuring. Good fortune out of nothing they saw almost godlike power and it only made them clean Charles Moore that's summer Wilson introduced Charles to some of his industry contacts talent silence Gout Greg Jacobsen and producer Terry Melcher Charles trying to get in their good graces by encouraging them to sleep with their pick of his followers. None of the women objected as if they had much of a choice ace one of Charles's rules probably borrowed from the pence was that each woman had to let go of all her inhibitions and have sex with whomever Charles told her to if she couldn't do that he wasn't interested in keeping her around. If any of the women ever wavered Charles used other him tactics he'd guilt them into obeying questioning whether they really loved him while also instilling fear ear with the threat of a slap or beating Charles's manipulation tactics worked on both ends Wilson and his frequent visitors Greg Jacobsen and Terry Melcher were enticed by the offer of unlimited rule rule free sex and for the next few weeks the family became Wilson Semi Permanent Guests Jacobson even flirted with the idea of making a documentary film about the group while riding up a film proposal Eve referred to the group as the Family Charles like the label and the group adopted it Charles now had the attention of a wealthy benefactor and several music and film industry contacts but as the summer of nineteen sixty eight stretched on Charles still didn't have what he wanted a recording contract melcher seemed to have the most clout in this area so Charles kept trying to get closer to him he knew Melcher true lived in a secluded house on yellow drive and he often tried to score an invitation. The melcher always resisted keeping him at arm's length Melcher found Charles off pudding. He wasn't the kind kind of person who searched for spiritual advice or metaphysical answers but the Gregarious Dennis Wilson introduced Charles to plenty of other less self-assured people who found Charles Captivating Wilson like to invite all kinds of people to come hang out at his house even strangers he barely knew twenty one year old Charles Watson was one of these guests Watson was thrilled to be welcomed into the home of a famous musician like Dennis yes Wilson but he was even more impressed by Charles Manson and his Legion of Obedient women. The family accepted the young man into their cohort and gave him the nickname tex by the end of the summer. Wilson Wilson was tired of financially supporting the family. When the lease on his house ended he moved out and the family had to find new lodgings but family members sandy good had another suggestion for where they could stay? She had a friend who lived on a ranch in seamy valley. The property had once been used as a set and TV westerns but it was falling into disrepair. Charles convinced the ranch owner Charles Spawn to let his group moved there in in exchange for helping the old man with cleaning taking care of horses and whatever upkeep the property required and at the sprawling ranch the family continued to grow that Fall Charles came up with new strict strict rules to keep them in line for example he forbade the women from carrying money he didn't allow them to read books and he banned watches clocks and calendars but his followers were willing to put up with the rigid policies because the family gave them unconditional love and acceptance that they could never find the harsh outside world and if they didn't follow Charles's rules they'd be kicked out of the family ripped away from that supports system daily use of drugs like L._S._d.. Also help keep them docile. David Smith was a physician and addiction expert who founded the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in northern California in the nineteen sixties Smith met Charles Manson and his followers in nineteen sixty seven while they were in the bay area two years later Smith studied the family at Spahn ranch and he even wrote a paper on the group in the Journal of Psychedelic drugs hugs prior to the families murder spree in recent years reflecting on the Manson family. Smith has written that we now know that drug infused mind control is a very real phenomenon amongst -ceptable youths Charles needed to use every tool he had to keep the groups focus and loyalty by the end of nineteen sixty eight he began to see ominous signs all around him. His followers noticed a change in him it it had always been a regular ritual Charles to preach to them through lectures or songs but that winter is daily sermons became less about love and more about the violent downfall of civilization now many of his lectures involved a coming race war and which black people would rise up and kill the white population according to Charles it was black people's turned to be in power after years of oppression Russian with these visions of violence Charles instill fear in his followers encouraging them to withdraw further from society and closer to him. The family had already found isolation at Spahn on ranch thirty five miles from downtown Los Angeles but Charles wanted to retreat even further away from civilization. One of the family members mentioned a place her grandparents owned and Death Valley called the Barker ranch. Charles thought this sounded like the perfect place to hide out during the coming Apocalypse Diane Lee was afraid she had joined the family at the age of fourteen because she wanted to be treated needed as an adult but to her that meant becoming Charlie's lover not as warrior still according to Charlie let shed was inevitable and they had to prepare for it. Don didn't know what to make of this latest rantings about race wars and uprisings. They were terrifying to be sure but Diane was certain that Charlie could protect them from whatever lay ahead what frightened her Moore was was that Charlie was acting differently. Just a few months earlier he'd been affectionate and playful. He showed love to all the women but Diana had believed he loved her best now. She no longer felt like a favorite favorite Charlie had withdrawn when she tried to bring out that warm side of Charlie he looked at her with contempt that more and more often erupted into violence and beatings only one thing seemed to improve Charlie's mood the thought of fleeing to the Desert Diane hope the change of scenery would fix things after all if it was what Charlie wanted it must be the right move. The whole family tracked out to Death Valley in October of nineteen sixty eight to scope out the property Charles got permission from the ranch owner to stay there but he soon realized that the group wasn't prepared for settlement they needed to stockpile food drugs knives and guns in order to make the ranch a suitable fortress Charles left a few members at the Barker ranch to keep watch while the rest of the family returned to Spahn ranch in Simi Valley over the next few months they started collecting whatever weapons they could get their hands on they stole Dune buggies and motorcycles from car lots and made alterations on the vehicles adding extra armor Moore and welding on Scabbard to hold firearms throughout all these preparations music still dominated Charles Dots. If he had any misgivings about his chaotic visions of the future they were put to rest in November. We're of nineteen sixty eight. When the Beatles released their latest album featuring their song helter skelter Charles seem to think the music was speaking directly to him all of it confirmed his dark predictions of of annihilation coming up we'll talk about Charles's interpretation of the white album and his increasingly erratic man's to his followers now back to the story after his release from prison in the fall of nineteen sixty seven thirty two year old Charles Manson used his charismatic personality and his masterful ability to manipulate people to amass a loyal cult following dubbed the family but by the fall of nineteen sixty eight charnel seemed to be steadily losing whatever grip he had on reality as the group squatted at the spahn ranch in Simi Valley Charles lectured his disciples about out the apocalypse and the family made preparations for the coming race wars Charleston that the black population would rise up to kill or enslave the White Race Charles told his followers that he planned to take them into a desert where they would crawl into a hole and hide from the violence during that time he said black people would hold all the power materials a white supremacist didn't think black people would be capable all of ruling the world so he predicted once they realized they did not have the skills to lead the family could emerge from hiding and be recognized as the rightful rulers of the planet shared delusions are rare her but when a shared delusional disorder does occur it usually happens among people who live close together often in isolation and with an intimate emotional connection Dr Ernest Charlotte xay was the first to identify the phenomenon he labeled fully ado which translates to the madness shared by two and fully famille or the madness shared by the family doctor La- zag sent that the inducer juicer creates delusions and imposes them on a passive individual who was not necessarily psychotic themselves but who is overly trusting and naive the family accepted Charles Prophecy not not only because they deferred to his word on everything but Charles also seemed to have proof he pointed to the Beatles release of the white album in November of nineteen sixty eight Charles said the lyrics and song titles was confirmed everything he predicted about the future blackbird was about black people rising against oppression hickeys referred to the corrupt people in power who deserve the extermination coming to them? Helter alter skelter was the term for the chaotic events that would ignite the race or and signal the end of the world beyond searching for greater truths and prophecies and the white album Charles thought that the songs wchs gave him more immediate practical advice in the song I will Charles took the lyrics your song will fill the air sing it loud so I can hear you to mean that he should not give up on his goal of becoming coming. A musician Charles had kept up his relationship with music producer Terry Melcher as best he could Melcher wasn't interested and indulging Charles's musical ambitions but he enjoyed visiting the Women Ed Spahn ranch and he recognized that even if Charles talents as a musician were middling there was something compelling about him that might warrant closer look so in March of nineteen sixty nine nine Melcher agreed to come out to on ranch to hear Charles. Play Charles was fanatical in the days leading up to the visit he and the woman he chose as backup singers rehearsed endlessly he had them perform a strip show to accompany the music trolls usually taught his disciples not to care about clothes or personal appearances but before Melchior's arrival he instructed his followers to buy material and Hanso oh him a fringed buckskin suit the family cleaned the ranch the best they could normally the family scrounged up meals from the dumpsters of grocery stores taking home any misshapen produce or food past the sell by date they could find in the trash but for Melcher Charles had the women whip up fresh baked goods and treats the group eagerly anticipated Melchior's arrival but on the agreed upon date Melcher didn't inch show Charles was furious in addition to his antisocial behavior he often demonstrated traits of typical narcissism including a fear of losing face licensed counselor Susanne degs white stated that narcissist is not able to tolerate any kind of public humiliation. Their egos can't handle the prospect of failure for the next few weeks weeks. Charles pulled away from the rest of the group and went on walks alone in the wilderness he had taught his followers to believe he was infallible. He hated for them to see him stumble. If they started to doubt his ability to become <hes> a great musician the might begin to doubt everything and then they might leave him. Charles couldn't bear the thought in addition to Meltzer's blow a month later police. Police raided the spahn ranch. They'd been tipped off that the group was in possession of stolen vehicles. Some of the family members were arrested. The charges were dropped within days because police could improve who had committed the thefts Jeff's even so Charles was rattled by the thought of the law interfering with his family a few days after the raid family member Tex Watson had a powerful negative reaction to some Hallucinogenic Bella Donna route during this episode he wandered around Van Nuys sometimes crawling on his hands and knees and emitting high pitched beeps until police arrested him for public intoxication when he returned to Spahn ranch after his release be other members of the family noted that he seemed different the twenty one year old had been a friendly mellow addition to the group after his bad trip he he became snap ish and edgy some studies indicate that hallucinogens can cause long-term or even permanent personality changes however most people reported positive changes such as decreasing Zaidi but tex felt like the drugs made him paranoid and destructive after the succession of dark events the family was granted a new ray of hope Terry Melcher made another promise to come and see Charles perform on May Eighteenth Nineteen sixty-nine Melcher came to spahn Ranch Charles. Let on the best show he could military listened politely after it was over he gave Charles name a friend who recorded tribal music. He thought the friend Might Find Charles is music more interesting than he handed Charles Fifty dollars and left the audition was over. Uh It wasn't exactly a brush off but it wasn't a recording contract. Either Still Charles would not give his followers any reason to doubt his success to save face. He told them that the fifty dollars was a signing bonus rather than the act of charity it likely was but the rejection clearly stung and Charles's moods turn darker he began to contemplate how we might take revenge on Melchor. It was also around this time that Charles sent his followers on excursions. He called creepy crawling dressed in black. The family snuck into random house's late at night while the occupants slept there they would misplace items and rearrange the furniture. It was a power trip thinking about how the homeowners would wake up and realize the intrusion had taken place without them knowing Charles Charles did not direct the group to commit acts of violence during these creepy crawling missions but he did ask them to carry knives at all times. These missions were all part of the group's training he wanted them to overcome their fears of of getting caught and to learn to move around silently and without detection this would be important. He told them once helter skelter began they also started preparing to return to Barker ranch in death valley but Charles was still worried about food and weapon shortage. They needed to raise some fast cash. Tex Watson had a plan to do so he would pretend to be a drug dealer and arranged to sell twenty five kilos of marijuana to a perspective buyer tex didn't actually have the drugs but he had a buyer willing to give him the money up front tax figured he could get the money and then disappear before the buyer realized he'd been cheated but the buyer who went by the nickname lots of papa easily traced text back to the Spahn ranch and the family when lots of Papa called demanding his drugs Charles told him that he didn't know where tax was lots of Papa replied that he was a member of the Black Panthers and if he didn't get his drugs or his money back he and his comrades would come to the Spahn ranch and murder the family family lots of Papa wasn't actually a Black Panther but Charles believed the threat. He asked one of the male members of the Family Thomas T._J.. Wallman to accompany him to lots of poppas apartment. Charles grabbed a twenty two caliber revolver to take with them and gave T._J.. Specific instructions Charles would stuff the gun in the back of his pants and T._J.. Would enter the apartment behind him. When Charles gave the signal he expected T._J.? To grab the gun and shoot lots of Papa once they were in the apartment teaching locked eyes with Charlie. He knew that he was supposed to grab the gun but he couldn't didn't help hesitating. He thought lots of Papa would be alone instead. He had two guys with him T._J.. Like things to be simple and hear things were becoming complicated but Charlie wasn't phased by the extra men. He ignored them and nodded at T._J.. The signal for him to shoot T._J.'s hand twitched. He knew that when Charlie gave an order he had to obey that was the deal he'd signed up for when he joined the family he had surrendered his individual to the greater whole he truly believed that he was no longer his own person and that his body was under Charlie's control when Charlie wilt him to shoot T._J.. Expected is body to comply but to T._J.'s horror he didn't shoot. He froze when T._J.. Failed to shoot lots of Papa Napa Charlie grabbed the gun himself and shot the drug dealer in the chest. Lots of Papa elapsed as T._J.. And Charles fled they returned to spawn ranch where Charles bragged everyone that he just taken down a Black Panther. He explained that he had done it for their sakes to protect them. Meanwhile T._J.. was so terrified by his failure to obey Charles that he fled the ranch fearing for his life life. It was a signal to all of them. Charlie had shown them what it meant to be a member of the family if they wanted to remain part of the grew they had to be ready to kill in the coming weeks. Many of them would prove how ready they were to comply. Thanks again for tuning into our crimes of passion summer of sixty nine special. We will be back Wednesday with part two of the Manson family story. We'll discuss the infamous murders that took place on August eighth an night one thousand nine hundred sixty nine as well as the police investigations and trials that followed if you enjoyed this episode checkout park has continued retrospective into the summer of sixty nine from July twenty second through August ninth the summer of Sixty Nine will feature twenty three special episodes across sixteen different podcasts covering everything from Vietnam War protests to the Zodiac killer be sure to check it out on our new podcast presents feet on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show. The best way to help is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time when true love meets true crime crimes of passion was created by Max Color as a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network.

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