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Hi I'm Chauve and I'm Chitra be co host of this show software people stories race. We're happy to bring you stories of people associated with software as make us all consumers in every episode. We talked to people the on their own personal and professional journeys their interests and approach to work and life in a free flowing conversation format. We hope so that you will be able to draw your inspiration from their experiences and insights. PODCASTS are made possible by. PM Power Consulting who had individuals teams and organizations on that delegates. Linzie Janis Velka to this edition of the People's stories. My guest today is an. I'm coma when condition. Who is the vice president of technology at Mike Ugity in this conversation? I'M GONNA talk about getting into software to have greater flexibility in terms of choosing companies to join the quality looks for when hiring and what it does empathy for users mean back in teams how to effectively organized deems that produce nitric services and consume micro services evolving safety dean for Development Practices as an organization grows and from his own expedience the importance of being adaptable once career progression and finally talk about handling stress dress at work and the future of software as a career. Listen welcome to episode of this offer people's stories. I'm really happy to have you guessed. And your story in the business we can start with beef introduction on how you got into. Id and maybe background and anything else that you may want to share your Rick Victory. Okay Okay thank you for having me on your podcast. Got To be here. Ed and I'm GonNa hear the technology team. Might you think question. How would I get into after so? When I started my gear up the kids back softer was and is very nascent stages in India still I think the opportunities June these for software more than the address I did buy adulation and typically the opportunities that we had for for two years whilst to sort of getting to the gunman D- In our since after was starting to get into that and I always wanted to solve the have a To maybe on the World War on cities and I find in the software industry provided that and so I went when I add Asian. US Bar always wanted to come back to gap and at that time the number of opportunities more so dark. I sort of increase likelihood after turning doing them. If I went into software within the hardware and uniting after India's now I think the majority of positions available are more than soccer tonight red lights. It's Jamesy giving me now. We have a big dent. Welcome Still living mass majority. So that's how I got into offer to have more exit exhibited and I I think for me I was able to express myself more. I think this might bus. No it's all fair much more creepy Bannon bannon hardware and other reason too. Yeah that's interesting so other than if you had a choice. We have continued in Grad unexplored Morton Madness at the second reason that I said that Software help me do into practice much again my assumption so although I my bachelors was in competing did my masters and I actually enjoyed that more and doing better at that in the software and come back to your thoughts on hardware is also becoming the more and more of fresh. Yeah yeah instantly. In my previous company. We started working on predictive analysis on a in the vice should be ideally Dane before it actually makes their own or the optimum time to maintenance and it it was a software company. We had nothing to argue and I think that's Sort of becoming. I think maybe the lines are getting in all some companies that are both and Traditionally might have been yes I think Not only title delay the thing that we know. Now it's becoming software planned What game is becoming much begun? Market Vanity Racial Rush on working and things go Toronto. Making those transitions so video also working in the US after graduate news came back here. That in article right after graduation so different teams in from In Jane applications the advocate bridges than in the seven years. Okay so how'd you find the transition from said the applications to a database team which is probably more of a an infrastructure back in. Yeah I think that was video leagues of the Kenya. That was sort of Jane that I wanted do but in hindsight that one of the things that actually it'd be much of a difference when I went into that and today also I see people having those performances reason I ran into a point guard at our golden desert. Children go to innovating was going to be more likely to object now after It it's not that big activating every software very has after regarding the company has the opportunity to do network so yeah I think in hindsight. That's been a big learning for me. One of my colleagues used to say at the end it's on magic. He's ended Learn degree of working Looking and best bigalow me as look for specific take aim that they done back in our day done despite debuting state of Trump look for more logical taking an ability to learn not adaptability thing. What goes back now? What is our fight this for no no hardware big five years back in sort of getting ARC getting much more of an unknown we. The as I might do company are the only two so I think it. It tells me to that to the your different technology. The defend America by I think that equity after was more important than the actual underlying on a year ago them soot went from your experience. What would be your advice for someone who wants to let a switch from applications to the back end systems systems? Are there things that they need to unlearn when they move in addition to being adaptable my balance at place. When I had this conversation addition within Moore was so he asked me do make joist eight so he said Yeah? You can work on thirty seven located whether that is what you enjoy our do. Do Make Solution England coming up our next that solving customer problems and you'll be enjoying so Electoral Board the easy answer. But I think thing that distinction is going to be in the back end. Look at art of Sort of those games of on function declining wages and the APP to have liking for that and application your experiences the you probably have to innovate make much more oster programs taking far market Bag so I think maybe depending on me Preventing again choose that although I think it's not a black or white Both needs texted back climates and even in different into getting on function requirements. So yeah it depends on the bus offense. Yeah that's what's Interesting now But the empathy for the user that you normally say building something understanding what they want. How is going to be used in that mode? New Applications of even manure creating backhander systems affair. How do you get that? How do you understand the usage scenarios? Okay I I think that it's nominee but seemed that empathy for us us are more in the nation and I can't but I don't think it needs to be that there should be that way so the customer for off the back End Services Avi application teams and and the empathy for that user needs to be an and I think the end users empathy has to be unveiled by please feedback games and we also have have these things happening in the L. and a maybe scaling system drew meet our tax requirement are hundred Typically comments to the CAN and empathy for us has to be there if if you say that we are able to do so much spun insane and beyond that aren't able to do it's GonNa Affect the end up so they end up getting some of everything. Get it so I think we definitely need the user be across the board and find ways to make yes through the the trigger for my question. was that in some watching situations what I've come across. Is that when you're talking about an application talking about business users right from their language or how they use the software what problems thank Saul is a little different and that has to be a kind of a bridge on an understanding of that the second aspect is that many times the Dick leads architects. Now have fairly strong views news in terms of how something should be done at least some of them and then your users are also other technical people that are some conflicts that come up in terms of why I will not do something or right cannot be done and stuff like that. So intimate empathy either more about the consumers also probably other developers and understanding understanding that there needs to be different. Than how do we do this. So have you come across any such situations in yard teams yet. So I think empathy for the end customer is slightly easier and is also styled lark. So many people are the word and They're being customers. Thomas that also makes that relationship so much easier to sort of answer the Di Gennaro born make you are usable. Regarding do Nettie expectations McGregor comes committee back in Mrs as the other developers eight so we I don't know Microsoft was was Dane Dale returning microbes of disease. And then maybe the contract become a little bit more negotiate where opinions are. There's no clear Customer being Was Ali shots More difficult but it's essential that as well I've seen anyone specifically take that company name. They automobile right company. Product is how much they make it easy to onboard at a actually collared our company's blog saying that within fifteen minutes you'll be able to they got to be an integrated endeared product. Oh Nice and I've used to today estimated saints if the NRT Tend to so they say how much documentation accommodation That was really really say that much about giving to be is end technical documentation and they've been called our courts being how important finding Karnik Typically comes from the back end assistance so I think yeah input extremely important One more example in article as bodily the end up ligation justice instead of steam flagship onyx article activists to be be putting in immediately senior fellow of the IBM he had joined Nautica Ms Niebler of losing millions of dollars due to insufficient daily's Goes Okay So that dark mean Barton's of even important messages was and having Steve Stuck in a problem. One of the problem onto dude on what exactly to do by yourself and I think the same but they re bringing into into our internal teams that goes offices and housing jealous data. Go a long way. I want to take that threat on micro services and the empathy and the responsiveness. And all that. You've probably seen both the more traditional ways of development and also the when you're ben you have a lot of moving pieces. Do you think the traditional way maybe better because there's more control and more coordination order water. What has been your formula for balancing the need for quick adaptability and to make sure that the legislation on cellphones? Yeah I I think it makes sense That that advantages in the early immortal and fudging landed companies have been coming old allegedly allegedly immortal and now all of us are sort of adopting mycosis advantages yet but I think we have to find the the balance for the company the company might be in different stages of evolution the game might be different stages of expedience and maturity and so we have to adapt to that so and we also in our company have done that thanks to his back when these started goes it. Would you leave your reality. Politic architecture removed and we had completely made capability of separate teams and then just on top of these working games so then what happened was the maps off to give these teams were nick amid our instead of out of tune with the obligations. So then we we organize the markings into consumers and Different Belo's so this gave us the ability to be much more in sync with the APPS. APPS teams on the microphones teams. Aren't that will be used majority of their excuse is GonNa be still be bilking genetic way I think we found the right balance between fuel. Capability Apt groups of applications and capabilities having sort of a Shannon region. That's interesting 'cause you only had a platform that is in production and then slowly you moved from. Monolithic to micro services. Is that correct. Yeah Yeah so how was that. Change handled the internal technical side and for the users. was there any impact on. Yeah so from the technical site physically be sort of gambling overall architecture or his almond things that can be meeting meeting do and on teams around that so the started Building that and the applications using them continual to adopt these mega savers. Aspe- they bartered is backing up. Data Gisu Micro Services Oversight Quarters Jordan's so there was no impact to the news Underneath the covers we are sort of replacing the with portions the one hundred with the hosting handled in this scenario. Probably for some time you had both versions of running and probably some consuming your micro take in some student connecting Yeah so we In to end distinct from the application using Indian Liam then we have this team for the micro services themselves so the testing continues and they have to work look respectable off the underlying architecture and the EPA testing is dumped up for the like was so and then now be onto added these sort of on-track testing the Zuma are the application gives The Microsoft esteem team before the things So we enjoy. That don't seem absurd. Sort of okay. So Oh aren't enjoying the quantity of also in the last two years that your team has also grown and you did mentioned that you look for certain qualities are hiring. So how was that baked make into the strategy off. Transforming Yard So Young Technology and this Oscars board are parts of extremely bar and I think it was coming earlier. Technologies won't change by by the time higher by. I'm like five of us so we look for people who are willing to nine Danes who cj Ej as an opportunity not and We look for those characteristics the interview sort of training for our. Are you as as well to focus on these aspects are evaluation on so as being sort of change driving safe right so we have separate sections Astute Soft skills the by us at our company has and how dare bustled Are Sort of aligned for that and Skinning at this spot of getting people deleting Much smaller people used to be able to communicate. Do do you each other and they just get things done when you're be coming. They don't have that sort of knowledge edged baked into that which is sort of by the same people. We had to focus a lot on those initiatives off increasing For example our automation mate So that when a new person is coming in and checking the goal at the safety net of art commission fees that is provided to them to be safe to make changes and see what works of Art We increased sort of the Level of the Views its giant views and also introduced this to be done before on the West. It's much it helps us on board people and they will do get him to start adding back much sooner documentation and some people Condition Don's need to look into writing on the designing because they said be. We were from the early architecture architecture. TINGES Jarque so new people come in these. In one bosom joined recent savannah she knew Camping eight we had improved that I do not. Oh why instincts so all these things are helping skilled. Yeah so highly spoke about migrating transforming current platform but in terms of the problems. Problems based itself you do a lot of analytics and inherently there is a lot of uncertainty in that of expiratory nature in terms of how you collided them scanned everybody. So how your team handy. Those this is one thing that we still Continuing to work on. So what one of the things that we introduced intimidating as some some kind of Be Distinct on beyond binded disdain. So the sale in May that are different strategies that can be forgot dictum in different strategies that can be used to deliver the campaigns and in certain strategies me better than other strategies and we can hypothesize weekend destroyed thousands of amping campaigns. Earning In point pain man. it's better to actually performance in production and the news that so so this in one of our products are using Ending this again to create sort of experiments of these Strategies are the end result organics until after the next update on Komo invasion disease strategy. That is so we like a different and sort of budgets and experiment and See How would working Back Joe Is August as measured I gain. CPI keep the eye off the and If the distracted helping the game Be any better so is given more range of going forward. I mean this is a cyclic feedback on this. How was your own transition from a decade not as over the career head to a leader so I think I've I've said I started out with them. Pigeons went through this and enter new sufferings of us in ECOMMERCE INFORMATICA which is out. Get out get out of the company. The now attacked Katamon Majidul so the things that I considered important for myself is to be adaptable. So that is something that I focus on and sort of telling myself and sort of each of these jobs means of completely Abbas to Size to enterprise in our attack a Since I son of unjustly focused on that so we'll be seeking change touting You're domain when you went on his knees and Henson's being sort of fairly smooth sailing. Once outside of accepted the Gelin. He wanted to actually make it could happen and Yeah so I think that's been my journey taking on Unarguable morning so how'd you did Yeah so things this at work is I think becoming of warm more almond commend. And and I think when they started off wasn't an in her that much of surplus Army devoting coming on in the navy. Now we are out of this more Art To be shared with people. That would definitely be talking thing or At our company have them to sort of help people who think too. Yeah so thing. Can you do this to me dumb of askew him. IQ Nine freeze cure Excuse intervene gene So yeah so I fight boss the full five years of being spending more or buying fine that that is helping me tremendously to sort of Again accept a certain things rooms eggs stressful except Things at work benefits on fleets. Our parents deadlines and then sort of what who was it and I think fiction armistice doesn't seem to be happening as much Absent for me aren't able to think manager. That's nice because one question that I like to ask our guests end yard waste for people who are considering getting into software or who are about to get into software as a career one. The questions they have are. Is there a future for offense because everybody says that there are things going to be automated and then what kind of job we have. It's attack the second. Is many of them. See this Australia professionals. Putting the law of long hours would we have a life outside of office. So what would be your advice to them. Yeah I think definitely we need all be coming a new software opportunities and An orange again to express itself much repeats there. I think it's the from the most changing industry Franken. Maybe say that might be coming from a famous bike Do all other functions in software sees most change so if people like that and they won't constantly. I think it's fair to be coming to the thing I'd rather automation A Gore thanks And I'm thinking that these challenges will be Small School Than Davis game name People who are afraid of that takeover. That Josh ran right anything any change. I Grin Gaming to India. It'd be employing fair that jobs but I think that the SE although not to mention that as one a different kind of competition. Ed is coming since I firmly believe I think again at seen a debate on the thing. Humans are sort of far superior with talk phase as created by someone posted. Something different thing posing by Elon. Musk quizzes mob thing. I I subscribe booting that Jack Ma. Let's head at humans creates affair and so forth software has included humans in magazine at school to happen. So many fee automated things that will be origin being opened up that suffered erebus get far so gallon. My deep is that that I don't think that is going to change anything for Beagle who can country you'll find you virginity nervous. I think the third thing would be long our software giant so I hear that from soften Ebou but I do see the large functions. For some reason they don't doc voted I've seen a worked with Accountants a out of my building by some originally do that in the legal permission. I think they spend a lot more Amazon. But so I think it's overall letting everyone is looking more and more hard the day because the winces doing that. I think it's become presents in fight on happened. And so I don't think it's particularly to Software so I think I think we gentle it's happening and I think people should take a balanced o clock thanks so I do see that starting to happen now. That things are going up and coming necessities STU things that they want to have. Juries of people have these choices. as To a school denard art school until you need this conscious giants at of digging in old of the Similar having been sure make the judges have hang him for the time for family had dime for hobbies in France. And I keep telling my folks that if you who are what caught Working off begins if a big vacation completely From what really emergency emergency. Someone will call. You need to be taking. You may running because I think even if we do that job at afterwards folks of Work completely switch off and do other things that Glory but city Nice send reassuring on two counts one that there is still future in software and people can get into software and there is life beyond soft Arizo even. Yeah very interesting conversation drama. That's about all the time we have for today. Thanks a lot for taking the time and sharing in your thoughts as we haven't covered your hobbies and other things. Maybe that's another day show. 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