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welcome to naked chats a podcast of honest conversations in business online marketing. I'm you'll highest rachel. Hawkins dietitian turned online. Marketing strategist and margarita. Enthusiast helping health professionals market themselves online so that they can reach more people have more impact and achieve game changing results in their businesses. Listen learn and baynes fired. Every tuesday and thursday as i chat industry insights and actionable tips. That you can use to build a career of your dreams. Let's chat heller and welcome to episode thirty of naked chats to say that. I am feeling a little bit rusty behind the microphone. Right now is very much an understatement. I was looking through foreign before. I started recording and the lost episode that i published on this podcast was on august twenty fourth. That is eight months ago. Like gosh. i can't believe it's been so long. In between episodes soil much has changed in my world since then the biggest thing being that light last year i actually decided to step away from dietetic and close my nutrition consulting business in pursuit of a new direction online marketing. That is exactly what i'm gonna be talking about on. Today's podcast episode. I'm also going to be talking about how this podcast is going to be. Changing just a little bit to support these new business direction of mind. Because i think it's really important that you guys are what to expect from the podcast from here on out and finally. I'm also going to be answering questions that you guys have asked me online. So last week. I did a call out on my instagram. Just popped a little and box up on my stories and put a coal at for any question. Do you guys had in relation to minute. Business and online marketing. And i'm going to be answering some of the questions that i got through. He is sorry. It's going to be a jam packed episode now if you adjust tuning into naked chats for the first time i want to let you know that this is not typically what my episodes will look like. But there's just so many changes in my business in my world that i think this episode is really important to just for context. That's what we're gonna do today now. Let's start off by talking about these new business of mine now. It's still running into my personal brand. I'm still rachel hawkins everywhere online now for those that have followed my business story closely. You would not that. I have been working in digital marketing roles within aga khan of organizations for a one and a half years now whilst still running mine nutrition consulting business on the side so when i moved to sydney i accepted a full time. Position working at supplement company. And then i've also been working as the digital content and marketing coordinator at got started. I started that light last year and obtaining that row for about seven eight months now. Sorry wedded marketing. Come from well. I was first introduced to the wonderful world of marketing at university. Actually so i took an elective subject. Foundational marketing costs as part of the last year of my master's degree and i ended up doing a lot of my payday when i first started up my business because obviously that was i guess an area that i needed to scrub a horny to to do well and get my business name out there. I just ended up falling in love with it and it was sort of one of those things where The more that i learned about online the more i realized health professionals didn't and i sort of fell into these role of becoming a bit of a mentor or an educator if you like to the health professionals who really wanted to i guess honest online space to grow their business and it was a round. I'm going to say november last year. Where i sort of had these light lightbulb. My man it was actually off the back of the mosque losses that iran in conjunction with another dietitian. That of was teaching health professionals how to utilize instagram in particular to i guess grow their business and how to monetize it platform and i post master classes. I sort of realized that this was something that i could make a business out of teaching. I take health professionals how to mock themselves online and really navigate a somewhat overwhelming online environment. Sorry that they can put their time and energy into doing what they love marston. I think that is helping the people. And i guess that is the whole goal of these new business of mine. I wanna teach you how to market yourself online in the simplest way possible. Sorry that you get the result. He want quickly in your business and you can spend your time doing what you love mar so i want to save you from wasting your time and money searching for answers on google and youtube. I want to stop you from buying unnecessary Equipment subscribing to unnecessary subscriptions so that you can focus on being the best practitioners possible and getting the best outcomes for your clients. And the way that i'm going to do that is through a range of digital products and services and the first one of th- ariz as actually going to be an instagram mocking colts. That is learnt won't ching on june first. Now i'm not gonna go into too many details on. What exactly the colts as yet. Because i'm saving that for just a couple of weeks time odd. Because i want you guys to get a really good pizza of what this course is about. Before the dolls are pin on june first by spies just very briefly in terms of providing an rv for you just in case you to mark the date in your diary and mccain on lending mall. it's going to be a six week. Course that is going to take you essentially to build a profitable instagram. And when i say a profitable instagram page i mean one that pain clients and one that gets you a face in front of brands so that you can help more people you can have that big impact and you can generate more money within your business now. As far as i'm aware there are currently no courses like what mine is going to be like yet for health professionals out vast arm super pumped about it. Make sure that you're listening to the podcast and pulling me on instagram for updates. He because i will be revealing far motels very very certain. Sorry that is the business. Let's talk about the podcast now. Now this podcast my little passion project podcast naked chats it has honestly become one of the most beneficial things i have ever done for my business. I want to say thank you to alicia edge from compete nutrition. Because she's actually the person that convinced me to start this podcast way back when i interviewed aleisha on episode. Two of the podcast. I believe that would have been two thousand eighteen. Maybe it was early two thousand and nineteen. It was a long time ago since then released twenty episodes. That's a pretty small number of episodes in caswell but despite that i have a hundred and fifty five five star rating and reviews on appalachians which is just like absolutely mind blowing. I have such an incredibly supportive audience. So thank you to you. When i launched his kossi hit the new inert worthy section in at podcast which was awesome. I got to number two in the business chops and last season Season two. I sat consistently in the top ten throughout the whole season. So i'm really start about that achievement. But i think the thing that i take away from those results mars is you guys are telling me that you lack the cost in the format that it was. I guess i wanted to start off by saying that. Even though my business has changed and there's going to base some small changes to the podcast. I am going to continue to create and share the conversational style episodes that you know and love. Sorry no one out they get. They will be staying That's not going anywhere. I'm just adding extra value to us. Sorry something that is changing. Is i am now going to be inviting health professionals from oldfield's onto the podcast to share their stories. Sorry i'm not just going to be bringing on people from nutrition industry and i'm also going to be inviting on business. Experts to share their expertise in areas such as digital marketing social media. Branding podcasting sales. The list sort of goes on their essentially. If i can talk to someone who has the expertise in business. Someone that he's going to. I guess going to be able to provide value to you and help you build a career and the business of of your dreams. Then they're gonna be on the shark. Because i really feel that we can learn so much from people in other industries. Sorry this is in addition to naked chats than i am very very pumped about and then in addition to i guess they as conversational interview style episodes. I'm also going to be throwing in some shorter solar episodes just with me and the main reason for this is that i want to be able to find a way to publish episodes on naked chats far more consistently than what i have done in the past or the inclusion of these shorter episodes essentially means that i will now be able to release new episodes. Two times wake sorry. Every tuesday and thursday. I'm going to be dropping. New episodes ongoing. So there's not gonna be any big seasons and huge Seven eight month breaks in between seasons. I'm gonna be publishing consistently every tuesday thursday and if there's ever times where i take a couple of weeks break for example. The christmas holidays. I'll let you guys aren't but otherwise every tuesday and thursday. You can expect to hear from me. Oh and i should probably add. Actually i'm going to be recording. All of my podcast recordings for youtube too. So i haven't recorded this episode because admittedly it is seven. Pm at night. And i had a lot of tech issues trying to figure out how to do that. Because i've got a new poll causing set up. I don't know whether you can hear a bit of difference in the sound quality these episodes so basically i fluffed around for too long trying to figure out all the tech. I've got it sorted now as of next episode. I'm going to be recording. All of them and popping up onto youtube so you can put me on youtube as well of the link in the shower nights to my channel. All right. Sorry onto the qna. So as i was saying before. I popped a little coal out to my instagram audience. Ask them if they had any questions for me. Half of the questions. I received i guess asking me about my new business. And what it's all about. And the half is in relation to i guess tapes around business and online marketing. I'm gonna stop we questions about money business. And then i'm going to flow into the other ones and then we'll finish off the poco kost. Sorry question number. One is from stephanie. Dot alana and the question is is the new business jobs courses or will you be taking one on one clients to sorry the answer to that as barth Business is going to offer a range of digital products. The first one being matt instagram marketing close. I mentioned to elliott. And then i am also going to jump into opening my books for taking on one on one clients. My priority at the moment is getting these instagram cole created and launched and then once that's up i'm going to look at art pinning my books for the one on one services. Sorry i don't have a date exactly four yet. I'm just gonna say how my workload garis. Because i also don't want to bend myself out of commit myself but if you are interested in i guess booking in a one on one service for me. When they do become available you can subscribe to my mailing list or alternatively. Send me a damn on instagram. To just express your interest and i will contact you when my books arpan. Next question is from dietitian addition. That's millie thanks. Mealy the question is how did you normally when you were ready to leave nutrition business. I love this question is such a good question. The answer to that is. I knew when i felt like i had lost my passion for it. I feel like. I almost became board of nutrition in some way. I mean i love for you and i will always love food but i feel like i sort of got to a point where it became quite tedious and almost anxiety provoking to keep on top of the research and to do the work that i was doing as a dietitian. Not because i didn't feel like it didn't align professionally like the people that i was working with all sam and obviously strongly believed in everything that i was working on but i just felt like it got to a point where it didn't align with where i was not personally and the reason i say that is because i was being approached for jobs from awesome companies but i just got to the point where i felt like i actually wasn't the best person for the job anymore and i don't say that from a place of feeling inferior or you know i'm not as good a dietitian as the next person but the reality was. I was not up to date on my payday. Because i was spending every spam minute of my day learning about digital marketing and i found myself referring work opportunities onto colleagues that i felt were bet up fits i guess for the job opportunities and i think where i sort of had. I guess my lightbulb moment. The point of the iceberg. For me where. I sort of realized you. It's time to keep this up. Walkaway from dietetic was ir saved and inquiry from a quiet lodge corporate organization. And they will wanting me to run the culprit wellness program. Sorry it would have been you know monthly nutrition seminars shops with their employees nutrition consults for hundreds of staff like it was a seriously great opportunity and it would've been a dream opportunity for me head of landed in my inbox about six months prior. But i looked at it. And i was like you know what i am. Not the best person for this anymore. Sorry i declined that opportunity. And after that i make the decision to sort of leave dietetic really. Interestingly i instantly felt like a sense of relief and when i felt that relief that was when i knew that i had made the right decision. Sorry yes it seems really weird to say that our opinion sharing you know my business journey and i i love i do. I do love nutrition. I love food bought. I didn't love the role of dietitian. I suppose and i just get such a different feeling with marketing. And i'm so passionate about marketing. And i'm really passionate about helping people i think that's why i became a dietitian and i still feel like i can help people in this role when i feel probably have a big impact than i would have is a dietitian because like i said i just wasn't up to date on my pay day and i just felt like this was a much better off. Man i'm really pumped and excited about it already. Question is from bran lucy. Ninety six she asked. Will i still dabble in nutrition. The answer is not professionally anyway. I'll always maintained an interest in it for myself personally definitely not professionally anymore. Now a few people are am. I just going to be focusing on the health industry or banding. My business to help anyone that wants to grow an audience online narc. Sorry am just nation down in the area of Professionals i think there are a lot of other people out there that provide marketing services to business aren't influences etc but no one that i'm aware of anyway provides services specifically for health professionals in the manner that i am in this marketing area and i think given my background. This is where i can provide a real point of difference there dietitian clay. Are you still working at got started. Yes i am. I work and i've always worked at got started in hot time capacity. I have always been very fortunate that they've been really supportive of me pursuing work opportunities within my own business and this new businesses nine different and i guess i think i'm really lucky to be able to pursue this new business venture whilst also being able to be involved in some pretty cool things that got started. Sorry yes very very lucky. Next question is from jackie. Mattie jackie a maddie i believe and her question is will this help. Nutrition students create an online platform absolutely. Yes are mike. Carlson service offering is going to help both qualified health professionals and aspiring health professionals to market themselves online. I obviously have a bunch of free content throughout my emails. This costs my. But then i'm also going to have my paid product and service offering good opportunity site to any students listening and you might have aspirations to work in private. Ps private practice on your business or where could brands in the media like while he was studying as day. Perfect time to stop building your brand and online presence through social media. I started mine. One year before i graduated from masters and my only regret is that i didn't stop serena and i'm sure you're probably thinking of course you're going to say that you're about to watch needs graham cole. Spot nar honestly. I've spoken about this. I think like years ago. And in many of the interviews. That i had like. I honestly regret that because if i started my profile the two years elliott when i first started thinking about it i feel like i would have had so many more opportunities once i left university and the reason i say that is because like if you can get online and you can stop building a presence you give people a little bit of a taste of who you are and what you're about and i feel like you just put yourself in such a great position to secure work after you graduate like i was doing pay clever rations prior to even graduating as a dietitian. It was awesome extra cash while i was studying and i was also receiving inquiries from people who wanting to book nutrition consulting for me before i was even qualified. Sorry if you've been thinking about getting online on instagram in particular and building a platform do it. Now go and start your account. Stop thinking about what you want your brand to baylock because you know you weren't regret The only thing you will regret is not giving a guard. Sorry that would be my advice. Their next question is from mads dot dietitian. She asked what upskilling and payday have undertaken in digital marketing as i was saying elliott first taste of marketing that i got was at university. I did a purse graduate marketing. Course there and then of course. I've got a lot of on the job. Learnings sorry by from running my own business for two and a half years and then also working in digital marketing roles within the organizations full that one and a half years i have also done a twelve month course in launch marketing. I did that last year and it was awesome. It was cold launch magic and it was run by an incredibly fantastic launch. Marketing ways called steph. Kyla and that i feel has really sort of elevated my knowledge in the of i guess marketing particularly around like product launches. And of course i indulge listening to many poku and reading many marketing books and learning from the lacks of incredibly knowledgeable. People united states guard. Neil patel porterfield. Many many more the list goes on. And i will of course continue to be learning in the years to come because i think that's really important at zoe. The dietitian asked in my opinion. What does success look like for a health care professional online. I love this questions is such a good question. My answer would say that success is going to look very different for different people so to some success might a running a really big online business having might be having an online program important stuff having products and merchandise to sell while two others having a successful business might just be having a full clinic book. Sorry nor one option. I think is more in successful than the others because success is something that should be determined by the individual riot and i think that will comes down to what your values are as an individual and what type of life you need to be. Living in order to be living in close alignment to those values. And once you know that. I think that you'll be able to identify where your work fits into that picture. And guess how you can plan and online marketing strategy to help you achieve this. And i think once you're hitting those goals that you set for yourself that is success to me and that's actually how i am now perching my business. I'm not focused on i. I one hundred thousand followers all. I want to work with x. amount of brands. It's what's going to make me happy in life. And how does my work into that. And i think once i'm heating not in achieving that dot is what i would deem to be successful at alice. Belief men dietitian asked. What is the best business advice that you've been given. I feel like i have to say two things here. Number one beta trust your gut always always trust your got if i reflect back on the past couple of years and perhaps business relationships that i had entered into a collaboration that i've done that perhaps have taught me very lessons to put it very. Kindly say that my was always telling me. This just doesn't feel right. Sorry number one always trust you. Got you your best and number two would be to fuller. You'll passion daren't settle for anything. I remember when i graduated. I went online. And i saw this quite extensive parsed from a dietician online. And they were sort of just saying that our new grads really entitled and you just have to take what you can get. You need to get all the experience can get. Don't think that y'all gonna buy into your dream job out of university and obviously that is just sarno my jam. I could not disagree more with that. I was sorry. I was actually became quite angry when i read that. I'll never forget that. So my biggest thing is always follow your passion. If you work hard enough you can achieve anything and don't settle lack. If you have big goals cape those goals it's important about implementing the steps to get you to where you are. Maybe that main senior being in a job. That isn't your dream job. Oh you'll end goal but it's serving a purpose right it's gonna get. Ut goals fully that passion and please don't settle brit. Smith oss how to dietitians develop an influence online without blurring professional and personal boundaries. Awesome awesome question. I believe that the concept of you know what's blurry in terms of professional and personal boundaries. Aids very subjective. I think that what. I may consider to be appropriate. May not be appropriate for someone else. I think online. It's important to share certain elements of yourself because when your audience nor you when they begin to trust you and when they have that trust in you are more likely to want to work with you but of course you don't want to be sharing anything that is going to make your audience question your professionalism. Sorry for example. I might post a picture of myself and some friends having a cup towel. Maybe where having a chase board. But i am not going to post this story about seeing karaoke or dancing on the dance floor. When i am after drinking all of those cocktails. Because that's obviously aligned with my professional brand and that may actually result in a walls of trust from clients right. because. If i'm a dietitian i meant to be promoting a healthy lifestyle. Yes balance. but they don't need to save the club at one. am are in terms of. I guess how you can start to identify those boundaries for yourself. I think i'd put pen to paper and really work out what you are an aunt comfortable sharing online. And if there's anything that you're uncertain about i just be asking myself. What are the potential repercussions of sharing universe. Said if there's any potential for negative impacts bear. I would err on the side of caution and not share that and i think it's also really important to consult oil or check out the guidelines that your industry has around conduct online. And how they. I guess belief you should be conducting yourself online in a professional manner. That's really important to consider all sorry because you want what you do online to come back in effect your accreditation in any way now. Lauren dot muggeridge. I hope i'm saying that rat learn. She asked what are your tips for students wanting to make a brand for themselves. I'm going to be super super shaky here and say tune into next week's episode. Because it's all about branding in particular personal branding just to give you something to take away from this episode. I think number one. It's really important to get clear on who you are so what values are important to you. What are the personality traits that you really want to spotlight in your brand. Because they are going to set the tone for your brand online so it's just a matter of identifying or uncovering these because they're really going around lay the foundation for the brand that you create and how you present yourself online. Another question from zoe the dietitian. Hey she asked a couple of great ones and her question is what other biggest challenges for healthcare professionals in business right now i feel like this is gosh. Where do you start with this one okay. I'm going to say that. The biggest challenges for healthcare professionals in business I'm going to say. The policymakers and the governing bodies. I think that healthcare is very traditional. I think that they are very resistant to change in my experience. And you know. I think funding is a really big issue. I think if there's one positive thing that came out of your car vade and the poss twelve to eighteen months. It's that are funding was provided at least in australia for virtual services which just made accessing healthcare so much easier not only for people in remote locations but just for the everyday person because it just fitted into the modern latte style and i think want what was once unusual example dieticians or any healthcare professional being on instagram is now becoming normal and iheart that i that will become normal to being able to log online. I'll pick up a phone call and being able to talk to your doctor and access healthcare services. You know i think for us. As a whole to make a difference we really need to be relatable and we really need to be able to connect with people yes. The clinical staff is so important yes. The science is so important but we need to be doing a better job at the translation of that science to the public in order for change to be saying the future is digital lack. Anyone who denies that had just in the sand and i guess that's why i saw so passionate about encouraging all health professionals to get online. Because that's how you're gonna connect with people that you're gonna get your message out. That's hanging a help people regardless of what type of business you're running. What type of field of work. You're in sorry. That is my answer to that question zoe. Now i'm going to wrap up here. I wanted to these episode really short and sweet. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions to me. Now if you enjoyed today's episode of course as be really grateful if you left a five star rating and reviewing apple podcast for me as it really does. Help me to get the poll. 'cause out to more people and of course if you feeling social don't forget you can spread the love online by snapping a picture of you listening to today's episode and sharing it on instagram. All right guys that easy for today's episode. Thank you so much listening. And i will catch you next time.

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