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Wednesday 10/2/19 - Manitowoc County Resident Part I


R Bambang tears Wednesday October second Chicago Dog Walk Coupla guests today first and foremost if you've never seen the show making a murderer this podcast. There's might not be for you but it still might be because we have someone in today. His name is Chad. He worked in the District Attorney's office in Manitowoc not at the same time right yet no intern a few years later so yeah so he he was in there and it's just might be a good perspective anyways what it's like an DA office if you've never been in there still kind of hop along for this ride and who knows maybe we'll get something out of him and people enjoy enjoy. I'm also joined by White Sox. Dave how are you. I'm doing great Ed. How you doing doing great so before we get into make you a murderer steven every talk here? We do want to talk about the show being presented founded by Miller lite Miller lite we with them watching the game on Sundays. I write dave yet. GonNa be thrown back. Some ice cold grey tasteless. Philly Miller Lights eating some wings the whole nine yards Ed yeah we at five thirteen west Taylor Street in Chicago. I the buffalo wild wings over there and like Dave said since nineteen seventy five nor light bird the first light beer that didn't compromise on taste and they've been doing it ever since nor light is the original light beer brewed to have more tastes and only ninety six calories. Come Watch the game with us at noon on Sunday chat. Your mother like I write your from Wisconsin of course there. We go got to be so Chad. How's it going. Thank you for coming in today. It's going go to the the weather's a little different right now and not used to this hot weather in October but yeah right so anyway so this story is back in the news because someone in prison confessed to the murder of Theresa how kind of deflecting off Steven Avery a little bit there and like I said you are from MANITOWOC. That's correct okay so you're from October. Talk to you. We're GONNA explain anything else about your background. That people should know before we really happen here. Yes so I grew up five miles outside of avery auto so back back in two thousand five when he was convicted I remember during the manhunt starting not too far from where I lived and it was the Taco town man talk small area so once you ain't national hype that's GonNa be on the news every night so there was a manhunt manhunt for for for when they were looking for who murderer offer for Theresa Whole Buck Oh so they were it was a search part search party. They call them manhunt okay when I think manhunt. I think they're looking for a person who did it. They they found it wasn't that they had to find find avery was they're looking for Theresa Holiday. We're looking for the body. Okay okay that for some reason I would think that has like a like a victim search party or something like that okay so it was all over the news. You remember number. How old are you at the time I was fourteen fourteen and you're old enough at that point to realize like well. This doesn't really happen small town Wisconsin right yeah you're old enough to realize realize that nothing happens here and then all of a sudden blown up the biggest thing was green bay packers new because you weren't alive yet when the first thing happened with Stephen No that was in the eighties now. I was not alive but growing up. Everyone knew to stay away from the avery family. Really it was one of those just avoid them at all. That's that's really what I WANNA know like. Did you drive past the salvage yard like you and your boys where you have in you know maybe driving around doing a couple of rounds and you pass by the salvage yard like how did that work. So the only time I went by there. I was kind of a goody goody as a child. I'd go with my dad when he needed spare tire or something like that but otherwise like don't go here. There's no reason to it's all trouble. Oh your spare tires fixed there or he would buy them from not mean it was. It was pretty cheap really but what was that like experience like. Did you pull when did did you go through the car the carpet like was it like you pull right up and you're like the garage dad fixing shit you pull it up and you just see just this huge judge lawn of cars and car car parts. That's it you start looking around. Then someone finds you and ask what you're looking for. I did you get the sense from your father that he it was like a little queasy about it or he. I mean he's a grown man. He's okay no just because he kind of he grew up here in the city so he was always really comfortable with people small town Wisconsin Wisconsin but he just made sure like don't go there on your own okay and so whenever I had a car issue after I got my license. He's like there's no need. I'll find something for you. Now is this because of of like the shit that happens. Steve in the nineteen eighties or was this like an ongoing thing because I remember I was reading that he killed cats and shit but like Brennan Dazhi- theatrically he was slow and Bobby. Daddy seemed like a moron but he didn't seem like a psychopath that everybody's paying out to be right now yeah so it was more than just the nineteen nineteen eighty six so that you think of that point when I before that abors locked locked up until two thousand three is when he got released it was still the family had this reputation to avoid at all all cost my mom worked at the high school that Desi One two and people knew he was always a little bit slower but he had you know nephews or he had cousins at the school and they're always always causing trouble so it was just one of those things you wanted to avoid. You didn't want to get into that reputation so it was just a family that was just had a little bit of a checkered past that it was like your mom warned you about correct. I think it started with Stephen but then it continued over and then there was more results of this troubling in school so you kind of yeah except the reputation. I didn't really WANNA question either now. Did you have a body that like hung out with them like. Did you ever have any mutuals like that so my brother was want to hire. Hi Are Middle School with one of his nieces who ended up changing her name after all. This stuff went down. Why what was the what was the reason yeah I mean she at once making a merge robbed she didn't couldn't accept the last name for all the harassment she was so it's one of those things like she was so embarrassed of her past that she change Asia last okay. I just wasn't sure if she liked there. She had type implication or anything. No no no nothing like that. You imagine pressure your game from outside. Yeah I mean every I mean. There's got yeah. That's a famous famous hockey player so it's pretty common but I guess if you love your small town and you had the last name avery it collins back a little. I absolutely and I mean so you never had any personal interactions with anyone like that not that I can remember no like I. I said my brother had classes with her but that's the closest extent decorative and he was like she was fine. Yeah he was like you know. She's a normal high schooler but it was still the ideal my my my mom thing yet. Just be wary of it asked and then I think my cousin was in class with another cousin in an another niece the one that was in their ports actually Kayla and I know I I never really had any interactions there but she was the one who got more in trouble in middle school cool but troubled middle school can be you know the smallest of things to okay she internet the DA office and you went to law school and everything I assume so interning turning that law stood at fear at that da that feel like it was kind of like a loose ship like two or was it feel sloppy. It's not that I felt sloppy sloppy. It was one of the things I was there two thousand twelve. You didn't really think about making murder dropping. It's not like there's any sort of warning coming forth that. Shit was gonna hit the Fan Dan for them but there are still tons of files on because it was one of those cases that was never gonNa that that they always had you always record your files law firm but there's also also changing indeed. Kratz to to mark Rohr so is a little bit of a difference and I think yellow tighter ship so okay that'd craft stood. Yeah okay a little bit. Just a little little is a little understood and some people would like you. Were were intern. was that so popular of a case in such an intriguing case that like you would run there and like kind of read the files. Were you able to do that or no. I never I never did that because it was a dead case. It was there's it's not going to pop up. I think Netflix come to a small town of Man Talk and blow up this case that everyone who was anyone in Green Bay or Metro area thought for sure it was they they were guilty and did you still live there. When Netflix came no. I was living in Milwaukee any family over. Their parents are still in the area. What was it like like. I I mean when you went back for Thanksgiving. It was it was it like what they obviously. Nobody knew that it would blow up to what it did. was there any inkling wires net flicks here. While what are they doing so. My mom was actually asked to interview. I have no interest in talking these people. Why would I do this. This has nothing to do with me but she's like. What do you have an idea why I'm like. I'm sure if third netflix is in the air it's going to be because of something big and the only thing I can think it was avery oh so they they know they were. They were asking questions but they but my mom declined to comments. She didn't really get any more information this astor. Do you WANNA be in an interview for an upcoming documentary. Hold on you said that it was kind of dead case though what made you think that you know biggest case to come out of Montauk besides Soka. He's a sputnik dropping in the sixties. Okay all right all right. Okay so go back. Take me back to when you were at the. DA's office. Did you have any dealings with cats. No no non he was the one who was like you're the top dog though no it was it was mark roar and had already switched switched switched over my so. I know dealing Kratz. I'd more dealing all with mark. Roe was there anything to do with their tails of crats and everyone no. He was kind of an odd guy. It was one of the things things I just didn't really ask questions about it because I was more focused on you know. I just wanted to really good job being here in turn trying to push this forward to law school so I wasn't going to push any buttons the Spurs yeah so I was like had it been during the making murder time I kind of would have pushed a little more yeah and I mean if you did you ever talk townie want around there about the trial though I know it wasn't something that I was i. I never concerned myself going to be involved in the avery case like I said I thought it was a dead subject so why bring it up yeah. There's other things that you know the Inter. They want you to be focused on okay. What about the lawyer that Stephen Public Defender that Stephen Ever Headline Kosinski remember him. They got rid of him. I remember him but no interaction so was he still brag the seeing the you know. I'd have to look back. I honestly don't know okay I mean kind of. Can you also like like like on Netflix this for us. We're GONNA stop right there within a little long so we're going to split this into two parts will be sure to tune in tomorrow for part two with Chad from MANITOWOC.

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