The Best Of The REShow: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Josh Gad, and Ron Shelton (06-23-20)


Thank you for listening to this podcast one production now available on Apple. PODCASTS podcast one spotify and anywhere else you get your podcasts. We wake up every day. We talk show better than a day with workers were willing professionals. Rich Eisen show named. He's one of our favorites here. One of the all time greats in the history of sports, and not only that in terms of giving his thoughts, giving his heart and giving. To. The community writ large when it needs a voice. He is Kareem abdul-jabbar. How are you sir? I'm doing okay. Are you I'm doing better for talking to you and I appreciate your time. I want to give you the floor. What is in your heart and mind this morning Kareem abdul-jabbar? Well. You know it's kind of like I'm caught between hope and history know. Hope, that Our nation is going to make the changes that needed to make to realize. You know its place and you know what it means, and how important it is that we. Uphold. What the founding fathers actually talked about you know. What Mister Jefferson wrote in a declaration that all men are created equal. We gotta make that a reality. And I think. The events of the past week or so have really shown. To all of America. How much that is not that. and. We. We have to fix that. We have to fix it. What are your thoughts? Your emotions when you're now in twenty twenty, talking about what appears to be the very same issue. You were talking about in the late sixties Kareem. Famous I, I remember the very first time I became aware of it I was seventeen years old, and a young man named James POW was killed by a police officer named Thomas. Get Look at in. Parliament. Erupted into a riot. You know and I could've got shot I. Could you know just? Being out on the street was was dangerous and you know. It hasn't changed any. It's the same exact issue. The same exact issue. Colin Kaepernick. Tried very hard to demonstrate peacefully about this very issue. And what happened to him? He was ostracized. He lost his job. He was blackballed. And this is the this issue. He was trying to talk about and it. Seems that the powers that be did not like him bringing it up. So, what would you counsel today? What will you? What what I guess in a way? That's bringing it to what you you wrote about in your op Ed and I'd like to give you the floor on that subject Kareem. abdul-jabbar that p people have to listen. You know. The. The criminal justice system is tainted with racism from top to bottom. It discriminates. And it makes people suffer and that has to end. It has to end. We have to find a way how? Make criminal cops accountable you know. The good cops. The overwhelming majority of cops are good cops in they suffer to. When bad cops do what they do, so you know we need to find something. To hold a bad cops accountable and keep them from destroying everything that they destroy. Families are trust in the law. they they they, they squandered the good deeds of all the cops. So you know, something needs to be done about. Well also the headline. Make a friend with someone who doesn't look like you. What do you mean? That's a great idea and. Understanding humanity and Understand that Despite the the difference in looks. They might like chess or collecting stamps or whatever it is. that. You like so You know, find out. What we have in common in our great nation. It's the one place to do that. So. What does it mean that? That that would be here. In Two thousand and twenty fresh advice right? I mean I. It's it's kind of. A simple thing to just suggest but. How how how do we come together in that regard Kareem. We? We come together every day I mean. In our nation in especially in the cities of our they the. People of? Incredibly. Very backgrounds come together and work together in and continue to make this the greatest nation in the world. That's what America is about. And we, we gotTA keep happening. We we. We can't let. You know. We we we can't let bias and discrimination. Just? Make a mess of it. You know we can't do that. To find a way to cope. What do you think Mohammed? Ali would think of this moment. Well My. Spoke out. Numerous Times about police violence It wasn't a new issue for him. You can go back in. Check his his statement. You'll see that. He actually spoke out on these issues. Kareem abdul-jabbar here on the rich Eisen show What would you suggest? politicians do people in power people who could make change when when? Power I mean they need to talk to the people they need to talk to each other and figure out a way legislation legislatively. To put laws in effect that will enable people. To eliminate bad cops. That's just bad cops. Be Amazed how how much healing that that that would promote if that was a possibility that they could. Put things that they do. Is there any specific part of the constitution you'd call? People to to take a look at Karim. I know you're. You're somebody who knows that document very well Is there a particular spot that you would say? Hey, person in charge X. Y.. Go. Check this out. Well. The whole idea of promoting voting and making the vote available. Making it possible to vote, I, think is. Part of what our democracy is imbalanced and. Too many especially in red states. They're trying to cut it back in claiming that there's voter fraud. Still grow the front voter fraud is is is not a problem in our country. Unless the Russians are are are are meddling in our elections. So you know we we've got to. Got To make the idea of one man one vote and everybody equal under the law. We have to make those two things a reality. and. I'm hoping that people can hear that well. I know you've written about the fifteenth amendment in per in particular. What did what did? What do you want to bring to the People Who are listening right now? Viewing right now, who may not be familiar with your your thoughts on the subject Kareem, but just you know just consider. To. Keep Black people from voting you know in. The reconstruction of the south. Any black people who tried to work. With violence, That's what you're. That's an American tradition. you know it? Black people voting. In all elections without harassment is very recent phenomenon. And sometimes that seems. To win okay. We gotta make. It possible for. Participate in our democracy. That's a must. Minutes left here with Kareem abdul-jabbar Basketball Hall of fame. Are you feeling well? Because before all this craziness hit We're living in a pandemic right now. You're over the age of seventy Tony Tales out of school that you also had some health history that could leave you vulnerable. What are what is your? What are you doing in in this era of covid nineteen, Kareem? Well you know I'm. I'm staying home? I'm involved in a new technology now where I'm able to. Send, messages to people. If you go to ICON GRAHAM DOT COM. You can see what I'm doing I. Send Congratulations for weddings. Birthdays father's Day. Any anything that you're celebrating funerals. I can speak at that, but It enables me to stay close to my fans. And you know if anybody wants me to send a message to someone, they know and love I'm I'm happy to do. You can go to the Graham dot com, and that's just you're. You're staying inside staying safe. What would you say to? Would you say to athletes today about? Speaking up. Out, and you because you, you reference Colin, Kaepernick before. What would you say to athletes right now about this very moment? Korean. Become. The speak the truth. And like I said earlier. We have to reach out to all of our fellow citizens and. Make them make friends with people who don't look like you. We can do that. We're GONNA. We're GONNA turn the several. Okay and before I. Let you go Wes. UNSELD passed away today, grill What are your recollections about competing with him in meeting him and getting to know Wes unseld Kareem? Westwood's a great guy. He was like a big. Roadblock on on on the basketball court. There's only like six seven six eight, but still couldn't get rebounds over him because he just denied. On on the court he was, he was awesome in that sense and. He's player in a nice guy and. I'm GonNa miss them and. My my thoughts go go out to his family. Cream I appreciate the time. I know obviously you're being asked to in many many different shows maybe. A programs to give your thoughts on on the subject and. You know I've always appreciated you coming on next time. We talk a little bit more with you as opposed to life in general appreciate, the time hoped it. The sports would be happening soon. You know I'm missing it just like you are I. Bet you are and the Lakers. Look like they were they. They were heading towards another championship in the case right there. On the verge there, but you know you gotta play the Games as she do, and hopefully they'll be back playing very soon. We appreciate the time cream. Thanks for the call. You got you got Kareem. abdul-jabbar Basketball Hall of Famer right here on the rich Eisen show. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know what's easy. Bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing, too, because you already have so much to do around your home. GO TO GEICO DOT COM get a quote and see how much you could save. It's GYCO. Easy visit, GEICO DOT com today. That's Geiko. Dot Com G. I., C. O. DOT COM. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show not just to our listeners and viewers on NBC and Youtube and Siriusxm Channel to eleven. But also to this guy who I- delights me. I mean I? Find nothing about this man, anything but delightful. Love, following him on twitter, at Josh Gad and what he does, and the be the happiness he brings people. Is Immeasurable if only his Miami Dolphins Return Favor Josh Gad here on the rich Eisen show. How are you, Josh? That was such great interest added welcome. Really lovely introduction and then you had to. Had to bow my fish. Now hold on a second now, too, is here. Now, are you? Are you all in onto like you know? Knock on wood. I was I was part of the tank for two. Obviously obviously is injuries are cause for? Concern but I, I'm just I'm all in I'm Brian floor like I. There isn't anything that that man and he's unions approach. I. Think is incapable of achieving with this organization. I and I say that. Somebody who literally had the dolphins winning? Maybe one game last she's in. Was As. Like awestruck in stunned as He outside of Miami by in what they managed to string together including in when it comes, have well I mean I. GotTa. Tell. Ya Josh, you put it all together tank for too I mean. I was hearing about Tankan for to for the Miami Dolphins literally when he? Beat Georgia and the National Championship game, and then, when it was now time to actually put this into plan this plan into place, and it was time to start. Tanking for two with Brian floors is their new head coach, and then Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback. There was no tanking going on those that that's the tank quarterback in the history of anti-tank quarterbacks and Ryan. I know. Yet here we are and yet somehow you know we get to a a think without trading anything in return I. It's just such a shock tape. All. Later. I remember dolphins. Fans were kind of like we didn't know what to do with. Those final represented toes leasing that I pick and losing the opportunity, or so we thought to get to without the first three picks with something that I think we were just all like God, and yet here we are and I bought the dolphins. Just general had a great draft. I think they're really smart. They're making the right moves. Then a gun, you could go back and listen to previous dubious interviews. You and I have done together and I probably said the same thing about Tony's Verano at some point so I. Don't know. You Are you are Josh Gad? You are all about the positive. You're as I said. You're a delight. You like delighting people. You'd like being happy you like being. Having love in the world I. Know this about you. I've seen this. And yet and yet, though the desire to be so absolutely overjoyed out of the spite of beating New England at the end of the season that was otherwise totally lost. I can hear the delight for you to be motivated by that. Particular piece of spite I think is is exactly what fandom is all about? Josh. What by? When the last time we beat them or the season before when we also be. Well. Despite. Over Joy, but that one didn't cost them eventually. You know a a week off the offs. I mean yeah. Kind of Yeah Yeah. Put it all in emotion. In that last loss, the Dolphin stuck it to new. England to get them out of a bye week spot to put them in Foxborough the first week to be one and done by the titans in that is a particular chefs, kissed type stuff right there for Dolphin Fan really in the nine apologized for Glebe Street, and you understand you dominate the BE A. For over a decade, and it wasn't just GONNA domination. He's been the most depressing needle existence for a fan ever like jets, bills and dolphins fans I'd to live with Superman and their division for so long that it was only fair to finally overthrow this insanity of a dynasty. Yes and then you take a look at it, and then just to I guess. Put it a full circle. Little Button on it. The Miami Dolphins are in New England to open the season and twenty twenty, so maybe two thousand. Or fits magic. You know works his magic again and starts things off. That would be amazing for you. I would love I would love to at the. You know to really get healthy, and there's not to witness Houston well. Let's just you know let's give. On fireman like. which was saying and and I hope they don't put him out there and destroy him before he has a chance to really come into because it's an unforgiving. Game and and I want the Diet. I have every opportunity to honestly becoming ex-marine marina become the superstar city has been longing for for for my lifetime Josh Gad here on the rich Eisen show so much going on with your career I'd love to hit them all with you. Artemis Fowl Disney fantasy and adultery an adventure film. Available for streaming this Friday Disney plus what a cast you Judy dench Colin. Farrell Kenneth Branagh directs it What can people expect from this one Josh? That a group some great. Entertainment the. At home, I'm so excited, but movies was originally supposed to be theatrical and have been given of the state of affairs right now. That'd be ongoing pandemic I. think Disney made a very bold and exciting choice to. Disney and it gives everybody a chance to see a really cool adventure. Film lace with Magic based on a series of beloved books by author in culture and The movie is tremendous. It's actually. The last one I saw on the big screen, but there had to shop in place. screening Disneyland and I couldn't be more thrilled I think people are going to get definitely gonNA. Get their money's worth back in. Yeah, it's really great. How do you? How does one prepare to play a filthy? KLEPTOMANIAC, DWARF as you've been described from your character Josh. How does? Wow I really. Really immersed myself. Watching John Davies in their the rings as Gamely AL's. There's a there's a little bit of Hagrid. I like to think of A. Mulches Hagrid by way of him. So this guy is a loner. Out For himself, he can't quite tell what side if any he's and and and there's a lot of that series like Hon Solo. Him Definitely, nothing look. I'm definitely clearly sexy. Harrison. you know. It's such a great character, such a great film and I can't wait for. The again Friday June twelfth as when you start streaming it on Disney plus and then you've mentioned Lord of the Rings Josh Gad, what you are doing on your youtube stream by getting some of the most iconic films and television and back together and the cast back together. Is Amazing I cannot imagine how you have been able to pull all of this off I. Assume you're getting help to get all these folks together. I mean Lord of the Rings. goonies back to the future splash. You Know Hey, Ron, Howard. Are you free when Tom Hanks's free I mean like? Is that. Is that what you're doing to get everybody back together? John. A live reach out, it's a lot of conversations with a lot of people that I greatly admire all in the name of charity you know the truth is is that people clearly have no time on their hands, and usually right now and and you know zoom call if it's an opportunity to raise money for for charity and see like the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. And making ivory, which we raise as of today over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. I think people. People are really into that idea, and and and providing so many so much joy the time and I think people really need it. It's truly amazing, and is it true your next your next your next shot as ghostbusters Reunion Zoe's you're doing. She's. We're editing that that now and could not be more excited for his. Store and and. It's GONNA be. It's GonNa. Be Hopefully lecture to these to be interesting that times that we find are in and give people not only a a you know an opportunity, the laugh and and go. Revisit a win mouth. I'm taking phone, but also raising money for. Some bowling appropriate calling all right, so let's booking bill. Murray is just like you WanNa talk about a light rail I mean. Isn't it like you gotTA call a number? It's like a payphone somewhere. Right and then they pass along the message to bill and bill's like. Yeah, I'll do it. Is that is that? Is that true? Term because I can't. Consumer denied that I got very. Tell you is, is that Bill Murray is one of. The most notoriously difficult people do. The for anything that is all true. That is absolutely. Percents and how do you fit the stay? Puff marshmallow into zoom. Square great question Josh New interesting he has great in cannot chain in. Wisconsin. The bigger problem isn't getting him. Isn't getting. You know I'm square? It's with no fingers. is very hard to get clicking everybody. On the pad, so that was that was the toughest part so i. mean like because you could also go, Rick. Moranis here's Sigourney Weaver. This I'm locked in. If you know on all of these, it's amazing at the whole. GOONIES CAST Can I make it can. Can I make a suggestion? We've got some some requests. Make suggestions I love which is in suggests okay. I would love to get a reunion of midnight run. Even though I know I know a couple. A. Couple of the active since passed, but you offered Koto is eighty. okay, you know. Obviously we got the two to do. Grodin and Deniro and I I would just love to just get the whole i. It's not like an unsought Joey. Pants right. You got him. gave. Great suggestion behind and thought of and a midnight run into person bomb I think I think the really Nice Parkinson. Both great in engineer very approachable, so I have. Everyone Josh everyone obviously wants to do it for you. It really is something I know it's I just love that movie I don't know. I would love to know some backstories eight them. Do you know just see what happened? Yeah Gimme another action crest. which is another one that you wanted to do? I wanted to do varsity booze. No, you, WANNA do Shawshank. I'm GonNa tell you. Something off the record, which means only you? Everyone to choking. I had started reaching out to the council traffic, but I'm. Not If there would be any possibility of bringing them together. It is in my opinion, one of the greatest movies of the last century but you know it's it's. He seems really it's all about the participants, and whether or nothing and revisit these I have. Done to reach out. They say yes, because I I tend to agree charging being again, people just go and put reunited apart into Youtube and then that's can find everything correct. Yeah, yeah, you can go to youtube. Slash Josh Gad's make it easy and It's great the the at the same, really great, and in doing it deposits all right central park as the animated musical Sitcom that premiered a couple of Fridays ago about family that lives in central park that looks to be honest with you. I'm looking at the the cast. It looks like half Hamilton half frozen. With? Junior. And Kristen Bell just a name four, so it looks like to me. Yeah, and and and then we obviously at the sense that people like Stanley Tucci. Neither no sitting. Third that's. It is that's a tremendous cast, and in such a tremendous show. I, I'm so blessed to to call myself. Take on along with the. Creative, BOB's builders and Moore's. There's there's just something so joyful. About this series and everyone who's been watching has been You know paying that four to two. In letting US know how much not only the show itself between credible music, written by an Sweatman of geniuses, including Kate Anderson Lisa Sam, and and Brent North and and some unbelievable composers like Cindy Walter, aiming their offense. it's a great group. been and and the show is currently on Apple Watch, and and it is a must up. Amy and the Magnolia Soundtrack is one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time and. So getting cheated, such a good song and well wrote I think that like everybody who is the show is being over and over. Again when I saw the cast. You'RE GONNA have frozen half. Hamilton I just thought what if the they mixed right that a revolution was brought to Arundel or when the British were or when the British were. We're fighting against the colonials. If they just got frozen literally like just like. Mad A. It's not a bad idea. I got a great idea. Well Josh Before I. Let you go off. You have been here before, and it's always a delight when you are here. My sound man I sound engineer my audio executives. He likes to be called Mike, del Tufo, fifty four year, old, single man or divorced man. From the State of New Jersey. Generally unmarried. Now. Now. Here's the thing is that what's the? What's the oldest Olaf man you've ever come across? Who's Oh manner couldn't trust people in their nineties. No like like like have all the stuffed animals have all the have? Oh, yeah, you need surprise. Luck Nets multi generational I mean there are? There are people who are in their eighties and nineties like how a lot paraphernalia? Let me know how important that character to them, and I think it's a, I think the reason that people connect to for that guy is there's A. There's a sense of like child childlike. Wonder Wonderman that I think a lot of us. forget that we have even older and it reminds us. Of the purity of looking at the world gets got the. Optimism that all things new because Mike, you do want to say something I. I mean because here's a character. You've got a how many I'll items. Do you have in your house? What's the full-size one, okay? Then everyone. I've like the full size one and then I have multiple. I got to. thinking. Sending for yeah. Go. And I have one in the Cup holder in the rear, the one car. That's not weird at all. A metaphor for anything. Is My co pilot that feels like a hostage situation. He's my co-pilot. Right I'M GONNA. Put you on the spot before I go. Can You How would olaf term the drafting of to a tunnel vilo to the dolphins? Can You, can you? Can you tell me what to a thought about that draft or or or beating the doll beating the Patriots and knocking them out of the the by week position? You got something for me on that Front Josh got. I Love! Everybody equally and I tell you that. Kim Joy to see any down. Thirteen been you in? who had it coming for a long time those? Let. Your the best. Keep doing what you're doing. Stay in touch, okay. Off. I love you guys. I just don't like the fact that you would. Take care of Yourself Josh. That is Josh Gad At Josh Gad on both twitter and Instagram artem is foul. This Friday June twelfth on Disney plus Central Park on Apple TV plus has been. Available since the final Friday in May and then go again to YouTube dot com slash Josh Gad, telling you. These reunions are amazing I. Do not know I mean the thing. That's so impressive. The logistics it must take to get everybody zooming in at the same time. Oh, you tell you tell Serena in. No, no, no, no sir. Hit, there's a there's a there's A. There's a microphone on the bottom. Line through. We don't hear you Surrey and we don't like. Your videos not on, and it's this big photograph of Gandalf for. or No from from X. Men, he's Magneto. MAGNETO magneto. It's hard to do two or three people forget the film cast. It's sure to get your friends. I had known deal off was. Not a fan of the patients everybody can everybody. knows. that. That's the point of the. By just. Got A big kick out of that whatever eight, four, four, two, zero, four rich. Your phone calls in a moment. With currently no NBA NHL or You might think there's nothing to on well. You'd be our exclusive partner bed. Online still have hundreds of events. POPs the wage war, but the online casino poker and Blackjack as they are bringing the Vegas to you missing to nfl no problem, bet online have lied. Daily Madden NFL twenty simulation. You can read you if you're into entertainment, betty, you still bet on survivor, big brother, American idol, spot prices, and even the Nathan's hot dog, eating contest all open twenty four hours a day in Paul. Online visit the website or use the mobile device and join today to the new album boat. Then online the online we drink solutions visit our good friends and exclusive partner at bed online to take advantage of the best bonuses in the. Sign up for the account and make sure if you that Promo Code podcast warm for your final. Visit that online DOT AG and don't forget that. Homo Code podcast one for you sign up. Bet Online your online sport experts. We've been talking all day long. Amount Bull Durham because it was. Was it thirty two years ago today? Nineteen, eighty-eight, wow, I hit a theater. One of the greatest movies of all time period I'm not just saying that because he's on the phone lines kind enough to call in, and he's one of the favorite people that my wife and I have met here in Los, Angeles but He's a director of Bull, Durham and other great films He is none other than Ron. Shelton, how're you Ron? Glad? You called it 'cause. I can stop watching the Nebraska State Cornel Championship for. How does it turn out Ron I? Don't mind it being spoiled. How does it turn out? All the fat guy bits the other. Guys are really good at Cornell. I Guess Happy Anniversary Ron Thirty two years ago today. I didn't know it's pretty frightening. It was that long. GonNa wear just trying to. Annoy idea that the movie would be received the way it has been. It was my first movies directly. Just hope somebody goes the theater, so you can get another job and. So, it really was a glorious shock how it was. Played Yeah. When did you first realize it was going to hit on your hands? Ron. Well the reviews were great, and you never quite know. It didn't test all that well is. Strange, because audiences laughed and cheered and then. And then wrote on the cards, forty-seven ways I could make better. So. We weren't sure, but it did great out of the box and it just kinda chugged along all summer so. After the second weekend when people kept going it didn't it didn't go down. we thought we were in good shape. Now did everyone you want to be cast in the roles? Get the get the gigs, or is there somebody that that? That you you wanted that didn't make it or vice versa. Got Everybody was a long process I had Kevin. Because I showed him the script and he was on board and. every woman forty did a great audition for any. it was amazing, and then we. When Susan. Got The part and was you know couldn't imagine anybody else, but. The nuclear lose. Part was hard to cast to be honest because. A lot of guys look like young versions of Kevin and you couldn't have young Kevin and older Kevin so. We had to find somebody who was completely. And and lovable and goofy. And You. Know Tim had never been in a movie. He'd actually been in Howard the duck, but he didn't tell us. That was the biggest flop of all time. So he he told us he'd never been on a show an. Okay now. We had Tom for duty on before Ron. The baseball reporter overheard US talking about this. He said the current braves manager. Lent his Is Catchers meant for Kevin in this film is at a true story. I never heard that one before. SNIGGER. NETCO. Yeah, SNICKER! There was a bunch of guys. Grady little with the manager of the actual Durham Bulls. We came into shoot. Right up to the season's over. and. He was just a guy like crash Davis at the end of our movie grinding it out. And so I met him, and I said, can you find some Minor League ballplayers college ball players who are needing. A couple of months, work and the baseball, so grady little round the baseball. for US long before he became manager of the dodgers, and the red sox and Snicker, something was around, maybe in the minor leagues. 'cause that was a braves. Organization Durham those days. And yeah, he somehow we got his glove I. Mean, I've stayed in touch with Smith bullet ears and. So it's in this case. He's not lying. Gosh. Oh Wow so. What would you consider the best baseball movie of all time? Ron. Maybe not getting. Love is I'm pretty tough on baseball. Movies are the original bad news bears. The honest yes. But and then later I coach little, league and discovered. Wait really way too much like welder mats. Were you having a tumbler to in the dugout. Is You're saying? They. The League put an ankle bracelet around the our girl believer. Could come out of the DUGOUT. So? I finally retired when I got old enough I could. Free Him, from? The father. But you look bad news bears anything else. Because the other ones that we chose. All right You know I mean I think there's good things about. The sports movies I like are. Are are kind of been around weather. Hustler is is one of my top movies. The bull movie if that's sports movie, okay. There's a great boxing movie that very few people have seen the called fat city. Introduced a guy named Jeff Bridges. And it's kind of the lower rungs of boxing. Anybody! On netflix. This sporting life is. English rugby movie with Richard Harris. Just kills me every time you go in deep here on. That's deep. Gone. It's hard for me to watch sports movies. For critical. I bet you bet you are well. Hoosiers is is up there for me. I love it. Had David. Onslow the other day talking about hoosiers and Rudy in what's real, and what's not, and I guess that's what makes a great sports movie of what you're describing certainly with Bull Durham is what's real, and it just feels so real when you watch this. It's like you're watching. Behind the scenes just as a an in a comedy in a love story form, it's it's it's it stands. It's time before I can't see. A filmmaker can't compete with television and he's a fool to try because television. Sports on television is just. You know off the charts and seventeen cameras and. Replay from seventeen angles and And you can't do that, and but what I can do is I can put my one camera all the places. Seventeen cameras can't go. And, that's all they tried to do. Go on the bus trips go. The Hong locked or go to the shower. Going the apartment with a guy in girl or doing whatever they're doing. It on the manager's office and. And that's I can I can go with TV camping. That's where I live in. Iran. If you could make a sequel for any of your sports movies, which one would you endeavor? Which one would you do it for? I'm trying. I'm trying to make a movie about a former. Major League Baseball Star. Who tries to. Make It on the golf tour. The way that guys like Mike, Schmidt and bench. Okay guys do, Schmaltz. And it would sort of the end of the Boulder Ten Cup trilogy. So that's what I'm trying to do. You're not you're not joking. This is what you're trying to do right now. I can tell when you say Kevin Costner wants to do. Where You know putting it together takes a little while because. 'cause it's not a marvel comic book. I love you rod you are. You are the best thanks for the call. I would see that by the way all of us were just. We all sat straight up in our chairs. Everyone. Yeah, we would do it. And I to your brother, beautiful bride. Right back at you. Thank you, that's that's Great Ron Shelton. Hey this nfl hall of Famer Ray Lewis. I'm excited to announce the launch of my new podcast. Every day greatness Ray Lewis podcast. I'll be talking with friends. Family members ole teammates, athletes, celebrities, moguls, and guess what I'll be talking to you. Listen. This is all in the search for every day. Greatness, so I'm asking you to come along with me on this bribe. Download new episodes of everyday greatness. Ray Lewis podcast, every Friday on spotify apple podcasts pot has one dot com. It's not what you have is what's inside? That accident inspires greatness.

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