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This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply from n._p._r. And w._n._y._c. coming to you from the bell house in beautiful brooklyn new york. It's n._p._r.'s n._p._r.'s our puzzles word. Games trivia asked me another. I'm jonathan coulton now. Here's your host fear eisenberg. Ah look at this. How many people are here here for the first time at a taping good good. I like that you clap couple. People went for the raised hand. I know you are public radio. Listeners aw there is an answer. I will answer like i did in my academic classes so there's gonna be some jokes about easter and passover. I feel like with both of these holidays coming up so close together. I feel like between not eating bread for passover and decorating eating eggs for easter. Were all going to be accidentally doing the whole thirty. Unless you're celebrating four twenty in which case you're eating everything everything and eastern passover both have little scavenger hunts for kids but very different tones right the one is like gay kids. Go find some decorated eggs. They're like blue and pink and colorful and then when you find them you can eat them there chocolate and for the jews like hey kid go find a dry cracker symbol of slavery. When you find it you can eat it. Should taste are suffering. Suffering can close the door that goes so ready here. Do you do easter baskets show yeah. We do easter baskets yeah. When i was a kid i used to houston. Try to catch the easter bunny. I used to every year. I used to build a trap no well. I'll tell you one trap that i remember was was a carrot on a string and the string is threaded through like the light fixture in the front hallway of our house all my goodness and it was just overlook brown paper shopping bag. You want me to tell you how it works. Well the easter bunny would come and see the karen karen. I want to eat it sure jump up and grab the carrot. The extra weight of the bunny would make him fall down into the brown paper bag which he would be unable bluetooth escape but apparently i got very close to catching him because he left me a note and he almost caught me which is ooh which inspired me to try again every year for a long time is the best that is the best by the way everyone and we are celebrating women in comedy this month. Ask me another right our special guest on the show him so excited we have read out you know her as don on parks recreation the show that asks the groundbreaking question what if our government was dysfunctional and like a fun cute way and on that show her character originates originates the great catchphrase treat yourself also read a stars on n._b._c.'s good girls. My favorite premise of all time of course is three women have to turn to the life of crime to save their families and i gotta say i was thinking if i had to rob grocery store. Which one would i rob trader. Joe's trader joe's would be the best bet because i think they would still be super nice to you even while you were robbing them everybody we've four bruin contestants. They are back stage right now. Munching on mozza and soon they're going to be out here playing some nerdy games and one of them will become our big winner so let's play some games games everybody our first games about flowers hours. Did you know the average couple spends fourteen hundred dollars on decorative wedding flowers. Yeah i will sit in the center of table for three hundred bucks meaner contestants first step katie woke. You're an accountant s. Okay so your mom's have accountant so you followed in her footsteps. Is your mom proud that you were also. I think she wanted me to be like a lion tamer. Something a lion tamer and i was a kid. I was just like i'm going to be anything except an account. He wanted to the opposite of what your parents do when i got older. I'm like well. She has the hours a good. The pay's good i might as well medic your tactical there. We go and you like it. It is a fun yeah. It is fun. I like it. Numbers numbers are fine. Numbers are fun all right katie when you ring in. We're going to hear this. Your opponent is erica mayer. You you manage a global health research project. You say most people aren't really sure what that means when you tell them yes so i asked you. What does it mean back to explain public health as the systems that when they're working well. You don't necessarily know about them yeah. You're not sick so you wouldn't even know about your clean gene. The food that you're eating has been inspected restaurants or clean. They all got as yes okay fantastic erica when you ring in we'll hear this katie and eric whoever has more points after two games. We'll go onto our final round. This word game is called april showers. Bring yam. I'm f- flowers in this game. You'll pretend to be florist jonathan. I are your customers but at your shop you don't just arrange flowers. You also rearrange the letters in words. Each of our requests ends with a word or phrase. That's an anagram of a flower for example. If i said i need a purple flower for my purple party my guests will love it. You would answer violet which is an anagram of love it ringing answer you we go. I want a red ed flour for my crush but i can't kiss her because i have a cold sore. Katie rose rose is correct back yeah. It's always good to start off atia with a herpes simplex. One makes everyone you need a tall yellow flower for my friend who's taking a break from her day job at a hospital to perform at a rap show. She's got nurse flow katie sunflower yeah. That's correct got it. Yes go. Oh hi oh state for my game day party. I want something that looks like sunflowers but smaller. I'll be wearing my o. S. u. t. shirt and and buckeye sandals erica black eyed susan yes nice. Do you sell weeds. I am throwing a party for my father to launch his new lawn care website online dad erica dandelions got it. I love the lung care website online. Dad just porn of dad bod'ed odds with lawnmowers. Issuing hedges online on my dad. Dot com is not already taken. I'm going to register it. This is is your last clue. Does he love me. Does he love me. Not i need to pull pedals off of this flower to find out. I wish my crush stop worrying about a superego what it does his ed say erica daisy. You are correct. Yes great game. Erica is in the lead our next inspired by historical bio-pics. You know what i love when someone pronounces bio pic biopic. It sounds like something you experiment with in college ridge like being biopic but it turns out. I'm triumph pick. We'll play you a clip of an actor playing a real person. You're going to ring in indentify the figure being portrayed and if you get that right for a bonus point you can name the actor erica stain the lead and you're in the final round katie. You need to get more more points or in the bio-pic of your life. You'll be portrayed by randy. Quaid real stakes okay here. We go this film almost from two thousand and nine. I'm going to try to flip this thing over now which is rather gearing thing to do katie julia child that is correct. Yes for a bonus point. Can you identify the actor meryl streep. Yeah that's right. This movie is from one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. What about my spanish. I've been singing in spanish for ten years. It's perfect. Katie selena the pen for a bonus point. Can you identify the actor. Was it jennifer lopez. It sure one in nineteen ninety seven that was the that was the last year jennifer lopez aged name the character from the movie southside with you brooke. You seem like a really sweet guy but how many times have to tell you. We're not going coming out together erica michelle obama yeah that's right. I love a little bit. Is it fictional channel. Is it not there's many retailing's of if she refused him a whole bunch of times but it is interesting to think that she would have never dated barack and some other guy would have become president for a bonus point. Can you identify the actor i cannot. That's all right. We were looking for tika sumpter. Here's your last clue. The name this singer from what's love got to do with it at the beginning of the song and do with ease the dan we're going to finish. That's the way we do credence clearwater route. I can hear people saying come on. Let me just remind you of this. It name the singer from what's love got to do with it. Does that help you at all. It's a second hand emotion for god's sakes god's sakes lyric katie tina turner. Yes i got their the bonus point. Can you identify the actor tina turner playing herself tina turner good idea but no not the premise of this game. We were looking for angela bassett. Yes yes okay after two games. Katie pulled ahead to end. She is going to the final round coming up. We'll talk to the actor reta you know her from parks and rec she currently stars in good girls which is about a group of women who turn to the life of crime. I want to come clean right now at admit that as a kid i took more than one prize when i went to see the dentist. No one ever caught me so you know what i learned. Nothing i'm off your eisenberg and this has asked me another from n._p._r. Support for this hot gas in the following message comes from mail chimp so you want to grow your business now what male gyms all in one and marketing platform. That's what it has all the marketing stuff. 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Life kids new guide on college sports subscribed to life kit all got for all the episodes all in one place and this is another n._p._r.'s our puzzles word games and trivia. I'm jonathan coleman now. Here's your host of fear eisenberg. Thank you jonathan. It's time to welcome our special guest you know her as donna from the sitcom parks and recreation and she currently stars as has ruby on n._b._c.'s good girls. Please welcome reta. Welcome to ask me another reta. Thank you now ready. You were on parks and recreation. Which was yes s. Parks and recreation was a sitcom set in a fictional town in indiana and follows local government municipal workers whereas you played don amigo the office manager now you auditioned for this. I said but the creator mike sure said that he really got into you because because of a off the cuff story you told about your yes yes so i i hate auditioning so there was an audition and i did read from sides or whatever and then afterwards. He just started chatting. He's like i like her. Watch and i just got in the watch was super super geeked watch. I'd gotten it from this website guilt group but it was brand new at the time so you had to be invited so i immediately. He was like oh my god. I got it from this new thing you have to be invited by email. I can send it to you and you can check these toy watches different and i was like a crazy person person and and i think he was like she's insane. I love her if my audition was redeemed myself with my crazy but that's interesting as you say that because it is that thing at least you can you walk away and you're like i was myself right and that's because that's the hard thing is to be yourself at an audition. It's really the hard you usually come in. You're so scared and then they're like. I don't wanna work with this freak. You know this person who's not comfortable in their own skin. So you had to kind of learn to be yourself. It's impossible now. The casting creator of parks and rec recently gathered for a tenth anniversary celebration at paley fest which is big television asian festival and you were address a pink custom dress with treat yourself your catchphrase written all over it. Was this your the idea yes so and treat yourself obviously has become a huge instagram hashtag right. It's four point three million. People use that hash tag. Oh yeah it's pretty pervasive. I mean it's pretty cool to be a part of the zeitgeist. <hes> when it first started getting really really popular i would go go with friends and i'd be like if we check the hashtag. Treat yourself on twitter. If it hasn't been said in seven minutes i via lunch has has the new violence and i have never bought lines. Never i've moved it up to fourteen minutes because it's been like five years but probably in the last fifteen minutes. Somebody has tweeted it right right exactly so you didn't start enacting school. You started what we worked worked as a chemist and then you did stand up so first of all. I just want to know about that. Turn the funniest person in the lab where we all like you. One hundred percent stand up. Yes i was the funniest person i've been pissed off. I was so i was premed. I did not go to medical school. My mother mother would be very excited that people think i did. I was taking a year off before medical school but i was afraid to leave science so my i got a job doing chemistry chemistry and it was the first time that i'd lived alone and so i already watched a lot of t._v. And then there's no one else to talk to you. Then that's all you do share and and i was single. I was still in north carolina and i was like you know i could do this and if there's a time to do it do it now and so that's when i decided that i wanted wanted to get into television and then you know my research. I eat more t._v. Watching i i knew i wanted to get into sitcom so i went to acting class at the raleigh little theatre. It was like out of a bad movie but i knew that all these sitcoms this were headed by stand up comedians so that's why i started doing stand up comedy and so i did it for about a year in north carolina and then i drove cross country with a friend to try to make that hollywood thing happen amazing you tell me about this comedy central standup contests that you one i i saw comedy. Central has a stand up well. I don't think they do it anymore. But they had stand up competition every year and this was their very first one and i did did it and i got into the semi finals and then to the finals and then i won and i i want a car. I won a year's supply supply of taco bell. That was the best part because i was broke at hundred and then i won in a spot on the new faces showcase at at just for laughs montreal. Can you ever look at a chalupa again. Oh i'm i'm. I'm about their tacos. Yeah bring friends in on that price every once in a while but i i was yeah so so i needed to talk. That's pretty exciting that you fear of food and a prestigious spot. The year of food was three hundred sixty. I five combo coupons one coupon per day for free right yeah but i use them all it and then in two thousand eighteen very wrote a book called so close to being the y'all don't and even know its a collection of essays about basically living your destiny realizing your potential which is obviously a huge which part of your story making bold decisions in your career and in your life to get where you want to go so from where you sit right now. What is your dream gig <hes> well. I'm really happy right now. Working on good girls i love playing a whole human being and i get to do drama and be funny as well so so that makes me really happy. I know that i you know i think most actors do this whether they knew that i wanted to do it or not i know i wanna produce. I would love to <hes> you know have my own production company and so i can kind of mold the things that i get to do and bring things for other people to do a lot of friends who were actors who need work. Oh ooh yeah. I'd love to be able to give them work. That's very nice giving back. You currently play ruby hill on good girls so in this show you in two other moms who are or are financially pushed to their limits rob grocery store for the betterment of your family's. I got to say i love the show i love female anti heroes who are relatable well and i find a great that these kind of stories are prevalent right now on television. I find them empowering my drawn to this for the same reason you are. No i thought it was interesting that they they're committing crimes and because i was a little bit nervous about that part of it interest. I loved that she was a whole being being. That was a woman who loves her. Husband was a black woman who loved her husband loved. Her family was gonna do whatever she could and they were just normal human beings. I wasn't playing a trope rope. I wasn't i wasn't stereotypical. Wasn't i didn't have to have sas if you see me with sats. It's because i add it. You know what i mean. It's that kind of thing and it. It was such a breath of fresh air for me to see apart that was written for me written with me. In mind where i wasn't playing go a meter maid who had attitude and all she did was roller neck that kind of thing right i mean people are comparing the characters in this show to popular characters anti-heroes like breaking from breaking bed or thelma and louise <hes>. Do you compare it to anything. I don't mind being compared to breaking bad. I yeah that was a good show. It was great. I liked it yeah so i'm willing to accept that accolade. I what i like. One of my favorite shows the sex in the city because i loved the friendships <hes> the love that the woman had for each other and i love that they showed them fighting and getting over it and i like that they show us fighting and getting you know like ruby and anne butt heads a lot yeah and then they come back. They know that they they love each other to win for instance. They were kids. There's nothing that's going to break that bond. We hope if you're caught up okay reta. We we love your twitter feed and specifically when you tweet about the television shows that you are obsessed with by way what is your current television obsession. Everybody keeps asking asking me about came a thrones sure and screw game of thrones it because the red wedding broke me as a human being and then what really made me stop was when joffrey. I hope y'all are caught. Ebb was killed. I shoved off my couch and said i've never cheered appeared for the death of a child cheers chaffee staff and i was like what this this show is changing me as a person i don't like it and so i stopped watching it i just i couldn't do it was just making me bad. I didn't like me like me with games. Stand okay so we wrote. A game called tweet yourself right. It's simple. I'm going to read you one of your own tweets. Okay you just have to guess what show you were tweeting about a boy and if you do well enough listener at tabitha parchman from nashville tennessee is gonna win an ask me another rubik's cube. Okay okay so here. We go your first one. What swooning what's fainting taking. They haven't gotten hashtag crazy. Crazy stupid love north of the wall yet goslin will make you weak honey g._o._p. Game thrown. That's all right perfect lead and i love that you were just telling me that i'm like okay. Well this one well so many tair standouts deraz. He's channeling hillary eight. Wall cyrus looks like he is in a hair transplant commercial. I remember this episode so it scandal yeah. That's so funny okay. Here's the next one how is it these high school. Students drink drink bourbon like it's sprite palettes aren't mature enough for that kind of firewater. Oh boy am mm-hmm. I wanna say vampire diaries. That's what you want to say. But what were you gonna take. What did you doubt that only because there was a period where i was tweeting. I didn't watch buffy when it was on and that was i was always talking about these high schoolers yeah high-schoolers right <hes> okay. How about this wow. The miniskirt route and knee high boot budget must have been through the roof to say nothing about the burrell collection of buffy. Yeah that's for sure doc okay. Here's your last one. Oh my god at rejected jokes looks like a hipster waldo. I mean is it parks or ariza at rejected. Jokes is all right. Guess what congratulations ready ready you and tabitha parchman both one asked me to the rubik's cubes well. We'll be back later in the show to play another game. Keep it up for. Everybody want her neck special guests to play for you. Follow ask me another on facebook twitter and instagram. Our next game is about sports teams. Remember there is no no i in team but there is an i in. I don't know anything about sports teams. Let's meet contestants. I up anna deniger halpern. You're a historian and adjunct professor. That's right santana stick so do people always expect you know everything about all of history everything everything but all of his everything they'll just come to me and say oh so. Do you know a lot about this. One person in this one time obscure situations now now you say now no say oh yeah that sounds interesting and when you ring in we'll hear this your opponent what is cory whisk you manage a stadium in new jersey. You've been working there nine years and you say you see something different every day. That's right okay so what's something exciting thing that you said recently well. We had a major event yeah wrestlemainia. Oh yeah which was pretty interesting so i got to see a bunch of former professional wrestlers backstage so that was new yeah. Did you shake hands with them. Just kind of observed and just walk around the corner of corey when you ring in we'll hear this remember an inquiry who has more points after two games will go to the final round. Let's go to your first game called away games. Many professional sports teams have names james reflecting the history and culture of their city like the pittsburgh steelers. Sometimes professional sports teams move to a new city but keep their your old name. Even if it no longer makes any sense so we're going to ask you questions about teams that have moved you. Tell us the team name and where it plays now ring in to answer sir here we go. This basketball team was named in honor of minnesota's thousands of bodies of water in one thousand nine hundred sixty. The team moved move to a drought prone city in southern california. Anna the los angeles laker you get the new orleans rich musical heritage inspired this basketball team's name but in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the team traded louis armstrong for the mormon tabernacle choir dust moving from the nation's biggest party to the nation's non-existent party cory utah jazz yeah that's right in two thousand and one these mean brown bears migrated from the mountains of vancouver to tennessee. Let's see where only black bears live watching them on the basketball court. You'd think they're still in hibernation. Yeah that's right anna. The memphis memphis grizzlies yeah. That's correct threat. We just did an m._p._r. Sports burn uncharacteristic <unk> characteristic. It's very treatable. In the late eighteen hundreds this public transit themed seemed brooklyn baseball team got its name from how good it's fans. Were at jumping way of electric trolley cars. The team moved west and now most of its fans are stuck in traffic on the one ten corey the l._a. Dodgers yeah that's right. I also learned that that obviously when electric train cars were introduced and everyone was used to trolley cars being drawn by horses they all of a sudden had to jump out of the way they weren't used to that because the stop when they saw person in the street right not the robot train now it'd be called the brooklyn when subway is delayed due to train traffic. This baltimore football team was named in recognition of the preakness stakes aches thoroughbred race then it moved to the home of the indy five hundred trading horses for horse power corey the ended apples colts that is correct correct. Sometimes a team moves to a city where it's named makes more sense. Take this basketball team founded in fort wayne indiana where its owner ran a foundry that produced engine parts. They were firing on all cylinders when they drove up to the motor city. Corey the detroit pistons since that's right yeah. This is your last clue. This basketball team was named for the ballistic missiles developed developed on the super chill beaches of sandiego but then it moved to texas where mission control calls the game anna the houston rockets that is correct. That was a very close game. Corey is in the lead if you let it in high school not for athletics but for the competitive crossword team you should be on our show go to a._m._a. Tickets dot org coming up. We have more of actress and comedian reta read. It began her career as a chemist so she was always well-versed in blowing up. I'm off your eisenberg izenberg and this has asked me another from n._p._r. 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Let the daily show with trevor. Noah ears addition. Bring you back up. Subscribe and listen every weekday. There's more to watch and read these days than any one person can get too. That's why we make pop culture happy hour from n._p._r. Twice a week we sort through the nonsense sherry actions and give you the lowdown on what's worth your your precious time. Listen subscribed to n._p._r.'s pop culture happy and this is n._p._r.'s asked me another. I'm jonathan golden now. Here's your host oprah eisenberg before the break we met our contestants anna and corey soon the play a word game mashing up band names and occupations combined. Mama mia with machi goes and you dancer avary sta. Yes exciting. Let's check in with them and you are one of those people who love. You've spoilers to read them u._k. Sue them. I get anxious. If i don't know the ends and so i i read spoilers before i watched an episode of a tv show some time or i flip to the last page of a book to see the how it ended yes yeah. It's a controversial habits. Most people i know are like why would you do that. You're ruining winning it. I get to enjoy without the suspense in yeah. I like the way your brain works online corey. Their is an easter tradition on your father's side of the family that you carry out every year. A competition called egg banking. That's correct. What is that so everyone who comes to easter dinner. Everyone has an egg. They select their red blue green egg. Whatever they want give kanchi. Somebody holds an egg in a conquer. You're somebody hits the egg we tournament style bracket and whoever's whoever's egg doesn't crack moves on to the next round until the end and you hit one egg precisely nicely on top of the us now. What does the technique to you know things in your ears. People have tried different things you know the caller. The original egg white egg brown egg sure temperatures so they try not to hold it too much so it doesn't warm up. We haven't done too much science and whoever <hes> wins. What do they get. There's a trophy. There's a trophy a trophy not bad. I've yet to see it so yeah. You've never this might be your year. Maybe this is a music parody slash word game. The answer to every clue is a musical act mashed up with a profession for example. If i sang the song rockstar with the lyrics changed used to be about predatory lenders you answer post malone shark who i know mashing post malone and loan shark sounds tough but the points are doubled corey stain the lead and you're in the final round anna. You need to get more points or you have to accept an invitation to see. Our interns earns a band. Just gonna let you know. The show starts at one a._m. And there is a two dollar cover charge just bring a dancer here. We go not gonna get rich. This is public school. Teachers count even back. You know thinks your cool you can rule with kindness all an iron fist in charge of educating. These <music> kids corey that just be principle is principle. That's right stop thinking about the numbers. Stop thinking about best calculating uncertainty risk. If they my dad you said the premiums corey fleetwood accountant gas but that's not very close for anna. I know the shop. I think an insurance ancien insurance adjuster that is that is also incorrect. I'll stop you there. We were looking for fleetwood mac jewelry yep yep oh oh he should get it. Do you run a quiz show. Here's your next. I've seen the seven cs. We've have seen seven seas are hosted top seller battened down the hatches minute baby lead adamancy. Please give that lamb to me before not out in a minute you should take for granted you <music> fresh fruits and vegetables anna beyond salen very fast the very quick answer that's correct. Here's an xtra that your audition had a lot of drama a and a lot of far back we saw younger actress and we like to bed or and gave her a apart anna outcast director out casting director fix grammar reform. I work grammar for my work bede grammar. It hurts. It's cory wright said predator writes it predator the for n._p._r. Listeners those lyrics were the sexier version. Finally i understand exactly yeah. I feel tingling and taxes. Anna accounting county grows they do fear and eked it out and she is going to the final round before our final round. It's time for us to play a game. Please welcome our special guests back to the stage from n._b._c.'s good girls reta. Uh okay read so so you are a big fan of hockey yes. I was scared because i love watching it yeah but i don't know jack so you're a fan of the l._a. Kings them. How did you get into enjoying hockey. <hes> uh-huh the guy who ran the king social media followed me. He's a fan he followed me on twitter and he likes that. I live tweeted shows and so he tweeted me once and said do you wanna come live tweet hockey game and i was like bre home adhere. That's perfect. You don't have to anything just come to i was like is there beer. He was like i was like i'm coming and it was fun the the most yeah that's why i love it so i will just say we are the same in the sense that as a canadian it's expected that hockey is basically within my blood and there are just some things i know through as moses but i don't know roy game but i like watching yes so read. A special hockey themed edition of our game fact bag so i have a bag of hockey. Trivia questions printed envelopes none of us. None of us know the answers so i'm going to read a question russian. We're going to discuss it. Just come up with some ideas of what we think. The answer could be and then. I'll open it up and find out what the real answer is. Okay all right most sports. It's are divided into halves or quarters. Hockey has three periods y more beer sales. I you know i think you might be onto something with the beer ears to breaks in a show or a show and we're in a game in terms of what we should be doing in here. You see them say yeah random. Everybody gets up and gets beer beer. Yeah i definitely thrown back during the intermission or whatever they call it. Yeah sure yeah i mean it's for it's for sales is not for the players that we should be sure to find out what the answer is denton genta ice maintenance. Yes that's right. I really that's drinking exactly two more ice cubes blues according to e._s._p._n. Before nine one thousand nine hundred hockey was played in two thirty minute halves at the end of each chaff. The ice was a mess and it was affecting gameplay so hockey changed to three twenty minute periods to increase the number of times. The ice could be cleaned by wall uh-huh zamboni. It's all about the zamboni all right. Here's your next one prior to a rules change in the early nineteen hundreds. What did hockey have in common with rugby grass outside. Could it be a helmet helmets and rugby. No audience says no. Maybe it's maybe it's the same thing do they wear pads. So i feel in general answer is like it's a safety thing all right. Let's find out you weren't allowed to pass the puck four words the on offense boy originally in hockey only lateral or backward passes were allowed. That's right. That's a rugby thing right is rugby. Drink pass it back or lateral yeah okay. Also helmets just told me that we were onto something because the helmets used to be optional. Oh oh wow so we accidentally got. Another fact got another fax backpack yeah all right. This is the final one in the mid nineties. What did the fox television network experiment with to try to boost hockey ratings cheerleaders leaders. That is a great idea. Why are there no cheerleaders right icecapades the ice girls in this half shirts because there's no cheerleaders right. They have them something. I think i know the answer to this new yeah because in canada we make fun of this. I believe fox tv fell that americans could not follow the puck and so they added a blue light the puck so americans could follow the puck and maybe enjoy the game it's true. I can't follow it for everybody to cheers it. Does anyone want to challenge me. On this challenge. A canadian on fox used augmented augmented reality to make the puck appear to glow on television and change colors depending on how fast it was moving so oh and the system you special hockey pucks that were embedded with infrared sensors to allow computers to track the puck and according to slate surveys found that new hockey viewers loved it existing hockey fans not limit. Our fact bag is empty. We we have learned a lot of facts fantastic. Congratulations read a thank you for being season two of good girls on n._b._c. sunday nights. Everyone give it up for reta. It's time to crown our big winner. Let's bring back our finalists. Katie woke an accountant whose mom wanted her to be a lion tamer and anna dancing your halpern who loves spoilers but doesn't know how this story will end katie and anna. Your final round is called case in points. Every answer is a word containing at least two of the highest value scrabble letters q hugh x z or j. These answers may or may not be valid scrabble words so play at your own risk and our big winner will receive an ask serbia's cubes signed by reta. We rolled a twenty sided. Die backstage and katie is going. I here we go katie eighty this one thousand nine hundred ninety four film centers on the scandalous t._v. Program twenty-one network could guess sorry that is incorrect. We were looking for quiz. Show and mama. Mia and jersey boys are examples of this type of musical built around pop songs three seconds yeah. We're looking for jukebox katie. This were described something foolishly impractical inspired aspired by a mcgill sirvan as novel quixote e._s. We don't know if that's word okay. We'll have to check with our judges. Kyodo is the crux of it. They say we can take iota esque doc so correct anna in baseball. This play involves a batter bunting to sacrifice himself and advance a runner on third to home plate a sac fly. I'm sorry that is incorrect. We were looking for squeeze is play. Jonathan are finalised doing well so far katie's in the lead with one point katie this chocolate tier stars with nicole buyer on the net flicks cooking show nailed it jock something french three seconds. It's not cousteau shock jock torahs and in folklore. It's something that brings bad luck or something you might yell if you and a friend say the same thing jinx that is correct katie. It's a biblically named feminist. The news blog chisel that is correct anna in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine judy shepard miss it created this workout combining dance and fitness <music> jazzercise direct. Are i read the halfway point. Jonathan howard contestants doing well and has made up at gap. It is now tied to to who katie this. Mediterranean daffodil is cultivated for its yellow or white fragrant short tube clustered flowers. We were looking for john. Quayle i would never would've jonquil anna in the united kingdom a._m. The government's chief financial minister is known as the chancellor of this exchequer that is correct. Katie from the french cadaver have rexy. This artistic form involves a series of collaborators separately adding to the same work. I don't know no answer no answer going or exquisite corpse anna in audio e. q. stands for this equalizer nisa. Yes equalizer. We can take well done jonathan our contestants doing well. Anna is now in the lead four to two so katie if you get this question wrong and a wins the game katie this hard shiny crystal mineral is used in making electronics and watches. It's not crystal. It's not three seconds. It's we were looking for courts so that means a europe big winner yeah congratulations and thank you and that's where show asked me another musician jonathan coulton. Hey my name anagrams. Kaushal cannon are puzzles written by kimmel franklin andrew cane ruth morrison and senior writer karen lori with additional material by carolina burger and emily winter turn our senior supervising producer rachel. Neil asked me there is produced by mike catt's travis large chuck kiara powell nancy say chow rebel would and our intern shan john goal unleash hog along with steve nelson and on your grandma and we recorded by david whitmore david her tken and jeff o'neill. We'd like to thank our home in brooklyn new york the bell house he'll blues and our production partner w._n._y._c. I'm her ripe begonias eisenberg and this was asked me another from n._p._r. Hey happy to hear you're still listening and since you're still here why not pop overdue redo apple podcasts and write us a review we love to hear from you and it helps others find out about our show for additional information about new episodes upcoming live shows roadshows shows and bonus games follow us on facebook twitter or instagram. Thanks this is n._p._r. Next time on asked me another from netflix says she's got a habit actor. Ill finish hadera. We asked about attending the famed laguardia high school and about out her new series godfather of harlem then we put her music knowledge to the test with a quiz about hip hop samples so join me eisenberg on n._p._r.'s asked me another. The answer hurt life's funnier questions.

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