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And I'm bound a week and this week, we hear from the living legend about her life and career that's coming up on sound opinions. This is sound opinions, and I gotta tell you Mavis Staples is on a tear with her new release, we get by she's released seven solo studio album since two thousand and four. Every one of them a gift, she'd basically stopped making music for a few years after her, her father died and man, she has come back with a vengeance. She's also celebrating her eightieth birthday in July as a prelude to that, as done a handful of these star concerts across the country, which is really incredible to see all these luminaries coming out to celebrate her legacy. So we're going to take this chance to revisit our interview with her from two thousand seventeen you wrote the definitive biography of Mavis. Staples. I'll take you there. Mavis Staples, the staple singers and the music that shaped the civil rights movement. A fantastic read came out in two thousand fourteen who is Mavis Staples. Well, it's a grand story. Jim, it's Span's twentieth. Century mu. And on the twenty first century, it starts with her father pops. Staples who grew up on Dockery farm in Mississippi and learned the blues guitar at the feet of the founder of the blues of the modern blues. Anyway. Charlie Patton, combine it with four park gospel, harmonies move to Chicago taught it to his children, including Mavis and her brother and sisters Purvis Cleo, and Yvonne. They became a family band known as the staple singers performing in churches in Chicago, beginning in the late forties, became a national act. In one thousand nine hundred fifty six with uncloudy day Mavis went on from there and her family to greatly influence and provide a soundtrack for the civil rights movement in the sixties. They were best friends with Martin Luther King would often be as opening act at his presentations during the marches in the seventies enjoyed a huge string of hits including I'll take you there in, in the nineties. She began reinventing herself as. Solo act. Prince produced a couple of records for her. You know, as you said, earlier, Greg, after pops Staples death in two thousand the staple singers as a group ended it was a dark time for Mavis, but she rejuvenated her life and career by focusing on solo albums a few produced by Jeff tweedy of Wilco. And now the latest the new one we get by produced by Ben Harper. You know what I mean? She's turning eighty in July and has produced more than fifty years of relevant music to mazing. It's amazing. And I started Greg by asking Mavis, if it's true that she began singing at age eleven nailing is actually eleven is when we first went out to sink. Oh, Lebas when he went pro. Not totally pro whom when we went to the first storefront church, okay? We went out of the living room because we started in living room when I was about eight years. Oh, wow. And eleven years old by the time I was eleven years old, my, Katie lived with us, and she came to the living room when night and hurt us for Hurson, and she said, shucks, y'all sign on pretty good. Thing in my church Sunday. Big honor honor. We were so happy. We were going to be singers, other than on the living room floor. Well, when you say us, now it's you and Cleo. Thuja Yvonne and Purvis, right. Yes. Brothers and sisters, and, and pops and pops. Dr pump play guitar and props was given us the voices the voices that he and his brother saying when they were in Mississippi, you know, as our sound pop Staples and Katie, you know, she tests cleanly in April on to go to this church that Sunday went to church. We saying. So you're saying the very first song pops tortoise will the circle beyond broke. The. Bye. Why? We saying that song and the people will crapping us back. We didn't know what that meant. They kept clapping and someone had to tells they, they, they want he you all again. You say so we got up and we saying again, we'll circle building broke we had to sing. That's three times. It was Onuson win that pops hit told us all the way through. You know. So pops ish go. These people I guess we go on home in nervous, most home and the rest is history by. This guy. It's an amazing family group. You talked about those harmonies pops taught you that he, he learned growing up, doc reform reform. Now doc reform is also the birthplace of the blues Charlie Patton was playing a lot of guitar there. And pops is also studying Charlie, Pat. Man. So he's bringing these guys voices in with blues tar, which, I don't you know, pops is innovative beyond belief. I think he's one of the great musical minds of the twentieth, century. Styles together. Yeah. Guitar player the way he envisioned, those vocals with the family. Did you kind of have a sense that something different, you sounded a little bit different than everybody else even on the gospel circuit? You know, I knew we would different you know, we had our own style. We didn't sound like anybody else. And everyone else would get up as singing loud Lau. And we'd come popped we say low low as the way sing and softer and the end the harmonies the harmonies that pops gave us was was what was so unique. You know, he had clearly my older sister, clearly seen in a minor key, everything. Or you see that they want to sound like clearly a re the one to beat her baby sister, because she couldn't sound like Cleo, though. And the guy William with the pips he wanted to some actually they were. How are you going? How do you do that? But clear these boys and pops his guitar was the staple singers that made the difference from everyone. Shit. We had a sound this lady evident gay she helped us a lot when we first started making evident gates rope. Oh, staples. I don't know what you choosing y'all saying, Incontri you're saying we hadn't ever heard any country. But for some reason, we were over to country we will pulled into folk, we had a sound and those people when the blues people started calling us to blues festival as my fault. I said, daddy, why they call blue festively say, no blooms, his maids, you go back and you listen to our music you. Listen good is a you hear jazz blues, Goss, spoil arm be you hear all of that in our sound. So I could that was it. I listened. And he. Right. And then that's when I heard the moves because for years, we signed with father, saying, and gossip and we didn't know puzzles praying, the blues owners, get Dr. Yeah. Man. We forget, we think gospels always been with us, but it was being born here in Chicago. The Reverend Thomas Dorsey, but, but was there pushback from the Dorsey school of gospel to you guys bring in all these other elements, blues, and country and folk. Well, Thomas, a Dorsey, you would call his gospel spiritual spiritual very church swing. And precious. Lord dig my hand, you know and, and the gospel, the shooting of gospel be, you know. Win the sites. Go. Martigny. So there were some churches that wouldn't let system. Hey, you're Jackson saying in their pool pits rally. Really she she she she's in move on a little high. You know, she had she sisters out of five. They were rocking roller. System. Hey, you're Jackson was greatest. I, I, I admire her so much. You know pop Schuster played big seventy records and I was a little kid. I've been back room plan with my dolls. And I would hear this, this is the very first lady's voice that I heard 'cause he always had the souls, third pupil travels through Nightingale and any had this lady come through an it moved me on up into liberty. And I say that daddy, he said, you're gonna what you make a yes. That's a hey, Jackson, he would say Sistema, hey, your taxes, so much. When I finally met her older sister, MRs businesses. Hello. Ms system. Yeah. Out in my name, and maybe. And I think too, she's so old you to I say, yes, ma'am, she said, well, I want to hear you saying. And I say all you hear me I sing out. The Staples singers break uncloudy. You had tried to make some records before that. And without a lot of success, you were still basically Chicago-based act. That's song. Exploded, it became a huge nationwide. Hit uncloudy day, your version of it. That is a very famous gospel song. I've heard millions of groups do that. And I've never heard anyone do aversion quite like the staple singers did that day and that arrangement that you had for that song. Yes. And your voice Mavis probably what seventeen eighteen when you record about thirteen fourteen you sounded like you were thirty five. Like a much more mature like a woman who had lived, you know, pots that was the first time I'd heard uncloudy day when he taught it to us. You know, we sing it down in harmony anything Mavis, using will will will he told me and I just said, it will will will who they tell me now, you know, Vivian Kara, BJ Rego's. She called pops wounded. She says Staples. This song is sudden, like an Rb. We started getting letters letters from all over the coming saying podcast home, one time, he told momma, he said, I believe miniature can make with this thing and mostly robot. You could Gioja. He was working to train company sells you work, but, but we go to places y'all and the people would have been 'cause this job, it was this little made Abel's this little girl is singing this song, and people would bet. A girl has got to be a man or a big fat, one that's not a little girl. They would actually we could do. North Carolina at manage, orga, Memphis. And we would food that we know they've been betting and we sing it down in harmony. And when my part purpose, my brother, he would kinda step up to my lucky. It would all told you girl, I told you while they were going through that might say will will will. Plays would go play one man come up three hundred little girl. A bit my whole paycheck on. And. Popsy. Would you shouldn't be? No. God. Town. No. Who? I've, I've just been blessed. The Lord, gifted me with my voice. I don't know Stitcher music. I don't even know what kiosk singing what my voice was always heavy. My voice comes from my mother's side of the family she and my grandma, they had strong voices and our I would get in fights at school. Tim, you something like boy? It had learned fight. I wouldn't. No don't tell me then you go get it. After short break will continue our conversation with Mavis Staples by looking at the staple singers, successful years at Stax and most shows, that's an a minute on sound opinions from WBZ, Chicago, and PR ex. Sound opinions is supported by goose island. The brewers of next coast three one, two urban wheat ale and bourbon county stout pairing beer and music since nineteen eighty eight they believe it's always best to listen critically and enjoy responsibly. Goose island beer company, Chicago, Illinois. Let's be honest. There's too much news to catch up on, especially after a long day at work, but WBZ Chicago has your back our new daily newsletter. The rundown will keep you informed with the five biggest local, national and international stories delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe for free by texting rundown two three zero six four four. Welcome back sound opinions. I'm Jim dear goddess my partner. Mavis biographer is Greg Kat, and we are revisiting our two thousand seventeen conversation with the inevitable Mavis Staples about her, life and career we left off with the staple. Singers version of uncloudy day gaining popularity across the country and this led the Staples to their deep end significant involvement with the civil rights movement. So significant in fact that we devoted a whole show to that one aspect of their lives, which you can find on our website, sound opinions dot org or on the podcast feed. We're gonna pick up the story, though. Jim in nineteen sixty eight and that was a key moment in the staple. Singers career, that's when they signed to Stax record in Memphis, sex was already emerging as a major powerhouse in soul music, sort of the, the southern counterpart to what was happening in Motown, and they started recording at that point. With the great Steve cropper guitar player Booker T in the sheets. Now those records with proper weren't big hits. But then they went to muscle shoals, Alabama at the behest of stacks chairman L bell, and the recorded some of their finest music. So I asked Mavis about arriving in muscle shoals for the first time Milla nowhere, Ella. Bam people were necessarily welcome with open arms there. But here's his white rhythm section right and your family in the studio together making great records and that blue, you know. You know, we got there to muscle show and met the guys. And they were just so nice. You know, just so nice and even Jenny we would go to his mother's house for Jenner. Jimmy Johnson Johnson, and I realize all white people weren't me. You know, they say these guys were so loving and so tight. You know, that's what made that music so good their attitudes and their personalities. And we in the studio together, you know, when you we haven't done that long time in right? Is to whip. The rhythm said. Feeding off of each other, you know, Becca controls something on that piano. Just make me go. David. David, who all of that? I'll take you there. It was nothing planned. It was nothing. It would just free fall, just fall came together in the moment. Just came together in the moment, people don't realize that song has, like five lines of lyrics in it. That's right. And it's a four and a half minute song. And you go man. That's, that's an awesome song, then you realize it's all improv is a mad at him. It. Yeah. Improv, how was it coming together? I mean it sounded like just a sketch, and then you guys took it somewhere happened. When I heard those guys plan. And see what was so killing I hadn't ever seen anything like this before. Barry, Beckett would hear the song. I know please cry, anybody, we're it, and that he would write lines. He would write notes he right lines down and give them to the rest of the as what is that? His own pavers. Okay. Never seen anything like that. But then they start playing palm. And this guy was there to Eddie Hinton, Eddie Hinton. He could play that get popular just mom. Thank you. Thank you. That. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They would put me in Eddie, one glass, box and put him in another glass box. I didn't understand why but we were in glass, boxes and what, what really got to me with that? Those guys. I'm the senior thing, it's and create new stuff, and, and all of a sudden you're things. Eight o'clock is over as job doing may was we're going home as. I'm not finished maybe to finish Tamar as from from one to eight that's what they at eight o'clock. The session is one with the style. They were doing so many sessions of that point, everybody wanted to record with and Paul Simon was down there. Yeah. Stones. You know. So it was just they were just cranking them out. Yeah. But that was probably the best thing for them to do to get outta hit clear. The heads and come back next day who, but that hurt me. It would have been good. If I had a little tape recorder go on. I would have had what I did you know, but I had start all over the next match. If you had an iphone back then. Bet. It had to be fascinating to pops in and your siblings and yourself that these artists from this other world, you know, the folk musicians. The rock artists listening to your music, like Dylan was telling stories about listening staple singers on radio station. Yeah. When he was a kid and bass struck by how different you sounded and it really struck him and the members of the band and John Fogarty, basically saying I ripped pops off for half the tireless play. Right cooter. All these artists who are huge fans of with the staple singers were doing. I was in the Grammy pops and ride coup. Got this, this Grammy. I didn't know who I grew men KoKo Taylor and pops into goven Khuda got him said, thank you for this. I think puff Staples. He taught me. I said that you taught him. He say he didn't mean to me. But you're right. It is really an honor is really makes you feel good that these people were listening to us. We didn't know what he does. He's mavis. She says younger conlow tape it with this rocket slight. I don't wanna meet him. He's a dangerous man. Remember that verse? He this is Bob. Dylan in may. Who are you to, to say something that, Bob Dylan's gonna remember like that? It makes me very proud. I'm some bad. No job. With have. Cans. He's a day may. It is. It's quite an honor, I feel grateful that, that we inspire 'cause they will come and tell us the porta sisters and the Jackson, Five possible give Mr. Jackson, lots of information when the Jackson Five he say, daddy, you should've told him let them boys, have some fun. Hurts and all. Slime the family stone was disc jockey, and he would play on us. We can do. I. The bank. Once you've got done with stacks sex folded, you guys continued your career. Are you had your biggest hit do it again? Yes. And that's not exactly a gospel song now. Nut kind of like another side of the gosh. Saturday night song. Yes. Sunday. Morning stuff. That's right. How did this come together? What that song that's come from Curtis Mayfield and see Curtis policy dollas. Okay, Kurt is doing the soundtrack for this movie less dude, again, he want us to stay so all right? We're glad to sing a soundtrack for movie we get into studio, and courtesy gave him apart to it. We got started. And then when he got to pop up pops, this is your part, and that was I like you lady who found with your priority hair policy Curtis. Man. I'm not going to say that I'm a charge man. I'm not gonna say that. It Curtis will pops the Lord will mine. Still slow phone. It's still a Moby score. And then me, Yvonne. We jumped on daddy, we like to say we want he is going to be an overview on big screen. It's once we've finally talked pops into do it. And when he put it down where we, we got in that movie to see your premium and pops came on, you tell them about the biggest grin. And then in show when possible come up, ladies, what just like Frank Sinatra when they would scream when France and then he turned around and grin at me, you know. I didn't make you do it. Right. But that was Curtis Mayfield and Curtis he had a staple. Singers singing a secular song, the first secular song we ever saying. And the last one the, the, the group, the staple singers, I'm ace. But the family, that's the only one that we would be. What was he like before we get away, Curtis? Curtis was. It just what you heard me. He was always whining voice didn't match. What was coming out of there? Oh, he was genius. Bracket in bloom. The songs he wrote man, and Jerry Butler was with them, right? What impressions we live eighty nine ninety and Curtis and other two guys bought three little houses in a row right around the corner from us, and he, he would be thank you hang over with daddy it. Pops on and make some kinda music that you're George Curtis v righteous of my, and I think the first one you would move on. Yeah. Harsh. Just. I don't think people appreciate what the south side of Chicago was like when you were growing up. Yeah. I mean Curtis Mayfield. Jerry Butler, where we're idolizing pops. I mean two of the greatest guitar players of all time. Pops, basically teaching Curtis and vice versa, right next each. Other Jerry Butler, you mentioned Sam Cooke was Nair. Taylor Lou Rawls. Yeah. What was Taylor? Oh man. The neighborhood was to do what do the spaniels? Everybody just like you read about the brothers under the ma'am poll. That's what they were doing. I witnessed it. I would see Purvis and Sam and at night. Hours on the lamp, they wouldn't let the girls do it now down. Now, no, the but they, they all had their own little groups. They had gossiped groups to, you know, and they would go, it's a church Hopewell on thirty fifth street. He would let them come in after his service that income into your clouds and Purvis and say, I'm had perverts Spencer Taylor ahead of group. He was highway q sees all of them with saying, like, it's a battle it was about, you know, and nobody would be an audience, but those kids sitting out they eat potato chips. In the ground bag. They entertaining us. Seven. And pops it Sam impervious. They woody. Hanes. They have there's a you don't put them back. Cut them off. Next Sam impervious. Get them a stock in cap and the Murray. And man. But Sam and Purvis used a Yale for the watermelon man. See, then I'm fortunate enough me. I'm I've seen the horse and wagon. I've, I've seen the lab chickens in the coupes, where people would leave stuff out all the stores, they leave sitting out on night loan. Nobody would bother it. You know. And they had all kademi. They add to Coleman iceman, drag man, and it all be in these wagon with the horse and the watermelon man on us kids will be running behind him. Sometime division men to give us a tomato. You know. But, but the watermelon man in sound. They. Hey. Well, ornamental may get a red ripe to say while to metal and border ladies would run to the windows. What? And the watermelon, man will give us kids. Watermelon, you know, oh man those it they could when we return on sound opinions. We'll talk with Mavis Staples about her solo career. That's an a minute on sound opinions from WBZ Chicago and PR. Let's be honest. There's too much news to catch up on, especially after a long day at work, but WBZ Chicago has your back our new daily newsletter. The rundown will keep you informed with the five biggest local, national and international stories delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe for free by texting rundown two three zero six four four. Welcome back to sound opinions. I'm Jim dear got us might partner is Gregg Kat. And we are talking the life and career of the inevitable, Mavis Staples. She is enjoying a solo career today, that's as strong as it's ever been her latest album. We get by is a strong one. She's performed alongside other stars from a variety of John rouse and always holds her own, but the idea of being solo artist did not come naturally to Mavis despite her undeniable star power that charisma, she's very self effacing after the staple. Singers signed stacks records in nineteen sixty eight the next year. The label tried to launch a solo career for Mavis the first self titled album was recorded with Steve cropper, and was followed up by only the lonely in nineteen seventy. You do. You're as good as those records are, and stacks was trying to fashion her as competition for her friend Retha Franklin at that time, a solo act they weren't really huge success. They didn't sink a lot of promotional money into marketing, those records and after that, maybe it didn't really seem interested in being a solo artist. So I asked her about her reluctance to go, it alone after that, Steve cropper told me said, you know, may his heart. She just that was not where she wanted to be. I can tell she was not ready for this moment said he saw you a few years ago again. She goes, she's ready for this. Fast. Gone. Sean. What change? I mean, it was just a simple case. There was no other option. But you seem very comfortable for the first time being out there as maybe Staples as opposed to maybe Staples of the staple singers, and that was it a grid that was no option as long as there were staple. Singers, I was going to be a staple singer. And I never wanted to go solo. I was a kid that people were often millions for me to, to, to still the teenager. And that is I had made this on crime. Check your saw me cry. He. Desi may people wanna pay you mean dollars. Sing by yourself. You wanna same by yourself. I say, no, sir. No, I'm a home person. And plus I would have been scared to death by myself. No. My family has always been my security, you know it just wasn't in me at might better singer with I like I like the background I fought bad. He wanted me to sing lead when, when Purvis was singing, the pros, voice changed overnight and makers, you're gonna have to say, I was a baritone thing when we first and I said that I don't want Sealey. I thought the baritone was the prettiest voice in the background his mayor, you can sing. The has ended lows Purves can't get Hannibal. So you have the same the lead. And I said, no daddy. Bob at a little little piece of belt, he cut by the side of the rule. And he kept him. Maybe you saying leave he leaning for that little mail. And I saw he would. I said, okay, daddy, okay. Okay, how saying and that's when I started singing lead something that I really want to say. Sometimes things just won't go away. To when the sky tres grade tomorrow is. Two thousand sixteen living on a high note, the extraordinary contributions of the songwriters who wanted to write for your voice. Right. You know what nothing else would bring together a group as diverse as Nico case aloe black mic cave. You know and and and Meryl garbage from tune yards. Him in the bus together. Right. Yeah, yeah. And they all wanted to write for you. They all wanted to write and Merle. I just heard me when she's in her herbs net who going to do it, if I don't do it, you know. And she's I in her demo you know, Todd. They say me. Fire? The. Would minimal choice. Action. I was just so honored really makes you feel good. And I talked to a lot of the Mon phone, the head and the hearts, just little kids, it really made me feel good. They were just so shy to talk to me. I'll miss. I believe it. Chad komo. Yeah. My this was a food with my money. Lost every day. The sun stopped shining. It rained all the time. Did set me back some war? But I live. Get over. Losing. Maybe let me ask a series and sort of sad question, though, you never had a family of your own. No children, no one one brief marriage. You know you were so devoted to the Staples. Family, your brothers and sisters, and your dad. Do you feel like you lost anything in your own life? Did music steal something from you being so singlemindedly dedicated on? No, no. I and that that was that was a part of my, my divorce. My husband wanted me to stop singing and. No way. I was going to stop singing. I would sing and years for years before I met him, you know, and singing was my life. It's what I love to do. I love singing love you. See, you got to, you know, and that, that ended it I I was married in nineteen sixty four and. By nineteen seventy. I just feel free to sing, you know, nothing to stop. No, no me back on my own. So you got to do what you wanted your whole life. Okay. Exactly. And I won't be singing to you guys. Stiller's no more air. No more air. When you. Looking. Well, I would have never thought that you would outlive. Prince? You weren't with him. Oh Lord, I didn't need. I know. Who would think that that was the shock of my life that was? You know, an I sometimes I still can't believe it. I was my family was part of my family was prince really weird or how much of that was an act was weird. Believe it. Yeah, Brentwood, we're different. That's impress when do you sleep? We come in the studio and we leave our daylight, always catch me up. You know, another day Mavis sleeping a waste of time. Okay. Done, but understood he would wear, but I understood and as a heat break-up to he, he loosened up and he was just so he just wanted to he was full of. Jokes. You know, he, he was he was comical to press. Look visit as just have some this feeling but oh, Lord. Here's the sweetest kid while you soften them up. Because when I saw last time I saw him, he started talking about the letters you wrote to him when you were starting to record together, and you're telling him about your life, so that he had something to write about because you were worried that this guy wasn't going to communicate with you, anyway. And he's still talks about those letters, and he said that you were, like a, a mom to him. You know, he came out to meet me at the shrine and the. I told my sisters, I won't be cool when this guy by talking about how cool is as will be cool. He walked up toward me, and this little, white suit, and cool when out window. Doing my mom mom wants me to kiss you for her prince. He gave misty. He's saying kiss me on this tied through may was for us. Yeah. Okay. But, but when I saw he wasn't gonna talk to me to smile and role is big is, you know, and as a right to him, I was writing him thirteen and fourteen pays legal pad letters and started from when I was a little girl, I love to go to Sunday school. My mother would trust me, my little cute dress and shoes. I have my purse and every song that he wrote for me has something from my letters in there. That's all. And. Blood is an entire, we wouldn't church shoulder son demoing all dressed up looking, my fine, the spirit came without a warning intoxicated, this whole life Hawaiian, you know, and it is a message zone. Don't wanna make you stop and wonder why we kill on con every day. What can we get a loan with each other? When we Don will know is the only way sure is Moses Steph potted, the water, and she was Cain had to pay for his crime. Shouldn't a one wants to be broken heart. It, that's how shoot I him that blood is because in time. Yeah. He wrote that for my family labels. That, that's a tribute to your family. He got. And you read those letters. He got him. Been to the mountaintop. I've been to the fan and the who. One thing that was done. Family show. Two way. Powell and game was home. Win your family. Sure. The good. That's Mavis Staples. Singing blood is thicker than time a song written for her by prince when we spoke with Mavis we wound up with more than we could possibly fit in a single episode. You can hear part two of our conversation with Mavis Staples on the website, sound opinions dot org or find it on the podcast feed. But right now, we wanna hear from you, what has the music of Mavis Staples meant to you. What are your memories of the staple? Singers, leave us a message on the hotline eight eight eight five nine hundred Greg. Thank you for bringing us Mavis. It was a gift sound opinions as always was produced by Brennan, Bana, SaK, Alex Claiborne, ion contrary, and Andrew Gill. Let's be honest. There's too much news to catch up on, especially after a long day at work, but WBZ Chicago has your back our new daily newsletter. The rundown will keep you informed with the five biggest local, national and international stories delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe for free by texting rundown two three zero six four four. Automatic on sound opinions. Everyone's a critic. So now it's time you have to say. Becoming best friends with. No. Way, Greg, and Jim Johnson scenario, huge national fan and driving home now thirty bummed out hearing your review of the but I have to say I grew with one hundred percent so not sure what happened there. I kinda always blame this things on maybe a producer who needed to keep them, more grounded reality disappointing great fan, but great legacy of great albums, and their amazing live. But unfortunately, that was quite a disappointment. So at least I have to go listen to your next buried treasure podcast, and maybe that will cheer me. So keep up the good work. I look show. Thanks. So. Peter from Chicago longtime listener in regards to buried treasure episodes band, I learned about actually going through one of your very treasures. I think of Viagra boys, you know is looking for tickets. See if they were coming to the US, and I didn't see any of that. But van called snap the ankle came up that was playing in England that I just checked him out. They are unbelievable. They have a new album called dunning luxury wonderful. And. Their left elbow. Come play the trees, really cool. Quirky aggressive Hewlett, Tron ick. Wonderful, and I think you would really love them and I think the they're definitely let, so love the show guys. Thanks so much. Hey guys, my name is Spencer calling from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm listening to one of your very treasurer and thought I'd send along a recommendation called all we have album by the Taylor, Scott bands, some. Their view. The. They're phenomenal force out of Denver. God in foot from every single Donner imaginable. Definitely. Tickets on the record. I think it deserves some attention. Thanks. On opinions money, and look, and I'm from Chicago, and I recently listened to your episode about bands, that are fighting under the radar that are not being paid as they should. And I've been listening to a lot of ends that are on recently, a lot of metal bands like terminal Mason, Arkansas hers, collective John. Right. But there's one specifically from Chicago called next feared death camp. And they're a anti-racist black metal band. It has a lot of attention from the left side and the right side as you probably know, black metal has tried shoes with white nationalism. Anti-semitism in this band, was started to basically, trust them, and promote anti-racism transphobia anti homophobia in the metal scene and make it an acceptance again, one of the play out on their album called white nationalism is for basement. Dwelling loses. His lung fell warfare. I think you guys check it out. Keep it up. No more methods to give us your opinions on sound opinions. Caller hotline eight eight five nine eighteen hundred we'll be back next week with more sound opinions produced by WBZ Chicago and distributed by PR ex. Let's be honest. There's too much news to catch up on, especially after a long day at work, but WBZ Chicago has your back our new daily newsletter. The rundown will keep you informed with the five biggest local, national and international stories delivered right to your inbox. 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