Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 40 Episode 11 with Aaron Jackson


Some game right off sounds law as the R H. A day lay off. I can sell you the our ASE. I everybody in welcome to the RHA. Bnb for episode eleven of survivor winners at war. We are here to talk about Tony. Tony Tony and a few other people to it was a jam packed. Tony filled episode. That led to one of the biggest outcomes through C. And not only the season but I would say of recent memory on survivor. Let me bring in this superstar pain to break it all down. I of course Liana. Boris WHO TONY IS NOT SPLITTING UP. Anytime Soon Liana. How're you doing? I'm good. I'm hoping to Nabi extorted on this podcast but you never know you gotta always read to the bottom of the notes extorted feels weird as like a past tense verb in one be extorted. I was I was extortion. Is now pushing. Feels better like portioned. But I feel like that's not the way that verbs work so we're just inventing an entirely new language which makes sense considering that we are bringing on a very special guest. This week is not only an actor. A comedian and author as well. He knows his way around words specifically most recently with his recent release of his book. The astonishing life of August march a novel so happy to welcome Aaron Jackson to the. Bnb How you doing. Hello thank you for having me here. I'm doing well so before we get into anything. That's a jump the gun too much but I'm sure there are a lot of people that that would love to know who you are as a person and also as a survivor fan as well at the sort of see. What's your story as you walk through the hallowed halls of this? Bnb that has been quite empty for some time recent circumstances. Yeah Well Mike's beautiful introduction was correct. I am a comedian and an actor and also an author. And so yeah. What else is there to me? Those are sort of my. My moniker is yeah I do. I do stand up. I came up in that Improv scene in New York City where I still live and I was on a a comedy. Central show called the opposition with Jordan boroughs a correspondent on that show and then I also wrote a book and my survivor. Life is that I've watched every season of this forty season. Long show since it aired. I've always really dug it so here. We are now that you say that out loud. I feel so much more proud of myself. I'm like yeah have already these like we build the opposite. I'll say my friend. Amy Howard is how I got injured so I just watch it sort of like ashamed cocoon alone and all that. I talked to about where my ninety one year old grandmother But now amy introduced me to other people of like I guess my generation that enjoyed the show. And that's been nice. I'm not completely alone. We exist. We DO EXIST INTRIGUED. Like what were some of the ninety year old grandmas prevailing opinions about survivor conversing with her every single season. And she's been watching since I've probably since Australia or Africa because I got on board. And but she every season it starts and she goes. I don't know I hate this season I hate. I hate all of them. I hate every single. One of 'em and then we get to the merge and she kind of remembers people are now and then she's always like what they're just all idiots every single and then she wins and I can't believe she's still watches her opinion on. That's amazing she's consistent. You know does she do you? I guess she or do you have any sort of big favorites either in seasons or people you've had over the years so I don't know about your Krim seemed seemed like who's the least big idiot from perspective so she's from originally will not originally She lived in San Antonio for a long time. So she is Kim Spradlin Fan Stony Upland with San Antonio and I'd say for me. Generally speaking for me survivor seasons are sort of a wash in less. A woman ends up winning the show. I've always pro the women contest on sand like this season for example going in my my a favorites and no particular order. But I wanted Sandra poverty. Natalie Denise and Kim to do well and I'll tell you that that double booed of Poverty Sandra First Week Quarantine. That actually did hurt me in a deep way. No like setting the tone for quarantine and this is going to be a disaster like this is the last major thing you'll save before you cut yourself off from the outside world unforeseen about a time. Yeah I like the women and I also do. I love it when a gay man can sneak in there and win it too. Yeah so this has been rough for each year I am. I do love Kim Denise Alliance but they can I mean. We'll get to that but I never seem to get on the right side of that vote. Yeah I don't know we really have been seeing Leon like Kim. Saddling is fully inform and winters at war. Even when like after wasting an idol? He's okay I'm finally in on a plan. I'm going to screw over Jeremy. And Lo and behold due to Tony's MAC nations. She's left out once again. All my gosh though. I was dying with Kim being on the money every single to on the fire token every single time. Jeremy Tony's playing us. He's playing you and her calling Tony Outright is face. All of that was so bad. So bad ass. He was so bad. I wrote like Kim knows all in all caps I was that was one of those moments like this is like what straight white men feel when they're heroes are out there like kicking ass like my heroes out there kicking as as loving in empowered as I can do anything am guilty of anything. I can do anything because his also my hero too. She's a lot of like hardcore rooting for I. It's not gonNA go well. I don't think and these next couple episodes for her for her. But this episode or I would love this. Reunions could be weird for many reasons but I know how Jessie like. Little Kids love. You can just imagine either Kim coming out. Jeff says these women in their twenties there just are they love you so much. They're all over. You go to me and the audience. If that was a thing they go to me on zoom exactly like when they used to do like The signs from the contestants hometowns and that person wanted so. You're you're one person celebration at your apartment. Yeah it's like me trying to get my cats involved. Hold the sign. Let's let's talk about this episode because I spoke about at the beginning but what an interesting episode of survivor it's storytelling in particular has been very interesting throughout the entire season but really for the first time in what. I feel like it's been a fairly evenly edited season. We got all Tony all the time. I mean he was so crucially involved in everything to the point where he was the one that made the move. He was the one that found the idol. He was the one that you know had to overcome extortion. And you know I've seen people go back and forth as to whether or not they liked this episode overall Aaron. What did you think about this hour of Tony? So I as I said I do tend to favor the women but Tony is one of the men that I have enjoyed on the show. I think he is very fun to watch Usually I would be so pissed at survivor an episode. Like this. I'd be like Gimme. GimMe a break. But he really. He found an idol he wanted. Mutebi was extorted and he kind up with a plan. So it's like it's sort of his episode. I Dunno Mike. What what were they supposed? How could they have edited around him to make it more balanced but I thought it was spotted? It was he in game changers. He did such a bad job of changing his strategy and he really did do a better job. This time of laying low and it all came flying out. He's like back onto the original island like doing everything and say betraying his own alliance. He's GonNa next week. You know. Try to do damage control. It's like Oh my God he just. He immediately turned back if he loves it. But that's the thing that was he says last week and that secrecy like I pleaded really slow because my wife and remind me that I should do that and then like as soon as wife left. He's like okay because away the mice will play. Let me do everything that I did before and I guess Leon it's just a matter of like I mean it gets a dish showed that patients pays off to a certain extent but I guess at a certain point especially when you're someone like Tony you have to rev up or maybe there was just so much pent up Tony nece inside if cork was gonNA pop off at any point. Yeah that must have been the case because there were even things. I didn't even remember that. Tony did and this episode until I ever watched it Tony. Finding me idol completely forgot about that and what. I was re watching it. I was like what is he digging for. He doesn't dig for the extortion like disadvantage and those. Oh Tony I found an idol. I couldn't even believe that and then I think we're just GONNA get the continuation of that story next week when we have. Tony in his treehouse. Despite shock thing away Tony Moment. That was so funny was when he was reading the extortion clue he and he enters the scene like sliding into home like rounding. I I was like this is insane. I love it because I run away so nobody would know that I was pretty sure people saw sprint. Like Hussein bolt out of Camp Toda. You can't really hide when you're just dashing mile a minute and the noise that that must have made too late not only. Is he running breathing? Heavy and then sliding through all the dirt and sticks and leaves and stuff. It's very obvious. But that editing of that scene was so good because like I also at the Mo- like didn't know exactly if it was an advantage or disadvantage because I kind of miss some of the language the first time I was like okay. Does he get to use it as an extortion. Or is he being extorted by the people on the edge so then by the end it was like this is being played against you. That was so amazing. Oh my God yeah that has to be. I think the shadiest writing an advantage that I've ever seen aside from when Sarah. Apparently said offscreen that said. Don't use the votes deal in the way. Stephen Fishbach did but to like build you up so much of light. This is great. This is what disadvantage will do. Also it's being played on you I guess I guess. I sort of had that last season to write with like Jamal reading through his note of like. Hey you learned a valuable lesson like sometimes you know a good. Somethings are too good to be true. By the way you won't be voting like they really like these sneaks surprises with the survivor writers so shady and sell mean but I love it at the same time so and I think it was good because it was it was ups and downs for Tony. There were there were levels to the performance. It wasn't just one note which also made it really enjoyable. Yeah that's the thing is that I do agree with that. I think this is not something I would like to see every single episode. Because then you get like survivor. Samoa or to go international the most recent season of Australian survivor and that's just not great storytelling but considering how integral Tony was to everything in this episode I could see the editors wanting to have a bit of fun and go a bit unconventional with giving him I think eighteen confessionals or something but I can understand that if people earn fans that they wouldn't necessarily see that but at the same time I feel like we saw enough of everyone else that we got like a general says that's what was happening. It helped the vote was pretty straightforward before. Tony mucked up the works of like okay. We're just GONNA split between Jeremy and Michelle and I mean. I think we have totally for many reasons on the season and one of them is. I think he was able to prevent a pretty. You know. Ho- homage Jeremy Down the line. Vote by taking out arguably I would think someone who was playing one of the best game so far this season I felt bad for so I I have. I liked the other alliance more. Obviously since Kim Denise Fan and so I have been rooting against so fi but Yeah it was sad and I think we've seen this sort of editing pattern throughout the season where it's almost like the episode that you go out. You actually don't get a lot of content which we didn't really get to see a lot from Sophie this episode and that was kind of sad except for at the end which. I don't know how to do this. Baller moment. I mean I know. They're all winners but like still. She's never voted out so one on their eighth time plane so she actually yeah exactly between that and her like walking out saying she needs to take the idol out of her crotch like she just like through. Tsa Away from Jeff and that's the thing as well maybe it's because of like my own brain. I forgot that Sophie had an idol. I know she mentioned it beforehand. But yeah I mean it's it's always tough to track the advantages and I think that Sophie has had that Idelson episode five or so and Lord knows a lot has happened since then right and I thought her whole Michelle's been getting more of it but like I was a lesser winner thing which I don't remember. I haven't rewatch her season because I was. That was the era where it was like. Everybody was getting brought back at every moment and I was so over coach that I really didn't like that season. But I remember loving that. She won and thought she was so deserving so it was. I didn't realize that the fan base sort of hey again. I'm talking to my grandmother. Who thinks they're all idiots? I didn't realize that she was not a beloved winner. Because I was like yes. Soviet rule that was surprising it up. It's interesting and I talked about this actually in my alumni chat this week with Albert who was like one of her partners in crime in South Pacific and he vocalized a similar thing. I think for me comes down to two things. One is that you know she wanted into the finale with as you put it out errand more reputable players in coach and ozzy the you can expect more. People would be rooting for them inherently. Because they've seen more of them and I will say that I think whether because of the people around her or just a story line. The season really was not about her. She got a good amount of airtime. But it really was about Ozzy Coach. Cochran and brand enhance and everyone else sort of had their moment. So when you have some of those people get overwhelmed by character like Sophie in the end it does let Peoples Express this opinion of like why her she didn't deserve it because we weren't told why she won so I can understand why she feels the way I mean. I've certainly seen a good amount of survivor winner. Rankings where they've had near the bottom but I think it's always a good reminder as well of like how winning a million dollars didn't does not necessarily erase all feelings of ill will you have towards your time or towards the fan base. There's a really great secret seen this week of Kim and Sara Sara gets surprisingly emotional worship essentially like it just breaks down to Kim about how she didn't want to nearly come back for this season because she was afraid of things getting too personal because in game changes things got way too personal and they lamb Bassett her for it and she felt terrible because of it and Kim is such a perfect person and comforting force to her in this time. But you know when you when you win a million dollars. I think everyone thinks like. Oh Yeah you win survivor. And like all your sins are forgiven or like any sort of you know mental health issues. You have go out the window. But it only magnifies it sometimes especially I can imagine when you're being compared against other people game changers. Sorry go ahead. I was just saying stop lifts thing as a perfect person. No sorry go ahead Erin. Who was a rough season two as a fan to watch? It just seemed like they were there like on the clock like doing work. Yeah this season does seem more saen like they're having a good time. It seems like more than the fashion show. You know. We're seeing more of it but it seems a little less like game. Changers was depressing to me to watch the second depressing all around south. Maybe that's why Sir is really been swinging into like the. I'm going from COP. Criminal fashion designers like she purposely wants to make fun. She wants to be like the camp. Counselor Yeah Yeah. I love the fashion secrets and they. They spent money on those camera tracking shots and I was like damn we gotta Dahlie in here like it was really well do you. Do you think that the person like the music that they played do? We think that's yet another verse of the famed winners at worse. Or do you think they got like the same person to record like random. Fashion esque song to play. Is there rumors that SIA? It should be? That's her donation. This season she's got other players. You're not getting money instead. You got this lovely song that played during Sarah's fashion show. The fashion show was was was so wonderful. Just because you also had that balance or that Takata between Tony and Sarah as well which was so funny I love. I love Tony being like I think my pets. Your skirts. Any Day of the week never made pads. I WANNA see Tony's pants because I bet they're like haphazardly. Has Ladder there barely. It's like bored out of their minds. I was so confused when he didn't want to watch he's like I'm not watching this like. Are you gonNA stare at a tree for two hours instead of watch? The fashion show. That was so cute though Ben was like yeah like clapping. Like do it now. I've always again. I know that I'm talking about the characters them as human beings. I'm sure they're all lovely. I've always hated. Then but then when his kids came on and then he was so lovely during a fashion show is like Oh. Don't make me like them. I am really loving Ben because I'm going to say I love Ben when he's angry but like the Ben rivalries have always been so much ben character and I cannot believe Liana that we have a substitute for Adam already knew. Adam is Jeremy from the very beginning of the episode when Jeremy Approaches Ben and champions like why did you get rid of Tyson? Who is going to be the the big Big Shield Guy Now? But just goes you really. Yeah the Jeremy has his meat shields apparently bend just needs somebody to get into some sort of fight with every episode like he needs his enemy otherwise he doesn't know how to play the game and I love that the episode also that had that staredown between the two with them like Jeremy votes to them just kept staring each other. Unblinking and then. The Sophie votes kept coming in and they kept staring at each other. Yes I'm good. Well good well. You know sad. That item has gone but happy that Ben his new foil. So yeah this. Is Ben Second Island Wife Right now? I guess third if you Count Christie in there Oh yes adam was so fun. This season he was he was for that Weird Second One. Tyson thought he was gonNA quit. Oh yeah that was a beautiful moment looking up at the back. But he's probably looking for an idol. Oh yeah I I yeah. There's something tied up there. Something like that. I can see that he sees a floor to Lee. At the top of the flag polling starts inching his way up. You should just be like. Can I play this whole problem? I brought the flag like the play the flag and I love a clue just sort of like in a piece of trash like a wind. Bobby poverty poverty is like over. Somebody had wine like she could very regarded as well. Someone had a good time last night. I just have to walk again. Left behind the whole extortion admitted wasn't even hit and it was just sitting next to the Rock and not only just picks it up trash here man like climate change and garbage. It's like it's getting all over the place through a major things through it back into the ocean. You sound like we need to get this off our island domino's box that's a good idea. They should hide the clue in like a piece of pizza box. Or like I don't know inside like a used condom or something like some former refuse didn't Carl who had to find a coconut like a random coconut like floating in the ocean limited time limit. Like before you get washed away. Find this random doping. Yeah the add that to the list of Lake Rando advantages. Well let let's start talking about. We spoke about a bit. Let's talk about the shock boot here from this episode. So Liana going in. I know that you and I had a part of the round table that spoke about sophie coming in but she was you know maybe one of the bigger route wildcards. Jeff said she probably changed the most in her time between seasons maybe. She considers herself a lower tier winner. How did you think that Miss Clark was going to do pre season on season forty? I said that Sophia was going to roll her eyes on the island. Approximately one million times. She would create a tight partnership with the Danny in the game and then after the game they would team up to create a scented candle line based on the smells of survivor. I'M GONNA assume there was something in the pre press. They gave me this idea because reading it. Now what the Hell were you on? Both I have no idea what. That's what said candle where you huffing came up with that idea. I don't remember anything about that about scented candles. I don't either. I've no idea so I don't know Blue Harvard. Co Harbor Cove is the candle. I have right year. Maybe it was that one. I don't know I also said that she would come up with the new hotness analogy of the season so Aka like the pilots and passengers type analogy. I would say she did that but I will say she was like the Queen of like the metaphors this season like when she compared edge of extensions of that trip that she took to the prison in high school. I think with all the things on her resume tracy sleeping election and basically I mean knock the hell out of whatever just was trying to do with Lazy Susan this episode so weird then I also said that she would have a modest forty one fire. Toga and fifteen confessionals. Her ally was Danny and then completely missed. The boat on this one enemy was Sarah. So I mean to be fair Sophie was one of the people that had written down. The CERVO. Preseason right she was one of those. I believe the vote actually said like. I don't know what comes. After copping criminal we all found was fashion designer. And we all found out that Sarah Sophie would become one of Sarah's closest allies because that swap tribe so many questions answered now. The question is what scented candles are gonNA come out of the season. I mean they could still start a business together on the edge of extinction like did say something about candles like wh. Where did this come from another go back and rewatch their preseason press just to find out would you fight? Kennel that smells like the edge of extinction. You know maybe does it. Smell I guess it depends on it. Smells like it. It's not like it's not like flag and trash it empty wine empty wine bottles flags and like a bunch of firewood for forty logs of transport. So I thought that Sophie would get targeted early in a close vote. Don't know what that means. I said she would get taken out by somebody playing an advantage. I mean Tony did an advantage. And her blunt confessional. Delivery will make her the low key star of survivor social media. I set her. Closest ally would be Kim. I did say her worst enemy would be Tony. She had a sixteen confessionals and five. Fire Tokens okay interesting. Yeah so I mean the Tony Thing is pretty spot on out I think and I mean most pertinently. This has been making the rounds on social media. I think just came from the fact that Sophie was one of the main players to really predict. And Call Out Tony's game back when she guests during survivor Coug I on and I think she said basically like if I was on a season with Tony that someone I would not want to play with. Because he's too chaotic so I felt like it only makes sense that she sofi was known for being like really slow and steady in her first season that I can imagine that someone like toady of any any out of the Tony that we know is just going to be held for her but yeah the the big the Big Moo. What was it the It was big movies. Been wanting to take credit. Yeah there was this whole weird discussion. Go a got at tribal council about like it was all about big moves right. It was this idea of light yielding a resume and the double edged sword. Jeff compared it to a Lazy Susan where it's constantly spending and you don't know who's big move it is or who's taking credit for it and then I just love Sophie calling it out being looked. Yeah there's resumes but like quality not quantity. Yeah they were. I loved them. Sort of like pushing back against modern survivor production neglect. Sometimes you just like you're just in a good alliance and you should vote with them rather than screwed over for absolutely no reason to build a quote unquote resume that at low. Help because you're screwing over the people that vote for you know. I thought that was really fun for me. Yeah but I think Tony was just like I don't know if you had some music in his head or something. He just was not listened to that whatsoever. Tony of course exempt from that. We'll speak Tony so let's get into our first game here. This is a game sent by Robbie Biz to us where he called this game. You think you know with Tony quote so like I said at. Tony had a whopping eighteen. Confessionals the most of any contestant on a single episode of survivor including Finales which can last up to two hours. So yeah lot of lot of Tony concentrate here just very very pulpy. Orange JUICE. This week in survivor. So robby took a snatch of Tony. Quotes and blanked out some words to how this is going to work is. We're going to go back and forth here. I'm going to read you a tony quote and basically you're going to have to fill in the blank. The blank is always going to be about one to three words. And you're going to have a choice here we're going to. We're going to twist it up a little bit here if you think you know the answer without needing to see possible options you can guess outright and if you do you get two points if you would rather have some options will give you three multiple choice options but if you get it right it will only be one point so risk reward a constant survivor moral dilemma. Leon I know you re watched the episode getting that Tony Content. Let's see if it pays off here and in the points. Can they please be called? Fire Tokens yes. Absolutely point will be immediately into fire. To- case you so much okay. Good when can I extort someone special extortion round? Yes random person and ask them to give you invisible. Fire Tokens gained for another answer. Okay sounds good. Well let's start with you here so again. I'm going to quote you have to fill in the blank two points if you want to get it right outright and a one point if you get a choice of three options here we go. This is in chronological order with the episode. Awhile everybody's always tired of tribal. They're exhausted. They sleep like blank. Yeah I'm GonNa need the options okay. Is THAT LLAMAS LOGS OR BABIES? Oh shoot let's go with logs. That is correct yes. Tony said that everyone was exhausted. Sleeping like logs and that was that was how he was able to get up in the thick of the night and look for an idol. Even though I guess. Nick was a little bit more of a light sleeper or log. I suppose less log like more vampire like were you know that. I don't know what Tony was thinking before. We move onto more funding games for take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors and we are back. Let's keep on keeping on Erin. Here's yours speaking of Nick. Well I'm looking. Nick shows up and he's blink. I'm like this is my area man. What you hear on Kinda Wanna I'll take. I'll take the options please. Is It cramping my style messing me up or invading my privacy? I think I'll go with a crimping my style that is correct. Yes Tony Accuses Nick of making him look cool and cramping his style. That's his fashion. Show looking for the idol and the dark. That's right yeah maybe maybe off to do his own fashion show like you said Aaron him looking for idols. Night where it's Cammo. Tony Brand Bentley. On a I went to work I was looking at local. Looky looky looky looky looky looky scratching scratching blank look look look looking idea I need the options. Was it a looking up. Be Digging digging or see moving leaves. I'm going to go digging digging. I'm sorry it was looking up all the road. I went right to work. I was looking looking looking looking looking looking looking scratching scratching looking up. Oh looking looking for Yes yes. Yes of course or score on the ground when he was digging digging. I think that the probably the seventh looking is when he actually found the idol. Yeses right Aaron question for my real job never undercover like this. The real birds are way more dangerous than getting blindsided on survivor. So right now. I'm having all the fun out here on survivor blank. I'll take the options. Was it a world be planet where see land having all the did? I hear the end of the course. I'm so sorry but right now. I'm having fun out here own survivor. Blink Server World Survivor Planet or survivor land. I'M GONNA say Survivor Planet. I'm sorry it's the newest theme park the nation survivor land. Oh they are classic whilst that I. I think Tony would actually build a theme park. It's sort of like the. We bought a zoo like we bought an amusement park. And Tony we. Try to flip into survivor. Land. We bought a piece of Fiji yes and turned it into survivor land. I'm picturing though more from Beau Jack. Course than I don't know if he goes watch the show. But wouldn't todd makes his amusement park and it's like a flaming tires and like Greece buyer alive. Tony Land Enter survivor. Land by Tony Energy. A LOT OF PLACES TO HIDE. Maybe like to watch the ride from the garage. Yeah that's what the QR is like. You can watch things from the trees now. Construction crew get to work. And what you dig. Dig Dig dig. Dig Up dig all right. Let's go to Yuliana. Yes I'm going to extort somebody because in real life. I can't do that but I know it. Sounds like fun when I'm watching the movies the mobsters extort people for money or they're going to break your legs or break your blank if you don't give me this and that so I'm excited I'm just GonNa Guess Rake your back. I'm sorry it was. Break your fingers okay at least narrowed down to a body part yeah you were basically moved from extremities the mobsters either extort people to break their legs or their fingers on the other. Not Options were kneecaps. Funny Bone or your pants. Yes I'm gonNA break your seem like the fashion wars that Tony is going to set his goons on Knicks. GonNa come rip up. Sarah's close Aaron. Let's go to you okay. I'll tell you what man if this is real life doing some prison time. This is extortion. Code Blank. Something I know. It's a criminal code. Extortion is illegal in the states. I don't know why it's not legal. Here in Fiji. This is ludicrous. I got three talk. They want six. This is extortion code. I guess for the Thrill this is extortion. Code Code Red. Sorry we were looking for a number and a letter in this case. It was to see coach. Tony just tries to site I think law and just forgets into the code for it is actually a real thing or is Tony. Just making stuff up. I can imagine like in in like a police handbook. You know a code for every sort of illegal activity. I can't imagine there you go. That's the number that some sort of crime because it's a song or twenty quite famous the mouth. Of course I'm looking at what five one five. Oh means temporarily involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs and mental illness. The ending of that. Maybe you know what to be honest. I just made that up. I guess at any numbers and I'm sure it would have been some sort of police code. Onis Toni's approach as well. Well now I'm looking at titled to see the New Jersey Coda criminal justice. Oh okay so I think this is about. Let's see I'm seeing rules of construction which is very on brand for Tony. Yeah it looks like it just looks like a lot of yes. A two seat looks like a precursor for reporting some sort of illegal activity. He just forgot the rest of it. Got It okay. I'm so impressed especially at your brain mush at that point. I can't imagine how many numbers he must remember let alone like an actual prefix for a legal code and he had done all that looking and looking up so much worry. How can you remember? All those things should have looked up to. He should have looked up. The right code formerly all right Liana and then so this. Is Tony Talking to Michelle? Who really tries to like sneak her way out of giving a token to Tony. Clean and says Tony. I spent my tokens on an advantage. I say wow that great Michelle. How much did it cost you? She said four. Or Five Tokens. I'm like WHOA. The price of blame just went up advantages. I'm sorry the answer was milk weirdly. I we had you know it was milk. Aaron. I just remember it being so funny. I was like what is he talking with? Up delivered by drone especially exactly pays service charge for that. But Yeah Tony I mean. Tony was likes to make a lot of like store. Metaphors like remember when he saw the fire at the birds. Would you have to go to the Bodega? And you can't even afford a stick of gum like. He really likes this analogy. That he's sticking in the store and so he talks about the price of milk going up worse. Of course all right Erin. Everybody's very calm cool and blank and you're tired of all the talking chattering like hey we're solid. Let's just talking if they want to stop and slow down. That's better for me because I'm not stopping and slowing down. I'm always thinking win. They're not I was guest collected. Ooh that's a trick question. The answer was quiet. Tony got a bit of derailed and didn't finish the actual phrasing zoning I would love to hear it the book of Tony Versions of phrases so calm. Cool and milk yeah right. It's just a list of all these phrases with like the ED part missing or some sort of mistake like a stitch in time saves saved your life. Oh my gosh. Yeah Lake early to bed early to breakfast. A few chocolate chips short of a Crayon box. Exactly like Oh. He's not the dollars. Crayon up the kids knows the just Tony `ISMs across the board all right Leon back to you. I can't believe it Jeremy's blank. I'm trying to save him at begging him to save him. Chevy's blank all right. I. I'M GONNA play it safe. I took some guesses. They were completely wrong. Let me hear the options stupid reluctant or Delusional Oud Delusional. I'm sorry it was reluctant. Oh I bet delusional. It'd be like a very tony word calling someone and delusional. Yeah I do love that. Tony just like I'm begging Jeremy to save himself. I know it's hard for him to say like listen. I've been trying to get rid of you but right now I don't want to because yeah you gotta get episode Tony. That was so fun. Yeah we'll that whole interaction was just so funny because it was like the entire time. He's playing Jeremy and then the one time he's not playing him of course. Jeremy's like I don't know about that. Yeah yeah he was playing like a day ago his plate of the bridge. We're going for Jeremy next to my best friend though the next day is like I don't know about this. So how could Germany doesn't believe me I will say. I also am impressed that Jeremy is still in. I'm impressed by Jeremy. Still in the game I've got piled friend. Yeah good for him especially because you know remember that he lost Natalie the very first episode and so for him to stay this long I think is impressive and also remember that at the merge he might have gone instead of. Wendell had he not want immunity that time it has been a surprisingly slippery slope for Jeremy. Considering like how rock-solid he was in his second season a little bit of a complicated this one. This has to Blake's the less trouble with a bit blank. Everybody was mentally exhausted physically exhausted so he put a plan in blank. We were like okay. Let's just take to it to tap today. Everybody are we good are we are we? Are we good? Everybody said yes. Yes yes yes. Yes and we took it easy. I have what I would assume. A normal person would say but I don't It's milk and milk exactly. That's the pits. Bilk only put a plan in milk and got a very soggy. The tribal was chaotic. And they put a plan in motion. You know what I'm GonNa give you a point because most was one of the motion was one of the blanks. While the other one was trouble was a bit hectic. Oh that's synonyms. I think it counts. No it doesn't count. What am I saying? Don't count. No Yeah I think only one fire. Okay well the good news is you didn't need much. Because unlikely on US predictions we were surprisingly sparse. And Fire Tokens despite the price of milk. Going up but Aaron squeaked it out right there at the very end you have won this game two to one clearly. You know Tony WLAC goes but I think we've all learned that. The man is as unpredictable in his win. Manner of speaking as he is as a survivor player. Congratulations I feel. I feel blessed by some peanut butter. Blessed and highly favored. Alright I want to speaking of Tony and speaking of Fire Tokens Tony. Burrows FIRE TOKENS FROM JEREMY. From Ben from Nick I believe. And so he does require tokens and he earns to fire tokens by winning immunity. This week so I want road alla t you guys Mike. Who Do you think Tony is going to pay back? We'll pay back anybody. I guess. Maybe it's the first question and if so who you think he pays back. I I also want to say the extortion advantage. I'm not a huge fan of it. Like created some fun moments but. I'm still not sure how I feel about like I don't know for some reason. There's a difference in my mind between sending players the opportunity for an advantage and like forcing players to do something or else. They get penalized. Because of it. You know and I feel like Luckily Natalie in poverty wanted tokens so the only quote unquote only charge six. But I feel like in another world if you have like a bitter AF person on the issue this thing. They could be like great. Twenty Fire Tokens please. And then that person's just absolutely screwed so I'm glad it worked out here and I think this is actually a great proving of Tony Social Capital. He was able to gain so far that he went to Nick. Ben and Jeremy guys from basically three different contingencies and they all were able to give them a token because he was able to like make everyone believe that they were on his side so I give him massive Kudos Internet sober. He deserves Kudos. Kudos Kudos. That being said my first instinct is that he paid back Nick and Jeremy so that they had an incentive to vote with him I was GONNA think that he may be paid back. Nick and band just to like keep the alliance feeling safe and just get. That is confusing. Maybe he did pay back Jeremy. But you're right. Yeah well my original thought was oh. He's going to. He's going to borrow from Jeremy because then he's GonNa vote him out so I'm like you know. Take care of her. That was definitely the plan. I think walking into that immunity challenge so I think that was very easily his Mo and then for some reason. He was just struck with inspiration. Maybe it's because he has the necklace around as the one and he had an idol also in his pocket so he really does have. He does have room to be a little bit Hasty or not he Stephen Rash Swagger swagger play more chaotic. You know 'cause you have stuff that you can fall back on yeah. I think it's interesting because you know we kind of saw a little bit in the preview of Sarah being mad af so I do wonder if it's like okay. No I will get rid of Jeremy this week and so he won't bother paying Jeremy Back because it's like okay. We're going to get rid of Jeremy. Do you think you can give her fire tokens. If Sarah Fire Tokens I'm sorry here. Like recompense ooh. Yeah that'd be interesting but I wonder if it's like a debt collector kind of thing where it's like nick comes to Tony and Tony's I. I don't have the money man like go to Sarah. She's got all my money and then it's just like a chain it. He does if he is able to rain all his Alliance of Sarah and then he will be playing his original game and they vote out Jeremy and then he screws one of them over. It wouldn't be wild. It'd be funny to see if they all fell for it. But they're all they're all smart so what he did. You know described over one and went back and screwed over wine and went back. The interesting thing would be if he votes out. Jeremy Ben Dick than they are like crazy. I Know Tony. Has Fire Tokens? Let me sell in this advantage. Yeah yeah the let me just go. You know 'cause I wonder if we're GONNA see another kind of punishment I doubt it but another sort of like punishment disadvantage come from the edge of extinction. Because you know now maybe people are a little bit more but her like might send stuff to Tony being like screw you. Tony like out. Yeah I do wonder I guess out of the people on the edge of extinction right now. Do you think would have been most likely to use the extortion advantage for malice. Rather than gaining fire tokens. Ooh That's a good question. Who Do I think? Out of all of them Let's see we'll Tyson was Kinda mad cause. He flipped entire table off when he got voted out so but I feel like he would have calmed down. Maybe by the time he got there but if it had been right after. I think that could have been really fun to watch. Yeah the people. The most recently voted off are GonNa be the mom or dad or maybe Boston rob would be mad at ban. Yeah I'm trying to think. Yeah I think this does feel like pretty truly move and I feel like this is something tiresome with. I mean before this episode. I would've said Natalie and Natalie even vocalise is that in this episode right. She's like I don't have any allies like I could very easily. Just use this mess with somebody. She was excited at the opportunity to do so. But the fire tokens was just too bright and so her and PARV collaborated together at the squeezed. Six Tokens Tony Slash Ben Slash Nick. Slash Jeremy I wonder if production like okay. Let's say Tyson gotten it or or whatever. It doesn't matter who we'll say God and it was like I'm GONNA ask for Sixty. Nine fire tokens bet or check or whatever like what would have been like alright over. It had to be the only the amount of fire consider in play but even still that would be so many but surprised. I thought can't you can't ask like Infinity Fire Champions? Yeah just like you will not vote. He will not play an immunity so brutal. And not even. Just you're out of your immunity challenge but you also don't get to vote is so that was a but he did it. He pulled it off. Yeah that's that's kind of interesting okay. Would you change the advantage in some way to maybe make it like one or the other like Mike especially because you know you're not the biggest fan of his advanced? Well I don't even know what to call it this advantage. Yeah Do you think like give. It have been one that would have been better or just like not at the concept is losing haute is so bad. There's not that many people APSO that's huge. I don't understand. I agree with Aaron. I don't understand why they didn't just the island of the idols thing you fail. You lose your vote instead of having a pile like Angelou's immunity. I guess they really want to push people to try to overcome this extortion. But like Erin said this is a key piddle vote especially if it was initially set up to be five versus four that some people thought that like people are going to work their asses off to overcome that extortion. Even if it's just for one thing Yeah Right. Yeah very true okay. Well let's let's switch gears a little bit although we're still talking fired Hogan's and kind of a little bit still talking Tony But we were thinking you know. How do we make an extortion game? And I've had these thoughts or something happens that survivor. Like how do I make this into a game? And there's no active figure it out but we got kind of close. I think this week we are going to be playing survivor. Deal or no deal instead of extorting you I will be making. Some offer is as the banker to play our version of dealer not L. so in traditional dealer no deal you have cases that are packed from one dollar. Well technically all the way to one million dollars and you will try to get the most amount of money of course today. We are playing for fire token soon so I have sort of a board for you guys to please let me just like go ahead and kick things off a little bit of a Howie. Mandel inspired scripts helped wheeler no wheel. Okay so here we got just didn't I? Okay hello everyone. I'm your host Lee on abortion. Welcome to deal or no deal where our lucky contestants are hoping to leave. Today's podcast with one million fire tokens but will they be successful. This game is a slippery slope. Put Twists and turns keeps you on the edge of your seat that quote. I did pull from the intro of dealer. No deal upset south sound. It's not too unfamiliar from like something. Jeff probst would say tribal council. Oh yeah all right so you know what was it. Shoot a drink before. War is always a good idea. Free SLOW PIT OUT AFTER THAT. Right full of twists and turns Okay so this is GonNa work. We have twelve available cases. Each packed with a different amount of fire tokens ranging from one to one million fire. Really just trying to make this happen so today the way this is. GonNa work is Mike and Erin. You two are going to be playing as a team so the very first thing. I'm going to need the two of you. To do is to agree on a case number that is going to become your case so please make a number between one and twelve Aaron. Do you have any affinity for any numbers between one and twelve. Seven seems lucky. I don't know why Okay Mike. Do you think about that. I mean listen. I'll go with seven. It's like halfway between sure. Okay Oh okay also. I don't know how this board. Dj Lebel client at this last time again. So number seven is off the board and it is now your guys his case. Okay so what we're going to do now is I'm going to need trying to tie this into survivor. Is Somehow you have to vote off three cases aboard? And then you will get your first banker deal okay. So we have to vote three cases off. Are there any that you don't particularly like Erin you feel are threatening to to is striking me as suspicious? Yea well ever. Since I saw nine on the boat I was. I just had a bad feeling that they turn on me at some point. Yeah I'm I'm cool to get rid of nine to nine and let's pick an element of. Should we go with the minesweeper approach and go with like one around seven to see you? Don't think it works like yeah. Maybe six okay. Two six nine okay to sixty nine so you have pulled to six thousand nine off. So we're GONNA do is. I'm going to reveal the values in those cases that you have pulled off the board so drum roll at early okay. Incase number two. Let's go ahead and have our model Aka me open case number two it is. Oh no the million hoops not great. Not a great start guys. Okay but that's okay. You saw the half a million dollars. Half a million tokens or on the board. And a million million fire tokens. It's too heavy. Spend it on milk acting now. I mean come on come on. It's the price of milk is gone up sky-high. Don't need that all right. Let's go ahead and open up. Hase number nine it is. Oh No that happened. I guess we're just have bad instincts about two nine. We thought they were so bad but they were working out for us. We they were suspicious. They ended up being the big ones. Something about them was off in the wrong way instead of the wrong direction. Unfortunately okay well we have one more. Take off the board before you get your first. Y'All and that is number sex. Oh that is B. E. thousand dollars down and fire token container. Okay Yeah Okay not ask that. The quarter of a million fire tokens up. They're not going to lie to values really kind of hurt you bet but that's okay that's okay all right so oh rate should've made. I'm getting a phone call from the banker. Okay Yeah Hello Yeah I don't I don't know if these guys have stamina to go all the way. Yeah Okay Yeah. Are you sure that's what you WANNA do? Okay all right guys. The banker is note. The edge of extinction is prepared to offer you. Forty thousand one hundred and eighty five fire tokens. That is already thousand. One hundred and eighty five fire tokens. I will leave it up to the two of you to debate and discuss kind of blue this round. What are you thinking? Should we keep pressing our luck or should we take the really random deal we can take the the random deal but I do feel like we have to pad are resume and makes them more moves exactly this Games one on big moves? You know you miss all the shots you don't take so we're slamming the coconut shell over that but in the Liana no deal no deal and then the lights like Oh ten the okay no deal all right so now you have to eliminate more aces off the board all right. Let's talk over the opposite. Aaron I'm feeling good about eleven so I feel like we should take eleven off. Yeah that's what I say we should. Our instincts are clearly wrong so yeah. Let's take eleven. Okay all right. Let me let me before you continue. Let me go ahead and reveal that way. You can know if your strategy is working or not. Okay we're going to go ahead and take eleven off aboard. It is the one hundred. Wow and getting off the ones you like Erin okay okay. Now what do I feel good about? I guess they feel good about threes. So maybe we vote off three all right. Let's do it okay. We're voting off three. That is oh my gosh. It's the fifty. Wow Wow okay this is the this is a string of good luck here. Ignore your instincts. Is the moral all right all right? Let's see I'm going point at a number eight and I'm going to go the opposite of that which is five getting rid of five. So do I don't remember. House works on the show. Five hundred how okay. So this is overall a really good round for you guys. Aaron how are you feeling? I'm feeling good. I'm now certain the one dollars seven because that's what we picked right away. That's true but other than that. I feel good okay. Other than that. You feel good all right. So let's go ahead and call up and see what the banker banker calls me. Hold on such a stupid fit all right. We're done with that all right. The bankruptcy called the Bait. No extinction texted me. Did you like the challenge? When you're like. Hey guys we got a text Motorola phone from extinction you could open. And it's like an excel. She liked music video. Yeah okay a great. So the edge of extinction via message in a bottle is prepared to offer you guys. Sixty thousand one hundred and sixty. Nine Fire Tokens ooh slightly higher slightly higher. I don't know I mean we. I feel like at this point I could go down in flames. And and just keep playing keep picking the baskets the briefcase baskets now are. They should've been basket. I should made this little thing. Survivor did not. So let me let me just recap free guys. What's left on the board? So you do. Have the quarter of a million fire tokens. You have the a hundred thousand fire tokens and then you have the ten thousand one thousand ten and one had left on the board. Well that's the thing I wonder if W- because if seven doesn't need to fire token which I totally believe we won't get the opportunity to switch it out until the end so I guess the question is. Do we stop now or do we keep going until we get that opportunity. It's tough it's really tough. I've never really been more nervous in my life than I am in this we could take it and just and then. And then what? What is the rule we get to switch our case out? And maybe make more money. Is that what happens now? So if you take a deal the game is done but if you keep playing the game so next if you if you say no deal you only have to eliminate two cases before you get your next offer okay. That's huge now. Yeah matters but if you do all the way down to the end where there's only to the case that you guys picked and one case on the board you do have the opportunity to swap. Hey says this is. My heart is pounding if only there was lights and dramatic music as well sedimentary conditions. Let's just eliminate two more for the sake. I'll throw your alive exactly. We need a little bit of tinge in our system so slammed on a coconut. Shell no deal. No deal did okay. We're saying no is that are those that music or sound like a motorcycle running down. I don't know Right now you have to pick two more cases so let's go ahead and open up one case off the board. Are we still going to stick with the reverse strategy all defect to you for this first one? Okay it's like. We have a lot of even numbers left on the board for for those against see but we only have one odd number which is one so that one. That one's scares me that odd number. So maybe that I can't remember scares me means that we should this is like the reverse reverse reverse. This is the princess bride. Yeah yeah this is going to drink that let's limit. Let's eliminate one unless you don't want to buy. No let's do it. It's all your call. Oh God okay Yup okay. We are eliminating one off. The Board Dow was the ten thousand fire token K. Is exactly whereas could be worse? He still have the quarter of a million and the one hundred million one hundred million. If I'm only one hundred thousand fire token case left on the board okay so I'm closing my eyes and I'm moving my finger around. This board could sniff frantic faction wherever it lands. I'm going to go the opposite direction. Oh yes e okay all right. I'M GONNA choose case number ten please. He's number ten. Okay let's go ahead and open that one up it is guys. It is the one fire token. Yes the board not in your case. Congratulations that's huge okay. So one from the upper tier and one from the lower eliminated. Yo that's right. Yeah okay so we're getting down to the wire here. There are four total cases in play. Your case may contain a quarter of a million buyers. The other cases are the hundred thousand. One Thousand Fire Tokens or the ten fire tokens. Now I am getting. Oh what what. Oh is this a is this a sound effect? I'm trying to play on my phone. Maybe guys to hear that no. It's the softest phone ring in his pocket. Deep inside of it goes in. My other. Purse always stored as phone backstage. And he's gotTa go get it all right. We are getting a deal from the banker. Now let me tell you. Banker is not happy. You guys that you knock one fire again off the board but the banker is willing to offer you. Eighty seven thousand. Seven hundred and fifty. Three Fire Tokens Up The two of you say deal or no deal now. Let me throw this out there. If you say no deal you only have to eliminate one more case. Wow so what's it. GonNa Be Gang Yale or no deal? I mean. That's a pretty high. Amount of fire tokens a lot of peanut butter. It's like the would be like second place and survivor after taxes exactly. Yeah Yeah third-place money which is like pretty good when you convert assuming it's one token for a dollar. Yeah you'll probably get invited back for another season because you did pretty well unless you were the goat but even then cast made it back so I take maybe just for another option of another all right on. I'm taking the coconut Shell. And I'm eating it which I think means. We're taking the deal or taken the deal. Well congratulations. You both have earned eight hundred. Eighty thousand seven hundred and fifty three. Point Tokens. Which is I? Don't even know how you're going to get that home. Because when Tony was holding sex it seemed to already like a lot of all closed. Own personal belongings. No matter you're just carrying all the Fire Tokens at your carry ons. You're going to have to fill the Boston. Robin Sandra heads. Full of fire tokens ship them back to the United States. Now let's see whether or not you made a good deal in case number seven your case there was one thousand. Fire Tokens. Okay you earned. I guess. Eighty six thousand more fires again that you would have gotten so well done. Congratulations the audience plotting from back. I'm using my fire tokens. I'm taking a one way trip to survivor. Land enjoy enjoy hiding in the trees trees and not watch a fashion show right. That's strictly forbidden and survivor lands. Well well done. I think you guys did much better than any of the survivor's would've done so you know. His you have more fire tokens. So that's how I was going to say. Do you think that any particular people would do? Well for dealer no deal considering how high stakes in nerve racking it is yeah. Tony has to be on dealer no deal. I would make big nerves. I Dunno Tony kind of looks like Howie Mandel. Who could take his place? Yeah yeah that's that's possible also sort of inside baseball comment so the way that I did. The value amounts is essentially. Just take the average of what was left on the board and the fact that sixty nine thousand one hundred sixty nine came up as I kid you not the actual average of what was left made my life and I was like his being cheeky. Legit the average so horny little game. This song came in the Marta. Who would have thought dealer? No deal or Neha game out there. Well as we file away. Our Fire Tokens. I WanNa talk about something. That's a Middle East sort of survivor related but sort of not Because I saw a tweet this morning Liana that you have introduced your sweet booth thing Infra F- Akili to the world of flavor of love. Have you not so I have? I have so. I watched all of the flavor of Love Rock of love. I Love New York. I love money. Daisy of love the weird one with frank the entertainer. Real chance that love. I watched all of those. When they were in their heyday and come to find out the person I want to spend the rest of my life with has never seen a single one. It was time to correct this gross injustice in the world and I made him watch the entire first season of rock of labor of love. Yesterday we watched the whole thing. It was essential laziness. We Ate Pizza. Nice cream and watch flavor of love on the couch. It was amazing. That sounds incredible so before we get into these survivors very thin application of. It doesn't hold up because that aired what initially like two thousand six or something. There is definitely some comments that would one hundred percent. You would be cancelled today but surprisingly you for what I expected. So yeah I would but overall I mean in terms of the drama and the entertainment of it absolutely holds up it is iconic Aaron. Have you have you ever been a fan of those? Vh1 CELEB- reality shows. I would say that I in college watched some of them in sort of a college hayes so I like them but I usually like the ones we'll but people did win this one as reality shows that usually like when people win and lose his head. I mean technically yes. There was a winner but that being said no one except for the audience really won the shows. Everyone's lost I was. I was not an avid watcher. But I did watch and enjoy so that being said I figured out what we could do. Is You know if Liana wants to put on her viking hat once more after her hayes from yesterday and see if we can assign some of flavor of love esque nicknames. Some of the people from this caste for people who don't know flavor Flav for some reason. Maybe it's because he just doesn't remember people's names would lines up. All the girls at the beginning of every flavor of love season talks them for like thirty seconds and then comes up with a nickname just based on whatever might be on where they're from and might be how they look in a random fact about them. Liana. Do you have any Favorite flavor of love nicknames. Over the years ooh okay. That's good so po. Pumpkin not pumpkin. Pumpkin Which again. I don't know exactly why she was called Pumpkin. But that's a pretty good one Let's see so classically you know the woman who is from Georgia is called Georgia. But I think what really stands out? Is that usually there's Z. At the end and Kinda got weirder as the seasons went along. I'm looking at some right now that I really love. I love the season. Two toasty with threes. At the end of that season was my favorite. I think it's spelled pay. I Y Shins as age. I N T Z. There's also is really weird nickname but E. I. E. Y. Apostrophes Z. At the end I also love. I think my favorite though overall it's a simple one might be tree ceases three. There's just a really tall woman who came on that flav dictator tree. It's so good so that being said I would love for us to sort of have our creative juices flow and see if there are any nicknames. We can use to come up with some of these people all under name here. I and he's sort of been top of mind. Hopefully this'll be easy. Do we have a nickname for Tony that we can assign from flavor of Love House? Cue Ball Yeah but it's got to be like Q. Hyphen Mall this episode specific. It's like extortion. But spelled with an axe like torsion. You know yeah or let's see I'm sure there was someone called chains with Z. As I don't know that feels the COP thing change changes that's like Dean from last season. Let's see because usually it's based on like some some like physical attribute I would say is like most of the time because also on I love New York which is a successor is supposed to flavor of love. She also names all of her contestants New York and so they get the you know. Like twelve pack Or like white boy or Mr Boston. Those sort of classic names of I think my favorite was pootie. Dude or Gee we'd there were a lot of t's there was like T. We t-boned team money. I remember there was one guy who is I remember was known for being very well. Hung and his nickname was a wolf. Are Wolf's famously Hong. I met many wolves to know. Great Lake Wasn't like I dunno like Horace. Don't make those. I think the worst thing is that these people try to build like entertainment careers off this like thankfully like frank the entertainer but imagine being like. I'm Greg Wolf Harris. And please give me your cameo money all right. Let's move on here. How about Ben? What's a good thing nickname for Ben Well the first second someone is cowboy. Because that's kind of like. Would it be spelled like the contestant from survivor Cook Islands with the I? Yeah we're about like a bomb. Yeah it could be bomb. He was heroes. Hustler was he. A Hustler was a hero. He was a hero. That doesn't work like UH slurs. Somehow it'd be a great name Ben. Yeah it could be. It also could be like just straight up like Ben bomb. I could see now at Namm. Yeah Grudge. He always says he could be like grudge. Ya and that's a very fitting for Ben. Okay what about what about Sarah Lassina? Should it be like? I don't know like seem or skirt or like about fashion. She's so our so famously. A criminal I mean that was her winning season. So how about how about sneak but like a? Oh Yeah you need the double E. I was also thinking like stripes is with a Z. Right so she's a criminal so you know. She's got our stripes designer now. Oh and she's a designer so it's like a dual meaning because we all know these nicknames. Were so creative. Especially when flavor flav named the twins thing one thing to uniform she can be sneaking stripes or stripes and Snake Tomac name. Yeah Yeah how about Denise what do you think? Denise? It'd be like shorty or something. Yeah you're right or if there's already a shortage shortly to like very uncreative. I like shortly to Maybe she'd be like pint-size or something or no shortage. Ooh The lion. I like that a lot. I was GONNA ask if if flavored you would take advantage of her being a sex therapist and do something I like I like to. I'm just having now. This mental image of Jeff probes colleague on people at Tribal Council calling them by their nicknames was one world with Troy Zan and Tarzan battle. That really did feel like a flavor of little. Bit of drama there too. And it's like I can't believe it he's Tarzan. I'm troy. That bitch stole my nickname. Like one of the first episodes. Oh my God it was so funny and then when when he votes are like when somebody gets voted out. Be Like you know like I'm sorry your time is up and then otherwise you get a clock. That's like you know what time it is. What do you think it would be? Would it be like you did a torch instead? Yeah I guess you would get your tour. Yeah you get your torch and we'll be like shoot. What would be his catchphrase? That is like my like your your. Your life is still burning in the game or something Yeah he's we used to make sure the tribe has spoken is good but it feels almost like more of Jeff conferring this like thing upon you so it's like you're fires burnt out or like your fires still burning or something like that. What about Michelle Fitzgerald? Who might find herself up? One of these dating shows nowadays. What do you think her nickname would be parallel? Let's see what is I mean? Mccown it mechanic. Michelle is iconic. Because she's such a queen so she could just be like Yaas Queen. Jeff probst being like Yaas Queen. How'd you feel about that? I saw you roll your eyes your screen so you roll your eyes. When sneaky strives to said she wanted to vote you out just to confirm grudge. You're playing this idol on Yasser Queen. Yep that's gotta be. Her name is yes when doll. She's definitely yes queen plane. What do we think all right so I'm going to put one? I mean Nick is going to be an interesting one. Right like you could go with Dracula. Yeah Nikola what about like whisper? Because he's always so like just POPs up. What the wind did Sandra say to him at the beginning like you're the newest winner so everyone thinks you're sneaky. Yeah he's sneak to snow sneaky stripes and Sydney key to even get like another sticky to. He's sneaky vampire. I like vampire though but it'd be like but be spelled horribly wrong lake. Let's see Vam No I can't even do it like yeah. No It'd be like V. H. M. Yeah. Why are wise? And they're yeah p. y. r. e. or something like that. Yeah that's good. Do we think that she would nickname Boston. Rob Boston Rob would he be that? Unoriginal? It'd be Boston. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Oh for sure because like sometimes you get like that one person. It's just like they can't think of anything to describe them by so it's like very obvious so Boston rob would obviously at something Boston themed. What about Adam? Client CLIMATE SOLICIT RATIOS. Shorty Watch shot. Saudi want shorting to. I can't remember who I think you'll would be numbers but with my bs three CS professor with busy in there. Somehow the E is a three. Because it's gotta be numbers like the upside down all right. I'll come up with one. Final one here Natalie. Anderson what's Natalie Anderson's flav nickname or? She's a twin. Yeah she's one of. She's winning thing. She could be twenty. Which yeah I totally sear being twenty. But like she's just by herself like she's just twenty like there's no on this season at least other number. There's no number right. Yeah Okay Yeah I think that makes sense now. I don't understand why they're not targeting. Sarah and nick sooner clearly there. Because they're sneaky stripes and sneaky vampire only God yes. They are a pair. Yes that totally makes sense. How high is really cracked? The code here also. I feel like we've really need to institute nicknames on every single show from here on out like I don't care what it is American idol top chef. The voice. Like give me like name. I mean I would like to say like depending on the guest that we have on like we should institute shorthand for everybody week after week. When we're like you know let's talk about the move. That grudge made and whether queen saw has a chance to the end does institute our very own language for everybody. These these are the names. We now decide to call them. Well if if you all out there have any nicknames. I'm sure please send them our way. We are super receptive to them and speaking of submissions. Let's finish off this week on the BNB with how we in every week on the question of the Week. Of course the segment where we send out a question out into the survivor ethos when we get back a bunch of lovely and fund responses from the fans at large last week's question the week when we thought that. Tony had his maximum airtime for the season and talk about being fast and sloppy or than slow and patient. Used to worse to describe any survivor of your choice. And you know we've varied a bit in terms of the number but we stayed in a roundabout range. Let's start with John. John Three words to describe Russell Hands. Terrible Jury Management John. John that's going to get you blocked by Russell. Hands I think yeah. Did you see the thing on twitter with somebody got blocked? And then they lay tweeted out the the people that got more jury votes than Russell. Hands like survivor quotes X. Account where they post a really great account for any survivor fan to follow where they give out a bunch of different quotes from survivor periodically because they got blocked by Russell heads. They proceeded to post every single person. That has more jury votes than Russell. Hansen there ever career like fifty three people. It's amazing I love that Tomas says because Chris Underwood one after coming back from the edge of extinction this describing came in two words as edge Lord Count. The Edge Lord. Yeah let's take one of those. I don't think that means what you think. Danske says two words to describe Rodney three CS or after Tony. Apparently it's cool calm and quiet season A. Q. Or is just quiet. That could also be a nickname. It's quiet but with a C. C. Essay W I remember that's knicks like underhanded. Dick Dave see once they get rid of sneaky vampire. Parker Schindler says Thai Chicken Man. Shane crazy. Uncle ream ream daily and Joe Main. A- A- Tony. I love how I know. That ream dailies name is rimmed daily but also redeeming daily is also rim daily. Never thought I'd say the only name that's also a recommendation rule number one or whatever. It was ream daily. Alright Logan says Nora Salman is healthy and exciting or so much I mean personally. I would've preferred zesty thrown in there because I was personally one of my favorites from when she describes herself If we ever talked about this on the podcast by Leon. I don't know if you've listened to his deep dive Do you know the origin behind that. Finale that confessionals. She had in the finale where she described herself. Because it was your soup question right. It was apparently she said in confessional like I remember this guy asked me preseason about what by was and I described like I'm healthy and lively zesty and they sort of cut out the part where I ask a stupid question. And that's what made the episode by. That's amazing I've never been more proud like this. Parents must feel like when their child Bach. I don't know my my child is soon to walk. So I'll see if it compares to my soup question like sort of offhandedly getting referenced on a survivor Finales. Okay sorry zesty also. It'd be a great nickname if I would be hers and finally the Great Jacobs Weinstein. My two words are for Adam Klein willing to try anything and clever enough to use dashes to get around the two word restriction and yes those were all in dashes smart stay. Listen you've got to push the rules. Push the word count for next week so we saw this extortion advantage so something that we came up with for questioned the week. I want us all to put on our producer hats. Come up with an advantage around something. Illegal like -cribe like the mugging advantage or the embezzlement advantage. Because I'm still so mystified by this idea that I would love to see what other illegal activities code to see. Something are going to be able to show up on survivor reasonably speaking. The door has been blown open now. Guys like crime is apparently legal in Fiji on the survivor islands. As we now know and now WanNa see this taken to the Max I love the international waters that apparently Fiji as and when it comes to extortion Fiji going to have to put out some key essay. Afterthefact talk it's okay to travel to Fiji not be mugged. You will not be dealing with like embezzlement or extortion. We promised I I too. I remember when I was in college a totally random story but I do remember that one of the leaders of like our study abroad program always had this first session to introduce the study abroad program to students but she always treated it like it was like a scared straight program and she was infamously known for like every four sentences or so just emphasizes that we would be robbed like if you go to. This country robbed go to Europe. Robbed Australia robbed. That's what your civic yourself to this is why I she. I guess she wanted to make sure we were there for the right reasons to get robbed. Yeah STRAIGHT TO JAIL. Exactly just putting just turned away as soon as you get off the plane because it's pretty much gone anyway. We'll come up with the hashtag robbed advantage and a bunch of other stuff next week. Send us all your advantage. Ideas that deal with illegalities. You can always email them to us. Rha P. A. B. N. A. B. use HASHTAG RHA on social media super excited for next week guests so it's super criminal to lose Sophie. Here I really do feel like she was playing a fantastic game truly a fallen angel next week. I'm very excited to welcome our most recent fallen Angel in survivor. The fourth place finisher from survivor island of the idols. Lauren Beck is going to be joining us next week to repack episode twelve super excited for Lawrence. She's a great personality. She's actually hosting her own Youtube series. That recaps island of the idols. This welcome back a bunch of survivor alumni as well. So I'm sure she has a lot of autumn AC- if there were any more uncut soup confessionals that hit the cutting room floor. Can't wait to hear it so excited for now. Aaron thank you so much for coming on you. Leave these of being be with forty. Plus thousand fire tokens a bunch of nicknames. And hopefully some stuff to take back to your grandmother and then some of our people who want to follow what you may be talking out there on the Internet. How can people follow you on social media and and give us some details about your about your new book about the astonishing life of August marked for People? Who might be interested in it? Yeah my my book is a comedic coming of age novel about a boy who was born and raised in New York. City Theater is published by Harper in early April. We had fun quarantine publishing but it's better. Everything's been going great. It's but it's a fun. Read for these times where you're doing nothing at home anyway. Might as well read. It's Breezy Little Fun Book. And then you can follow me on twitter. I'm Aaron Jackson. Eight five and on instagram garbage. Troll Ga all surprised that was. That was good now right okay. You've broken Mike. Go on this how much. I didn't realize that was just Garvey. All right well. I'm very excited to make sure you check out this novel guys. I've read a little bit and I have especially as a big feeder fed. I have very much enjoyed it. I believe it's available. Also in audiobook format is that right is that is correct. Yes Liana what do you have going on in the past week in podcast land? Okay so first of all before I give my plugs. I I have a request to ask of the listeners. So if you're still listening and if you have a twitter please at tweet at br no at Cohen Brian Underscore. That is Brian. Cohen Co host of the challenge. Podcast he and I are currently feuding and I would appreciate if you tweeted at him to please say that the BNB rules please spell it with a z. So how shock RHA P BNB rules. Which should we give a nickname to Brian? As well as they can use refer to him. Yes we should give him a nickname. Okay what would Brian's nickname let's see so he is a co host. The challenge wrap up. I don't know if that helps inform anything we could call him bonkers. That's where they're currently living this out. Since he loves Johnny Bananas You can call him like plan. Tain or itty-bitty Bananas Okay. Nickname not required. Just tweet tweet at Cohen Brian Underscore. Okay it's Brian. Cowen twitter and just tell them that the BNB rules okay. All that's my request. Even if like five of you do you have made my day so Other than that you can find me on twitter at Liana R. H. A. I am podcasting about the massacre with his and Vakili and we also took a little bit about flavor of love so this is me I think pushing to get him to watch it and then next week we'll probably have a little bit of our thoughts on it but anyway we also talked about the massing I think at some point and also drag race so brought welcome. Altamont adamant and you're talking about routes Paul's drag race and talks about the political episode this week so that should be up soon and look for that in your feet. Follow me at a Mike Bloom type. As I mentioned I did. My alumni interviewed this week spoke with Albert destroyed from survivor South Pacific about Sophie's game. I really really highly encouraging. Albert had a lot of really great about his thoughts on Sophie's game. How she did her second time around. How did you first time around? And the whole perception of the lower cheered winner stuff so check that out. Parade Dot com slash tag slash survivor. Also doing as per usual every week. The top chef recaps as well as my episodic lost rewatch podcast with Josh. Wailer did a couple of other scripted stuff. This past week I'm appearing on Hausky cast to recap the first ever episode of Riverdale. I've ever seen with Kirsten McGinnis and Mary could Hausky. It was God. Damn Dick euless But I really enjoyed it. So we get into everything in my My incredulity with the naming conventions on that show mostly going to be on the choir room. Podcast with Matla gory. Going on Edwin to talk about the season one finale of glee which was another show that is similarly felt very ridiculously. Went off the rails. I'm happy to connect back to two thousand nine Mike to see what he was feeling at the time. Oh my Gosh I can't wait. That's going to be good. I thought about watching the riverdale episode also because Digi new. Did you meet sweet? He I heard he was on celebrity drag race. He was he was indeed and he was a lot of fun so no sweet sweet. Tea was not in the male prison that archie found himself had a pickup football game. Man Talk about all the nicknames they can have their. Yeah what what. He met mad dogs. That's really one big one. She'd be take out her teeth for him. So if you have game suggestions are like the Great Robbie Biz did with the Tony. Tony quotes game. Absolutely send them our way. We are dame for Dame's of emailed in Tunis Rha P. B. NBA. Or if you have a small idea you can tweet them to us as well. We have our antennas up everywhere to pick up anything everything. I cannot believe. We're only a few weeks removed or approaching the end of this seat and this is coming very quickly down the line Like a fast hurdling trade but considering what just happened I cannot wait to see where we're going from here special. Thanks to Scott saint-pierre for editing all this behind the scenes or head writer Paul. Also send Wolfram America for his fantastic theme song. Aaron Jackson thank you so much again. Be on a great work as per usual. We'll be back next week with Lauren Beck from survivor. Thirty nine to breakdown episode of survivor winters at war for now. We'll check you out at your next day. Some day right off sounds as the R H. Hey peyton manning day and I can sell. You are three.

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