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Some Game Bright Offense Law. As the R.. H.. Peyton. Some day. Lay. Off. You. The are ASE. I everybody both in two RHA BNB or week eleven a big brother twenty two we are here to talk about the penultimate week a big brother twenty two that was only seven days but felt like seventy but we're here to break down all of the shenanigans lots. Of Shenanigans in particular that ensued this past week. Of course, I am joined by my one and only Liana Boris Liana how are you? I'm doing well did expect terrence morning updates to be like it's Day two hundred and seventy six in the house because that was the pace at which this week moved, but we are so close to getting to the end here. We're GONNA talk about our final four four episodes somehow this week but you know what? For everything that didn't happen we can make so much happen here. Yeah. Four episodes is like twenty eight Nicole Sneezes. Sit through that again and again, and we'll be there before you know it. But we're here joined by genuine. You can call them untouchables you can call them rider dies you can call them power couples. These two we were so happy to welcome from the AP Class of twenty thousand when we did our survivor rewatch over the summer. But now we are welcoming them officially to the big brother being be Kevin mclain Nigel Boca Negra welcome back. How's it going, guys? Oh. Yes. Very excited. It's always weird. Speaking in unison worry. You must only speak in unison. please. One of you said. Okay. Let's try that. Okay. MIC introduce them, and then we'll see how the alright McLean natural, Bocanegra how you guys doing we are doing awful. Things. From US making you do that makes you feel awful. Sounds like you don't WanNa make it reminds me of now I have the really stupid image of when they introduced the teams and big brother eighteen and it was the. Big. Paul did this Weird Hamilton because we saw it every like that was that season's version of Memphis made to alliances called wise guys like you just heard it every single previously on. So now we've had a callback spoiler alert. We're GONNA have many call backs a big brother seasons past but thank you for bringing up a time when maybe things were a bit brighter or at least more entertaining and big brother history, which is to say big brother eighteen, which says all you need to know about. The season. Preacher Big Brother Twenty was kind of fun. I Post. The poster, the twentieth interesting as well. So listen. Some seasons are more fun than others I think we can certainly take some time next week to do a postmortem once the winner is officially crowned but I'm GonNa go to Kevin Nigel here, you guys do not need to speak in your alternate. because. Obviously, we know you guys as survivor fans who came to be as survivor fans, but I would love to hear from each of us to like what your respective history is with big brother where you running alongside with big brother as your survivor fandom were you into one show over the other initially. Who I? In order. I actually started watching big brother one back in two thousand and. I was really into it but understand anything. Like Cassandra for some reason. and. Numbers would come up to banish them. I. Thought I was to save them. There's like American idol or which is often yet in this time line but like brain when too. So it's just a different time, but it was I soft Washington, all stars, and then definitely to becoming a full-fledged superfan and big brother twenty Tuesday means to a casual. So I think it's an interesting trajectory but I'm a Superfan for almost most big brother's existence. So I had been watching survivor actually hadn't heard of big brother until a fringed. Survivor and recommended Big Brother But it was during the offseason. So I ended up just binging probably two thirds of BB sixteen. binging overwhelms me and I kind of just like dropped off. I was like it was enjoyable but it was just kind of like a lot when I didn't know the product that well then when bb seventeen rolled around. The live experienced is significantly more fun than just like binging the TV at it because I. Think you can be a bit more interactive. You can follow along podcasts and everything. So from bb seventeen on I been completely invested your. Seasons. entrees some real. All Stars you know and So for the first time solid big brother five on big brother three right now finishing that up. So it's just been a really fun right for him to say things from the old school season's too and I have to say, I, think it is absolutely insane that we don't always talk about the fact that people found out. They were siblings on big. Brother. Bizarro world where I'm like, how was I see him for so long and this never came up. Like. Yeah. What other show has this ever happened on or would ever happened on where you have this reveal right? Like yeah, it's a wild. Just take that isolated incident and you're like guys this is crazy. Okay. Well, let's not forget this. We'll specifically in the context of a competitive reality show because it could be something rail world, right? I'm like Oh, let's bring on these two people who don't know at the related, but it's like, all right. You're in the competition for five hundred thousand dollars and also surprise you're GonNa Change Your Life because you actually have a half sibling that you've never met before is also competing against you and it's crazy to think about a lot of people are saying like what the Hell is big brother doing with steaming and it's twists and we forget that even on top of the project DNA stop the season before it was like through XS together in the house like let's. Throw people who have had like really toward relationships together and have them compete against each other big brother was not afraid to get pretty messy with like just kristen creating naturally bread drama its initial casting I think now it's moved into like creating problems. It's casting and maybe a different way a less digestible way than just putting siblings who didn't know. Each Other on the show together I. Think also the point about the experience of big brother to watch it live is so so important because big brother is almost like a lifestyle especially when it's typically on on the summer like, okay it's big brother season like now this is this is my life. Now it is big brother this is my live. Do not remember this big brother seventeen. Celli did a Musical nobody. Yes. Yes. Unfortunately, I do remember that and it was like what the hand motions and they were all standing behind. The Shelly Audrey Jason I think back in the days before like every when everyone co-pathetic in okay. Before things really cracked open on big brother seventeen. Maybe Miss Remembering the Wax Street boys? Was a surprisingly, very musical season Oh and then what is on? Did they play and Big Brother Sixteen? It was the team America tasks like Frankie came up with was. So. To impersonate the impersonated the evicted houseguests and I'm Tim America said that does that doesn't count you don't get any money. Frankie, it's really great reaction shots in that season and that was one of them when Julie Chen comes over and be like whatever the. Word was. America does not approve of like. The way she said it was so cutting to like take that. Play. Well. Kevin Nigel we are nearing the end of big brother trying to, and you've you've come onto a couple of our edgy podcast to talk about him. But now that the season is slowly being lowered into the ground before we declare a moratorium on it, what what if your thoughts been especially as of late as we make this March to the final week so I've never been. So excited I brother season to end. So that is a positive in general I think it's just. To me, it shows that I think for all sorts of returning seasons. You should want a little bit more messy players. The brother I think was a little bit too many competence affable generally people who are part of any en group in their normal life, and so they clung together and that was a path along the way my dad's attacks. She hates the season and he is like complete casual I. Just Christmas has a bad temper Dave on insulted Devon. Is Okay I. Guess it's just like the randomly casual tweets what I get from him and so it's. Exciting he's in the world, but it was cool to see some of the people we haven't seen in so long and I it something that's important to remember when you're watching it live is that because there was still little unpredictability from week to week, it felt really torturous at times but I think at this point looking back in retrospect it's a little bit easier to. To evade accepted that you weren't gonNA. Have a lot of unpredictable moments. We can appreciate some of the conversations between Dave van and Kieser, for example, I. Look back and enjoy some of the high points and just kind of try to block out. So maybe some of the lower. Tier and that plan on this past week round table out how people are obviously very low on the season because I think what people are looking at right now it's to your point, the predictability of the fact that one alliance steamrolled and line with that alliance steamrolls once it came down to that select few but I do think that you bring up a good point that like we did get a month of Qaysar did get three weeks of journal the preacher even though that had his own set. Of unfort- of predictability still had some very fun moments. It just turned out that you know once we rolled into that second half of the game which people usually ascribed to being the more like Oh my God exciting have this is when moves are being made alliances breakdown. The ends incite the opposite ended up happening here. It was more scattershot in the beginning when everyone was just sort of running our some people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and others were just trying to. Solidify some sort of mass that could steamroll their way through the game. So I do agree that I think looking back on this things will be a bit more favourable I'd say, maybe a bit more favorable in the way to like a big brother twelve wise of like, yeah. There was a larger macro story line was one of being straightforward. There was a little curly accused in there. There were some fun moments and characters and. Dan One that mini veto. So it was not completely one straight line the entire way grow I. Think also from a strategy perspective of when you can kind of go back and think about the dominance like that's something that is really impressive. I know it's mostly rooted and competitions, but the whole committee of being completely made up essentially Jewish the laugh ability of Julie Chen saying the committee Memphis, the committee and US being like. Oh, she has no idea what's going on to the committee making all the way to the end was just like did that really happen See did. She really did and like that's hilarious it sucks I think a lot of our faves got cut. So early and that was the group that steamrolled when you think about the fact that it was something that Julie Chen truly did manifest your point. That's that's just hilarious we. Got There is something about the endgame cares or not exactly contestants most of us wanted to see recanted. Appreciation or insight into who they are as people beyond just like Christmas is the person that her foot now like oh christmases deranged which i. Came to that conclusion of few years ago. Right. So it's fun to see the these contestants I have a new appreciation. I WANNA say ironically love Nicole France all ironically appreciated Nicole Frenzel. Like. Idea, that one of the biggest villains and. Being. Is just on these kind of flaky. Hilarious in its own right. and. I appreciate the more I think. In retrospect is a lot of really strong moments and I think a lot of casts telegenic. It just didn't go the way our hearts wanted to live. In one thing that I've actually really appreciated about especially survivor in particular because there's so many seasons. Each season is like a self contained story. So you have almost choose your own adventure. What are you looking for? You can look for a tragedy survivor whole our one tribe just gets decimated and we can look at bb twenty two as like. A season where a ton of people came together and we're just like too good at the strategy in just like road outside the very end and like I think selling it's like it can be impressive. South one that we particularly enjoy as we watch it but looking back at all of the different volumes, we can kind of appreciate some of the game play from. Yet I mean tear point actually thinking about this. I. Kind of think this is like the survivor Palau of seasons and that you have one group. Decimate the other one, and then maybe you have someone like a David who is going to be the Stephanie Allegro Grosso of like you're an outsider but likely really want when the group here and then when it comes down to it, you have your Tom Westman in the form of Cody Calcio. Also try stater. Who's like, okay. I'm the big leader here and you have people putting is on him, but he's able to take them out in the form of like a Tyler and Memphis and now you sort of have like I don't know is is Enzo the Ian Maybe the Throws their game on the line to protect them and see the Katie Gallagher I. Know I think is the Karen Oh weekend gave the front runners because. That's actually very true ends as the carrying of, but unfortunately I think we're missing that moment where you know cody's about to get rid of Enzo Enzo blows up on cody the way that carry. Oh, cody, how dare you? Actually. Very appropriate timing because Katie Gallagher's on talking with tbirds at the very pullout everything. But yeah, I've totally been having that same thought of. This is the type of season that not only is dominated by one alliance, but also dominated by like an internal contingency within that alliance and not to say that it's impressive but I do in retrospect I if you're looking for back and forth I think this is a season where that is non existent. And I think also for the Tom Cody parallels I think are really apt because Taryn even makes the joke about. Well, cody was h week one and never stopped being a Joe Age, and I kind of feel like Tom was the leader from the Gecko and really never stopped being the leader all the way until the end, and so I think definitely with his dominance as a single player that's also something that's very interesting from the season. All right. Well, let's get into talking about the person who went out the door jiggling all the way this we let's talk about how we thought. Christmas Abbott was going to do preseason. So Liana I think Christmas was. For lack of a better term one of the big question marks of when this cast was revealed bowl from a why is she here angle and what is she going to do without a broken foot angle? How did you think that Miss Abbott was going to do preseason here on DVD twenty two all right. So first of all, before I get my prediction, I have to say that the cody small talk with Christmas segment maybe one of my favorite segments. It was it I because I could empathize with cody so bad and the fact that the editors did Christmas show dirty with the editing just really made me laugh with the dance and she's like trying to figure it out and remember it just standing there like Bob up and down when the hit song by Tina. Tar Us. Round Mary Proud Christmas anyway. Okay. I just had to save exits hilarious. So four my prediction for Christmas, I had her making the final three. Yes and I said that she would be not targeted because she's perceived as loyal, and then in parentheses I thought I might forget the fact that her son's name is loyal. So notified solve to save that. And then I, what did you exactly right to notify yourself? Her son's name is loyal. That's all. These Christie On remember to say this for son's name is loyal. The logic that you were thinking was she is loyal and her son's name is loyal. Therefore, she is very clearly loyal. Yeah. Did it yes. Then I wrote that she would. Be pulled into an alliance by Tyler at the final eight along with David. So that was my final three was tyler David and Christmas on, and they would make a deep run to the final three in Christmas would ultimately get cut a final three. I also most importantly mentioned that she does not sustain any major injuries. All right. True very true and her comic book name was the spirit of X. massive destruction. That's a callback to like when when it started watching brother back in two thousand three. I know. I think I remember looking the follow lunatic how's that goes guy we Christmas the just I came up with I mean that totally. I don't know. I'm trying to figure out if you're a sustained major injury thing actually because like didn't you talk on the feeds many times about health like she still has repercussions from that injury her foot still hurts from it. Well. Yeah. But that again, that was from the previous injury Mike. She doesn't get any new ones. They're still covered in this. Format yeah, exactly pre existing condition. So admittedly, perhaps I am opinions about Christmas Abbott, we'll be into my own objective predictions. Christmas going pre jury maybe matron manifest my own thing her. I said that she will spread. Christmas, joy throughout her time Never Going Agro on Ensemble Oh Mike Oh my I was so I was so hopeful and I never would who would have thought it only took a month before that ended up happening use on. Christmas child. I said that she would get a punishment where she has to run around yelling something which we didn't really get. This was dirk space jam. The closest thing to like the I'm flying. Smell. I ice. The starbucks. Yelling. More subdued but I agree that that was probably the closest we got. The babies were crying but you know she's getting what she was handling and she'll bang pots and pans jokingly as an image to Josh. Upset the judge wasn't there to represent him and that she'll get put up as a pawn and sent home in the biggest move of the pre jury which ended up not happening but I also check with the Christmas steam, my superhero name for the stocking stuffer. I'm trying to decide what that comic would look like. I think we like soccer like I'm talking somebody like I'm punching them is that going for I think very simple lake. We talked about this last week with Mary like the Weird Art on the comics I think it's very obviously Christmas shoving a missile up some these ass thanks very much like on stuffing you and then like that, she is the stocking stuffer in that regard. Had her feet are covered with stockings because one foot still broken like in Oh yeah. I like that. Or maybe she reveals one stocking for another stalking Allah Roxie Andrew Away. From like that could be. This comment. Stocking reveal. Boy Well listen. We know that from where we saw with Tina Turner dance we know that Chris would not do lip sync for your. She'd be the Charlie is like do something Christmas? Me I'm I and she would like pick someone up like throw them through a wall. At that might be more accurate. Yes. Singer out of this cast actually. Gone. So we we have the of course Anita veto in like Kevin Kevin get a leg up him being actually having a drag persona. Now I would imagine that he has like. The most memory pull from like what have passed Queens done me borrow but. Actually. Really crush any song that solemn or sad. Handling Faith? And really he really looks like Danny Boy I. Know. That's exactly right. It's all about song choice on because I'm trying to think who else. and. So it would be very comedy Queen I feel. You. Know and so would like. His own wraps but I feel like he'd have to improvise in the middle. There'd be like Yo. That's it. That's My Lips Inc Yo. Dave was always coming up with cheers and rhythms and beats and stuff like that. So she is very musically inclined. So I don't know and that helps her I don't know if anyone's been watching. Zena on Tiktok, but she was doing Britney spears dances to like I think she could get it to. Yeah I saw that. I mean yeah maybe I. Mean speaking of Tiktok. If you saw certain Nicole Anthony Tiktok her lip synching skills are up to snuff as well done. That one cheer from. Bailey. So this was the Friday episode, the recap of Recap Wind Maili on a tricycle thing and the cheer that was like she's got one. She's got one moyle actually got one and that was super catchy. Using Matt. Daily. Life. I think a better question is who would be the worst? And why is it Nicole Frizzell? I was GONNA SAVE MEMPHIS MEMPHIS Thinking members because I think the issue is a unique shouldn't late not afraid to look a little foolish because I was what makes fun and Memphis seems like you'd be chew serious when. Nicole were definitely like trip over her own gown. She's Ramon Leon. Just GonNa Crash and then you all my. Trim that's her sign office. She's walking off the stage that's being illiterate only my God. Banji. Backwards and just repeats over. Nicole. Congratulations, congratulations. Her. Like dream board manifesting segments have also been really interesting. She's just trying to like will it into existence and not not the Willett Sisters It really spoke about this when I was on the Thursday recap of like, I think the show is just like. Well, I guess I guess Nicole might have a chance. We got to put some stuff here. Okay. We'll have her speak into existence will have some segments people being like am I making the same mistake? I made him baby sixteen between Khorasan Nicole. I mean. I. Think that that was certainly. My favorite version of Nicole the one that we've gotten over the last few episodes where she's a lot more cocky and she's a lot more. Self confident in. You. Know I just think that like when she braces that side of her a little bit more, it's like a new edge. It seems like almost a little bit more authentic to me is just a little bit more fun than I think what she typically gives us the deal I mean I think not only gets unique year but I feel like Nicole is like a low Ren Valentina. Were calculated in the way that she's being perceived by the television audience, you should be very sweet was actually not exactly like the best friend to people post show either so I think this is fascinating person. season. Of Her though. I'm just imagining all Valentina quotes and find a goal friends. Well, there's an opening the opening line that Valentine uses in her confessional in the all season is pretty much in some people's eyes. I truly am this congeniality and others I'm a snake but I know I'm both which Unical frames will quote. We are more paralleled than people realize and I. Like this doesn't work with my French Vanilla Fan. Quick. I'm trying to remember it. Did she wear a diaper at any point in time? Does this? Is that I. Don't know. Yeah, I've I feel like the way that Nicole talked about. The way that talked about Valentine right. Gosh I'm loving parallels works so well. Let's keep talking about you know some of these contestants from seasons past because we spoke about this, a bunch of this was a week of filler segments. For the first time in a long time and outright final four week spoken about before usually that you have the final five episode on like a Tuesday final gets condensed. It's usually one episode on a Wednesday or Thursday, and then we move on from there not this week. So we had plenty of chaff there between Nicole Sneezing seven times between cody being a very. Cognizant of his nose shape between. The clash of the Comic Sur which is. Without a doubt. The worst thing I have ever seen the produce I mean outside like the obviously heinous stuff like racism sexism homophobia like those actual eve rainbow low that. I had so many problems with it because they took like. Every single decision that they should've made with this challenge, they went the opposite direction of like they won't get to play. To watch it like this could be completely preordained. They're matching people up without even like being cognizant of WHO's on whose team now just sat there watching at the entire time saying. How did this? How did this get Greenland? What is happening with the most? Decision was par when on for so long like we even had Nicole asks the winner win, their two characters left into like we're going to see them fight anyways. Exactly, US we God. Damn it. We paid to animate this. Yeah, and it's just I was just in disbelief to your point like watching it grow on and on and on, and you know they do few luxury competitions on this show. So I was happy here was a luxury competition but I don't know I know when we heard about this on the feeds thought it going to be like they didn't succeed right? We're like the jury gets to come in and they'd like bet on a jury member and that's it is support no Nicole wins by happening to pick the right character who faced off in what I would say is a like basic level of photoshop skills were you take someone's arm you stretch it back and forth to simulate punching It I can't believe they kept going with the comics like did they the I know we gotta keep going back to this comic books while we just did it last week but we got even had them wear the same costumes from that competition where they laundered at all Liana I was just like I'm still astounded by the this competition I think the other thing too was that. Okay. So I like the Saturday morning updates. Okay. So what happened on on the Friday that I was covering was fees went down something happens right? Where someone ten thousand dollars. Okay. They were wearing their comic book costumes. It seemed to be something related to comic books, but Christmas was devastated. She betrayed Memphis. She stabbed him in the back. She didn't trust her gut. She didn't hit him and Taryn and I were speculating what could this be a? What could this be and to find out that Memphis wasn't there wasn't in no way involved in the competition and it was a terribly animated version of Memphis. She let town was just. Mind Blowing Electric Christmas what is wrong with you? Oh, it was a rough. Slightly more understandable if Memphis had anything to do with you outcome. was essentially a random number generator. which really only extended the whole second grade. And, that's what we thought. It was like, okay. Somehow they like to watch them compete or something or they were teammates in some way because like who would feel betrayed I mean Memphis had to have been there. Maybe he casts disappointing. St. Some fatherly disappointing stare Christmas or something like that. But yeah, it was. Animated. More. In a terrible way like I loved I think the first one I I remember seeing was Bailey versus the coal anthony and they didn't know job at all to like size them up appropriately. So the coal anthony looks like she's about twenty feet tall. Next to Bailey looks about four feet tall they're just like, yeah whatever fight and I I got on the house gets for relief trying to get invested in it. You know to have cody like screaming at the TV screen Enzo saying David Lost Him ten thousand dollars again because this is the only form of entertainment they probably had quite some time especially given this season but Wow Wow it is legitimately moments like this where you're like. All right I'M NOT GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA show this to anybody or let them know that I watched this particular episode of this show because this is not the big brother that I that I want people to see from a public perspective. This is the private big brother that we. We're like, yeah, we're what will muddle through it somehow, but not prominently show it off to our friends and family. Keep it out on our China Cabinet for visitors. Will this thing for the next subsequent season? Will he do this and then end game every single season? I. Hope so I know I know it's terrible but like it was so funny pin especially to like. So last week we did. You know they're old versus new Comic Book Characters A match battle my second idea was this it was bracket of them fighting each other. So then when the episode aired on Mike and I are messing what games are we gonNa do this week and I was like how do I make a game of what was essentially of game on the BNB already essentially called really I think for the first time we were predictive in nature and not just by writing our preseason predictions we actually figured out what they were going to do at a time. Nest. So here's a question. If we do see this segment comeback in the future are really see segments of the house just trying to build credibility with each other like, Hey, just like if we make it to the final four, like I'm going to draft you in the calmest. That's going to be like a jury management style, right? Like let's say I'm sorry I'm going to have to evict you this week, but you know what? I'm going to pick you in that comic competition at the Final Four. You'RE GONNA win me ten g's so be happy about that. That's another thing as well as Jerry ever have. No not only do they have no in they also get nothing out of it. There was also like alleged like. MEMPHIS ten, thousand dollars but no, it's more. So you're being like, well, don't worry. I'm going to pick your comic book to get me money get any more money from a kit further the game at your expense once more. And, that was why Christmas being so upset about it too like Memphis, one has no idea. This exists and to he wouldn't even care of unity did like I don't care. Before we move onto more funding games. We're GONNA take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors. Support for this podcast comes from cdw and trend micro and cdw we get the patch together security can leave gaps in protection. I catch things together all the time like this broken desk chair some duct tape goods orchestrated by cdw trend micro cloud one provides unified protection and better visibility across cloud services. It's all in one cloud security that can it's all. K- Gently used office furniture. No thanks it orchestration. By cdw, people who get it find out more at cdw dot com slash trend micro. Hey this is Haley from one of the Co host of the Bachelor Happy podcasts here on reality TV. Network Join Amy and I every week as we talk about all the happenings in Bachelor nation discuss the most dramatic season the Bachelorette of all time. Subscribe where you listen to podcasts. And we are back. So let's keep on keeping on. So with an all time number of feller segments this week on big brother, I decided to dive back into big brother history. To dive into some of the most notorious filler segments in big brother in A. Game that I'd like to call filler or killer. is how it works. So I have a set number of categories and breach category. I'm going to provide you with two biller clips from big brother history. Sorry Big Brother, twenty, two I know. Liana loves the Christmas Small Talk Conversation. But none of you made the cut here but I'm going to give you chewed that fall into this category and breached going decide you no one is going to be Filler Aka filler. There's nothing in it and one's going to be killer I love this. I WanNa see this all the time we're going through twenty twenty one seasons of big brother here. To go over some filler segments. Now defined a filler segment basically as any sort of intermediary segment on a show that does not have any strategy in it or any competition really anything to do with like the main threat of WHO's going up who's going home, etc. It's the just for fun stuff across twenty seasons of big brother. We have had a lot of it. So I'm excited to to get through some of these go through the history of big brother to find some of these very noteworthy segments. I will not say good or bad because that's what we're here to do. Yeah, I'm hoping to discover that. Big Brother has always been this way. Always talking about like the big brother of the past being better I don't think. That is not the case. All, right. Well, let's let's start here. So again, we need to be cumulative. We can sort of come up with our own assessment but again, for this category number one, which I call. The karate category I'm going to give to filler segments. Here we're GonNa you can decide one is killer Lovett one is filler hate it the two segments in the karate category in kicks himself in the head from big brother fourteen and Caleb Judy chops the button from Big Brother Sixteen which I will say was a write in from one Brendan Vegas and the rule here is a big brother alumni suggests something you have to put her in a game that's. Being. So, Liana at the outset here because I do have some clips that we can play if need, but in case anyone's. Memories are foggy on this, but do you have a filler and a killer between these two? So the Judy Chop segment I'm trying to remember because I feel like that was something that was mentioned like continuously. So are we talking this was specific clip when they were going to hit the reset button and judy chopped it. Let me. Let me play this and I apologize. You know this is not a video podcast. Listeners were not be able to experience the audio but not necessarily the video. But let's I'll play a little bit of this is cody and Caleb. This is indeed the week with the reset button I'd leave this at this point they've already hit it and they're just waiting more than time to tick down much like we all are this season, and so this is part of the segment in which Kalem, in cody decided to use their own brand of martial arts to make the button go faster. Four Day. Of this Clark and we have no idea what's going to happen. When it reaches zero. You think you're nice 'cause you're golden. Attached to you. Thank you. Cool Code. There is a way. That how power there's your judy have to be. The time. If this was the marcus we're going to start having this in and giving it a budget. Judy Charts. Lessen the amount of time. Oh That's what you. Want. Background. House Judy. Doing software slow Judy. Doing crazy. Judy Chops. This is ain't giving in. Also there, there's a lot more judy, fifty more seconds of each. I feel like the okay. Okay. Yes. I remember this the and Katie himself in the head is probably the shorter sweeter one. So I want to bring this up for anybody's memories. Was, I entertained by that. Does the sour taste of. Cowboy and. Cody unfortunately, a little bit now does that does that because I I remember being entertained by this at the time. But the one is also very classic. So that one is like hard and you know there's something. So lovable about that like the I. Remember the kick to the head is just is just such a cute little Ian Moment. That is really really horrible. So I don't know I'm torn. What do you think? You know not to comment on whether which one is which I have to say the Judy shots is into game segment because these people are strove award that they have to do something earlier on in the season, there's like more people around think you're probably a little bit more entertained. There's more stuff to do when the normal call of you use something to keep your yourself. Call Entertainment I. I'd which will spill or which ones killer killing me and I I guess I like the Ian One more for the sake of. It was kind of endearing in a way. Sewing. I guess adds to character which is. Seems less filler to me I. Guess I'm GonNa go with killer as well for the insight only because of the international value I don't know how much you guys followed the genius when it was really popular and it's podcasting but it was revealed in an interview, Andaman Colin I can't remember which and they talk to you about that in. Terry had made it big in south. Korea because the clip of him kicking himself in the head went viral in Korea. So essentially interior became like this. Sigh. And it is absolutely or guest these the reverse side from that perspective it's it's absolutely incredible. So we're just for having like worldwide appeal more. So than the Judy Chop, which also feels a appropriation. GonNa give it to adhere. Yeah I think that's definitely the right call. All right. Well, let's move into our second one. We're moving from karate into. I. Guess I called it like self violence. It's people getting injured from a certain perspective. We have we're continuing on the cody train here we have cody punching himself in the face in his sleep. And Jerry falling in the pool looking at a plane in big. Brother. Ted. So Liana what are your thoughts here? For me, this isn't close as much as it is hilarious to see cody punch himself in the face which I believe it was while he was sleeping if I am remembering that correctly and he just like and then he got confused because he thought someone else that punched him in the face. That's hilarious. But Jerry walking backwards to look at the plane and then falling in the pool is like an all time moment. So for me I have to give the killer to Jerry falling in the pool. Jerry following the pool is definitely the killer segment A. Question that I'd be most interested in was like, what was the? Insurance, deductible at the time like how were they? The seventy five year old man fell into a pool of water. I I wish that was like the inside we got the seats, really add to it, but I just think that segments so much stronger I do feel like big brothers sort of like if life alert became sky. Net Watches you twenty, four, seven I'm like, Oh, you've fallen. We'll. Now we know we've been watching you this whole time to help you. We know you can't get. That we're going to let you Li- there. Yeah Nigel. Any any other thoughts on cody sleep punching versus Jerry's pool falling. Cody sleep punching is. Funny in a more fleeting way. The hauling coal washing the plane I think that's just a classic and how can you can you? Killer I think as I read, it was Jerry to is hilarious. Very. Very few pool related shenanigans as well. You know I, did take out. The did not put in the JASE INNERTUBE infomercial from big brother seven that's probably another one. But there haven't been many like water based fillers, segments railway, and so I feel like Jerry is also in a class in his own for that The only thing I can think of is his. Fiori like peeing in the hot tub but I don't think that made it on this show no I think progressive Jewish peeing in the hot tub other candidates to make this show I can't remember if she remembers her I don't think so. That's more on the editors. Yeah I would say south. Well, let's let's keep sleeping because I have chew other sleeping related filler segments and they're both sleep talking filler segments. We have, of course, Corey from big brother eighteen game of Harry Potter but people reminded me on twitter that also Eric from big brother three had his own bout of sleep talking. So Kevin Nigel either one of you what what do you think killer or filler between these two sleep talkers So I think that we need corey his mission Harry Potter. It's funny. It's like a cultural reference, his sleep. Big Three just like the sheer amount of sleepwalking that was happening was like a little bit overwhelming. I am I. saw it. I think. The killer there was just so much going on the talking was so much that it's scared saw. Yeah. Killer. Serial killer the irony actually. Let me. Let me actually I have some here because I think some people might not remember. Eric. Eric was also what he was like the fourth boot. So we had some here a lot of is subtitled. So we'll. We'll. I'll try to play it loud enough that people can in here exact. Yeah. He gets a little A. Little intense in varying degrees of this talking. Let's give out Austin here. were. Chatter. My school. Work. My sleep talking is definitely starting to progress a little bit. Short. Look. I'm starting a little more comfortable in the house. I'm falling asleep. quaker I'm sleeping through the night, which means that my mind's going my dreams again a little more intense. Full. Force. Eric Sleep talking as certainly intensified I've heard a whistle in his sleep and so now it's time for singing and dancing. Dancing. These clearly a psycho for. Still. There's another mid but I think that's cutting it off on safely to is probably the perfect way to segment. The kissing snakes I forgot about that I remember thinking that line was so funny. Because they have this mental image of snakes kissing, which is to me. I also loved I wish we could've seen on camera Josh. Josh. Recounted him snapping fingers and going now it's time for singing and dancing. To me so obviously Eric's. Gone. Really early, he doesn't have the best personality but his personality most shines in that bed apparently because those two moments and for those who remember is obviously one the sleep talking to second is that he said Lisa's favorite word weather amazing out one night when he goes high and she like. Beautiful thing is keeping all looking back is the John like the dumbest thing Love language only thing i. Is. Exactly Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. I think I think to go to the other clip for a second that was didn't Corey who said fearless bat for Firmer that was clay. Clay. Okay Yeah. Okay. I know look come on. The fertilised Bat. Yeah I think I have to probably give killer. For for all of the reasons that we discussed to because yeah the Harry Potter thing is funny but there's there's so much more there with the Eric Clip and so I think that that has to be the killer for me. There are some interesting similarities though because I do think you know what you're describing to. To, Eric I would say that you know Corey is also a person who did not have many noteworthy characteristics of the plane where it's like he loves Christmas slash she loves Nicole like the game of Harry Potter theme was like Wow. This kind of generic guy actually has something weird about him out so much more and so both of those sort of have these in common. But I agree and as a frequent sleep talker myself I think I'm more in line with the Eric stuff than the corey stuff. So I have to like from a personal perspective go with them there as well but is it corey words sleep talking with Nicole Nevada next to him and cuddling her sing talk title ix talking about kissing snakes that might be a better moment altogether. Mother I'm going to have to give her. Like how how bad you have to be you wouldn't the best thing about you is your sleep talking. That's the most interesting thing about your personality is your. Unconscious just you wait I get wild. All right. So let's move on here to some more. House guest centric segments we have a couple of houseguests have had multiple filler segments about them throughout their season. Let's start with J. C. from season twenty, one of the more modern. Characters here we of course have the infamous yachties segment in what she thinks that hiatus is pronounced hottest and Jaycees cooking segment Q. Fatten up the house guests with his beef sauce and his Spaghetti and all that Nigel who gets the killer here out of the two Jaycees segments. So I, think it is a little tough because both moments. I think are often referenced A. PODCAST that I think they're both memorable but I think I have to give it to try to fatten up the other houseguests because it was just like so weird and bizarre. I guess technically you could almost call it strategy. Does that actually make an affiliate? Technically not be I mean. He's filling them up. So maybe it is actually liberal. That outweighs any strategy there. Yeah. Okay. To me is better because it has infiltrated lexicon. Rated anymore. So I think that's the better segment. Actually have a white quirky keep track of all the shows that we're watching and we have a few that we've taken a pause on and instead of writing hiatus we have your shoes. Oh my gosh there's broken onto the whiteboard as well. Yeah that's a good argument because I think also in my daily life view like you and I will say Yada. We're going. All Now. Lisa Donahue's favorite word by the way. If someone says, that's gonNA cry in bed. Making out. The other thing too and I remember this from last week when I was putting together the big brother Comex but jaycees comic is the yacht us. I don't know exactly what that means per se but but yeah, I'm trying to let me see if I can pull up his catchphrase right now but anyway so that's that's something I think to take into consideration. Yeah I don't know I'm personally going to give it to the fattening up because that's more of like a montage based filler segment whereas there are some that are. Like Oh, look at all these things. This person does sorta like with what we just heard with Eric. It's like actually with Eric and Corey with the sleep talking Eric. Was the more periodic one in corey was the more like flash in the PAN and I'm literally going with the one that helps pans than the flash in the pan in plus the stuff that Jaycee made looked so Vile. Like like a camp counselor preparation meal waiting for Christopher Maloney to come out from American summer. It's just like the beat the hotdogs sticky out of the beef sauce is an image that will forever be stuck with me. Then so grows. The oddest catchphrase was putting crime on hiatus, which is stupid because like why would you not say Yada so again, I don't know too repetitive that we're going to have to end up with Thai here because I think Yada for me is is the killer. With tie I don't know who breaks the tie here. We see we'll put an on goddess for now and then we'll come up with a tiebreaker and maybe later on to to push or the other. Let's. Let's go back further to another person who's personality absolutely lit up big brother, and of course, I'm talking about Jen Johnson from Danny Brianna original season the to jen segments I have here are. freaking out over her memory walls photo and the Gen drinking game at several houseguests take part in where every time she said the billboard is they had to take a drink. Shoot. I was immediately going to give it to the picture one because that's so so so funny but I forgot about the drinking game segment, which is hilarious I love making drinking games. This is going to sound horrible and Super Mean I love making drinking games around other people when they. Like. UH, there's nothing more beautiful Matt. Shoot, shoot I don't know Kevin, what do you think? So. You'll drinking games, I'm. LIKE SCAR Rangers engaged. Why Sixteen remember a lot of people are like this election is early count so Funder Games for the debates and I remember getting so drunk because this may not like trump does acts, and of course, he did a billion times and it just throughout everywhere that. Dreams to me are terrifying. I think drinking is fun. I'd actually put. Genius. Agenda member all his shirt filler. Segments Omar. Her crying over picture is pretty iconic and that's definitely my tillerson. Yeah I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go killer as well with that one because I think that because I was also I believe in a week one because it was the debut of the memory while photos and I think we had no idea who jen was at that point I think that is the quintessential introduction you need to Jen Johnson, is just her being like that is the worst picture I've ever seen. I look absolutely ugly Danny Looks Great. Kale looks why do I look right in her like being histrionics read says, all you need to know about what you're about to see from Jan Johnson so just serving the microcosm of her I'm going to give to the memory wall personally Nigel. What about you I think I completely agree it's it's just such a phenomenal way to be introduced to her as a character and I think that that's probably one of my favorite single scenes. In all of big brother history it's like, how do you not fall in love with this woman who has an meltdown because her photos like not quite to her liking interesting. Mall thing but she's like I'm on a television show and people will see this one picture of me. She can't handle ever. Cut to it all the time they're gonNA cut. You know the fact that she needs such a big deal out of their own draws more attention to it. It's like the streisand effect rate but. Secondary Part that people forget is that no two weeks later she becomes H H because she understand how all works and. She gets her her. Pictures and she complains about those pictures also. Yes, I. Remember that because I remember the memory wall, she held her hand up right to like block it. So no one could ever see it, and then when she got those pictures, she like turned him down. So No, one ever see that boy genius to prevent us from ever seeing those Otas. Yeah. All right. It's definitely the photos. My God. My God was right here listen to love drinking games and like I can imagine having a drinking game in the Big Brother House around Jen was hysterical but I mean it will forever be an imprint much like Jen's pictures on the memory wall. Let's let's go out on the scope here. Let's turn the camera lens a bit further going from single houseguests to single seasons. Of these two, two segments from celebrity big brother Cue, which is the Filler, and which is the killer. Tom Green as the cereal box Osprey, the bird or Kato Kaylin needs some colon help Liana. Nah. Stomach Hertie or you know like? Yeah that one. So that's like the lion that sticks with me Tom Green was hilarious. I think if I did have to pick a Tom Green moment the one where he's like I, know this isn't a segment that was like Natalie, would you like some sandwiches? We stand Biz it was. Yeah. It was the net I that the move in when he's now we have a great array of sandwiches and I think that might be report was when Taymor Braxton was like eating a bunch of grapes because like how are the grapes Taymor Mar she just like nearly gags on the graves Which is really ironic given like the relationship that they're going to have over the course of the season. So. It's tough I. Mean I probably have to give it to the to the Kato Kaylin segment just because of the clip, her me ability. Whereas like the Tom Green one was funny but I still think I'll pick the sandwiches over the offs right one. So you know Nigel what do you think? These are these are both filler for me I. People who. Tom Green do not connect for me at all. I never understood the hype around him. I don't know what it was. I just was not a fan. So when he everyone was. Talking about the cereal segment, I was just like infuriated that he was getting so much attention I want to go back to people like team Mar I want to go back to law hand I don't need any of this coverage. And I guess technically I might give it to Kato Kaelin just because I'm obviously triggered by talking about. Your Kaelin to to make it. Max. Out. But I really hope Deena low hand being catfish is also in the conversation. Now. So. Wasn't. Getting catfish that's to me that's that's maybe one of the best. Of all time and like the big brother Phantom, we gotta find this guy we gotta find this guy. Oh Gosh Yeah, I forgot. Wow what a fun season that was well listen it's sort of like the grass is always greener. I think at the time like this is a very trashy season because I was like you know low low and Natalie and Taymor screaming each other Kato Kaylin begging on the table like have you ever taken an acting class? Stole much mess in that season. I mean not to include the mess that Kaelin made in the bathroom after Ricky Williams put his hands on him and like used his Rakia energy I believe. ME. I got a rewatch that I was thinking of something to get the taste of big brother twenty two out of my mouth and I think could be celebrity big brother to. Win a wins Hungary and is voted out and came. Almost, literally dancing on his greatest, he's walking out the front door and she still manages to get his vote is. Now. Remember, that time Greenhouse House did not have good history with Ricky Williams ricky was like, Hey, do this joke that's not funny. It's just it just really got an his nerves also when the mood was was apparently a house guest but not houseguests. Oh my God you guys. This is mounting evidence to rewatch this season. I really wanted the first comment on the Ricky Williams Tom Green issue because I. Because I haven't seen comic and like I get it like you can shoes and I wasn't the Big Brother House you know I'll. Never. Vote for person who was mean to me over. Funding one time. Dare you. Yeah I. Guess. That's the opposite then Ricky Nicole essentially the opposite of Ricky Williams with Enzo. Congratulations you've earned the award for making me Piss my pants is the opposite of Ricky Williams telling Tom Green, not funny. All right. Let's move on. Harass you to stay on the Tom. Green note because I have filler segments of the musical variety we have, of course, Tom Green's hit coffee is a lot of fun. And from the grapevine, not just in singing pizza and I feel like this is a slam dunk I wanted to at least give. A. Little Bit of play but I got imagine we gotta give it to say here right Yeah, I think. You know not holds a very special place in my heart. It was when we were doing. So you think you can podcast. So it's very, very memorable to me I because of the way that. So you think you can podcast played out. You never know when we were going to get a call up. So I know not very very well, and the pizza song was such a great great moment of that season that we were playing all. The time and it kept coming up. So yeah, I mean, I definitely have to to give it to the pizza here although the coffee is a lot of fun. Sure coffees fun. But Pizza Man, the Justin doing the pizza song can't go wrong I. You know I really remember all of the talk around the pizza song cannot for the life of me remember that soon, I cannot remember any of the words but I remember it being really enjoy. All I'll while you guys practice, I'll look it up if you WanNa if you WanNa talk through coffees a lot well, actually now united because I know that it's in Tom Green thought. What did Tom Green Doodoo? Issue that I thought that everybody was cheating so much praise and. Tom Green and you know like sometimes when you you just don't agree it only like riles you more than happens to all the time when washing repulsed. Goes overrated I'm sorry. She was a robot. Kevin. Come on on replace that blame on the person 'cause it's everybody else's reaction that some problems but I want to do it with Tom Green. So I have no taxes. Yeah. Oh my I know that feeling so so well, and you like you you, you know that they're allowed to have their feelings and feel positively about that person but still you're like over rated talking you suck in your phrasing but it's not fair. Yeah I gotta I gotTA. Living in a BIZARRO. World. What else agree with me here? Yes. Yes. Look sends the Palette. With some pizza just play a bit of Justin's pizza the remix specifically that big brother did. Some pizza. easson. Yard walks. Up Cigarettes. Needs. Who Eats? Being. Contracted to sing backup to this. All right because central casting we're looking for are three women to come in and Sing Pizza about ten times. I believe. This is actually one of the rare segments that they played on the eviction show. They do that sometimes I think they did that actually with Jerry falling into the pool. To have people laugh back at it. But yeah, they actually played the remix everyone was like going crazy over the fact that they actually remixed pizza. Song. Well now, when there was only like one like summary Episode Reich's. Weird. So yeah. All right. Next up next category. I call. Winged creatures, we have Ali is afraid of birds from big brother ten verses Holly. Can't get enough of butterflies from big brother Eighteen Kevin. What have you got? So when you tweeted about your favorite. Out, of all the in the birds. All the birds is like the quintessential A. Low level character already. Deal so All in the birds because to me as a special place in my heart. I'm happy that you gave that clips credit I. Think Though for me the the butterfly clip is just so funny. It's so so so funny and now knowing more about pollock healthy or a and and following his path like huts, his origin story man or not land on me beautiful I have to give that one even though I think they're both. I think something important to remember about the police segment is that. That's when he was kind of going into his like losing spiral and we were. A number of weeks like candling really getting frustrated at things seemed to be stocking. He was just like commanding everything. So I think that a wasn't just funny but it was also kind of satisfying to see him this spin out a little bit because he was like he was going to be the cody Riley we were like I remember the discussion is polly California one of the best players to ever play big brother right learn. Having at the time then he cries into pies and cries over a butterfly and we're like, oh I think I might have to give it to holly as well. Just because I think a key cog in that scene, not allow people talk about is the James Element where James is the one who sitting there in like has to react polly just being completely. Like absolutely bananas freaking out over a butterfly lazing on him and James being like. Yep. Yep. That's that love butterflies to man as opposed to everyone else. Unfortunately understand only laughing at always fear of birthday. This was a tough one. I would say these are arguably both killers segments, but I think if the more killer one is polly in my opinion. Right I appreciate Ali one. Really. Burns. Zoe Ziemba Kiss. You just. You hit the presentation of her is like he's just the small things become. technic Molly's birds were the friendship bracelets. So he's not for the birds anytime soon. All. Right. This next duo. I'm calling H H Room Mockery. So we have a from a big brother twelve where Brittany and Matt Ware Rachel Rachel's Hair extensions and make fun of her and Big Brother Eighteen where Victor Paul and Corey Make Fun of Nicole's very small high school graduating class Liana. Do you have a horse race? The ugly clip is like low key funny because they're just trashing on ugly and it's really really funny. In, retrospect knowing that that Victor is not only living there but for. Now, he's here. He's. He's an ugly football coach now. And that unlike that's so that's so funny but the the mocking Rachel with the extensions and it's Britney and it's mad and. Reagan's there. I think. Right. So that's just that's iconic. Feels rude to not make that one, the killer segment original shows up in the middle of the mocking that and. How they just started like. Doing it as an order to show you. She just like buys into that I think that's what really ties it. Also has the infamous. Britney. Griffin obviously, I can't do for audio purposes but going. Yeah and they add the sound the off. Like whatever that sound is she's back and forth like, Oh, we're praising you like you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Like totally buys into it. A great class. It's tough. I'm GONNA throw a bone here for for the clip just. Like, very like Improv to me right of like they've this is true. What is true and it just reminded me of just like classic riffing with your friends of like, okay. If there's a graduating class of one, you do a play. Someone gets sick you play a soccer game and you have to forfeit like I just love all of the the ways they spun things out and it also proved like I was going to include a clip of Victor as the Eagle asking James for for the money but I feel like a Put so much eighteen on here but it just reminded me of how. Funny Victor was. For. Now, I don't know agree football coach Victor is the same as big brother eighteen victor but man, that was a fun segment. Pointing other victory ended up moving there really hines the overall quality of manages. All right. Our final one this is the title match because these arguably might be the two best segments squaring off against each other and what I'd like to call. Do People really think this we have a RENAE and timezones versus Ravens list of accomplishments. Up The tough one, it's a really really tough one. This is a tough one. The the Rennie timezones clip is clus. ICONIC. The Raven clip has raven in it. Which? She is just been continuously made fun of so much and I can't deny even though it's more recent her impact. On big, brother and and our perception I mean she is the mastermind but impacted than her kneecaps. That's right. Her inverted spine Louis. It's got to be ready. I'm sorry. Okay I. Feel like for me. It's gotta be. It's gotta be. Returning. Also, actually timezones was a recent conversation of ours. In California and he moved to DC of course, and I told him it was like so like. Like eight seven central right and he was like I didn't know what that meant. I don't know. That's what they say. The phrase like Oh eight, seven, seven, central. What time is it on a wall it's going to be on on seven central you just added on. Like the central time, but eight is prime time. That's when. The central type, then there's like the time it comes on. Yeah. timezones. Yeah, it's got up. It's so tough. I don't know I've been really like honestly since I've put these together I've been going back and forth 'cause like reading so great about it. She's flabbergasted the idea of like some fun of me like stop it Dan but I do love granted Xiaodi Dr. Paul. But I do love Paul of all people being the One to like summarized the accomplishments because this is, this is when Raven reveals that she is in Mensa. Her mom has a five minute fifty second mile she was struck by lightning inverted spine. She qualified for the Olympics like there is so much and I also think context king here and I do remember at the time all of us were like finally. I think the ravens expose party had been prominently. In full feature at that point, people were just like waiting for the show to make it happen and when they did it was it was all at once again rough kneecap syndrome was not included in this so So, tough. I'm going to give it to Raven I'm GONNA give it to Raven just so I can finally get my diploma with my GPA and dance from her. Yeah. I think I'm. GonNa have to agree with you in that. That season film really unbearable to watch at the time and so gang that segment. Finally calling her out. I. Think it was. Abi satisfying that you're like, Oh, my God, we we're finally addressing this is it's spicing it up a little bit. So I think I'll go with. Yeah there is nothing more satisfying than like something that you know and you're like the casuals need to see this, they need to see this and finally the editors give you their do and and with so much so much wonderful content. Yeah. That's a great point. So yeah, that's that's going to do it for filler killer, but I think it's been a nice trip. Through BB history and I think to your point Leon reminder of how sometimes these sort of Chaffetz segments go all the way back to big brother three granted they are more few and far between back then. But for all the complaints we have about filler segments we can look back on how many of them were just so damn iconic across twenty years of big brother. And that we still talk about to this day you know what I and we may have forgotten about the fact that they were siblings love and big brother. But Jen crying in front of her picture Nana we will remember. Okay. So let's move on to the next game that we are going to play here. So this was submitted by the fabulous Keta who came up with a Mad Gab game that we are going to play here. So. We've been talking about Julie's awkward quotes all season, and so Kadim came up with challenge for. Hate. Okay Tummy Hertie. Colon Hertie Yeah. In. So Kadim came up with a challenge for us, and so we are actually all GonNa work together here. So I have not looked at the answers, the way that that hate us, but it together has been fabulous. So I I can't see the answers. But what they've done is take twitter eleven Julie Chen quotes and replace them with a Mad Gab. So what is a Mad Gab? That's a string of words that sound similar to, for example, bud diverse sounds like but I okay but diverse but I oh yes. So our job is to decipher what the original quotes were. So these are all Julie Chen moonves squad. So hopefully that helps. You at least narrow it a little bit. Now, as Kadima's wants to do, there is a Meta puzzle where one syllable has been deleted and it is our goal to not only identify the quote, but also also to identify the missing syllable. So this is going to be hard or I'm just going to say it from the outside onset. So if we can't identify missing syllable, I can stick that in there I do have the list it's blacked out right now but I can figure that out but it will reveal something that is new to Julie this season but familiar to big brother players and fans. So we have an example here. Where Mike do you wanna go ahead and read the example for us so that we can get a sense of what we're what we're in for. Sure. So phonetically, it's red heck. Dion. Pec. Ted. Yes. Which stands for expect the unexpected where the e sound is what was in the blank Blank packed Dion -pected expect the unexpected, right? Okay. So we're looking for the missing sound essentially it's supposed to be pronounced like you have a cold. Yes. Kadim did give us some tips. So if we have trouble hearing the quote slurred the words like you're drunk. Read small chunks at a time or emphasize different syllables. So. Like I said, we're all GonNa work together here because these are very challenging if there's one or struggling to get I, think we can skip it and maybe come back to it but I think we will be able to identify some of these very bizarre Julie Chen quotes that she said throughout this and do we think that there are officially done because I talked about this on Thursday recap that I don't know if we'll have time for it during the finale. So I'm happy that that she brought it back again, we think what was it be just to be right is going to be the final Julie Chen Ism of the season. I'm so curious because is it going to be after the Confetti is falling right and then is that when she's GonNa hit us with the line. That would probably let me let me clarify always living truth in love with her final data. I don't think we're going to see that quote today but you never know. Okay. So let's start things off. So I'm going to go ahead and read this first one for you guys. And you have it in front of you but also remember listening also can be more important sometimes reading it in sort of make things a little bit more complicated. Alright. So I'M GONNA I'm GonNa try to read this. So I know the answer to puzzle one because I was looking. So I'm not gonNA guess. All right but I don't know the answers to the rest of them. Okay. I'm telling do. This sea wall to them. I M Ller weezer higher. Day phone in Paly. Amir idol as. Let's okay. Let's look. Let's Assume. Julie's messages. Okay let's go back. Let's say at the beginning. Okay. Okay. I'm telling you Hey, that's the first part of the phrase I'm telling you. Yeah. Okay. This Sequel Walt. Tooth Alma Antler Weezer hi there. Louise yes. Legal Defense as their. Day phone 'em Paly Dave on him. Bailey. Now. Their nicknames of day. Photo. Arrays deleon. Comic now. Phone Yeah Alright. So okay. So what do we have so far? I'm telling you wrangler. Film Louise. Dave and Bailey. Amir idol lay sis am I right ladies yes has. No Redeeming myself from the last time I was on. No that's close enough. That's close enough. All right. So the quote is I'm telling you the sequel to Thelma and Louise Wright there, Dave and Bailey am I right ladies. God I forgot about that I just reading it out of context makes even weirder that we heard here. Say This I know. Okay mic. Do you WanNa take a shot at reading this next one? Do I of course I do all right here. Rideau. Fatty is eggs sacked Lee wide deep up lick photo did shoe packing they've de Mir's egg. All right. Let's figure this. Okay. So thaddeus exact. Exactly this. Is this. Is exactly thaddeus exactly. Why Deep Lick photo? Oh the that is why they voted you back in the public as other public but you back in fifteen years ago I always, the final one right is that what she said to K. Sir. Yes let me look like. Yes. That is exactly what the public voted you back in fifteen years. Yes. thaddeus exactly wide public fode this you packing. Seniors Faith Dini years ago. Okay. So then wait what was okay. So what was the missing sound from the first one somebody write this down okay. So we had e. Yeah delays. And then Oh for the for the other one. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay. Okay. Aright which one of you wants to take Stab Kevin. Who's WHO's feeling it teams crowns dog day year against hoax in mural nights. Tank. For not not. A crowd round. Please groundhog day year. He's It could show. He's. He's Krong. Dog a year amid a mural. Mural night I'm Merrill night I'M Marie Eight. When did she say what is that saying? Earth. On your. crown I just imagine Julie Chen saying t's crown dog. Day. Year. To exit. Shows. Eggs egg jokes I've got egg chokes. I got joke. Yes. Jokes here all night here on nights remember the first oral house. Vote was her joke that's really what we're trying to figure out I'm. A tease Brown dog day here. Teeth crown. Let me try being dragged him. Is He? Dare. Do. That help dope. Cheese Chronology your? He's crown. I'd like I'm GonNa give you as a hint I'm going to give a hand or groundhog day. Okay. So I think it had something. It's the joke that she made like feels like groundhog day. Yeah it's okay. This is is so hard. It's groundhog day here. A tease groundhog day. Air It's. Really. Hard. I got jokes I know you're on I and then thank you for getting it. So you is now. Because Christmas gave her like hardy chuckle when she said that during the triple of action yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. We're three in. Two or three I would say, bad, that's not too bad. That's not too bad. That's not too bad. All right. Let's go ahead and move on to puzzle four. All right we have. Tony Judd Shore Utah Tool. Judd Oh judge and Youtube shall be judged or something like that. Don't Judge Taunton judge don't judge don't judge or you will be judged. To tool will. Be You tool will be okay. Yeah. So don't count. Judge. Judge toward you tool be judged. Is, maybe that will be her sign off quote some. Programming is broken by Big Brother Twenty three. It's already kind of on the Fritz on doing its own thing at this point. Yeah. It sounds like you're reading a different dialect of English where it's like Kinda. Preparing for a role Mike Squad. where he is. You're good at reading them. All I can read the rest of them. I think I think so I think that's A really GONNA hearing it and I'm good at reading it. I suppose. Okay. All right. Let's try. All right. You'll Lugo I- Thud Fe Reap Ready Act Wrath. piss Eve oops I'd take it back. Ok Really, Gac read again you'll google I thought I'd say re- Peretti Act RASP pissed seve oops. Social react. React. You'll you'll. You'LL GOOGLE So you're. Really, PRETTY ACTRESS IS A. Fairy ready, act rasp piece. Of pissy. Soup soups. Phillips Yeah Phil. Steve Phillips. Very pretty actress Pissy Phillips. Phil. Phillips does sound like if there was like a busy Phillips adult actress lookalikes. Loops. Oh Man. Okay. So wait what was the sound there and L. Fill 'cause they're pissed eve Phillips. Rank oops I don't know how that works I have a D. O. UB and then I wrote Phil so we'll threw out how that works and the fine on. Fill. All right. Here's puzzle number six. They'll ask person see dead guts victor tone I'd an juice skit. King. I'm just kidding kidding you skating. They'll ask for sunseed dead guts of the last the last one to take a seat. Yeah. Okay Hussan Dead Guts. The last person seated gets evicted tonight. I'm just kidding. Yes I get this e gets victor. The the last Sunday. Dead Guts Victor Tone I'd eventually tonight. The only thing I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding. I'm just sitting. Not The only one I hear I. Hear the rest of it, but I'm just kidding, is I getting? All. Right puzzle number seven. Let's skip. Didn't. Let's skip nights trip aleve action. Okay Eviction Aleve? Action. Credit. Twins for. For now like with the houseguests was, let's let's Kipton night strip. Let's skip the nights are APP a live? Action Credit. Pitch. Wins for now. Four now okay. So let's keep something. Oh, grand yeah. Let's let's. Let's keep like the triple victimised secret, right. Asked. 'cause that's what she said at the beginning before the Don revealed between us. Now let's keep a secret US let's Tripoli fiction a secret between. Between us for now I, think is what it is so. So see the red. Yeah okay. Okay Yeah. A secret. Let's keep tonight's. A nights triple of vision a cigarette. This pig Latin, but weirder. This is very odd barnyard speak. With a few more. Let's go. Wait to Kelsen do we earth at? The OS orphans free minute third ella fishing right now. Okay we got gotTA break this down. Let's start with that first and. Wait to. Kelsen. Wait. Wait to call us in like way to call us in. The Colts Someone. Called the earth that. Doing players do you. Do we. Oh, do you hear that? So. Wait listen you hear that. I don't even know this. I feel like there was. A man this is not my program. I can't hear my programming in my ear but. The OSEA orphans cream minute third L. fishing right to now. Right now. L.. Ella Fishing L. officiant third ella fishing. Third. Third. Phone those Oh. Yeah. Your your. Your fans. Oh. Those are your fan screaming right now or whatever. It was And it was awkward because it was silent. She was it was like, do you hear that or something? Yeah. Do you hear that does the Osa or scream minute third fishing rights? Are Your fans? Yes, Ya. Those are your fans screaming something right now. Your fans are are. Are. Okay can you read what the quote Leslie? Let me look. Okay. So wait take a listen. Do you hear that? Those are your fans screaming at the television right now so Shing. Ella Vision Elephant. officiant efficient. That's incredibly awkward. Stop listen you hear nothing those are your fans screaming. That's so awkward at the time when Julie did it like Julie Girl what. Those only week three we didn't even know what was to come. Your earliest. The warning sign. All right. Here's here's puzzle nine. Okay. Well, these are to these are two sounds knew. That Ali Herb oth member US sledge enter eat do. Their Rene get there they're in a sentence, a headman Houston better dude. Are you are. View. That do you herb oath Bertha member member of the Oh man they're. Fledge remembers the `member `member `member the fledge enter. member. Remember this has gotta make for terrible five cows as. member. Just saying random sounds. Okay. So okay. So what do we have? We have both both right member no members members. Remember the whole. Yeah. You're you're you're both member member of like urban. Fledging dairy legendary, much fledging, Terry. duos yes. Oh. So he's never. Yeah. Okay. Members of legendary Duos I think right is what that says. Is this truly was talking to cody in Memphis when they entered the house? Yeah like that. Who Do Obvio-? Agu. It was something like you guys are both members of legendary duos. Yeah. She asked the question who is better and of course, they're going to say the ones that always. Better who's in bed to WHO's The duo? duos. So both of them are is the same as the. WHO's the better deal? Okay. So I don't know the middle part, but I guess it would be like something with the. Rene Anglade the renegades there? And ahead and Workman Hitman. Okay. All right. Let's see. I think we're close enough. Yes, the two of you were both members of legendary duos, the renegades, and the Hitman who's the better do oh, that was the quote. Okay. We got it. We figured it out. Okay. So Two more. We got this. All right. I'll of Thud you'll of cod, within aim lick grissom Hawkeye unit. I is focused on the. I. This sounds like something about God. What was? Another you love God with the name like Christmas how could you not? Yes. Yes. GRISSOM. How how so h? No, no at us. Oh Okay so within with an aim like Grit psomas Hawk I do not. The name like Grissom, it's how could you not? All right final one, which one. Had peoper stay char moon of link. INVIS-. Yeah. Abby, Charlie Moon Vet. Route Charlotte of this. Okay so that would be also what s sound as well. Yeah. Okay. So the final answer to the Meta puzzle clue is the Double Cross From Phil because it was do ub Phil Eat. Double. Philly cross yeah it's gotta be. Double Cross. Which apparently Julie has been wearing a lovely necklace all season with two crosses on it so It was GONNA be shady when they're like this is something that a lot of people know about what Julie Chen found. I. Was like Oh God Be. True We will visit the island Godwin. you'll have pod. I love. I. Law. You'll love God I love God. And? Busy. I'll rescue. hoops. Grassy soups. God Man Okay well, I think we did a great job guys working together to figure that out that was very hard on and it was only like slightly less sensical than what we usually do. So I think it was actually a game that was perfect for all of us back. Effective as the committee this time you know we burn through one small hiccup the no one really cares about and then we. End Yeah there early, Hiccup no one remembers. It's fine. Well, finish things off. Of course, we've been going to our guest to present charity or call is that they would like to highlight outside of the Big Brother House during this season. So guys returned it onto you. During thing, you want to bring light to either singular or multiple. You know. There's so many. I think. On the election. Appropriate charity to. Push for so. We can be completed her project again. A lot of great work for lgbtq youth. So I think they're always organizations have direct resources to interested in it Yeah and so let's see. Let's get the link for that 'cause I. Know We've plugged that before but yeah, and then Trevor Project is one that has. We talked about so much for Rupaul drag race has been involved with drag race and especially after the whole share pines all that stuff. But yeah. So it's just the Trevor Project DOT org. And of course, there's a big fancy donut button right at the top. Of. Their also even up besides donating opportunity to actually like get involved as well from voluntary perspective whether it's. A parting with lgbtq plus youth or you know helping the phones or just just getting involved with the community in general. So even if you. Go there you your voice certainly can so be short to you know like Kevin said, there's lot of important stuff going on right now especially around the next couple of weeks. But there are issues that will last beyond November third in a manner of speaking, and so it's always good sort of called back to that because you know the big brother season his ending soon but there is plenty more stuff to be talking about in the world out there to beautifully. Guys thank you so much for coming on getting getting involved in a big brother style. Especially, look you know the the end of the season is probably not what everyone wished it could be, but you were the guests that we wish we could have each and every week. It's so we're so happy to have the two of you back to talk through all things brother and just say nonsensical words over and over again in a row to see it makes. People wanted to catch up on. You know what you're doing on social media or any stuff you're doing I suppose in the world how can people find you out there? You can find me on Instagram at Nigel speed on my twitter bio. Link is a little harder to spell out on the PODCAST, but the link is on my instagram invited. and. Since isn't audio podcasts. Handsome, you could also follow him. narcissist or Asian are for short on twitter. Doing Plug I have is that my political? Comedy Troupe that we do a lot of acting. Impersonation. Is Actually doing the trump biden debate parody. And so that's coming out on Amazon very soon in following this platform for more information will be available once that comes out. All. Right. Yeah please nobody I. If you go onto Kevin's Instagram, please tell him. He's funny. Do not be a Ricky Williams. A. Liana, what do you have going on now as we start to around the corner on Big Brother Yeah. So I, you can find me on twitter out. Liana. A p.. In addition to wrapping up all of the stuff for big brother who are doing the massing our coverage and we took a week off because the show took a week off. For the world series. So we didn't record an episode this week but hopefully, if the world series doesn't go to game seven and then we will be back to talk about group C. which are full new contestants that we have not yet. The Lips is part of Group C, which is just a big old payroll lips. So we'll see how that goes but yeah you and I are having so much fun with the Massingir and it's definitely a podcast you where you don't have to watch the show if you don't want. There are like I. Want to say there are actually get singers on this season but I think the the ratio of good singers to not great singers are higher than they've ever been before. which is very surprising like I would think it'd be the opposite that as the show went forward and the the talent pool gets smaller and smaller, but it seems like they got some really good people this time around. Yeah. It's tough competition, which is something I wouldn't say for a show where others the seahorse singing. You know but we are baby alien puppeteer like. are where we are. and. You can, of course, follow me at him Mike Bloom typing and check out my exit interview that I did with Christmas where she certainly have thoughts I think it's an extension of the Julie Chen exit interview terms of how Christmas thinks about herself and her competition. So be sure to give that a read and they will be interviews at some point with the final three going on as well at some point next week also doing exit pressboard the amazing race which finished its second episode had A. Very Fun Recap with rob and just and just gang together this weekend with Corey Cool two-time amazing racer for the tar pits really have a lot of fun and weird stuff to talk about from the the world of the amazing race. So if you're into CBS reality, you're looking for something new to get you through the recipe twenty twenty heavily recommend that, and of course, over on Poe, show recaps doing all things a lost and star Trek, and I cannot believe we are finally reaching the final week. The plan right now for the next week is we're GONNA make it oh. Gee, WE'RE GONNA make it Leon and myself. At the moment, we're gonNA take a look back and maybe some of the other stuff we talked about preseason including our our. Our superlatives do one more casual corner to see what people really think about this season we do some other games as well. So there's still time if people want to send in game for us to do on our finale show next week, then you can email us j. jp be NBA gmail.com or tweet US using the Hashtag. BNB as well but yeah, this is going to it's going to cap off. Street months of doing the BNB a witch, it's weird to think about all that time has passed, but I'm excited to see what's to come next week. We only get two episodes. It's still three hours of big brother left that we have to fill with big brother according to Leon I think you and I will have a very great time breaking down. No matter what happens. I mean. Have I wanted to hit fast forward on the season yes. So I'm looking forward to the result I WANNA know who wins I want to know how this whole thing concludes and I think capping it off with with with our family Mike you and I breaking everything down I. Think we'll be fun. You say you WANNA hit fast bowler but like when you hit fast forward too much that's when you get the triple of exit happening you're like, no I went too far. Doesn't like okay. Where's the thirty second rewind but note bath exactly. So against send us any games if you want, you've got one week left to do it. Special. Thanks to Scott's NPR everything behind the scenes Wolfram. America is fantastic theme song more be back next week breaking down the final week a big brother. All Stars thank you all so much for listening. Have Nigel thank you again for coming on for now we'll check you out at your next day. Game. Fan All sounds. himself. As the our age. Ambi. Nada. Dry. Lay. All. The are.

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