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Progressive presents Tom's inspiration to help you do insurance stuff. Okay. Time out gonna let your budget the boss of you. Take a draw with progressive name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay for car insurance. And we'll help you find options that fit your budget. Here's some music to get you pooped down down down down. I hear your budget laughing at you. Oh, wait. That's just those kids laughing at me. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and cover tonight's by state law. AP radio news. I'm going to the US capitol. Police investigating a suspicious package found at a facility screens congressional mail before it arrives on Capitol Hill. That's David follows California Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, saying her Washington office was the target of a suspicious package. It was not immediately clear if that package is related to explosive devices sent a former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton CNN and others. President Trump has denounced the mailings extremely angry upset unhappy about what we would this this morning, and we will get to the bottom of it. Two people are dead in a shooting at a grocery store at a town outside Louisville Kentucky. This woman tells W L K Y TV she made it out of the store. Okay. But others didn't and. I'm just so sad for all the people whose children didn't get out get out. We were lucky. Really lucky? Eric deacon, an emergency medical technician who happened to be inside the store tells WDR BTV he heard gunfire saw two men run out shooting each other. He then saw woman in her mid fifties or early sixties get hit taken said he went to Starr CPR on her. But realized he couldn't help police did not confirm. If other people had been wounded, another big slide today on Wall Street technology stocks along with media and communications companies led another big sell off on Wall Street today. The Dow fell six hundred eight points that's two point four percent to twenty four thousand five eighty three the S and P five hundred lost even more just over three percent dropping eighty four points to two thousand six fifty six while the tech heavy NASDAQ gave up three hundred twenty nine points. That's four point four percent to close it seven thousand one eight with today's losses the SNP and the Dow have given up all their gains for the year. I'm Ben Thomas. This is AP radio news. News one ticket sold in a convenience store and Simpson Ville, South Carolina. The sole winner of last night's more than one point five billion dollar mega millions drawing state lottery official. Tony Cooper says he's at a loss to explain what it's like at his office as well. As the store that sold. The winning ticket has been a beehive of activity into to probably explain it. I'd have to make up some words, I'm gonna call it pandemonium. John affiliation Cooper says a winner should sign. The back of the ticket put it in a safe place in seek financial or legal help the woman who came up with a thanksgiving staple. Enjoy by millions. The green bean casserole is dead at Ninety-two Campbell Soup. Officials say dorks Riley's dish whipped up for a nineteen fifty five AP feature is the most popular rep recipe to come out of the company's corporate kitchen getting two point seven million visits during last year's holidays. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. How do you? You feel about your office. Is it just a space for employees to work? Or is it a space for your employees do their best work when you're in the right space? It can bring your team's closer together. And be where the best talent wants to work when you're in the right space. It can make your life easier. Whether it's a new HQ or a satellite office with we work. You can find a space that works for you. Visit Weadock oh slash space matters to learn more.

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