Harden enduring it all


Today's opening tip their accused defender attempts to take charge online Williamson whose listed six seven two hundred eighty pounds atro- coming out him, and he stood in there. Like a man take it like a man take it for the win on the floor. I win. Yes. Anybody is on the Syracuse fans were happy last night. Welcome to the jump. I'm Rachel Nichols. Alongside a couple of hall of famers class of two thousand seventeen chasing McGrady of two thousand ten Mr. Scottie Pippen, and they lost Tracy's luggage. And he still looks this sharp. So, you know, this is what happens when you're hall of Famer. We're not going to tell you the price coming up security reportedly had to stop Eamonn shepherd from entering these leaders locker rooms to confront Yousef nourish after he said a questionable screen during last night's game Shumpert doing too much we will discuss, but I. Okay. This has to be a science experiment at this point. Right. Like when they put astronauts through endurance test to see how much they can withstand take Chris Paul away. From James harden, take care coordinator. Now, take Clint Capello way and see if fazes him pretty soon, they're just gonna take the actual basketball away. And yet somehow harden will still be that games leading score last night. Things were nearly that's red bear the rockets took the court with only nine healthy bodies, including a G league, call up and no real replacement for Capello. They just found out. We'll miss four to six weeks injury. Hardin? Meanwhile, was in coach Mike dantonio words dog tired after playing forty three minutes the night before and yet despite that despite that everyone in the state of Texas New he'd be the one having to carry the load despite the grizzlies triple teaming him many times hardened deliver in the first half alone. He racked up thirty six points while the rest of the rockets collectively chipped in eighteen by the time. The game was over. Would have fifty seven points while Memphis entire starting five combined for fifty three case, you're keeping track. Fifty seven points is a season high for harden which sing something in the season. He's having or to put it another way in the past forty eight hours Steph curry and Anthony Davis have dropped forty eight and forty six respectively and heard and still manage to increase his lead over both of them for this year scoring title in two thousand three when one Mr. T MAC and Coby were putting up video game numbers. One thing each other night after night during that season. Kobe put together a streak of sixteen straight games where he scored thirty points or more threes over here at a streak of fourteen games. Like that harden has passed both of those marks. He's now scored at least thirty in seventeen games and counting. So how much longer can he go on? Like this harden is so super human at creating his own Scott. It certainly feels like he can keep firing away. No matter how many of his teammates go down. Still you have to wonder hardens averaging more than thirty seven minutes a game the most in the entire MBA and they're hard minutes. Although Southsea collects by creating context, it's a lot of contact night after night all the dribbling he does have put stress on defenses that put stress on hard into and we've seen it in the past when Hardin really pushes himself in the regular season. The Bill comes due in the postseason. He is better at the beginning of playoff series than he is at the end of them, which is not the direction you want for that sort of thing. Of course, hard this dantonio this Jim Daryl Morey knows this. But until Maury can get some help via trade or until some of Houston's injured players come back. This is the situation. They're stuck in the science experiment continues. At least so far harden isn't during it, all Tracy. You are one of the few humans on the planet. Who's ever had a run even close to this? It is you Koby harden, wilt and Elgin Vale. After that is it ever. So you're the person to ask is hardened carrying a load like this sustainable, not just through the season. But to play offs. Since you had to play offs. No. I don't think this is sustainable, I think would hard and we've seen him in the regular season where he can put up crazy numbers and go on stretches like this. He is one of those guys that just loves to hope he loves the play the game of basketball. So that's why he could come and put up these type of numbers. It's crazy to see him doing what he's doing. I mean, if you guys don't understand what it takes to come out and shoot the ball thirty times this is regular season. He can do this regular season. When he went through the streets, and you wanna be streaks where you tired because he's doing a great job of pacing hisself like on a defensive these guys. They're not running through screens, all they doing switching everything. So he's really his energy is being put out on office of indefensibly. These guys this witch and everything and the play offs. That's Wendy intensity. Heightens and you have to be locked in doubt, Dan on every possession. And it wears you. You can't do this in the playoffs. I mean, I think he can sustain this for himself as an individual. And I think that's why the game has turned today is more individual players. You're seeing guys do things from individuals standpoint. You take Russell Westbrook. Last two years avenue triple double James Harding dominating the ball on the offense of bring all up the court shooting the ball. Megan the past for the guy that shoots so yes, he can sustain this. Because of the way that he plays in my phone system. That there is more ice. Oh today than in your day. I hear people say all the time. No, you say that you play with Jordan. Well, Michael never brought the ball of the court in my. And if he did it was more we were sharing. It James harden brings balled up every time down court, and he makes the play that leads to the shot. So he's getting something out of every possession. Whether it is a shot or not this usage is higher higher than anybody ever seen effort compared to Russell Westbrook when he had his VP's incredible. I mean, he brings the ball up. He initiates to offense. He does everything, but these guys, and I think it's time for re write the record books in terms of the new MBA. It's a different game. Every great player. That's come through this this league and put up number. We'll vitually surpassed him because of the way the game has changed defensively the rules. They're uses rate shoot. And all these three this is entirely different game richer. Well, we had different pacing and passive game and sort of the old era in the sixties, and then a very different pace and style of game. Let me help people out there put put what James is doing. What m j didn't perspective James harden is averaging probably about thirteen threes. Daddy, schuss night m j on his best on his best year shooting threes, averaged only three it's right? It three's right? Actions to him. Actually takes his accuracy, of course. Different coming up. Whoa, jr. Tim McMahon report that the Mavs are intensifying their pursuit of trade partner. Dennis Smith junior. They giving up on him too soon. We will discuss next. But first it's time for our distant replay from this date in ninety six featuring funny. She mentioned Scotty, Michael Jordan, picking on. Brit frights. Sorry. Brent? Often. Big minutes takes the ball around and he had praised grabbed him. Now. He puts two hands on him. So Michael shoot two free. To throw the price where we're gonna go. Jimmy lai. That's what did he do. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice some nights. He even slept in hockey skates p tractors and practiced until one day when he was forty seven p realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how Geico proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out. This is me. Make miss. It's a make oh boy. Stay mental. I mean, it's a mak- MS leak. On TV. I'm happy to see that MS legroom. Do you think like actually regular size for Wheeler and bulb on making it look? Two boys have this hell. Thinking about other things he might make look tiny rate car. No choice. It's not it's Nike skateboard very tiny skateboard pogo stick. I don't see him on a. No. The lovely wife and children. But when you see them together, he sometimes post family photos of the whole group, and it's just like me and my unbelievable make ambition Rudy go bare grabbing the board waving Don Mitchell tries to get coast to coast. Y'all. Out here blocking. Playing defense and I'll get off Jamaica player. You can go not the no look. Oh. About a seven six. Though might need to. Yeah. Vicious. I ju- Lingle's calls out Blake Griffin for flopping then in the fourth Ingles hits a late three. He starts talks smack to a pistons fan after this man right here. Here you go. Divest track to offer in the league right now. I mean PG and the playoffs last year and even into yes, if you're doing back it up right backs it up. So there you go make ranking tax shelters, loft in Brooklyn. They did have a few nice poster. All right. Here's here. Scary. Terry getting done, right. And then Jalen Brown. Oh. More. Dalen his Eddie frustrating season. I know so. Smalley one through too. I like those. Coming from the fraud. Right. Down. Air airtime, and by the way, Alan not nothing this team pictures. Keep your eye on Gallo takes his shoulder to the tune at you. I. Oh, awesome. Junior him earlier in the season to neither one of you have done it. I don't know junior one. I I mean, unless it's about oh, I did not need to see that. Badger this isn't hockey. Right. Yeah. No, no, nobody twice produced. Please welcome back to the joke. I'm not trying to recover from that. But let's say we're trade talks for one of their young stars are heating up. According to ESPN, Adrian, mortar, Naski and Tim McMahon. The Mavericks a ramping up efforts to trade second year guard Dennis Smith junior whose role has changed with the arrival of Luca Danni Smith junior. No longer the maps primary. Ball handle handler reports? Saiki and Rick Carlisle have struggled to find common ground reporting, the two teams in pursuit of a point guard. Phoenix Orlando have been active in talks with Dallas. But Tracy, do you think they're given up on a guy that they were so high on last year too soon? I don't think they're giving up on him. I just think they they found their guy, and you know, and rather than hurt Dennis development. I think they're looking out for him to find the best place possible because Luca is could be possibly an all-star in his rookie year. He's playing that. Well, this guy is phenomenal. And I just think with. Dennis in order for him to mature as a basketball player to develop him as he wants to be. He has to get out of there because Lanista ball Dennis Smith needs to ball. And I think he needs to get out there and kind of find his own team to be able to develop as a player, I think Lucas development and coming in ready has definitely surpassed him and that makes him very expandable as a player in for the Dallas Mavericks, you want to take advantage of this opportunity. He's definitely still has some upside in them, and then it Smith so is an opportunity for Dallas to get better in in some other positions. And I think this player would definitely bring them some some value where they can you know, there was hope the being the season that they could play together. I used just saw their desma juniors numbers have gone down. Rick Carlisle, according to the report that will intimidate man filed has had some problems with Smith's decision making. That's not good. So who would you guys like them to acquire not specific clever? What kind of player should be? Next to dodger. Well, I Jimmy Butler player type of player. But you know, I'm just gonna throw something out with a lot of noise going on in Boston right now. I like Jaylen Brown. He would be a great fit for that team. A guy like that guy that saw ready can score the basketball. Is. Yes. And it's very productive as sort of found his way in in the game right now. I mean, it I think that Dallas have to attach stuff. I just any age will always take more assets. So. Well, see, I do think it's. Say the grizzlies blown out by the rockets last night, Marcus all scored only five points could become a free agent at the end of the season your times reporting that Memphis could explore trading him. Now rather than facing the threat of losing him without compensation the grizzlies had the second worst record in the west look at their next five games book, Celtics rafters, pelicans Hornets. I mean, you could lose all those games. Maybe one poor is on the table. What can they get grizzlies game by trading yourself? Grizzly started out so hot this year. And I thought there's no way that can keep this up. They just don't have the personnel. They don't have the style of play their best player and Marcus. Aw. His slowed down tremendously. The game has passed him. And is like one of those, you know, Scotty, you have certain teams in the beginning of season that start out so well, and then once everybody settles in and become who they are the greatly greatly team that you know, who we thought they would be why he still has some value. I'll go out and find me some guys that I bring in that are young vibrant that could run play defense and shoot the ball. I think for them. They're they're run have sort of rain. Its course, you know, injuries have beat this team down. And they just now the the west is pretty much ran off and left and you look at golden say, okay. The they can't compete with those teams anymore because of how they get up and down the court. The matchup problems are going to be a problem for them. I think it's time. I mean, he's had a great run there. They've made some noise in the in the west for several years, but in terms of being able to compete out in the Western Conference right now, they're not they're of tried to have one foot in each side of several rebuild strategies rights rebuild on the fly. The way the clippers have been trying to she would just tear it down or not, you know, the injury Mike Conley. Let them draft in a good spot. And they certainly got a great pick and Jackson junior. But I just it's it's hard to see them continuing on this. You don't have the personnel around him and he's slowed down. I look at kind of compare their team to Denver a little bit. You bet. Best players are big, man. He's not Yokich years ago. He was but they they don't have the personnel around. I take a quick time. Apple coming up. Not only did the Celtics lose their third straight game. But nets fan shower the team with Kyrie's leaving chance we will discuss at the Celtics chemistry problems could actually start chipping away at Kyrie's promise to stay. On MBA's Saturday games on ABC thunder. Sixers three thirty eastern. And then our time game eight thirty eastern the Lakers take on James, pardon and the rot. They're both games. Are also available in the app. Watch him anywhere. Welcome back to jump. I'm Rachel Nichols. I'm not a hall of Famer, but he's a hall of Famer Tracy McGrady, he's all famous guide if and the Boston Celtics started two thousand nineteen with no hall of famers, but four straight wins that feels like a long time ago because they've lost three straight. As of last night. They allow the nets to put up forty four points in the third quarter after the game. Jalen Brown and Tatum both talked about Kyrie's comments from the last couple of days. But they didn't really seem to agree. Take a listen. Everybody up there buddy knows be more accountable. As a group is not one guy's fault. It's not young is. Oh, gosh. For everybody. We all got to be accountable and turn this thing around, really. Directly year. Stroke. When a championship. Sometimes. As you can see the young Celtics not getting as many touches as they did last year in the playoffs. Because gosh, there's more people who need to have Scotty are you with Brown or Tatum because you know, this all comes off kyri saying over the last couple of days that the young guys don't really understand what it takes to win a championship. Just wait till they get into the NBA finals type of scenario. Situation because when things boil outside the locker room is hard to bring it back back in and you know, this is a year really for Qadri being tested as a leader. And how he's handled it as a leader. We don't really know who the leader heels for the Boston Celtics. We thought it was last year recovery, but he suffered an injury where the younger guys. Jalen brown. Terry rosier Tatum. Those guys stepped up in became leaders, very fast. They grew up with them season. So you come back this season those players thinking differently now they're thinking all star game. They're thinking starting again this season and for the coach in for the ball sale, this organization, they look things differently. We we brought in two guys here that we believe can lead this franchise into. I is in terms of what he's trying to do this year on his leadership row. It's tough being a leader amongst men, and I think he is trying he's Trist trying to say the right things. And sometimes you gonna row people to wrong way. Right. You can't worry about that. I mean, the most important thing is that you guys concentrate on getting better as a group, right? Let's identify what I rose are. I think that's kinda miss what I rolled off at the same. And that's the toughest thing. And that falls back on Brad Stevens and Danny age. I mean they have too much on their plates much on their plate. Problem to have. But you're right. You're right. If guys don't know kind of what their role is and one thing for why is he talking to me like that? He thinks he's this team. But of course, Kyrie thinks he's the leader of this team. He's the one with the ring he's in with the game seven hero shot and he's having a fantastic season on the court. They're struggling a little bit for the pieces off the court and look fans. Of course, they're gonna wanna take advantage of that nets fans trolling the Celtics last night. Big time. Take a listen to this. Second-year pro from Germany. And this nets lead has been as large as twenty six. Score at that point was ninety two to sixty seven. It's not good. I mean, you guys heard kyri, you know, came up the middle of sat in the middle Boston Garden, and basically nounce to the world. He intended to resign at the end of this season. I think we have the sound here. Not a hundred percent like guaranteed. I'm coming back. I plan on re-signed him back here next year. Do you think Scottie that he stood in the middle of Gostyn gardens that I plan on resigning mixture, do you think he could ever go back on that? Yes. I mean organizations always go back home players trade them. So there there's no nothing in stone. The he can't go back. And obviously he didn't know what this season it's going to take on. And it's it's been to offer for him to be the leader in the carry. This team is time for him to step up because that's what the Boston Celtic to me knees is a leader on the basketball court, obviously career gonna take the last second shot. We we know that he's developed that. But can you develop the leadership for the locker room? You can go back on that. I know I understand he didn't sign anything in blood. You have to say that. The arena as everybody you're saying that mean, Danny aines, it's not going to try to trade him like. Thank you. I don't think he's gonna get his worse. If. Anthony Davis this year, and for kyri if he decides to leave where you gonna go that you're going to be able to compete for it. I just think there's a lot of in-house pressure with these young players that they wanna play. There is there's minutes wanting to be demanded out of those players and those players have grown. They won't that last shot. Wanted when he wanted to get away from LeBron these young players feeding it right back to I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little nervous about this seem I have them picked him. I don't even know if they can get past the first second round the way they're playing it is that that there too inconsistent with their play. And I thought reaching the halfway Mark. They were figured out. I knew it was going to be some struggles. But she because he adding carry back in the lineup, and you add in Gordon. Hey, wouldn't some of these other guys rose we're going to reduce I didn't think it was gonna take this long? I would say that. Because he didn't know all that what you're saying. And what you're saying. Maybe we should not have gotten up in the middle in Boston Garden and said I plan on reciting here next year that I agree with and then he would have had more flexibility. I don't think after you've already demanded a trade from one team off of a team that kept going to the finals because you said you just needed to find. Your home, and you found it ended up in this fantastic situation. Boston, I do not think you can sit in the middle of the arena, make a promise. And then leave the next year. I just I don't I think he put pressure on. You know, I don't think he has to he's the one who made the decision to it. He is the one who made that choice. I'm not saying that like, it's a loyalty thing. I'm just saying that he's the one who said I'm giving everyone my word. I'm saying I'm gonna do. Good. Manage dealt with Jerry, Krause, that's what that is. We have to move on. Because it's time for one of the marika's longest running soap operas. Yes. The kings turn and what does every good to about? About time meeting. Secret platz. Yeah. According to our friend Sam amick for the king's GM, bloody develop held a conference. Call Monday to tell the teams minority owners to back off and let him do his job. He reportedly wants them to stay out of front office matters. And stop leaking internal documents to internal info to the media. So what are they do? They leaked into the media. Jason Anderson of the Sacramento bee later tweeted, I asked about the lead story tonight regarding his conference call quote, I just told them about my plan. He said the story says you told them to stop meddling leaking stories. Yeah. Said body that's my plan. Got it does deserve more respect because he made a lotta mistakes early in his front office tenure, but he seems to have grown into the role more, right? I think we we descend give him a fair shot. And obviously the same very young. And you know, the pressure's on no one really judge. You about your personnel on your team. They judge you by your record. And so is taking him a little time. But his players have responded for no Vlada has done a great job. You got to think about the Western Conference, and what players are out here. We're talking about the best of back. Steph Curry's, katie's LeBron James James harden and a in a conference where the best players are in this Lee on in one conference, and you turn this young team into a competitive team with your draft with the free agency, moves trades. I mean, he's he's done a phenomenal job. The Aaron FOX is gonna be a perennial all star, buddy healed. I mean, the development of him this year, really collie Stein. Getting guy lackey months shepper who's been playing alongside LeBron James for so many years and being in that locker room and. Teaching these young guys I give him a lot of credit. I mean, they're draft pick mistakes mistakes and trays just simple sort of clerical things that really cheated them as a franchise out of things. But that hasn't happened in a few years and the draft picks uneven. But as you say Scotty this latest group in the way, they're hanging together. And then the development under Davy ager daring FOX having a rockstar. And group is threatening to get in the playoffs. Of course, they still have drama, and they keep up the plot lines on the court as well. Eamonn Shumpert taking exception to this heart screen, sit by use of Newark in the first quarter last night shoulder catching ship in the face after the game security guard with had to stop some entering the blazers lack of room to confront Eric. Some played her said some stuff needed to be said between me and him a conversation between two men some stuff happened out there that we needed to have a conversation about that. As all and Eric suspense was. I'm not worried about it. He's going to tune. I just have it. I said, I'm not worried about a guy going into retirement. She the beach real. See I respect what he wants. Right. He didn't say anything out the way like, you know, I'm going after this. Now, he said conversation conversation between two men needed especially after that screen. It was legal screen. Come out and say this man is going to be retiring soon. I'm not worried about like come on, man. I mean. No, I was it was almost a flop. Things like that happen. The basketball court. You know, you have to learn the give and take and Amman has found a way to get that leak back. Whatever. Go back to the court. He went to the locker room. Hey, listen. I'm a father. Not the court Arkansas man, that's the Arkansas coming out of this guy. Right. Looking for someone that lock? Room, but is used concede. Charles Oakley, was it. Smart for that. Pants. They put on him though. So that's that's good. Let's get to the joke recommend fourteen day Merck. Spears at the end of feed work with Jimmy Butler on a piece Butler prepares to cases former team tonight, he told spears on the trade request. I don't have regrets. We will discuss after this. If it was really the right move stick with us. Hey there on kindergarten tonight on sports are the eagles answer between Carson Wentz. And Nick foles cost. What's the level concern that LeBron and the Lakers will miss the postseason and Jay Williams answers? The biggest question right now. Duke six eastern sportscenter with Keith Olbermann after PTI. Previously on dances with T wolves in just the past two days Jimmy met with Tibbs where they were supposed to get on the same page before training camp opens a wait. No Butler, ask for trade. Andrew Wiggins brother sent out this tweet hollow ya. Got another. Whoa. Damn bolster Jimmy Butler participant, Minnesota's practice a session that included him verbally challenging teammates coaches office heard. He picked the third stringers. And he's eat the starters. People think because you are back in practice that this is fixed or it's on its way to being fixed or people think think people think that I would think that too. What do you think it's not Jimmy to be in the lineup from the again, that's fluid? What's faded Jimmy Butler shipped out of Minnesota? He's heading to Philly puts pressure on Tom Theban DOE. Who bet the franchise Jimmy one summer and has now made a deal that at the end of the season will help determine if he keeps either of the two jobs he currently holds Tom far is president and head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. There was a sense of inevitability that he would not return next season. Sunders? It is BA coachee career. Today. Jimmy ballers rollercoaster season comes full circle as he faces his former team for the time when the timber wolves. Visit the Sixers Butler telling me undefeated, Marc spears doesn't regret his crate request or his short stint with the wolves. It was all a learning. So Tracy is everyone better off. Now. Thanks short term. Everybody is better off. I mean, I've seen cat put up some huge numbers that saves has gone. Jimmy Butler is gone. Even Andrew Wiggins has washed Washburn play. Okay. See? I mean guy was he looked like the player that everyone expects him to be. He was coming down shot after shot hidden timely shots playing great defense and even hit the game when his shot that that night a half thirty eight points, that's short term long term. I don't think. So I mean, I just think if these two guys. Butler tips and Andrew Wiggins. And if they the way these guys are playing right now without those guys without tips in and and Jimmy Butler, the wetter plan now they should have been playing together because those three with the coach of temp Tom tiptoe plan the way they plan. They are a powerhouse in the western comes. These guys are two talented not to be being able to figure it out. My thing is I think is more of a chemistry problem. I don't think that they really felt the identity that they needed to know who their leader was I think Jimmy Butler came in. And he wanted it and towns wasn't willing to give it up. And it was just a not down thing between those two guys. And I think teams may have played a little little bit into that role in terms of taking size of being with Jimmy Butler into cardio. And now feeling like, you know, Jim is going to be our guide. But I think it's been a win win situation for for both. It's been great for Jimmy, but also more so for the guys on the timber wolves. And maybe even because of losing the coach more so than losing Jimmy Butler franchises are a little bit inflex this season. I want to also hit the Sixers site because Tim Bontemps has a piece on ESPN dot com today about the Sixers stretch of games coming up this could really determine their eventual postseason fate rep around said he's looking forward to playing some of the elite teams Joel Embiid said we're going to see how good we are. And how good we can become. Or how bad we are the next three weeks are going to shape our season. It will be exciting. It will be a good test. Let's look at what the about this is their next thirteen game gun. Okay. National TV eleven of thirteen times twelve of the thirteen teams with winning records, and this goes, right, basically through and then a little bit past the trade deadline you finish. This stretch was like, you know. Well, yeah, you are. He's three and eleven. It's not not. So good. I think this is a great stretch for Philadelphia. In terms of them bonding together, Jimmy ballers, obviously like playing with these two guys. And that's something we didn't see in Minnesota. So that says a lot, and I think going on the road is the time. When teams do come together. I think it's going to be a great gift some row. I think there'd be these guys stay healthy. I mean, they have the personnel to go out there on the road play. Some great basketball. Look what you don't want to do because we're winding down to the all star break. You don't wanna go into the all star break where you have a losing record. Because we knows what happened when these teams come out all star break, and you're not playing great basketball. It's tough to get back in that, you know, that rhythm. And then he's got star shutting it down. I'm not saying that best players the players on the team. They're ready for Cancun. I mean, this affects positioning if they fall, you know, if they end up in like, the five seed all of a sudden, maybe you are first round exit scheduled the term. In so much. The Sixers have that great scheduled to end the regular season last year, really like sort of swept the momentum into the playoffs. I'm curious about this the road has not been completely friendly to this team. That's where they had the incident that whoa. Jim Ramona reported up in Portland between Brett Brown and Jimmy Butler. And I still think unless this team gets more shooting all these little friction points that could just be minor things that could get over have become virtue points because they're exacerbated by some of the problems in the spacing and everything winning on the road is something you have to develop in Philly being a young team yet to develop nightly and to do it one way or the other right? If the if you don't do it. You don't deserve to have that good go on coming up after the break Lakers three and seven without LeBron this season they have fallen out of the playoffs. We will discuss what's at stake for the Lakers tonight versus the both. But first another distant replay this one thousand seven featuring Gilbert arenas. Check it out. Any do it again? I know this one federal business logo you'll work back which hands up give. Providence. So so bad the richest the other day telling Gilbert arenas stories that should be a whole Spokane common level. Hanging out with Pablo here. Just a few minutes and talk about big Macs. Lezo fish, kyri Irving, getting trolled in Brooklyn for their Tonio Brown makes sense for the forty Niners. Andy worst prank in the history of college basketball. Stay tuned. That's not a teams. I don't know. What is Wednesday doubleheader tips off in Boston big one between rappers and at eight o'clock eastern roof over pelican wars. Our coverage begins with NBA countdown. Seven eastern on ESPN. The forty eight and sixteen. Here on the jump. Gelo, Mr. Russell asked if he deserves an invite to the all star game he said four Schorr chases these averaging nineteen th six less than thirty minutes of action a game. He's in the east all star had an all-star not this year. But I do love how this kid is playing share. If he keeps it up. Yes. He will be an all star not this year. Definitely not. He's playing well at the scene going. I like the confidence you're supposed to say. Yes. When someone asks you, but I don't think the answer is. Yes. Yes. Let's talk real over surgeons. They've won four in a row six of their last seven. Are you ready to jump back onto the jazz band wagon? Oh, yes. Yes. I will coach basketball team, and they know how to win and they know how to win on the road. I'm oppa stick with the go bare. He's a great anchor for them inside. You know, having a big makes it difficult. Not quite there yet. Number last year. They had a nice second half scouting. And they used it turned us some of that again. Let's talk about the pelicans. Anthony Davis is forty six points against the clippers last night at Staples led New Orleans their fifth win in seven games. Got he liked the pelicans getting their group back here for payments making serious contribution since he's been back. AD getting comfortable on the court. Is that what you're? Arena just fits. He looks good, man. Healthy plan. What they should've never got rid of Rondo cambering. Never got rid of Rondo shit of hate him. So gave him something keeping their. He would run those that if you wanna get with it. That's the same. Wow. There shouldn't be most when games January and yet the Lakers play the bull tonight that send should never follow muscling game. Anyway, the bows are ten thirty three after losing on the Lakers. Ten three three losing. No. I don't know what I'm reading here. But the Lakers lost castle Sunday. Tonight tonight, go with Rachel Rachel Nichols. Yes. Yes. Played the Cavaliers in lost that game. Yes. The caribous sort of boards tonight. Rachel. Yes. Magic johnson. And rob Pelinka got again that phone with who. And do what they gotta make some calls and make some trees. I don't know with who that's up for them to decide. I'm just saying a move has to be made. You can't lose to the Cavaliers and the boys in the same week and Knicks and the news, I mean, no disrespect to them. These guys they're rebuilding teams that are actively trying to lose. No, my point is sexually. Lebron on. Sara league past game of the night. Warriors at nine o'clock eastern Denver currently holding a half game lead over Golden State of the top seed out west. So number one going be tonight Scotty or golden stake in a. They play really well at home. You know, I think they're going to be up for this this game the game that you know. That I think that they believe that they can beat the warriors they play well at home I'll season. So I'm I'm going with the nuggets and. I think this is going to be a very important game. Because I'm sure Golden State is aware of what's at stake right now going into this game. So I think the nuggets is going to get a really good test from Golden State, right? They're going to be locked in. And they're going to want to try to win this game. I want to see if the nuggets are going to compete in and win this game on their home floor. I mean, I'm sure the warriors will put in a good effort. They had great game in Dallas Steph. Curry was on fire. I still don't think Scottie your tells us all the time when you're trying to three peat no game feels that important in January. I think they're going to feel like it's more important. I definitely feel the same as you. I think the nuggets definitely wants to win. This game me means a lot more to them than it does to Golden State state is still not arouse by them right now. That probably. We got to know. Tonight. Tree like energy, try tight. Also, you know in a row, whatever. Yeah. I know we spoke about Zion Williamson at the top of the show. But before we even got on the air guys. Here were saying they have already seen enough from Zion. To know he belongs in the NBA, we go as far as is to say, you think he's locked up in everyone picked completely. I think he's the biggest shoe. He's definitely going to be the number one pick. I mean, I think he's done enough for basketball college basketball that is is is more about him personal personally now. And I think for him was a young player that. I would shut it down. Let me let me. Let me actually I would stop playing because I feel that he could wrist a major injuries that could really hurt his career. He has sealed up the number. This question for you, the number one pick in the draft because he's the best player or because he's the most exciting player, and he has the machine behind him pumping him. I think is a lot of both. You think he's the best player in the draft. Yes. Really? I don't think he's the best player on the actually. I think RJ Baird is a better player. I, but I think picking number one, no. No, okay. So what are you putting? Fill in the seas. Winstons more exciting. He will feel the cease, but better planning thinking Scotties point if you did not go to college. Would you stop playing right now filling the seat football players doing it? Why not college football players are skipping a bowl games. And they're getting ready for the Combi. If I was him. I know that's lease three NBA. I'm out of here. This just in the buzzer catch ks not gonna like you to when you this morning. Lebron did the most work he has done at shoot around since straining his grin on Christmas day. He is said to be reevaluated tomorrow. Coach Luke Walton said he thinks the Lakers will get good news house. Lebron look into you guys. Overshoot. Good move faster today. Coming up. We're fresh out to don't miss the game Saturday rockets. I think he could.

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