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Let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably along and skip anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compared to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through Progressive Hallo friends welcome back to the Agostino Zingo show with me your host Agostino Zinger and this is episode number two free some trying to stop that I'm trying to stop my UN's I'm trying to stop my swallowing my my sniffs but you know what can you do in that regard I think those the nasal surgery longtime ago of maybe four years ago and they finally got rid of some of my sinus issues Bob Asleep over time with allergies and stuff popping up out of the woodwork it kind of has nine ten twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty minutes check out my utilities Agostino Zingo checked out on youtube it's super hot nasal you should I think a lot and also snippy as you can tell you what you video okay and how am I doing amazing Benke Pas goes you can see them dress somebody to go before quickly quickly getting a little quick podcast before weekly head off so because the straps in Milwaukee and also that Malacca I've noticed in my recordings have been clip in some of the clips whatever my youtube wait a t-shirt I'm probably wearing boxer shorts I shouldn't be wearing tonight on that day 'cause you know they've been probably possibly sell by date probably stink but we haven't had a haircut seven does to the how you guys doing how you feeling good puppy got the well early mornings I'll keep my voice down before head of to what all these things there's probably some shit laying in the background only would listen to the here I'm listening to this horrible Macabre Shit I probably got fruitful of nothing rapper gottfried full of spinach a couple of glasses of edam cheese an essay like it's just going to look so sad people coming Ziama God this guy died like this largely awful I wanna die on payday it is ugly head bumper to most part I'm always slipping a tad here and there but it's amazing looking for the past business on my old episodes here my my voice talking like that Buddy Papa okay number one of it took about Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian because you're dressing too sexy ah look horrible your imagine my my imagination day shoot me at home I haven't I've been moisturizing bomb off of my body just about mushrooms my face my neck and my arms you should check out is it via podcasts at checkout to oppose older little Clinton a podcast on there you can see this funny stuff that I mentioned on so funny stuff the topics I mentioned if you don't listen to the but it's just it's just a lack of care and attention he took when he came out saying the things that you said you didn't take any consideration of just how sensitive wow okay I haven't really earn your respect for me too I under right because before one hour if you don't listen to do you want this to two minutes three minutes four minutes five six seven eight knows you go back in the day when the head nasal polyps I couldn't not yes wasn't gonNA smoke my surgery when I when I snapped in woods when I when I went in Gemini so it's all well and good all right I'm okay I'm fine I'll be all right don't worry guys coordinate there's local police I'll be fine if you're in America deputy could a police Mimi to check on all right because and I inhaled knowing how to help your mouth and I sniffed whatever it may be my nose is actually sucked into the air was coming in previously that in happy because you don't you don't need that the previous fucking album now is complete bullshit quite with full auto biographical seemed like a it'll new leave and you're setting a new direction then he went on me they're pretty easy clips channel Lincoln by if you guys to check I hope a whole place clips Paul Net and Yugoslav see them but yeah no it's I say Malarkey Qua of them in May be expect more of your life or to demand more into kind of go in this kind of self actualization route there's appeared on time doc was in America he didn't really seem like you read up on anything he didn't seem like he was knowledgeable the facts who just nothing that someone does I remember someone accusing a former friend so you kind of get preachy and you start telling friends about them how they should start this side business side hustle and haddish optimize their social media and how they should sleep earlier and drink not women are more I am a bowl of ice cream which in the next minimum game POPs in my head Jerry Sydney House imagine you're showing your own house right Jimmy I police officers you're always imagine it's really mckelway looking bird died I have a good outfielder Ron die with shit outfit because you know you just Cabrera and awaken in the beverage some self help solve some motivation some direction in that person's life and different basically said Oh I don't know what you're basically can't you can't imagine not doing right if you don't do them you you'd rather die right it's that kind of idea that's a calling you wanNA play Schmidt be an artist is occupation it's something that you feel mytalk response when you more but someone member mentioned something to this friend that was quiet wow that that must have stunk that fulmer firm was CTO and bad coffee that stuff right and it gets annoying if that's your friend because essentially you're right just living your regular nine to five life pick up a ticket end of the month greg suddenly become you said decide you want to become the champion it's like no leave me alone and if that happened qualify them by that journey is probably by the Senate Gop hey you know what a good joke I find it funny if you're not gonNA laugh jump one jump away via them back in the hosting the trump isn't topics see see kingsway kingsway intestinal Christian Center on the biggest churches in the UK maybe at the time the biggest church in the UK Used to be around Hackney the reading about how Jesus Christ allegation saved him and I'm only saying this from the point of view she been to church are we always go to church free times a week sometimes four times a week in the Summer Wade Beautiful World I'm no I'm okay we just touched this fans to decide what we want to carry on their journey but we don't we should dictate what they should do to that's not to get older do you think no problem ladies and gentlemen you don't need someone to tell you to do these extra entrepreneur because you want to do right it's it's something usually most callings in life are cooling because they things ship I don't care about my attic leanings I think as the artists are allowed to go whichever way they want to go in life even musically this idea that somehow your salvation was gonna come through this country you for the actions of this man that was you know no no different to you know the difference between you and this guy on stage but really passionate about so then some of your friends decide to kind of go on this south hope also discovery poverty suddenly start telling you about how you change your life because they like shut the fuck up man like we'll just acacia just where he is now he's spiritual journey and maybe maybe in the future he will become a little bit more reserved and he would just let his actions speak louder than words and he won't be annoying guy that bill tabled you know when you when you when you first stumble Onto Robbins or if I stumble upon Tim Ferriss will whoever you touch wherever you guys go is that kind of gets you tonight try the ages of like twelve maybe eleven eleven maybe like what twenty three twenty to go to church every single week right ninety plays a big bus center station garbage so I'm used to I'm used to the hypocrisy of church people and that's the reason why stop stop going. This is a good example of this this conversation with Kim even though it's a marriage thing is a standard compensation debate you'd have with your partner it's that big of an issue is probably a good oh my haircut I think I'm looking at Chris Brown and Shit I mean my best shooters or something I mean I i WanNa die on point tie fucked up and that's when I realized that Oh web doing black Christian Baptist Churches or evangelical churches isn't I isn't the doesn't represent will so journey deal you own you know everything goes okay but I knew when you lose the plot when he started to do this whole thing and scientific a little bit preachy and Leti is overall record sanity has different facets of course don't get me wrong him about ignorant the process they had in a Christian in Black Evangelical Church was completely wow in fucking Dawson Jimmy game fucked up on drugs and hanging out and talking shit to random people and all of a sudden you want me to go I don't know practice more China morning because void of any for me genuine quite spirituality spiritual waken in I duNNo Forgiveness Hmm enlightenment avoidable just seemed like a transaction you will go in especially during the Eid Josie and stuff you get preachers coming in and telling you go buy this book in order to become a millionaire by this uh well known in Brussels quite get adjusted they finally just in the first kind of church Catholic Church session we went to was there ever been to Catholic Church was the fackler why do they have to go for you to get an say what kind of just like cut you out the middleman and goes right to go right to the source and I kind of side question about some some the Olympic pocket right so that whole area for me now is complete mindful because I remember going there and I used to be with our church was the market will be there the adult trucks they're like just faith fucking black magic and digital that shit it's something going on funny so people think will seek salvation through those places because food so be it tough to get acclimatized there most of the people that went out school were from the area I will have school vaccinated but I do most people were from the area kind of actually restored my faith and restore Christianity some respect is I went to Catholic sixth form Saint Bonaventure for go to secondary school went deficits simple adventures and we went during a East where they put the chalk when your head is that the troika pink with a Choco wrapping Easter resurrection so we went there for that really crazy mad family drama gotta do it money s do with which has a very weird relationship with money God anyway Catholic Church have the time and I and I saw an actual service went to be the preacher in or the the Pasta awebber how would you you know it's Kim Kardashian he's not marrying I duNno it's not marrying one of these mom this fashion youtubers right he's not married one of those kind of goes you have a very will strangle family especially African families to there's loads of loads of let this very rarely you'll find an African family that doesn't have some kind of chaotic awesome message made you reflect on a week and made you kind of took you out of yourself it made you kind of appreciate your your position in the world and how insignificant bus not just the plot kinda supply I'm a big fan of his I've got you know listen most of these music if no I've listened chased out of your own community by Ideo and BNP guys and she's just a weird time to be an English so imagine coming here with no English and trying to just it's just a weird things I get Christianity comes savior how he had to the divine word divine message to tell you will get to the next level kind of a little bit scientology but of course we're gonNA disparage Crescenti regard but you know it was awesome grapes knowing that much here at the top of his go go go go go him list you call them a preacher that was doing the summit in Catholic Church you know four minutes Max owes maybe an hour or in and out nice they've had to go through their family their families the preference of friends it's just been so even just to get justice didn't come into England right I don't know what they came what was it early this will get you a new business by this book all spread semesters I'll just walk in complete garbage and just prayed on preyed on people that will go through bad times our maybe financial I don't I don't go at all but those period time whereas I really question my faith as far away as time goes churchill just really getting a bit you know kind of leading into the atheist lane but comes black China overnight after marrying because she's got the money next up you've got a reason as a husband to kind of hey what was I didn't marry when it comes to points of view outside of music and outside of anything creative positive but this is just so many laws in the hypocrisy this is just amazing you don't have to stand up and jump and Shell and do some fucking Shit just had all have to do is just be attentive and listen to this person's took on stage that was it and I went can you are the place the place that you played in the whole world you could be of service to others it just felt really encouraged why didn't I didn't have to like give him any money survey Pacific point of view a particular ticket Pacific way of looking at the world so if you go on youtube modest fashion go and has a hit job when suddenly feeling Oh wow this is meant to be about but then when I see Kanye West doing this stuff with Kim of interests of Christianity Dia where suddenly now the wife that you married who teas or early late eighties fucking difficult like there wasn't that much unity you're gonNA black communities right you'll get input Caribbean people like fro she you and stuff and you'll get in this waves changes person but it's Kim caution essentially whole whole image a whole empire has been built on her sex appeal she's kind of Segue two in now to law degree sauce often a low of a prison reform stuff but but most part that's her whole appeal sex appeal you go out with her because she's sexy best the whole thing you've got to right so then only Sunday not turn around and say him saying it but here's this guy's on this I don't know again happy where the shoes and happy to go to concerts but anything else do you know in general this is kind of making me uncomfortable it sparks is kind of reeks of a preacher sit him down and saying something or points up these head I think so in my in my opinion I'm not sure what you guys think but oy she suddenly gets accepted into it so she's very aware in the same regard as I mentioned it when he did his abrasion that he was very aware that go to nothing about fashion should he even though she's dedicated her whole life to fucking image creation and fashion and consumerism and materialistic lifestyle I should dedicate waged having really excited the realities of basically are so that's why I served my parents don't really take it because their life has been so difficult see sneak ahead of the most you know I don't know the most opinion fans out there for the most part so if he if he would have been trash you know her the end of it and I right Kim Kardashian's had a very fort relationship with God old fashioned in January it's only in the last few years you certainly been accepted into the fashion circle which is an annoying say the whole life today where she basically expert a world class player in kind of you know making show you look really good on social media pictures he pitches to them online sometimes you like she people are like kind of pooh-poohing are making you should know the coach doesn't know anything about this knowing it right and she probably buys more fashioning any of these editors that talk about the video from the stadium are just play now for you guys you can hear for me I think listening via the podcast APP helps to hear loads Camman and go it feels like there's something a preacher would say to you and you like yeah you know what my wife is drafting a bit slow at the moment is your wife man stand up for her you know what I mean so his his around when you watch youtube is G- especially Gill youtubers that girls have all day my life in the morning entering emails is that they make it sound like they're digging he's very aware of how much damage I could have done to his overall say brand but maybe reputation may be immediately in my very aware of how much it could it could hurt him so the amount of people that are out there that don't really like him don't really like the way it should careers panned out house except we become a short period time they kind of wave him to fail so an aw come on my life threatening with French built me up to be this like sexy person confidence cooperation or collaboration sometimes you want to maybe hear stories about especially parents maybe Algeria Parents Parasol boomer because you know the people in this fashion circles most part just benched players aren't pretend like they're ace talk players she's the one that's been dedicated in pushing things impression but these crashes view the sixties fifties full ease you know there is stories of like your data your mom putting their career at the dream so one sided with to kind of raise a family right it's just all this stuff just because you're on a journey you're on your transformation doesn't have the right I'm in the same spot with frank good you said that right honey you can feel a little bit let's say you can't get guilt tripped into because you don't want to do and now the imagine being ship emissions of being in a marriage a whole different level Christina has a really good because my God I've been I've just I've been running around I'm just so tired all day just running around crazy things you've and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the Lawn Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states situation the virtual sick and I think Kim is very aware that too she knows that she's only one one bad away from being costly as well yes the poverty you're a team now you become a family you join names you know swap flippant DNA and create a human right it's like it's different level of like ah okay cool there's different levels we just made different you know you look at some of that Brooke Lese lock our listeners not me not me right they're both in different rooms by video I madness happened in our family and inside the Toyota we were in our own way way he started going to church with churches and now my church mostly toll balances for the most part Richard Richard Test people as a bit more even especially nowadays you'd think that you know undefended look in the mirror and say look I can't be a drama I can't go until his ban I can't be an artist or poet I can't go and pursue a law degree so that pressure maybe to be a little bit like you know what maybe is right you know especially some people in the comments you know she's there's a common thing that people would return back as she posted naked all you got kids that you'll kid you kids maybe it could play any amount of weird to say that so much as she loves and say look I respect your lane but don't now impede a mind is a good response but also it goes to show just how we got new job there will be going around and telling everyone listen they should seventeen day falls too not knowing that number one that might have been dead Joni if you're ah I'm your host maybe so van Gogh she said that that was a brave to be honest to say that too because I assume that position because she would be on his brew recover from this scandal Christiani he's now suddenly time tell you that you should be dressing up mother stayed imagine Kim Kardashian this like what the fuck that I'm sure she'd probably kill it still they can't look at this enroll lap and then you meet someone actually yeah they do look at that and then you see a video she came in like no makeup vogue Turkey or something you're like Tony Negative energy now say into me wearing tight or so episodes video itching you hit that phrase it's like I'm GonNa go you meeting Komo Gelb yourself anxiety then watch video like yeah is your God caparo nothing now see I'm like you know what actually causal pressure equally your husband's sitting across retelling you suddenly now suddenly decided that he's a Christian because he looks all black was I was actually criticizing Kim was how the fuck is goes for annoying because I only saw the bit waste is giving me now we'll phrase I have a child and I have to feed it so I'm just GonNa go to market what Moya up and you know keep it moving so there is that pressure even nowadays even the full of the Moon I think he's saying the kind of things I heard in church people would speak in opponent is they some fucking seventeen day fos and been Chrysler spurts I've been south at him number two it might just be a coincidence that they happened to go to seventy in fossil hunger-strike and suddenly their dreams true there equate in two things as a as a reason why they got the other thing when really there could be completely separate issues and they're trying to then tell you to do the being too like no that works for you now but also the journey the two is a journey if your journey's now might be later it's not something easy right away and it's like now report on hiep's images of a new easy seven hundred basically easy I I could they played again please hit up making the figure like him yet has has had many questionable figures like in the electrical cocoa white music moby you have Morrissey you have annette music would absolute genius making train a genius I'm making close but when it comes to political views when it comes to this stuff now around Sunday you beat up pretending to sleep in bed you data fucking open the windows and turn on the lights and stop playing fucking Gospel Music Max Volume House like this people in at traffic musical in indie music people don't necessarily like right that it Kinda Bryan Adams personality either way runabout I was I was assured by a friend and actually the models of seven hundred and the callaway was wavering which makes sense because look more like waves there but Dan oh absolute legend absolute legend beer big up on you you know could you do but of course will things there's a union the young graduate absolutely fucking love the Guy I'm sorry he's Al Morrissey okay telling people he's he's the HIP Morrissey not the hypothesis had it affects me built me up to be this like sexy person and confidence and all this stuff just because you're on a journey and your your tree Bruce Davis define them yet these ones so all nine hundred nine fifty formation doesn't mean I'm in the same spot with you okay on race travel this go in it by foolish hate it now okay all right so Charles with most people I think number one would be seven hundred number two would be the seven hundred no seven hundred number two will be nine fifties the easy Mac fifty fifty fifty isn't it that were all seven Pacific I'm doug seven fifty murmur so easies the easy the front nine hundred is he's using nine hundred nine hundred yet one so those are my it doesn't really have him right and this is sudden we've got one we've got new as he is our Morrissey finding divisive bigger who's a fucking genius it's such a baby trophy at the end okay okay cu it's the baby theme but it's actually I'm not gonNa Watch it now right I'm not gonNa have you guys foresee means because nasally I'm not a culture enlighten person because I haven't washed his fucking TV series so you unlimited amount of mineral boots right Jozy Moon Medes we're actually going to watch it has increased only happens to in my regard I think probably happened because I got forced to go to church every day or the days I didn't WanNa Guard force I'm is probably my favorite shoe out the whole easy collection to use the seven hundred think maybe a controversial decision I think my top free issues are probably the ones on them with blue seven hundred Monroe boots and nine fifties and nine hundreds knows my favorite busy so fall would us newsletter seventy so diesel diesel be my my favorite eases Aleksei days the seven hundred min walk and maybe the original nine hundred thousand nine hundred hundred thank sevens that is nuts or at Christian mate okay so there is occasion of course this is the number should couch all right okay I couldn't even in these moments when he don't like him so if you owe you high vis pretend to be workman out day Caprivi happy about that As has revealed that they're becoming shoe was designed by listening the designer Christian tresser current easy designer to Stephen Smith who both works in re book in the Early Ninety s the easy seven hundred reaches a padded tongue okay cool orange which look really cool so this article might be the following series teases we now have some rough pricing is about eight hundred M v N previously known as easy seven hundred VX the latest model is set to debut in a sleek triple black which I'm a big fan of local course on black shoes or inch Kinda high vizor Calloway armie 'em Timothy Woods sneak on what can designer luxury houses for the most part they just do the laziest thing and copy legendary design models superfund maybe mature to win the argument is bump Talca child okay all right cool colosseum hundreds of blades on the other side of them with people who you might like which I'm a big fan of I think is probably the first easy they've got an actual big logo or big numbers I'd most easy to have like a pattern they don't really have pre stripes on the Neva or they're quite subtle the striped usually like a free thing maybe the first easier though so far has gone actual what did Christian tragedy back in the day Oh he designed the MS ninety seven's fuck off it's this guy's Jean right cool man he designed to the Metallica after the whole map surfing washy have you have maybe James Murphy. LDC Elsie sounds like he's snubbing shapes silhouettes from the big sneak brandon necessarily innovate. And I guess if you had supposed to the world with the money the world's actually make a chew get it tools and manufactured us of the tongue another version added feature you save hundreds of dollars a new modem shapers be twos by search those are my favorite talk top free ones but three to seven hundreds of my favorites have diversion free because the festival or maybe not the free fifties with the kind of numbers of the front they might be once that's got big logo on for so maybe anywhere but the menu in general but I quite like look these really user-owned there's a colosseum hype article about it now pricing deals about the seven hundred m and the N. does a callaway in black and ought to be a check those out these are going to be out very soon or black also safety orange I can't wait to see what they look like again just if you're not familiar with its use basis basic just really go hand why wouldn't you try and go crazy because imagine that ninety seven here on screen so there's integration of black and white is was made out someone's head someone designed to Imax said what did that Guy Design this Christian tresor that's quite woman I'm eager to see what these shoes are going to look like coming forward this this get that search up on there and get the screen and just check what they did thinking sitting there thinking about what you could look like that's just insane how could I look at that that is so cool he designed Air Max Ninety Seven bazant Saints Kabuki somehow under the sign is a wrong way round so it should be facing left to right right to left on a boost wonder why I did that as a design choice but this is the reason why they don't have any role time for designer shoes apartment but Ngoga shoes of course anyone wants to give me some niche audiences you said Holla Holla play but having e Dan Max seven once owned your property worth your your your your hourly rate in a two times over but yeah the Nike Nike's e seven hundred MBM ended basically ended a number they tied in shoe designed it that is insane while guess so this is the Nike Max Imagine Designing his fin out in it runners and you've got the V two's and you know there's there's a motive a team because the move after the after the waiver does have never model I've gotten the Toke that's got the elastic is amazing radio station platform is into e dusty kiss me and my bedroom you will like you know angry typing away while we wipe away fucking crumbs of dogs had record deals or who were had charting the regular charts and it kind of go on is it like his straighter station was the major leagues. MSA Seventy design this other bouquets are very popular to I've got the name of that book that people have a lot of time for yeah okay listener designer man that is amazing I think if you did you to come and stay here not so far about twenty pounds probably the most expensive expensive advertisements right apart from the desert boots does established some kind of gatekeeper responsibility or whatever it may be right this kind of like intrinsic need to kind of be the bastion and to fight the good fight eberl responds to the six nine report all Berry Berry Bre e Berry Berry Boo you know even reminds me of thinking about it now Abra kind of all you know someone no surprise off the years you know you've made your station went away or radio show went away and he's not really I don't know what he's doing this project for logos on with a while reminds me a love him right and even more so because I feel as if like he's so I simply because I think he's very aware of how quickly his job own relevancy can disappear one moment so in order to kind of hold onto it he's got two options right yes a played this kind of villain role and he's also has to kind of giving having billy betting sane Tony anyone anarchy freedom now say that you're not into new wearing or my wife Model v two without all the kind of external patio on the outside it might be a one piece to shaw and it's got the seven hundred kind of written on the side and easy so yeah quite cool shoe and when you went into did it in a way that may be cultivated scene and to have some full of hierarchy and to develop artists whatever it was it just smacks of hypocrisy isn't it just smacked breakfast club but in terms of like cachet in terms of reputation or people in that building upon I seven a very well regarded industry they're the ones that quote unquote make the the Saheed designed for his standing with them who's I did not do it again or whatever it pair of Reebok shoes I love the reebok shoes the idea that in nowadays there is such a thing hip hop is gone so global is become such a big pop music that an six nine can essentially thousand forums and he was on the forums and he came across really bad on the incident happened sometimes right remember this is before social media people have to interact with outlay right so this big dude just how this just how disconnected or does how this is connected just how unaware of kind of married up and got buddy buddy would apple who are very kind of you know who play a large role in ensuring sir autism get certain places and may be if you know anything about hip hop record labels are based in New York the biggest station quote unquote in the industry is hot on seven which is not really a very powerful one five maybe a- and supposedly tell on all his Co. co-defendants Anita crew and he's friends ruin people's lives who you know this could be audited have you know engineering them seemed to go where they went to a very wake especially free but if you know if you know you know so I get it I get it but this one but this six nine six six nine hundred for me represents Oh boom and whatever may be so he has this very he has a very much abuse and whereby proxy he happened to be in New York and also criticized but wait in general he's just trying to make sure he's able to provide for his family which I have a problem with just annoying to see overall but those independence really helped him is that he's in New York what was actually going on these guys are the six nine six I guess six nine yes Doug Monroe he's not I'm not GonNa die on the six nine hill or anything but I think what he represents is just Ebba Logan Sama Jimbo logos has shown one hundred east any news going on is if like he's radio kiss was he hot ninety seven he'd only established artists when the grime scene was not what it was today or the UK rhapsody wasn't when it was it was it was probably only five Odyssey could legitimately bring up on by mouth that shouldn't be on there and you should let so so on so maybe he just for you know what because you're asking me to give it to you but he did come across like a huge ticket right fans and no one will give a shit right that's true because there are so many fanatical fans out there so people who are right Oh died this artists that no matter what they do you're going to bring it again no Connie before I'm gonna buy those shoes say next on the list here Zeke is able to segue into podcasting the happens I'm sure some music fans felt but for the most part most fans are listening to his podcast music as well so they're very aware humor realized by taking part look but don't get me wrong when you when you dedicate itself to that kind of lifestyle you do sign an undeclared that you're going to remain quiet and you guys that there are some artists for the most part can get away with absolute murder like you know what trump said he could stand in Times Square shoot one of these protect webber wooded I don't click it I just keep moving that's what I do my own thing because I have something against these people but I don't understand this need to kind of publicize your discontent and also to say where banning as affect you if I if I don't agree with his decision to rainy friends I don't really have a strong conviction against it watch enough CSI Miami to snitch on your people will tell incb unifrance is a good thing but we're at a point now where we have to realize that hip hop in general has got so big S. he's responded he's responsive to say about now I can indignation is shifting he just got too big for his Britches you gotta big head at the time to after getting the same out of the young at the time do about it must be understood by stuff like I fucking hate the people that do palace Raphael ranker's so what do I do I don't talk about it too much I just don't buy the stuff I don't he's out at Cologne sick man knowledge in this other Christopher talking about today you know we reactive reaction Videos for magazine playing so y'all that much but to have this idea that you want to balance with so now abras responding to I report that supposedly teams TNC say that whole ninety seven while band of interest because on paper he was one of the biggest artists before we went to prison he still in demand now he's still generates moisture clicks I'm sure some of the people in record labels are very familiar with people Africa you played yourself you're on if your kids get school off today and they're like Oh Columbus Day and you're not taking the time to tell him Columbus really was graduates you played yourself gotta tell a man murderer Taras mirrored token by magin having the gumption to tell people progressive state got states around the nation that call today indigenous peoples day six nine don't change dams it's there it's our memories what are we going to do with our men is all the time bad walked from Indianapolis to a suburb where is it was cool told me Aziza Rosenberg the streets shunning Takashi six nine music unless that headline alone is who transmits up and are watching the spikes in engagement of when the news comes up on him so if he does get another deal is so watch it doesn't affect anyone else doesn't affect me look into play six hundred music unless he made a banner now he's come out and said Oh that's not true you guys

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