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And welcome in to poke the bear episode 26 in honor of this season. I don't know how twenty-six B honor the season but poke the bear episode 26 Bruins regular season starts this week. I'm having marriage alongside Connor and a Boston Sports Journal Connor. How we doing Evan? I'm doing very well at long last. We finally have Bruins hockey back by the time this gray six years of our listeners. They'll be Bruins hockey on the horizon finally. So I'm doing swell. How you doing good and it'll be hockey tonight. Technically Traders Thursday night. We're recording this Wednesday right off for the Penguins Flyers game, which is actually I don't think it's ever been a thing where the Penguins Flyers game has any impact on the Bruins in the standings Instead This is you know, now this is it in Bangkok. It's just wow, but yes, I'm very happy very excited for this season. And for all the let's just make sure to go subscribe to Bruins Rammstein on YouTube. Maybe you're watching this on pranks on YouTube. And if you're not subscribed, it's free just subscribe CZ but at any rate this it's fun. Cuz as we say this we've been saying this as things have progressed to now we always say there's more to talk about there's more to talk about cuz you think of those podcast you're doing, you know back in June and those Pockets were doing you know November and it was nothing there was nothing the biggest news off these news when I was in quarantine didn't have a fun time when we were ranked and like Thanksgiving food for like legitimate. I think maybe 35 minutes of like a 40-minute podcasts job. I had I had a swell time Evan but I understand this is a hockey. This is a hockey podcast. So well, it's at Thanksgiving stuffing podcast as well. So we'll get what they want dead. But anyways, that's quite a bit and we'll get to all of it within the next 35 minutes big news before we get to sort of the on the ice stuff Willie o'ree rightfully rightfully rightfully. I got his number retired number 22 forcing Craig Smith phone number twelve. So Craig Smith is time is 22 lasted about two weeks. Yeah very quick but rightfully so and by the way, I'll say this month. You should never even got 22 because Willie o'ree is number should have been retired way before this should not I wish this happened years ago, but glad to see it finally do happen. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean definitely need an overdue honor it's you know, kind of ashamed that when it finally does get retired in February barring some miraculous thing, right? It's not going to be a a full Garden or or anything like that. So hopefully they get Willie back to the Garden at some point once, you know fans are allowed back in safely and they can give him kind of that proper ceremony because I think once that, New Jersey Dropped on on Tuesday. I think everyone was just like finally right like it was one of those ones where it's like it was pretty much a no-brainer for you know his impact as a troll blazing figure in the game of hockey and not just that but his efforts after hockey. I mean he kind of talked about that when speaking to the media on Wednesday that someone's like he's more well-known now in terms of what his role is Jose in terms of you know, speaking about his experience and continue to grow the game of hockey which is you know, something that the league has been focus on for years now and he's played a key role in that in that, you know venture to grow the game. So yeah, I mean again when the news came out it was at least surprising news ever in terms of you know, how deserving he is of that and his role in hockey. So it's good to see him finally get get that do for for you know, the career that he had especially and judging Rolling the game, you know, it's not just these looking through like the staff book at you know, how many goals or anything like that? You know, it's it's what he meant to the game and frame to get you know, his name up in the rafters with guys that are sung in this with the Bruins and hockey in general right? It's just a fitting tribute to to a guy like Willy but it is funny. Cuz when you do think of Bruins Legends, he is someone that I do think you you think of in terms of those guys like his name is up there and rightfully so should be with the cam Neely's to Bobby Orr's the the Rick military O'Reilly's just cuz the impact he said is you mentioned, you know pass the stats. Take away the stats just change the amount. He's done even after hockey. I mean just the amount. He's grown the game the hockey is for everyone campaign, you know, we talked yesterday or Tuesday and how they kind of called him to the 1991 All-Star game and it was kind of the first time where they were like, Oh, this is actually you know, he's a big deal and ever since then it's been consistent, you know, like doing these clinics and spreading the game. So he's a hero. He's a legend an absolutely awesome to see his name go up to the rafters where it should take 22 should be up there. So great to see Willie. O'ree get the recognition. He deserves he's been honored at the Garden before I believe there was a game. I looked up on YouTube this game against the Canadiens a few years ago, but to see him get honored for his number retiring is a whole different ball game. So congrats to Willie big big props to a Legend So now track season 2 Bruins topics for the season. Obviously, let's get into. Well, there's some positives and negatives. We'll start with some volatile spots in the lineup. So most of the lineup feels like it's pretty set. It's been set sense to start a camp. There hasn't been a lot of changes in the line-up at all. So this is kind of birth. Parts that I think there's five will start. I think the first two lines for now are good. They're fine. There's no real changes on the horizon. But on the third line, this might surprise you but Nick Ritchie on the left side people aren't sold on Nick Ritchie yet. They're not they're not like every time I tweeted a on Wednesday during practice just the lines and again, you would think that I like flipped off clean up all of my followers like the the visceral reaction. I get a name like I'm just treating the Lions guys. Please have I have some mercy on us the information but yes, yes people are not too pleased about Nick Ritchie. And by the way, it's this isn't like a range thing where it's like we like there's the pro Rask and then the anti Rask and we're not like most of us are pro Rask's or like we're not like telling you to like Nick Ritchie cuz truthfully none of us are sold on them. Either so it's sort of like like you're yelling at people who probably agree with you on this like like it's like the the Hannibal Buress stories. Why are you yelling at me? I'm right like whatever that message with the chairman of the whole time like one of those I think I think it's worth looking into and I'm it's a good thing. I think that they're looking into this to see if this works to really see if maybe Nick Ritchie just kind of get the starting wage last year a pandemic the bubble. Maybe this is different but I do think that that is a spot in the lineup. That is very subject to change. Yeah. No, I think especially considering also the fact that you got a lot of guys that thought into that third line role. I mean in just Buicks going to be stopping the air on the fourth line, but he could slide into that spot which he's had a lot of experience with you know, you could you maybe guys on if Jackson I should makes the taxi Squad and he gets called up. He could be a guy, you know, sanika could be put in a third line role one spot when it comes back as a lot of guys that can fill out this month. Which is good for the Bruins. It's probably the most depth. They've had up front in a long long time. So they had the luxury that if it's a failed experiment, you know, I kind of grasping for straws like we saw last year. They opened the you with thet Richie as crazy as right-wing doesn't pan out and then it's again when I scored the first game he scored the first started off great and then he couldn't count 282 and it kind of went downhill from there. You know, I felt like I remember that but but like again, yeah, it's when I was younger he doesn't pan out and back then they're like well shit. All right. What are we what are we doing now? We've got the same problem that's been plaguing us for years. Now, do they get under a Costco? But now if they're in a similar situation this year, you know at least are helped out by the fact that you know, they can turn to other options who should be able to hold their own in that role but you you can see why starting the year getting a clean giving Clean Slate to Gali came in Kasha and I mean so far Rich even solid a camp like it's not like he's God. reinvent the wheel or drastically changes game I mean I asked Cassidy during practice on Wednesday kind of what the message was him and how we would complement that line and he said that you know when you go to park position guy like oil you got a shooter like Smith like all you got to do is be the guy up front right you gotta be the one to you know chip shots get rebounds like again it's not this isn't any wage you know Revelation in terms of what you're seeing from him just to play that game and play physical not take really bad penalties as we saw on the play-offs but but again if he can speak kind of that steady third line guy who you know is able to add some physicality which I think is you know I think we've talked about a couple of times as much as I think we both hate the Bruins maintain a force to a narrative they do at least need some guys or size right because I think we're all dreading when they play the capitals and if Kevin Miller's you know hurt or they God French and gather Frederickson on the line up like who's kind of be your guy that's going to answer, you know, a guy like pasta or not gets its run or something like that. So it makes money since we're going to start with Richie and we'll see how it goes. But at least they have some other options in case it doesn't pan out. Yeah, and I think that's sort of thing. I mean, obviously we always make fun of the Bruins need to enforce or crowd but I do think that like you do need wage or Body Shop plus don't have that. I want to I was thinking about this I want to post this question cuz last year at the deadline, obviously, it's for the Fallout from it. We criticized Sweeney and the front office a lot for but if they've got Coleman, let's say they get Coleman instead of Richie. And they get Palmieri instead of cascia. I think we're probably more confident in the lineup if Coleman in Kasha a Coleman and Paul Marion, but let's just say they got Coleman a set of cascia for some reason and they didn't get rich and they got somebody else. Yeah. Would you rather have Coleman in Kasha or know you'd rather have Kasha than Coleman mean it's a tough. It's like again, I put Coleman kind of the same category as coil where it's like if he's like your third line guy you're rolling and you've got a really good 3rd liner if you put them up and like a second or a top-six role and you're like, wow, you know, I mean, he's so good player. Like we saw in the playoffs freshly how good Willie Coleman is but Kasha I think maybe is more of the boom-or-bust guys. So I mean, I think you look at again his numbers off every time I read about it people. Yeah, we didn't score which a fair point. I can't really counter that argument that he didn't score at all. But I mean, you know, I'd rather have at least the guy who's generating those looks and a guy named. Kind of like a black hole on offense. So well the other thing with cautious and I saw GJ being right this I thought it was a good point. He's kind of like a scratch ticket like a high-value scratch ticket one that has a good chance of working out where it's like you just the potential that he's a top-six forward like and like a good chance to stop 64 Coleman not really, you know is probably going to be a 3rd line guy ROM a lot of older line guys going to go to the top two lines for some reason just kind of crumble. I think you'd do fine. But I kind of thought about that. I was like, I wonder if the deadline with different last year what would happen I would love to have Palmieri Palmieri wage is not as the guy that is the guy will be interesting to see what happens with him this year when the Devils aren't last place like starting tomorrow or starting Thursday are going to they're going to win they're going to page right now. You said that but yeah, they're going to win the first moved here from there another spot in the lineup on the fourth line. I mean, I guess you could say the whole fourth line, but it feels like corellian wage. Probably deafen. It's just because they need that size and and a little bit of that speed. But I'm just Bjork. I think you're going to see potentially rotated in and out with a guy like Fredrik depending on the size of the lineup. You're facing if you're facing the capitals I got it's probably more likely got like Fredrik goes in do you think they do that? Yeah, I think they should I mean I think that's when you're able to Dick Sayed matchups with your fourth line and we know how much Cassidy values that fourth line not as just like a line. It's going to run you be a physical line. Like you've used that line as being crucial to the team success because usually they're tasked with all those, you know, daunting D Zone, you know faceoffs and not charming and stop six opponents. So when they're rolling and they're negating one of those other lines opens the door for, you know, Bergeron to get more ozone stats and you know be able to land more punches against the opposition. So getting that fourth line back up to back up to paav how they were especially in, Georgia. 2018 nineteen when they were really clicking I think it's going to be a key for this team. I think it's a good a good thing to have when you have a guy like Bjork in Frederick who both offer a little bit of different things. But you know, I could see where you are cuckoo, you know his I think his offensive ceiling is pretty limited but I think in a straight line for checking role with his speed is transitioning game actually think he's you know, solid pick to put in there and as the guy who can at least probably help you negate a top-six opponent. Now, if you're going up against the capitals or something like that and you need more size than Frederick makes a lot of sense. So and again if you can kind of split those guys based on the match everything it's a good a good problem to get for Cassie to have and you know, if you get Frederick in the lineup and he starts yelling and he sets foot of offensively and he sets, no more roll great. Like I don't use any issue with kind of splitting it based on those match up and seeing who kind of takes, you know control of that opportunity because I think both guys home Offer something pretty different in terms of what they could bring to that fourth line, but both have you know, intriguing, you know potential in terms of how they can kind of elevate that fourth line after it kind of took a dip last year. I thought obviously worried about the guy like Bjork is you know, he has that potential to get those extra points. He has the potential to I mean, you know, we've said it is entire time here. There's that top six potential with him and god, it feels like things are you know, pretty steady upfront you might not need Bjork, especially if it's a Nika ends up panning out, especially if Nick Ritchie pins out. Well, so maybe Bjork trade ship later in the season. I don't know they have them signed three years. So I don't think they're planning on trading them and with the Seattle draft feels like he might be the guy that's exposed. That might not be a safe bet but what took a safe bet is BetOnline AG Connor. Tell the loyal beautifulest about BetOnline. Absolutely Heaven. Listen up guys. It's an exciting time of the year around the Sports World wage. NFL playoffs are here. The NBA is back in full swing James Harden's with the Nets. The world is crumbling and at long last Bruins hockey has finally returned and even though you may not be at a game this year. You can still get in on the action at that online. 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I just actually saw on my phone while you were reading that poem that the cats bury capital and Shayne gostisbehere will be out for against the Penguins and the Flyers which you listeners know already cuz it's in the past but for us it's off in the future. So we're going to see quite a few of those at this year goes on. Yes, so I want to get into that actually so on D, obviously the spots in the lineup lausanne ends Borel approval Kevin Miller on the right side. You never know with injuries, but let's get into what could go wrong and what could go very right. So we'll do best-case worst-case scenario. Let's do worst first cuz we gotta start with that. We gotta start bad to me and I think people are forgetting this with the line up. Like don't get used to the line up as is your your team is traveling a lot to different places. It sucks. I hope it doesn't happen. I hope this doesn't happen, but you're going to have some Covetous shoes. And you're going to miss guys for games. I mean tonight customary capita not in the lineup for the Penguins gostisbehere, but the Flyers there will be more you see with the star. I mean the Stars got killed off guard who drove and had a three weeks who'd opened set a record for how long you been surprising news ever attempted open announcing that he had covid-19. And you have a 2016 Winter Classic caliber lineup. You're rolling out in March. I think that's the worst case scenario. Yeah. No, absolutely. I mean I thank you look at and ask me something you have to expect and prepare yourself for because again, it's not even like these are also all right positive tests. Sometimes it's just a guy's feeling under the weather and they are waiting the waiting to get the test. It could be inclusive test. So there's a lot of variables a lot of stuff that can prompt it's team to hold a player out. So yeah, it's going to be a challenge especially for as much as passengers. This training camp is focused on keeping a lot of these lines together, you know, the Christian Kasha and debrusk and Richie a coil and Smith, you know, you don't know what's going to happen. Once you get to the edge season where you going to have some of these lines fragmented, you know a game a game or two just because of Cobra protocol. So it's going to be a challenge for this team and you know a worst case scenario would be you know, a multi birth. Major outbreak or you know Cassidy mentioned that they've they're trying to keep Tuukka Rask in the arse love halak separated. Just you know, worst case scenario. They both get it you're looking at about 2 weeks of of putting Red Cross in that. Yeah, exactly. I mean and again, it's it's one thing where it's a challenge during any you know Season where you're missing key, you know because of Cobra Pro two calls, but especially this year where it's 56 games and things like a hundred twelve days something like that like two weeks of going, you know, one and five or or something like that can you know plunge you down the the standings in a hurry and especially considering how competitive the East is, you know, all it takes is a couple of weeks and all the sudden you're you're kind of chasing it whole rest of the year or so, I'd say that's definitely the worst case scenario and then you can look beyond that to just the the amount of holes that they have not holes. But question marks they have on this Bruins team and if none of them pan out, then you've got a job. she and I think most I think we agreed revolves around situation on defense which not only is just the the structure being impacted and losing you know what guys like Charter and crude would gave you but I would also is a domino effect how it affects the other defenseman how much you know Charlie McAvoy is going to get taxed or how much more you know grade eight chances are coming back to go ask any ourselves blocks away like if that if that deep here really full completely and none of those guys stand out and aren't even you know again we're not looking for these guys to be called her you know candidates or anything like that but if they're just kind of like what lausanne gave them last year you know from January to March that's like all their kind of looking for right is a guy like that they can hold his own so off again this is a bruin seen that has a lot of question marks a lot of guys who you expect would be you know poised for either breakout years when you look at a guy like the broad score Kasha or or you know home Guys like that, but if none of those guys pan out or you know, again we can dive into expected goals and all these other, you know stats, but if it doesn't mean doesn't mean shit, right if it doesn't actually transmission goes on the on the board. So again a lot to be excited for this year. But if none of these guys pan out, then you're gonna have to be retooling on the Fly this year just to stay afloat. Nice. It should be like if you have to expected goals for you get automatically one-goal. Yes. That's how it should work. You get one just just for having expected. But yes, I also think another part of that aspect of this is like I think the division and this is how I kind of think about the division. It's tougher in a sense because you have more spread out talent, but it's not as tough because You're not facing the the mega team. That is the lightning. You're not facing the Maple Leafs who are very close to you how it was much of a drag on them to look at it and Toronto Tampa and Boston are all favored to win their divisions right now according to bet online. And so I think when that when you see that now those are the top three teams in one division for the past seven years or whatever it's been and now they're all spread out so goes to show you so I think this division will be easier to finish but I but it's more spread out. So if you if you have guys missing time and you do go one and five have fun being a fifth or sixth place team for a good amount of time. So I think it's very volatile. It's not as like concrete but you're not I guess you're not facing as tough teams now best case scenario is covid-19 Hu that hard cuz I guarantee it's going up some issue with cold, but someone's going to get exposed at some point. Just how it works off. Fortunately best cases you don't ever really have to deal with that stuff. The other teams do pretty gets covid-19. When the Stanley Cup I could you say that says best case scenario. How can you say something? So controversial controversially? It's so so correct evidence. How can you say something? So controversial? It's so great. That's the Eric Andre. Yes, Eric Andre reference those who don't understand the Eric Andre show cuz we've been just like you dropping multiple references the entire. I don't want to I don't want to destroy my room though. That's yesterday. I have a nice desk. I'm on birth. I don't want to just like, you know, watch it. I mean, maybe they get to The Cup Final will do that. But yeah, well just destroy our respective rooms. Yes, we'll go to it each other's rooms and just destroy it off like opens done by that. Yeah. That's the first how we celebrate some people go to baz know. I'm going to trash my my podcast Coast place. All right bucket who cares? Yeah, but yeah, that's best case scenario. Right? I mean is that that would be the best possible scenario? Yeah. I mean I think for the Bruins as much as I think there's probably a lot of I'm not Doom and Gloom is the right word, even though when we cash it, he said today the worst said on Wednesday that he believes their Stanley Cup caliber team and got quite a few mixed reactions on the social media sphere of people thinking they're you know, I don't know if they think just the windows completely shut or they're not going to make the playoffs or I mean, I still think they're at least the top two team in the East I still think they're very good team. I think people are downplaying how much having probably the best Tandem and net in the East is going to help out this team in a compressed schedule. We're at least you've got two guys you can turn to or a few these other teams are going to be home, you know rolling with you know, khada Hai playing a whole bunch of games or you know, I think that's going to mean quite a bit once you look at the schedule and how compressed it is for the Bruins. I mean you kind of map out. You know the veteran talent you have that you're still, you know, be all world. You look at pasta not coming back healthy March and coming back healthy shake and the rest off wage. I think the biggest determine is just if those those young defenseman can't can kind of hold their own but then you like you look at some of the other guys who are either going to be looking at added minutes or more responsibilities and they you know, how they feared the last couple of years in those roles coupled with guys who are poised to break out or younger guys who just should take that next step where it's you know, McEvoy M or Carlo or a Grizzly under his added rolls the Brusque Akasha, you know, there's so many other guys sanika who will sassy a with Bergeron and long and like you kind of plug in where some of these guys are putting the line up and you know how they're projected to do and how they fared in those sorts of Four and you can kind of see why like There's you know, I think some level of optimism that as long as they're able to get some stability at least on that blue line. Like this is a team where they have so many other pieces moving in the the right direction in terms of the natural development of some of these younger guys that like there's still a very very good team. Like I think you had Craig Smith to the mix and heels go quite a bit. But I think if you have just you know, it's like when you play like two k or like NHL franchise mode in all your guys have like the little green arrow going a little bit better in their development. I think you're seeing like that with a bunch of other guys on this team. So again, is it going to be enough to offset took a double as it felt like offset losing Chara and crew, you know remains to be seen. I think that's going to be the biggest determining cuz if they're if they have to win games, you know, six five or you down for 3 every single night that's going to be a pain and all that they can keep that up over a compressed schedule, but I think you look at just the amount of guys who are poised to be breakout guys, and I think you should have at least a mom. ISM that you know, this team can still be a viable contender in this East Division also suck for Rask having to face. Yes shots a night. Yeah, I would not very fun not to tell me how to do you guys want to do some Doom and Gloom dafoomie had a tweet today that might induce some Doom and Gloom. I know a lot of Bruins fans including Bruins writers like us like to take a look at the past and compared to the present 2013-14 Presidents Trophy loses second round 2014-15 boy checking in lagaan missed the playoffs translate to now nineteen twenty Presidents Trophy lose in the second round 2018 or 2021 season Char and Krug on what's next 2014-15 was Posh frocks. Rookie season, 20 21 Jackson Eagles rookie season. So if you want to have some fun of Doom and Gloom with that you have history on your side your history, but I do think that as you said if they can just get stability out of the barrel and lausanne if you can just get Nick Ritchie to do the bare minimum wage. Just get to the net. Jim home some rebounds Winston Puck battles along the wall create some space you'll be fine. Don't take dumb penalties, you know, and we expected tripping penalties from him guys flying by not, you know about drilling Yanni gourde face into the glass, but just just the bare minimum if sanika can just hold his own with marshawna Bergeron, they'll be fine. So it's it's not like the Bruins are expecting, you know, they didn't it's not like, you know, they're expecting or they need Sydney cat to match popsrocks production. You don't need Jeremy lausanne to be Zdeno Dodge Charge. You just need to have guys be solid that's it and that stuff and you you know, that that could easily be proven very tough covid-19. Bad, I don't think they're they don't suck. They're not going to suck. It's very optimistic isn't it again for the headline? Like they are not going to suck. They don't suck. I say they're second in the East and I know you think that too I will do go through the rest of my division cuz I did I did I did a very very heavily researched definitely not just thrown together group of teams for the East for me. It's Philly first Boston the New York Islanders the Caps the Rangers the Penguins Sabres Devils, I think everybody has Sabres Devils as seven and eight. I don't think anyone doesn't but the top six see to me the top two are pretty obvious. I feel like it's the middle for that. You're going to have a lot of different. It's going to be changing quite a bit. I'm interested to hear what you think of that and what you think of that yeah when you would like what you would do. I mean I am Think you know, the the top of the news is all going to be pretty jammed together, but I have C Flyers Bruins caps pens. Islanders who don't make the cut ranges cuz that defense scares the shit out of me as as much as I think they're going to be lighting up guys that defense is holyshit Thursday and then like a Tony Tony D area for fun. And then I mean pick your poison which one like All Savers and then Devils but this is those are clearly going to punching bags in the in the East it sucks for those two teams though, by the way, because like for the devil's you're not going to have other you don't have the Red Wings to beat up on you're not going to have the docks. You're not going to change the shity teams. Oh, yeah to get wins with your going to just get your own. So you gotta play the Sabres the worst team you're going to play like they're better than you and and the devil's office just lost Corey offered. So yeah, I mean to me, I think the Rangers just missed the cut like the Rangers are surprisingly optimistic this year and and good but I'm gonna be a lot of fun to watch I feel like in a Another year or two, especially they're going to be a wagon like I think they're Rangers Fan you should be excited this year is going to be fun as hell like seeing a lot of these young guys kind of cut their teeth up in the NHL. So I think they're one year away cuz they gotta wash they can add somebody's on that blue line cuz can't win with that Decoy like that. Oh, no, but I mean you have cocco in a second-year you have left for yay. You know you have you have quite a bit of pieces over there and I'm interested to see how long does with the Caps that is a really that's what I'm very interested in to see if he's playing all the time to see what his role is. We saw him miked up the other day or on on Tuesday 6 to be fitting in well down in the nation's capital, but nonetheless that is the East that is the Bruins. We were very excited for the start of the Season Connor. What can a listener's look forward to from you over at Boston Sports Journal. Yeah. I just dropped the along feature breaking down the top breakout cannot to the Bruins I talked about before so it's a bit of a deep dive on guys who I think are wrong. really paid dividends for the team this year and you know see if they can kind of push this team take another step forward as they look ahead to the days you know without Fraser on & Company in the coming years so I have feature on that and then once you guys listen to this on on Thursday morning I have a couple of things breaking down this season so follow along our Boston Sports channel subscribe there you can follow me on Twitter at, Ryan I'm just going 93 we're both Evan and I will have plenty of tweets and gifs and more in the coming days with the NHL season finally back oh you listeners are so lucky but go do all that make sure to subscribe to b s j and that is Connor kind of Boston Sports channel I'm Aronofsky honest media you Bruins fans enjoy tonight's game and have a great rest of your week

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