What the Paramedic Student Needs to Know about Gunshot Wounds and Crime Scene Management


In order to fully understand the forces that go into the khazei shin of trauma will need to do a bit of studying physics now don't get too worried. We'll go very deep but understand the science behind the kinetics of trauma, which is defined as the division of physics. Studies emotion energy exchange between objects collide with each other will help us paramedics to have a better grasp on both seen as well as the unseen taller that occurs. Your book describes the nurse shows to par law is stated as a body in motion will tend to remain emotion unless something else acts upon it to slow it down the reverse is true as well. If a body is at rest, it'll tend to stay at rest and listeners outside force forces it to move this laws also knows Newton's first law. Think of it this way if a bullet is fired from gun, it'll continue to move in a straight line until it impacts something or gravity begins to overcome its movement at that time, it'll either stop or. Directions. Energy is the ability to work work in its simplest forms considered. The ability for movement says the law of energy conservation states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only changed from one form to another. We consider that energy simply transferred from one object to another. This is seen in a situation of when auto impacts the tree the energy from the auto transferred into the tree, which is then transferred into the ground. Connecticut energy or the energy of an object. Any object for that matter in motion is dependent upon its white and speed while you don't need to use the formula L to the book to determine Connecticut energy. You must keep in mind that the speed of an object has an exponential effect on the amount of energy that is available. This speed is much more influential than that of its white, by way, of example, a slug at one time vocal traveling on the interstate the amount of Connecticut energy that is available with movement of that car while travelling at fifty five miles per hour is three million jewels. However, if the speed same vehicle increases only, fifty miles per hour, the amount of Connecticut energy increases to almost five million gills when they say speed kills. They really made it understanding the anatomy of the body coupled with a basic grasp, but Connecticut energy you can begin to develop a type of six cents that enables you to begin to predict with varying degrees of certainty potential. Areas of injury that you may not be able to detect until they get to the ER. An x rays are ultrasounds performed. This is called the index of suspicion will become much more accurate. The more experienced that you become projectile such as Nafir Bush strikes. The body. It's Connecticut energy is transferred from the projectile to the body. Keep in mind that it is the speed of the object that determines the amount of energy available to exchange too much greater deal than does. It's white. If a bullet enters the body, and remains there all the Connecticut energy will be transferred to the body if it passes through although damage may still be severe the amount of energy transferred will be less. Let's take a look of path of a bullet. And why it's important for you. As a pair may to keep in mind that all objects that penetrate, the body will cause damage this is regardless of whether it's a bullet or a knife, the stage comes about because of the stretching and crushing of tissue along projectiles path as a bullet enters the body, some of its Connecticut energy is exchanged by deforming. The entry point and the production of shock waves that preceded as a bullet enters the body of begins to cause an opening along its path that has called Cava Tieshan, the denser, the tissue that the bullet enters the greater the Cavs tation. For example, there will be a greater tendency for Cava tation to occur in the liver spleen than would be in the longer the bow. Although both of these areas could sustain severe injuries. Another aspect. Catheterization is the body's ability to snap back to its original shape and position permanent cavity. Nation is caused when the projectile literally destroys the tissue through which it is passing temporary cavitational happens as the tissues initially stretched and compressed and then regains its original shape. As a bullet enters the body at speed on the front end slowed. And then it's compressed by the weight of the bullet from behind this causes the bullet to expand or mushroom increasing the diameter of the bullet as well as its profile. Depend upon the bully used it may break off into pieces this results in greater injury. Because the toll surface area of the bullet in pieces is greater than if the bullet remains intact. The bullet passes through anything in its path. You may begin to tumble because of this motion the surface area of the bullet may be greater as it enters the body, even if it remains intact, if the bullet strikes body armor, the greater part of the Connecticut energy is absorbed. But the remaining force may cause blunt force trauma to the person hit. This can result in contusions to the heart and lungs handguns are considered medium velocity weapons that are most deadly a close range dependent upon the caliber and the top of munition used with it the damage that it causes maybe limited the degree of damage is usually determined by the organ systems that are directly impacted by the path of the bullet as well as the degree of cavitational used the rifle gunfire much. Heavier projectile with a greater amount of Connecticut. Energy rifles, often use military, great Amy nation and are designed not to expand once fire. Heard these injuries sustained from rival fire are often very severe, shotguns are considered low velocity weapons that are affected. Short range, shotguns, normally fire multiple pillage, but may also fire solid slugs. If Arte very close range, the Wadi used to propel the pellets may enter the body increasing the likelihood of damage as well as infection shock dens can cost severe and extensive organ and tissue damage that is like that caused by a raffle knives narrows considered low velocity projectiles in his such are able to cost Cava tation such as seen with higher velocity projectiles like bullets the damage is usually limited to direct contact with the blade or the aero gunshot wounds to the head or extremely severe because of the amount of tissue damage that is destroyed as well as extreme bleeding that affects the airway this can be made much worse because of the loss of the integrity of the face leading airway. Problems high-velocity woods caused by projectiles from raffles destroy parts of the skull as well as the brain gunshot wounds are disruptive to the pulmonary owes. Wills of ask your system if lungs are affected. Attention new thorax may result. This will result in air being displaced from the lungs and eventually compress the remaining lug and heart resulting in decreased oxygenation as well. As decreased cardiac output, if the vascular system is impacted the resulting hammers may cause rapid death. Do your patient study showed that the most penetrating injuries. So the abdominal areas are because of gunshot wounds because of the prevalence of blood filled organs like the splaine liver. These are always considered life threatening often surges required to explore and determine how serious wounds really are if a patient shelter very close range, you may be able to see evidence of blowback or gases. That result is the bullet leaves the. Barrel and makes an entrance wing the area around the entrance would be often raised as the bullet causes this expansion of tissues and enters the bought insurance usually limited to the size and profile of the project out usually being much smaller than an exit exit wounds formed by the physical damage of the bullet as well as the resulting cavitational caused by the pressure way that proceeds the projectile keep in mind that exit wounds may give an accurate representation of the amount of trauma internally. Also, keep in mind that the path traveled may not be a direct line from the entrance wing. If makes contact with bone the path will often travel and the bullet will tumble taking multiple different routes in your scene size up as you're making a hands on patient assessment multidex while you're searching the patient for any additional weapons that they may have hidden on them never feel that you can't ask for law enforcement to help you with this process. Quickly. Try to reestablish the van in your mind, as you assess the patient if possible get the length of the blade or the caliber and type of whip and used in the incident do your best to preserve the crime scene. If it won't interfere with patient care, do not cut through bullet or not Navajos and clothing. If you must move something making note of it near patient care report. But do not try to replace it back in its original position, beware of your steps into and out of the scene stepping in blood make the investigation much more difficult. Thanks again. For listening today's podcast, if you found this helpful my share, you share it with somebody. Thanks. Yep.

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