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Introducing Mythology


What happens when you die? How do you become someone? You're proud of is it possible to find true love, these may be modern questions. But ancient civilizations had answers for all of them. I'm Vanessa Richardson host the newest podcast from par cast mythology every week we present the stories that explained the world before science literature or philosophy with park cast team of writers and voice actors I'll bring each legend to life and then dive into the history origins. And meaning of the myths will present the darker roots of legends, you may know like Hercules and Thor. And we'll also recount lesser known myths, including the Lakota, visit of the white buffalo woman, and the German cautionary tale of the Laura rely tune in every Tuesday to hear why these stories have endured for thousands of years and why like the gods they chronicle. They will probably never die. Mythology is a production of Cutler media, and is part of the park cast network Batholomew premiers December fourth.

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