Coconut Milk Recall


Over the last twenty years the. Us economy might have gained up to sixteen trillion dollars if the racial wealth gap didn't exist but it does and it needs to end with action for racial equity city is working to provide greater access to banking and credit in communities of color increase investment in black owned businesses and expand homeownership among black americans because closing the racial wealth gap creates a better more prosperous future for everyone learn more about cities action for racial equity at city. Dot com slash. Racial equity the therapy for black girls. Podcast is your space to explore mental health personal development and all of the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of our sales. I'm your host dr joy. Hardin bradford a licensed psychologist in atlanta georgia. And i can't wait for you to join the conversation every wednesday to therapy for black girls. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast take care all right guys. Some bad news for fans of child. Coconut milk i hope. I'm saying that right. The product which comes from thailand has been dropped by cosco. It's been dropped by target and wegmans ras wegmans what city Following revelations that the company has been using. Check this out steve. They've been using forced monkey labor to pick coconuts from trees. Okay not paying the monkeys. So what does ahead started an investigation into the alleged animal exploitation. They did this back in two thousand nineteen and apparently hill out. Stop drinking my favorite damn coconut drank cost data and made some monkeys go up in a treat a who asked to go up there. They asked not way up that tree better than anybody else. All this kind of black people in pick ain't nobody t shirts. I wish to hell. I would sit up in here. Quick drinking coconut juice cost a monkey widow. Gay got junk up there to get it if you want to. Who we all even that they are. Anybody said nothing about the is picking up to import nanas and everything happy there. Peter can kiss my behind. How many damn monkey. They sit up there for four hundred years all these sales and stuff. Everybody went hey antibody barkat neck. Give me my damn coconut milk. More of the steve harvey morning coming up thirty three minutes. After right after this you're listening to morning show.

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